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  • Track listing, videos, audio & lyrics of the album For Auld Lang Syne by Gaberlunzie on . — “For Auld Lang Syne | Gaberlunzie | Album | MTV”,
  • The story behind the Weird Word 'gaberlunzie' You will find it many times in Scots literature, especially in the old ballad The Gaberlunzie Man and in James Ballantine's story The Gaberlunzie's Wallet. But if it's Scots we're after, we had best turn to Sir Walter Scott. — “World Wide Words: Gaberlunzie”,
  • Gaberlunzie definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Gaberlunzie | Define Gaberlunzie at ”,
  • Gaberlunzie music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Gaberlunzie on Yahoo! Music. — “Gaberlunzie on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Preview and download songs by Gaberlunzie on iTunes. Songs by Gaberlunzie start at just $0.99 each. — “Gaberlunzie - Download Gaberlunzie Music on iTunes”,
  • Gaberlunzie Timetable operated by Eve Coaches. Gaberlunzie Service Monday timetable Gaberlunzie Service Tuesday timetable. Gaberlunzie Service Friday timetable. 09:20. — “Gaberlunzie Timetable operated by Eve Coaches”,
  • Gaberlunzie. or A gaberlunzie man (g hard). A mendicant; or; more strictly speaking, one of the king's bedesmen, who were licensed beggars. The word gaban is French for "a cloak with tight sleeves and a hood." Lunzie is a diminutivo of laine. — “Gaberlunzie — ”,
  • If you have lyrics by Gaberlunzie that are not listed here, These are the latest lyrics (not necessarily from Gaberlunzie) that was added to mp3:. — “GABERLUNZIE Lyrics”, mp3
  • Find Gaberlunzie from thousands of sellers around the world at . — “Gaberlunzie Records-CDs-Vinyl, Gaberlunzie Albums, Rare”,
  • Gaberlunzie fell over the Cambridge startup Recorded Future, headquartered in Boston with Gaberlunzie is in one seriously horrible pickle and could be skinned. — “Gaberlunzie : Compute Scotland”,
  • Gaberlunzie - @ we are all about Latest News & Information on Gaberlunzie Music, Free Gaberlunzie Music Videos, News, Interviews, Fee Music Downloads and More. — “Gaberlunzie @ - Free Gaberlunzie Music”,
  • Gaberlunzie (English pronunciation: /ɡæbərˈlʌnji/) is a medieval Scots word for a licensed beggar. The name may derive from the wallet that such people carry, but there is no other known derivation. The word appears in several of Sir Walter Scott's books. — “Gaberlunzie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Visit related products for gaberlunzie, including CDs, Vinyl LPs, DVDs, Books and other gaberlunzie-related products when you use the quick search function at . — “gaberlunzie Related Products at ”,
  • Gaberlunzie albums, lyrics, news, biography, pictures, discussion, fanpages, fans and more. — “Gaberlunzie”,
  • News. — “Gaberlunzie”,
  • Definition of gaberlunzie in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of gaberlunzie. Pronunciation of gaberlunzie. Translations of gaberlunzie. gaberlunzie synonyms, gaberlunzie antonyms. Information about gaberlunzie in the free online English. — “gaberlunzie - definition of gaberlunzie by the Free Online”,
  • Biography and catalogue of CDs, DVDs and Downloads for Gaberlunzie. — “Gaberlunzie”,
  • For the Scottish folk duo, see Gaberlunzie (duo). Gaberlunzie (English pronunciation: /ɡæbərˈlʌnji/) is a medieval Scots word for a licensed beggar. The name may derive from the wallet that such people carry, but there is no other known derivation. — “Gaberlunzie: Information from ”,
  • Definition of gaberlunzie from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of gaberlunzie. Pronunciation of gaberlunzie. Definition of the word gaberlunzie. Origin of the word gaberlunzie. — “gaberlunzie - Definition of gaberlunzie at ”,
  • Gaberlunzie (self-titled album), The Gaberlunzie Discography at theBalladeers. — “Gaberlunzie (self-titled album): Gaberlunzie at theBalladeers”,
  • Find and buy Gaberlunzie tickets at . — “Gaberlunzie tickets, concerts and tour dates. Official”,

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  • Road to the Isles (song) Gaberlunzie sing Road to the Isles.
