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  • Hackable City: Providence. What happens when you use the ideas of open source and hackability in a society, and a city ? Hackable Idea of the Week has been on a bit of a hiatus, but a story on NPR's Weekend Edition caught my ear. — “Hackable City: Providence”,
  • Definition of hackable in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is hackable? Meaning of hackable as a legal term. What does hackable mean in law?. — “hackable legal definition of hackable. hackable synonyms by”, legal-
  • Hackable Linux clamshell goes on sale for $99 News Linux for Devices: A startup that includes former members of Openmoko has begun shipping a hackable Linux-based. — “Hackable Linux clamshell goes on sale for $99 - News - Linux”,
  • hackable (comparative more hackable, superlative most hackable) The robotic vacuum cleaner proved to be hackable, so we reprogrammed two of them to race. — “hackable - Wiktionary”,
  • Hackable:1 is one of the many distributions that currently work on the Openmoko phones. hackable:1 intends to implement the Gnome Mobile platform and uses Debian stable as a base. — “Hackable:1 - Openmoko”,
  • Definition of hackable in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hackable. Pronunciation of hackable. Translations of hackable. hackable synonyms, hackable antonyms. Information about hackable in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “hackable - definition of hackable by the Free Online”,
  • eBay My World for hackable. Read hackable's Reviews & Guides, blog, and eBay profile. — “eBay My World - hackable”,
  • Dark AleX already explained from his site to the PSP homebrew community why the TA-088 v3 motherboard of the new Slim models can't be hacked yet. He even But the main use of this app is to find out once and for all whether your new "PSP Brite" has a hackable motherboard or not. — “How to know your PSP-3000 Hackable? | Pinoy Console”,
  • "While Linksys does not support any of the alternate firmware available for the NSLU2, we This is the web presence of the NSLU2-Linux development group and user community. — “NSLU2-Linux - Main / HomePage browse”, nslu2-
  • New technology that controls our electrical grids is hackable without proper security measures, one expert shows. By Dan Smith Posted 06.15.2009 at 1:00 pm 8 Comments read more about > computer bug, electric grid, electricity, hackable, power grids, power plants, security software, smart meters. — “hackable | Popular Science”,
  • DD-WRT was originally designed for routers like this Linksys WRT54GL, Like other similar projects, DD-WRT is considered a third-party firmware solution. — “DD-WRT - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Hackable:1 is a community distribution for Hackable Devices like the Openmoko Neo Freerunner. You can then find information about the different versions of hackable:1, and the hardware it supports. — “hackable:1”, trac.hackable1.org
  • Dear Hackable:1 users, We are glad to announce that, after long & thorough efforts from the development team, after a bunch of testing hours, after a long time spent on arguing whether we should include this or that feature, we made it: hackable:1 rev5rc1 (Codename: Chuck) is there!. — “Hackable:1”, blog.hackable1.org
  • Hackable:1 is a community distribution for hackable devices like the Neo Freerunner. Hackable:1 is a community distribution. No decisions behind closed. — “Main Page - Hackable1”, hackable1.org
  • 2010 has nearly run its course, and I've had a grand total of one update to this blog. This doesn't mean that Hackable things haven't been happening, but I just haven't had time to write about them, and the main idea for Hackable City 2010, around. — “Hackable City: Providence — Applying hackability and open”,
  • Sunday, October 3, Keynote Presentations and Hackable Conference Following the keynote sessions, will be the Hackable Conference. We have the following sessions secheduled or you can hack the. — “The Hackable Conference”,
  • Multi-Region Hacks for Domestic DVD Players. Whilst DVD Reviewer has made every effort to For later models try the Acoustics 421 hack. Acoustic Solutions DVD551. — “DVD Reviewer - Multi-Region Hacks”,
  • There should be a principle of making learning content hackable, so that it can change with the times, the needs of instructors or learners. a post today titled Learning content should be hackable, Harold Jarche makes the case for content developers to take a lesson from what's going. — “Harold Jarche " Learning content should be hackable”,
  • The perfect shop for hackers, makers, coders and investors : open source hardware and highly hackable devices. Hackable:Devices aims to promote open hardware and its communities and offers a kind of social network to give them items to share. — “hackable- : Welcome”, hackable-
  • Serious Updating going ON. — “Hackable Info ! Your Definitive Source For Free Digital Products”,
  • iPhone Hacks :: The latest Apple iPhone Hacks, Apps, Native Applications, Downloads, Software, JailBreaking & Unlocking News, Reviews, News & Rumors, Tips & Tricks on the 3G iPhone. — “iPhone Hacks”,
  • hackable:1 – Debian-based GNOME Mobile distribution for hackable: hackable:1 – Debian-based GNOME Mobile distribution for hackable:Devices. Genesis of. — “hackable:1”,

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  • iPad 3G is Just as Hackable + More! SpeedUp Episode 4 iPhone: Super Turbo Action Pig: BATTLE BEARS: Zombies Price went up :( enjoy the other apps iPad Dopey Dopey Dodos!: Air Hockey Gold: Have to go to the May Fete Parade, Links will be up soon!
