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  • But i first knew it as a haybox, so that's what i call it. The short version of what a haybox is and why to use/make one is that its a low-cost/free way to cook your food with 20-80% less fuel (which means less money), 25% less water, and better taste and nutrional retention. — “hayboxes: they ain't just for hippies no more at vegankid”,
  • Did you know that using a Cooking Basket or a traditional Haybox along with your normal cooking stove may help you save between 50% and 70% of your Read on for great recipe ideas, instructions on how to make your own Cooking Basket or Haybox & lots more. — “Cooking in a Basket: How to make a Cooking Basket or Hay Sack”,
  • I have been using one Haybox cooker, prepared by villagers of Srikakulam, with the help I can add some help to the time needed to cook meals in a haybox of other thermal cooker. — “REDISCOVER THE HAY-BOX COOKER”,
  • Green pail, Haybox, Cooker. The Green Pail Retained Heat Cooker. The Green Pail Retained Haybox, RHC, Cooker. Hay Box/RHC: Cooking in a Basket website. Hay Box/RHC: Cooking in a. — “Retained Heat (or Fireless) Cookers | BioEnergy Lists”,
  • Remember how grandma used to boil rice quickly, transfer it to her self-built haybox, and how she served hours later perfect, dry rice? in the seventies what used to be done in the self-built haybox. — “Home”,
  • Haybox. A hay box , straw box or "fireless cooker" is a primitive Haybox cooking can save vast amounts of fuel, but there is a risk of bacterial growth if. — “Haybox”,
  • Haybox EZ Cooker training in Araria, Bihar. Volunteers of AID Srikakulam are attending Labour Day program in Araria Bihar to demonstrate and give training in making and using the haybox cooker, also known as EZ cooker . The program is organized by Jan Jagran Abhiyan in Araria Bihar. — “AID - Haybox EZ Cooker training in Araria, Bihar”,
  • Haybox definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Haybox | Define Haybox at ”,
  • Free online dictionary with video examples from comedians, celebrities, sports-stars - and you! Your life, your words, your dictionary. Be the first to explore: haybox upload. No video for this word, yet. We're a video dictionary, but we're new and there are many words in the English. — “haybox - wordia”,
  • Haybox for feeding horses, provided at the upper part with a cover (3) in the form of a rack with transverse bars (4) and provided at the base with a loose,. — “Haybox - US 4294197”,
  • The haybox cooker works most efficiently when the cooking pot is almost full of food. The enamelling on both pots is a dark blue and the idea was that I could use my solar oven to heat up the food and then put it into the haybox cooker to complete the process. — “A Hay Box Cooker An Old Invention – Out of New Materials - by”,
  • A haybox is essentially an old-timey crock pot, and is still an energy efficient way of cooking food. Once the food is at cooking temperature, one removes the pot, and places it in the haybox. — “Haybox [email protected], everything2.net
  • Haybox cooking can save vast amounts of fuel, but there is a risk of bacterial growth if the food items are allowed to remain at a warm temperature for an extended period of time. For this reason, food cooked in hay boxes is normally reheated to boiling before eating. [edit] See also. — “Haybox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Huw Woodman from the Bushcraft Magazine has been looking at ways to save energy, by using the old-fashioned haybox! Mrs Beeton's famous 19th century cookery. — “The Cottage Smallholder " Haybox cooking: how to make a”,
  • A haybox, straw box or "fireless cooker" is a primitive cooker that utilizes the heat of the food being cooked to complete the cooking process. Haybox cooking can save vast amounts of fuel, but there is a risk of bacterial growth if the food items are allowed to remain at a warm temperature. — “covertress: 10/1/09 - 11/1/09”,
  • haybox, the SK-14 can be used to prepare food for about 15 people. 2.1.3 The haybox. It is only possible to use solar energy to cook during a limited time of. — “The WOT-field”, its.caltech.edu
  • Welcome to Haybox // dip your muzzle in // have a munch // canter round a bit // stamp your hoof!. — “Haybox on Etsy”,
  • This method of cooking is also called fireless cooker, haybox cooking, and wonder box cooking. A good external resource on this topic is BioEnergy Lists: Haybox, Retained Heat or Fireless Cookers. — “Retained Heat Cooking”,
  • A Haybox is a heat insulated container which is used to transport food from a mess into the field in support of a Field Exercise. The food is placed in the container, transported while hot, and served from the container while still hot and fresh. — “Haybox - CadetWorld CWwiki”, cadet-
  • Definition of haybox in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of haybox. Pronunciation of haybox. Translations of haybox. haybox synonyms, haybox antonyms. Information about haybox in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “haybox - definition of haybox by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Retrieved September 5, 2003, from Yahoo Search Website: http:///haybox.htm. Be environmentally friendly and use a hot bag for cooking with retained Interview with Mike Bridgwater about his work with solar cooker and haybox (heat-retention) cooks in Tanzania. — “Haybox, Retained Heat or Fireless Cooker”,
  • ( I will experiment with using my pressure cooker in the haybox later; but I wanted this first experiment to be accessible to as many people as You can live in an apartment and use the haybox cooker. If you have an elderly parent (or parents) who live. — “Report on My New Haybox Cooker”,
  • I've just completed our new hi-tec haybox [Internal dimensions: 53mm x 34mm x 30mm] and it's passed the proof of concept stage A schoolboy's sturdy tuck box in the 1920s, it was converted into a traditional haybox in the seventies and then re-purposed again into a cluttered toolbox in the. — “Lakeland Belvedere" 2009 October”,

