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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Gasses - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of Gasses with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Gasses: Definition with Gasses Pictures and Photos”,
  • Definition of gasses in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gasses. Pronunciation of gasses. Translations of gasses. gasses synonyms, gasses antonyms. Information about gasses in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “gasses - definition of gasses by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • These are business suppliers of gasses around the world Cuno Incorporated designs, manufactures, and markets filtration products for separation, clarification, and purification of fluids and gasses. — “gasses”,
  • Trending News for Record Level Greenhouse Gasses. Kosmix. The Associated Press reports that environmentally dangerous greenhouse gas levels are at an all-time high, according to a U.N. weather agency study. According to the study, carbon dioxide. — “Record Level Greenhouse Gasses”,
  • The amount of heat in the troposphere depends on concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gasses and the amount of time these gasses remain in the atmosphere. The most important greenhouse gasses are carbon dioxide, CFC's (Chlor-Fluoro-Carbons), nitrogen oxides and methane. — “Carbon dioxide”,
  • In a preferred arrangement the source of volatile gas is a hydrogen source, and the non-combustible gasses are the exhaust gasses of the combustion system in a closed loop arrangement. Specific structure for the controlled mixing of the gasses,. — “Stanley Meyer: US Patent # 4389981 -- Hydrogen Gas Injector”,
  • Home>Learn more about gasses. Science news articles about 'gasses' Gassing Up Gas-Free [Slide Show] [News] With the price of oil cresting over $130 per barrel, the timing of Chevrolet's "Project Driveway" field market research could not be better. — “Learn more about gasses | e! Science News”,
  • Definition of gasses in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is gasses? Meaning of gasses as a legal term. What does gasses mean in law?. — “gasses legal definition of gasses. gasses synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Search gasses lesson plans to find teacher approved lesson plans. From solids liquids gasses to solids liquids and gasses, quickly find lesson plans that inspire student learning. — “211 Gasses Lesson Plans Reviewed by Teachers”,
  • Gasses. Learn about Gasses on . Get information and videos on Gasses including articles on gassing, solids, energy facts and more!. — “Gasses | Answerbag”,
  • What are Sewer Gasses? Sewer gasses, also called methane, are a byproduct of human metabolism. Everyone knows what it is like when someone passes gas in a room. Well, the process of gas creation from digested food continues long after we flush the toilet. — “Sewer Gasses”,
  • All bookmarks tagged gasses on Diigo Joe Paddock smokestack particulates skies gasses heat flatulence shield coal-fire black globe Literature Poetry News Verse Current events Politics Liberal first saved by TheNVN on 2009-03. — “gasses | Diigo”,
  • The effects of greenhouse gasses are looked at on both the Earth and other planets. — “Greenhouse Gasses - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Other gasses. The balance gases which form 1% of the composition are known as trace gases. The trace gases include argon as the most prominent gas. Other noble gases are also present. They include, the noble gases like krypton,xenon back,neon etc. Small quantities of hydrogen are also present. — “Gasses | TutorVista | Web”,
  • Definition of gasses from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of gasses. Pronunciation of gasses. Definition of the word gasses. Origin of the word gasses. — “gasses - Definition of gasses at ”,
  • For the uses of gases, and other meanings, see Gas (disambiguation). This article reads Gas phase particles (atoms, molecules, or ions) move around freely in the absence of an. — “Gas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • gasses. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of gas. [edit] Noun. gasses wiki/gasses" Categories: English third-person singular forms | English alternative spellings | English. — “gasses - Wiktionary”,
  • 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable gasses bags from - Choose your favorite gasses canvas tote bag from thousands of available designs. — “Gasses Bags, Gasses Tote Bags, Gasses Canvas Bags”,
  • A high-efficiency woodstove my actually create more greenhouse gasses than a traditional fire We might be producing just as much or more of greenhouse gasses with less wood. — “Wood Smoke Worse than Originally Thought”,
  • Greenhouse Gasses. In Copenhagen, the big news was the U.S. EPA's Molecules of various gasses trap heat, causing the atmosphere to heat up. — “Greenhouse Gasses | Seven Generational Ruminations”, 7
  • What are greenhouse gasses? Greenhouse gasses are gasses are in the earth's atmosphere that collect heat and light from the sun. When you do these things, you are causing more greenhouse gasses to be sent into the air. — “Global Warming”,
  • Making sure the enviorment is taken care of. Stopping emition of pollution/Green House gasses. The problem with carbon offsetting is it allows companies to continue to produce harmful greenhouse gasses while their offset has done little or nothing to counter global warming. — “Urban Dictionary: gasses”,

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  • Expanding and Contractng Gasses 4-H Hands on Science Club - Expanding and Contracting Gasses Experiment - At the Freeman House, Potter County, PA.
