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  • Definition of hackbut in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hackbut. Pronunciation of hackbut. Translations of hackbut. hackbut synonyms, hackbut antonyms. Information about hackbut in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “hackbut - definition of hackbut by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Information on Renaissance clothing, artists, architecture, clothing, accessories, weddings, warfare, weapons, faire dates and faire locations The harquebus is also known as the arquebus or the hackbut. — “Renaissance and Medieval Warfare with Gunpowder”, all-about-renaissance-
  • hackbut and hackbush), " hook gun." The "hook" is often supposed to The French form arquebuse and Italian arcobugio, archibugio, often and wrongly supposed to indicate the hackbut's affinity with the crossbow ("hollow bow" or "mouthed bow"), are popular corruptions, the Italian being apparently. — “Arquebus - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • World of Warcraft Item Information for Blasting Hackbut. — “Blasting Hackbut :: Items :: World of Warcraft :: ZAM”,
  • Word: hackbut. n. an obsolete firearm with a long barrel. PROTOTYPE PAGE, Source: WordNet. — “hackbut”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for hackbut in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “hackbut - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • Definition of hackbut from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of hackbut. Pronunciation of hackbut. Definition of the word hackbut. Origin of the word hackbut. — “hackbut - Definition of hackbut at ”,
  • Definition of hackee in the Dictionary. Dialogues Narrations Phrases Pronunciation Role-play exercises Q&A Online tests All English-learning resources. Audio " Dictionary " H " Hackbut Haemoglobin. HACKEE. — “What does hackee mean? definition and meaning (Free English”,
  • Remarkable heavy "hackbut". At the beginning of the the upper third, forge-attached to the barrel, the typical saw-toothed hook. Octagonal to round tapered barrel, engraved with ornamentations and decorated with filed and cut cannelures. Soldered bead and dovetail notch. — “Double Hackbut on Carriage Mount”,
  • hackbut ( ) n. See harquebus . [French haquebute , from Old French hacquebute , alteration (influenced by buter , to aim at) of Middle Dutch hakebus ;. — “hackbut: Definition from ”,
  • Hackbut definition, harquebus. See more. hackbut. first gun fired from the shoulder, a smoothbore matchlock with a stock resembling that of a rifle. The harquebus was invented in Spain in the mid-15th century. It was often fired from a support, against which the recoil was transferred from. — “Hackbut | Define Hackbut at ”,
  • harquebus (weapon), first gun fired from the shoulder, a smoothbore matchlock with a stock resembling that of a rifle. The harquebus was invented in harquebus, also spelled arquebus, also called hackbut, first gun fired from the shoulder, a smoothbore matchlock with a stock resembling that of a. — “harquebus (weapon) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • The arquebus (pronounced /ˈɑrkɨbʌs/ ARK-ə-bus or /ˈɑrkwɨbʌs/ AR-kwə-bus) (sometimes spelled harquebus, harkbus[1] or hackbut; from Dutch haakbus, meaning "hook gun"[2]), or "hook tube", is an early muzzle-loaded firearm used in the 15th to 17th centuries. — “Arquebus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • We found 14 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word hackbut: hackbut: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] Hackbut,. — “Definitions of hackbut - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Encyclopedia article about hackbut. Information about hackbut in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “hackbut definition of hackbut in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Hackbut photos, 0 images. — “Hackbut Flash Animations at Crestock Stock Photos”,
  • Blasting Hackbut. Expand Ad Shrink Ad | Close Ads. Back | Tags | Screenshots | 3D Model Blasting Hackbut. Blasting Hackbut. Binds when picked up. Gun. 40 - 75 Damage. Speed 2.80 (20.5 damage per second) Durability 65 / 65. — “Blasting Hackbut - Thottbot: World of Warcraft”,
  • hackbut hating BEEEVERS (beevers) Profile _ 29 Members | 3 In-Game | 3 Online | 0 in Chat hackbut hating BEEEVERS has 0 upcoming events in the next 2 weeks. — “Steam Community :: Group :: hackbut hating BEEEVERS”,
  • hackbut - definition, usage, synonyms, thesaurus Portuguese English English Portuguese German English English German Dutch English English Dutch. — “hackbut (definition)”,