  • Flushing Blackwater: Iraq expels 'Xe' private contractors Iraqi officials have ordered 250 Blackwater security guards to leave the country within a week. The Interior Ministry says both current and former employees of the firm, were told of their expulsion a few days ago. It comes after a US judge dismissed the manslaughter charges against 5 members of the company, in connection with the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007. Blackwater, which is now called 'Xe Services', was one of three private US security contractors hired to protect diplomats in Iraq.
  • Boxee Box "best of show" at CES 2010 Boxee now works on an ARM Cortex A9 Tegra2 based set-top-box, to be sold below $200, it plays all codecs, streams all sources of videos from the web and also comes with an awesome looking and smooth user interface. It also has 3 USB ports to connect a USB keyboard, USB hard drives and other peripherals. It is manufactured by D-Link, it is awesome.
  • is this psp hackable? the serial starts with hu0 and the bottom code begins with ab00 it's a psp 2001 black comment to answer
  • put cfw on any hackable psp phat or slim without pandora (download links added) DOWNLOAD LINKS ADDED how to downgrade any hackable psp phat or slim without pandora, and firmware version doesnt matter (uses chickenhen) ***Dont try this on the psp 3000 or 2000 with TA-088v3 Motherboard*** 4 those who dont know bout this, I've tested this several times on my GOW 2001 TA-088v2 and has worked fine every time and just now my phat. post any questions or suggestions please Phat download link : HTML Code: Slim download link : HTML Code: Official thread
  • Alien Swarm SDK - How to make a door objective that requires circuit power and a tech! Alright, im sorry i couldnt talk (Im losing my voice). This video is about the Alien Swarm SDK that was recently released by valve. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a door, a computer that needs to be powered up and hacked, and circuits to power up the computer. Things you will need: 2 prop_dynamics, one asw_door using the first heavy_door prop, 2 trigger_asw_button_areas, one trigger_asw_door_area, and two rooms. If you are not able to see the settings i used in the video please post a response and ill try to answer it. Or you can ask me directly by adding me to steam. My steam community page: If you want to see how to spawn aliens, lights, and other *** coming up, i reccomend visiting FrozenDozer's channel. Tutorial VMF: DOWNLOAD HERE:
  • Fallout3 Hackable turrets testrun
  • How To Get Customfirmware On PSP 3000 (Real And Not Fake) Celebrate, homebrew fans -- while Sony had managed to evade the attempts of hackers to crack into the latest iteration of the PlayStation Portable, the PSP 3000, it's finally been accomplished. Sure, we knew it was inevitably going to be cracked since it was released in October, but with the talent of hackers these days, I'm surprised when things aren't hacked as soon as they're released. Of course, this comes at a price -- $30, to be exact. A new battery from the England-based maker of Action Replay, Datel, enables users to put the PSP in service mode, reports . From there, you'll be able to downgrade the system's firmware, thereby allowing you to access all of those wonderful (albeit typically illegal) tools, apps, and emulators you've no doubt heard of. The battery features a convenient switch to allow you to jump between service mode and normal mode and functions with both the PSP 3000 and 2000. The Datel 'Lite Blue Tool' battery is being released on November 28 for $30 in North America and $20 in the UK. A technical explanation (containing fancy words such as "de-capsulated") of how the feat was accomplished can be found at Maxconsole. Those interested in picking up the new battery can find it's now available for preorder from Datel's online store. The blue tool The Datel Lite Blue Tool looks to be the best option we've got at the moment for hacking the PSP 3000. It's essentially a smart battery that clones Sony lab equipment to put the ...
