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  • A horrible group of people. They live in caravans, steal absoluteley ANYTHING and are general scumbags. They hate all the normal people because the. — “Urban Dictionary: gyppo”,
  • Visit and stream the latest video clips from the hit movie Gyppo. — “Gyppo Movie Video Clips Online | Fancast”,
  • gyppo (plural gyppos) (slang, pejorative, UK) Alternative spelling of Retrieved from "http:///wiki/gyppo" Categories: English nouns | Slang | Pejoratives | British English | English alternative. — “gyppo - Wiktionary”,
  • . $1,849. Related Searches: Search: Sponsored Listings. is For Sale for $1,849!. — “ | Gyppo”,
  • Gyppo Army Days demo at Revolution. Here is the footage from the Gyppo Army Days demo at Revolution skatepark in Broadstairs, Kent. Here is an edit featuring Gyppo Army team members Doug Parmiter,. — “Gyppo - Zoki Videos”,
  • Margaret Elley Felt's autobiographical Gyppo Logger, originally published in 1963, tells Margaret Elley Felt is the author of thir*** books in addition to Gyppo Logger. — “University of Washington Press - Books - Gyppo Logger”,
  • What is a gyppo, definition of gyppo, meaning of gyppo, gyppo anagrams, gyppo synonyms. — “Word gyppo meaning. Word gyppo definition. Free crossword”,
  • What do you know, Gyppo Joe? Hey, let's talk to Andy and Al and all the rest, those Gyppo Joe. Have Andy and Al sworn off their social security? Do Andy and Al intend their relatives to starve. — “SitNews - Opinion/Letter: "GYPPO JOE" By David G. Hanger”,
  • Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Gyppo Logger. Compare products, compare prices, read reviews and merchant ratings. — “Gyppo Logger - Margaret Elley Felt - Paperback - Reviews”,
  • The Gypsy Gyppo String Band were a Seattle-based band that played old-time music. Active in the 1970s, they brought a contemporary sensibility to this music, treating it "as source material rather than holy writ."[1] They played a key role in. — “Gypsy Gyppo String Band - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Gyppo Quotes on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. — “Gyppo (2004) - Memorable quotes”,
  • A Kindred Soul - May amuse fellow writers - From Gyppo's Archives - Friendly online writing community, open to everyone!. — “A Kindred Soul - May amuse fellow writers - From Gyppo's Archives”,
  • Here's a clip of random off cuts from french Gyppo Army rider Momo Linier. Mostly filmed in Marseille, enjoy! Here's a clip of random off cuts from french Gyppo Army rider Momo Linier. — “Momo Linier Offcuts // Skateboarding Videos”,
  • THIS SATURDAY The date set for this years Gap Jam is this Saturday 16th August at Meanwhile 2, Royal Oak, London. The event is in association with The Gyppo Army are bringing their full team with Kevin McKeon, Dave Wallace, Anthony Demascio, Aaron Sweeney, Ben Cruickshank, Elliot Jones, Momo and. — “Meanwhile Gap Jam – Sat Aug 16th | Caught in the Crossfire”,
  • Watch gyppo shows and episodes on AOL Video. See the videos of all the gyppo shows from AOL and its partners. — “gyppo - AOL Video”,
  • Gyppo definition, a logger who operates on a small budget and typically gleans the timberlands already cut by larger companies. See more. — “Gyppo | Define Gyppo at ”,
  • Definition of Gyppo with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Gyppo: Definition with Gyppo Pictures and Photos”,
  • since the first batch of Gyppo Army boards arrived at "the office" and a fair bit has Gyppo Army friend Bam Boy (a.k.a. Alex Lally) somehow got up to Leeds. — “gyppo army”,
  • gyppo. gyppo [ jíppō ] (plural gyppos) or gippo [ jíppō ] (plural gippos) noun. Definition: 1. an offensive term for a member of the Roma people ( slang ) 2. an offensive term for an Egyptian, formerly used especially by British troops stationed in North Africa ( dated slang ). — “gyppo definition - Dictionaries - MSN Encarta”,
  • Eventually, "gyppo" lost its negative connotation and referred to any small, independent The heyday of gyppo logging in Southern Oregon was from the 1920s to the 1960s. — “Jefferson Public Radio - Gyppo Logging”,
  • Definition of gyppo in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gyppo. Pronunciation of gyppo. Translations of gyppo. gyppo synonyms, gyppo antonyms. Information about gyppo in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “gyppo - definition of gyppo by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Loggers a Washington Timber Company which is in the Washington Timber Industry, and Washington Timber Forestry Industry. — “Washington Contract Loggers Association”,
  • Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. Use Vimeo if you want the best tools and highest quality video in the universe. — “Gyppo Army: Marseilles on Vimeo”,

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  • Gyppo Bowman Never shout "BANG" when your bowman is a gippo...
