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  • Encyclopedia article about gravitational. Information about gravitational in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “gravitational definition of gravitational in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • gravitational field. gravitational force. gravitational interaction. gravitational lens gravitational redshift. gravitational potential [edit] Translations. — “gravitational - Wiktionary”,
  • In physics, gravitation or gravity is the tendency of objects with mass to accelerate toward each other, or, in other words, two masses attract each other. Gravitation is the weakest of these interactions, but acts over great distances and is always attractive. — “Gravitation - encyclopedia article - Citizendium”,
  • A theory of gravitation is a description of the long range forces that electrically neutral bodies exert on Until the 1910s Sir Isaac Newton's law of universal gravitation, two particles attract each other with a central force proportional to the product of their masses and. — “Gravitational Theories”,
  • However, if the gravitational field has ability to influence the to the source of the gravitational field, as is observed in item 2 by the delay of a. — “THE GRAVITATIONAL RED SHIFT”,
  • A Dynamical Origin for the Gravitational Constant that Explains Gravitational and Inertial Mass Equality and Rejects Dark Matter and Dark Energy There is no accepted theory that explains why the gravitational mass and the inertial mass of a given body are equal. — “gravitational acceleration”,
  • Gravitation, or gravity, is a natural phenomenon in which objects with mass attract one another. In everyday life, gravitation is most familiar as the agent that gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped. — “Gravitation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Measurement of the gravitational force vectors involved is well developed up to the point of field balance such as a Lagrangian situation or at the center of mass. The accumulated gravitational force vectors might result in a balanced force field but a significant gravitational density. — “Gravitational Waves”,
  • Computer model of the gravitational waves coming from the collision of two black holes. The most intense gravitational waves, resulting from large masses undergoing high accelerations, are expected to be produced when stars collapse or matter falls into a black hole. — “gravitational waves”,
  • The gravitational forces between two particles act along the line joining them, and form an action-reaction pair (see Figure 14.1) The gravitational force. In real life we are not dealing with point particles; instead we are dealing with. — “14. GRAVITY”,
  • The purposes of these detectors is to observe gravitational waves Table 1 shows an overview of the gravitational wave frequency bands, their most mature detection methods and their most likely. — “Gravitational Waves”,
  • On the Edge: Gravitational Waves. At the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics, a new research group is devoting their collective effort to understanding Scientists are creating computer programs to model gravitational waves that will be detected by a new NASA. — “Gravitational Waves”,
  • Gravitation is the tendency of masses to move toward each other. The first mathematical formulation of the theory of gravitation was made by Sir Isaac Newton and proved astonishingly accurate. He postulated the force of "universal gravitational attraction". — “Gravity - Definition”,
  • For example, a new concept of spacecraft and aerospace flight arises from the possibility of the electromagnetic control of the gravitational mass. The novel spacecraft called Gravitational Spacecraft possibly will change the paradigm of space flight and transportation in general. — “The Gravitational Spacecraft”,
  • gravitation n. Physics . The natural phenomenon of attraction between physical objects with mass or energy. — “gravitation: Definition from ”,
  • gravitational waves have attracted theoreticians and experimentalists in gravitational waves as theorized by Einstein and the significance of these. — “GRAVITATIONAL WAVES:”,
  • So, to visualize the gravitational field, in this room or on a bigger scale such as the whole Solar System, imagine drawing a vector representing the gravitational force on a one kilogram mass at many different points in space, and seeing how. — “Gravitational Field”,
  • This formulation denies the possibility of creating a gravitational engine, which uses differential torque from different sides The Earth (and other gravitating objects, such as atoms, planets, stars, etc.) is seized by a spherical layered cocoon of gravitational field in which these space layers. — “Gravitational engine”,
  • Marc Favata's research page. Marc is a theoretical astrophysicist at Caltech and JPL. He studies gravitational waves produced by black holes, neutron stars, and white dwarfs. This page gives a description of his various research projects. — “Marc Favata -- Research”,

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  • Lec 3 | MIT 8.224 Exploring Black Holes Einstein's Field Equations (Edmund Bertschinger) View the complete course at: License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at
  • The Dark Matter Mystery: Gravitational Lensing Science & Reason on Facebook: The Mystery of Dark Matter (Chapter 3/4): Gravitational Lensing. A mystery exists! Galaxies do not seem to have enough mass for stars to orbit at their observed speeds. Galaxies should be flying apart, but they don't. Why not? Explore the surreal world of dark matter - one of the universe's greatest mysteries. --- Subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • --- This presentation is available to educators on DVD and comes complete with specially-crafted teacher notes. • The Mystery of Dark Matter Video Game • http --- A gravitational lens is formed when the light from a very distant, bright source (such as a quasar) is "bent" around a massive object (such as a cluster of galaxies) between the source object and the observer. The process is known as gravitational lensing, and is one of the predictions of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity. The gravity from a massive object (such as a galaxy cluster or black hole) is warped space-time, bending everything in it—including the paths followed by light rays from a bright background source. This alters the time taken for the light to reach an observer, and can both magnify and distort the apparent image of the background source. • .
