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  • A gambit is when one side offers the other the opportunity to obtain a material advantage in return for some kind of compensation. If you are the one playing against a gambit then the first rule is to avoid being too greedy. — “Gambits”,
  • Gambits definition, an opening in which a player seeks to obtain some advantage by sacrificing a pawn or piece. See more. — “Gambits | Define Gambits at ”,
  • Gambits in Final Fantasy XII are basically a way for you to give your Characters A.I. or Artifical Intelligence. You have 2 choices, you could either Give them A.I. by giving them Gambits or you can input all of your characters commands manually, just like previous Final Fantasy titles. — “Final Fantasy XII Gambits & Rare Weapons FAQ - IGN FAQs”,
  • Queen's Gambit. A gambit (from ancient Italian gambetto, meaning tripping) is a chess opening in which a player, most often White, sacrifices material, usually a pawn, A gambit used by Black may also be called a gambit (e.g., Latvian. — “Gambit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In chess a gambit is simply sacrificing a piece to achieve a better position on the board. Typically in a gambit it is a pawn that is sacrificed, but there are times where perhaps a bishop or knight is the piece that is sacrificed in the gambit. — “Chess -- Gambits”, 101
  • Definition of Gambits in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Gambits? Meaning of Gambits as a legal term. What does Gambits mean in law?. — “Gambits legal definition of Gambits. Gambits synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Gambit System A huge FF12 site dedicated to hunts, faqs, walkthroughs, information, screenshots, weapons, loot, bazaar goods, magicks, bosses, espers, and a lot more! Constantly updated and improved. — “FFXII Sector | Gambit System | The Ultimate Final Fantasy XII”, ff12
  • Gambits are the focal point of beginner strategy and form the basis of many advanced strategies. The mathematically inclined will quickly realize that there are only twenty-seven possible Gambits. — “Gambits | World RPS Society”,
  • Gambit System. The Gambit system is essentially a strategic combat AI built to give characters commands which engage automatically when certain triggers happen, for example, a drop of HP to a certain level would raise the priority of one action over another. — “Final Fantasy Wiki - Gambits”,
  • Gambits are a new functionality of the battle system of the game Final Fantasy XII. During the game, combat can be controlled manually and programmed via the use of Gambits; manually entered commands take precedence and their immediate execution. — “Gambits - The Final Fantasy Wiki has more Final Fantasy”,
  • In the following tables, when a gambit is referred to as a "fist" or "shield" or "spear" gambit, that is not to say that it consists solely of those elements: it is the shorthand that Turbine devised to indicate how a particular gambit is initiated. — “Gambit Name”, council-of-
  • Armed with spears as their weapon of choice, Wardens use a gambit system to fire off powerful combo attacks at the front lines. Wardens make an excellent tank for kiting bosses, as we can execute many of our gambits on the run. — “Warden - Lotro-”, lotro-
  • what is gambit, some examples of the gambits White aims at controlling central squares quickly by playing c3 then d4. Black can play ( gambit accepted ). — “Chess gambits”,
  • Gambits are always played from White as an opening strategy. The three most popular gambit openings are the King's Gambit, the Queens' Gambit and the Evans Gambit, which is a little more deceptive Because there are more moves prior to the gambit offering. — “The Gambit – Sacrificing a Pawn for Control of the Center”,
  • A character will perform the actions in the order they are listed on his gambit page. Keep in mind that you may have to alter your gambits when faced with certain foes, particularly bosses. — “Gambits - Final Fantasy XII - FF12”,
  • The gambit table has two sides, a condition side and an action side. This is the most crucial element to the Gambit system, as the order the Gambit's are placed on the list determines how frequently they are used. — “Final Fantasy XII/Gambits — StrategyWiki, the free strategy”,
  • A gambit is a programmed command that instructs a character to react automatically in a pre-calculated manner when faced in a particular situation. It is essential like Artificial Intelligence for the characters you have gambits turn on with. — “The Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy XII - Gambits”,
  • gambit n. An opening in chess in which a minor piece, or pieces, usually a pawn, is offered in exchange for a favorable position. — “gambit: Definition from ”,
  • The word GAMBIT comes from an Italian word meaning, roughly, to trip someone up by their legs. But in the DANISH GAMBIT White instead plays 4. Bf1-c4. Now Black can take another pawn:. — “Lesson on Gambits”,
  • A fan based website dedicated to Lord of the Rings Online(LotRO). We regularly update out charts, maps, and other information as patches are rolled out. — “Gambits | A Lord of the Rings Online Resource”,
  • Posted by DocHoliday in Gambits. 10 comments. I'm not sure how I missed it in the notes, but Warden's are getting a new skill with this patch. The skill is called Never Surrender, trainable at level 47, and is available when someone resurrects you in-combat. — “Gambits | DocHoliday's MMO Blog”,

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  • Opening School - Evans Gambit part 1 Opening School from Swedish TV-program "World Chess News" - Episode 236 Since the start in August 2004, more and more channels have started broadcasting WCN "World Chess News". WCN "World Chess News" has become very successful and has continued to gain popularity. If you are interested in airing WCN on your channel, feel free to contact us! For the time being, WCN World Chess News is aired on Open Channels in Stockholm, Skövde, Växjö, Uddevalla and Jönköping in Sweden.
