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  • Guppy photos at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California The various Guppies were modified from 1940's and 50's-vintage Boeing Model 377 and C-97 Stratocruiser airframes by Aero Spacelines, Inc. — “NASA Dryden Guppy Photo Collection”,
  • The guppy (also known as the millionfish) is a small colourful species of freshwater tropical fish that is found naturally in the rivers and lakes of South America. There are nearly 300 different types of guppy spread throughout Barbados, Brazil. — “Guppy (Poecilia Reticulata) - Animals - A-Z Animals - Animal”, a-z-
  • Definition of guppy from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of guppy. Pronunciation of guppy. Definition of the word guppy. Origin of the word guppy. — “guppy - Definition of guppy at ”,
  • guppy n. , pl. , -pies . A small, brightly colored live-bearing freshwater fish (Poecilia reticulata or Lebistes reticulatus), native to northern. — “guppy: Definition from ”,
  • This is a 100% FREE site created for the novice fancy guppy lover in you Explore the original articles, diagrams, and photos on this guppy-specific website. The more you read, the more you will learn about the world's most popular tropical fish. — “Guppies - Fry - Guppy - Freshwater Fish - Welcome to Guppyplace!”,
  • The guppy (Poecilia reticulata), also known as the millionfish,[1] is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species in the world. Although Girardinus guppii is now considered a junior synonym of Poecilia reticulata, the common name "guppy" still remains. — “Guppy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • fancy guppy brings you all information about fancy guppies or show guppies. read about guppy behavior, feeding, breeding, setting guppy tank, taking guppy care. — “Fancy Guppy”,
  • Guppy is the common name for the various small, freshwater, live-bearing fish in the species Poecilia reticulata of the Poecilidae family of the order Cyprinodontiformes. Also known as the millionsfish (Agbayani 2007a), the guppy is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium. — “Guppy - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Prize winning quality fancy guppies for sale, from a Singapore tropical fish farm. Freshwater tropical fish breeders and tropical fish aquarium hobbyists looking to buy show quality guppies for breeding. New tropical fish farm setup and tropical. — “Fancy Guppies For Sale - Sale of quality fancy guppy fish”,
  • Guppy definition, a small, freshwater topminnow, Poecilia reticulata, often kept in aquariums. See more. — “Guppy | Define Guppy at ”,
  • we are trading and exporter suppliy variety of freshwater tropical fish and aquatic plants for aquarium importer and wholesaler ,we supplies including discus, koi carp, betta, african cichlid, catfish, goldfish, gourami, shark , etc. — “Guppy fish and Freshwater tropical fish exporter and aquatic”,
  • The Guppy is described, inlcuding Name, Origin, Keeping and Breeding. — “Guppy Fact Sheet - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • From a name mistakenly assigned, Girardinus guppii, after biologist Robert J. L. Guppy, to previously assigned Poecilia reticulata guppy (plural guppies) A tiny freshwater fish, Poecilia reticulata, popular in home aquariums, that usually has a plain body and black or dark blue tail for the females. — “guppy - Wiktionary”,
  • Guppy Manufacturers & Guppy Suppliers Directory - Find a Guppy Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Guppy Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Guppy-Guppy Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • Guppy, Guppies for Sale. Guppy Breeding, Care, Show, and Information. Fancy Live Guppies for sale. Guppy Aquariums, Tanks and Supplies. "The guppy (Poecilia reticulata), also known as the millionfish, is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species in the world. — “Guppies Guppy”,
  • Learn about Guppy fish. Feeding habits, fish tank set-up, breeding information enclosed with pictures. — “The Guppy Fish”, aqua-
  • Information on breeding, raising and selling fancy guppies. — “Laurel Lake Guppy Hatchery”,
