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  • Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of salivary gland cancer. — “Salivary Gland Cancer Treatment - National Cancer Institute”,
  • Pituitary tumors are most common of all pituitary gland problems. Besides, there are also other conditions that result due to malfunctioning of pituitary gland. Read on to know more. Pituitary Gland Problems. — “Pituitary Gland Problems”,
  • Endocrine glands — are glands that secrete their products through the basal lamina and lack a duct system. Apocrine gland is often used to refer to the apocrine sweat glands, however it is thought that apocrine sweat glands may not. — “Gland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • (zoology) An organ that synthesizes a substance, such as hormones or breast milk, and releases it, often into the bloodstream (endocrine gland) or into cavities inside the body or its outer surface (exocrine gland). (botany) A secretory structure on the surface of an organ. — “gland - Wiktionary”,
  • The thyroid gland manufactures the hormones that help control metabolism and growth. So if your thyroid isn't operating properly, you can have problems in other parts of your body. — “Thyroid Disease”,
  • Read about salivary gland disorders symptoms, prevention, and treatment in the Salivary Gland Disorders section of the Symptom Checker. — “Salivary Gland Disorders - Salivary Gland Disorders”,
  • A gland is an organ or a collection of cells (a tissue) in an animal's body that processes substances from the blood into a newly synthesized or concentrated chemical substance for secretion, either for use by another part of the body or for elimination from the body. — “Gland - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • We call the major salivary glands the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands. Besides these glands, there are many tiny glands called minor salivary glands located in your lips, inner cheek area (buccal mucosa), and extensively in other linings of your mouth and throat. — “Salivary Glands”,
  • Overall, the thyroid gland is responsible for the speed of metabolism (metabolic and When the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone (becoming overactive), the. — “Thyroid Gland Disorders”, .au
  • Information about gland in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. adrenal gland, thyroid b. Any of various organs, such as lymph nodes, that resemble true glands but perform a nonsecretory function. — “gland - definition of gland by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The pituitary gland is a small oval endocrine gland that lies at the base of the brain, nestled in a bony structure called the sella turcica. The two sections of the pituitary gland produce a number of different hormones which act on different target glands or cells. — “The Pituitary Gland - Advanced Version”,
  • Gland Manufacturers & Gland Suppliers Directory - Find a Gland Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Gland Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Gland-Gland Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • gland (gland) an aggregation of cells specialized to secrete or excrete materials not related to their ordinary metabolic needs. accessory adrenal glands adrenal glandular tissue, usually either cortical or medullary, found in the abdomen or pelvis. — “gland - definition of gland in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • Lacrimal Gland Tumor | - The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is the world's leading professional organization representing physicians who treat people with cancer. ASCO's members set the standard for patient care worldwide. — “Lacrimal Gland Tumor | ”,
  • Salivary gland tumors - All Information, Salivary gland tumors are abnormal cells growing i The salivary glands are located around the mouth. — “Salivary gland tumors - All Information”,
  • Because salivary gland cancer can be hard to diagnose, patients should ask to have biopsy After salivary gland cancer has been diagnosed, tests are done to find out if cancer. — “Salivary Gland Cancer”,
  • Gland definition, a cell, group of cells, or organ producing a secretion. See more. — “Gland | Define Gland at ”,
  • Description of pituitary gland and its function. The gland is a critical part of our ability to respond to the environment most often without our knowledge. — “What is the Pituitary Gland?”,
  • The submandibular gland (also called submaxillary gland) is a salivary gland about the size of a plum that lies immediately below the lower jaw. Calcium deposits in the salivary glands and their ducts can form stones similar to those that form in the kidneys. — “Submandibular Gland Excision Frequently- Asked Questions”,
  • gland n. A cell, a group of cells, or an organ that produces a secretion for use elsewhere in the body or in a body cavity or for elimination from. — “gland: Definition from ”,
  • The adrenal glands are the part of the body responsible for releasing three different classes of hormones. Pituitary Tumors - The pituitary gland is located in the brain and helps to regulate the activity of most other glands in the body, including the adrenal glands. In rare cases, benign (non. — “Adrenal Gland Disorders”,

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  • Veterinary Secrets: Dog *** Gland Problems Something simple you can do for your dog, at home - express *** glands without going to the Vet. Not for everyone, but if you'd like to save money at the vet, it's easy to do.
