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  • The most popular and comprehensive travel guide to Greece! Also the biggest Greece directory with travel related sites. — “Greece - Ancient Greece, map of Greece, Athens Greece, Travel”,
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  • Greece 2010 FIFA World Cup team profile profiles Greece's qualification for South Africa and highlights the star players, the coach and the country's football history. More ". — “ - 2010 FIFA World Cup™ - Greece”,
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  • Offers travel information to Greece, including entry and exit requirements, safety and security, crime, and embassy location. From the U.S. Department of State. — “Greece - Consular Information Sheet”,
  • Greece travel guide - Greece guide with information for Greece hotels, Greek island cruises, Greek island tours, Greece honeymoon, maps of Greece, pictures of Greece. — “Greece Travel Guide - Greece travel”, travel-guide-
  • Facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, foreign relations of Greece. — “Greece”,
  • Greece - / all Destination Greece information Destination Greece information & islands ( get in greece,travel tips,notes. — “Destination Greece information Destination Greece information”, greece-
  • A complete travel guide about Greece and the Greek islands, includes maps, information about the History and Mythology of Greece, travel information for the the Greek islands and mainland, greek tourism and all you want to know about travel to. — “in2 - travel guide to Greece Greek islands History”, in2
  • Greece is a splendid tourist spot, featuring beautiful islands, archeological sites and the wonderful City of Athens. Greece is a splendid tourist spot, featuring beautiful islands, archeological sites and the wonderful City of Athens. — “Greece”,
  • Greece ( Greek: Ελλάδα, Elláda, IPA: [ɛˈlaða], or Ελλάς, Ellás, Greece is the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, Western literature and historiography, political science, major scientific and mathematical principles, and Western drama including both tragedy and. — “Greece”, schools-
  • Greece, which is also known as The Hellenic Republic, is located in southeast Europe on the south end of the Balkan Peninsula at the juncture of Europe, Asia and Africa. Greece is surrounded and bordered by Albania, the Republic of Macedonia,. — “Greece”,
  • Lonely Planet Greece offers information on events, attractions, activities, and transportation for the independent traveler. — “Greece - Lonely Planet”,
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  • Open source travel guide to Greece, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more. Free and reliable advice written by Wikitravellers from around the globe. — “Greece travel guide - Wikitravel”,
  • Greece, the southernmost of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. Geography has greatly influenced the country's development. Mountains have historically restricted internal communications, but the sea has opened up wider horizons. The total. — “Greece -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • (Click to enlarge) Greece (Mapping Specialists, Ltd.) Greece A country of southeast Europe on the southern Balkan Peninsula and including numerous. — “Greece: Map, History from ”,
  • Greece facts, Greece geography, travel Greece, Greece internet resources, links to Greece. Official web sites of Greece, the capital of Greece, art, culture, history, cities, airlines, embassies, tourist boards and newspapers. — “Greece - Hellenic Republic - Country Profile - Ellas, Hellas”,
  • Information on Greece — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the national flag. — “Greece: History, Geography, Government, and Culture”,
  • Greece and Greek island vacation packages.Greece tours and cruises. Honeymoon in the greek islands. — “Greece vacation packages | Package holidays in Greece”,
  • Open source, wiki travel guide to Greece with information, photos, activities, maps, travel tips and more. Make money by contributing your knowledge of Greece and help others. — “Greece - Wiki Travel Guide - Travellerspoint”,

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  • Ancient Greece Video I made this as extra credit for my History class. Yes. I am THAT MUCH of a nerd. Edit- This video gave me just enough extra points to be exempt from the big, horrible, end of unit test! Yes! And people told me video skills would never help me in the real world! Ha ha! Update- I love the fact that teachers are showing this to their classes. I've gotten a good number of messages about that kind of thing. Although... I'm not entirely certain what educational value this video has... it is an interesting thought to me that students in random parts of the country are watching this in school. It makes me feel special; like... an anonymous lesson-plan contributor to curriculums everywhere! (My god, I'm such a nerd....)