  • hackable curator Hackable curator (2007)
  • PSP 3000....NOT HACKABLE!! The PSP IS Not Hackable There Have Been Reports Of The "Light Blue Battery" (Pandora Substitute) But Its Just Bull ***
  • is your psp hackable ? is your psp hackable
  • Alien Swarm SDK - HACKABLE DOORS + TURRET - tutorial part 6 Ok, this is tutorial number 6, MEDIUM (5/10), This is the tutorial that will show you how to make Hackable doors / computer and how to make the turret :D --NEXT TUTORIAL: ? Don't mind my language, english isn't my main language so pronunciation is a bit crappy :P IF you have any questions please ask them ok!
  • North American Union microchip cards are hackable Please post this as a bulletin, share and pass around this video!!! UW researchers find holes in new border security features
  • psp 3000 not hackable the battery will not hack custom firmware on the psp 3000
  • iPad 3G just as hackable as iPad Wifi iPad 3G jailbroken using Spirit by @comex. BACKUP YOUR BLOBS! For help: is.gd
  • Dangerous Prototypes - Hackable Christmas Ornament - soldering & programiming This is a time lapse video showing both assembly and programming of a Dangerous Prototypes Hackable Christmas Ornament. Make sure to visit
  • Is your PSP Hackable? What Kind of Performances Does it has? If you havent heard I can tell you that more than 140000 people are using this product. And that the performances that you get are famous
  • The hackable series Part 2 comming soon!! The story is about a fictional MMORPG where 2 player meets....
  • Hackable LED Christmas card & ornament Open source, get a kit:
  • Locker unboxing its real, legit, hackable and easy I got a few prizes from Lockerz. Lockerz is the best thing that I have ever experienced. You can become a Zlister in a matter of hours and earn double the pointz, just as I did to earn my prizes. Lockerz is invite-only. If you want an invite to start earning awesome prizes send me a Personal Message INCLUDING YOUR EMAIL... Since there is a 100 person maximum invite each day, I will send you your invite ASAP (could take a day). ONLY MESSAGE ME YOUR EMAIL ONCE! IF YOU SEND ME YOUR EMAIL MORE THAN ONCE, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN INVITE! -Check your Spam Folders if you haven't received your invite! ALSO - If you do not Personal Message me and instead email me, you will receive an invite... PERSONAL MESSAGE = YES EMAIL ME = yes *look for my other videos on the newest method to hack your lockerz account where you can get instant zlist status and a macbook For more information on how to hack your lockerz account visite this website where you will have to give a unregistered e-mail account and I will send you a hacked account where u will earn 999+ ptz. This hack works until this day and has not been discovered. I am not making a video because others will spam it with fake invites. Link:
  • Philippine Poll Automation / Computerized Election, Bill Gates explains its hackable! Poll automation in 2010 Philippines First National Computerized Voting system is a go in 2010... What are the risks? Everything!
  • Hackable Pixel Qi displays We've got Pixel Qi screens available in the Maker Shed: If you're unfamiliar with Pixel Qi (pronounced "chee") and their amazing 3Qi transflective display technology, learn more here:
  • The Hackable An 11th Grade English project featuring Sam, Craig, and Jim in a parody of the well known play The Crucible. Filmed in 2003.
  • Major Buggle Glitch A major Buggle... Bug! every player has an entirely different game.. number1awa had 2 round 1's and he was at round 8 when i was at round 10
  • Un-hackable computer chip, hacked! Recently a computer chip thought to be impossible to hack into was! The chip is used in a variety of things from national cyber security to consumer computers. Berin Szoka says that this is not easy to replicate, however it does mean we must be aware that it is possible.
  • How To: MSDN Hackable URL's MSDN reference URL's are hackable. All MSDN reference is accessible with URL in format: All or any part of the namespace.class.member.aspx may be used. That means, all the following URL's are good:
  • Is my psp hackable? FIND OUT! Find out if your psp is hackable!!!!!!
  • Hackable Thermostat -Unboxing A $34.67 Thermostat.
  • Let's Play Bioshock Part 49 No hackable door is safe. I am just that evil
  • Mega Man 10 - Bass Bass gameplay for the just released Mega Man 10.
