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  • gesture n. A motion of the limbs or body made to express or help express thought or to emphasize speech. — “gesture: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • [[Image:Us navy helicopter landing signals illustration.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Military signalmen use hand and body gestures to direct flight operations aboard aircraft carriers.]]A gesture is a form of non-verbal communication made with a part of. — “Gesture | ”,
  • Hand gestures, i.e., gestures performed by one or two hands, is the most numerous category of gestures due to the ability of the human hand to acquire a huge number of clearly discernible configurations, the fact of importance for the sign languages. Type of gesture:. — “: dictionary of body language and signs”,
  • GESTURE INT'L has fully committed to supply health care products to our valuable customers so they can compete in their market Learn about exciting product information by subscribing to the Gesture International newsletter. — “:::: GESTURE International :”,
  • gesture (plural gestures) A motion of the limbs or body, especially one made to emphasize speech. The middle finger gesture is really a nonverbal swear. This Web browser can be controlled with mouse gestures. An act or a remark made as a formality or as a sign of attitude. — “gesture - Wiktionary”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define gesture as NGesture \Ges'ture\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Gestured}; p. pr. & vb.n. {Gesturing}.]To accompany or. — “Definition of Gesture from ”,
  • Why such a narrow focus, given that so much of the work on gesture in the human-computer interface community has focused on gestures as their own language -- gestures that might replace the keyboard or mouse or speech as an direct command language?. — “SPEECH, ACTION AND GESTURES AS”,
  • Interactants themselves may have explicit theories about gesture, which and how people gesture seems to reveal something about what they are doing and. — “Gesture”,
  • Find gesture synonyms and gesture antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Gesture Synonyms, Gesture Antonyms | ”,
  • A gesture is a form of non-verbal communication in which visible bodily actions communicate particular messages, either in place of speech or together and in parallel with spoken words.[1] Gestures include movement of the hands, face, or other parts of the body. — “Gesture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Military signalmen use hand and body gestures to direct flight operations aboard aircraft carriers. Many gestures have offensive import; the language of gesture is rich in ways for individuals to express contempt, hostility, or approval towards others. — “Gesture - Definition”,
  • Definition of gesture in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gesture. Pronunciation of gesture. Translations of gesture. gesture synonyms, gesture antonyms. Information about gesture in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. hand. — “gesture - definition of gesture by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Gesture definition, a movement or position of the hand, arm, body, head, or face that is expressive of an idea, opinion, emotion, etc.: See more. — “Gesture | Define Gesture at ”,
  • We found 38 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word gesture: gesture: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] gesture, gesture: Macmillan. — “Definitions of gesture - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Hand gestures, are gestures performed by one or two hands. For movements involving the rest of the body, see gesture. Some hand gestures are closely tight to speech, some are like word themselves. The gestures listed below of such kind, they are. — “Hand gesture - Psychology Wiki”,
  • something said or done by way of formality or courtesy, as a symbol or token, or for its effect on the attitudes of others Examples of GESTURE. Specific gestures can indicate particular moods. — “Gesture - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Gesture publishes articles reporting original research, as well as survey and review articles, on all aspects of gesture. The journal aims to stimulate and facilitate scholarly communication between the different disciplines within which work on gesture is conducted. — “John Benjamins: Details of Gesture”,
  • BIGpedia - Gesture Encyclopedia and Dictionary Online Many gestures have offensive import; the language of gesture is rich in ways for individuals to express contempt, hostility, or approval towards others. — “BIGpedia - Gesture - Encyclopedia and Dictionary Online”,
  • Armstrong, David F., William C. Stokoe, Sherman E. Wilcox, Gesture and the Nature of Language (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995) Brilliant, Richard, Gesture and Rank in Roman Art, The Use of Gesture to Denote Status in Roman Sculpture and Coinage (New Haven: Biano Luno's Printing, 1963). — “gesture”,
  • Low cost gesture interface for computer interaction. Wearable system. Especially gesture systems for consumer electronics interfaces. Realtime depth, color and. — “Keith Price Bibliography Gesture Recognition Systems”,
  • Learn more about GestureTek's computer vision, gesture recognition & motion sensing technology and motion control interfaces for immersive advertising and digital signage, virtual gaming & entertainment, surface computing, interactive displays. — “GestureTek technologies”,
  • Definition of gesture from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of gesture. Pronunciation of gesture. Definition of the word gesture. Origin of the word gesture. — “gesture - Definition of gesture at ”,
  • Nonverbal communication includes facial expression, tones of voice , gestures, and eye contact. Different gestures have different meanings. Different nationalities have specific gestures and emotions. However, due to the different background and culture, even the same gesture and emotion has different. — “CHINESE NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION”,