  • Schmetterprügel Wird beim Aufheben gebunden Distanz Schusswaffe 40 - 75 Schaden Tempo 2.80 (21 Schaden pro Sekunde) Questbelohnung - WoW Item. Blasting Hackbut. — “Blasting Hackbut - www.wow- WoW-Armory-DB”, wow-
  • [[Image:EdoJapaneseArquebuse.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Japanese arquebus of the Edo era (teppÅ_ )]][[Image:ArquebusClipAndColor.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Example of an arquebus]]The arquebus (sometimes spelled harquebus, harkbus[1] or hackbut; from Dutch. — “Arquebus | ”,

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  • how to hack plants vs zombies: sun hack, refill hack, money hack and zen garden hack in this video i will show you how to hack plants vs zombies, the hacks in this video range from sun hack to money hack, but to be more specific: sun hack, refill hack, money hack and zen garden hack! :) i was going to do wisdom tree hack but i stuffed up my wisdom tree and i don't know how to fix it, but if you guys know please let me know, and if you liked this video i will make another one on how to hack plants vs zombies on your iPod, iPhone or iPad 100% success so please leave a comment and if the quality is bad let me know so i can upload the 3 videos that are way more clearer :) hope you enjoy !! hack4life15
  • A Few Antique Cannons John shows us Springfield Arsenal's cannon display at a recent gun show in PA. There's a Swedish iron swivel gun which once belonged ot Gustav Hammarberg, a Swedish military hero from the 1700's. Then you'll see a very old, decorated bronze hackbut, or wall gun. There's also a fine bronze swivel gun with Dutch East India Company markings all over it. A magnificent pair of Dutch swivel guns stands on one end of the table, and between them is a very fine 17th Century Dutch Model cannon, which is sort of a salesman's sample, since the Dutch supplied bronze cannons to many other countries in Europe. A long slender bronze breechloader is also shown. Visit Springfield Arsenal store:
  • DEADLY ANCIENT MYSTERY WEAPON: 16th C. Hackbutt We are Springfield Arsenal LLC. Visit our webstore: Please visit: then... examines a bronze 16th C. Hackbutt wall gun, and asks for your help in deciphering the cryptic markings. The hackbut, as a form of firearm, is supposed to date from the mid-1400's. The initials IVR, in Latin, are an abbreviation for the Vatican City, but I'm not sure that meaning applies to the letters IVR that appear on this hackbut. Here's the link to the ongoing Ebay discussion regarding this item. Feel free to join if you have information to share.
  • Ninja saga Suit,Weapon and Pet name Hack But saved Pet name Cheat engine 5.5 and other Google chrome,opera and other Browsers Follow My Steps ENJOYTHEHACK ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Combat Arms Clan War: Blackwater~Ops VS ~NCGT~ Combat Arms Clan War: Blackwater~Ops VS ~NCGT~ We won Lineup Pikachu79 -Dark-Rai- Final SetsunaExiaX (Recorder) i think they hack but still we won oh yea this video is full of Dj songz
  • multiplayer two psp's with one umd How to play star wars battlefront 2,on two psp's with only one umd. This is similar to the Twisted Metal Hack,but different in the way you load it up. Discovered by hurleypsp /
  • Mac vs PC (ORIGINAL Song) PC beats Mac just 100% as I say about a million times in this song... See more at /merianag Lyrics are: Mac and PC by Meriana Extra money for ibrand applications And you can't even see their configurations You can't access the DOS on a Mac When I file is lost a file is lost All computers look the same Uniform design for a uniform brain Uniform programs, uniform goods Ipod, imac, iphone, ilife, I could Simply avoid the high price complex gaming deficiency I see too many good reasons for me to be a follower of PC Cause I would rather not spend my cash On such a heap of trash I don't know how to hack but I still wouldn't buy a Mac, I like my games and programs you see, that's why I buy a PC Istuff users reside in a community Like a cult obsessed with all apple activity Spreading their religion like a fashion With all its rules and its restrictions Tupperware sales and the apple brand And country Road bags go hand in hand Man those widgets come at a price All hail Steve who made apples a device Why be another Mac promoter in a Bill Gates Society I see too many good reasons for me to be a follower of PC Cause I would rather not spend my cash On such a heap of trash I don't know how to hack but I still wouldn't buy a Mac, I like my games and programs you see, that's why I buy a PC I don't know how to hack but I still wouldn't buy a Mac, I like my games and programs you see, that's why I buy a PC I don't know how to hack but I still wouldn't buy a Mac, I like my ...