  • DEFCON16 Hackable Badge Matthew explains the basics of what the DEFCON Badge can do
  • Psp 3000 hackable the new psp 3000 is now hackable using a bettery called light blue. it will be released November 27th for more info go to Thanks and please subscribe!!!
  • Hackable:1 a new distribution for hackable devices This is a quick overview of what our first shot of our new distribution can do. Making calls works, there is XChat, abiword, tangoGPS, and a full build system already installed. Hackable:1 currently runs on the Openmoko Freerunner but is not limited to it. It installs in five minutes on a microSD card of minimum 1GB size. The base is Debian with 15000+ packages and it is a GNOME mobile initiative.
  • hackable:1 demo A quick demo of the GNOME mobile stack for the Openmoko Freerunner. Now a fully usable, 100% open phone, with SMS, contacts, calendar, tasks plus internet applications: browser, feedreader, IRC client, mail application.
  • Get To Know When your PSP is Hackable or Pandorizable Battery Pictures of Requirements + a crazy many psp pictures: You need this to make sure of it to not brick or damage your psp So if this helps you Rate,Comment,Subscribe and remember have a happy downgrading your OFW PSP and me too have a OFW PSP I was wondering why sony create OFW
  • High school-hackable elections In September 2007, computer security specialist Harri Hursti informed the NH state legislature that a high school student could figure out a hack into our elections within two days.
  • PSP Version 3001 5.02 Pandora Battery w/ Magic Memory Un-Hackable I recently purchased a Pandora battery with a magic memory stick and after doing all the steps to get it working , it will NOT turn on. My psp version is SLIM 3001version 5.02. I was told put in stick, hold left trigger and insert Pandora battery and it will take me to the boot-up screen. It didn't what can I do?!?!? My PSP does work perfectly fine, its brand new actually so it is NOT a brick PSP
  • The Mijonju show - HARINEZUMI 1.00 IS HACKABLE!! CHINON! Click here to buy mijonju.ocnk.biz Circle Rectangle
  • face explosions, hackable wallets, sorority forever EPIC FU: Where tech and culture get it on! ;) SUBSCRIBE and get your meds a day early! This week we're longer and stronger as we start off our new format with a FU from the new media production powerhouse that brought you Prom Queen. Plus we explode all over the place with hackable RFID, bus stop swings, hide and seek, and super hi-res satellite photos! EVERYTHING FU: blog : tees fans twit zadi : **International shipping now available for FU tees! FU OF THE WEEK: Big Fantastic more info : http foreignbody.tv http MUSIC VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Virgin by Partyshank ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Liu Bolin SHOW LINKS: Exploding banana mask : 250GB download cap by Comcast : Mythbusters' Adam Savage on RFID : DIY Hackproof Wallet : Playful Spaces : Hide and Seek Fest : Geoeye hi-res satellite images Japanese manhole covers : Michael Jackson sans surgery : Pixlr : Hak5 on Rev3 revision3.com FLASH GAME CHALLENGE WINNER: Alex : Coign of Vantage thread : FEATURED FANS AND MIX MEMBERS: Laurence : Giannii : CREDITS MUSIC VIDEO: Mission Control by The Dandy Warhols http THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: -- get your piece of ...
  • Beware: Elections Ahead! - Hackable Computers Will Be Counting Your Votes Jon Stewart knows how your vote's being counted!

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  • “If you’re looking for another reason to love the new second-generation Apple TV, here’s one: it’s eminently hackable — accordi”
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  • “WRT54G V5 Hackable - forum topic Well its hackable but anyone know what is the new firmware capable of? The reduction of the hardware .and he's stil able to get a firmware to”
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  • “Make Nokia 5800 XM v40.0.0.05 hackable easiest way. Make Nokia 5800 XM v40.0.0.05 hackable easiest way. " on: 09 February 2010, 08:16 " please make latest firmware of nokia hackable as previously make by hello2ox. Logged. Mr G. Super Moderator. Forum Master. Thanks: 1218. Online. Current Phone:”
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  • “The source code for the nitrogen/erlang part is available here : http://blondon.fr/blog/public/web_s By jbl2024 on Thursday, May 21 2009, 07:47 - hackable:1. hackable:1. openmoko. I'm using the gprs almost every days during my train”
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