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  • Globalization is an inevitable phenomenon in human history that's been bringing the world closer through the exchange of goods and products, information, knowledge and culture. While globalization is a catalyst for and a consequence of human. — “Globalization | Youthink!”,
  • Globalization is viewed by some as a positive development, but a negative one by others. Royal Caribbean International CEO Adam Goldstein says globalization is the biggest trend in cruising right now, with the. — “Globalization : Globalization News and Photos”,
  • Galleons and Globalization Exhibit in San Francisco at University of San Francisco. Name of Event: USF's Thacher Gallery presents: "Galleons and Globali. — “Galleons and Globalization Exhibit San Francisco - Galleons”,
  • Commentary on current economic and financial news. 1. Globalization advocates who viewed "interdependence" between nation-states as a way to prevent war and force international cooperation. — “China Wants Concessions for Mercantilism in Return for Rare”, ***
  • globalization Process by which the experience of everyday life, marked by the diffusion of commodities and ideas, is becoming standardized around the. — “Globalization: Definition from ”,
  • Heather Reiley once thought of geography as only memorizing states and capitals. Now a junior at Dartmouth majoring in geography, she has since learned the subject includes studying different peoples and environments and how globalization has. — “A semester in the Czech Republic - The Boston Globe”,
  • Globalization. First published Fri Jun 21, 2002; substantive revision Fri Jun 4, 2010. Covering a wide range of distinct political, economic, and cultural trends, the term "globalization" has quickly become one of the most fashionable buzzwords of contemporary political and academic debate. — “Globalization (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”,
  • 'Globalization' is a favourite catchphrase of journalists and politicians. Rather confusingly, 'globalization' is also used by some to refer to the efforts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and others to create a global free market for goods and services. — “the theory and experience of globalization”,
  • Globalization (or globalisation) describes the process by which The term is sometimes used to refer specifically to economic globalization: the integration of national economies into the international economy through trade, foreign. — “Globalization - Wikipedia”,
  • Globalization is a difficult term to define because it has come to mean so many things. Globalization is said to bring people of all nations closer together, especially through a common medium like the economy or the Internet. — “What is Globalization?”,
  • [edit] What is globalization and how is it related to the ICT revolution? At the same time, says Giddens, globalization creates new possibilities and motivations for local cultural autonomy and identities. — “The Information Age/Globalization - Wikibooks, collection of”,
  • Alliance seeks to stimulate new thinking about the rapidly emerging economic and political trading arrangements of the global economy. — “International Forum on Globalization (IFG)”,
  • The debate over the positive and negative effects of globalization is a hot topic for many individuals, agencies, organizations and government departments who find themselves in a position to defend or attack the current globalization trends. — “International Business, Globalization”,
  • The current or recently-past epoch of globalization has been dominated by the nation-state, national economies, and national cultural identities. The new form of globalization is an interconnected world and global mass culture, often referred to as a "global village. — “Globalization - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Globalization. When goods, services, and capital flow freely across U.S. borders, Americans can take full advantage of the opportunities of the international marketplace. "Globalization: Curse or Cure? Policies to Harness Global Economic Integration to Solve Our Economic Challenge," by Jagadeesh. — “Globalization | Cato Institute Research Topics”,
  • Globalization in its literal sense is the process of globalizing, transformation of some things or phenomena into global ones. It can be described as a process by which the people of the world are unified into a single society and functioning together. — “Globalization - Wikinfo”,
  • Baily also proposes policies that focus on worker skills, increased technology availability, infrastructure investment and immigration that could move the United States forward in the post-recession globalized economy. Read More. U.S. Economy,. — “Globalization - Brookings Institution”,
  • Globalization (or globalisation) in its literal sense is the process of making, transformation of some things or phenomena into global ones. He also argues that the pace of globalization is quickening and will continue to have a growing impact on business organization and practice. — “Globalization”, schools-
  • A community about globalization. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with globalization experts. — “: The Globalization Community”,
  • Website managed by the Levin Institute, serves as an informative and engaging space for those interested in learning more about the dilemmas and trade-offs of globalization. — “Globalization 101: a student's guide to globalization”,
  • An overview of globalization and its positive and negative impacts on culture and society. From the Geography site. — “Globalization - An Overview of Globalization”,

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  • Diana Eck - Globalization & Religious Pluralism The first in a series of Gifford Lectures by Prof Diana Eck. Recorded April and May 2009 at The University of Edinburgh. In 1893, the World's Parliament of Religions in Chicago convened under the banner of universalism. How do pluralism and globalism today stand in contrast to the spirit of universalism, and signal a new reality? While the phenomenon of globalization clearly relates to economics and politics, to environmental and security concerns, how has it altered our religious consciousness, our religious life? What ethical questions are at the forefront of globalization? How have immigrants created new kinds of diasporas? How has the Internet destabilized borders of all kinds, including religious and national borders?
