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  • Blana-grams: answeR ashIne ashMen awneRs Canehs Cashew Dewans enCash hanCes hanseL hanseS hasTen haUsen haVens hawseD hawseR hawseS henNas hYenas Kanehs Manehs naChes naVews newIsh Peshwa Resawn Rewash sawneY saZhen seawAn sewanS shaKen shaPen. — “NSA Word of the Day”, scrabble-
  • Hes-ed - Define Hes-ed at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Hes-ed. Look it up now! HAWSED. — “Hes-ed | Define Hes-ed at ”,
  • 6(six) letter words, starting with h and ending with d: hacked,hafted,hagged,hailed,hained,haired,haloed,haloid,halsed,halted,halved,hammed,handed,hanged,hanked,hanted,happed,hareld,harked,harled,harmed,harped,hashed,hasped,hasted,hatred,hatted, hawsed. — “6(six) letter words, starting with h and ending with d”,
  • Vessels in this anchorage must keep the ship's hold cargo gear in the down and hawsed position, as rigged for sea transits. Deck-mounted cranes, deck booms, and stiff legs may be used to take on ship's stores and spare parts and may be used to move manifold hoses. — “MaritimeDigital Portal - (c) Frederic Logghe”,
  • Leave comments on other maritime blogs, submit an article to gcaptain, start a blog. the chain and the anchor back up thought the hawser pipe, stowing the chain in the chain locker and the anchor properly hawsed. — “Kennebec Captain: The Maritime Information Sharing Network”,
  • Valium vs xanax strength. Cheap best quality generic and brand valium online non prescription. Fast shipping. He not hawsed exposing 10 million people of world course over $350 million, also from his hot birth. — “[Valium vs xanax strength] [Internet Drugstore No Prescription!]”, fae.cat
  • Siop Y Morfa - Welsh Music, Videos, Greetings Cards, Crafts, Gifts & Welsh Books cyflawn o fideos Sain, trwy ymweld a safle prif gwmni recordio Cymru, Sain ar y we ac yna gosod eich archeb yma gyda ni - mae cyn hawsed a hynny !. — “siop-y-morfa, rhyl, north wales”,
  • 3. space between bow and anchor: the space between the bow and the anchors of a ship lying at anchor intransitive verb (past and past participle hawsed, present participle haws·ing, 3rd person present singular. — “hawse definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • 6 letter words beginning with H: habile, habits, ha*** hawsed. hawser. hawses. haybox. hayers. haying. hayles. haymow. haysel. hazans. hazard. hazels. hazers. hazier. hazily. hazing. hazmat. hazzan. headed. header. healds. healed. healer. health. heaped. heaper. heards. — “6 letter H words : 6 letter words beginning with H”,
  • Idioms used to indicate that something is very easy to do cyn hawsed â dim - as easy as anything. mor hawdd ag anadlu - as easy as breathing. Books of idioms, proverbs and sayings in many. — “As easy as falling off a log”,
  • The Dhamra Port Company Limited is a 50:50 joint venture of L&T and Tata steel. It is located in the Bhadrak District of Dhamra in Orissa and is well connected via rail, road & air. The Vessels shall have both the anchors hawsed. — “:: Dhamra Port Company Limited : Tarrif ::”,
  • Cynlluniwyd y broses gofrestru i fod cyn hawsed â phosibl. Gallwch gwblhau'r broses cofrestru mewn un cam, neu ar ôl i chi orffen cam un, gallwch ddod yn ôl a chwblhau gweddill y camau yn hwyrach. — “Info Engine: Cofrestru a Rheolaeth y Sefydliad”, -
  • Definition of Corrals with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. proboscis_worm, reinvigorators, maidhoods, hawsed, macrocosms, uninquiring, lassitude, cryptorchism,. — “Corrals: Definition with Corrals Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • 3. space between bow and anchor: the space between the bow and the anchors of a ship lying at anchor intransitive verb (3rd person present singular hawses, present participle hawsing, past and past participle hawsed). — “hawse definition - Dictionaries - MSN Encarta”,
  • Tramadol hcl manufacturers. Sale best quality generic and brand tramadol online without prescription. Prescription drugs without Tramadol hcl manufacturers, during the worst attempts, i hawsed to not be just for him, talk to him, reform him, i only damaged him about my. — “~Tramadol hcl manufacturers~ ~Internet Drugstore No Prescription!~”,
  • the down and hawsed position, as. rigged for sea transits. Deck-mounted. cranes, deck booms and stiff legs may be. used to take on ships stores and spare. parts and may be used to move manifold. hoses. Dated: October 11, 2006. J.R. Whitehead, Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, Commander,. — “Document”, edocket.access.gpo.gov
  • hawse: Definition and Pronunciation n., v., hawsed, haws•ing. Naut. —n. 1. the part of a bow where the hawseholes are located. 2. a hawsehole or hawsepipe. 3. the distance or space between the bow of an anchored vessel and the point on the surface of the water above the anchor. — “hawse: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • arew hadst arhat dews arhat weds arhats dew arhats wed ars thawed art hawsed art shawed art washed arts hawed as thrawed as wrathed ash warted ashed dart hawse drat hawse trad hawsed art hawsed rat hawsed tar hawser tad head straw head. — “Andy's anagram solver - solution”,
  • Thirty-six years and hundreds of thousands of pairs of young and old feet have worn away With the help of professional caulkers Chris Nelson and Don Taube, about half of the hull seams were either reefed and recaulked, or "hawsed" back down and re-puttied. — “Clearwater - And We're Off... The Birth of a Mainsail!”,
  • Liverpool Poets is dedicated to emerging and established poets from Liverpool. "The sayles ar hawsed, a pleasant cole dothe blowe." Dr Alexander Barclay (d. 10th June, 1552). 3:13 AM Jun 10th via web "Faintly as tolls the evening chime, / Our voices keep tune and our oars keep time. — “Liverpool Poets (LiverpoolPoets) on Twitter”,

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  • “absolute regularity. The dairy diary " Blog envy. Brave New World " hawsed. hawsaf. 2. hen. hŷn. hyned. hynaf. 3. ieuanc. iau. ieued. ieuaf. 1. ieueng. ieuenged. ieuengaf. ifanc. ifanced. ifancaf. isel. is. ised. isaf”
    — absolute regularity " Blog Archive " Ansoddeiriau cymariaethol,

  • “WordPress blog about Hawed. Hawed. Says fathen onto eles, a more the loo ey hies hout tenge, hawaed hawsed hawded haweed hqawed hwawed hsawed hzawed hawecd hawexd hawesd haweed”
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  • “Originally Posted by Shipwreck I'll spell it out for you : USMC near-term requirements for NSFS (dated March 2002) are : * range : 41 NM (T), 63 NM (O) engineer type me just stood there, leaning over the handrail and marveling at the way aluminum bulkheads fold up when caught by a hawsed anchor”
    — Fate of the USS Iowa discussion,

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