  • You in Greece You in Greece | Have you ever dreamt of visiting Greece, and experiencing the beauty and culture of our land? You can now watch visitors from all over the world telling you what is like to travel to Greece. Their own testimonies "bring to life" Greece's eternal fascination! -- Copyright Greek National Tourism Organization Directed: the cOre Concept: GNTO Team Produced: Filmiki for ERT SA Executive Producer: the cOre Project Manager: the GNTO Team Music: Lollipop by Monsieur Minimal, published by Timespace Music Publishing Ltd, (p) + © 2008 The Sound Of Everything --
  • Mob Madness - Greece February 2010 Greece faces further economic uncertainty with debts more than 100% of its GDP, and its incongruence to see mass protest for more money in tandem with the financial collapse. The EU is watching Greece closely and remains undecided. The EU should help Greece and other countries, because that would strengthen the cohesion of the community, explains a University lecturer. But the crisis is now affecting his own graduates the most With €700 (a month) you can hardly do anything", explains one student We cant move out of our parents homeswe cannot live on what we earn, says another. Angry and restless, youths frequently take to the streets in riots and protest. And if they aren't protesting, all too often they're leaving the country. They accuse the government of undervaluing them and say its their skills that will solve the financial crisis.
  • Greece tourism - explore your senses ad as the title says...
  • Fox on Greece Congressman Paul discusses the crisis in Greece with Megyn Kelly, and how it relates to the United States.
  • Video of Greece strike turning violent in Athens Young demonstrators hurled rocks and fire bombs at riot police as clashes broke out on Wednesday in Athens during a mass rally against austerity measures, part of a general strike that crippled services and public ransportation around the country. Police fired tear gas and flash grenades at protesters, blanketing parts of the city centre in choking smoke. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Crete - Greece Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea at 8336 km² (3219 square miles). Crete is one of the 13 peripheries of Greece and covers the same area as the Greek region of Crete from before the 1987 administrative reform. It forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece; while it retains its own local cultural traits (such as its own music and dialect), Cretans identify themselves as Greeks. Heraklion is the largest city and capital of Crete. ( source Wikipedia )
  • KALOMOIRA EUROVISION 2008 GREECE - MY SECRET COMBINATION KALOMOIRA - MY SECRET COMBINATION - GREECE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2008 Can you see it? Can you see it? You have to discover me What goes wrong when I am crying Or what I want when I 'm smiling Can you feel it? Can you feel it? That I 'm not a little girl You 're misunderstanding my way And all the roles that I like to play My secret combination It 'sa mystery for you Use your imagination I 'm not easy but I 'm true My secret combination Boy you have to try it hard To win a destination In the center of my heart An open book An open book Well I 'm sorry I am not Sometimes I 'm acting like a lady Sometimes woman, sometimes baby
  • Greece II Also check me out on and
  • monty python football monty python guyswith their crazy ideas
  • Greece riots: 100000 fight against harsh cuts in Athens financial crisis protests Follow RT at and at At least three people have been killed during protest in Greece, as rioters set fire to a bank building. Thousands are on the streets of Athens in opposition to harsh spending cuts which are part of a new austerity package aimed at saving Greece from bankruptcy. Workers marched to the parliament and clashed with police, with many blaming the government for cutting wages and pensions. The draft bill of the new austerity package will be voted on by the end of the week.
  • Gerald Celente on Greece Riots Gerald Celente on Greece Riots more details at
  • David Beckham's free kick against Greece A classic moment when England captain David Beckham scores with a sensational 30-yard free kick, three minutes into injury-time. Because Germany only drew with Finland, the goal means England automatically qualified for the2002 World Cup finals.