  • PREVIEW: Gambit Guide: The Belgrade #1 The Belgrade Gambit (1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 d4 exd4 5 Nd5!?) had its heyday in the 1970s, long before the Database deluge. Nowadays, every 'Russian Schoolboy' knows that 5...Be7 is a very effective antidote to this gambit. The main virtue though of obscure gambits, lies in the element of surprise when you play them. And despite not being in vogue, former world champion Anatoly Karpov, writing in his 1988 book The Open Game in Action, heartedly recommends the Belgrade gambit: "...this gambit leads to quite exciting and lively play. I think those who favor stormy complications should include the [Belgrade] gambit in their repertoire." And in a new two-part Gambit Guide series, GM Boris Alterman re-evaluates the Belgrade gambit and suggests, just like Karpov, that it should indeed be included in your repertoire for surprise value alone!
  • Vol. 119 Foxys Anti Gambit guide 1.e4 Have you ever been worried that you dont know enough about gambits. Relax, because help is at hand. On this latest and all-new DVD for Foxy Openings, FIDE Senior Trainer and IM Andrew Martin shows antidotes to all of the most commonly-played gambits after 1 e4 and suggests that there is nothing to fear after all, as long as you treat these openings with respect. Vol 1 covers gambits with 1 e4 including: The King's Gambit The Danish Gambit The Goring Gambit The Scotch Gambit The Evans Gambit The Morra Gambit The Latvian Counter-Gambit The Elephant Gambit The Marshall Gambit
  • DCL Mugen: MvC-EoH Gambit vs RedHot's, Luvly Angel's, Camrat's and MKen's Gambit I've chosen the 4 Gambits to fight my Gambit. The following line up shows Accuracy, Gameplay, and Styles on the four other Gambits. Accuracy: 1. Camrat 2. Luvly Angel 3. RedHot 4. MKen Gameplay: 1. Camrat 2. RedHot 3. Luvly Angel 4. MKen Style: (such as fancy looks that seem proportinal to their original game) 1. Camrat 2. Luvly Angel 3. Red Hot 4. MKen You see a trend here? It seems MKen's "Masta" Gambit is the far worst Gambit I ever tried out...even its ridiculous AI is horrible.I don't wanna flame him or anything just saying my opinion. Feel free to say my Gambit sucks just because it doesn't have anything "Masta" Gambit has. Anyway, I'm going to give some info on all gambits, so let's start with the number one Gambit that seems to be the most accurate in teh real game as well as gameplay. 1. Camrat's Gambit This one is by far the best Gambit I've seen, even though he only has one super move, because he is based off of X-men vs Street Fighter. Accurate animations, nice damage values, good combos. Basically the best Gambit to have if you want complete Accuracy AND Gameplay. 2. Luvly Angel's Gambit This Gambit actually needs some work done, the Air Combos are are difficult to do, however it s accuracy to the real game is very well. Damage values are ok. A secondary Gambit if you couldn't find Camrat's. 3. RedHot's Gambit RedHot's version is an edit of Luvly Angel's Gambit. However, I hate to say this, but he REALLY needs some work, I seem to find a bug in his falling ...
  • FFXII Gambits Only Challenge: Bomb King and Earth Tyrant Bomb King was defeated in less than 1 minute (without my party being overleveled) thanks to being weak to water. I therefore used two Murasame that has the water element. Pwnage for both easy bosses. The challenge is to setup gambits and make them win battles. Once in battle, menus and any other action are not allowed. Gambits can only be changed in towns and at save crystals.