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  • Chinese five-spice spare ribs in a Thermal Cooker This is part of The Thermal Cooks (at ) recipes to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2010. These Chinese spareribs are slowly simmered in soy sauce, rice wine and seasonings in the thermal cooker. I blanch the spareribs first in a pot of boiling water and drain before cooking.
  • Bunny Trudy Protecting Her Hay #1 Trudy, our french mini lop rabbit, is very protective of her hay box. We sometimes like to tease her but pushing the hay in areas she does not want. You see Trudy is a home decorator and does not like to collaborate with others. Watch the dants push the hay and listen closly and you will hear her growl.
  • Hay Box #1 The box has a couple of Carrotys, some dried herbs and Meadow/Oat hay in it. Bob is a fat lump!
  • Pandora's veg box Alternative uses of your veg box, including aphrodisiac, medicinal, delicious recipes, hay box cooking for Earth Lunch Hour.
  • Pony and the Box Pony finds a mystery box and wonders what's inside
  • Yunnan Steam Pot Chicken in a thermal cooker Qiguoji This is part of The Thermal Cooks (at ) recipes to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2010. Steam-pot chicken is a local speciality of Yunnan and I have adapted this recipe for a thermal cooker. The steam pot that is normally used has a hollow tube fixed in the centre, up to the height of the pot. Food is put around the tube and the pot is placed on a stand surrounded by boiling water. Steam comes up from the small hole in the middle of the pot to heat the food. If cooking this recipe it would be ready in about three or four hours.
  • Pooh Bear Hides in his Hay Pooh likes to hide in his hay, especially when I have just cleaned the cage and refilled the hay box. And he's extremely stubborn about getting out of it!
  • morning mischief Tucker throws a diva tantrum demanding more food when he was given a fresh bowl a few minutes ago. Before filming started, he threw the hay box, emptied his food bowl and started stepping on his empty food bowl to ask for more food aka the mess. Thumper's just running around and discovered the camera strap to play tug and war.
  • Holland Lop Bunny Rabbit Mog Troll in Dining Room Holland Lop Bunny Rabbit. Mog Troll loves to get handled. Here he is on top of his hay box in our dining room. See how nervous he is about getting handled?
  • Semi Solar Cooked Yogurt & Indian Mango Lassi sunshinecooking- How To Make Yogurt and a Solar Oven Haybox Cooking Method How To Make Your Own Yogurt Make Your Own Yogurt Homemade Yogurt (Dahi) Yogurt recipe (How To Make Fresh Healthy Homemade Yogurt) How to make a homemade fresh Mango Lassi, Watch it here! Make Yogurt at Home How to Make Yogurt
  • Bunny Eating Hay I made a hay box for my bun buns! :D Cloud seems to like and be the only one to eat from it, tho. :( And yes! He has a marbled blue eye. :)
  • Peace walker assassins creed hay box reference... This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Ama Makes the Goat Feeder While visiting Factor e Farm, WWOOFers Ama and Nate designed a hay holder to help feed the goats. Ama and Jeremy fabricate it and test it out. Ama explains the design rationale for the goat feeder. We arelooking for people who are interested in building the world's first replicable open source self-sufficient decentralized high appropriate tech permaculture ecovillage - to transcend survival and evolve to freedom. Read more at Visit our myspace page
  • Haybox / Easy cooker : AID' s Haybox easy cooker saves 50% gas or firewood and over 30 mins cooking time everyday. Priced around Rs 100 it is within reach of village people. It saves 0.5 Kg CO_2 emissions per family per day
  • Stevies jump on his hay box container This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Maruca in her haybox I harass my adorable rabbit with the camera while she enjoys some hay.
  • 4kawp please dont flame because of the wallbang; if you watch the demo you can see him running behind that "hay-box" demo free for guys i like just comment if you want to have
  • I Like To Hide With Hay In Mind This is my first video in the Guinea Pig Random Series!!!!HAHA!!! i got really worried that she stayed there motionless for hours..... So I ripped the flaps off carefully and let her out..... then taped them back on........ that is where I keep hay (the haybox) (haha) I cut out the circle bigger and sand papered the edges to make them smoother..
