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  • Geophagy is the practice of eating earthy or soil-like substances such as Clay|clay, and chalk, in order to obtain essential nutrients such as sulfur and Phosphorus|phosphorus from the soil. — “Geophagy - OrganizedWisdom Health”,
  • Geophagy is a traditional practice which does provide nutrients to the body by eating dirt or clay. — “Geophagy - Eating Dirt”,
  • Most scientists consider animal geophagy "normal," probably because most soil consumption by animals has no obvious adverse Even in humans, there are few reports of infections routinely associated with geophagy by pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa, probably because women take clays from 60. — “CDC - Eating Dirt”,
  • Human geophagy is described as the compulsive habit of ingesting non-nutritive perceptions of geophagy of the heath care system increases the stigma and secrecy. — “Geophagy in Panama”,
  • The following article is a local copy of the Wikipedia article at Geophagy. Geophagy is the practice of eating earthy or soil-like substances such as clay, and chalk, in order to obtain essential nutrients such as sulfur and. — “Wikipedia:Geophagy - Global Warming Art”,
  • Geophagy is a practice of eating earthy substances such as clay, chalk, and laundry starch, often to augment a mineral-deficient diet. — “Geophagy - Psychology Wiki”,
  • geophagy n. The eating of earthy substances, such as clay or chalk, practiced among various peoples as a custom or for dietary or subsistence. — “geophagy: Definition from ”,
  • Geophagy is a modern scientific Greek compound γεωφαγíα (geophagia) = γη earth' (combining form: geo-) + φαγíα eating' The clearest reference to geophagy in popular American culture is the title of one of the bestselling American novels of the 20th century, Pearl Buck's The Good Earth. — “Geophagy: Eating Dirt from Bill Casselman's Canadian Word of”,
  • Known variously as pica or geophagy, eating soil is widespread among many animals on every continent. Geophagy is an animal weapon in the struggle between plant reproduction strategy and the animal desire for food. — “DirtasFood”,
  • geophagy (plural geophagies) The practice of eating earthy substances such as clay and Retrieved from "http:///wiki/geophagy" Category: English nouns. Personal tools. Log in / create account. Namespaces. — “geophagy - Wiktionary”,
  • Geophagy – whats it all about? Alan Lee Geophagy is defined as the intentional consumption of soil, and has been recorded in a variety of taxa including mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. — “Geophagy (Clay licks and colpas) | Rainforest Expeditions”,
  • As babies, we are warned by our mothers not to eat dirt, but as adults some of us do it anyway and dignify it with the name of geophagy. Proposed biological functions of geophagy have now been tested by James Gilardi and co-workers10, who uncover a fascinating evolutionary arms race between plants and. — “Diamond on Geophagy”,
  • Geophagy is an eating disorder in which an individual ingests earthy substances such as chalk, soil, mud and clay. This article offers basic answers to frequently asked questions about geophagy. — “What is Geophagy? - Eating Disorder Expert (UK)”,
  • Geophagy may also be an inexpensive way to acquire additional minerals, as in the case of African and African-American women who sometimes eat white clay during pregnancy (click here for more). Soil is also sometimes eaten by animals and humans to alleviate digestive disorders. — “geophagy - alphaDictionary * Free English On-line Dictionary”,
  • It is closely related to pica, a classified eating disorder in the DSM-IV characterized by abnormal cravings for nonfood itemshttp:///mental-disorders-encyclopedia/pica.The many possible health benefits of geophagy remain under study and are much debated. — “Geophagy”,
  • Clay-eating, the practice known as geophagy or geophagia, has long been a puzzle to Western medical practitioners. "Geophagy, the ingestion of nonfood, falls into the realm of medicine," says Johns. — “Lauana Lei's Magnetic Clay Baths”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. geophagy. ge·oph·a·gy. noun \jē-ˈä-fə-jē\ Definition of GEOPHAGY : the practice of eating earthy substances (as clay) that in humans is performed especially to augment a. — “Geophagy - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of geophagy from The American Heritage Medical Dictionary. — “geophagy - Medical Definition”,
  • Geophagy is the practice of eating earthy or soil-like substances such as clay, and chalk, in order to obtain essential nutrients such as sulfur and phosphorus from the soil. This practice is widespread among animals in the wild, as well as in human societies. — “Geophagy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Geophagy definition, the practice of eating earthy matter, esp. clay or chalk, as in famine-stricken areas. See more. — “Geophagy | Define Geophagy at ”,
  • Translations of geophagy. geophagy synonyms, geophagy antonyms. Information about geophagy in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. geophagy - eating earth, clay, chalk; occurs in some primitive tribes, sometimes in cases of nutritional deficiency or obsessive behavior. — “geophagy - definition of geophagy by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of geophagy from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of geophagy. Pronunciation of geophagy. Definition of the word geophagy. Origin of the word geophagy. — “geophagy - Definition of geophagy at ”,
  • Not that dirt-eating—also known as geophagy—is limited to the South, of course. In India, where Mahatma Gandhi advocated geophagy to cleanse the body, people have been known to drink tea. — “Beth Ann Fennelly Digs into Geophagy :: Oxford American - The”,

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  • Pesquet's Parrot eating soil (geophagy) Pesquet's Parrots which hail from Papua New Guinea are seldom seen in captivity. This one is eating soil at a bird park in Malaysia. The video was sent to us by Dr Craig T. Symes of the University of the Wi***ersrand, South Africa. For more about Pesquet's Parrots, their ecology and conservation, please visit:
  • Wild Mealy Amazons at a clay lick in Manu Peru Amazona farinosa eating soil along the Rio Manu in southeastern Peru. Notice how white these birds are compared to other Mealy Amazons from Central America - these guys really earn their names, looking like someone dumped a handful of flour on them (thus farinosa or mealy).