  • RSOE update on Toxic Gasses in the Gulf of Mexico Toxic rain??? Toxic Gasses confirmed.. Situation Update No. 4 On 10.06.2010 at 03:29 GMT+2 Seventy-one people, including 10 from Lafourche Parish and two from Terrebonne Parish, have suffered health problems believed to be related to the oil spill, according to a report released Tuesday by the state Health Department. The report cites exposure to chemicals as the source of irritated throats, coughing, shortness of breath, headaches and nausea. Doctors and others are asked to report spill-related illnesses and injuries to the department for inclusion in its database. The Office of Public Health follows up on each exposure-related complaint. "We know there are a lot of people who want to help protect our fragile coastline and fisheries during this difficult time. We just want to make sure that those efforts are done safely," state Health Secretary Alan Levine said. Those impacted to date include 29 cleanup workers. Twelve were engaged in an unspecified task, seven were breaking up sheen, four were doing offshore work, two were burning oil and three were deploying boom. Twenty-one others complained of ailments while working on oil rigs — 16 on one rig and five on another — and told doctors they were exposed to dispersants, the report says. The remaining 21, including 13 who called poison-control centers but apparently did not see doctors, said they were on shore — 20 of them at home — and felt ill after smelling oil or chemicals. People who may be sensitive to the odors, or ...
  • Chemistry Rap--Noble Gasses Vs. Alkali Metals A rap I made with Matt and Dean for Honors Chemistry Extra credit. Lyrics: Wanna know what we say in da club?...Noble Gasses. In da group 18 is where you find the Noble Gasses Helium being the most common of the Noble Gasses Wit da full valence outa shell...Noble Gasses NOBLE GASSES. NOBLE GASSES. NOBLE GASSES. NOBLE GASSES. NOBLE GASSES. (HUH!) NOBLE GASSES. NOBLE GASSES. NOBLE GASSES. NOBLE GASSES. NOBLE GASSES. Six noble gasses on the periodic table All noble gas configurations are stable On the table wit da second smallest mass, Helium, I gots homework, gotta do it fast Neons electrons get excited wit electrical current And now I bout finish homework "NO YOU WEREN'T!" Argon's the most common in the earth's atmosphere, If that was the beginning, then this is the premiere Everybody knows that radon's radioactive If you inhale it, you'll be dead; not too attractive. Group eight were the last naturals to be found There colorless and unreactive "MAN, THAT'S PROFOUND!!!" Noble gasses are stable in their relationships Guess they won't be going on any late night Vegas trips ALKALI, ALKALI, ALKALI, ALKALI, ALKALI...METALS!!! ALKALI, ALKALI, ALKALI, ALKALI, ALKALI... "Alkali" comes from Arabic, meaning "ashes of the saltwort plant" Yeah, yeah, WE'RE WATCHING YOU, GRANT!!! Group 1A easily looses valence electrons But believe me, I never loose my dragons Lithium is the most lightest of the alkali...ALKALI, ALKALI Sodium and Potassium are the most abundant alkali...ALKALI, ALKALI ...
  • How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Chris_Davis and more videos in the General Green Living category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Your carbon footprint is how many greenhouse gases you release in your daily activities. Be remembered by your good deeds, not your carbon emissions. To complete this How-To you will need: Deep concern for the future Sense of personal responsibility Step 1: Turn thermostat up/down Turn your thermostat up in the summer or down in the winter by just two degrees, and you'll prevent hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide from being released each year. Tip: Close doors to rooms that you are not using to maximize heating and air conditioning. Insulate windows and doors to save even more heating costs. Step 2: Unplug electronics Turn off and unplug your computer, TV, and other electronics when you're not using them. Even electronics in sleep mode draw power. Tip: Leaving your TV cable box on 24 hours a day uses about 65% as much energy as a standard refrigerator. Step 3: Change bulbs Change all the incandescent bulbs in your home to compact fluorescent bulbs, which use about 75% less energy. Step 4: Do full loads of laundry/dishwashing Do your laundry or run a dishwasher only when you have a full load. It saves water and it's an ...