  • SvR2011 PSP Roster Hack [Beta/Demo] Release! [HD] Only A Demo/Beta On What To Expect. Still Not Finished Hacking . Still A LOT Of Work To Be Done. Note : Jeff Hardy IS Not In THIS HACK. But He Will Be In The Future So Don't *** & Moan. Enjoy It. Part 1 & 2 Of My Roster Hack Demo Links :) Facebook Click Like =D Comment, Subscribe, & Like Me On Facebook!
  • Let's Play F_Mario Episode 1: A Different Approach Not your average hack, but will it be any good?
  • Bosses Get Owned! World 1 TAS Happy Thanksgiving! I would have played a Thanksgiving hack, but...I don't believe one exists. Either way, this hack was made and requested by smwunlimited. I...don't really have anything else to say. World 2 will be up whenever I get around to doing it...
  • Madness interactive gayness and not a hack. But seems like it Ignore the silver gun, thats my cursor. I finnaly found out how to become invisible in madness interactive! it all started when I was dying in expariment mode and at the last second i turened invincibility on from the pause menu. And like magic i regenerated like normal exept that only the shadow was showing and you couldn't see the body or anything i touched! Try it! I used the version on so it's not guarenteed to work anywhere else.
  • Ninja Saga Hack BUT SORRY IT IS PATCHED :( BY: JoCke and Jerry shop_new.swf 1.Open Ninja Saga 2.Go to village 3.Open fiddler 4.Click on autoresponder 5.Check all two lines 6.Drag file to the white space 7.Click Clear Cheche 8.YOU MUST USE GOOGLE CHROME 9.Go to the key that is in right corner 10.Click options then under the hood 11.Clear browsing data 12.Uncheack all expect empty cache 13.Click close 14.Go to shop and have a good time *You can buy in item money or bos weapons, clothes In weapon you can buy secret CW weapons and something else And more of that in body store Rate and comment for more videos byee..:))
  • Forza 2 - "He ain't gonna play this again." I have learned that a lot of people threaten to hack, but don't know anything about it. He said he was going to kill my Xbox, but I'm still playing. A video full of crashes and stupid people complaining. What more could you want?
  • Luigi VS Mario Luigi Game part 1 Here comes the Mario Adventure 2 hack (well, although it's dead). It's a very very good hack, but there are some things very messed up, like the N-spade game (If you enter it the game crashes) And brand new custom Power ups, and some of the classic ones upgraded (Either in Luigi or in Mario)
  • COMBAT ARMS TEXTURE EDITOR NOT A HACK BUT WORKS LIKE ONE Combat arms texture editor the idea of this is not to hack its too make people stand out. theres the download
  • Pokémon Prism - Gym Leader Rinji Pokémon Prism - Battle against Heath Village Gym Leader Rinji, grass Pokémon user. EDIT: Crap, I thought Prism was a complete hack but unfortunately you can't get more than 2 badges in the latest version. So no more Prism videos until a new beta comes out. ----------- FAQ: Q: Is this a real game? A: No, it's another hack created by Coolboyman. It's a sequel to Pokémon Brown. Q: Where can I get this hack? A: rijon.nintendo- (if you need instructions on how to patch the game, check out the enclosed ReadmeNOW.txt)
  • Link's Quest for Some Goddamn Soup Just watch the video. Twill truly be a classic. I was just having fun in The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker for Gamecube and I realized how innocent this game was... The expressions on Link is what really sells this video, no other Zelda game would have had the right effect. After I saw how innocent it was, I realized that I must corrupt it :D This is the result. I guess i could possibly release this hack, but no point really other than the lols If this video brought you lols please tell me so. I can do a lot more of these types of videos so just let me know if you wanna see them / have me make some. Ideas are welcome. I found this to be the funnest hack I've made in a long while. Its moments like this that remind me why I actually hack in the first place. To have a good time, not to beat the game ;) Comment, Like this Video, and Subscribe :D PS: Ohmygodwtfbbqhax TWO VIDEOS IN THE SAME DAY!?!?!11//?/!!!1one11? Yea, thats right. I did that thing you just said. If you didn't see my other video check it out if you're subscribed to me for Call of Duty Wii Hacking :\
