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  • English Definition English for learners English Synonyms English Conjugation Other Dictionary Other suggestions : gestation, gesticulate, gesticulation, gesture, get, get about, get across, get ahead. — “Translation gesteld | English-German Dictionary | Reverso”,
  • We found 25 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word gesticulation: gesticulation: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info] gesticulation: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]. — “Definitions of gesticulation - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of gesticulation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of gesticulation. Pronunciation of gesticulation. Definition of the word gesticulation. Origin of the word gesticulation. — “gesticulation - Definition of gesticulation at ”,
  • gesture n. A motion of the limbs or body made to express or help express thought or to emphasize speech An expressive, meaningful bodily movement: gesticulation, indication, motion, sign, signal. — “gesture: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Gesticulation: a blog of animated photo GIFs. August 30, 2009 @ 5:57 pm. Gesticulation is a blog full of animated photo GIFs. It requires a robust internet connection if you want most of the images to load right away. Very fun to browse through on a lazy Sunday afternoon. — “ | Gesticulation”,
  • gesticulation is a deliberate, vigorous motion or gesture. So you will have to get your gesticulation juice from some other vender while I am gone. — “gesticulation”,
  • Search. gesticulation. LoraCyp 6 videos Subscribe Edit Subscription Tags: gesticulation. Loading Like Save to Share. Short URL. Email Facebook. — “YouTube - gesticulation”,
  • tunity to explore the relation between the verbalization and gesticulation of motion events by studying. Marcel, an English speaker with a unilateral left-hemisphere lesion affecting frontal, parietal, and. temporal sectors of the perisylvian cortex. — “A case of impaired verbalization but preserved gesticulation”, 775072258756081246-a-1802744773732722657-s-
  • To make gestures: To move the arms or hands when speaking, or to express something with movements of the arms or hands. buy gesticulation mugs, tshirts and magnets. — “Urban Dictionary: Gesticulation”,
  • "Gesticulation"->"Ugliest action." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2007) (pending approval) "Gesticulation"->"As licit tongue." (by Aronas Pinchas) (2007) (pending approval). — “Anagram Genius : Gesticulation”,
  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Gesticulation) Jump to: navigation, search. For gestures in computing, Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. — “Gesture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • gesticulation (plural gesticulations) The act of gesticulating, or making gestures to express passion or enforce sentiments. A gesture; a motion of the body or limbs in speaking, or in representing action or passion, and enforcing arguments and sentiments. Antic tricks or motions. — “gesticulation - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Gesticulation - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Definition of gesticulation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gesticulation. Pronunciation of gesticulation. Translations of gesticulation. gesticulation synonyms, gesticulation antonyms. Information about gesticulation in the free online. — “gesticulation - definition of gesticulation by the Free”,
  • You are here: Home Publications Can gesticulation help aphasic people speak, or rather, communicate? Can gesticulation help aphasic people speak, or rather, communicate? Advances in Speech-Language Pathology, 8. — “Can gesticulation help aphasic people speak, or rather”,
  • The science of NBA gesticulation. The Wall Street Journal tries to bring science to reffing the NBA by calculating how many technical fouls would have been called in two big Lakers play-offs games last year. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference The science of NBA gesticulation :. — “A Change in the Wind: The science of NBA gesticulation”,
  • How to use gesticulation in a sentence. Example sentences with the word gesticulation. gesticulation example sentences. Never mind tho - the international language of wild gesticulations, confused looks, smiles and laughter will surfice. — “Use gesticulation in a sentence | gesticulation sentence examples”,
  • An Outsider's View In and Around Molfetta, Italy. Thursday, June 10, 2010. Gesticulation. This is not a particularly great photo (I just happened to take it accidentally while playing with my camera), but I wanted to share it because it somehow captures a bit of the Italian spirit. — “Molfetta Daily Photo: Gesticulation”, molfetta-daily-
  • Gesticulate definition, to make or use gestures, esp. in an animated or excited manner with or instead of speech. See more. — “Gesticulate | Define Gesticulate at ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for gesticulation in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “gesticulation - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • The act of gesticulating, or making gestures to express passion or enforce sentiments. Act, Action, And, Antic, Body, Enforce, Enforcing, Express, Gesticulating, Gesture, In, Making, Motion, Of, Or, Passion, Speaking, The, To. — “Definition of Gesticulation”,