  • Globalization Video Animation created for the Communication Students about Globalization. Done with Flash 8 Professional.
  • No Logo: Brands, Globalization & Resistance Featuring Naomi Klein. In the age of the brand, logos are everywhere. But why do some of the world's best-known brands find themselves on the wrong end of the spray paint can � the targets of anti-corporate campaigns by activists and protestors? No Logo, based on the best-selling book by Canadian journalist and activist Naomi Klein, reveals the reasons behind the backlash against the increasing economic and cultural reach of multinational companies. ***yzing how brands like Nike,The Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger became revered symbols worldwide, Klein argues that globalization is a process whereby corporations discovered that profits lay not in making products (outsourced to low-wage workers in developing countries), but in creating branded identities people adopt in their lifestyles. Using hundreds of media examples, No Logo shows how the commercial takeover of public space, destruction of consumer choice, and replacement of real jobs with temporary work � the dynamics of corporate globalization � impact everyone, everywhere. It also draws attention to the democratic resistance arising globally to challenge the hegemony of brands.
  • Globalization and Communication A major address by Anthony Giddens, Director of the London School of Economics, among the world's leading sociologists, and author of over 30 books on social theory and public affairs, including The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy.
  • Joseph Stiglitz - Sharing the Benefits of Globalization Complete video at: Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz argues that developed nations have so far largely mishandled the economic benefits of globalization. ----- Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz ("Globalization and Its Discontents") talks about his new concept of economics, "The Economics of Information," and his latest book, "Making Globalization Work" - Asia Society Joseph Stiglitz was chief economist at the World Bank until January 2000. Before that he was the chairman of President Clinton's Council of Economic Advisers. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics in 2001. He is currently a finance and economics professor at Columbia University. He is the author of Globalization and Its Discontents and The Roaring Nineties.
  • Discussion on Globalization Noam Chomsky discusses "globalization"
  • Globalization Movie - Part 1 For original works by the author visit: This was a kinda parody, mockumentary kind of film I did together with 2 friends for our globalization class. We mainly used the game Left4Dead for the shots as we thought its graphics were mostly representing what we aimed at. Just to make sure that everyone out there understands: neither me nor any other person associated with this video promotes or approves of violence against kids. And by the way: yeah we know that in certain parts its kinda lame, but hey for doing it in the time we had I think we did a good job. Part2: Important notice: It's actually Sumulong, we sadly only discovered that mistake after we were done. Special Thanks to Leonardo Sumulong, Laura Trigo and Chris Baur Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of the soundtrack or clips used in the film. I only claim the majority of the editing as well as some filming. I do not intent to make any money with this project either. The rights to the other material belong to the people listed below as well as in the credits (see part2): Footage: Left 4 Dead Valve A Colourful Afternoon in the Playground - Youtube Father knows best (@ Thanksgiving) Audio: Left 4 Dead - Valve A Nightmare on Elm Street - OST Happy Rhythm The Statesmen Imperial March Star Wars Living in the Sunlight Tiny Tim Fire Scooter One Winged Angel Nobuo Uematsu Masters Symphony - DJ Outblast Jaws Theme - Jaws Yakety Sax Boots Randolph Leeroy Jenkins Remix Funtastic Power Ooh ...