  • Gaberlunzie - Lenora Great song from under rated Scottish folkies Gaberlunzie They're still going -
  • Kishorn Commandos - Schiehallion Written by Gordon Menzies of Gaberlunzie, this is about the men who went to work in the fabrication yards at Kishorn on the west coast of Scotland back in the 1970's. Over 3000 workers were employed there by Howard Doris to build oil platforms for drilling in the North Sea.
  • The Corries --- Gaberlunzie King
  • Gaberlunzie, Bannockburn Day 2009 More of the Gabs on Bannockburn Day 20th June 2009
  • Will Ye No' Come Back Again Performed by Gaberlunzie. Lisen to more Gaberlunzie here for free.
  • Gaberlunzie this is a project i had to do for world geogrophy. we made up a country and i did interviews with the people who lived there. make sure to watch the bloopers! haha enjoy :)
  • Glasgow Dan Glasgow Dan - Gaberlunzie. The Original and the best! Lyrics: His name was Glasgow Dan, he was the old malodian man. He sang his songs of peace and justice all across the land. He sang both rich and bold. With a voice of liquid gold. Bringing happiness and teardrops, to the eyes of yound and old [Chorus] Glasgow dan the music man singing songs and making music of his country He was born in Glasgow town. With the shipyards all aroun' He gained his education. From the gutter, and the ground. But he listened and he cried. With the music of the clyde, of the ***ers and the plaeters, and the turnin' of the tide. [Chorus] He was 17 years old, when he first took to the road. With a battered old malodian, and the sunlight for his load. For 40 years or more he tramped from shore te shore, singin' songs and making music of the country and its lore. [Chorus] He wandered up and down singin' songs from town to town. At markets and at fairgrounds. In places of renown. And all he'd ever seek. Was a bed and a bite to eat. A crack beside the ingle, and a dram before he'd sleep. [Chorus] He missed the mighty boer. And the Kaiser's bloody war. Then in '39 they drafted him far from his native shore. When next he saw the Clyde...There was shrapnel in his side. And his songs were filled with sadness. For the countless men who died. [Chorus] His name was Glasgow dan he was the old malodian man. But his heart was surely broken by the cruelties of man. ...So with winters cloak around... ...He ...
  • gaberlunzie.wmv forget the "flower of scotland" nonsense... this is the one that you should all be singing ....
  • Schiehallion - 1320 Written by Gordon Menzies of Gaberlunzie. This is a favourite for Schiehallion fans as can be seen by the dancers!! Lyrics can be found on the band's website at
  • so serious - Logic feat Shadia Mansour
  • Bannockburn Day 2009, Tartan Arms, Gaberlunzie Tartan Arms Bannockburn Day 20th June 2009.
  • Lowkey Accapella at Jamm on June 10th Politics
  • Interview With Logic - Part 1 After his show supporting Immortal Technique in Belfast, Logic sat and spoke to us. /chosenlogic
  • Next Generation - Logic & Lowkey Live AT Speakers Corner On 5th Oct AT Jamm Brixton.....Hitman Production
  • Gaberlunzie bannockburn day 2008 Gaberlunzie, Tartan Arms 21st June 2008
  • Gaberlunzie The Gallant Murray
  • The Barnyards Of Delgaty sung by Gaberlunzie Bothy ballad about being scunnered by Turriff, sung joyously by Gaberlunzie
  • Olympic Curling with Casseroles! Curling was invented in Scotland, so here is the greatest Scottish record I ever heard, Finn Mac Cuill singing Gaberlunzie Man (from Sink ye, Swim Ye 1978 available on CD 25 years later at !!! on cd by Celtic America Llc or download MP3s!!!) The song goes around and around and never seems to end Well, the temperature in Bangor hasnt gone below 32 degrees since January, and the ice is getting a little crumbly now a month later! But its still fit for CURLING!!! I dont know why, but the kids have picked out curling as their favorite Olympic sport: they love to watch that stone sliding down the ice so we made a few home made diy curling rocks: (now we know why they call it "the Roaring Game"... the rocks are loud when they slide!) One with two plastic mixing bowls duct taped together, filled with cement and a paint-roller handle (I didnt look closely at a picture of a curling rock beforehand: the handle should be OVER the rock, not behind it oh well) the plastic one weighed right around 45 pounds, but it didnt slide far enough. The other stone is a metal casserole dish, filled with water and duct taped shut. It never gets freezing outside, so we had to freeze it in the freezer overnight! (how about that? Cant even get below freezing in maine in February!!) The swifter mop ™ seemed to work pretty well! The metal casserole dish slides like crazy!!! WAHOOO!! The kids invented lots of new rules for their own curling games, involving toy trucks and hockey pucks, etc ...