  • Experiencing Hubble: #10 Abbell 2218 - A Massive Gravitational Lens Watch the full lecture at my blog:
  • LIGO Gravitational Wave Observatory The Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory is spearheading the completely new field of gravitational wave astronomy and opening a whole new window on the universe. LIGO's exquisitely sensitive instruments may ultimately take us farther back in time than we've ever been, catching, perhaps, the first murmurs of the universe in formation.
  • Solution .45 - Gravitational Lensing HQ! New Song!! (Lyrics) Thats the first song of Solution .45, it´s the second song of the Album. Nothing more to say, just Enjoy and leave a comment! 21.02.2010 1000 Views 08.03.2010 2000 Views 19.04.2010 5000 Views 18.05.2010 10.000 Views Lyrics: Into what goes on forever Beyond perspectives lost Caleidoscope vision Introspective display What hides in plain sight Force it into my head Now is the only time Hiding behind a lie All I know I cast the fire (chorus) Inside these hours All alone For I am in denial Though never again will I Direct my shields Against another But turn it on myself Come back To something I need Come back to misery Living the misdirection All I know The further off center My lies become Force it into my head Now is the only time Hiding behind a lie All I know I cast the fire (repeat chorus) No sight - unseen No light - in between Gravitational lensing What they see Is bent around my lies Around this black hole I have found myself again Brought out the answers For my seeing eyes only Travelling in circles I have found myself again No way to face it straight Inside the lonely Here in the night of nights Where nothing shines I brought the flame down On it all - unforgiving In time the flame will die The only hope I have to find To never deny, never regret The masquerade is over As long as I cast the fire (repeat chorus)
  • Improved Hubble Shows Evidence of Dark Matter As you may be aware, in May of this year, NASA launched its final mission to the HST to perform an upgrade. During this tricky mission, the astronauts replaced several key instruments with brand new ones, making the HST into an essentially brand new telescope. Now anybody who's watched this channel for any length of time knows how I feel about the HST, I think it's one of the most important scientific instruments ever created. It has shown us views of our universe and provided context of our place within it in a way that has never before been done by anything since the invention of the telescope itself. So it shouldn't come as any surprise that these latest images from the Hubble's upgraded cameras are among the most amazing ever taken. Here's a sample of the latest images from the new and improved Hubble Space telescope released earlier this week. All Animations Courtesy NASA/ESA and can be found here: Music used: Celtic Dawn: Techno Galactica:
  • Moon Disappearance 5/11/11 Theory II - Fortworth Stargates & Gravitational Fields INFORMATION BELOW: They processed the 720p better than the 1080p First off... don't believe the alien invasion. They are NOT invading us. United States wants to weaponize space and they need a new enemy because the people do not buy the terrorist gig any more. Remember, we have been telling you about this fake alien invasion coming for quite some time now...Given that check out the following content: Alien Attack' Leaves 500 Dead In Texas As UFO 'Fleet" Nears Earth By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A shocking report prepared by the Federal Space Agency (FKA/RKA) for Prime Minister Putin states that one of the United States most important space facilities, located in Fort Worth, Texas, was attacked this past week by 'alien forces' intent on destroying "Vimāna" technology transported their after its discovery by US Troops in Afghanistan, and as we had previously reported on in our December 21, 2010 report "World Leaders Flock To Afghanistan After Mysterious 'Time Well' Discovered". According to this report, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Aviation Systems Division, located on a remote section of the giant Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and responsible for engineering the software needed to control the airspace over North America, suffered a nearly half-hour long "sustained" attack resulting in the deaths of over 500 US Military and space contractors working on "Vimāna" technology. Most incredible to note about ...
  • Terraria update: Effects of Gravitational, Featherfall Potions and more! Includes potions such as the Swift, waterwalk, archery, hunter, gravitational, featherfall and also night owl vision.
  • General Relativity: gravitational waves "Matter tells space how to curve, and space tells matter how to move." -- John Wheeler (physicist) The following webpage was used as the script for this video:
  • Replicating the Boyd Bushman Gravitational Experiment Replication performed by William Alek and Michael Ellegion at the Sedona Creative Life Center in Arizona, March 12, 2009.
  • SOLUTION .45 - Gravitational Lensing (2010) official clip brand new and first official video clip of SOLUTION .45. taken from the debut album "For Aeons Past" - Out Now!
