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  • I think after the earthquake, Port au Prince needs to have the earthquake mess cleared and be Haussmannised ro make it a better city. I think after the earthquake, Port au Prince needs to have the earthquake mess cleared and be Haussmannised ro make it a better city. — “Thousands killed in Haiti earthquake - Page 3 - SkyscraperCity”,
  • Beyond this is the nine***th-century expansion of the ensanche, often 'Haussmannised', as in Barcelona, which developed to accommodate both the rural immigrants and the suburbanising inhabitants of the old city. The twentieth century provided further planned and unplanned peripheral extensions. — “ASHWORTH, G”,
  • Opera - Peter Conrad is sobered by a rethinking of Faust that is far from heaven squalid labyrinth of Paris before it was Haussmannised, with Marguerite's poky garret and an impromptu open-air hospital for casualties evacuated from the Franco-Prussian war. — “New Statesman - Saints and sinners”,
  • O.K., I'm not French, but as a German who studies in Paris I hope I can help you. These parts of the city were never "haussmannised", so the possibility for experiments are bigger than in the heart of Paris. — “Only to French: why there isn't buildings with 20 or more”,
  • 13(thir***) letter words ending with d: absquatulated,adminiculated,administrated,adverbialised,adverbialized,aestheticised,aestheticized,allopolyploid,anaesthetised,anaesthetized,anaphylactoid,anathematised,anathematized,antiapartheid,anti haussmannised. — “13(thir***) letter words ending with d”,
  • Annette Fierro's study makes an important contribution to our understanding of the new architecture of Paris in the late twentieth century. The Haussmannised nine***th-century city and the Eiffel Tower. — “H-France Reviews”, h-
  • Anna Netrebko and Vittorio Grigolo shine as the star couple in the Royal Opera's Manon, writes Fiona Maddocks of the inn scene at Amiens, to the lovers' upstairs garret in a Haussmannised Paris, to the ramps and rakes of Acts III and IV. — “Manon, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Idomeneo | Opera”,
  • accustrements acetification acetylcholine achromaticity achromatising achromatizing achromatopsia harvest-louse hatchet-faced haussmannised haussmannises haussmannized haussmannizes hazardousness headquartered headshrinkers healthfulness heart. — “abbey-counter abbreviations abnormalities abolitionists”,
  • Up to the second news about Hans Sachs from In Chantal Thomas's designs, steps and railings imprisoned the enterprise, from the steep staircase of the inn scene at Amiens, to the lovers' upstairs garret in a Haussmannised Paris, to the ramps and rakes of Acts III and IV. — “Hans Sachs”,
  • Anonymously elegant, the dandy slips through the Haussmannised Parisian streets, Far beyond the specificity of Haussmannised Paris, the urban dandy's profound self. — “CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture”,
  • Words That Start With H: ha,haaf,haafs,haanepoot,haanepoots,haar,haars,habanera,habaneras,habanero,habaneros,habdabs,habdalah,habdalahs,haberdasher,haberdasheries,haberdashers,haberdashery,haberdine,haberdines,habergeon,haber haussmannised. — “Words That Start With H”, words-that-start-with-
  • 13 letter words beginning with H: habilitations, habitableness, haemangiomata haussmannised. haussmannises. haussmannized. haussmannizes. hawkishnesses. hazardousness. headquartered. headshrinkers. healthfulness. healthinesses. heartbreakers. heartbreaking. heartbrokenly. heartburnings. heartlessness. heartsickness. — “13 letter H words : 13 letter words beginning with H”,
  • [May 1940:] [T]here was an impressive consistency of organisation and spirit in the British Expeditionary Force. of every mediæval city of Europe," and, "Paris has fewer records of the feudal ages than London; and it is hopelessly Haussmannised. — “Eponyms once again - Topic Powered by Social Strata”,
  • 'degenerate' city through the chinks in Urbis's frosted glass exterior This is the renovated heart of post-industrial Manchester, the neo-Haussmannised quarter. — “Table of Contents”,
  • The density was mitigated and ventilated by great green parks, laid out according to the 19th century tradition of French "Haussmannised" planning. Yet while the tightly packed population encouraged a vigorous sense of community, tenements were also synonymous with Glasgow's slums. — “TGS - 1950s to The Present Day - Buildings and Cityscape”,
  • THE town on the North Side, we saw, was early surrounded by a suburban belt of gardens and monasteries. A similar zone encircled the old University It was Haussmannised in a wide curve through the quiet streets of the faubourg, and the purlieus of the Quartier Latin, with ruthless regularity. — “Paris - The Faubourg St. Germain”,
  • I managed to remain completely incognito; on landing at Dieppe I passed first the douaniers and police without them intervening, The bank where they live (Faubourg St Germain, etc.), has not changed much and is not Haussmannised. — “Letters: Marx-Engels Correspondence 1869”,
  • Then we crossed the Nile by a handsome iron bridge, and saw the Palace of Gezireh, where the Prince of Wales and his suite were lodged. Cairo is being rapidly Haussmannised. For the capitalist or resident, Cairo may be. — “ • Travel & Exploration • A Voyage in the”,
  • In 1869 the architect Charles Garnier, reacting to the greyness and uniformity of the recently Haussmannised Paris, dreamed of the day when a man will be able to build his house as he pleases, without worrying about whether or not it fits in with his neighbour's. — “PETER STEWART - Building in context: the CABE casebook”,

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