  • Did You Know; Shift Happens - Globalization; Information Age Created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod; Globalization and The Information Age -- edit; This video was not on youtube during the time I uploaded it, and now, it has become a very popular topic of comments. I hope you enjoy the work of these fine gentlemen's video presentation. Music Credits: (1992) "The Last of the Mohicans" off the soundtrack the song is (Elk Hunt/The Kiss), which appears at the end of the film during the cliff scene. [if you haven't seen the film, you should watch it]
  • Salbuchi - 2010 Forecast: Transition from Globalization to World Government -1 of 3 ***yst Adrian Salbuchi from Argentina, proposes a Model that helps to understand the dynamics of what is currently taking place in the world, which he defines as the overlapping and increasingly violent process that marks the end of Globalization and the birth of World Government. This three part video also explores 12 Key Factors that will trigger this Transition.
  • Globalizing Asia or Asian Globalization? - Pt 1 Pt 1 - Conference Opening: - Opening Remarks by George Yeo, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Singapore - Plenary Session I: Global Governance - The Asian impact on the new political architecture Chair: Kishore Mahbubani -- Dean, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore Speakers: 1) Pratap Bhanu Mehta -- President and Chief Executive, Centre for Policy Research 2) Surin Pitsuwan -- Member of the Parliament, former Foreign Minister, Thailand and Secretary-General Designate, ASEAN 3) Anne-Marie Slaughter -- Dean, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
  • Globalization A mockumentary made for Social 10 AP focusing on the winners and losers of Globalization. This is also Joel Klassen's directorial debut as he worked hard to put this all together with Akash Sherman as his wingman. Written & Directed by Joel Klassen Disclaimer: The music in this is not mine and I do not own it, and I give full credit to it and my oath of thanks for using it. 1st Assistant Director and Producer: Akash Sherman Editing by Joel and Akash Starring: Joel Klassen Akash Sherman Liam Sadler Emily Stryker
  • Hidden Face of Globalization Part II In the global economy, corporations demand enforceable laws - intellectual property and copyright laws - backed up by sanctions to protect their products. However, when we ask these same companies, "Can't we also protect the rights of the 16-year-old who made the product?," the companies respond: "No. That would be an impediment to free trade!" Young garment workers in Bangladesh share their experiences working for companies like Disney and Wal-Mart. This is a continuation of the Hidden Face of Globalization Preview. For more information please go to:
  • Tarpley: 'Globalization is failing' The United Nations general assembly has convened in New York City this week, the conference is supposed to address multiple issues from peace and security to economic security. The gathering of over 100 nations has been met with skepticism over the effectiveness of the UN's ability to solve the world's problems. Webster Tarpley says that China is the only nation who has shielded itself from globalization and is responsible for poverty reduction, a goal stated by the UN.
  • Phase 3 pt.4/20 (Globalization & Capitalism) Another groundbreaking and riveting series from the creators of The Arrivals and The Divine Book. Phase 3 aims to set a new standard in online films. This production will (inshallah) wake up the world, and unite the people from every country, religion, culture or creed against injustice. A film by the people, for the people. Phase 3 is a WakeUpProject Film made up of 5 chapters. Directed by: Noreaga & Achernahr Video editing by: Bushwack , Purposefilms, Achernahr, Noreaga Animation & Graphics: Wolverine007 Scoring: Stoyan Ganev Narration: Schimitar
  • John Ralston Saul on Globalization - Part 1 John Ralston Saul predicted the collapse of globalism. discusses his new book A Fair Country and gets his opinion on the state of the world today.
  • Globalization's Effects on the Global Poor - CK Prahalad
  • Globalization, Trade Deficits, and the New Working Class Complete video at: German journalist Gabor Steingart blames western nations' trade deficits for the shift of traditional manufacturing jobs to developing countries, a phenomenon he describes as a "second industrial age - blue-collar 2.0." ----- The 7 Fallacies of the Globalisation Debate: Is it destroying the West? The Flat World. Outsourcing. Free Trade. Each of these phrases is a flashpoint in one of the most heated debates of our lifetime: is it a force for good? - The Global Policy Institute Gabor Steingart is a German journalist and author. From 2001 until the end of June 2007, he headed the main city office of the news magazine Der Spiegel in Berlin today, he is responsible for the mirror office in Washington.