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  • Google Gesture Search - Phil takes a quick look at Google Gesture Search on Android 2.0.
  • Body Language: The Meanings of Hand Gestures www.personal-development- - In this body language video I show many hand gestures and explain what they mean. I hope you will understand people better as a result of this new knowledge.
  • Gestures From Around the World Part 1 Traveler, Bud Brown shares his observations of the different gestures and their meanings that he's encountered in his world travels.
  • Rome - The accidents of gesture you were wrong you let hell invade you and you let me go love wants to be both gentle and cruel you were a fool, you should have known and would you wear berries in your hair for this batallion of lovers? and would you share this table set among the stones of your brothers? i thought i had no wish to protect you, to conquer you but now i have turned to you so leave death and come to me you will see, i will leave no scar on you for you were meant to be with me, here for we are built, trained, conditioned to disappear we shall stay in the shadows, in the meadows afire as thieves for hire and we shall remain invisible, for we travel light for we do not rush toward the light for we dance if we can with our eyes closed all along the borders, all along the road and we shall make our movements lighter like the boys on the wire to regain the joy and fierceness of the essentiel man cool out here, beside me cool out in the sands of spain cool out and wash yourself in milk again and now you shall moan and you shall weep and you shall loathe the other cheek my friend you can't pretend to know life in every breath to wound my pride, to envy death you didn't come up with this cure and rest assured your longings never seemed pure and each time i will come each time i will be another a sinner, a saint, your enemy brother i shall make you say please i shall have you on your knees wir haben unsere welt verloren was übrig bleibt schleppen wir jetzt in koffern durch halb europa an alle welt ...
  • Public Speaking, Movement and Gesture (Highlights) - 1940s This film is pure nostalgia! Great for training in the office as an ice-breaker (Oh, the things we had to do in the days before PowerPoint! This early Coronet film takes us through the basics of effective public speaking, with its focus on body posture and gestures. There is some very funny footage here; especially in the scene demonstrating how not to make gestures when speaking (what a forensic geek this dude is!). The final "live" speech is great in that it is about nuclear energy! The speaker's motions are so calculated (albeit exaggerated for example), they are counter-productive to the film's lesson and ultimately distract from what the speaker is trying to say. Great film. See the complete original print of this film for auction on eBay through 10/23! Note: The following clip was taken directly from the original 16mm print and has been edited to approximately half the film's original length.
  • interactive ui in minority report
  • Hitnakut, singing girls N'vei Dekalim (?) eviction of Jews in summer 2005
  • Italian Hand Gestures & Expressions PART 2 More fun Italian hand gestures!!! This time Nada and her friends have added some useful Italian expressions that you can easily learn before your trip to Italy! Please leave comments and contact Nada to send your requests for the next video!!
  • Gesture-Driven Robot Arm System : DigInfo DigInfo TV - 8 University of Tsukuba Gesture-Driven Robot Arm System
  • Speech Functions and gestures An awesome 1950's Educational Film on how to make a Speech using proper gestures.
  • Canesta TV Gesture User Interface Demo Tired of browsing 500-1000 channels of content 6 lines of text at a time, wearing out that button on the remote? Browse a wall of content as fast or slow as you want, using our demo built with Cool Iris (CoolIris,com) software and one or our Canesta 3D Image Sensors.
  • Italian Hand Gestures PART 1 Many people don't know that 50% of the Italian language is spoken, while the other 50% is communicated through a specific code of hand this video to find out!
  • ITALIAN IN 10 MINUTES - BEST COMPLETE GESTURE'S LESSON - by CARLO AURUCCI .wmv Emergency traveler's language guide to survive in Italy
  • Our world. Your move. "Simple gestures" Simple gestures make a difference. Make yours. Visit ourworld- to read stories of humanity and hope, learn more about Red Cross Red Crescent challenges and share your story. The 'Our world. Your move.' campaign is a call to action. Our world faces unprecedented challenges, ranging from conflict and mass displacement to climate change, migration and a global financial crisis. We have a collective responsibility to make our world a better place. It's up to each of us, as individuals, to make a move and do something to help others. Young or old, we can all make a difference. In 2009, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is commemorating the 150 year anniversary of the battle of Solferino. It was there that a young Swiss businessman, Henry Dunant, did not look away but took action and moved quickly to organize civilians to help thousands of unassisted wounded soldiers. The 'Our world. Your move.' campaign will be celebrating the enduring importance of Henry Dunant's humanitarian gesture. In 2009, we are also marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the 60th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions, which give protection to the most vulnerable people in times of war. With a series of public events around the globe, the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is highlighting the challenges faced by people in need throughout the world as well as the actions that ...