  • Why the common Guppy by mistake is not called after Julius Gollmer. The Guppy takes its name from Robert John Lechmere Guppy ( born 1836 in London; died 1916 in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago). — “ - What is guppy anyway ?”,
  • Guppy fish care for one of the popular freshwater aquarium fish. Guppies are easy to care for and come in a wide range of brilliant colors. — “Guppy fish care”,
  • Profile and living requirements of the common guppy - poecilia reticulata. — “Guppy Profile”,
  • It does not matter if you are planning to bring a guppy fish home, or if you simply wish to know more about this aquatic beauty, consider reading this article on guppy fish facts and its care and get all information you need. Guppy Fish. — “Guppy Fish”,
  • Definition of guppy in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of guppy. Pronunciation of guppy. Translations of guppy. guppy synonyms, guppy antonyms. Information about guppy in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. guppies, guppys, fancy. — “guppy - definition of guppy by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Thus the word GUPPY, which had a far better ring to it since it did in fact sound more like a fish. The GUPPY was an extensive conversion that gave fleet boats a snorkel, a more streamlined hull, much greater battery capacity, and a BQR 2. There were a total of 50 GUPPY conversions made. — “GUPPY”,
  • Poecilia reticulata, Fancy Guppy fish profile and care information. — “Guppy, Fancy Guppy - Poecilia reticulata”,

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  • 1984 US Open - Mark Roth vs. Guppy Troup pt1 The date was March 17, 1984 where Guppy Troup met Mark Roth in the final match to bowl for the $38000 top prize. Guppy, who qualified 5th, defeated Mal Acosta, Larry Laub, and Steve Cook for the right to face Roth in this Major tournament. It was noted that Troup was using a ball that was 20 years old at the time...looks like an AMF, with the 3 dots at the top. Take note that Roth was chewing gum, and was even chewing it during his approach! Up to that point in time, Roth had never won a major. It was a great match that went all the way to the last ball. I hope you enjoy. For more bowling videos, please take a look at my website, Also, feel free to join and participate at my bowling chat board at
  • Guppy Invasion 6 guppies that I bought spawned more than 40 guppies. I didn't know so many would actually develop and grow. I know the tank is crowded but I can't afford another one, my mistake.
  • Guppy fish giving birth while taking a ***, eats the babies I recorded my guppy giving brith, popping out babbies, there's also a segment towards the end that shows the guppy taking a *** while popping out 4 baby frys. :D
  • How Guppies Are Born - "Big Mama" guppy giving birth A humorous look at "Big Mama" guppy giving birth to over 40 baby fish. Educational, Funny & Amazing!
  • Disgusting amount of guppies!! My Guppies :).... When i first saw guppies i feel in love with them so one day i set up a tank and brought my first lot of guppies. it is now 1 year later since i first brought my Guppies and now have well over 600!! I move my fry into a separate tank.
  • Guppies! here is my tank full of Guppies and if you look hard enough you will see 4 guppy babies or fry as they are called.
  • Barnes & Barnes - "Fish Heads" (HIGH DEFINITION) CLICK THE "HD" BUTTON!! How cool is this? One of the best music videos of all time available at last in high definition! This is the award-winning, groundbreaking 1980 music video that the whole world knows and loves, and until now it's been available mostly in poor low-resolution versions. But now it's here in high-def, absolutely THE best version available online! (And it's NOT available on DVD either!) Geeky tech notes: This copy was taken off a laserdisc called "Bizarre Music Television" and was timebase corrected before digitization and deinterlaced before uploading. The audio track was transferred purely in the digital domain, from the digital track on the disc, through optical TOSlink into the computer. Then I boosted it up nice and loud as far as I could without distortion! Put simply: you can't get any better than this! Directed by Bill Paxton. Photographed by Rocky Schenck. Featuring Bill Paxton, Dr. Demento, Bill Mumy, and Robert Haimer!
