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  • The Gaboon adder (Bitis gabonica) is undoubtedly one of the world's most beautiful snakes. It is also holds the record for the longest fangs and the highest venom yield of any of the world's. — “Gaboon Adder”, snakes-
  • Gaboon Viper is one of the deadliest snakes in the world,learn more about this ultimate predator. — “Gaboon Viper-The Ultimate Ambush Snake”,
  • How to Identify the Deadly Gaboon Viper in the Wild. The deadly gaboon viper of Africa is one of the most beautiful snakes on the planet. It also is a master of staying hidden due to coloration and its slow nature. Due to this, the gaboon viper. — “How to Identify the Deadly Gaboon Viper in the Wild | ”,
  • Watch video clips of Gaboon Viper plus see 1,000's of more free video downloads and films related to flash videos of Gaboon Viper. — “:: Video Clips: Gaboon Viper - Watch Videos on Gaboon Viper”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun Bitis gabonica has one meaning: Meaning #1 : large heavy-bodied Common names: Gaboon viper, butterfly adder, forest puff adder, swampjack,[2] (more). Bitis gabonica is a venomous viper species found in the. — “Bitis gabonica: Information from ”,
  • As is the case with many viper species, including North American pit vipers such as the Rattlesnake, the fangs of the Gaboon Viper are retractable and remain folding against the roof of the mouth while the snake is at rest. The speed with which the Gaboon viper strikes is truly remarkable. — “Gaboon Viper”,
  • Definition of gaboon in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gaboon. Pronunciation of gaboon. Translations of gaboon. gaboon synonyms, gaboon antonyms. Information about gaboon in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “gaboon - definition of gaboon by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Facts and information about the Gaboon Viper. — “Gaboon Viper”,
  • Gaboon Viper, Pictures and Information, Photographs. — “Gaboon Viper, Pictures, stock photography, Photographs”,
  • The Gaboon viper (Bitis gabonica) has always been one of my favorite snakes. There are so many interesting traits about this particular species. Come inside to learn more about this amazing member of the viper family. — “Gaboon Viper - Facts and Photos About Bitis Gabonica”,
  • Article: Keeping Gaboon Vipers - Captive care information for Africa's heavyweight vipers. - - The SHHS is a group of venomous reptile keepers educating the public about venomous snakes and. — “Keeping Gaboon Vipers”,
  • Gaboon definition, the soft, reddish-brown wood of an African tree, Aucoumea klaineana, used for making furniture. See more. — “Gaboon | Define Gaboon at ”,
  • The Gaboon viper belongs to the Viperidae (Vipers) family of snakes. The Gaboon viper can approach 6 feet in length, is well camouflaged amongst leaf litter, and has a wide, flat head. — “Gaboon Viper”,
  • The name Gaboon (Gabão) was originally given by the Portuguese to the estuary on which The population of Gaboon is very mixed, Gaboon being the geographical terminus of the. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Gaboon”,
  • Hardwood Emporium - Ebony Gaboon - Secure Online Store. Click on an Item Photo for the net sizes This is a very rare African species. As with most ebony the color varies from non uniform black to uniform black. Most ebony is air dried. The stock. — “Ebony Gaboon by Hardwood Emporium”,
  • Common names: Gaboon viper, butterfly adder, forest puff adder, swampjack,[2] (more) Gaboon viper, butterfly adder, forest puff adder, swampjack,[2] Gaboon adder,[3] Gabon viper.[7]. — “Bitis gabonica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • With only 500 Gaboon vipers left in South Africa, taking a sample now is critical if researchers are ever to find out if its venom could be used to help. — “Wild Recon: Gaboon Viper Venom : Video : Animal Planet”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Gaboon - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Gaboon Manufacturers & Gaboon Suppliers Directory - Find a Gaboon Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Gaboon Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Gaboon-Gaboon Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • The Gaboon viper has a very large and thick body with a distinctive color pattern. The Gaboon viper is a reptile of a solitary type. Once he is excited or irritated by an intruder, he inflates. — “Gaboon Viper: WhoZoo”,
  • Shipped to continental Europe very largely as logs, gaboon is one of the main timbers used by the plywood industrv. Because its siliceous content makes it abrasive to saws and cutting tools, gaboon is rarely sawn. — “Gaboon”,

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  • Update on Death, the Gaboon Viper and Feeding the Fat Puff Adder An update on my first gaboon viper, and a puff adder feed video.