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  • smb t&r Gesticulation my best gesticulation time.
  • Robin Van Persie wanker gesticulation v Liverpool Rvp makes a specific gesticulation after a challenge at Anfield ;)
  • GESTICULATION! Laurel gets obsessive and is not articulate. Torchwood, Next to Normal and Getting into college is freaking awesome. Next to Normal This is my favorite thing on the entire internet. Ever. Because I am an English nerd:
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  • 11/26/10 - GESTICULATION!1!~*~*~ In which what the hell is she talking about, really?
  • Blue Square Bet TV Advert - Manager Gesticulation Blue Square Bet continue to out #NonsenseInFootball with this latest TV ad, looking at manager gesticulation! Get straight to the bet at .
  • Drepung Monastery Monk-debating(lots of shouting,hand slapping and gesticulation) Drepung Monastery is about 8km west of central Lhasa, was once the world's largest monasteries. The word Drepung literally translates as 'rice heap', a reference to the huge number of white monastic buildings that once piled up on the hillside. it suffered through the ages with assaults by the kings of Tsang and the Mongols, but was left relatively unscathed during the Cultural Revolution and there is still much of interest intact. Rebuilding and resettlement continue at a pace unmatched elsewhere in Tibet and the site once again resembles a small village, with around 600 monks resident out of a pre-Liberation total of around 7000!
  • 01/07: Of Rules, Polls and Gesticulations livejournal: website:
  • Interesting Word of the Week: Gesticulation (07/03/2011) ges·tic·u·la·tion --noun 1. the act of gesticulating. 2. an animated or excited gesture. So thank you for watching this week's word, you can subscribe to see the next one if you want :D Ah here are the links because I fail at making the out-tro work Music Videos? Interesting Word of the Week series? Any random Vlogs? Twitter: @themusicstudent Tumblr: My one rule with social networking sites is that they have to start with a T...
  • SMB T&R 12-4 Gesticulation 47.56 Game: Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll Platform: Nintendo DS Time: 47.56 WR time: 50.20 by packattack (O_o) Stage: World 12 - Mesh Mosh, stage 4 - Gesticulation Extra notes: Was done on my first try...I wasn't able to repeat a faster time after this, surprisingly.
  • Emily: Gesticulation Is My Middle Name In which Emily discusses her favorite youtubers and gesticulates like nobody's business. Don't forget to snoop around for the secret video!
  • Gesticulation helps At Chennai Live 104.8 FM, Live Breakfast Show, January 6, 2009, 9 - 11 am, on the panel with Bobby and Jyothi Menon, discussing 'Dealing with office Politics,' RJ Bhawana
  • Gesticulation Beth Palmer's commentary on hominoids. For Alex Haupt
  • Gesticulation Is Fun! (rant...) Made an UBER long time ago(early July), but I just had a chance to upload it now. YAY NO INTERWEBS!!! song: Watch You Die by Unter Null (I think...)
  • Let's gesticulate together! Twitter: Blog: Tumblr Dailybooth Email: [email protected] Don't forget to rate, comment and SUSCRIBE! Thannkkkssss guys :)
  • Conceptualization Requires Gesticulation Not sure if this is what UChicago envisioned with respect to "the life of the mind"...
  • gesticulation an other film by goûter raté industries made during the 24h comics and animation.
  • The gesticulation, its entertaining. in which Kali is sick, and also avoiding doing homework. your playlist!! :
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  • Improv - Even Greater Gesticulation XperDunn plays Piano - September 20th, 2011
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  • Gesticulation
  • Questions, Answers and Gesticulation. Answering questions off my Dailybooth/Tumblr followers dailybooth: /sarahromantic tumblr: flickr: /photos/sarahromanticphotography leave comments with more questions/video ideas :)
  • Primative Gesticulation-Soft Whispers a song i made which is soft
  • JOKE OF THE DAY - Gesticulation - Fri 9/24/2010 - Wholesome Lane Well looks like the theme of this week has turned out to be public transportation! What Fun! Wholesome Lane is a sketch comedy channel. Our shows include "Happy Sad Song" - covers of the saddest songs, "Write Three Words" - you give us three words and we make a comedic sketch out of it, and other fun and interactive games and videos. TAGS: Joke Of The Day Douch Douchebag "Daily Joke" Every Funny Hysterical Joker Jester Wild Crazy Ridiculous Girl Humping Air Comical Comedy Morning Afternoon Night Gym Talk What Happens Terrible Fruit Throwing Bad Lesbians bar liquor Blind Guy Man Disaster Blonde Truck Driver Angry Circle Atoms Biology Teacher Science Donkey Crossing Crosses Why Gay Dinosaur Jersey Shore "Gulf Oil Spill"
  • *Wild Gesticulation* Intro Vlog/FAQ YOU GUYS! I SPELLED GESTICULATION RIGHT ON THE FIRST TRY! I'm exceptionally excited. We should create a friendship :) /SpazMcSpazzy /DemonxHunterxFan /LEaKVlogify /SpazMcSpazzy
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  • David "talking" and gesticulating 9/4/2009 David is "talking" and gesticulating - what does he want to tell me? 9/4/2009
  • Classic Italian Prime minister gesticulating... Classic funny of Italian Prime minister gesticulating behind female police officer...
  • Wild Gesticulation Gesture assignment. Just for reference.
  • Gesticulation interuptous Olys
  • Gesticulation More experimental weirdness
  • Primitive Gesticulation-Pythagorean Theorem A song that i made
  • G14 Gesticulation Does speak mean gesticulate? How many gestures do you use communicating? Your speach is always accompanied by this or that gesture. What is the ratio of individual and common gestures in your gesticulation?
  • Benet Gesticulation No.6 "c'esit all." Godard
  • Blue Square Bet TV Advert - Player Gesticulation Blue Square Bet continue to out #NonsenseInFootball with this latest TV ad, looking at player gesticulation! Get straight to the bet at .
  • Primitive Gesticulation-Dope supremacy honey badger team an other song i made dedicated to angel jacquez and the dope supremacy honey badger team
  • Prosanctus Inferi - Pontificial Undulations of Blasphemic Gesticulation Genre: Black/Death Metal Origin: USA Album: Pandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitations (full-length) Track: 8 Release Date: Line-up: 08/2010 Jake Kohn - Guitars, Vocals Antichristus (RIP 2009) - Drums Label: Hells Headbangers recs. Lyrics: virutes deplete in the wake of roman blood st. ignatius wailing apoocryphal martyrdom balks in flavian antioch ciborium of mass imbued with sacramental blood spilled on the dark marble flood the clerical chrism sperm ecclessian solace drowned in communal reception cherubim split wide with seed of the conclave concelebration given in fraternal ***ual cult pontifical undulations of blasphemic gesticulation raping holy synod