  • 3rd International Guppy Show 2008 3rd International Guppy Show 2008 held in Nottingham UK on 19th Oct 2008. The show next year will be around the same date at the Nottingham Gateway Hotel. To find out more goto http
  • baby guppies baby guppies throughout their 4 month growth period.really cool changes in the fish REALLY COOL MUSIC THAT MATCHES THE MOVIE ENJOY!!!!!! fish that are nice with the fry are: neons, otocinclus, mollies... feel free to ask me any questions!...
  • Guppy - Just the Two of Us ( Bill Withers ) Just the two of us ( Grover Washington jr, Ralph MacDonald & Bill Withers ) Perform by the Jazz Quartet - live in Tokyo Tony Guppy - steelpan「スティールパン」 Fumito Hirata - Piano Kanazawa Hideaki - Bass Fuji Setsu - drums
  • Crayfish Guppies Tank Update August 27th My 10 gallon Fish tank with some Crayfish that I caught and a tadpole that was found behind my pond. Taking care of the tadpole right now. I believe it's into its 80th+ day now. Growing its forelimbs at this moment. already has the hind limbs. They all eat flakes and the crayfish are fed cooked veggies like string beans. #0 gallon Aqua clear Filter on the back. !0 percent water changes everyday 3 days by siphoning the dirt and leftover and bio load to keep the water clean and clear and healthy for the crayfish and guppies.
  • &a water 01: Guppy Model: reica Music: "DEMO TRACK #5 JET TURKEY MIX" Performed by NORISHIROCKS presents "suiyousei" Hair & Make: Haruka Ura (es*QUISSE) Production management: Masahiro Aoki (D&N PLANNING inc.) Project produce: hide2 (NORISHIROCKS) Direction: Manabu Koga © &a water. Manabu Koga. NORISHIROCKS.
  • Swimways Rainbow Reef Guppies *** Unfortunately, this product is no longer available for sale at *** Simply tug the pull-string and then release your guppy into the pool or bath. They'll drop into the water, balance themselves, and swim around. Like all of the Rainbow Reef toys, the guppies have a realistic swimming action. Their back fin flips back and forth as it moves. Swimways Rainbow Reef Guppies do not require any batteries.
  • guppy farm(sd) it started as a hobby now turned business,,,,im breeding blue grass,red albino moscow,hb delta,snakeskin,german tuxedo,cobra round tail,and vienna green double sword tale and a very rare japanese mosaic i got by chance wen i was visiting a hatchery,,,still juvenile.feed them wif my own remedy of dry food and brine shrimps twice a from malaysia ,penang (more)(
  • Fish & Tank Care : Guppy Care Watch as a seasoned professional discusses the basics of guppy care in thisfree online video about exotic pets. Expert: Christie Ownes Bio: She has been taking care of fish professional for over 15 years. She is an expert in Fresh Water, and Salt Water Fish. Filmmaker: ricky burchell
  • Friendly Guppy (NL) Fred Poeser is a renowned specialist on the guppy (Poecilia Campoma). Here he talks about a new species he discovered, which is a friendly guppy. In contrast to the normal guppy, which is a bloodthirsty animal.
  • 4th International Guppy show 2009 4th International Guppy Show 2008 held in Nottingham UK Held over the weekend of 16th, 17th and 18th October 2009 For the fourth consecutive year entries increased, this time to no less than 191 entries including exhibitors from: Germany, USA, Malaysia, Italy, France, Poland, Slovakia, not to mention the large number of UK. Our thanks our international judges:- Malcolm Clarke, Jean Claude Sanglebeouf, Diego Montanari, Clause Osche, Trevor Douglas, To find out more goto http Music Offshore by Chicane
  • Intro to the Super Guppy Airbus transporter in the 80's
  • Fancy Guppies Here are some of my fancy guppies in a 120-gallon aquarium. If you look closely, you can see several guppy fry (babies), as well as a red ramshorn snail on the roof of the castle. The plants are live. The toilet flushing sound at the end is a joke. I didn't really flush the fish. ;-)
  • Guppy Mark-Recapture 1: Collecting guppies
  • Backtesting with Daryl Guppy - p 2/7 What is the advantage of backtesting? Where do you start? Guppy recommends first looking for certain trade pattern break outs. Identifying these sets your strategy. Then focus on short term backtesting individual stocks. Not the entire market. Look for compatibility over no more than 12 months of data. Use paper trading with a particular set of processes or opportunities that suit you exactly. Compare false signals versus valid signals. This type of backtesting is the most effective relative to current circumstances. For more advice on how backtesting can help you with your trading, visit:
  • An iCarly iNterview: Guppy We wanted to find out more about Guppy, so we sat him down for an iNterview! Weirdly, we don't know that much about him still! Watch it here.
