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  • Definition of gaffe in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gaffe. Pronunciation of gaffe. Translations of gaffe. gaffe synonyms, gaffe antonyms. Information about gaffe in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. gaffes. — “gaffe - definition of gaffe by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Japan'S Justice Minister To Step Down Over Gaffe malaysiasun - about 10 hours ago. Japan's Justice minister Minoru Yanagida will step down after he caused outrage by saying his job was easy, in a fresh blow to prime minister. — “Gaffe”,
  • Read the latest Lansing Gaffe news and view Lansing Gaffe pictures from our team of local insiders. — “Lansing Gaffe Articles, Lansing Gaffe News - ”,
  • Check out all the Latest Videos of gaffe . Largest Collection of Hot gaffe Videos on . — “gaffe Videos”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. He realized that he had committed an awful gaffe when he mispronounced her name. — “Gaffe - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Retrieved from "http:///wiki/gaffe" Categories: French derivations | English nouns | French nouns | French feminine nouns | French countable nouns | German verb forms | German verb first-person forms | German verb singular forms. — “gaffe - Wiktionary”,
  • gaffe also gaff n. A clumsy social error; a faux pas: 'The excursion had in his eyes been a monstrous gaffe, a breach of sensibility and good taste'. — “gaffe: Definition from ”,
  • gaffe: Definition and Pronunciation. — “gaffe: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • Biden Gaffe or Not a Biden Gaffe? Biden: Hillary a Better Pick Than Me September 10, 2008 5:17 PM ABC News' Matthew Jaffe Reports: 'I Like Your Tan': Italian PM's Obama Gaffe Quote: : "I will try to help relations between Russia and the. — “Gaffe”,
  • Gaffe. Learn about Gaffe on . Get information and videos on Gaffe including articles on joe biden, bp, bulb and more!. — “Gaffe | Answerbag”,
  • Chris Seitz gaffe. Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Chris Seitz gave up this equalizing goal to DC United's Jaime Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania I - Dumber than Dumb. This clown Barack "Ogaffa" has taken "dumb", beyond the occasional gaffe, to a whole new level. From Khruschev to Chavez and more. Also be. — “gaffe - Zoki Videos”,
  • Last night, David Letterman used the Fox & Friends jetpack gaffe as a springboard for a Top 10 list of "Signs There's Trouble at FOX News. On-air gaffe confuses Canadians - 02-13-2010 Classic mix-up: NBC confuses Terry Fox and Michael J. Fox. Terry Fox is a Canadian legend whose cross. — “ - Redefining the Media”,
  • We found 32 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word gaffe: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "gaffe" is defined. General (27 matching dictionaries) gaffe: V2 Vocabulary Building Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of gaffe - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Here you can revel in the blunders of others, confess your own flubs, or measure your gaffe quotient. Or you can read our cheesy ***ysis about how the best gaffes—the ones you tell on yourself—can bring you good fortune, good health, and even a smidge of wisdom. — “Gaffe a Minute | The Stories We Tell on Ourselves”,
  • The Gaffe tool uses two techniques for creating animated movies. The first "technique" is using a programming language (also called 'gaffe') that -different from conventional languages- deals not only with "what must be done" but also "when it must be done". — “The Gaffe Homepage”,
  • Definition of gaffe in the Medical Dictionary. gaffe explanation. Information about gaffe in Free online English dictionary. What is gaffe? Meaning of gaffe medical term. What does gaffe mean?. — “gaffe - definition of gaffe in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • Vice President Joe Biden, the gaffe-man strikes again Vice President Biden tries to Too bad for the gaffe prone VP Bidenthat is the amount he was looking for was $200 million. — “Gaffe | Scared Monkeys”,
  • gaffe - definition, usage, synonyms, thesaurus Portuguese English English Portuguese German English English German Dutch English English Dutch. — “gaffe (definition)”,
  • Joe Biden's Top 7 Gaffe-iest Gaffes. By Lagniappe May 6, 2009. Since he has made it into the news once again by gaffe-ing his way into the bad graces of an enormous industry in the United States, this seems as good a time as any to put this gaffe into perspective. — “Gaffe - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Widener Law School audience derided O'Donnell for asking: 'Where in the constitution is the separation of church and state? Christine O'Donnell's church and state gaffe makes voters laugh. — “Christine O'Donnell's church and state gaffe makes voters”,
  • Actually revealing factual or social truth through words or body language, however, can commonly result in embarrassment or, when the gaffe has negative connotations, friction between people involved. Philosophers and psychologists interested in the nature of the gaffe include Freud and Gilles Deleuze. — “Error - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Gaffe definition, a social blunder; faux pas. See more. — “Gaffe | Define Gaffe at ”,
  • Shop gaffe t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique gaffe tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. — “Gaffe T-Shirts | Buy Gaffe T Shirts & Clothing Online”, t-
  • Definition of gaffe from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of gaffe. Pronunciation of gaffe. Definition of the word gaffe. Origin of the word gaffe. — “gaffe - Definition of gaffe at ”,