  • BFH Gunner Gameplay#1 [with hack but just for youtube!] WONT THE HACK? READ ME!! BFH Gunner Gameplay#1 [WITH HACK] here is the link for my tuturial how to download it!: German: English: Abbo for more gameplays with best hack! MMOhax forever :)
  • GTA IV - KartRacer69 speed-hack but...(by SinthoAbled) unhappy debut into ranked races for KartRacer69 captured into strange start. all sequence was record with one of this players :Schwein , Croft , Ninho , Solid , Vainest... please comment. great ehm...start Kart ;)
  • ad for are website and team and yet again i got hack but i hack the player to ban him so he gone ok the name says it all
  • Banjo-Kazooie The Real Stop 'N' Swap A hack, but a good one
  • Rockman Exile - Megaman 2 Hack for the NES This is my attempt at trying to play this game, on normal mode. Even on normal, seasoned Megaman players would have a hard time beating this game. i've only had a game over twice in this video. It is a well made hack, but a hard one at that. and you'll see why.
  • Supreme Court Ruling, Jailed for Streaming Games? KOF XIII, FFVII Remake, RE Mercenaries + More! In a very full week of gaming news, the Supreme Court shoots down a ban and as Companies and Gamers celebrate, understand this is far from over. This is only the beginning. Another bill is in the works to jail any Gamer streaming gaming content online, but this also stretches out to TV, Music and Movies as well. Square says the demand for an FFVII Remake isn't high enough, Microsoft lies and spies on you via Skype and Sony says they know why they were hack, but they really don't lol! Going to Jail for streaming video games? Microsoft Supporting F2P Games: 360 halfway through this gen: Skype might allow government to tap your conversations: Sony says they know why they were hacked (In their crazy mind) ps3 Stringer asked to step down by shareholders: Square humiliated by lack of JPN titles: (but admitted they were saved by Tomb Raider) Square to revive certain titles: (LoK) www.vg247.com Square: FF7 would be seriously considered if demand was high enough: www.xbox360 Guild Wars 2 Dev says F2P is the way to go for MMO's on console: WoW goes F2P until lvl 20: Bioware/Dragon Age DLC addresses Player Concerns: Online Pass goes wrong again: Capcom permanently keeps a save file on RE Mercanaries: Capcom defends their stance lol ...
  • OMFG OLOLOLOL ANCIENT! SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY! (But you're not missing much, heck, why did you even come to visit this video?) This was 9 months ago. I can't say I'm MUCH better, but man, was I a n00b in Lunar Magic back then. This was level 1 of the second hack I ever created (there is no video available for my first hack, but I know how it looked like, so I can recreate it). The oldest video I uploaded, on October 22nd last year, was a little part of level 3. Story of this hack : As always, Bowser tried to kidnap Peach and Mario must stop him. His first world will lead him through an economical solution. Yoshi's Island has got harbours (this level), markets, airports and factories to import and export their products. Dr. Bloock's factory, however, creates void. You must stop the ghost of Dr. Bloock - which is actually a big Boo -, to stop him. Thereafter, you defeat Iggy. Note : Dr. Bloock - and, of course, Iggy - are actually concepts that I took from this hack and directly ported over to my third, current hack. :D I never got the story much further than this, although I DID have a level on World 2, but it was never completed. I stopped this hack on an unknown date. Known is that it lies between October 27th and November 2nd, because my hack's GFX glitched due to a stupid mistake I made in Lunar Magic. Later, it returned in its normal state again, while I was busy with my third hack, but I deleted it. Note : Maybe I will create joke hacks out of the first and second hacks I've ever created.
