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  • German Football Summaries FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) â_ _ Summaries of Saturday's games in the Bundesliga (home team listed first): Fanis Gekas (33). Piotr Trochowski (3), Jonathan Pitroipa (29), Mladen Petric (36), Ruud van Nistelrooy (60). — “German Football Summaries - StamfordAdvocate”,
  • The 16-nation euro currency will survive the debt crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed Thursday, and a senior central banker said the European Union would be willing to increase its 750 billion euro ($1 trillion) bailout fund if. — “Euro will survive debt crisis, German Chancellor Merkel says”,
  • German - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “German”,
  • Report on German Herald: GERMANY S diverse gay community is outraged after a homo***ual couple were forcibly parted to be made to mate with females. — “Birds of a feather - Germany in Focus News - German Herald”,
  • Nations where German is spoken. Official language Widely spoken and understood and/or German (Deutsch [ˈdɔʏtʃ] ( listen)) is a West Germanic language, thus. — “German language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Indo-German commitment to work together in this field was reiterated during the recent visit to India by German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and German Economics and Technology Minister Rainer Brüderle. The German side is led by the German Ministry of Education and Research. — “The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : Indo-German cooperation in”,
  • German language Official language of Germany and Austria and one of the official languages of Switzerland, used by more than 100 million speakers. — “German language: Information from ”,
  • Berlin/Jerusalem - German President Christian Wulff arrived in Tel Aviv Saturday night for a four-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories.He took along Annalena Wulff, his 17-year-old daughter, and other German ***agers to emphasize. — “German President Wulff arrives in Israel - Summary | Earth”,
  • Timothy Garton Ash asked an important question in the Guardian recenty - is Europe becoming more German? Or, to put it more accurately, does the EU have to become. — “A more German Europe? | The Spectator”,
  • Thousands of fans have cheered the return of Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel to Berlin. The 23-year-old German celebrated his victory by driving in front of the capital's landmark Brandenburg Gate on Saturday. — “Thousands cheer Vettel in German capital | ”,
  • BERLIN (AP) -- German business confidence has unexpectedly risen to its highest level since reunification during November as Europe s largest economy continues to grow. — “German business confidence rises in November - Yahoo! Finance”,
  • Articles, lessons, quizzes, and links for learning German. In German, there are strong verbs, weak verbs, mixed verbs and just plain difficult verbs that are hard to conjugate due to various reasons. — “German Language - ”,
  • German discount supermarket Aldi, known for its aggressive price policy, is considering the possibility of stepping on the Bulgarian market, according to local media reports. The company has registered a subsidiary in Bulgaria through its. — “Bulgaria: German Discount Retailer Aldi Eyes Bulgarian Market”,
  • Sebastian Vettel finally stepped completely out of the shadow of fellow German Michael Schumacher with victory Sunday in the season-ending Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix to become the youngest world champion the sport's history. — “Thousands cheer Vettel in German capital - Auto Racing - Wire”,
  • In the process Mrs. Merkel has managed to produce strong anti-German sentiments, stoke rumors of the euro's imminent collapse, anger German voters and catch blame for aggravating the crisis in Ireland and undermining the euro by unnerving investors. — “Crises Shake German Trust in Euro Zone”, post-
  • German definition, having the same father and mother, as a full brother or sister (usually used in combination): See more. — “German | Define German at ”,
  • German companies, roaring back from the recession ahead of many of their foreign competitors, are hanging out "Help Wanted" signs. — “German economy booming - ”,
  • Christian Wulff, Germany's first head of state to be born after World War II, arrived on Saturday on his first official visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, the German embassy in Tel Aviv said. — “German president on official visit to Israel - Yahoo! News”,
  • As EU finance ministers prepare to meet in Brussels to finalize a bailout deal for Ireland before markets reopen on Monday, the German government is defending its handling of eurozone countries in financial difficulty. DW-: German and. — “German government defends its position on eurozone debt”, dw-
  • German soccer federation (DFB) chief Theo Zwanziger will run for a FIFA Executive Committee spot that will be left vacant when Franz Beckenbauer steps downs in March 2011, the DFB said on Friday. — “German soccer chief to run for FIFA executive committee - Reuters -”,

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  • Easy German Unit 6 - Einkaufen You can find all other Easy German episodes in the Language Section on our Website: solarnet- The Language Situation scenes are supposed to complement any regular language course by providing a sort of language "street experience". You can see "real" people talking their "real" language. They are all quite taken by surprise in this unusual situation (somebody asking silly questions) and they react very spontaneously.
  • Nena- 99luft Balons it's Nena's video to 99 Luft Balons (german for 99 Red Balloons)
  • Dr. Paul's Walls I - German Hyperinflation Dr. Paul has some German marks from 1923 framed on his wall to demonstrate the effects of hyperinflation.
