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  • Find everything you need to know about Haemophilia including causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, with links to other useful resources. — “Haemophilia - NHS Choices”,
  • Haemophilia is a genetic (inherited) condition that affects the blood's ability to clot. Haemophilia is often associated with external bleeding. However, a more common symptom is internal bleeding, which usually occurs around the joints. — “Patient information leaflet - Haemophilia”,
  • Haemophilia summary with 32 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Haemophilia Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • Haemophilia: journal information, contents lists and abstracts on the Wiley-Blackwell website. — “Haemophilia - Journal Information”,
  • Haemophilia (also spelled hemophilia in North America, from the Greek haima αἷμα 'blood' and philia φιλος 'friend'[1]) is a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair the body's ability to control blood clotting or coagulation, which is. — “Hemophilia - Psychology Wiki”,
  • hemophilia A n. Hemophilia due to deficiency of factor VIII, characterized by prolonged clotting time , decreased formation of thromboplastin , and. — “Haemophilia A: Definition from ”,
  • The lack of clotting factor causes people with Haemophilia to bleed for longer periods of time than people whose blood factor levels are normal or work properly. People with Haemophilia do not bleed faster than other people, and will not bleed to death from a minor cut or injury. — “Breathofair - Haemophilia - About Haemophilia”,
  • Haemophilia is a genetic (inherited) bleeding disorder caused by the deficiency of substances called clotting factors that are necessary to control bleeding in the body. — “DoctorNDTV: Health Information on Haemophilia”,
  • Haemophilia symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment information for Haemophilia (Hemophilia) with alternative diagnoses, full-text book chapters, misdiagnosis, research treatments, prevention, and prognosis. — “Haemophilia - ”,
  • Works for people with haemophilia and their families, to improve care, support, and quality of life through advocacy, education, and research. — “Haemophilia Foundation Australia”, .au
  • Haemophilia is a rare blood disorder caused by an inherited gene. People with haemophilia lack one of the essential blood clotting factors. This disorder is often associated with bleeding to death from a small cut but, in reality, the bleeding is. — “Haemophilia”, hnb.dhs.vic.gov.au
  • Haemophilia (also spelled as hemophilia, from the Greek haima "blood" and philia "to love") is a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair the body's ability to control blood clotting or coagulation. Hemophilia A occurs in about 1 in 5,000–10,000 male births, while Hemophilia B occurs at. — “Haemophilia”, schools-
  • These web pages are part of our commitment to promote the welfare of all persons with haemophilia and similar conditions in South Africa and elsewhere. We hope it will help provide a better understanding of this inherited, lifelong bleeding disorder which affects males almost exclusively. — “South African Haemophilia Foundation”, .za
  • This site gives patients and carers advice about haemophilia and treatment, helping to support the information provided to you by your Haemophilia Centre. — “Haemophilia Care”,
  • Haemophilia is known to run in European royal families and, notably, the son of the last Russian tsar was badly affected. In haemophilia, the blood's ability to clot is severely reduced because an essential. — “BBC - Health: Haemophilia”,
  • Haemophilia is an inherited lifelong condition that affects the blood clotting factors in some people. This article describes the condition, its effects, complications, treatment and inheritance. — “HAEMOPHILIA”, medic8.com
  • Haemophilia - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Haemophilia”,
  • Definition of haemophilia in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of haemophilia. Pronunciation of haemophilia. Translations of haemophilia. haemophilia synonyms, haemophilia antonyms. Information about haemophilia in the free online English. — “haemophilia - definition of haemophilia by the Free Online”,
  • Haemophilia B' also known as Christmas disease is due to the deficiency of factor IX. Patients with Haemophilia very often have internal or external bleeding, both spontaneously or on trauma i.e. gums bleeding, bleeding from nose, bleeding in large joints. — “Learn about Haemophilia”,