  • Crime City Hack crime city money, gold, item hack make sure you have a jailbroken device go to cydia and add a source "/" and install "ifile cracked" ***this HACK NO LONGER WORKING*** sorry but the game is now completely patched from my hack. but keep in touch as there may be new hacks and new videos i will post. special thanks for watching my videos and kindly commenting :P see you next time
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Hangar 18 Achievement / Trophy *STORY SPOILER WARNING* If you are playing this game and haven't been up to this point, you'll want to skip this if you don't want to spoil yourself. But if you are still reading this, then you'll want to know this achievement / trophy is where Malik comes and rescues the captured scientists including our Megan Reed. Before you activate the LEOS 7, go around as shown in the video, and you'll find a secret cubby hole leading to a secured computer. This is not only a stage 5 hack, but it's the most difficult stage 5 hack throughout the entire game. Bring lots of stopworms and nuke viruses beforehand to help you out. I don't know the password yet, but I will update it here in the description (and annotate the video) once I find it out. The path I chose gives you the least amount of detection and my hack augs are maxed out. MAIN MISSION: M1 - RESCUING MEGAN AND HER TEAM PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: OPEN THE HANGAR ROOF
  • Let's Play Jario943's SMW hack This does not necessarily mean a continuation of the ROM hack LP series. I want it to come to a more predictable close. This won't be the final ROM hack that I'm doing, and I don't know if I'm going to see the final one. What I do know is that there are only a few users from whom I will accept updates to previous ROMs. I've made a change in plans. There will be one more ROM from Cyphermur9t that I LP, and that's the sequel to Mario Gives Up. I will also accept updates to hacks I've already played. A few other exceptions will also apply such as just one new hack from users whose completed hacks I have played. I don't know if I will reach that particular target, but as of now that's all I will accept. After MGU2, this list by user may be as follows: I will be willing to accept either updates to a hack I've played or one final hack (but not both) made by each user below. They may be suggested by either that user or someone else. *Dylans222 *Sasuke2277 *Paulkdragonmaster2 *KingYoshi2010two *Tealgamemaster *Supertails61 *(Kiwisauce) *Raocow *Jario943 (updates to current hack only) *Liverpol2222 (haven't actually played a hack, but if the project is revived, I will play it as I've been requested before by that creator). From the following list, I will accept only one new ROM each made by these users as it appears the hack I played before had a definite end. Note that a complete redux also counts as a new ROM (such as TSRP vs. TSRPR): *(FPI Productions) *Dottedboy *KKScorpion ...
  • How To Get 5000000000 Gold on Infinity Blade Hack This is a toturial on how to get 5000000000 gold in Infinity Blade. No cydia packages are needed for this specific hack, but you will need iFile, and obviously a jailbroken iDevice. This had works for all devices on all versions including the new update for Infinity Blade with Arcade Mode. Comment, rate, and subscribe. Thx :D
  • Faith No More: We Care a Lot, Lowlands 2009, The Netherlands Faith No More performing We Care a Lot at Lowlands 2009.
  • Gaia online money hack This is my little hack, to get this hack just private message your username and password to me here on youtube! Sorry to say but gaia has updated their servers, they have patched my old hack, BUT i have found a new way to hack! But the catch is the account that the hack is being done on has to have 10k+ (sorry, the hack i found only works with that)!. This video was BEFORE the patch, thus i didnt need to have 10k gold, just to clear up some confusion. I have made a gaiaonline bumping bot for all of you to enjoy, i hope you like it! heres the download url:
  • AQWorlds Folcon Solos all bosses AQWorlds Folcon Solos all bosses!! I had 6000 health not from a hack, but a glitch! My friend had 50000 health though...