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  • “Well, after a lot of gesticulation, I can finally welcome you to the blog! The next few updates will be about my trip to Exmouth where I'm catching up with my old”
    — the beginning ... ",

  • “And that part of the animation is better to do before or after the gesticulation? And that part of the animation is better to do before or after the gesticulation?”
    — 11 Second Club - The Monthly Character Animation Competition, 11

  • “Why all the gesticulation now? And are there any hand signs you'd like to make at the great and the good? Blog home. A week in gestures. Why all the gesticulation now? And are there any hand signs you'd like to make at the great and the”
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  • “Klim moved the characters with detailed gesticulation, while syncing very carefully to the character's Filed under: Video Blog | Comments (3) Meet the Depression Fairy. December 4th, 2009. This weeks comic was written and drawn by”
    — Pell Mell,

  • “Read My past posts on the Terra Nova blog by Bob Moore on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. Is Free Gesticulation For Avatars Here”
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  • “GPUPDATE.NET: Alonso clarifies Petrov gesticulation: Communities > Discussion Boards > Formula One > F1 News. Forum Guidelines. View New Content”
    — : Alonso clarifies Petrov gesticulation,

  • “A Blog For The Ladies Who Date Gamers. A former co-worker of mine started a blog for girlfriends of gamers. There's lots of gesticulation and laughing and then there's Kotaku, on that big-ass screen over their shoulders”
    — blog - Kotaku,

  • “Gesticulation is a blog full of animated photo GIFs. It requires a robust internet connection if you want most of the images to load right away. Very fun to”
    — Gesticulation: a blog of animated photo GIFs on ,

  • “Backpacking through Eastern Europe and Asia few Iranian words we had learned, Russian and a lot of gesticulation, we told him how great Iran is and how hospitable its people”
    — Morgenlandfahrt,

  • “Keskustelupalsta, jossa puhutaan netti-tv ohjelmista, kanavista, saiteista sek_ nettiradioista. Mukana my_ s juttua live -tapahtumista, videokanavista, vihjeit_ hyvist_ videoista YouTubessa, MySpacessa ja Veohista. IPTV on tulevaisuutta! Tule”
    — Keskustelupalsta Purchase cheap amoxicillin,

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