  • Charlie the Unicorn - Candy Mountain [german fandub] Here's part one again, after it got deleted with my old account. It's generally the same BUT this time with the Candy Song also translated in german. Hope you like it! ;) All Credits for this genius animation going to (Jason Steele, Stephanie Steel, Matt Books). Be sure to visit their Website for more cool stuff and Charlie thingies! :D Or visit the official youtube Account here: ################################# Voice Actors: Dennis Saemann Rieke Werner Birte Baumgardt ################################# Song performed by: aequitaS Here you can find our Charlie 2 in german:
  • angry german kid truth: impatient german kid goes to play unreal tournement and chucks a spaz cause the game isnt leaning in his favor...apparently he doesnt like to die false:me, being a fan of this game and knowing how fun it really is, even when you are loosing ludacristically, i can not see how that kid could of reacted like he did to see the subtiled version go to:(opinion: this kid is a nut n should b in a straight jacket, funny though:P)
  • German Lessons Unit 4 Check our Solar Net TV Table of Content in order to find more videos you'd like: The Language Situation scenes are supposed to complement any regular language course by providing a sort of language "street experience". You can see "real" people talking their "real" language. They are all quite taken by surprise in this unusual situation (somebody asking silly questions) and they react very spontaneously.
  • German ghostrider crashes at 140km/h! This German/Russian wannabe ghostrider crashes when he underestimates his own speed and the distance to the front car. The amazing part about it is that he stands up, crosses the busy road and goes back to his bike. Even though the bike is totaled, he has only minor injuries (concussion & shoulder muscle rupture). Take a look at his protective bike dress and let it be a lesson... I don't wanna know what would have happened if he hadn't worn it - still pretty amazing. Btw, in the end he says he is still driving this crazy until today. I'm surprised he hasn't earned a Darwin award yet...
  • Born To Fire - German The Science Guy - Trailer - PC Higher quality videos on Follow us on TWITTER Become a fan on FACEBOOK:
  • Peter Schilling - "Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst)" (using "2001" footage) thought it would be fun to put visuals from the Stanley Kubrick film "2001" to Peter Schilling's "Major Tom". It turned out a lot better than I thought it would. This is a tweak of the original edit to fit with the German (original) radio version of "Major Tom". (Apologies for the misspelling in the title card.) It's about a minute shorter, and my copy of it was just a touch faster than the English version, so I basically needed to tweak every single edit in it.
  • German Fork Lift Safety ridiculous german fork lift safety
  • Colonel Ulrich Kirsch, Chairman of the German Armed Forces Association | Journal Interview Interview with Colonel Ulrich Kirsch about the massive changes facing the Bundeswehr
  • SHERMAN TANK VERSUS GERMAN TIGER A comparative between the medium allied tank, M4 Sherman, and his german opponent, the heavy Tiger armed with a 88 mm gun. A world war two duel.
  • Cee Lo Green - *** You (German Lyrics) Ever wondered what the words to 'FU' would be if Cee Lo Green was German? Now you know. UK Fans: Buy the exclusive '*** You' EP now for only £1.99 from iTunes US Fans: Pre-order the new album The Lady Killer at or download "*** You" at or from iTunes at
  • Learn German - Lesson 1 Hello and welcome to German 1. This video will give you an introduction to the German personal pronouns and the present tense of the verb "sein". We hope you enjoy it. Thank you for watching. utsch-online- If you would like to watch this video in high quality, please click here German 1 Lesson 1: "sein" - present tense. The personal pronouns Lesson 2: The grammatical gender Lesson 3: The grammatical number Lesson 4: The grammatical case Lesson 5: The definite article - forms Lesson 6: The definite article - nominative and genitive Lesson 7: The definite article - dative and accusative Lesson 8: "haben" - present tense Lesson 9: The conjugation system Lesson 10: The verb - present tense endings Lesson 11: The verb - irregular present tense Lesson 12: The singular noun - n-declension Lesson 13: The singular noun - s-declension (1) Lesson 14: The singular noun - s-declension (2) Lesson 15: The singular noun - s-declension (3) Lesson 16: The singular noun - zero declension Lesson 17: The plural noun - declension Lesson 18: The indefinite article - forms Lesson 19: The indefinite article - nominative and genitive Lesson 20: The indefinite article - dative and accusative Lesson 21: The preposition - contractions Deutsch lernen - learn German
  • Lamas mit Hüten [german Fandub] Ho is a new video from the creator of "Charlie the Unicorn". It's called "Llamas with hats" and it's about Karl and his friend and a corpse lying on the floor in their house. How the hell did it get there? Have fun watching this little video. All Credits for this genius animation going to (Jason Steele). Be sure to visit his Website for more cool stuff :D Or visit the official youtube Account here: ################################# Voice Actors: TheTrueBlacky #################################
  • New German UAV -- microdrone A high technology very small UAV made in germany by microdrone GmbH. Can reach an altitude of 400m and stay in the sky for 30 minutes. for more info and videos:
  • ALL German Scrubs Scenes a mix of all german scrubs scenes in the episode "my interpretation"
  • RoBeat vs. Mando @ 5th German Beatbox Battle - Final Round RoBeat vs. Mando in the final round of the German Beatbox Battle at Kalkscheune in Berlin, 2007. Mando was defending his 2006 titel and can enter 2nd Beatbox World Championship to represent Germany to the fullest. He won two golden Shure SM58 microphones from Beatbox Battle...