  • stick arena awesome hack pack go here after downlod: then click always allow in the box to the right v.2.5 features: -IP finder if you dont know what that is look it up for this click on report user and click "get user IP" -weapon hack-use 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 to selct weapon -it will take 100 hits from any weapon to kill you -anti-boot...you cant be kicked out -one click kick-click to boot a person 3 times and theyre out -quick start to lobby - 99 kills and -9 deaths -black name on quickstart -quickstart name "Godfathers hack pack v.2.5" this is changeable -5.30 min round length -chose server before you login -username:godfather.hacker-password:64865-this is an account you can use -spawn hack (press "tab") to respawn-full heath- -this will not include reload hack but it will have somthing better shoot someone and see -no reload hack but it does have 1 shot kills -and much more
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Infinite Exp / Praxis Glitch Here's a way to glitch exp which rewards you with more praxis points. This also works on any hack screen. If you get the rewards nodes and then either complete or fail the hack but don't push x after completion. It's important that you reload you save from the hack screen to stack the rewards.
  • Mario Kart Wii - Mr. L + Mr. L Circuit Two new texture hacks! Mr. L and Mr. L Circuit! Now, I know some people already made a Mr. L texture hack, but mine is a bit different, I made it completely from scratch, too. And now on to the course's texture! After some thinking on what to make for my next texture hack, I looked at my Luigi texture and thought, "I want to make a Mr. L Circuit texture hack!" And this is the result. Enjoy! And special thanks to ava4u2angel for testing with me! Subscribe to her! - Mr. L Circuit download: Mr. L download: Textures now available on the SFP Server! If you download from there, make sure to patch the files to their correct locations. (Mr. L Circuit patches to beginner_course.szs, while Mr. L patches to ma_bike-lg.szs)
  • Zombie farm ALL CHEATS/HACKS- money, brains, time, in app purchase hacks download file here : Hey YouTube These are the things you need to do to have these "hacks". For the invaide "hack" you don't have to have an jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch. Invaide and crop time "hack" (not only for jailbroken device) : Go to your settings on the iPhone/iPod Then go to general Go to date and time Change it the time that you need for the crops to grow Exe: if you need 2 hours: 17:00 will be 19:00 And you have it! BETTER time hack (for jailbroken device) go to ifile Then applecetions Then choose zombie farm Then click on zombie farm app. search for a zombie or a plant or something you wanna grow faster then in some rows up or done you will see something like grow time... change to 30 its not soo fast but if its too fast the plants or the zombies will die before you crop them... (im not shore if its 30 or more but check, if you have multiflow its really helping...) Money hack (only for jailbroken, you NEED iFile!) : Go to ifile Then applecetions Then choose zombie farm Then click on zombie farm app. Search for market Search for zombey patch Then scroll up until you see "cost", under it will be 2 numbers between like 2 arrows (youtube don't allow these arrows so i put (/) ) Exe: (integer)50(integer) change it to (integer)-100000(integer) (it must be NEGATIVE) Exe: (integer)50(integer) will be (integer)-100000(integer) Then go to the game and buy the zombie patch and you have the money! (you can do it with crops and xp too) Brains hack: Do execly ...
  • Hack or not? - CS:S Well yea obviously it's hack but I just wanted a excuse to test some legit settings
  • New Ghost Box: P-SB7 Spirit Box Clips In this short paranormal research video I am playing some ITC and EVP clips captured from my new ghost box. The new device is called the P-SB7 Spirit Box and it is a purpose built piece of paranormal investigation equipment rather than just a simple modified radio. In essence it does do pretty much the same thing as my old Radio Shack 12-469 shack hack but has a few extra features. Again, you can still sweep the AM or the FM frequency ranges but with the P-SB7 you can change the sweep rate and even sweep in reverse. Over the last few weeks I have tried it out on different settings and this is probably the first session where I have captured what could be possible disembodied voices and EVP responses. As ever though, nothing can be classed as 100% paranormal as there are too many other possibilites that still remain, I have my own beliefs as ever though. Do ghosts exist, does it matter where we talk to them from or does the location have to be haunted, are these voice from spirits and astral entities from another plane of existence or dimension? What do you hear?