  • The Battle For Attica Square - Greece October 2010 It's the first time that an EU country has seen its treatment of refugees described as a humanitarian crisis by the UNHCR. This report gets to the heart of the escalating tensions in Greece. "I've seen too many. They cross the river like bees", sighs a local fisherman. With as many as 400 people crossing the Evros river each day, arrests of illegal immigrants in Greece have exploded from 3500 to 20000 in a year. Most choose to turn themselves in, but they have no idea what awaits them. Infested with rats, Greece's detention centres are now critically overcrowded. Those who try to avoid this fate end up on the streets, such as in Attica Square, home to hundreds of Afghan refugees. With no government support, crime is rife here, and as frustration builds, racial attacks by local vigilantes are escalating beyond control. Ghulam's family sleep on a bench in the square - his four-year-old son was recently attacked in the middle of the night. "If I'd stayed in Afghanistan I might have been beaten, but they would have at least spared my children. I cannot believe this is Europe."
  • beckham free-kick vs greece the legendary free kick that had me dancing in the street and on car bonets
  • Trade deficit, Greece, jobs bill, Fed also check me out on and
  • Andre Rieu in London playing Sirtaki greek greece dance Andre Rieu in London playing Sirtaki
  • Giorgos Alkaios & Friends - OPA! (Greece) Powered by Giorgos & Friends will represent Greece with the song OPA! at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo (Norway), taking place on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May.
  • Bizarre Foods Greece: Spinialo While on the water in Greece, Andrew samples one of the world's strangest foods: spinialo. Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern is all new Tuesday at 9pm E/P on Travel Channel. For more, visit:
  • Greece - Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Semi Final 1 - BBC Three Giorgos Alkaios & Friends will represent Greece with the song "OPA".
  • Extreme Illegal Motorbike in Greece This is the last ride of julien dupont in Greece for a Trial X performance / Enjoy julien dupont Ride The world...
  • To Greece I made this clip for Greece, a country that I love. I was so excited to visit it so I made this clip :D ok, I already went there, and I loved it, see the responses to this video, they are all videos I filmed in Greece, enjoy! hellas, Hellenic, greece, greek, pictures, yunan, glika, glyka
  • Greece - Eurovision 2005 - Helena Paparizou Winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (Kiev)
  • Gerald Celente on Greece: People will rise against bank bailouts globally After a day of unrest which saw three people killed, Greece's parliament is preparing to vote on the controversial austerity package. Wednesday's violence included a bank in the capital being set alight. Demonstrators clashed with police when protesters marched on the country's parliament building. They are angry at government spending cuts aimed at securing a 110 billion euro rescue package from the EU and the IMF. Trend forecaster Gerald Celente says the Greek situation is going global.
  • Greece: Secrets of the Past (IMAX® Trailer) Buy "Greece: Secrets of the Past" on DVD at Amazon! Visit the official movie website! The Magic of Ancient Greek Civilization comes to life in the Giant Screen Adventure "GREECE SECRETS OF THE PAST" Academy Award®-Nominated Producers MacGillivray Freeman Films Use Cutting-Edge Computer Imaging Technology To Re-Create the Colossal Parthenon As Film Celebrates the Thrilling Science of Archeology Today's state-of-the-art technology will transport audiences back in time to the dawn of democracy and the birthplace of Western Civilization in MacGillivray Freeman's new adventure of discovery, GREECE: SECRETS OF THE PAST, which premieres in select IMAX® Theatres and other giant screen cinemas beginning February 17, 2006. Experience ancient volcanoes on a sweeping archeological journey back in time, the film sets out on a quest to uncover the buried secrets of one of the world's most enlightened societies -- ancient Greece during the Golden Age -- that for 100 years, from 500 BC to 400 BC, became the center of human thought and creativity and laid many of the foundations for the way we live today. Narrated by Nia Vardalos Now Playing at select IMAX® Theatres worldwide! Presented By Alex G. Spanos In Association With Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Museum Film Network Major Funding Provided By MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation and National Science Foundation
  • Greece a dreamflight to Greece!
  • The Bankrupt State - Greece April 2010 A 450 billion euro bailout package may wipe the slate clean for bankrupt Greece. But how do we solve the endemic problems of corruption and tax-avoidance, which were at the heart of the meltdown? Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Greece is beautiful...that's why A video dedicated to the innumerable beauties of my country!a compilation of photos of unique aesthetics and the music of the greek band called "Mikro" in the song "Gefyra"...enjoy! If you intend to post nationalistic comments,don't even will be blocked instantly and your message will be deleted!