  • German Coast guard trainee
  • Kickers Opening German Kickers!!!
  • Is Barbie based on a German *** doll? The truth behind Barbie's mysterious origins.
  • Learn German with Speedyconkiwi! #1: Count from 1-10 Please comment if you'd like to see more videos like that! I know it's just a simple counting video, but I had some ideas while making this, so let me know what you think!! This is a video response to Gimmeabreakman's little tutorial for counting from 1-10 in Japanese... ( ) Being german I thought I'd share the secrets of 1-10 in german with y'all^^ 1 - EINS 2 - ZWEI 3 - DREI 4 - VIER 5 - FÜNF 6 - SECHS 7 - SIEBEN 8 - ACHT 9 - NEUN 10 - ZEHN Thanks for watching!!
  • Puppy Owns German Shepherd Girlfriends new puppy attacks their German Shepard Puppy is a mutt: Mix of a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Yorkie. Both dogs are very well behaved and trained very well. This is still one of their games. The GS taunts her to get whatever toy it has. This is the Original, all others are stolen.
  • Marlene Dietrich sings Lili Marleen in German
  • German: Languages of the World: Introductory Overviews Alexander Arguelles presents a series of videos to provide introductory overviews of the languages of the world. Working diachronically through various language families in turn, he demonstrates how to identify each language, translates a text sample to show how it works, and discusses its genetic affiliation and cultural context. For further information about the series, please refer to
  • Tankmen Infinity [german fandub] This is the german Version of "Tankmen Infinity" from the TANKMEN series by JohhnyUtah. I didn't make this flash animation, John & Richie made this, be sure to visit their Website for more stuff. Hope you like this and be sure to let the video load, it's huge and have approx. 6:30 running time. Big thanks to Kingetzel, K4uz and Strawbellycake, for lending their voices for this clip. And now have fun with the next little Tankmen show :P
  • German Plane Landing Attempt The Lufthansa jet, with 137 passengers onboard, struggled through the strong winds of a powerful winter storm to land at Hamburg Airport, Spiegel Online reported. After skidding along the runway and rocking violently, the pilot was forced to abort the landing. Later, all 137 passengers arrived safely.
  • German language: greetings Learn how to greet an individual in German in this one of many videos in a series at Expert Village. See thousands of more videos at
  • Learn German with SpeedyConKiwi! #3: Pronunciation Fun! Alphabet Joy! New Episode! Subscribe for more! (yes yes, I do mostly other stuff, but a girl's gotta be able to promote herself, right? My channel, my rules.) Today we're gonna go through the alphabet and general pronunciation of the German Language. Sounds like fun? It is!! Besides the alphabet we will also take a look at how to pronounce - Ä (like "ai" in English "fair"), - Ö (kinda like "o" in English "word") - Ü (say a looong English "eeee" and while doing that, form your mouth to say "you". It should be kind of in the middle of the sound of "ou" in "you" and the long "eeee") - ß (basically a double "s", sounds in general a bit stronger than the normal s) and combinations such as - ie (English "ee") - ei (English "i") - eu (English "oy") - äu (same as "eu": English "oy") - au (like "ow" in English "wow") - sch (English "sh") - ch (two different pronounciations, watch the video and try again and again, I can't really describe that in words LOL) NOT MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO: "qu" is pronounced like "coo" in English "cool". The Q basically never really stands alone. Hope that helped :D Thanks to all the new viewers and subscribers for the support and feedback! It's overwhelming and I really appreciate it!! This started out as a silly video response and became this big project, and I know it takes me forever to post a new episode, but I will keep on posting more of these! Just a few sidenotes: I will not tutor you personally, not via email and not via messenger. I cannot go ...
  • Heintje - Mama (German version)
  • Dogs 101 German Shepherd Video Animal Planet The German Shepherd Dog (GSD, also known as an Alsatian), (German: Deutscher Schäferhund) is a breed of large-sized dog that originated in Germany. German Shepherds are a relatively new breed of dog, whose origins date to 1899. As part of the Herding group, the German Shepherd is a working dog developed originally for herding sheep. Because of their strength, intelligence and abilities in obedience training they are often employed in police and military roles, in forces around the world. Due to their loyal and protective nature, the German Shepherd is one of the most registered of breeds. And make sure to check out Dogs 101 on the Animal Planet.