  • Gulf BP Oil Spill Fumes Gas Mysterious Flu Like Illness - TILT - Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance Mysterious illness plagues Gulf oil disaster workers Reported by: Janet Kwak Last Update: 6/15 9:57 am SAN ANTONIO -- For weeks now, local hospitals have tracked patients with suspicious symptoms coming in from the gulf coast. Doctors are having trouble distinguishing it from the flu. "What makes it challenging is that patients show up with non-specific symptoms. Headaches, fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, upset stomach," lists Dr. Claudia Miller at UT Health Science Center. The illness is called "TILT," or Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance. Patients lose tolerance to household products, medication, or even food after being exposed to chemicals, like burning oil, toxic fumes, or dispersants from the spill. "Things like diesel fuel, exposure to fragrances, cleaning agents that never bothered them before suddenly bother them," adds Dr. Miller. TILT has been difficult to track because symptoms are similar to the flu. Currently, Dr. Miller is educating primary care doctors on how to spot and treat the illness before it gets worse. Though it's not contagious, the best cure right now is staying away from affected areas. "Be sure to wear protective equipment and stay out of areas with smell, if [you] feel sick," Dr. Miller says. "The smells are usually chemicals that can make them ill." Those who are most at risk are pregnant women and patients with prior medical problems, like asthma. --------------- Video responses and non-spam comments are always ...
  • Organized Konfusion-Releasing Hypnotical Gases A classic track from Organized Konfusion's self-titled debut. I'm pretty surprised this hasn't already been posted.
  • SmokingTeeth -- Toxic Fillings Odorless, colorless, tasteless and toxic -- mercury vapor casts a shadow in black light! This dramatic video of mercury vapor out- gassing from a "silver amalgam" dental filling has outraged the world since it was first demonstrated at an IAOMT meeting in 1995.
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  • EartH '09 5 9 GASSES de night a
  • KS3 Go Science Video - Heinemann Secondary - Solids, liquids and Gasses This short video clip aimed at KS3 (key stage 3) Science students is brought to you by Heinemann Secondary and Heinemann Video Gallery in partnership with the BBC Motion gallery. The short clip discusses the different properties of a number of solids, liquids and gasses and how these materials react to things such as temperature change. The video discusses Carbon, it's different properties and uses and how they differ; Hydrogen and Nitrogen and how these appears as a gas and a liquid. Red Phosphorus and it's uses. To see more great Free video clips visit us at
  • Canadian Idol girl gasses judges! Auditionee for Canadian Idol makes an impression on the judges, but not in thee conventional way!
  • BP Oil Lawyer-Stuart Smith-Toxic Gasses Released By Oil Environmental attorney Attorney Stuart H. Smith discusses the serious health implications of exposure to volatile hydrocarbons released by the toxic oil. Mr. Smith expresses his opinion that there should be a transparent, coordinated effort on the part of the government and the scientific community to monitor the effects of these poisons on coastal communities, especially the relief workers, children and the elderly. When the oil is degrading or is being burned, these gases are being sent into the atmosphere where the wind is taking many of these harmful and toxic chemicals exposing them towards anyone that is down wind. These gases can have serious short and long term affects on anyone that is exposed. Do you know what the symptoms are and what you should do if you are exposed? What can we do to change the way the air quality is monitored and managed? For more detailed information or to contact us, please visit us on the web @ For the latest updates and to join the conversation on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, please visit our Facebook page @ or follow us on twitter @
  • Dad gasses out family It's raining outside and this family is stuck in the camper. Mom hid the camera to show how Dad is more concerned with how to open the windows then the painful smell he's left to his family.