  • That is Greece ! One of the most beautifull Places , GREECE. ... no other comments just watch the video !
  • Dentists Greece: Mr Bean goes to the dentist Mr Bean visits his dentist Find a dentist in Greece... (more) Added: December 28, 2007 Find a dentist in Greece and all the information you need on dentistry. helps you to find a good cosmetic dentist in Greece for European cosmetic holiday, European greek dental holiday in Greece. There is also information on all the new procedures in dentistry to keep you as best informed as possible about dental veneers, crowns, implants, white fillings, root c***, cosmetic dentistry, tooth and teeth whitening or bleaching, tooth implants and more... Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding dental procedures including finding a good cosmetic dentist in Greece, dental tourism in Greece or get emergency dental care in Greece.
  • Greece - Serbia Basketball Fight 19/8/2010 Acropolis Tournament Unbelievable Fight starts around 2:25
  • Giorgos Alkaios & Friends - OPA! (Greece) Powered by Giorgos & Friends will represent Greece with the song OPA! at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo (Norway), taking place on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May.
  • Action video of Greece riots as fire bombs, stones fly in Athens Hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police across central Athens on Wednesday, smashing cars and hurling gasoline bombs during a nationwide labour protest against the government's latest austerity measures. The former Minister for Development Kostis Hatzidakis was attacked by protesters outside a luxury hotel. He was escorted, bleeding from the scene as his attackers yelled "thieves" at him. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Three Drives - Greece 2000 Official video of Three Drive's trance bomb Greece 2000. This trance anthem of all trance anthems, huge back in 1998 when it landed in the top 10 of just about every Singles Charts globally got remixed hundreds of times and is still supported by the upper league of trance !
  • Greece - "Watch My Dance" - Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - BBC One More on this programme: Loucas Yiorkas (featuring Stereo Mike) sings "Watch My Dance" as Greece's entry for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.
  • GREECE.mp4 Forget about media and formal statements. In this vid you can see how everyday Greeks realy feel lately. The video hides NO INTENTION to offend anyone.
  • Engineering an Empire - Greece 1/5 Engineering Empire - Greece 1
  • The Legendary Athens Greece Riot Dog This spirited dog has been participating in Greek riots since 2008. Everything you see is real and unaltered.
  • Sakis Rouvas - This Is Our Night (Greece) Powered by Sakis Rouvas will sing "This Is Our Night" at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. He will represent Greece.
  • Greece 5000 years of civilization Land and history of Greece
  • Eurovision 2008 Greece - Kalomoira - Secret Combination (HQ) KALOMOIRA - KALOMIRA- MY SECRET COMBINATION - GREECE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2008 - FINAL Καλομοιρα - Καλομοίρα LYRICS: Can you see it? Can you see it, you have to discover me. What goes wrong when I am crying, what I want when I'm smiling. Can you feel it? Can you feel it, that I'm not a little girl, you're misunderstanding my way, and all the roles that I like to play. My secret combination, it's a mystery for you. Use your imagination, I'm not easy but I'm true! My secret combination. Boy you have to try it hard, to win a destination, in the center of my heart! An open book, an open book, well, I'm sorry, I am not! Sometimes I'm acting like a lady, sometimes woman, sometimes baby My secret combination, it's a mystery for you. Use your imagination, I'm not easy but I'm true! My secret combination. Boy you have to try it hard, to win a destination, in the center of my heart! ************************** This is the live perfomance of the Greek Song in Eurovision 2008 - Belgrad - Serbia, in the Semi Final 1, on May 21, 2008. Kalomira - Secret Combination
  • Athens Anarchy: Fresh fierce clashes in Greece over govt cuts A fresh national strike has paralyzed Greece, with more rallies against sweeping new austerity measures being held. The government's plans aim to reduce debt, in order to meet the conditions set by an international bailout. The unions triggered the 24-hour general strike in reaction to newly approved labor reforms and pay cuts to public servants. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:

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