  • Gravitational Illusions Clip 7 from 'Hubble - 15 years of Discovery' regarding gravitational lensing. More videos-
  • Physics II O- Gravitational Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy and Conservation of Energy (a)
  • Roger Penrose on gravitational waves from before the 'big bang' Recorded at TEDx event at the University of Warwick, March 6th 2010. Roger Penrose , renowned mathematical physicist, famous for his works on the big bang theory, talks about his new theory about the conformal cyclic nature of the universe and the implications of the 2nd law of thermodynamics with regards to cosmology. A predicted consequence of Penrose's theory, as established by himself, are gravitational waves as produced from merging black holes from the previous 'aeon', creating a specific pattern in the cosmic microwave background of our universe. A complete lecture on this subject can be found elsewhere on youtube and on the website of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (see links below). This recording shows part of the Q&A session given after the TEDx talk, where he elaborates on potential evidence for his theory. I was privileged to have a brief chat with him after the event. If he his right or, I find his work truly inspirational. As you have probably noticed, this is not one of my regular episodes, but something I am very happy to share. I do hope I can legally do this. Anyways, I apologise for the poor audio quality. For more information see: Lecture by Penrose on 'Before the Big Bang', November 2005: Also see for a similar, more extensive talk, given at Coventry University. News paper article on the TEDx event, including interview with Penrose: TEDx at Warwick:
  • Gravitation (part 2) A little bit more on gravity
  • Lecture 11 Work Kinetic Energy Potential Energy Conservative Forces Conservation of Mechanical Energy Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy - A Gravity Demonstration Bill Nye gives a thorough demonstration of gravity. Video segment from Bill Nye the Science Guy - Gravity episode.
  • Introduction to Newton's Law of Gravitation A little bit on gravity
  • AntiGravity Physics Background & Initial Research (NEW UPDATES COMING SOON!!!) A major theoretical break-through has occurred and I am currently putting together a new video to explain it. It is based on papers and life work published by electrical engineer Frank Znidarsic. Through his 25+ year study into Cold Fusion and Gravitational anomalies, he witnessed the NASA replication of the Podkletnov effect at Marshall Space Center's Advanced Concepts Office, and noticed a velocity which had also appeared in Cold Fusion experiments. This velocity can be used to yield Planck's constant and the reformulations yield special relativity as a consequence instead of a basis. For the first time in History Quantum Mechanics has been unified with Relativity... STAY TUNED!!! and visit Frank Z's website: NASA's Gravity Probe B recently measured the gravitomagnetic field of the Earth as it rotates around the sun. With Maxwell's Field Equations so begin many attempts to unify the theories of Electromagnetism and Gravity... A Unified Field Theory will provide the correct ***og and allow us to then build technology with which to control Gravity. In science we start with experimental evidence, which brings us to a superconductor laboratory in Finland 1992 where Dr. Eugene Podkletnov and colleagues discovers an anomalous gravitational effect in rotating superconductors. This effect has since been replicated by NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), and others... Here is the initial paper by Dr. Eugene Podkletnov and Giovanni ...
  • Black Holes, Event Horizon And Gravitational Waves Science & Reason on Facebook: Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity (Part 5): Black Holes, Event Horizon and Gravitational Waves. --- Subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • --- EINSTEIN'S RELATIVITY: Everything in the universe is traveling through space-time at the speed of light - the maximum speed possible. If you are sitting still in space, then you are traveling through time at the maximum speed. But if you begin traveling through space, then your progress through time slows down. Time Dilation and other relativistic phenomena await you in this interesting series, so hurry up and slow down! 1. Basics And Impact In Our Everyday Life 2. Time Dilation - Slowing Down Clocks 3. The Famous Equation E=mc2 4. Gravity And Acceleration 5. Black Holes, Event Horizon & Gravitational Waves SPACE: Want to know why we don't have to worry about our sun burning out? It's because long before that happens, the sun will expand so enormously that Earth will be cooked to a cinder. Take a tour through the solar system, learn about the event horizon of black holes and when our galaxy began. 1. Faster Than The Speed Of Light (1/2): The Universe - Created Out Of Nothing? 2. Faster Than The Speed Of Light (2/2): The Expanding Universe --- TheCassiopeia Project - making science simple! The Cassiopeia ...