  • Thomas Friedman's Three Eras of Globalization Thomas Friedman, speaking at a United Way of Greater New Haven event on 10/6/06, discusses the three eras of globalization from his book "The World is Flat."
  • Globalization: The Haves and Have Nots - 40 min doc See full film here: 17 April 2000 The city is besieged by 40000 labour, environmental and human rights activists, claiming the WTO puts too much emphasis on 'free' rather than 'fair' trade. Not since the Industrial Revolution has the workPlace been so dramatically restructured. Globalization has been a triumph for the corporate giants and for e-commerce. But the explosion of international trade has also meant jeopardising jobs, forcing out local industries and an ever greater impact on the natural world. The scale of the Seatle protests took the world by surprise and was proof for many that it's time to re-examine the global economic machine Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Hidden Face of Globalization Part III In the global economy, corporations demand enforceable laws - intellectual property and copyright laws - backed up by sanctions to protect their products. However, when we ask these same companies, "Can't we also protect the rights of the 16-year-old who made the product?," the companies respond: "No. That would be an impediment to free trade!" Young garment workers in Bangladesh share their experiences working for companies like Disney and Wal-Mart. This is a continuation of the Hidden Face of Globalization part II. For more information please go to:
  • CNN - Obama on globalization Watch Sen. Obama discuss the challenges of the new, globalized economy at an event in Michigan Monday.
  • Updated Status Report on 12 Triggers from Globalization to World Government Salbuchi gives an updated on the present status of 12 triggers that the Global Power Elite is using to drive the transition from Globalizatiion (which they qre wrapping up), to the World Government they are ushering in. His e-Book "The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope?" is available for au$s 20 donation via PayPal for the credit of account: [email protected]
  • Globalization Globalization is destroying Africa.
  • What Is Globalization? - Noam Chomsky Noam Chomsky on globalization.
  • Ethan Zuckerman on the Mapping of Globalization Maps of infrastructure show what's possible in a connected world, but not necessarily what happens. Understanding globalization requires new kinds of maps - maps of flow of bits, atoms and ideas. Ethan Zuckerman discusses maps, real and suggested, to help understand our changing world.
  • Middle East 2007 - The Globalization of Private Equity 19.05.2007 The Globalization of Private Equity Private equity, now a major force in shaping global business, is taking off in the Middle East. 1) How will the rise of private equity shape the future business environment in the Middle East? 2) What can international private equity firms offer the region, and what are they expecting in return? 3) What are the prospects for the global private equity industry in the medium to long term? Omar Kutayba Alghanim, Chief Executive Officer, Alghanim Industries, Kuwait Henry T. Azzam, Chairman, Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX), United Arab Emirates David Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Istithmar, United Arab Emirates Arif M. Naqvi, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Abraaj Capital, United Arab Emirates Abe Saad, Chief Executive Officer, AB Capital, United Arab Emirates Opening Remarks by David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Carlyle Group, USA Moderated by Michael J. Roux, Chairman, Roux International, Australia
  • What is Globalization? We found that most people are unaware of what globalization really is. We interviewed students on Auburn University's campus and local small businesses to see how globalization is affecting them.
  • [email protected]: Joseph Stiglitz Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz speaks about his book, "Making Globalization Work." This event took place on October 13, 2006, at Google's Mountain View, CA, headquarters as part of the [email protected] series.
  • Globalization: What Does It Really Mean? Globalization affects everyone in many ways. It affects the food we eat, the cars we drive, and the devices we use. Even though we are aware of globalization, what is it really? Other than knowing that globalization is in effect, how does it affect you? This is the point of our documentary. We went around Auburn University's campus asking different people of different age groups, races, and financial backgrounds about globalization. Our purpose was to see everyone's interpretation of globalization. We wanted to see the thread, if any, of similarity in everyone's answers.
