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  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. Hack a Playstation 3 blu-ray laser and turn the Star Trek Phaser into a Blu-R. — “Videos tagged with Hack - Metacafe”,
  • or even a legitimate way of getting round this??? Buy another licence i am afriad. You can go without the licence but you will not be able to get security updates from the microsoft website as there update system verify's first that you have a. — “Windows XP activation hack? I need to activate windows on my”,
  • Hack definition, to cut, notch, slice, chop, or sever (something) with or as with heavy, irregular blows (often fol. by up or down): See more. — “Hack | Define Hack at ”,
  • HackThisSite! is a legal and safe network security resource where users test their hacking skills on various challenges and learn about hacking and network security. Also provided are articles, comprehensive and active forums, and guides and. — “Hack This Site!”,
  • To cut or chop with repeated and irregular blows: hacked down the saplings. To alter (a computer program): hacked her text editor to read HTML. — “hack: Definition from ”,
  • The recent "NewbWith***" hacking at the Henesys Hunting Ground 3. A hack in Maple Story is a something done outside of the game without legal consent to influence the game itself, and can be considered cheating, because it involves the use of a 3rd party program. — “Hack - MapleWiki”,
  • Directed by Matt Flynn. With Danica McKellar, Jay Kenneth Johnson, William Forsythe, Sean Kanan. I'm watching this crappy movie on Hulu right now, I REALLY want the stupid Gaysian and blonde to be hacked to bits. — “Hack! (2007) - IMDb”,
  • hack use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with hack. hack in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. I thought delivering papers would be an easy job, but I just can't hack it. — “hack - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • For the original video game series, see .hack (video game series) hack (pronounced "dot-hack") is a Japanese multimedia franchise that encompasses two projects; Project .hack. — “.hack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of hack from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of hack. Pronunciation of hack. Definition of the word hack. Origin of the word hack. — “hack - Definition of hack at ”,
  • Hack | Watch how to videos & articles tagged "hack" on Wonder How To, like Run homebrew on the Wii with the Twilight Hack, Hack an elevator to go directly to your floor, and Hack a Nintendo Wii with 4.2 firmware. — “Hack " Wonder How To”,
  • Thousands of hacking projects and tutorials: hack your iPod, cell phone, Xbox 360, lasers, case mods, airsoft - We hack them all!. — “Hack N Mod - Amazingly Cool Hacks, Mods, and DIY Projects”,
  • PSP Hacks; PSP Go Hacks. All your PSP Downloads, PSP Homebrew and Custom Firmware Needs!. — “PSP Hacks · PSP Go Hacks · PSP Homebrew, PSP Downloads, PSP”, psp-
  • .hack//Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge!. — “.hack Wiki - GU, Sign, Dot Hack games, and more”,
  • v. 1. To program a computer in a clever, virtuosic, and wizardly manner. Ordinary computer jockeys merely write programs; hacking is the domain of. — “Urban Dictionary: hack”,
  • Hack Software Listing. Gtk+ Hack is a graphical front-end for the roguelike game NetHack and its variants based on Gtk+ 2. Emblems Hack is a simple hack to kdelibs-3. — “Hack Software - Gtk+ Hack, Emblems Hack, Pugs::Doc::Hack”,
  • Hacking can be difficult and there are many different ways to hack and many different exploits to use. Hacking into someone else's system may be illegal, so don't do it unless you are sure you have permission from the owner of the system you are trying to hack or you are sure it's worth AND. — “How to Hack - wikiHow”,
  • Definition of hack in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of hack. Pronunciation of hack. Translations of hack. hack synonyms, hack antonyms. Information about hack in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “hack - definition of hack by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Buy hack, Collectibles items on eBay. Find great deals on Video Games, Books items and get what you want now!. — “hack items - Get great deals on Collectibles, Video Games”,
  • Definition of hack in the Dictionary. Meaning of hack. What does hack mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word hack. Information about hack in the dictionary, synonyms and. — “What does hack mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • From Old English tohaccian ("hack to pieces") [edit] Verb. to hack (third-person singular simple present hacks, present participle hacking, simple past and past participle hacked) To chop or cut down in a rough manner. They hacked the brush down and made their way through the jungle. — “hack - Wiktionary”,

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  • VCR Hack! Don't throw out that old VCR! Hack it to find all kinds of goodies inside! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: 2ND CHANNEL: STORE: DAILYBOOTH: SEND ME STUFF! Daneboe 5225 Canyon Crest Dr. 71-117 Riverside, CA 92507
  • Most Painful Toy Hack Ever The guys over at Harcos Labs connect a brainwave reader to an electro-shock unit. Ouch! You can read the how-to on our site: Special thanks to our friends over at http for joining us in the experiment!