  • Gaboon Viper Bitis gabonica is a venomous viper species found in the rainforests and savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa.[1] This is not only the largest member of the genus Bitis,[3] but also the world's heaviest viperid[2] and it has the longest fangs and the highest venom yield of any venomous snake.[2] Two subspecies are currently recognized, including the nominate race described here.[4] Description Adults average 122152 cm (4 to 5 feet) in length with a maximum of 205 cm (81 in) for a specimen collected in Sierra Leone. The ***es may be distinguished by the length of the tail in relation to the total length of the body: approximately 12% for males and 6% for females. Adults, especially females, are very heavy and stout. One female had the following dimensions:[2] Total length174 cm (69 in) Head width12 cm (4.7 in) Girth 37 cm (14.65 in) Weight (empty stomach)8.5 kg (19 lbs) In their description of B. gabonica, Spawls et al.. (2004) give an average length of 80130 cm (32 to 51.5 in), with a maximum size of 175 cm (69.3 in), saying the species may possibly grow larger still. They acknowledge reports of specimens over 6 feet (1.8 m), or even over 2 m (6.5 ft) in length, but claim there is no evidence to support this.[5] The head is large and triangular, while the neck is greatly narrowed: almost one-third the width of the head.[2] A pair of horns is present between the raised nostrils — tiny in B. g. gabonica, but much larger in B. g. rhinoceros.[5] The eyes are large and moveable,[2 ...
  • Cape cobra & gaboon Captive bred cape cobra (naja nivea) Gold phase. Adding some foliage and water to the enclosure before a secluded feeding. She prefered to eat her meal in her cave, so missed the feeding. West african gaboon (male) Gets an adult mouse for a meal.
  • Venom extraction from large gaboon vipers (Bitis gabonica rhinoceros) Venom extraction from two of our larger gaboon vipers.
  • gaboon viper feeding gaboon viper
  • Baby Gaboon & Rhino Vipers.mpg A visit with some CB10 Gaboon & Rhino Viper babies I'm rearing.
  • gaboon Viper strike Watch the incredible speed and agility of this often underrated master of patience... My timing system might not be correct, I do not guarantee the speed mention in the video. 25 frames per second. 1 frame to strike.. U work it out...
  • Fatal Attractions- Gaboon Viper Kills Its Owner See more Fatal Attractions at | Police are called to investigate an apparent homicide at the home of Anita Finch. They soon realize the bloody trails across the house are the result of Anita's pet Gaboon viper.
  • W/C Gaboon Viper's First Live Feed This gaboon viper that I have had since she was about a week old, has been feeding on frozen thawed for her whole life. For the first time, she makes use of her powerful cytotoxic venom to kill and eat her first live mouse.
  • Gaboon Viper eats a Quail I give Kaze (my hybrid gaboon viper) her first chick, a young quail. I tried to do the same for Death, but she was not interested, so i gave her a mouse instead.
  • Gaboon Viper in close-up The highest venomous snake in Africa, attaining weights of over 20 kg and possessing fangs up to 4 cm (1.6 inches) long. The Gaboon Viper! Filmed at the Pombia Safari Park, Italy. (Bitis gabonica. Family Viperidae)
  • My Gaboon Viper's First Mouse Title says it all. This is the first mouse I gave to my first gaboon viper.
  • West African Gaboon Viper eating rat part 2 My friends viper finishing off rat
  • Gaboon Viper venom extraction at KRZ Gaboon Viper(Bitis g.rhinoceros)venom extraction at KRZ. Gaboon vipers have the largest recorded fangs.
  • Gaboon Viper glove test.wmv Luke Yeomans demonstrates the effectiveness of the snake gloves on a venomous Gaboon Viper at the King Cobra Sanctuary.
  • Snake Beauty 03 - Gaboon Viper 01 Gaboon Viper test video camera/comcept by Heiko Kiera
  • King Cobra Gaboon Viper bite force comparison Jaw indentation comparison King Cobra,Gaboon Viper, Black mamba, Forest Cobra, Black Adder, Brown Adder, Fer-de-Lance, Southern Pacific Rattle,PNG Taipan King Cobra has the biggest biting power. More at , the experts in snake and other reptile handling equipment.
  • Gaboon Viper - 1 Video number one of Gaboon Viper on display at the New York City Museum of Natural History. Music and video by me.
  • Gaboon Viper Eating My gaboon viper, Nekayah, eating a mouse.
  • west african gaboon viper (bitis gabonica rhinoceros)
  • Gaboon viper My bitis gabonica eating
  • Hybrid Gaboon Viper Feed I call her a hybrid because she is half west african and half east african gaboon viper.
  • Gaboon Viper This is a friend of mine's gaboon viper. Gaboon vipers (Bitis gabonica) have the larges fangs of all snakes. They can reach up to 2.5 inches long. These are snakes you DO NOT want to get bit by
  • Feeding the Gaboon Viper A rare Vid for me. Since I don't do "feeding Vids" LOL But it was requested.