  • LIVE Blitz Game #10 Benko Gambit - Chess Network FACEBOOK: TWITTER: MYSPACE: Opening: Benko Gambit This is a LIVE blitz game. Time controls are set at 5 minutes per player. Free Internet Chess Server http
  • LIVE Blitz Game #6 Queen's Gambit Declined - Chess Network FACEBOOK: TWITTER: MYSPACE: Opening: Queen's Gambit Declined This is a LIVE blitz game. Time controls are set at 5 minutes per player. Free Internet Chess Server http
  • FFXII - Interview with director - Gambits and the NFL Interview with the director Hiroyuki Ito who describes the similarities between gambits and the NFL. Hiroshi Minagawa talks about the world design From the FFXII Collectors Edition bonus DVD.
  • PREVIEW: Gambit Guide: Nimzo-Indian, Vitolinsh IM Alvis Vitolinsh (1946-1997) was a multi-time Latvian champion who was a friend of Mikhail Tal and worked alongside the Magician from Riga. His style of play was similar to Tals, and in the early 1980s he came up with some creative gambit play with b5!? for Black in two lines of the Nimzo-Indian Defence that bore his name. The first being in the Capablanca variation with 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 e6 3 Nc3 Bb4 4 Qc2 0-0 5 a3 Bxc3 6 Qxc3 b5!?, the other in the Reshevsky variation with 4 e3 0-0 5 Ne2 b5!? - both leading to the sort of dynamic play that can easily see White being overrun if not handled correctly. And in his next four Gambit Guide shows, GM Boris Alterman will look at this aggressive way of playing for Black in the Nimzo with the Vitolinsh Gambits - series 1 & 2 against the Capablanca variation with 4 Qc2 0-0 5 a3 Bxc3 6 Qxc3 b5!?, followed by 3 & 4 on the Reshevsky variation with 4 e3 0-0 5 Ne2 b5!?
  • Chess Openings- Halloween Gambit A tricky gambit that follows the 4 knights games, we look at the different options white has and how black can defend correctly. We also look how bad things can get for black if he does not defend correctly. For info on other openings check out the website at
  • Scotch Gambit Chess Opening Part 3 Visit my blog!!! Hey guys and gals its ur fave chessplayer YangsterNo9 back again with this series on the Scotch Gambit, one of the deadliest gambits in chess, and in this vid, we discover what to do if black plays Nf6 on move 4. This section is so large that we'll split Nf6 into 2 videos, stay tuned for part 4 soon! Enjoy.
  • Ways to Pick Up Girls in 4mins (hidden cam) -------------------- How to get a girlfriend using 'gambits' - A hidden camera video + tutorial explaining how to get a girlfriend and seduce women using 'Gambits', technique devised by T who provides dating help for men. T picks up a girl at work in a shopping mall using gambits. Also good for kissing and knowing how to kiss a girl. We have more specific videos on this on our channel. Go to ----- http ------ dynamics, body language, seduction, pick up women, attract women, seduce women art of seduction, badboy lifestyle, dating and relationships, pulling chicks, hot ***, self help, dating coach, australia, USA, UK
  • FFXII Gambits Only Challenge: Final Boss You will never believe this match with the final boss. I was shocked at how quickly the Undying went down without putting up perfect defense. WTF? Undying defeated at level 38 with only three characters. I didn't even use the reserves. Talk about total pwnage. This could have easily been done at lower levels also with all augments completed and strongest store bought equipments and abilities. Gambits only challenge originally by Sparkster185 Rules and regulations: 1. This challenge would allow the player only to set/execute actions via gambits. Once a battle has started, gambits cannot be set/adjusted/removed/etc. The battle is "in progress" when the players have their weapons drawn. Exceptions to the "no combat menu" rule: (contributed by vierna_foxglove) * Change the party leader in case of a KO * Take out all 3 reserves (without manually arising the KOed chars) * Take one reserve and let his/her arise gambit work on 2 of the fallen characters * Summon Belias once 2. Adjustment to gambits can only occur at save crystals and once you get to a town. That means you need a solid gambit setup for an entire dungeon, but you'd still be able to tweak them before/after boss fights. The following restrictions are as follows: (Similar to DCHLB challenge) -No Zodiac Spear or any other powerful weapons that are only created in the Bazaar until Pharos -No Barheim Key until Balfonheim Port -No Dustia trick -No powerleveling 3. You are allowed one new gambit slot every 6 to 8 levels 4 ...