  • User-edited article about haemophilia, a hereditary genetic illness that impairs the body's ability to control bleeding. — “Haemophilia - Wikipedia”,

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  • Private Members Debate - Haemophilia Care - 8th February 2012 Westminster Hall - Wednesday 8th February 2012 - 4.05pm Chaired by Hull North MP Diana Johnson (Labour) / APPG for Haemophilia Duration : 30mins 18secs
  • Newsnight - 6th June 1989 - Haemophilia Society Campaign for Compensation Sarah Spiller reports on the Haemophilia Society's campaign, to get compensation for sufferers who have contracted the AIDS virus, whilst being treated for Haemophilia. First broadcast : Tuesday 6th June 1989 BBC2 10.30 pm - Item start time : 11.02 pm Very many thanks to Sue, for providing this archive footage. BBC library ID : C:ANCN923N Timeline / content schedule : INTV: Brian Smith (Haemophilia sufferer) re how it has affected his brain (32.17-34) re haven't got much of a future, but if anything happens to me, want compensation for wife Margaret(36.36-51)Bob(Haemophilia sufferer) re could cope with Haemophilia but has found it very difficult to accept being HIV+ (32.47-33.07) Someone has to accept the blame & pay compensation for the loss of the future (36.51- 37.03) Dr Peter JONES (Newcastle Haemophilia centre) re known as the hidden disaster, does not regard them as patients but friends (33.55-34.07) as members of society we have a moral obligation to see that the families of these victims are looked after, but the time is running out (34.30-49) DEP ACTY cont: vs Brian & family in garden (36.15-36) ms Bernard CROWLEY in chemical lab(38.13-27) ms trk bk David WATTERS wlkg to Haemophiliac society (39.08-19) cs Bob, zo-ms Sue & Bob in garden (40.45-41.08) ms Brian & Margaret wlkg in park(41.08- 15)cs Brian & Margaret holding hands( 41.15-23) INDEP ACTY: cs zo factor 8 in lab (33.07-20) vs packaging of factor 8 (33.20-33) cs, zo nurse drawing up factor 8 into syringe ...
  • Rabies Caste - Haemophilia From the "Let the Soul Out and Cut the Vein" album.
  • Newsline Health Focus: Haemophilia - April 2010 BBC Newsline Health Focus: Haemophilia - Monday 19th April 2010 Health Correspondent, Marie-Louise Connolly, talks to Dr. Gary Benson, Director of the Haemophilia Centre at Belfast City Hospital, and Gordon Clarke, a Haemophilia patient. Gordon Clarke was diagnosed with Haemophilia when he was just two years old. A fall, when he was a toddler, led to a doctor treating a large hemotoma on his forehead. Unfortunately for Gordon in the 1960s, even the 1970s, treatment for this condition was rare. Gordon lacks a protein called Factor 9 which helps his blood to clot. Around two-hundred males are affected here, but once diagnosed, especially among mothers who are carriers (and that is the crucial bit), it is treatable. With his charity hat on, Gordon is calling for greater public awareness of the condition and not just here, but Worldwide. BBC Newsline - Northern Ireland
  • Haemophilia We can stop the suffering of those living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. But we can't do it alone.....! Haemophilia is painful...bt v can make haemophiliacs live free of pain...!!
  • Track and Trace for Haemophilia Treatment using GS1 Standards 360p Haemophilia Treatment Traceability using GS1 bar code standards at the NCHCD St James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. A case study profiling the GS1 standards bar code based traceability system that tracks and records the movement and usage of haemophilia treatment factor concentrate from manufacturer, through distribution and storage to the point of use in the hospital or patient's home. The solution now includes a mobile phone app that validates a product (not expired or re-called), records the instance of treatment and updates the patient's medical record in real-time.
  • Haemophilia Society AGM 2012 - Birmingham England Haemophilia Society AGM 2012 - Birmingham, England Date & Time : Saturday 3rd November 2012 / 12.45pm Venue : Radisson BLU Hotel, 12 Holloway Circus, Queensway B1 1BT Duration : 59 minutes 22 seconds
  • Haemophilia Archives - 'Silent No More' - NBC - December 1993 Haemophila Archives - 'Silent No More' - Dateline NBC - December 1993 A compelling American documentary featuring interviews with the executive director of National Hemophilia Foundation, Alan Brownstein and Dr Thomas Drees. Producers : Alan B Goldberg and Peter Jaysen Directed By : Tressa Verna Thanks to Ginny Pettry and Barry Haarde for transcoding this from VT. Further items from the US 'Haemophila Archives' can be watched by selecting the playlist option above.