  • Shotgun Histology Sublingual Gland
  • Composite Skin Model - Glands This video was produced to help students of human anatomy at Modesto Junior College study our anatomical models.
  • The Calcified Pineal Gland Show I got this video idea from brotha user 19761011. The me-dia has been trying 2 portray us as savages, unstable, and uncivilized which is not true. History has shown us exactly who is uncivilized. Ask the elders or the descendants of the ancient indigenous people found in different countries all over planet.
  • Pineal Gland Activation - Meditation - Violet Flame Pulses - To get daily updates of powerful activations like this, and help contribute to a project to build communities of Enlightened beings working in harmony.. watch my video "Earthship Village And Kriya Yoga Ashram" for more info..
  • Prostate Gland Problems Symptoms How Your Body Works 9 Prostate Gland Problems Symptoms How Your Body Works 9 Radhia discusses the male prostate gland and problem and symptoms with it. This includes notes on prostate cancer, enlarged prostates and other prostate problems questions and answers. What are the symptoms of prostate problems? How do you maintain prostate health? Do you need a prostate exam? What ***ual problems occur become of poor prostate health? Can a bad prostate ruin***? RADHlA is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CCN She is also a Certified BioNutritional ***yst. She has a M.Ed. in nutrition and is a professional member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, (IAACN), and the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA). Visit Radhia's Website at This video was produced by Psychetruth Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul © Copyright 2009 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.
  • pineal gland awareness + awakening third eye ******* Read Notes HERE ********* Hello friends, Thank you for your views and your comments. As part of my own journey I've come to a realization that we are all moving towards an evolution of consciousness. The Pineal Gland is a tool in the consciousness mechanism, however our situational awareness within our awake or consious mind requires a better understanding of events as they manifest in our individual realities. The Mayan Calendar surprisingly has a patron who has been able to decipher an order of consciousness evolution and you can enjoy his insights in this 18-part video series starting here: Please continue to share your insights, Thanks.
  • THE PINEAL GLAND IS A STARGATE BY ShaktipatSeer says...I can do pineal gland activations on skype, it works 100% of the time ( if you are ready ) message me! (my user name is tamid_ascended) * IT WORKS * * ITS FREE * * ITS MY PLEASURE * * IF YOU ARE MATURE THAT IS * elysha, spiritual teacher, self realized teacher, awakening, enlightenment teacher, spirituality, enlightened teacher, nirvana, authentic enlightenment teachers, self realization, meditation, consciousness, reality, freedom, being, satsang, amness, self, oneness, love, happiness, lovebliss, heaven, truth, reincarnation, liberation, karma, zen, unconditional love, light, non-thinking, present moment, awareness, life, heart, mystic, advaita, non duality, lightmind, rebirth, existentialism, taoism, darshan, now, contentment, buddha, buddhism, ramana maharshi, tolle, nisargadata maharaj, adyashanti, dharma, beauty, harmony, immensity, everything, wonder, it, isness, clarity, bliss, nowhere, exquisiteness, infinity, forever, religiousness, ecstasy, siddhi, trueness, absoluteness, yoga, fulfilment, richness, wholeness, emptiness, nothing, sage, self help, motivation, who you are, who am i, illusion, spiritual meditation, self healing, new age, spiritual guidance, journey of self discovery, surrender, energetic, concepts, flow of energy, motion of seeing, central point, spiritual consciousness, spiritual information, new age spirituality, communicating with god, change, earth changes, desire, fear, mindbody, pleasure, mind informancy, the elysium ...
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  • Amoral - Lacrimal Gland Video for the song "Lacrimal Gland" by Amoral. This song is off their 2nd album "Decrowning"
  • How Your Body Works 8 Pituitary Gland Problems & Symptoms How Your Body Works 8 Pituitary Gland Problems & Symptoms Radhia discusses the pituitary gland and the effects of have a too active or not active enough pituitary gland. What is pituitary adenoma? What are symptoms of pituitary gland problems? What are the types of pituitary disorders and the symptoms of malfunctioning pituitary gland? What do the pituitary hormones do and regulate? Do women have commons problems with the pituitary? What the deal with pituitarytumors? RADHlA is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CCN She is also a Certified BioNutritional ***yst. She has a M.Ed. in nutrition and is a professional member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, (IAACN), and the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA). Visit Radhia's Website at This video was produced by Psychetruth Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul © Copyright 2009 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.