  • dog eating mud My dog eating soil
  • Eat Dirt? Conures Eating Soil in the Wild Patagonian Conures in Argentina nest in cliffside colonies like this one in northern Patagonia. If you watch these guys closely, sometimes you'll see them eating the soil itself - aka geophagy as practiced by many other parrots and seed-eating animals (including humans). For more about these birds and all parrots, please visit
  • Traditional Bird Catchers of Dewna Village. This film strip was prepared during Pankaj Oudhia's surveys. For details please visit
  • Wild African Grey Parrots Drinking in Cameroon These birds are visiting areas cleared or deforested by elephants to drink water, eat special plants, and to consume soil (geophagy). As these birds are seriously threatend by the legal and illegal trade, please join us in helping save the greys by either clicking on the DONATE NOW button, or visiting our site:
  • Moja n Ceecee - eating dirt. boredum. lets say this was planned. no jokes it wasnt haha. but we were sitting outside of our apartment an we were sitting in the tiny feild an i was like eh ceecee lets eat dirt. so we ate dirt an recorded it. it was good until ceecee said that it be gross if somebody pee'd in the dirt so i spit all over her an my leg haha. ENJOY!!!!
  • 701 eating dirt EAT DIRT
  • Porter - 16 Weeks - Eating Dirt Porter likes eating the dirt in my potted plants...even though we say no!
  • Brutal Death Metal And Goregrind Compilation Part 4 The Compilation just continues.... Bands: Grilled Human Brain - Chainsaw Evisceration (Sorry for the Audio) Anonima Sequestri - Blasphemorphic Carnivore Mind - Geophagy Bloody Diarrhoea - Sadistic Lesbian Incest Violate - Vomit Forth On Solitude Tard - Eating Out Aversion To Life - Aggravated Prolapse Of The Spirit Vitality - Tearing Through Flesh Dormant Carnivore - Stillborn Ptomaine Extraction Domination Through Impurity - Pinned To A Guardrail
  • Noah Ty the Dirt Eater Look closely at the chin area
  • African Grey Parrots waking up in Cameroon Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) waking up in the wild. Excerpted from Pollyvision: Strictly for Parrots, for full length and full quality, check out or for more info on the plight of Grey Parrots in the wild, help save these wonderful birds, please visit:
  • Geophagy in Australian ***atoos This video shows parrots eating clay as soon as a slight rainfall softens up the ground. They chew up and spit out a lot of it, but they are ingesting it. You may have seen the macaws doing it, now watch the ***atoos doing it.
  • eating dirt! Melanie eating dirt that stinker! haa. the second time she puts it in her mouth is when i was "looking away" so she thought i wasnt looking and she did it again hahahaha.
  • Orange-cheeked Parrots in Peru Pionopsitta barrabandi in Manu, Peru. These birds are assembling above a clay lick in the early morning. Excerpted from "Pollyvision: Strictly for Parrots" an 80 min long DVD made for parrtos to watch - see or for more on this parrot species, see http
  • Traditional Bird Catchers in action in rural Chhattisgarh. This film strip was prepared during Pankaj Oudhia's surveys. For details please visit
  • Geophagy in Hanuman Langur (Semnopithecus entellus). This film strip was prepared during Pankaj Oudhia's surveys. For details please visit
  • Jet the dirt-eating dog Jet is just being a little idiot dog and eating dirt.
  • Rocks n' salsa Mmmmmm. Can you say geophagy? I can. Must be some toddler delicacy, eating the lithosphere. Notice Dresden's facial expressions right after consumption...more like in a cross between a gag reflex and the heebeejeebees. Ack! But something drives him to go back for more. Yes indeed, this is the principle of "body knows best" at work -- geophagy never looked so fun.