  • guppies My blue grass
  • Guppy Fish Project www.mid- Dr. Vijay Sangole who is keeping guppy fish at his residence and in Nana Nani Park to keep away mosquito breeding. He is also awaring residence of chembur about the guppy project. Story & Video By - Kranti Vibhute,MiD-DAY
  • My Guppy fish Tank - Full of fancy Guppies My tropical fish tank full of guppys
  • Guppy - Mosquito eater, malaria fighter The guppy fish from the West Indies and South America is a big ally in the fight against malaria and chikungunya. In open water bodies and rainwater tanks, guppies eat all mosquito larvae and prevent mosquito breeding. The fish also can survive tough conditions in the water and breed within the carrying capacity of their environment. There is always the danger of native species being affected by an alien species and that danger cannot be neglected when the fish is introduced into other ecosystems such as in India.
  • 1984 US Open - Mark Roth vs. Guppy Troup pt2 Part 2 of the Final Match of the 1984 US Open
  • Guppies Guppies!
  • Happy Birthday from Guppy Happy birday, happy birday, happy birday
  • 10G Guppy Breeding Tank ::Inexpensive&Simple:: [Update 1] In this video I talk about my 10 gallon guppy breeding tank. The tank is 3/4th's filled with water, the substrate is leftover sand from another aquarium. There is a 50 watt heater and a sponge filter in this tank. Additionally I have some artificial plants with java moss and flame moss scattered throughout the tank. To create hiding spots for the new born fry I use breeding mops (I will post a video soon on how to make your own breeding mop) and I use pvc pipe connectors for a few more spots to hide. The tank currently contains 3 pregnant female guppies, which will be removed once the fry are born. Since making the video I have added a red cherry shrimp and he loves the tank :) I'll keep you guys posted with video updates about this tanks progress so please subscribe to my channel!
  • Guppies This is my fish tank of my 5 guppies, a itdy bity baby guppy, 1 feeder fish, and my pl3co that is hiding.
  • An expensive Guppy Thes two pairs of guppies sold at the BLA auction firstly setting a record sale at £69 or $138 USD. Only for the next lot to sale at a stunning price of £110 or $220 USD. BLA is the British Livebearer Association http
  • Guppy Breeding with Aquaponics My girlfriend says I should document the progress on my indoor garden. I've been working on the setup for a little over a week now and its slowly taking form. I did a lot of research for about a month before hand to make sure I was prepared. If you're planning on making your own indoor aquaponic garden I would advise researching as much as you can and don't rush it. Originally I wanted to make a flush system, but for now I think the adjustable drains will work just fine. I expect to do weekly maintenance where I clean the fish tanks and do a 10% water change to help keep a good ph. Still have to buy my ph monitor. My budget was $750 and I'm close to reaching the end of it. After buying the plants it may actually go over. I'll post a complete tally when I'm done with everything. Most aquaponics systems use tilapia or some kind of edible fish, but I'll be using guppies instead because I'm a guppy hobbyist. Because of the guppies I'll need some water heaters, which I already have. If you're raising edible fish you probably won't need heaters. I also have some automatic fish feeders which will reduce the time I need to invest in it. The feeders will have regular flake food and will feed them twice a day. Then I'll supplement a third meal with some kind of treat like blood worms or something. I'll be raising half-black, purple guppies and I can't wait until my breeders arrive! When I was researching indoor aquaponics the best information I came across was from cannabis growers ...