  • Overactive thyroid gland An endocrinologist explains what causes an overactive thyroid gland, leading to over-production of thyroid hormones, and the variety of treatment options
  • Radical Prostatectomy (Prostate Gland Removal) This 3D medical animation shows the laparascopic removal of a cancerous prostate gland and its surrounding tissues. A prostatectomy is a surgery to remove an enlarged prostate gland due to benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer. Simple or radical prostatectomy can be done using open or laparoscopic techniques.
  • Hyperborea, The Pineal Gland, and The Spear of Destiny Due to a copyright issue - I had to slightly amend and re-post this video - Enjoy the second time around! I apologize if your comments were lost. ;D Himmler's Wewelsburg castle is the point or apex of the actual representation of the spear of destiny.. from a birds eye perspective the entire complex looks very much like the human brain.. Stranger still the eye of Horus or the eye of the moon also fits nicely into this map.. implying that Horus, Jesus, and other sun gods were representations of the psychedelic experience discovered through DMT pathways in the crystalline covered hallways of the Pineal gland.. This is also the eye you see atop the pyramid on the dollar bill.. the one true Stargate and 'inner' messiah. The magic Psilocybe mushroom being the manna or 'his' flesh.. Catholics so ignorantly take in wafer form at communion. In Indian Jones and the Last Crusade Sean Connery is held captive in a castle modeled after Wewelsburg.. bringing it full circle Shia La Beouf, our Optimus Christ Cube guardian, stars alongside our Matrix messiah Keanu Reeves in Constantine a story about the spear of destiny, and will also star counter our Stargate invoking Harrison Ford in the much anticipated finale of the Indiana Jones franchise: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Seek the Mysteries. All info included in this video on The Spear of Destiny was taken from research done by William Henry. Please see his blog for more ...
  • Pineal Gland Activation - Meditation - Infinite Fractal Flowers - ThirdEyeFrequencies Please visit - To get daily updates of more powerful activations like this to Alchemize your whole body systems and help contribute to a project to build communities of Enlightened beings working in harmony.. watch my video "Earthship Village And Kriya Yoga Ashram" for more info..
  • GLand Jungle Surf Camp See also "Surfista de Alma" Video de apresentação do Jungle Surf Camp localizado em grajagan Esat Java Indonesia
  • Brain, Hyptothalamus, Pituitary Gland, Endocrine System
  • Express *** GLAND JUICE from your Dog's butt! Expressing a dogs *** glands. the Guru of information on how to care for your dogs, how to house train, find good in- expensive vets, walk, you name it. Go here to subscribe for my Weekly Newsletter and sign up for a webinar and learn so much it will blow you away! I promise to bring you some great videos , please subscribe so we can keep you posted as we add new videos.
  • how to stimulate & decalcify your pineal gland in this video i teach you a simple exercise you can do right now to stimulate and decalcify your pineal glad or third eye. The pineal gland, the most enigmatic of endocrine organs, has long been of interest to anatomists. Several millennia ago it was thought to be a valve that controlled the flow of memories into consciousness. René Descartes, the 17th-century French philosopher-mathematician, concluded that the pineal was the seat of the soul. A corollary notion was that calcification of the pineal caused psychiatric disease, a concept that provided support for those who considered psychotic behavior to be rampant; modern examination techniques have revealed that all pineal glands become more or less calcified.