  • Gestures across cultures the middle finger in west may mean another thing in the east. a clip of the best and fascinating gestures from around the world. taken from BBC documentary the human animal- language of the body
  • Steve Carell's Somewhat Romantic Gesture The hilarious Steve Carell has been married for six*** years! He told Ellen what makes it work, and shared one of his recent romantic gestures -- which was somewhat surprising!
  • Korean Hand Gestures This is just a simple video to explain how you should handle your, err, hands, when giving and receiving in Korea. We don't have anything like this in North America, and we've been corrected on this a few times. Watch and learn.
  • Virtopsy - Potential use of gesture control in medicine using the Microsoft Kinect camera This Video demonstrates, how the Microsoft Kinect can be used to control a PACS system, in this case OsiriX. The software is based on ofxKinect, libfreenect and open frameworks. Copyright Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland
  • A Guide to Gesture Drawing Hi, here's a fairly long video explaining how I approach gesture drawing. It's not got much entertainment value but I hope it's educational. A good way to learn is to imagine how you would draw and compare your choices with the ones I made. Maybe you'd make better choices than me but I hope you can still learn something. The site I used for the models is: Tools: Wacom Intuos3 12x9 Adobe Photoshop CS3 Camtasia Studio.
  • How To Warm-Up For Gesture Drawing - Part 01 Warming up for gesture drawing is as important as stretching before running a track meet in the Animation and Entertainment Industry. These videos (Part 01 and Part 02) discuss why it's so important to warm-up and show you detailed sketches and practices along the way. With the picture-in-picture view you can see how I select and make my choices and interpretations.
  • Gesture Drawing Tutorial - One Minute www.drawing-tutorials- In this Gesture drawing lesson Matt will show you how he completes a one minute gesture drawing from the figure. When working on a one minute gesture drawing an artist has many options. It can however be extremely frustrating working in such a short time frame. In this five part drawing tutorial Matt will simplify the process - http
  • Drawing Details with Gesture In Mind www.drawing-tutorials- When Drawing detailed items like the hands it's too easy to loose site of the main gesture and weight of the pose. Always keep the big movement in mind. If you are too focused on one small part of your drawing stiffness will soon creep into your work.
  • Gestures and Body Language Tutorial Learn every gesture and body language cue in one video. Eye, hand, leg, arm, and mouth gestures are completely covered. Gestures and Body Language Series Be an expert in body language. Applies to his and her body language. Article is here and I have a ton of other videos on Psychology on my YouTube Channel and at my website newthinktank
  • X-MEN FIRST CLASS cast on naughty gestures & stripping, Cinemax Final Cut (Cinemax) The cast of the movie, "X-Men First Class," sit down with Cinemax to talk about the film. For more information, go to Connect with Cinemax on Facebook:
  • Gesture Cube No need to touch just give it a wave! Just wave your hand to access music, web, your family and friends. You don´t even need to touch the surface. Gesture Cube uses 3D spatial movement tracking to help transform navigating a device into a magical intuitive experience. The underlying GestIC® technology detects your hand´s approach and movements - your favorite apps and media all at a wave of your hand. www.gesture- The Gesture Cube ... not just technology for techs sake. It is thoughtfully designed and deeply rooted in a genuine understanding of consumers expectations and needs. We have explored the possibilities of 3D technology to craft a product experience that is so intuitive its almost magical. Using natural gestures to control our electronics helps to draw them closer to our natural behaviour, making things easier and more fun. The result is an intelligent product concept with unlimited possibilities for enhancing daily life with effortless interaction. The Gesture Cube´s design is simple yet so beautiful it doubles as a sculptural icon in your living space. Technology GestIC® electric field sensing technology makes 3D spatial hand or finger movement tracking possible. GestIC® detects movements and distances in 3D space and provides the technical backbone for Gesture Cube´s 3D user interface. GestIC® enables touchfree three-dimensional gesture control on 2D screens from mobile phones, tablet PCs, picture frames and MP3 players all the way to 3D devices ...
  • Learn Japanese - Japanese Body Language and Gestures Lesson 2 Time to test your language knowledge.... Body language that is! presents you with the second episode of Japanese Body Language and Gestures, where you will learn another gesture commonly used in Japan, presented by the lovely native Japanese speaker, Hiroko. Have fun learning about the best ways to communicate without saying anything (okay, we'll teach you a few words while we're at it). If you liked this video and want to see more, let us know in the comments! If you learned a lot with this video, stop by our Japanese language learning website and get other language learning content including other great videos like this one, audio podcasts, review materials, blogs, iPhone applications, and more. http
