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  • Hackery/Quackery in Scientific American. An essay in the January 2005 Scientific American by professional skeptic Michael Shermer criticizes the surprise hit film. What the #$*! Do We Know? ( "Whatthebleep?") and the scientific underpinnings. — “hackery”,
  • 6 Aborted/abandoned projects (very incomplete) Open source detritus. fix up ext3grep to work on ext4 filesystems. Implement handling of C99 variadic macros in splint (see this, this and of course this) Retrieved from "http:///dankwiki/index.php/Hackery". — “Hackery - blackwiki”,
  • Definition of hackery in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is hackery? Meaning of hackery as a legal term. What does hackery mean in law?. — “hackery legal definition of hackery. hackery synonyms by the”, legal-
  • ZaCon09 - Layer 2 Hackery - Todor Genov Todor Genov reminds everyone of the fun that is still to be had at Layer 2 More info from: http://.za. — “ZaCon09 - Layer 2 Hackery - Todor Genov on Vimeo”,
  • Extensible network administration and file synchronization freeware for Microsoft Windows environments. Product information, FAQ, tutorial, a developers' section, and software downloads. — “Back Orifice 2000”, bo2
  • is a private domain for email and internet-related project work. [email protected] curro fun detailed org denigrate anchovy witchy elastic crawler catcher 00004960000001 Es*** JANET/PAD address for MIST. — “”
  • hack·er·y n. (h ă k' ẽ r* y̆ ) [Hind. chhakrā .] A cart with wooden wheels, drawn by bullocks. — “hackery: Information from ”,
  • The Hackery specializes in laptop and LCD monitor repair, software troubleshooting, recycling, and sales for Vancouver, BC. Home of Vancouver's one and only laptop and LCD scrap yard!. — “The Hackery :: Laptop and monitor repair, recycling, and”, thehackery.ca
  • hackery. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 22 March 2010, at 23:08. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “hackery - Wiktionary”,
  • Translations of hackery. hackery synonyms, hackery antonyms. Information about hackery in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. He wastes his health and his talent in underpaid newspaper hackery and potboiler thrillers for exploitative publishers who also sabotage his. — “hackery - definition of hackery by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Posts Tagged Hackery' " Older Entries. Force integrated graphics with gfxCardStatus v1.7. Monday, May 17th, 2010. gfxCardStatus by Cody Krieger is a nice utility which lets you know if your new i5/i7 MacBook Pro is running integrated or discrete graphics. — “ExpanDrivel " Hackery - The ExpanDrive Blog”,
  • PARTISAN HACKERY. Saturday, December 16, 2006. Introspection. For sometime I was working on an on-going Series that began from a personal experience that I had a couple of years ago with a discussion with a I shall be updating this blog every week with work; whether it be new, old or just plain hackery. — “PARTISAN HACKERY”, partisan-
  • LinkedIn Events finds interesting conferences, tradeshows, meetups, webinars, and local networking opportunities specifically for you based on your connections, groups, and professional network. — “Popular hackery Events from LinkedIn Events”,
  • Thursday, October 2, 2008. Beware of Hackery. Posted by Economics of Contempt at 11:01 AM. I see that Columbia Business School professor Chris Mayer is making the rounds on the op-ed pages (last week in the New York Times, and today in the Wall Street Journal). — “Economics of Contempt: Beware of Hackery”,
  • Hackery. Development time has become such an important priority that it has blinded people to other important considerations, even to considerations that ultimately affect development time. Hackery can Reach an Incurable Level. Once hackery has thoroughly proliferated throughout a system, the system. — “Hackery”,
  • The Hackery repairs and recycles laptops and is located at 304 Victoria Dr. near Hastings St. and Victoria Dr. in Vancouver. — “The Hackery, Victoria Dr., Vancouver, recycling”,
  • Posted on: Friday, August 22nd, 2008 in: Campaigning, Hackery. Making the greatest foreign policy mistake in the last thirty years would have this effect I guess: Posted on: Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 in: Hackery, UK Politics. — “Hackery : Tree of Knowledge”,
  • Hackery. World disintermediation, one hack at a time. Gavin Carr. Parallel Processing Perl Modules. Wed 24 Nov 2010. Tags: fork, parallel, perl. In my case I just needed to be able to fork a bunch of processes off, have them process some data, and hand the results back to the parent. So here. — “Hackery”,
  • Hackery definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Hackery | Define Hackery at ”,
  • Category Archives: Hackery. Google Reader Open in Background Safari Extension. Posted on September 1, 2010 by Markus Weimer. When reading news in Google Reader, I have the habit of quickly skimming through the posts and sending the more interesting ones to background tabs for future reading. — “Hackery | ”,
  • Life Hackery. Useful, Unusual and (Sometimes) Ironic Tips and Tricks to Hack Your Life Copyright © Life Hackery | About Us. Advertise. Contact Us. Privacy Policy. Sitemap. Submit A. — “ - Useful, Unusual and (Sometimes) Ironic Tips”,
  • Hackery. Jun 10 2009. Chrome Experiments. Barely mentioning its corporate patron, this Google-sanctioned website doubles as an awkwardly latent promotion of the Chrome browser as well as a showcase of what's possible using the latest browser technologies. — “Hackery " Ephram Zerb”,
  • Vote for hackery. Urban Word. of the Year 2010. hacker syphillis WTF that DDOS was fkn hackery!!111!11!1!! hack hacker wizardry digerati hackeri. by. — “Urban Dictionary: hackery”,