  • The Endocrine Glands The Endocrine Glands Hormones maintain the equilibrium of the body's chemistry and regulate growth and development. They are produced by the system of endocrine glands, which secrete them directly into the bloodstream for distribution throughout the body. There are nine endocrine glands throughout the body. The anterior pituitary gland produces thyroid-stimulating hormone or TSH, adrenocortico trophic hormone or ACTH, follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH, luteinizing hormone or LH, prolactin and growth hormone or GH . The posterior pituitary gland produces oxytocin, which helps induce labor and causes milk release, and antidiuretic hormone or ADH, which promotes water retention by the kidneys. The thyroid gland produces triiodothyronine and thyroxine, which increase metabolic rate. The Parathyroid glands produce parathormone or PTH, which raises the level of calcium in the blood. The pancreas produces insulin, which decreases blood sugar levels, and glucagon, which increases blood sugar levels. The adrenal cortex produces glucocorticoids, affecting protein and carbohydrate metabolism, mineralorcorticoids, regulating body fluid concentration, and *** hormones. The adrenal medulla produces adrenaline and noradrenaline, which prepare the body for "fight or flight". The testes produce testosterone, which maintains the male secondary ***ual characteristics. The ovaries produce progesterone, which help to prepare the uterus for pregnancy, together with estrogen, which also ...
  • Meshuggah - Pineal Gland Optics Syncopation
  • Simple Skin Model - Glands & Sensory Structures This video was produced to help students of human anatomy at Modesto Junior College study our anatomical models.
  • How a thyroid gland can become underactive Animation to show how a thyroid gland can become underactive. Thecontent is intended for general information only and does not replace the need for personal advice from a qualified health professional. For more information visit our health information site
  • Energising our thyroid gland Bodylicious: Dance your way to fitness with Danceworx.
  • Salivary gland mucocele how to remove it
  • Human Light Technology Part 5: Pineal Gland is DNA center 30+ hours of free audio are available on my site, . Sign-up is free! ~~~ My Request To You Please share this video with all your friends! I am offering the whole world free healing energies and techniques in this video. If you benefit from the healing energies I am offering in this video, the way you can give back to me at no cost to you is to simply spread the word about what I am doing! Help me light and heal the whole world! -Rama ~~~ Dear One, This is the continuation of my human light technology video series, which is all about the brain and nervous system your upper three chakras / your crown organ, pineal gland, and medulla oblongata. I show you the technique that you can practice daily to activate your DNA in this video! ~~~ At the end of this video is a special song just for YOU. ~~~ For more information visit my website, Victory to You! Rama ~~~ You can access Human Light Technology Part 1 here: You can access Human Light Technology Part 2 here: You can access Human Light Technology Part 3 here: For more about my healing services, you can visit: ~~~ Remote Healing Video Video about How Remote Healing Sessions work: ~~~ Remote Healing Codings These are healing body-codings you can order on my site! Energetic Protection (c111) - This coding helps strengthen your aura and your magnetic field and helps you maintain your energetic boundaries. This coding ...
  • How to Groom a Dog : How to Express a Dog's *** Gland Learn tips and techniques on how to clean, drain or express the *** glands of your dog in this free video. Expert: Anne-Marie Forde Bio: Anne-Marie Forde and Jon Fless have owned and operated The Sudsy Dog Grooming Shop for 8 years. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • Secrets Of The Pineal Gland love4all1 Go here and join to get access to Loads of Powerful Shaktipat Activations and Meditations, a seat in the Satsangs spoke about in the video, One on One Counsel and Kundalini Activation, Esoteric Teachings and much more!
  • How the Body Works : The Anterior Pituitary Gland The Anterior Pituitary Gland The anterior pituitary gland, situated at the base of the brain, secretes several hormones which control the activity of other endocrine glands and influence general body growth. Messages from the higher centers of the brain stimulate hypothalamic cells to secrete hormones into the pituitary portal blood system. Some of these hormones stimulate, and others inhibit, secretion of anterior pituitary hormones. Hormones produce numerous effects. For example, TSH stimulates thyroid hormone production, and GH affects bones and muscles. ACTH triggers hormone release from the adrenal cortex. Prolactin stimulates lactation. LH and FSH control hormone release by the testes and ovaries; and in maturity production of spermatozoa and ova in these organs.
  • How Your Body Works 6 Adrenal Gland Problems Fatigue How Your Body Works 6 Adrenal Gland Problems Fatigue What is adrenal fatigue? What are the symptoms of adrenal gland malfunction? What is adrenal insufficiency? What the adrenal fatigue symptoms? Is there such thing as congenital adrenal hyperplasia? What about adrenal exhaustion? What diet should you eat for these problems? Get the wellnessscoop. RADHlA is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CCN She is also a Certified BioNutritional ***yst. She has a M.Ed. in nutrition and is a professional member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, (IAACN), and the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA). Visit Radhia's Website at This video was produced by Psychetruth Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul © Copyright 2009 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.