  • FFXII Gambits Only Challenge: Demon Walls 1 & 2 The challenge is to setup gambits and make them win battles. Once in battle, menus and any other action are not allowed. Gambits can only be changed in towns and at save crystals. Demon wall # 1 is usually tougher at this stage. With the correct gambit setup that includes berserking the two main attackers, things seem a little easier. With limited time, it is crucial to quickly dispose of wall # 1. The problem why the match was so close was because sleep was inflicted on Ashe. With only three gambit slots at this point, bacchu's wine (for berserk) and aero had to take priority over alarm clock. With rose corsage and argyle accessories, I didn't have to worry about my mage being silenced and one of the attackers being blinded. Berserk is the best ^_^ I should have equipped a staff or rod on Penelo to boost magic stats. Another important thing to point out is with everyone reflected, aero was reflected 4 times in one turn for a quicker battle. Demon wall # 2 was a joke. If you can easily beat Demon wall # 1, Demon wall # 2 will be owned in seconds with the same strategy.
  • Chess Openings: Benko Gambit The Benko Gambit is one of the most well respected chess gambits. It is a sharp line for black in the Benoni Defense giving up a pawn sacrifice on b5 to gain complete control of the queen side. Black would like to put his rooks on a8 and b8 and put lots of pressure on the queen side of white. Chess Software used in the video can be found at http and
  • Gambits for Defeating Omega Mark 12 These were my gambits I had set-up for my battle with Omega Mark 12. My characters were all levels 76-77!
  • DCL Mugen: MvC-EoH: Remy "Gambit" LeBeau Debut: vs Juggernaut, Sentinel, Blackheart, Abyss Characters Featured: Gambit by DCL (me) Juggernaut by Splode Sentinel by XSlaught Blackheart by Sunboy (w/ edits by me) Abyss by XSlaught Stage: The Abyss Music: Aerosmith - Kings and Queens Remy "Gambit" LeBeau makes his debut to the Mugen world. Though there are already some Gambits out there (Luvly Angel, RedHot, M.Ken, and Camrat), this version is very different as he is NOT an edit of any other Gambit, however, he is still a Beta character. For more information on this character go to the following websites. generation- Get this Gambit at my website at: darkcipherlucius.generation- In fact, why not join Generation-Now, a friendly forum and we talk almost about anything. Host of Generation-Now: DarkValentine1984
  • Yiazmat in 2hrs: Self-Catering Gambits (Part 3) Finale When Yiazmat's health bar approaches 4 red dots, you need to bring the last Gambit 'Foe:Any = Attack' to the upper part as there is no time to buff. My cue is when Yiazmat starts casting 'Reflectiga' near the end of 5th dots. Vaan and Penelo wear Hermes Sandals so they are automatically Hasted. Balthier doesn't bother curing himself now and concentrate on fighting. It works great as he can 'Last Stand' and 'Adrenaline' when HP Critical. I Syphoned from Balthier when others run out of MP. Now it's all about 'Arise' and be very attentive to change Party Leaders. I don't bother curing 'Sap' and 'Petrify' from this point, as each member gets KO'd eventually - it's all about efficiency if you want to beat 2 hours time limit! In this video, I defeated Yiazmat in 1:56:44 and I didn't need to use sub-members at all. The time depends on your luck, as Yiazmat's attack patterns are so random compared to Omega's simple attack. My best time so far is 1:54 mins with Vaan, Ashe and Penelo.
  • Gambit's Questionland: What's your favorite sno-ball stands and flavors? The Young Leadership Council Presents Gambit's Questionland. We asked some attendees at YLC's Wednesdays at Lafayette Square about their favorite sno-ball flavors and stands in New Orleans. What's your favorite, Gambit readers? Music performed live by Trombone Shorty and Orleans Ave. Check them out at:
  • FFXII Gambits Only Challenge: Zodiark in seconds Notice I started attacking at 1:28 and ended at 2:01. That's total ownage in 33 seconds. Quickest match for my gambits only challenge. The challenge is to setup gambits and make them win battles. Once in battle, menus and any other action are not allowed. Gambits can only be changed in towns and at save crystals.