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  • Fox News Creates Obama Gaffe That Isn't There? When Steve Brown appeared on "The FOX Report with Shepard Smith" yesterday to claim Barack Obama supposedly made a "gaffe," I was not surprised to find that the real mistakes came from Fox News and not Barack Obama as I show in this video. You can find additional information refuting the gaffe accusation (as picked up by Hillary Clinton's campaign) on Barack Obama's campaign website at:
  • Brown makes "bigot" gaffe Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been caught on microphone in an unguarded moment, calling a Rochdale pensioner "bigoted". Sky's Niall Paterson reports.
  • Gaffe-Prone Biden Embarrasses Nation Yet Again By Sneezing During Meeting In The Know panelists call Biden's decision to sneeze in the middle of a high level policy meeting 'disgusting' and 'completely inappropriate.'
  • Chris Seitz gaffe Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Chris Seitz gave up this equalizing goal to DC United's Jaime Moreno on April 10, 2010. Two days later, USSF's Paul Tamberino said the goal should not have been allowed for interference.
  • Brown sorry for 'bigot' gaffe Gordon Brown, the British prime minister, has apologised in person for calling a woman a "bigot", while campaigning for next week's general election. Gillian Duffy had challenged Brown with questions on a number of issues, including east European immigration. Brown made the "bigot" remark about her after getting back into his car, which was picked up by a microphone. Hamish MacDonald reports. [April, 29, 2010]
  • Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania I - Dumber than Dumb This clown Barack "Ogaffa" has taken "dumb", beyond the occasional gaffe, to a whole new level. From Khruschev to Chavez and more. Also be sure to watch BO's Gaffe Mania II.
  • Joe Biden Gaffe (With Subtitles) Mark My Words... Barack Obama Joe Biden admits Barack Obama's inexperience will lead to a future crisis because other powers will test us.
  • Kim Beazley Gaffe This is the infamous video when Kim Beazley forgot who Michelle Leslie was.
  • Al Jazeera ***yses Bush's checkpoint gaffe - 10 Jan 08 As George Bush, the US president, tours Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories Al Jazeera discusses the significance of his attempted joke regarding checkpoints in the West Bank. Rob Reynolds looks at Bush's news conference with Mahmoud Abbas, his Palestinian counterpart, while Ayman Moyheldin examines the daily struggles that Palestinians face negotiating the checkpoints.
  • gaffe clamorosa brainstorming
  • Carly Fiorina Open Mic Gaffe GOP Senate candidate, Carly Fiorina, criticizes the hairdo of her opponent, Barbara Boxer.
  • Prince Charles Gaff Believeing himself out of microphone range, Charles mouths off to his long suffering sons about BBC journalist Nick Witchell whom it appears he can't stand!
  • Dan Boyle shoots puck in own net in OT loss 4/18/10 Quick Pick: Shark defenseman Dan Boyle tries to pass the puck behind the net, but accidentally backhands the puck into his own net in overtime in a Sharks 1-0 loss. Avalanche forward Ryan O'Reilly is credited with the goal.
  • McCain's Foreign Policy Gaffe (CBS News) "CBS News RAW": Speaking to reporters in Jordan, John McCain mistakenly referred to Iranian extremists as al Qaeda terrorists. McCain recanted his remarks after being corrected by Sen. Joseph Lieberman. ()
  • Obama's MANY Gaffes #1 Check out my SECOND Obama gaffes video: UNBELIEVABLE OBAMA GAFFES, Mistakes, Lies, and Confusion Want to see what's behind the curtain of the Great and Powerful Obama? As you'll see, he's just a small politician who has a great ability to stumble over words. The mainstream media who love Obama won't pull back the curtain. I will. ---------------------------- George Bush did not lie about Iraq. Here's the evidence:
  • John McCain's Greatest Gaffes and Misspeaks A compilation of John McCain's Finest Moments set to the music of Rick Astley
  • "The Best of Joe Biden's Gaffe's; A Continuing Series..." Joe Biden: Everyone's pal.
  • Nicolas Sarkozy : Le Top 10 Gaffe
  • The TOP TEN political gaffes of John McCain More than just misspeaks and senior moments, these flubs shed light on John McCain's incompetence and distance from reality.
  • Re:Obama Gaffe: "My Muslim Faith" THE TRUTH Sen. Barack Obama slips up on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos and refers to his "muslim faith".
  • OBAMA gaffe: 'UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It's the Post Office having problems" Obama goes postal at the Portsmouth Towhall Meeting: OBAMA 'UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It's the Post Office that's always having problems
  • Top 5 George W Bush Gaffes-The Sequel 5 more gaffes from George W Bush
  • Obama Asthma Teleprompter Gaffe Obama is giving a speech about healthcare and his teleprompter goes out. This shows who the real Obama is.
  • Joe biden racist gaffe to indian people Joe biden vice presidential nominee to Barack Obama makes fun of indian people at dunkin donuts
  • UNBELIEVABLE OBAMA GAFFES, Mistakes, Lies, and Confusion Also watch my FIRST Obama Gaffes video for more great gaffes: As you watch, just imagine if George Bush had done these gaffes. We wouldn't hear the end of it. With Obama, the media ignores mistakes, goofs, and misstatements. -------------- REAGANOMICS WORKS ------------- Obama's tax increases: Obama wants skyrocketing energy prices: -------------- HERBERT HOOVER (1929-1933) increased government spending: (1) US govt spending in 2005 constant dollars: 1928 govt spending: $108.25 billion 1933 govt spending: $160.34 billion (2) Spending per capita dramatically rose: More info: ---------
  • Biden Gaffes Joe Biden accidentally misspeaks in this clip.
  • Gordon Brown's Bigoted Woman Gaffe(HQ) Oops! Credit Sky News UK
  • Obama Gaffes Mixed Obama gaffes I heard on the Radio on 6/6/08 from a guy filling in for Mark Levin
  • A gaffe! to order my book. I discuss the origin of the word gaffe.
  • Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania II - Hero of the Stupid Watch this retard's non-stop babbling. From Bush's 4th term to automakers and more. Also be sure to watch Part 1, "Barack Obama - Gaffe Mania I - Dumber Than Dumb"
  • Gordon Brown 'bigoted' gaffe sets stage for final UK debate on economy A day after Britain's Prime Minister called a voter a bigot, the candidates of the three biggest parties will clash in the last TV debate before polling day. The focus will be on the economy. For a look at the state of the UK's finances, RT talks Matthew Sinclair, research director at the TaxPayers' Alliance.
  • Ford-Carter debate excerpt Gerald Ford's infamous gaffe in the 1976 presidential debate.
  • Sarah Palin: "We Gotta Stand With Our North Korean Allies" Sarah Palin inadvertently pledges her allegiance to the Supreme Leader of North Korea on Glenn Beck's radio show.
  • Joe Biden Gaffe Blooper Mix Joe Biden bloopers gaffe mix
  • Joe Biden Gaffes Hillary a better choice?
  • CNN Apologizes After Dropping Coolio's Song - HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM CLICK HERE - CLICK HERE
  • Gordon Brown's Gaffe Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown insults a voter when he forgot he was wearing a live mic. Richard Roth reports from London.
  • John McCain's Spain gaffe John McCain insults Spain
  • Raw Video: White House Reporter's Israel Gaffe Veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas has retired following controversial remarks she made about Israel. Thomas told that Israel should, "Get the hell out of Palestine." (June 7)
  • NESN commercial break gaffe NESN forgets to cut to commercial, hilarity ensues (eventually).