  • Heat Box Cooking After food has been heated to cooking temperature, it can be placed into an insulated box where it will continue to cook until it is done.
  • Powerless Cooking Class: Wonder Box Oven For an overview of the entire class visit: LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: Download our tutorial on how to make a Wonder Box Oven To learn more about purchasing one, shoot us a YouTube message and we will put you in contact with our friend who made our cute FSME Wonder Box Ovens.
  • Skippy Throws the Hay Box This is how Skippy plays with the box of hay (and makes a big mess on the floor and dumps it on his head. LOL). After he tosses the box around, he rubs his chin on the corners to scent-mark it as his, so that he can come back to it later and throw it some more.
  • princessmui princess mui enjoys her day by playing, digging, eating and chasing jai!
  • Design and Kydd eating Design and Kydd eating out of their new feeder box!
  • Winston digs Winston gets out some energy digging in the hay box.
  • Bunny Trudy Protecting Her Hay #2 Trudy, our french mini lop rabbit, is very protective of her hay box. We sometimes like to tease her but pushing the hay in areas she does not want. You see Trudy is a home decorator and does not like to collaborate with others. Watch the dants push the hay and listen closly and you will hear her growl.
  • Daphne/Haybox
  • Bunny Hay Box Tonkatsu jumped into the hay box and is greedily munching on the treasure trove of hay.
  • bunny in hay box Captain, my new rescue bunny, he hasn't been interested in hay till now and his nails are so long it will be weeks before i can get them back to normal length. but he is a cutie and super friendly. he loves my cat Gabriel.
  • Piggie in a Hay Box Murphy likes to go IN it, not just eat out of it.
  • How to do Heat Retention Cooking (thermal/haybox cooking) Heat retention cooking allows you to cook the same food while using less energy. This video shows how to do it, along with details on variables such as insulation, simmering time, cooking time in the insulated container, and so on. Safety regarding bacterial growth is also covered. For more, see: -
  • Wednesday January 13 2010 Filling haybox Every day we fill up the haybox for the horses. A lot of hay for 6 horses! Bella, one of our farm cats, is keeping me company. She loves to be near us , whatever we do.
  • DIY Build a Goat Feeder CHEAP EASY See more at: Build a cheap and easy goat feeder from scrap wood
  • Delicious Soup Pte Akalu likes to eat soup out of a garbage can. yummy. CSS training Coy "CFB PETAWAWA"
  • The Hay box! 1st episode
  • haybox action xD ...
  • Jake and Design eating Jake and Design eating out of the new hay feeder
  • Wednesday January 13 Doing chores at the farm. Ron was filming me while I was putting the hay in the back of the truck, to fill up the haybox. Wanna stay in shape? This is it! LOL
  • Wednesday January 13 2010 Hjalmar gets a ride! Our farm cat Hjalmar loves the truck. When he can't sit in it, he will sit on it. He was sitting on the hood and when Ron drove the truck to the haybox, he just sits there, not scared at all. Silly cat heh? The other cats and Scruffy love the softer weather of the last few days. The cats are very playfull and happy they can be outside more.
  • Oliver Enjoying His Hay Every morning, Oliver spends about an hour in his hay box, just munching away.
  • henny penny rooster in the hay box
  • Turks & Caicos Conch Chowder made by The Posh Pescatarian in Mr D's Thermal Slow Cooker Today we have a recipe from a new friend of mine Stephanie Harris-Uyidi who is the founder of The Posh Pescatarian Seafood Sausage Company is based in Orange County California. Stephanie has been a pescatarian for more than ten years so really knows how to prepare and cook seafood. I have been following her site Posh Pescatarian for some time and asked her if she would kindly let me use some of her recipes on my site. During our conversation Stephanie showed an interest in thermal cooking so a few weeks ago I sent a Mr D's Thermal Cooker over to her and this is one of the recipes she developed for it.
  • Hay Box #2 The box has a couple of Carrotys, some dried herbs and Meadow/Oat hay in it. Bob is a fat lump!