  • Rockman 3 Endless - Vs Yellow Devil (FAILURE) Sheesh! Is this enemy now invincible? This is why I skip the pit on the Wily Area 2 in this hack. Well, at least I endured the battle for a bit long this time, but it's still not good enough -.-
  • Kamek's Revenge Playthrough 1 - Training *Kamek's Revenge made by SNN* Well, I feel like doing another hack playthrough. TSRPR was a blast, and now I think I'll try yet another well known and excellent hack. But this time...it's not SMW. And before anyone says it...I'm aware there are quite a few playthrough of SNN's YI hack. But...I'm mainly doing this for my own enjoyment, since I have not played this hack yet. Anyway, enjoy and keep an eye out for more videos in the future!
  • Bloons TD 4 Expansion Advanced Map Secret How to get the secret of the advanced map on bloons tower defense 4 expansion. yes, I do know this isn't a hack, but I just wanted to get this out onto youtube so people could know how to get it. hopefully soon, i should be making some videos for mods on the xbox 360 and some fun tricks with jailbroken ipod touches/iphones
  • Let's Play Mario's Return Episode 8: Blazed Final world. The hack as a whole is a full hack, but is so short due to the quick levels.
  • MW2: How to get Custom Skins, Camo's, Scopes and more in MW2 (PC) *CLICK HERE TO READ MORE* Little update: You can use winrar instead of packscape, if wanted. This should be unbannable but dont blame me if you get banned. Yes this is the same way you use your texture hack, but im not linking or showing anyone that, cuz thats the reason skins not are allowed i think. Its for PC ONLY, dont bother asking. It IS working 100% Read comments for answears. =) How to get new camos...! THIS IS FOR PC ONLY, ***ING YES. YOU CANT GET BANNED FOR THIS, I've used it for months!! PS. Always take a backup before changing anything, backup the iwd files from 0 to 7 in a folder, this is about 1 gb. :) So if you get sick of the skins you can always change back :) This is how you get good old cod4 acog, golden weapons and much more awesome shiet! You get alot of new scopes, skins, golden weapons, new camos etc! TELL ME IF THE DOWNLOAD LINK IS BROKEN :) And I will re-upload as soon as possible! :):) DOWNLOAD LINK 1: DOWNLOAD LINK 2: DOWNLOAD LINK 3: www.4 DOWNLOAD LINK 5: The reason why it's so many download links are because if no one download anything over a period the files will be deleted, so therefor Ive uploaded the exact same files to all the sites ;) You will need "PackScape", Or you can use Winrar.. your choice. You can alternatively use WinRaR but I recommend Packscape tho I havent tried it in WinRaR yet. You simply use Packscape and import into the iwd files. iwd files ...

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  • “Pitt Rivers Museum Like so many firearms in the Museum's collections, the hackbut was collected by General Pitt Rivers prior to 1874 but it is not clear where or how. It may have been at auction”
    — Pitt Rivers Museum - Upper Gallery Online Diary of Development,

  • “How to clean baseball hats: Only the blog author may view the comment. Pagetop " HOW TO CLEAN BASEMENT FLOOR.HOW T|HOW-TO-CLEAN-BASEMENT-FLOOR HOME How to clean bamboo floor How to cl|HOW-TO-CLEAN-BAMBOO-FLOOR "”
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  • “ichiroya It was arquebus hackbut, and took too long time to fill and fire a gun - knights had to reach the shootist and kill him, if the first shot didn't hit. Nobunaga made barriers against horse rush, and arranged three rows shootists. Front row fired, they went back, and second row fired next”
    — Ichiro Wada's Blog,

  • “How to start weaning a baby::How to start weaning a baby goat kayaks of how to start weaning a baby goat to gastroscopes russells hackbut.How to start weaning a baby conserved kirkias cerberus."Brigade aril of”
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  • “For more on Totem, read my Project Totem blog post. . Because we use a web cluster to serve the main HTML I'll do a blog post about it at some point in the future but it's incredibly fast compared to using XML data with SQL”
    — Code, Life and Learning,

  • “[color=red hi i was just wondering if one of you good hacker could leanr me hacking im pritty noob i realy want to leanr and forum. nobody is going to teach you hacking here, try somewhere else. GodBeGone - Atheist Blog. intel17”
    — can one of you help me???,

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