  • Gambit & Rogue - Kiss My Eyes PLEASE READ: Summary: I tried to stick to the actual story as much as I could with the limited resources I had. Rogue is lonely and longs to be able to touch people, she doesn't think she has much hope of ever being able to find love. Then she hears about the cure and is tempted to get it. Then Gambit joins the team, of course he makes a big impression. At first Rogue is unsure of him and doesn't trust him, she is even a little frightened but he (in an extremely lame dubbing moment) introduces himself to her and she warms to him. They soon develope feelings for each other and fall in love.. They kiss and like in the comic book Rogue gets flashes of Gambits dark secret. She sees glimpses of Sinister (I used the yellow eyed demon from Supernatural) Sabertooth, the marauders and Gambits fear and guilt. But she doesn't realise what it all means and she's so preoccupied with that she doesn't realise she is hurting Gambit. Gambit goes all coma boy and Rogue, frightened by what she has seen and wracked with guilt leaves the mansion. This is where I take my departure from the real story, because it was the only way I could think to end it with what I had to work with. She goes for the cure, even though Gambit tries to stop her. At the end they are both happy because they can now be together. Notes: I nearly lost the will to live when making this video, there is so little to work with but it turned out ok. There are a few dodgy bits here and there. I wish I didnt have to end the ...
  • FF12 Yiazmat in 2hrs: Self-Catering Gambits (Part 1) I created 'Self-Catering Gambits' for Yiazmat and this is my favourite so far. Basically, you only look after yourself (curing, healing, buffing, etc) while others mind their own business. Of course you can't cast 'Arise' and heal 'Stop' by yourself, so that's when you need ally's helping hands. Otherwise, the rest of Gambits are 'Self' 'Self' 'Self'... it's all about Self-Catering. Your pain is your own problem! I eliminated time-wasting 'all party' buffs (ie 'Hastiga' or 'Shellga' ), and opted for quick self-buffing instead. Curaja is the only 'all party' magick, simply because Curaga is not powerful enough, but it works wonder as it tops up everyone's HP. I have 3 sub-members ready to cast 'Arise' in case all KO'd, but in this video I didn't use them at all. I prepared 99 x Chronos Tears, Gold Needles and Remedy so that I don't have to go shopping or change Gambits in the middle of the fight. When everything is working well, this is almost Auto Yiazmat. I've recorded Part 2 without touching the controller so that you can see how effective this strategy is.
  • Angels Fall Sometimes - Rogue an Gambit Song: Angels Fall Sometimes Artist: Josh Turner Ah True love... This song to me reflects gambits thoughts an love for Rogue. -- Comments! Rate it! Please! - I often get asked where I got the images for this video. an artist recently recognized some of his work in the video an requested i post the link to his site. so here it is ;) I am verry happy to oblidge because this guy has some nice work.
  • Beginning Chess Lessons: Part 4 : How to Spot Gambits in a Chess Game Learn tips on how to spot gambits in achess match in this free video clip on board games and strategy games. Expert: John Livingstone Bio: John Livingstone started playing chess at the age of 8. He was a finalist in Australian Junior Championship and played regularly in tournaments at the competitive level. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
  • The Halloween Gambit of the Four Knights Game The Four Knight's game is probably one of the easiest openings to learn. Not so the Halloween Gambit, which arises when white gambits a Knight for a Pawn and faces a struggle to equalize. Here is a game taken from a tournament of ten games played by Rybka and Stockfish, ( Stockfish plays Blue , Rybka plays Red). Games are 30:00 minutes + 10 seconds per move. Music: Miles Davis , Blue in Green
  • Chess Openings: Latvian Gambit The Latvian Gambit is one of the most aggressive gambits in chess and many top players find it quite dubious. For the rest of us though, it has great results for black and can really catch a white player off guard. Chess Software used in the video can be found at http and
  • FFXII Gambits Only Challenge: Auto Yiazmat Part 1 of 2 In this battle I only used three characters. The gambits were able to keep the three main parties alive till the very end. The only problem was that Yiazmat's level doubled and that made his attacks more powerful. As a result, it took a longer time to take down three bars in this auto battle. I took naps through most of the battle and just had to switch the party leader around if he was not revived quickly. In the end of the battle video part 2, you will see the gambits I used. Notice I placed Foe status: HP critical...Attack above all the buffs so that the characters will automatically concentrate on attacking, healing and reviving only, instead of wasting time with buffs. That was one of the main problems with the first attempt. I failed miserably at the end because the characters kept concentrating on buffs and wasted mp and time. The battle took 2 hours and 5 minutes total with only dark blades and 3 characters. I made sure at least one person was immune to stop in order to prevent the whole party from being inflicted with stop. I'm not sure if Balthier in Berserk mode was necessary oO The challenge is to setup gambits and make them win battles. Once in battle, menus and any other action are not allowed. Gambits can only be changed in towns and at save crystals.