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  • “I first heard about the concept of the hay box cooker, which uses stored heat to cook food, many years ago. I made one out of straw, a pine box and a large”
    — Hay Box Cooker An Old Invention. Out of New Materials By The,

  • “Haybox cooking involves heating a pot of food to a boil, then putting it in a box lined with insulative materials. The food will cook on its own”
    — Haybox,

  • “[Archive] Diet, nutrition, fresh food, hay, pellets, menus, water, [treats, wheels,] special needs, babies, moms, charts Guinea Pig Cages, Care, Store, Photos of Guinea Pigs and More Forum! > Discussions > Diet and Nutrition. PDA. View Full Version : Diet and Nutrition”
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  • “Subscribe to our Newsletter: http:///announcing-the-totally-ready Haybox Cooking one more way to cook when the grid goes down. Recipes: This month all”
    — The Totally Ready Blog - Part 6,

  • “("Energy" segment that I put together for a Permaculture Basics Weekend) • "Renewable energy" typically refers to solar power (which can be further the cookpotpot and a hood in back of the stove; using the haybox for slow-cooking of beans, rice, and other dishes cooked in liquid; and making”
    — Permaculture Basics: Energy | Trailer Park Girl, dfly.us

  • “Editor's Note: Students from Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering are working in Tanzania to help improve sanitation and energy technologies in that we believe our readers would find thought-provoking, fascinating, debatable and challenging. The guest blog is a forum for such opinions”
    — Expeditions: Burn, baby, burn: Student-engineered stoves put,

  • “Cheap Lamictal, Lamictal 100, Lamictal Medication, Lamotrigine Medication An expropriated haybox bear to arouse. Lamictal 100, Lamictal Medication, Lamictal 100, Lamictal Medication”
    — Cheap Lamictal - Lamictal at Low Cost - How Much Does,

  • “Haybox and. Haybox. WordPress blog about Haybox. Haybox. He kne eardins wall the by of the vild frot of histo mitte: and th twor kin to bureacend to to the shation, abid, In brock hearty Foray, an he for day the froweruil ing bone th whand to hot anor out”
    — Haybox,

  • “Haybox cooking (also called retained-heat cooking) is an age-old method that can be used with a haybox, five pots of long-cooking dry beans will use the same amount of fuel to”
    — Energy Tough Love Blog " Gas Stoves, Convection Ovens,

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