  • What is Anti-Globalization? A video giving a definition of Anti-Globalization
  • Defending Globalization Part II of our comic series on globalization. This time Bunny reveals a secret about how to get First World citizens on the Globalization bandwagon while keeping those pesky Third Worlders in their place. For more information visit:
  • Globalization This stop-motion animation depicts the changing geography of the globalizing world
  • Globalization After September 11th In an interview with Nayan Chanda, editor of YaleGlobal Online, Friedman, the author of The Lexus and the Olive Tree, says countries may join globalization at a speed they deem best suited to their interests.
  • Jerry Harris: Globalization of Capitalism Jerry Harris, Devry professor, author of The Dialectics of Globalization, explains the growing globalization of transnational capitalism replacing national sovereignty, at the Brecht Forum, November 14, 2008 Co-sponsor: Science & Society The Political Economy of Globalization US Hegemony or Transnational Capital? Jerry Harris Is globalization a project of US imperialism or an emerging transnational capitalist class? Harris will argue that while nationalism still plays a strong role in world affairs, particularly in the form of the US military/industrial complex, economic hegemony is now in the hands of transnational capital. The central historical process at work is the conflict between a descending form of capitalist accumulation based on national markets and the nation state and an ascending model of accumulation based on the transnationalization of finance and production. The contradiction between nationalism and globalization cuts across traditional party lines as the capitalist class struggles to develop a political project that can manage their growing crisis. Jerry Harris is a professor of history at DeVry University, Chicago and author of The Dialectics of Globalization, Political and Economic Conflict in a Transnational World. He is national secretary of the Global Studies Association and his articles are often featured in Science & Society, Race and Class and Das Argument. Professor Harris has spoken widely on globalization including lectures in London, Prague ...
  • Fighting for One America - Opportunity & Globalization John Edwards talks about creating opportunity for all Americans during his Fighting for One America Bus Tour in Sioux City, Iowa on August 14, 2007.
  • The Globalization HD video : Think about it... but think fast!!! --------------------------------------------- Please, join in my communities on ORKUT : Every day, they are new members : New World Order : 2.813 MEMBERS Microchip : 372 MEMBERS Reptilians 153 MEMBERS DAVID ICKE : 93 MEMBERS Chemtrails : 106 MEMBERS HAARP PROJECT : 67 MEMBERS
  • Financial Crises and Globalization Three eminent UC professors ***yze both the causes and the possible consequences of the current global meltdown by comparing it with earlier junctures in world history. [4/2009] [Public Affairs] [Business] [Show ID: 16053]
  • Hidden Face of Globalization PART II is now available on Youtube and at: (/article.php?id=243) In the global economy, corporations demand enforceable laws - intellectual property and copyright laws - backed up by sanctions to protect their products. However, when we ask these same companies, "Can't we also protect the rights of the 16-year-old who made the product?," the companies respond: "No. That would be an impediment to free trade!" Young garment workers in Bangladesh share their experiences working for companies like Disney and Wal-Mart.
  • Globalization Epic Video Do NOT USE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION It took me 3 hours to make it, and 27 different videos. I made this video for my Social Studies project. It is biased towards the benefits of Globalization, basically so that I could give my classmates some eye candy. In reality I do not advocate Globalization, and in reality many of these points aren't exactly true. It is just for a little excitement and fun for the class. The audio is Requiem for a Dream. I own no rights to it.
  • Globalization Globalization : Courtney Farrell, Clara Perez and Fiona Buhr -Middle East Terrorism -Google vs China -Technology MUSIC USED "Music Box"- The Cinematic Orchestra "Standing in the Way of Control" - The Gossip "New Soul" - Yael Naim
  • Did You Know 4.0 4.0 for 2009 - Newly Revised Edition Created by Darren Bachynski, and modified by Jared Bachynski; Globalization & Our Changing Planet. It was even adapted by Sony BMG at an executive meeting they held in Paris this year. This is a video response to the one created by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman:
  • The New Food Wars: Globalization GMOs and Biofuels Across the world, food riots are taking place. Scientist and activist Vandana Shiva explores whether the future will be one of food wars or food peace. She argues that the creation of food peace demands a major shift in the way food is produced and distributed, and the way in which we manage and use the soil, water and biodiversity, which makes food production possible. 17th Annual Margolis lecture at UC Irvine. [7/2008] [Public Affairs] [Science] [Show ID: 14509]

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