  • Laptop Battery Hack Dead laptop battery? Don't buy a new one...hack the old one! I'll show you how! Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app:
  • How to hack mobile phones with Bluetooth [link included] Download: --Everything is explained in here-- This is a tuturial how to hack the most mobile phones with Bluetooth with your Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone. You need a program called "Super Bluetooth Hack" (it's also called "BT Info"). You can download it on many places, such as: or www.hack.au.tt or www.hack.pt.tp or (there are the newest versions! It's version 1.08) or try Google (search for "BT Info" or "Super Bluetooth Hack". With the program you can do things on the other phone such as: - read SMS messages - read contacts - change profile - play ringtone (even if phone is on silent) - play songs - restart the phone - turn off the phone - restore factory settings - change ringing volume - call from the other phone (it includes all call functions like hold etc.) Notes: 1.) When connecting devices use the code 0000 2.) At start of programm on smartphones do not forget to turn on bluetooth before start of the application 3.) You have to download the file with Firefox, because Internet Explorer makes it a .zip file. If you don't want to download Firefox, you have to change the extension of the file from ".zip" to ".jar". If you downloaded the file as a ".zip" file, here is explained how to change it to a ".jar" file: With Windows: 1. Go to Start - Computer 2. In the menubar, go to: Tools - Folder Options... (With Windows Vista, you have to push the "Alt" key before you can see the "Tools" menu) 3. Go to "View", and ...
  • How to Hack the Staples EASY Button! Make the Staples Easy button say what YOU want! Fun prank or useful device. Detailed instructions on . This is a Classic Rerun since many people have not seen it.
  • How To Hack Wireless This video shows one method of hacking a wireless WEP connection and gives you some tips on how to better secure your wireless. WEBSITES: www.backtrack- http TERMINAL COMMANDS: Startx /etc/init.d/networking start airmon-ng airmon-ng stop [wireless card name] airmon-ng start [wireless card name] airmon-ng airodump-ng [wireless card name] ctrl c airodump-ng w wep c [channel number] bssid [Bssid number] [wireless card name] aireplay-ng -1 0 a [bssid] [wireless card name] aireplay-ng -3 b [bssid][wireless card name] ctrl + c dir aircrack-ng [filename]
  • how to hack a password on windows xp how to hack a password on windows xp, sorry but u do need administrative privledges to do this i was mistaken when i made the video
  • Spy Megaphone Hack Make a bionic hearing spy device by hacking a megaphone! Get yours at Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app:
  • Hack! trailer a great little slasher movie.
  • How to hack RFID-enabled Credit Cards for $8 (BBtv) A number of credit card companies now issue credit cards with embedded RFIDs (radio frequency ID tags), with promises of enhanced security and speedy transactions. But on today's episode of Boing Boing tv, hacker and inventor Pablos Holman shows Xeni how you can use about $8 worth of gear bought on eBay to read personal data from those credit cards -- cardholder name, credit card number, and whatever else your bank embeds in this manner. Fears over data leaks from RFID-enabled cards aren't new, and some argue they're overblown -- but this demo shows just how cheap and easy the "sniffing" can be. This episode is part of our ongoing series of interviews with some of the thinkers, hackers, and tinkerers at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference this year. For more episodes of Boing Boing tv, visit .
  • Hack: Shutdown your Computer with a Cell Phone ***UPDATE*** This project can also be done with Thunderbird. This video will show you how to shutdown your computer from anywhere using a texting capable cell phone, Microsoft Outlook and a free account from
  • Headphone Hack! Noise Eliminating Headphones! Make your own noise cancelling headphones that block out traffic noise, screaming babies, airplane noise... for $20! These blow away my Sennheisers! Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app:
  • URBAN HACK ATTACK - EPISODE 1 Is there anything more fun??? ...and for your fun we put an Easter egg into the shot! Find it in high resolution? ;)
  • Household Hack Pack! What can you make with paper clips, rubber bands, a pencil, a keyring, a BB and a screwdriver? Here are 4 great hacks anyone can do! Like it? Tweet it! bit.ly Connect with my Facebook app: Check out my other vids: The original iPhone Paper Clip idea from Dean Liou
  • TV program hack - subtitled I hacked the teleprompter of a famous Dutch television program :). You won't believe this! With subtitles!!
  • Infrared Goggle Hack For Under $10!! See the world in a whole new light with this Infrared Goggle hack! Easy and cheap to make. See the Test Results at the end! Get the gels at:
  • How To Hack Your Own Cell Phone & Save $$ Unedited Video: There's a legal and free way to get many of the features for which cell phone companies now charge. Evan Silbert, president of Warlox Wireless, explains how they can unlock your phone to save money.