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  • The Hackery Computer Garage Sale Sat Aug. 28, 2010 - Vancouver BC thehackery.ca It is time to clean out our overstock of parts. Some items for sale will be * Large selection of P2, P3, P4, and some Pentium M laptops for parts or repair * Big selection of G5 iMacs for parts or repair * A skid of working Celeron 2.66Ghz Desktops * Misc PC cards and parts * Lots of Apple/Mac parts * Odds and ends In addition to parts, we're putting our large Vintage Computer collection up for sale! thehackery.ca The Hackery 304 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC
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  • hak5 - Episode 413 - First Responder Forensics, SNES ROM Hackery, Tailing Logs and Unicorns First Responder Forensics with Helix/Live View. Editing Super Mario World levels with Lunar Magic. Following logs with Bare Tail. Unicorns, and a lot more. Free Hak5 Video Podcast on Revision3: bit.ly Revision3 Facebook Fan Page: bit.ly For more visit: revision3.com
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  • How to build wii modchip for about ten dollars This video highlights how to build the OpenWii modchip using parts readily available at radio shack (except the AVR). Total cost is about ten dollars. I need to add that this won't work if you have D2C chipset.
  • Tuesday night hackery Received an 8x8 Bicolour LED matrix and an Infrared distance sensor in the post. Rigged up the matrix to a MAX7219 chip to drive the green LEDs and had an arduino there to drive the max7219. The height of the lit LEDs was proportional to the distance I read from the sensor.
  • Political Hackery Vol.1 Political bias at it's finest.
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  • Hackery NZ - Hello Doorknobs A demo of some doorknobs connected to potentiometers connected to an arduino. The input data is sent to Processing via a usb/serial connection, and translated into MIDI. This is sent to Ableton Live via a MIDI-Yoke port.
  • More KInect hackery Using depth keying and scene ***ysis to produce... the iPod advert! The headphone cable is simulated with box2d, which is good enough
  • Epaper hackery *2:- The Matrix Hi all. This is a better video which features a better more stable matrix display of e-paper using the "filled divot" method of connection. Enjoy!
  • Brawl Hackery Codes used in this video: -Ultimate superman code players 1-4 -Item Switch 10x -Infinite replay length -Unrestricted pause camera -No knockback -Character Size 4x I think the "No knockback" code was the code that screwed Captain Falcon up. Thats y he was idleing all day. u might want...
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  • Esquire E-paper hackery How to hack the actual car display to display more than three segments. In fact it can do up to 11 discrete segments in up to 16 grey levels if the timing is set up correctly.
  • Gibson Exposes Partisan Hackery of Olbermann and Fineman! You just can't get more in the tank than they are.
  • Agron Mucola OO Qfer fati Pata..Hackery.. shema123456
  • Partisan Hackery The partisan is a weapon having a blade with lateral projections mounted on the end of a long shaft, used chiefly in the 16th and 17th centuries while the deed of the hack is to cut down or chop with repeated and irregular blows.
  • A Let's Play First - Half Life 2 - Man-Hackery and Douche-Baggery This is another segment of my Let's Play. I get somewhat sick and I start slacking off. Don't worry... This won't happen again. Cybertoad's profile is as follows: Live life to the fullest. Don't sit around all day playing Half-Life 2.
  • 19-6-2010the hacker y miss kiting.AVI
  • HVAC hackery A $800. dollar hack job that cost them $1200. in sheet rock repairs.
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  • The Retarded Baby Jesus & Death Panel Pusher, "Thinks" Obama Address Full of Partisan Hackery (Via ) Death-panel pusher Hannity decries Obama's address as "campaign speech full of partisan hackery"
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  • The Run Cap Bandit Part II - Sheer Hackery! Another air conditioner that had had previous service done by a hack. When I opened the servicepanel, out fell the unsecrured run Another air conditioner that had had previous service done by a hack. When I opened the servicepanel, out fell the unsecrured run capacitor and start kit. If the power would have been on, sparks would fly when I opened this cover! The video shows how I often find the Capacitors carelessly installed where they are simply LAYED into the electrical panel, then I demonstrate how simple it would be to secure the parts properly. Visit
  • HVAC - Attic Hackery Warning: Some Profanity! I didn't try hard enough to keep it G-rated. I 'dumbed down' a bit and let my alter ego (the hack) take care of the sensing bulb. I realized, after the fact, that the TXV had been replaced by the same low-life that installed the system. Trust me... I just 'know'.
  • Ernimi-Ibrahimi Per-Dj-Hackery shema123456
  • Dj Hackery Dr Ritmav 2010 shema123456
  • Dj-Hackery shema123456
  • Safeti-Afrimi-Hackery shema123456
  • Hackery Me sinit Valle Ne Darsum Ne Obilq Shema123456
  • Myvu Crystal wearable One of my ambitions is to create a wearable computer. The most complicated part in this process is a head-mounted display. Recently, two-eye (goggle-style) head-mounted displays have seen an inexplicable upsurge in popularity, and as a result two-eye displays are actually substantially less expensive than their one-eye brethren. Upon seeing a series of pictures showing how a Myvu Crystal display could be taken apart and turned into a one-eye display, I decided to do it myself. This is the result, a resounding success if I may say so myself. The Myvu Crystal is an ideal candidate because: 1) The components for the two eyes are entirely detached, so all it takes to use only one eye's display is to remove the other. 2) Its resolution is 640x480, which is of course quite small for a "real" monitor, but is quite high for a cheap head-mounted display. 3) It's fairly hackable.
  • Hackery Quackery #2: iMac G3 Frankentosh booting Xubuntu 10. A 450Mhz iMac G3 booting Xubuntu with 192MB of RAM.
  • Hackery Quackery #1: Xbox Controller, Microphone and Speakers + Rambleings This is kinda like Holiday Hardware Hacking, but holidayes aren't required.