  • iCarly - Meet Guppy (iPsycho) Guppy's real name is Ethan. He is so adorable. :) He'll be in the iPsycho episode which will air on June 4th. (Thanks to @Lollipop902 for the information) I just wanna meet him someday and hug him so bad! So, if you want to be my buddy, add me or subscribe. It's easy. Follow me on twitter - Follow the awesome Dan Schneider - Eep! Dan Schneider tweeted this video. So happy :)
  • NASA Super Guppy 377SGT-F N941NA Courtesy NASA Johnson Space Center Based on the Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter (military Boeing 377 ). The Super Guppy aircraft was acquired by NASA from the European Space Agency under an International Space Station barter agreement. Manufactured by Airbus Industries, ESA supplied the aircraft to offset the cost to NASA of carrying ESA experiment equipment to the station as part of two future Space Shuttle flights. The new Super Guppy is the latest version in a long line of Guppy cargo aircraft used by NASA. Guppy aircraft were used in several past space programs, including Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab, to transport spacecraft components. The first Guppy aircraft was developed in 1962, designed specifically for NASA operations by Aero Spacelines of California. An innovative approach to management of the new Super Guppy allows the aircraft to be leased from the government for other cargo-carrying operations when it is not being used to ship NASA spacecraft components. The leasing of the aircraft is hoped to offset the cost of operations. The Super Guppy, designated 377SG-201, has a cargo compartment that is 25 feet tall, 25 feet wide and 111 feet long. It can carry a maximum payload of more than 26 tons. The aircraft has unique hinged nose that can open more than 200 degrees, allowing large pieces of cargo to be loaded and unloaded from the front. NASA personnel at Ellington Field have outfitted the Super Guppy with a specially designed cradle to be ...
  • *** Guppy Posted at: .nz One male guppy, one female. Male is bored. I imagine he's saying (in fishtalk), "Come on! Let's do it! Let's do it! You know I'll love you forever, baby!" He's hard up.
  • Quick & Fun! How Guppies Are Born - starring Big Mama guppy A quick look at "Big Mama" guppy giving birth to over 40 baby fish. Amazing, Educational & Fun!
  • Guppies - from babies to adults I checked some old tapes today and found a footage of my guppy fishs I had some time ago. I suddenly got baby fishs and protected them because their parents would have eaten them in the quarantine tank. But at the end I had 35 guppies, hehe. I hope you like this small documentation. For some of you it can be probably interesting to see how small a guppy fish baby really is. They are growing fast. The guppy has its origin from South America, actually from the Amazonas river. But some populations are also imported to Europe and since it is a pretty easy fish so it is a good advice for beginners - as these are small (needn't a big tank) and life time is around 1-2 years (so when you want to go on with some more difficult fishs you get the chance after 1-2 years). Anyways, I recommend the goldfish as it is a much more robust fish (but it has a very very very long life and because it can grow a lot you need a big tank). PS: Thank you for your feedback - I already know it should be fries instead of babies ... glad you all like the video coz it is for sure a video with the very best feedback - you guys rock! PS: Music is made by Tomi Bon Tomi YouTube: URL: At the end of the video I also mentioned the names of the song titles used in this production ;o)
  • 4th Malaysia Guppy Competition 2009 Part Two
  • Fattest and ugliest guppy fish Just to share a short video of my guppies. You will notice that one of them have a huge stomach (around 0.08). I have not seen anything as big as this over the years of breeding guppies in my small tank. Comments would be appreciated to help me understand why this happens. Thanks.

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  • “The Guppies are expected to pass by Long Beach on Sunday morning, so come wearing your Guppy jersey, or if you're just curious to see them, stop by Mother's Beach. And while you're there, pay online (a small fee will be assessed if you pay online): http:///blog/join-us/be-a-guppy”
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