  • Amazing Lighter Hack In just a couple easy steps, you can make any standard lighter do amazing things! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: 2ND CHANNEL: STORE: DAILYBOOTH: SEND ME STUFF! Daneboe 5225 Canyon Crest Dr. 71-117 Riverside, CA 92507
  • 500 Round Per Minute Dart Chaingun Hack We hacked a Nerf Vulcan chaingun to fire as fast as an M60 machine gun. We also added an LED counter like in Aliens or any FPS. Then we took the gun and shot my coworker with it. See the how-to at
  • 12 Volt Battery Hack! Save $40!! This is an easy hack that takes less than a minute to do! Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app:
  • Christmas Light Hack! Turn ordinary Christmas lights into stereo powered flashing Party Lights! Simple project to pimp up your room! Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app:
  • How To Hack Bluetooth Headsets This video shows one of the vulnerabilities of some bluetooth headsets. To prevent this vulnerability, it's best to invest a little more money into a more secure headset and making sure your headset is turned off when not in use. You can find all of the links and scripts used in this video, as well as find answers to questions you may have at the link below:
  • 9 Volt Battery Hack! You'll be Surprised You've seen it all over the internet but this is the original version! In an emergency you can hack a 9 volt battery and save the day! Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app: Be the first to find out about my next video by subscribing to my YouTube channel: Check out my Facebook App!
  • Porsche 911 hack - subtitled Through my computer I can control a Porsche 911, parked before my house!!
  • Digital TV Converter Hack Modify a Digital Converter box into a battery powered one for emergencies, camping or other on-the-go uses. Save your portable ***og TV's! Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app:
  • Utrecht central station hack - subtitled Check out the hack of the big lcd screen at Utrecht Central Station, in the Netherlands! With subtitling!
  • How To Hack School Computer's How to change passwords create new accounts and upgrade accounts to admin
  • Condom Hack Pack! Here's a pack of 5 cool things you can do with an ordinary condom, including the Condom Shotgun! Be the first to find out about my next video by subscribing to my YouTube channel: Check out my Facebook App!
  • Digital Camera Hack! Learn the secret the stores don't want you to know! Hack a $20 one-time use digital camera and use it over and over! First time on YouTube! More details at Connect with my Facebook app: Check out my other vids:
  • Mifare Hack Security flaw in Mifare Classic RFID applications exposed. See for more information, including the paper "Dismantling MIFARE Classic" with all details.
  • .Hack//Sign Opening It's the opening of .Hack//sign...
  • Trick Dice Hack! Learn an easy way to make trick dice that will roll any number you want! Tweet it!: bit.ly Be the first to find out about my next video by subscribing to my YouTube channel: Check out my Facebook App:
  • Mysterious Lightbulb Hack Prank your friends with this homemade lightbulb hack! Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app:
  • How to Hack a NES controller We got the USB controller + wire at: Premade one for noobs at: Today we'll show you how to convert your old Nintendo controller into a retro gaming icon on your computer desk! You will need a few parts for this: NES Controller USB controller chip and cable Soldering iron Phillips Screwdriver Have fun! These controllers are a blast to play with.
  • Laser Flashlight Hack! Turn a MiniMag flashlight into a burning laser pointer!! Links for the parts needed on Get an "I Play With Lasers" T-Shirt!: Subscribe: Check out my Facebook App! Click to Tweet it!: bit.ly CAUTION!! Lasers can be dangerous! Do not point them at any living thing!
  • Calculator Cash Hack Make tons of money by hacking a calculator! OUTTAKE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: 2ND CHANNEL: STORE:
  • Amazing Bluetooth Hack! How far will Bluetooth go? You won't believe it! Get your own HyperGain Antenna: Check out my other vids: Like it? Tweet it! http Connect with my Facebook app:
  • $10 Police Flashlight Hack! Make a $100 super bright cop Flashlight for less than $10. Brighter than SureFire! Easy to do! Be the first to find out about my next video by subscribing to my YouTube channel: Check out my Facebook App!
  • Insane car battery hack You'll never believe what's inside! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: 2ND CHANNEL: STORE: DAILYBOOTH: SEND ME STUFF! Daneboe 5225 Canyon Crest Dr. 71-117 Riverside, CA 92507
  • YOUTUBE HACK: How to watch OLDER VIDEOS in Higher Quality on YouTube! OLDER videos MAY NOT have "View in Higher Quality" links below them like this video does. So by using this code, you'll be able to watch ANYTHING in higher quality! TRY IT! : ) HERE'S A BETTER EXAMPLE (watch these 10 seconds each): Low Quality - High Quality - HOW IT WORKS: Just enter "&fmt=18" behind the URL at the top, then press enter. WALA! Higher Quality! THE URL SHOULD NOW LOOK LIKE THIS: /watch?v=27mb_AyzGyQ&fmt=18 SOMETHING SUCKS ABOUT IT THOUGH: I've noticed that the audio gets a bit worse after watching the video in higher quality though. Weird : S

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