  • A Major Mitchell ***atoo in Koroit, Queensland, Australia A Major Mitchell ***atoo at my opal mine in Koroit, Queensland, Australia
  • Eating Dirt W in the plants
  • Macaws fly from Clay Lick in Manu, Peru Macaws (Scarlets and Red-and-Greens) react to an alarm call and fly off a clay lick in Manu Peru. Ususally, this is in response to a hawk or eagle flying overhead. For more info on parrots, macaws, clay licks, etc, visit or
  • Carnivore Mind - Geophagy /carnivoremind .br
  • Forest elephant mother and calf Mother and calf compete for minerals in a forest clearing in the Central African Republic
  • Glossy Black ***atoo feeding in the wild Glossy Black ***atoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami) in the Blue Mountains (just west of Sydney) feeding in Casuraina. Excerpted from Pollyvision: Strictly for Parrots, for full length and full quality, check out
  • Interview about pica (non-food cravings) and anemia An interview in Swahili about anemia, pica, and the Mama na Afya project. Said Mohammed Ali, Sarah Beckham, and I (Sera Young) were interviewed at the local Pemban branch of the Zanzibari local public television station.
  • A flock of ***atoos in our yard 1. Add birdseed. 2. Watch the show.
  • Silky Sifaka Geophagy_Herzog/Patel.MOV The video was taken by Daniela Herzog and Erik R Patel, please credit them. This video shows geophagy (soil consumption) by extremely rare wild silky sifakas in Marojejy National Park. This occurs only several times per month. These critically endangered animals are arboreal folivorous seed-predators (live in the trees and eat mainly leaves, seeds, flowers, and fruit) so it is remarkable to see them descend to the ground and eat dirt! Silky sifakas (Propithecus candidus) are amongst the rarest mammals on earth, and are listed as one of the Worlds Top 25 Most Critically Endangered Primates. Global population size is roughly estimated between only 100 and 1000 total remaining individuals. They are only found within a few protected areas in the rainforests of north-eastern Madagascar: Marojejy National Park, Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve, and the Makira Conservation Site. Silky sifakas are the flag-ship species for these protected areas, particularly for Marojejy which has recently been inaugurated as part of a World Heritage Site Cluster. Silky sifakas have never survived in captivity probably due to their highly specialized folivorous diet. Help and learn more about silky sifakas by going to see them in Marojejy National Park, Madagascar (). Become a Facebook Fan of "LV the silky sifaka": Learn more about silky sifakas at the silky sifaka research and conservation website:
  • Blue-headed Parrot at clay lick in Manu Peru Pionus menstruus consuming soil on a riverbank in Peru. Excerpted from Pollyvision: Strictly for Parrots, for full length and full quality, check out
  • MEDICINAL CLAY IN PARADISE COLD WATER The use of medicinal clay in folk medicine goes back to prehistoric times. The indigenous peoples around the world still use clay widely, which is related to geophagy. The first recorded use of medicinal clay goes back to ancient Mesopotamia. A wide variety of clays is being used for medicinal purposes - primarily for external applications, such as the clay baths in health spas (mud therapy), but also internally. Among the clays most commonly used for medicinal purposes are kaolin and the smectite clays such as bentonite, montmorillonite, and Fuller's earth. from:
  • A Woman Eating Mud
  • Pesquet
  • Eating Dirt
  • My Sister Eating Mud CrazY Sh** wtf this is the my sister Eating wet Mud off the ground wtf???
  • Tribes Ghana Africa supplement diet wiith eating clay? Thanks for subscribing! Some tribes in Ghana documented to harvest clay. The clay is smashed and molded into egg shapes. Then they eat the clay. It is presumed that the clay provides mineral supplements to thier diet. The clay is reported to contain calcium, magnesium, copper, potassium, and iron. Note the quality of their teeth. Is there a connection? (this is a "fair use" clip from a documentary)
  • Wild Yellow-crowned Amazons in Manu, Peru Amazona ochrocephala eating soil or practicing geophagy along the Rio Manu in southeastern Peru.
  • julian eating dirt My brother-in-law eating dirt. YES!!!
  • Monk Parakeets (Quakers) eating soil in New York City At first it looked like these guys were eating grit (as chickens and pigeons do), but on closer inspection, they were digging holes and eating clay rich soils ... much like wild parrots do in many parts of the world. For more about Monk Parakeets and parrots in general, please visit

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  • “Read the latest entry by this parrot blogger. Great information about parrot conservation, parrot welfare, parrot care and parrot well being. and parrot searching I decided to take a morning off and visit the local clay lick to witness some geophagy (the act of eating clay) in action”
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