  • ITN archive - 400 Haemophiliac Infections - 31st July 1985 ITN archive - 400 Haemophiliac Infections - 31st July 1985 There are fears that the killer disease AIDS may have been passed on to 400 Haemophiliacs in north-west England, via contaminated supplies of the blood clotting agent Factor 8, imported from America. At a conference in Brighton, the drug Imunovir is considered as a possible treatment for some sufferers... Reporter : Michael Sheridan a) NAO: Intvw Dr Richard Wensley, VIDEO GRANADA TV Manchester Royal Infirmary b) NAO: Brighton STD conf: delegates,CAS ex ENG(ITN) Imunovir pamphlets; intvw Dr Alvin Glasky, AIDS Researcher; blood being tested in lab; intvw Dr Willy Harris, Consultant c) NAT: Manchester: blood tested; CAS ex GRANADA/ENG(ITN) intvw Dr Richard Wensley; Brighton STD conf: delegates; intvw Dr Alvin Glasky; delegates; Imunovir pamphlets.
  • Joint bleeding in Haemophilia.avi Designed to be useful to children and their families but also valuable to people of all ages, this video uses 2D and 3D animation to explore what happens when someone with haemophilia has a bleed into one of their joints - which is the main problem with the disease and the commonest cause of disability over time. ADV 3865B
  • Haemophiliac HIV / AIDS Sufferers - ITN Archive - November 1987 HAEMOPHILIAC HIV / AIDS SUFFERERS - 3rd November 1987 The Haemophilia Society is pressing the government to give special financial help to the 1200 haemophiliacs who have contracted the HIV / AIDS virus through the use of imported contaminated Factor 8, the blood clotting agent supplied to them by the National Health Service. Reporter : Lawrence McGinty - ITN - News At Ten The Reverend Alan Tanner - Haemophila Society circa 1987
  • Self-Management - Haemophilia Ciaran McGimpsey offers a ***age perspective on managing with his genetic condition; Haemophilia.
  • Joint deformity in a severe haemophilic Video demonstrating usage of walking aids in a child with haemophilia and joint disease
  • Haemophilia An expert describes the different types of haemophilia, a genetic condition that affects the bloods ability to clot. Ryan has severe haemophilia, and he and his mum describe how they have learned to manage the condition. For more information visit the NHS website:
  • Haemophilia cured by Acupuncture-Indian AccuTouch
  • Haemophilia and Porphyria - Royal diseases from Tainted Blood The Royal family has had many instances of unexplained illnesses and premature death during it's history - George III's 'madness', the downfall of Mary Queen of Scots and Rasputin bringing down the Russian throne, can all be linked back to Queen Victoria. This programme explores how, in trying to preserve the bloodline, the monarchy may have spread genetic disease far and wide - from Porphyria wreaking havoc with British royals to Haemophilia finding its way from Buckingham Palace, all the way to Moscow.
  • A computer-generated movie on hemophilia ou l'hémophilie en images de synthèse.mpg Visualising the coagulation process and hemophilia, a unique and valuable educational tool for patients and health care professionals Being able to visualize the coagulation process helps both physicians and health care professionals to explain the pathophysiology of haemophilia and patients to understand their disease and its treatment. Right from the discovery of the role of the different clotting factors, man has always tried to schematize and visualize the complex coagulation process. We added an extra dimension by using the most recent imaging technology. Together with a specialized production house we developed a set of video animations, explaining the coagulation process in a normal situation and in a hemophiliac patient without and after factor replacement. Following this stepwise approach, in about 14 minutes spectators get a better understanding of the coagulation process, the role of both factor VIII and Factor IX, the mechanisms of haemophilia and its consequences as well as the need of replacement therapy with clotting factor concentrate. This movie provides a unique and valuable educational tool for instructing patients and relatives, and leveraging their compliance. This animation should also contribute to improve the awareness and understanding of haemophilia among health professionals. Cedric Hermans, MD, PhD, MRCP(Lon), FRCP (Edin) Professor Head Division of Haematology Haemostasis and Thrombosis Unit Haemophilia Clinic St-Luc University Hospital Avenue ...