  • What Your Adrenal Glands Do Dr. Todd Ferguson explains the role of the adrenal glands and our body's stress response.
  • Examination of the Thyroid Gland What is Clinical Skills Online? The Clinical Skills Online (CSO) is a project aimed at providing online videos demonstrating core clinical skills common to a wide range of medical and health-based courses. This project has been funded by the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. Who is it for? These videos are freely available to anyone using them for educational, personal and non-commercial purposes only. (Please read both the site disclaimer and the creative commons license for more information). For more FREE medical videos visit web2097
  • Shotgun Histology Submandibular Gland
  • DNA Awakening - Crown and Pineal Gland - Gods and Goddesses Restore your DNA/Lighted Crown Telecall Audio by Michele Denman & Rama for those interested in awakening to your higher can listen to the full messege here; Audio Link We are the Ones we have been waiting for...:) Rama's site; ^j^
  • Shotgun Histology Parotid Gland
  • What is the pituitary gland? Dr. William Ludlam of the Seattle Pituitary Center talks about the pituitary gland.
  • 936Hz Pineal Gland Activator 936 Hz Pineal Gland Activator FULL DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE AT: All music tracks are original and the sole property of Source Vibrations. If you would like to use our audio programs for any reason, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] New!!! Pineal Gland Activator 936 Hz - $9.99 - Activating the 3rd Eye ~ As we evolve as multi-dimensional beings the piezoelectric calcite crystals of the pineal gland act as receivers of light and information. This audio track serves to access, activate, and increase the "secret of the brain" the Pineal Gland. 22 min. frequency assisted track. Music: Asa Video and Digital Artist: Devorah Rhea http _\|/_ _()_ _()_ _()_With a Love not of this World, Asa and Devorah Rhea
  • Fluoride and The Pineal Gland www.moreth*** The single animal study of pineal function indicates that fluoride exposure results in altered melatonin production and altered timing of ***ual maturity. Whether fluoride affects pineal function in humans remains to be demonstrated. The two studies of menarcheal age in humans show the possibility of earlier menarche in some individuals exposed to fluoride, but no definitive statement can be made. Recent information on the role of the pineal organ in humans suggests that any agent that affects pineal function could affect human health in a variety of ways, including effects on ***ual maturation, calcium metabolism, parathyroid function, postmenopausal osteoporosis, cancer, and psychiatric disease. SOURCE: National Research Council. (2006). Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards. National Academies Press, Washington DC p221-22. "In conclusion, the human pineal gland contains the highest concentration of fluoride in the body. Fluoride is associated with depressed pineal melatonin synthesis by prepubertal gerbils and an accelerated onset of ***ual maturation in the female gerbil. The results strengthen the hypothesis that the pineal has a role in the timing of the onset of puberty. Whether or not fluoride interferes with pineal function in humans requires further investigation." SOURCE: Luke J. (1997). The Effect of Fluoride on the Physiology of the Pineal Gland. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Surrey, Guildford. p. 177.
  • *** Glands (2): How to express them? In this video we are showing you how to express the *** glands of your dog or your cat. This is often all that is required to relieve the pet who has blocked glands and a build up of secretions.

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  • “Each lateral lobe is composed of numerous lobules held together by delicate areolar tissue; the entire gland being enclosed in an investing capsule of a similar but denser structure. . The primary lobules vary in size from that of a pin's head”
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  • “Some dogs and even cats can experience clogged *** sacs which can lead to infections caused by continuous itching and scratching. For dogs or cats with *** gland problems, Dr. Dym recommends adding extra fiber to your pet's diet and using pet”
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  • “Sliloh's Rambles Many people come to my blog from searches for pineal gland tumors. I thought I'd try to be a bit more informative about these brain tumors than my last post which was about my personal journey with the diagnosis and treatment of my own tumor”
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  • “Scientific Studies Show Your Municipality Has No Right to Poison You. It is now known - thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England - that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride”
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