  • Gyppo Army Days - Unit1, Rochester & X-Site, Skegness Gyppo Army Demo at Unit 1 skatepark in Rochester and X-Site in Skegness!
  • Magor boyz - Gyppo virus
  • gyppo part 2
  • Three Amigo's skateshop xmas edit Xmas 2009-2010. Three Amigo's, Gyppo Army and Kingston Lurkers riders including Elliot Rees Jones, Marcus Adams, Doug Parmiter and Jeremy Jones film Jack Maddison and Marcus Adams, edit Jack Maddison.
  • Fifa 11 Ultimate Team - RONALDO IN GOLD PACK!!! Was buzzin when i got him in a pack so i thought i'd share it with everyone else lol
  • Gyppo Army Day at X- Site Skatepark
  • Gyppo Army & Nueu demo at Revolution Skatepark This is footage from the Gyppo Army and Nueu demo at Revolution skatepark on the 16th March 2008. Riders include Kev McKeon, Aaron Sweeney, Doug Parmiter, Ollie Tyreman and Rob Smith as well as some random bloke called Diamond Dave and Alex Lally from somewhere in west London where the crime rate is relatively high.
  • Anthony Demascio Anthony Demascio Reflections
  • GYPPO Short film by Chloe Thomas. Starring Sophie Stuckey, Sukie Smith.
  • Old Aaron Sweeney footage 2004-2006 Some old footage of London loc' Aaron Sweeney from aaron 2004-2006 before he got sponsored
  • The Belfast Bin Hoker - Remixed such abitta beat mate!
  • gyppo army *** on the lens kingston edit - 20/08/2009 short kingston skatepark edit featuring gyppo riders doug parmiter, elliott jones, alex lally, marcus adams. filmed+edit jack maddison.
  • Ricky 'Gyppo' Gervais 9 November 2002
  • Borat - Gypsy Disco song
  • Gyppo - Black Ops Game Clip Game Clip
  • 66720 passes Basingstoke working 4Y81 17/5/10 66720 passes Basingstoke working 4Y81 Southampton Docks to Mountfield "Gyppo" 17/5/10
  • Gyppo logging Wishkah skiddin
  • rupert antoine gyypo footage Rupert Antoine is the latest addition to the Gyppo Army team, he quickly filmed a introductory clip for you to enjoy and here is the final product! This clip was filmed and edited by Al Hodgson.
  • Doug doing a feeble grind on the edge of a trolley Here's a clip of Gyppo Army rider Doug Parmiter doing a backside feeble grind on the edge of a dodgy trolley at the post office in Twickenham one night when Heathem was closed. Filmed by Kevin McKeon
  • Aaron Sweeney and Doug Parmiter at Royal Oak and Southbank Here's a little clip of when Gyppo Army riders Aaron Sweeney and Doug Parmiter hit up Royal Oak skatepark and Southbank in London for a little session along with some appearances from Marcus Adams and Tom Knox. Filming and Editing by Brooks
  • Gyppo
  • Gyppo Army parks & demos remix Here is an edit featuring Gyppo Army team members Doug Parmiter, Elliot Jones, Kevin McKeon and Rupert Antoine as well as friends Aaron Sweeney, Ginger Jeremy, Alex Lally and more. The footage featured is from two Gyppo Army days demos at Pioneer Skatepark in st Albans and at The park in Castleford as well as Bay66 in London and Unit 1 in Kent. The majority of this footage was filmed by Kevin McKeon with help from Brooks and Rob from Manchester. Editing by Brooks.