  • Genre Hip-Hop '09 11 7 GASSES de night a
  • HHL '08 11 2 GASSES de night a
  • Homemade CO2 laser, using a DIY method of combining the 3 gasses in a proper ratio CO2 lasers use a mixture of three gasses: Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Helium. Although optimal ratios vary to some extent, I chose to go with 10% CO2, 20% N2, and 70% Helium. Here is how I combined the 3 gasses in a way that is superior to just trial-and-error attempts, or wild guesses. My new plan eliminates some of the guess work in combining the 3 gasses in predetermined ratios. I first deposit a small amount of CO2 into the storage balloon (hereafter abbreviated as SB). I measure the circumference of the SB using a tailors measuring tape, and then use this circumference to calculate it's volume. After considering the volume of CO2 that the SB contains (I want the CO2 to be about 10% of the final mix), I decide how much N2 I want in the mix. If I want roughly twice as much N2 as CO2 in the final mix, then I add this corresponding volume to the volume of CO2, and calculate a new circumference (in other words, 3x the volume of CO2, which I originally calculated). I then fill the SB with N2, until I arrive at this new circumference. At this point, I divide the sum of the two volumes by 30% (assuming I have twice as much N2 as CO2), and then calculate a final circumference using this number. Following this last step, I inflate the balloon with helium until this final circumference is reached. In this way, the 3 gasses can be combined in a predetermined ratio with some accuracy. Sure - the balloon is not a perfect sphere, but this method is much more accurate than simply ...
  • nine days [email protected] ninedayswonder
  • Nicky Hilton Gasses Up at 76 Gas Station Nicky Hilton at Gas Station. Anyone can tell that Nicky is really into this election season! Thanks for all the sound bites Nicky!
  • GASSES vs ♂猿 11/29 DYNAMITE-BOYZ
  • Mitt Romney: Energy independence can reduce warming gases Says energy independence and reducing greenhouse emissions can be done together. Also opposes a carbon or gas tax.
  • Crazy Rollers '09 5 9 GASSES de night a
  • Blackwater Gasses Our Own Troops Watch more at
  • John Cale ft. Chris Spedding live - NY Ocean Club '76 - 14 - Nasty Gasses Recorded live in Max's Kansas City in 1978. Weird, some hidden track halfway through the song.
  • BP Oil Spill - TOXIC GASSES SPREADING INLAND, Scientist Says Move Out! 6-14-10 Video Uploaded from: InfoWarsCanada released June 14, 2010. Please visit his channel, Share, Copy, Subscribe to Us & Rate! Help spread the TRUTH & Wake the Sleeping Masses! FEMA Evacuation soon?-BP Oil Spill Toxic Gases Spreading Inland Scientist Says Move Out of Gulf Gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Benzene, Methylene Chloride, and other toxic gases. pose a greater risk to human health than the presence of oil washing up on Gulf of Mexico beaches. The allowable levels of Hydrogen Sulfide and Benzene according to the EPA are 5-10 parts per billion and 0 respectively.The epa reported the level detected in the Gulf at almost 1200 ppb for hydrogen sulfide and 3400 ppb for Benzene during the month of May. The amounts pose a serious and even fatal health risk to people and animals.
  • Organized Konfusion- Releasing Hypnotical Gasses/Stray Bullet @ BB Kings 9/25/09 OK drops "Releasing Hypnotical Gasses" followed by Stray Bullet. Classics upon Classics.
  • DEADLY GASSES--Obnoxious Moments with Rebecca #1 FAN PAGE: Hey guys! I know some of you were probably expecting another Random Wednesday, but i decided to do this instead for this week to see how you guys liked it! So this is my first episode of this new little series i am doing called "Obnoxious Moments with Rebecca" (The girl from The Worst Date Ever). I really hope you guys like it! Please leave any suggestions or topics you would like to do my next one on if you have any! And don't forget to COMMENT, RATE, AND SUBSCRIBE!!! Thanks guys! :) and thank you guys soooo much for getting me past 100 subscribers! :) couldn't be happier right now! ALSO: Go check out my facebook fan page! AND: Follow me on twitter! /kgecko767 THANKS GUYS! :)
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  • Mai Tai - Versaucy Ft. Gasses Malone "Mai Tai" Supah Saucy Featuring Glasses Malone Teal Light District/ 408 Wayz Ta Eat/ Cash Money
  • Hermit '09 5 9 GASSES de night a
  • South Africa: Carbon Capture and Storage - combating green house gasses Carbon capture and storage - the South African Government's effort to reduce green house gasses to combat global warming. Imagelab is a leading producer of online video for marketing and communications.