  • hand gestures you know it. Let me know some challenges you'd like to see which don't involve dance or public acts of humiliation lol. Hope you guys are enjoying a great weekend and that you're all well and happy. x n
  • Coldstream Guards Play Star Spangled Banner The Coldstream Guards at Buckingham Palace play the Star Spangled Banner on September 12, 2001.
  • AAA - Gesture Game 2 AAA goes through another round of the Gesture Game. Shinjiro Atae is the one starting it XD, and Shuta Sueyoshi has a major epiphany in the middle of it (kind of like Shinjiro's epiphany in the last one except bigger). Disclaimer: This video does not belong to me, and the people belong to themselves, and blah, blah, blah. Honestly, only someone pretty stupid wouldn't already know that.
  • Mogees - Gesture recognition with contact-microphones In this video we show how it is possible to perform gesture recognition just with contact microphones and transform every surface into an interactive board. Through gesture recognition techniques we detect different kind of fingers-touch and associate them with different sounds. In the video we used two different audio synthesis techniques: 1- physic modelling, which consists in generating the sound by simulating physical laws; 2- concatenative synthesis (audio mosaicing), in which the sound of the contact microphone is associated with its closest frame present in a sound database. The system can recognise both fingers-touches and objects that emit a sound, such as the coin shown in the video. More details: /mogees
  • Multitasking Gestures - What Is It and How can I Get It? Multitasking Gestures allows you to change apps in your multitasking line-up by swiping to the left or right in any app with four fingers and go back to the home screen by pinching with four as well. Only a Winterboard theme (download other ways to get it as you wish) and easy as selecting your device and respringing! MT Gestures Theme is the name of the theme. Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe!! New Tech Blog: Twitter:
  • T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone - gesture unlocking Here's a first look at the T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone's gesture based unlocking mechanism.
  • How to Enable iPad 2 Multi-Touch Gestures For Free To learn more, visit Note This does NOT work with Windows. You must have a Mac. While it's true that you can pay $4.99 on the Mac App Store to download the latest version of Xcode in order to enable Multi-Touch gestures, you can get them for free as well. You do not need to jailbreak your iPad in order to enable these gestures. Simply follow this tutorial as I walk you through downloading and installing a free version of Xcode provided by Apple, and enable Multi-Touch gestures on your iPad 2. Free is always better, right? Let me know how this worked for you.
  • Opera Face Gestures Opera's known for thinking ahead. We recognize the future importance of touch interfaces, but there's one surface we haven't yet touched (literally). Get ready to face the future...
  • Toshiba AirSwing Gesture-based UI : DigInfo DigInfo - Toshiba Information Systems AirSwing
  • Multi-touch and Touchless Gesture Computing - Evoluce blog http Multi-touch and touchless gesture computing on Full HD LCD Screen - true multi-touch - pen iput - in air gesture computing - tag recognition
  • Hand Gestures A short video with subtitles demonstrating various hand gestures, many with multiple meanings.
  • Body language - Gestures The film presents differences in Polish and Japanese gestures. This was a task for a class ;-) CC-BY-SA-3.0 & GFDL
  • Video of MIA's Obscene Halftime Gesture The AP's Alicia Quarles was on the field as MIA makes obscene gesture during Super Bowl show. Video contains graphic image. (Feb. 6)
  • Yahoo! 3D Gesture Control Installation VISIT: /softkinetic FOR MORE!!! This was shot in San Francisco at Yahoo! Headquarters in 2010, where Brandfirst & SoftKinetic's leading 3D gesture control interactive marketing project now resides! This video was originally produced for Brandfirst who have worked hand-in-hand with SoftKinetic's iisu™ in order to provide this piece of digital interactive marketing by using our 3D Gesture & Motion Control Solutions. About Brandfirst | A client-centric consultancy active in sponsorship and brand activation solutions. With a consistent, top-quality, targeted approach, they focus on the objectives of clients and increasing their return on investments. Thanks for watching & keep tuned in for weekly updated video content! Best, SK.
  • Japanese Gestures にほんのジェスチャー I think those gestures are very Japanese. They might be useful... Maybe not... Just enjoy it!! If you have time, please visit my blog and facebook page! Stalk me on Twitter!
  • Xperia software update - Gesture input demo In this video we show how Gesture Input works on the 2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones after the software update rolling out now. Gesture input is a fast way of writing by dragging your finger from one letter to another. Gesture input has support for multiple languages by easily switch between them.