  • Kev McKeon carves Cantelowes Bowl This is a video of Kev Mckeon (owner of Gyppo Army and 3 amigoes skateshop) who is skateing the cantelowes bowl and he drops in off the cradle!!!!!!! amazing
  • Gyppo - Black Ops Game Clip Game Clip
  • Pells Pool Once a year.
  • Part 2 - The Stoned, The Drunk And The *** - Laz Laz, in a variety of different states, with a retarded game of twister and a very strange gladiatorial challenge between Alib and Kad. The music's Gyppo Kids Ate My Hamster by The Martini Henry Rifles.
  • Rupert Antoine 10 Tricks At Lewes Skatepark.
  • weeefs being gyppos ! weef 1 and weef 2 are gyppo 12 year olds who are pregnant, it is embarrasing but what the hoo !
  • Archive footage of Gyppo Army rider Anthony Demascio Here is a clip of bits of footage from Gyppo Army rider Anthony Demascio in 2006.
  • Chav vs Biker [Kung FU Dubbed Version] HAH. HAH. How is your Shaolin style?
  • Gyppo Army Days demo at Revolution Here is the footage from the Gyppo Army Days demo at Revolution skatepark in Broadstairs, Kent. Featuring Aaron Sweeney, Elliot Jones, Kevin McKeon, Marcus Adams, Darryl Dominguez, Alex Lally, Mikey Patrick, Barney and more!
  • ixRecoiL (AKA Apex) - I've Got Love - edited by thestrangestick - 100% OMLG! Download link: Evening gents. So ixRecoiL comes to me asking for a montage. The twist is, he's a gyppo and won't pay for it. I don't normally do charity cases, but he had some pretty ***y all OMLG gameplay and I wanted to do a quick and fun edit after the slow and progressively less fun editing involved in The Animatage, and this is the result. It took a couple of hours over two days, and is a very upbeat and simple edit with clean syncing, and little else. I also experimented with colour corrections for the first time to add even more to the upbeat theme so let me know how well they worked out! I know the link between killing people in Halo and love is tenuous at best but ixRecoiL was adamant that I make that link, because this is technically the last 'proper' year of Halo 3 with Halo Reach soon upon us, and this is his sendoff. Enjoy guys. PS: Want a montage/trailer edited? Get in touch, services and prices are negotiable. ***ual favours may be on offer too.
  • Momo Linier offcuts Here's a little clip of some offcuts of French Gyppo Army rider Momo Linier. Mostly filmed in the Marseille area...
  • Reggae Montague For Me and For You just random clips I had no use for. Don't get too upset about it.
  • Rain or Shine Rupe ;)
  • Nueu & Gyppo army demo at Revolution sk8 park 16 March 2008 nueu&gyppo army demo at revolution sk8 park.. feat: Aaron Sweeney, Ollie Tyreman, Kev McKeon, Rob Smith, Rupert Antoine, Dave Wallace, George Gough and more
  • Momo Linier at Bay Sixty6 Here's a clip of Gyppo Army's french skater Momo Linier skating the mini ramp at Bay Sixty6 on his trip to London a few months ago.
  • gyppo 1
  • Momo at Bay 66 (video by gyppo army) Laurent "MOMO" Molinier @ Bay66

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  • “WordPress Blog FAQ. Board index " Third World Travel and Whatever Else Good to see you back around Gyppo. I have been reading a bit lately about China buying up a lot of food proucing areas in other”
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