  • Type O Negative- Gravitational Constant: G = 6.67 x 10-8 cm-3 gm-1 sec-2 Album: Slow, Deep and Hard (1991) DISCLAIMER (All images and music are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)
  • Entrails Eradicated - Harnessing Gravitational Endurance from the new EP "Viralocity" BRUTAL TECHNICAL DEATH METAL
  • RX J0806.3+1527 Gravitational Wave Merger This artist concept depicts two white dwarfs called RX J0806.3+1527 or J0806, swirling closer together, traveling in excess of a million miles per hour. As their orbit gets smaller and smaller, leading up to a merger, the system should release more and more energy in gravitational waves. This particular pair might have the smallest orbit of any known binary system. They complete an orbit in 321.5 seconds - barely more than five minutes. Credit: GSFC/D.Berry
  • Antonio Esfandiari Muscle Pass Anti Gravitational chip trick Explained Try poker with NO RISK! You can get up to 5 bankrolls on 5 different poker rooms. NEW BANKROLL : and you get 1 more bankroll here NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED! NO CREDIT CARD ASKED!
  • Black Holes and the Galactic Plain's Gravitational Effects Scientific explanations of how our solar system is entering a very dangerous time and how Planet X theories may not be as crazy as they sound..
  • Gravitational Lensing Video from the 'Cosmic Cinema' series by the Max Planck Institute of Astrophysics regarding gravitational lensing. More videos- www.mpa-
  • Gravitation Wave- spore just a quick showing of the gravtation wave in spore
  • Vapourspace - Gravitational Arch of 10 (12'' Version) Official video. Sorry for the bad pixeled video quality on the first 30 seconds - this part was missing on my old VHS tape, so I completed it from some other source, which wasn't really good.
  • Gravitational Waves The Jodcast was at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition 2008 finding out about gravitational waves. A higher resolution version can be found at
  • BehindTheScenes: "Gravitational Pull" Photography by Tay Price Here's a brief look at the shoot of "Gravitational Pull" off Real Talk's Upcoming Mixtape "The Star Draft".
  • Family Guy Gravitational pull peter has gravity
  • Type O Negative - Gravitational Constant (Brooklyn 05-31-91) Since the first one was so popular, here's another. 2 of 3 from the same night.
  • Bjork - Biophilia (MIF) - Gravitational Pendulum Harp demo ("Solstice") Demonstrating the gravitational Pendulum Harp on set before the concert at Campfield Market Hall, Manchester International Festival. Affected by the Earth's gravitational pull, creating interlocking patterns. Used in the song "Solstice" in her new Biophilia album. To see a review of the show, check out this link: Press: Altsounds, Louise Ungless
  • The Dudesons Season 3 - Gravitational Slingshot A little Previem of Season 3 Work this "car" out?!?! -*Make me happy by clicking SUBSCRIBE-* In my channel you will always find the newest videos about the dudesons, new about season 3, or their little private made films!!!
  • What is Gravitational Lensing? July 28, 2009 Berkeley Lab summer lecture: Gravitational lensing is explained by Einstein's general theory of relativity: galaxies and clusters of galaxies, which are very massive objects, act on spacetime by causing it to become curved. Alexie Leauthaud and Reiko Nakajima, astrophysicists with the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics, will discuss how scientists use gravitational lensing to investigate the nature of dark energy and dark matter in the universe.
  • U-MV165 - Vapourspace - Gravitational Arch of 10 NOTE TO COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: Please contact us directly with any desire to have your material removed from our channel. Although this material was provided to us by the publisher or their agents with an implicit license for broadcast without terms or other limitations, your notice to cease and desist will amount to revocation of said license. Therefore we will, in good faith, remove the material within 8 hours of your notice. This music video was serviced to us by its respective record label with license for broadcast. Vapourspace "Gravitational Arch of 10" ffrr Records U-MV165
  • Solution .45 - Gravitational Lensing in good quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Type O Negative 7/18/95 "Gravitational Constant" Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY Type O Negative 7/18/95 "Gravitational Constant" live at Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY. Opening for Queensryche.
  • Gravitational Fields and Electric Fields Part 2 ourben has asked the question, "Do like charges repel, or are they being attracted by unlike charges elsewhere?" There is a definite answer to this, but I take two parts to get there. This is the second part. The answer is that we know like charges repel, and Faraday cages can be used to prove it. This video contains a description of how we can observe charges interacting (and masses interacting, although in practice I think that is more difficult to observer) and, in the case of charged particles, be sure that there is no interference from any other charged particles in the universe!
  • Cavendish Experiment This animation depicts a modern version of the Cavendish experiment, where a twist of a wire measured by a deflecting beam of light helps determine the force of gravitational attraction between masses.

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  • “ as it climbs against the Earth's gravitational field much like a rock thrown upward Re: VARIABLE SPEED OF LIGHT IN A GRAVITATIONAL FIELD. In 1911, Einstein had not worked out”

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  • “In this article we explore the possibility of using the sun as a lens that can be used to assist in communication. The Sun as a Gravitational Lens http:///blog/sun-gravitational-lens”
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  • “Some say that Earth could soon be powered by a processor from AMD codenamed the K8L. With performance rivalling that of our Solar system, AMD have been able to increase the performance of each compo”
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