  • Gaboon Viper biting into Venom Defender gloves Venom Defender gloves Demo on venomous Gaboon Viper This demonstration is intended as an indication to the possible effectiveness of the product Venom Defender gloves are intended as an extra line of security and should not be taken as a substitute for good handling techniques Although not quaranteed to be puncture proof, Venom Defender gloves are puncture resistant and trusted by many experts More at , the experts in snake and other reptile handling equipment
  • Capture of a Gaboon Viper in Kakamega Rain Forest A very venomous Gaboon Viper is captured in Kakamega Rain Forest in Kenya and transported away from inhabited area. Names of spanish filmteam which captured the snake: Juan Timms, Jorge Doblado and Raul Doblado from Grupo Atheris. No animals were hurt during recording. The capture was supervised by KEEP djungle guides.
  • Gaboon Viper I did some volunteering with work at an Animal Refuge today. As a 'thank you' they did one of their snake demonstrations for us. This is a Gaboon Viper from about 3 feet away. (I was right in the front row). Gaboon's are a venomous viper species found in the rainforests and savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa. They are not only the largest members of the genus Bitis, but also the world's heaviest viperid and they have the longest fangs and the highest venom yield of any venomous snake.
  • The Gaboon Viper and the Rhino Vipers A feed video of my two rhino vipers and my hybrid gaboon viper. My friend who used to have these snakes recently told me he would like to see some more of them, so here they are.
  • Gaboon Viper - Bitis gabonica rhinoceros Bitis gabonica rhinoceros
  • New Gaboon Viper's First Feed The first feeding of my new gaboon viper.
  • Big Gaboon viper eats rat Eating jumbo adult rats, voracious appetite eh? Not really..
  • Baby Gabby feeding - Gaboon Viper Baby Gabby feeding (bitis gabonica rhinoceros)
  • West African Gaboon Viper eating rat my friends viper chowing down on at rat!!
  • Reptile News: Gaboon Viper with no lid + kids in house = moron in trouble Your Daily Reptile News for Monday August 30th, 2010 Hundred of snakes to be released in Florida Pet viper bites Tampa man Malaysia uncovers nearly 100 live reptiles in bag Rattlesnake that escaped from Zoo Atlanta found dead No snake in the grass: 6-foot python found on picnic table at Cleveland area public park Do your part to keep the news around and make it better Twitter Myspace All these stories and more posted every day on Daily Reptile News The Reptivlog http Foot Hill Herps, Forums, Chat and more. The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Reptiles and Amphibians http Do to a complaint I got for using half naken women in my video thubnail I will no longer do it. If you have anything to ad to the complaint or want to complain that I am no longer using it please send all corispondence to our complaint department.
  • Gaboon Ebony David talks about the beautiful, black wood. Gaboon Ebony has some unique qualities.
  • gaboon viper attack on rat candy attacks a rat
  • West African Gaboon Viper showing fangs!! my friends viper readjusting jaw and showing fangs after eating rat
  • My New Rhino and Gaboon Viper Went to the Hamburg reptile show yesterday and picked up two of the coolest snakes that I've ever owned. This video is made for their previous owner hotkeepr7
  • Gaboon New Coasterdynamix invert called Gaboon. Named after the world's longest and heaviest viper, Gaboon tops out at 2 feet, features four inversions, and travels through three, epic, banked curves. The element's on Gaboon are as follows: A raptor-like drop, a vertical loop, a cobra roll, an overbanked curve, a corkscrew, and a curve back to the lift hill. Gaboon was inspired by Raptor at Cedar Point and Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm. Gaboon's layout was originally intended for knex, but I reverted to coasterdynamix as knex would be virtually impossible for me. Just so I don't get any stupid comments, the Gaboon Viper is the longest viper because the King Cobra is technically an Elapid and is not in the viper family. The song in the video is "In The End" by Linkin Park. I do not own the song. I know the camera can be shaky at times and I apologize for this. Please give me feedback on my layout, trackwork, pacing etc. (positive or negative) Follow me on facebook:
  • Gaboon Adder vs. Rat When you're six foot long, venomous, and blend in with the forest floor, sometimes all you have to do is sit and wait for your next meal. See all National Geographic videos:
  • Gaboon viper deadliest venomous snake strikes rat at Cape Fear Serpentarium Within 30 min of a Gaboon viper bite you will be bleeding from your nostrils, ears, eyes and all skin pores. You go into shock, then coma, and finally, into death. See this feroucious killer in action at the amazing Cape Fear Serpentarium in Wilmington. Best action is in the weekends at the 3PM live snake feedings.
  • Venom Hunter: Gaboon Viper With only 500 Gaboon vipers left in South Africa, taking a sample now is critical if researchers are ever to find out if its venom could be used to help further development of pain medication.

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  • “The Snakes-uncovered Blog keeps you updated with all the additions and changes to the snakes- web site. Subscribe here. Jan 13, 2010, Gaboon Adder. The Gaboon adder (Bitis gabonica) is undoubtedly one of the world's most beautiful snakes. It is also holds the record for the longest fangs”
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