  • Sandra Bullock - Bambi Awards (german speech) This is a rare clip of Sandra Bullock winning an award in germany and her speech is all in fluent, very good german. very interesting and cool.:)For Translation read ahead! Edit The speech: Gosh, I'm so nervous cause over there on the floor lies my speech (she didn't got that right though, instead of "Rede" [speech] she used "Sprache" [language]). Okay, we live in such glorious times, cause I used to be a waitress, I was a cleaning lady, then I was a disco dancer, then I was a dog's coiffeur...who would have thought that all those jobs would lead me up to this stage some day? But this is the best proof for an audience which is so tolerant these days that even people like me have a chance. My mother always told me „Be original, Sandra" and it made me totally crazy as a child. But now I understand it, cause my mother was ahead of her time. And thank god she put that across to me before she left into a different world herself. So thanks. Thanks to...(and then a lot of names of her family I suppose. Uncles, aunts...probably a niece, cause she threw a "go to bed now" after one name.) Thanks enemy10585 and everybody else who translated it! ;)
  • Silent Hill 2 - Chibi Edition [german Fandub] At last! It's finally finished after so many months in the making^^ I proudly presents the "Silent Hill 2 Chibi Edition" animation, blockbuster on Newgrounds and one of the funniest videogame spoofs. That one was hard to make because I had to make a decision whether I add german subs to the video or just let the original ones in it. Well, I decided to sub the clip too after all. I hope you like it, as I enjoyed making it for you ;) PS: Don't mind the one or two aberrations in the video, it's the crappy youtube widescreen format causing this -_- ----------------------------------------------------------- Written by: Knickknack - Burn Ward Animated by: Scorch & Fierdon german voice actors: NekoDesuDesu, Strawbellycake, Xamuel7, Blacky Visit the newground site for the original version of Silent Hill Chibi Edition here:
  • I'm German
  • Easy German Unit 9 Josh ask people of Münster about who is going to win the elections in the USA; Obama or McCain. Just two days before the final result. You can find all other Easy German episodes in the Language Section on our Website: www dot solarnet-international dot org The Language Situation scenes are supposed to complement any regular language course by providing a sort of language "street experience". You can see "real" people talking their "real" language. On in the German Language forum you can find the transcript of this video.
  • German pronunciation 1 - R Explaining the pronunciation of the letter R in the german language, standing in the different positions of a word. If you are interested in learning more german or other languages, become a member of our community www.solarnet-. You will also find there a german language board where you can ask our german members to produce more videos for you!
  • Easy German Unit 8 You can find all other Easy German episodes in the Language Section on our Website: www dot solarnet-international dot org The Language Situation scenes are supposed to complement any regular language course by providing a sort of language "street experience". You can see "real" people talking their "real" language. They are all quite taken by surprise in this unusual situation (somebody asking silly questions) and they react very spontaneously.
  • Futuristic German Shooting Range An amazing high tech shooting range.
  • The Gummy Bear Song - Long German Version Full length German version of I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) from the album "I Am Your Gummy Bear". Artist: Gummibär Title: Ich Bin Dein Gummy Bear Album: I Am Your Gummy Bear Visit Gummibär online at .
  • Learn How to Speak German - Greetings, Hello, Bye Click on to get a bunch of free German Phrases videos and Tips That will help you speak German in no time - Click http Now.

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  • “We offer the best German Shepherd information possible. For more articles, news and GSD resources, please feel free to visit us at:”
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  • “The Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (German: Demokratisches Forum der Deutschen in Rumänien, DFDR; Despite originally being a German minority party, the party is popular also with many ethnic Romanians, notably in parts of Transylvania”
    — Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania - Wikipedia, the free,

  • “An introduction to some German knife makers, the knives they make, and occasionally some news about the German knife industry”
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  • “Read the German Marshall Fund Blog to understand international current affairs from a transatlantic perspective”
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  • “Looking around the blogosphere this week, we couldn't help but notice an interesting discussion taking place in the comments section of the blog "German Joys," a left-leaning blog written by Andrew Hammel, an American living in Germany. One of the comments was particularly striking:”
    — Davids Medienkritik,

  • “I met a number of fellows that participate in the Helmet forums, such as the German Helmet Walhalla forum and the Wehrmacht Awards Forum. To be able to finally put a face with a name was simply great. Next month, I am planning a full blog on the topic of the XRF technology. In the meantime,”
    — World War II German Helmets - Buy the BEST HERE!, ww2

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