  • Haemophilia My A' Level film studies short film. Credits to Tobias Wort, Liam Hutchinson and David Tye. Special thanks to Green Fingers Florest in Chilwell and Mindthings for their free music! All feedback (preferably constructive) welcome, although I am fully aware about one or two shots where the white balance is WAY off and the final scene is awful quality but we were working to a deadline and did not have time to re-shoot. Just noticed that YouTube is displaying this in 4:3 rather than 16:9 which is what we filmed and edited this in. Very confused, I'll mend this another day.
  • Dance of the Haemophiliacs - Jack Beeson Jack Beeson The Day's No Rounder Than Its Angles Are II. Dance of the Haemophiliacs Circling a flag (whose code eludes its readers) In an opaque meander of a wood, The secret congregation of the bleeders Deliberates on how to hoard its blood. There's not a jack-knife in the whole pavilion; No scissors ever thin a forehead's thatch; No point or bump or edge to ooze vermillion. "What most we trust may mask the fatal scratch," It's rubbery, their world; it's all amok; Elations bounce it, panic snaps it back. "Our needle test for a suspected spy: Unless he bleeds to death, he's guilty and must die." Their forest hide-away becomes a stealthy Armageddon: bleeders versus clotters. Their cornucopia of torrent shatters Against the treacle of the healthy. A thé dansant for ghosts of martyred leaders. Two pouting chins flap by, like bats of witch: Infante's pas de deux with czarevitch. Dawn crows. And God gets begged: "Protect all bleeders. "All earth is Dracula to us and wheedles Our fatal tide, but where You're overhead We know we're safe." A sudden wind. Sharp needles From evergreens rain on the ever red. ... The bleeder's flag is coded: "two visions of our lady." On one side Queen Victoria squats benign, Grandma of death-pale kinglets. The other side is bloody: A female spider, dirty and divine. ("Dance of the Haemophiliacs - A Ballet for Nietzsche" by Peter Viereck)
  • Terminator Benelux - The Chase For Blood (Haemophiliac Mix) Terminator Benelux - The Singing Synth Label: Heidi Of Switzerland Catalog#: 12HOS020 Format: Vinyl, 12" Country: UK Released: 1994
  • Haemophiliacs used in trials - 1 of 3 BBC Newsnight - April 17th 2007 - Blood trials Evidence has been uncovered, that doctors effectively used Haemophiliacs as guinea pigs for new blood products. This original 3-part Newsnight report is from April 2007 Susan Watts reports - Part 1 of 3 External link :
  • Haemophiliacs Begin Legal Action - 23rd October 1989 Haemophiliacs Begin Legal Action - Monday 23rd October 1989 Sufferers of Haemophilia who have contracted HIV as a result of contaminated blood products, begin legal action for compensation from the Government. MIX/FX ARCHIVE CAS ONE & TWO 35212 16.02 TO 18.36 MIX/FX ARCHIVE CAS THREE & FOUR 35212 34.49 TO 35.48
  • Tortoise Corpse - Haemophilia A long time ago, the now legendary Tortoise Corpse played a gig at the university of Swansea. There were a few others in the same venue but this one was a good one! This features the song Haemophilia. Not many bands were writing about rare blood diseases in the early nineties! But they were way ahead of their time..... Tony Calvert - Vocals Ivan Hoe - Drums Tim Hamill - Guitar & Backing Vocal Steve Hamill - Bass & Backing Vocal
  • The haemophilia and anticoagulant nurse-led clinic June Ward, haemophilia and anticoagulant nurse specialist in Dundee, Scotland, discusses her nurse-led clinics for
  • Haemophilia gene therapy breakthrough (UCL) A gene therapy study developed by Dr Amit Nathwani (UCL Cancer Institute) and colleagues in collaboration with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, has shown that adults with haemophilia B benefit from the treatment, reducing need for injections with clotting factor to prevent bleeds. The findings of the six-person study mark the first evidence that gene therapy can reduce disabling, painful bleeding episodes in patients with the inherited blood disorder. Further information: Downloadable audio podcast: bit.ly BBC News: bit.ly New York Times: bit.ly UCL press release: bit.ly UCL is consistently ranked as one of the world's very best universities. As a multi-faculty, research-intensive university in central London, our research helps tackle global challenges and feeds directly into outstanding degree programmes. Visit us at