  • How to make NO2 gasses in four minutes As above.
  • BP Oil spill lies and catastrophic casualties to come, lethal gasses, marshall law, fema camps
  • Lord Monckton: "Greenhouse gasses are harmless" Infamous climate denier Lord Christopher Monckton debates climate change activists at COP15, saying CO2 is harmless and encouraging poor countries to burn *more* fossil fuels. Filmed by Chuck Olsen for The UpTake: Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • RSOE Toxic gasses in the gulf update Summary: 38699811 persons in alert zone. Situation Update No. 19 On 25.06.2010 at 10:49 GMT+2 One issue we have read about recently is very elevated methane levels in dissolved sea water, near where the oil and gas mixture are currently escaping in the Gulf of Mexico. Approximately 40% of the oil/gas mixture that is escaping is natural gas, and it is some of the natural gas (which is mostly methane) that seems to be dissolving in the water. The most recent report on this issue is from John Kesseler, Professor of Oceanography at Texas A & M University. He reports that near the surface, levels of methane are normal, but "Below approximately 1000 meters, the concentration of natural gas and methane in the ocean waters jumps by a factor of one million." In other areas, methane concentrations are 100000 times normal levels. The microorganisms that feed on methane can use up part of the oxygen in an area, and, if this happens to a great enough degree, can create "dead zones". At this point, there seems to be some oxygen depletion, but not enough to cause dead zones. According to Kessler, "At some locations, we saw depletions of up to 30 percent of oxygen based on its natural concentration in the waters. At other places, we saw no depletion of oxygen in the waters. We need to determine why that is." Earlier in June a team of scientists lead by Samantha Joye of University of Georgia also found very high methane concentrations in some areas, farther from where the rig was ...
  • Diane Gasses hospital
  • Voodoo Larry gasses up Charlie Ryan's ORIGINAL Hot Rod Lincoln Hot rod history unfolds as "Voodoo Larry' Grobe of VOODOO LARRY KUSTOMS helps fire up the ORIGINAL Hot Rod Lincoln. This is the one and only authentic car, made famous in the mega-classic rockabilly song. It was originally owned by Charlie Ryan, who co-wrote and was first to record the song in 1955. It was later covered by Johnny Bond in 1960 and Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen in 1972. A historic moment as the car's owner Larry T., Susan, Big Al, and Monster Bob watch on in amazement.
  • BRAZIL - CFC Elmination With the climate change conference about in Copenhagen, Brazil is dealing with another climate change issues often ignored CFC gasses. In the past the gasses where thought to only harm the ozone but scientists believe that the gasses are much more harmful to the atmosphere then CO2. Now UNDP is helping the Brazilian government in the safe extraction and destruction of the CFC gases
  • How Greenhouse Gasses Would be Affected by Being Vegetarian - If everyone in the UK ate no meat for 7 days a week, they would save 91 mega tons of greenhouse gas emissions. This would be the same as eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions from 12.5 million households in the UK.
  • Kilauea Lava Spatter Cones Erupting East Vent in the Pu'u O'o crater during a period of heightened activity in February, 2005. Recorded February 21, 2005. Pu'u O'o is a dynamic volcanic vent, so you may see different landscapes on its crater depending on when the video was taken. Its geologic features are continuously collapsing and rebuilding over very short periods of time. Update: These spatter cones no longer exist. The entire floor of the crater collapsed in July, 2007. The crater filled up with a lava lake which also collapsed after a few days. The deep crater floor is no longer visible because of heavy fumes. More photos and videos:
  • Tutorial 16 Advanced Robotic Tech HD Plasma Gasses An educational video for ART Plasma customers. Please see our other available videoss or contact us at
  • stop green house gasses stop
  • GAN solo show case '09 11 7 GASSES de night a

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  • “If you find this topic interesting, please visit the blog we wrote on the W-Tube. Gasses also have varying densities, but in the elementary and middle school classrooms, students don't often have the same opportunity to work with gasses as they would liquids, or more often, liquids and solids”
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  • “Another key Dem uninterested in being Obama's VP | Blog Home Page | Expect a flood of similar images of Obama (updated) of Greenhouse Gasses. Rick Moran. What's remarkable isn't that China is now the world's #1 producer of greenhouse gasses. The truly”
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