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  • “If you want to know more about how exactly they work, you can read the papers about the "$1 Gesture Recognizer" and "ShortStraw" (btw, this also fits nicely into my new series of blog posts about relevant academic papers). I've implemented both”
    — Efficient Gesture Recognition and Corner Finding in AS3,

  • “Read our research blog 340 people defined their own touchscreen-based gestures for 28 actions (like scroll, rotate, cut, copy, paste) across 9”
    Gesture Research | Enhancing Human Experiences,

  • “From Forum Nokia Wiki. The GestureRecognizer class recognizes the following kinds of gesture: tap - a brief touch in a single DRAG_THRESHOLD is used to desensitize the algorithm to small movements during a gesture”
    Gesture Recognizer for Java ME - Forum Nokia Wiki,

  • “Gesture was built in 1942 at the Quincy Adams yard in Boston. Dear admin, thnx for sharing this blog post. I found it wonderful. Best regards, Victoria”
    Gesture " Forespar Blog,

  • “If the iPhone's multi-touch user interface raises interesting questions about the importance of tactile feedback, then Microsoft Research takes the discussion to a whole new level. What if you could interact without touching anything at all? Take”
    — Multi-touch vs. multi-gesture - Blog - Etre,

  • “MIT researchers have developed a system for gesture-based computing using an ordinary webcam, a pair of brightly colored lycra gloves, and software th”
    — Cheaper and more fashionable gesture-based computing | ZDNet,

  • “Posts Tagged gesture' Iran's Nuclear Deal: A Success for Sanctions parody style of "how," and he accompanied the gesture with the words, "honest Injun”
    gesture - God's Politics Blog,

  • “The Model-Glue Framework Blog: Model Glue:Gesture - Beta Available”
    — The Model-Glue Framework: Blog: Model Glue:Gesture - Beta, model-

  • “(via UXmag) - Luke Wroblewski has posted some useful resources about touch gestures on his blog, a unique set summit device central distributable player eseminar flash lite flash player 10.1 forum nokia gesture design innovation live prints live wallpaper mobile design mobile games mobile joomla”
    gesture design,

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