  • Novo Nordisk Marks World Haemophilia Day (3BL Media) April 20, 2012 - Thousands of people throughout the world celebrated the World Haemophilia Day on 17 April in order to raise awareness and improve understanding of haemophilia which is an inherited or acquired bleeding disorder that prevents blood from clotting. More than 400000 people globally live with haemophilia; worldwide it is estimated that 75% of patients do not have access to appropriate care. Novo Nordisk is, as a corporate partner to the World Federation of Hemophilia, organising awareness-raising campaigns and a variety of activities to inform people about bleeding disorders. One example is the YouTube channel with informative and inspiring videos focusing on the challenges of living with haemophilia. "In collaboration with all partners in the haemophilia community, we aim to raise standards of care, improve access to treatment and enhance the quality of life for people with haemophilia," says Charlotte Ersbøll, corporate vice president at Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk is also supporting the World Federation of Hemophilia-driven activity of wearing red on World Haemophilia Day. As a global symbolic statement to raise awareness, people from all over the world wear red on 17 April and share pictures of their outfits on /wfhemophilia Read more about the World Haemophilia Day here See an introduction to haemophilia and the challenges by clicking here For more information, please contact: Lars Pallisgaard Communications Consultant Tel: +45 3079 ...
  • Haemophiliac Brothers Shunned by their town - USA - July 1987 Three young Haemophiliac brothers with the AIDS virus are shunned by their town, school and even their church in Arcadia in the USA. The brothers contracted the virus after receiving contaminated blood products. 1st July 1987 - Ray brothers playing; Intvw Ricky Ray; Children off school bus; Ext Baptist Church; Intvw Raul Gamiotea (Baptist Minister); Ray brothers fishing; Intvw Clyde Poole (Local resident); Barber's shop; Intvw Cliff Ray (Boys' Father)
  • Changing Possibilities in Haemophilia In support of World Haemophilia Day on 17 April, you will be able to find a selection of inspiring videos which give you an introduction to haemophilia and its challenges - uploaded by or linked to by healthcare company Novo Nordisk. Since 1989, patient groups worldwide have annually celebrated World Haemophilia Day (WHD) on 17 April to raise awareness and understanding of haemophilia and other bleeding disorders. The date was chosen in honour of World Federation of Haemophilia founder Frank Schnabel, who was born on that day. Every year a theme is chosen by the World Federation of Haemophilia. In 2011 it is 'Be inspired, get involved in Treatment for All' celebrating the whole bleeding disorder community. Learn more about haemophilia at
  • Haemophilia Haemophilia Marta Dexter Daniel
  • Haemophilia Treatment Mobile App A mobile app used by patients receiving treatment for haemophilia in use at the NCHCD St James's Hospital Dublin, Ireland. The app is part of the track and trace solution, based on GS1 supply chain standards, in use at the centre. The app enables users to check product is neither expired nor recalled prior to treatment. The app records the incdent of treatment and updates patient's records in realtime. The tool is part of an end-to-end track and trace system that records the movement and use of factor concentrate, used in the treatment of haemophilia, from manufacturer, through distribution and storage, to the final point of use.
  • Healthy you haemophilia
  • RABIES CASTE "Haemophilia" (LIVE) Rabies Caste @ Heineken Club, Tel-Aviv, Israel in 2001
  • Haemophilia in Uzbekistan The movie is about the current Haemophilia treatment in Uzbekistan (2007)
  • World Haemophilia Day In his own words, Peter Fogarty, a Brisbane dad whose two sons are battling the life-threatening condition.