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  • “jpr blog " Gobble, Gobble. Time Warp " Hackery. Pretty successul hackfest today, almost 150 people in the channel at one point. There were areas to improve on, hopefully we'll tidy those up for another EPlugin hackfest in a couple of months”
    Hackery " jpr blog,

  • “The blog of Luke Macken posted at: 13:45 | link | Tags: hackery, web, business | 0 comments. Sat, 01 Sep 2007. Recovering a Pyblosxom blog using liferea's RSS cache. My buddy who used to host didn't pay his bills, so his server got taken down last”
    — l e w k . o r g : tags/hackery,

  • “Blog entry archive // Posts from a desiging, gaming, comic-reading nerd. Apr 28. PSP hackery. Not satisfied with messing around After a while, I managed to find and it's tutorial section in the forum (membership required to view)”
    — PSP hackery // Blog entry // Josh Nichols,

  • “You're currently reading all blog posts filed under "Wonderful Hackery" Filed under: making, why we hack, Wonderful Hackery. Now that there are more and more of”
    — beautiful converse hack | Blog | sugru | Hack Things Better,

  • “Before establishing yourself as a blogger, the first skill that you should learn is how to write properly”
    — 11 Ways to Write Better Blog Entries | Life Hackery,

  • “By "hack" in the title of this post, I don't mean to imply the standard political usage (eg. "The conservative bias at Fox News makes it clear that the network is run by political hacks"), although that's definitely”
    — Greg Saunders: Joementum's Blog Hackery,

  • “feedmap Blog Profile: 'hackery' is a blog from london england United Kingdom. Preview recent posts, find nearby local blogs and get widgets!”
    hackery : Blog Profile - ,

  • “This blog is a great place monitor the insanity. Posted in Hackery | No Comments " Why Our website is set up as a Rails app, and we'd like to add bbpress, a php forum application, deployed as a directory. Generally speaking, it works fine – but the DirectoryIndex, in this case index.php, doesn't”
    — ExpanDrivel " Hackery - The ExpanDrive Blog,

  • “Tony of DJI talks about an unexpected outcome from TailRank's River, a blog monitoring service. A large number of blogs turned out to have been hacked to”
    — Massive Blog Hackery Exposed | YugaTech | Philippines,

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