  • Instructive Games contrast: There are thousands of Gambits! Instructive Games: There are thousands of Gambits!
  • Final Fantasy XII Omega mkXII Gambit Setup at 50% completion Here he is at about half health, just note the game times in each battle to get a good look at how long this is. I tell you the gambits I used for efficient fighting. You may have something better so im always up for listening to it. This gambit allows me to leave the room for about 15 minutes at a time without fear of dying! Biggest problem as always is missed magic. So enjoy as this battle unfolds, next up, the Death of Omega!
  • Rotating Panel Launch Gambit Stylish launch gambit with rotating motor to swivel platform around to reveal any form of product, talent or item. Great for large product launches.
  • Wayne Berry - Ploys, Gambits and Dirty Tricks After we received such a strong response to Wayne's first clip, I've decided to post the second video I filmed with him on that day! It's a little cheeky, but will give you a fantastic insight into the world of negotiation. Watch carefully and see if you can identify a time when one of these trick may have been used against you. Now you'll be able to spot it from a mile away.
  • PREVIEW: Gambit-Guide: Grünfeld Gambit Accepted The Grünfeld Defence (named after the Austrian hypermodern master Ernst Grünfeld, 1913-1961) is a dynamic and popular weapon for players who look to counterattack with the black pieces. It is no wonder then that it became a particular favorite of former World Champions Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. And in a new series of Boris Alterman's Gambit Guide, our resident grandmaster of all things gambits takes a closer looks at three critical gambit lines in the Grünfeld Defence, first up being the Grünfeld Gambit Accepted with 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3 Nc3 d5 4 Bf4 Bg7 5 e3 OO 6 cxd5 Nxd5 7 Nxd5 Qxd5 8 Bxc7.
  • Chess Openings: Budapest Gambit For those players that love chess gambits, the budapest gambit is a must for your toolbox. From early on, black takes white out of normal book lines for common openings and forces them into unfamiliar territory for many. White has to always look out for traps that black can throw at him. Chess Software used in the video can be found at http and
  • Fr***ations Jeff Staple X Airwalk Gambit This video is on the Jeff Staple X Airwalk Gambits. You can only get these at Payless.
  • FFXII Gambits Only Challenge: Auto Yiazmat Part 2 of 2 This is the finale of the gambits only challenge. In this dramatic battle, the gambits worked out great. Yiazmat was defeated in 2+ hours with the gambits and equipments I used. The only thing I did was switched party leaders when prompted. The challenge is to setup gambits and make them win battles. Once in battle, menus and any other action are not allowed. Gambits can only be changed in towns and at save crystals.
  • FFXII Gambits Only Challenge: Fafnir in 4 minutes I actually got some ideas from the 50 minutes Yiazmat strategy by the Ultima guide and gamefaqs and made it my own. I might try this for an auto Hell Wyrm battle. The setup is shown at the end of the video. Balthier always placed himself in auto hp critical mode with the correct setup that involved infuse and ether. With HP critical, bravery, berserk and haste, he was a lethal fighting machine raping poor Fafnir's behind XD. It took many tries to get this setup right. I tried berserking two characters, but that was a mistake because if the one person who is in control becomes inflicted with stop or ko, it would be the end for the party and I would have to switch in the reserves too early. With all characters reflected, Fafnir was only able to cause damage with rake and white breath. The reserves were prepared with Thundaga and storm staffs (that increases thunder magic by 50% IIRC) because Fafnir is weak against thunder. The challenge is to setup gambits and make them win battles. Once in battle, menus and any other action are not allowed. Gambits can only be changed in towns and at save crystals.
  • Chess Openings: Danish Gambit One of the most aggressive openings played, the Danish Gambit focuses on sacrificing material for rapid development and a huge spacial advantage. Here we discuss the key concepts to know when playing this opening. Chess Software used in the video can be found at http and
  • Final Fantasy XII: Gambit Battle System The new Gambit system allows you to customize your party member's actions in battle.
  • FF12 Ashe Solo Gambit Only Part 2 well i have made some mistakes from getting a loxley bow from the cutsworn lich ( yeah i got one ) but in the demon wall fight the reson you will see vaan is because i couldnt move ashe and i forgot to change ashes gambits so you see me changing them well enjoy
  • presents: Gambits and their central control implications

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