  • ITN Archive - 1985 - Haemophiliac School Scare ITN Archive - 18th September 1985 - 3 video clips Dozens of pupils are prevented from attending a primary school in Hampshire, after it was found out that 3 year old Haemophiliac boy was HIV positive.. Hampshire education chiefs have admitted that a second child in their area has AIDS antibodies. The child, a three year old Haemophiliac, has been taken away from his nursery school. Meanwhile, more children have returned to Scantabout Primary School in Chandlers Ford, where a nine year old haemophiliac has developed AIDS antibodies, after receiving contaminated blood products. Some parents had been keeping their children at home, but yesterday were reassured by an expert on AIDS that there is no evidence the disease can be casually transmitted. John Slade, Area Education Officer, and Parents of the child, Peter, at Scantabout School.
  • Breakthrough in Haemophilia treatment Doctors are hailing a major breakthrough in gene therapy that could revolutionise treatment of the blood clotting disorder Haemophilia. Sufferers currently have to take an ongoing series of injections to control the condition. A study at University College London hopes to change all that. Al Jazeera's Gerald Tan has been taking a look at the findings.
  • Haemophilia Archives - Street Stories - 1992 Haemophilia Archives - Ed Bradley ' Street Stories ' - 1992 This documentary features Haemophiliacs, Tom Taylor and Loras Goedken. Eight members of the Goedken family lost their lives to AIDS contaminated Factor VIII. The reason blood product supplies are safer today, is because of the incalculable sacrifices of these men and thousands like them. May we never forget... Thanks to Ginny Pettry and Barry Haarde for transcoding this from VT.
  • Haemophilia Archives - Phil Donahue Show - 1994 - Part 1 The tragedy of Haemophilia and AIDS - Part 1 of 2 In this renowned American TV talk show, Haemophiliac victims of HIV and HCV and family members, talk with host Phil Donahue about how their lives have been affected. Thanks to Ginny Pettry and Barry Haarde for transcoding this from VT. Further items from the US 'Haemophila Archives' can be watched by selecting the playlist option above.
  • Gene Therapy for Haemophilia - Artificial Chromosomes - April 1997 Over 14 years ago, scientists in the USA created the world's first artificial chromosome which looked as if it could have made the treatment of genetic conditions such as Haemophila far more effective - whatever happened to the research ? ITN archive material - first broadcast : 2nd April 1997
  • Haemophilia Archives - Phil Donahue Show - 1994 - Part 2 The tragedy of Haemophilia and AIDS - Part 2 of 2 In this renowned American TV talk show, Haemophiliac victims of HIV and HCV and family members, talk with host Phil Donahue about how their lives have been affected. Thanks to Ginny Pettry and Barry Haarde for transcoding this from VT. Further items from the US 'Haemophila Archives' can be watched by selecting the playlist option above.

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  • “Impressive progress has been made in the treatment of haemophilia using gene therapy. is examining the obstacles to successful gene therapy in human patients with haemophilia”
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  • “Home > Forum > Living with haemophilia. Living with haemophilia. How does haemophilia affect your everyday life? with haemophilia. nship. 06 Jul 2006 13:41. 4. 17 Jul 2006 22:07. 631. How does Haemophilia and”
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  • “phpFoX Community Site LUDHIANA: Haematology unit of Christian Medical College on Monday started the first comprehensive haemophilia Replica watches care centre in north India. The centre has a workshop for patients and their kin”
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  • “Impressive progress has been made in the treatment of haemophilia using gene therapy”
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  • “hi all my name is gav i have severe haemophilia a and im 29years old World Federation of Hemophilia Forum " Discussion Forum - English " Hemophilia " Haemophilia”
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  • “the Scottish Haemophilia Forum, the Motion supported by 80 MSPs from all Haemophilia Society and myself as Chairman of the Scottish Forum, the Chief”
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