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  • “Previous: An Epidemic of Confusion | LRC Home | LRC Blog | Next: Her Honor " July 6, 2010. Funny Gaffe. Posted by Lew Rockwell on July 6, 2010 06: Michael Kinsley once defined a gaffe as inadvertently telling the truth”
    — Funny Gaffe " Blog,

  • “Catholic Catholica news and discussion forum. A vigorous discussion on Catholic spirituality, theology and faith for adults seeking to deepen their understanding and whose needs are not being met by the formal institution”
    — Catholica Forum - Tony Windsor's gaffe, .au

  • “Microsoft appear to have accidentally confirmed the existence of their attempt to take on the Apple iPad in the tablet game, the Courier, in a blog post that mentioned it before the product was officially announced”
    — Microsoft blog gaffe confirms iPad rival Courier tablet, sort,

  • “Possible 2012 presidential contender Sarah Palin gaffed Wednesday in discussing this week's attack by the communist North on South Korea. discussing this week's attack by the communist North on South Korea”
    — Palin gaffe: 'We gotta stand with our North Korean allies,

  • “Message. Author #1 (permalink) Mon Jul 17, 2006 10:12 am Meaning of gaffe. Synonym Search, of the country he didn't realize what a gaffe he had made. Correct answer: (d) gaffe”
    — Meaning of gaffe, english-

  • “Haroon Siddique: Gillian Duffy being called a 'bigoted woman' by the prime minister is the most recent example of how politicians can be embarrassed by private comments”
    — Bigot gaffe: Gordon Brown is latest victim of foot-in-mouth,

  • “Contact Information & Blog Bio. Advertising Liberally Blogs. Bob Dold's Gaffe. July 26, 2010 By: ArchPundit Category: Uncategorized. Michael Kinsley defined a gaffe in politics as being "A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth. getting endorsed by nutters on the right like the Eagle Forum. From a”
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  • “Source link: http:///6679/the-giant-gas-gouging-gaffe Gas-Gouging Gaffe. May 25, 2007 by Robert Murphy. SHARE IT: Share. Email”
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