  • Hear Here - Gaberlunzie Acoustic duo, Gaberlunzie take to the stage with their acoustic guitars for a live performance.
  • Logic - I Have A Dream Live AT Jamm On 10th June - March 2 Palestine - Peace Not War
  • Peter Daldry singing " I Will Go"@ St. Andrew's in the Square in Glasgow, Scotland 8.05.10 Peter Daldry performing "I will Go" at St Andrew's in the Square Glasgow, Scotland UK 8.05.10 The main performers were Gaberlunzie and Peter had the pleasure to sing a few songs between sets.Peter also joined Gaberlunzie for a song at the end of their performance.
  • Bannockburn Day 2009, Tartan Arms WALLACE IS WITH US TODAY. Gaberlunzie, Tartan Arms, Bannockburn Day 2009
  • Gaberlunzie Scotland's leading folk duo, Gaberlunzie, perform the boy's of Bluehill and Harvest home on guitar and mandolin
  • Gaberlunzie - Scotland Again: Massacre of Glencoe Massacre of Glencoe - As sung by Gaberlunzie. All soundtracks belong to Gaberlunzie and pictures to their respective owners.
  • Twa Recruiting Sergeants-Gaberlunzie Just an old Scottish song set to a few pictures. Nothing special. Song performed by Gaberlunzie.
  • Hear Here - Troon Marina Hear Here performance by Gaberlunzie and Karen Hunter from Troon Marina. While due Gaberlunzie perform acoustically, solo violinist, Karen Hunter plays between songs.
  • Sam The Skull -- Bruce Davies (Harry Hagan) 2010_0828 A great audience favourite, first popularised by Gaberlunzie. Recorded during a Fiddlers' Rally with Dunfermline Strathspey and Reel Society at the Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, Fife. This song is commercially available on RR015aCD, "Songs We Used To Sing" from
  • Bannockburn Day 2009, Gaberlunzie. Gaberlunzie, Tartan Arms, June 20th 2009.
  • Gaberlunzie, Tartan Arms Bannockburn Day 2009 Gaberlunzie on 20th June 2009 at Tartan Arms
  • gaberlunzie bannockburn 2009
  • Bannockburn Day, 2009 Gaberlunzie Tartan Arms, Bannockburn Day June 20th 2009. Who are the guys dancing with each other? Any Tambers in this vid?
  • Gaberlunzie bannockburn day Gaberlunzie, flower of scotland
  • Culloden Song A stark, chilling lament about the 'butcher' of Culloden, written by Gordon Menzies of the band Gaberlunzie.The Duke of Cumberland and the English Monarchy had alot to answer for.
  • Gaberlunzie 1.wmv A scottish duo who have been around for a long long time .....Gaberlinzie and from their 2002 cd Freedom's Sword................Schieballion hope you enjoy this song
  • Cam Ye By Atholl sung by Gaberlunzie Jacobite song from the '45 Rising or Rebellion (depending on your point of view) Cam' ye by Athol, lad wi' the philabeg, Down by the Tummel or banks o' the Garry, Saw ye our lads wi' their bonnets and white ***ades, Leaving their mountains to follow Prince Charlie? Follow thee! follow thee! wha wadna follow thee? Lang hast thou loved and trusted us fairly! Charlie, Charlie, wha wadna follow thee, King o' the Highland hearts, bonnie Prince Charlie? I ha'e but ae son, my gallant young Donald; But if I had ten they should follow Glengary! Health to M'Donnell and gallant Clan Ronald- For these are the men that will die for their Charlie! I'll to Lochiel and Appin, and kneel to them, Down by Lord Murray, and Roy of Kildarlie; Brave McIntosh, he shall fly to the field with them, These are the lads I can trust wi' my Charlie! Down through the Lowlands, down wi ' the Wigamore! Loyal true Highlanders, down wi' them rarely! Ronald and Donald, drive on, wi' the broad claymore, Over the necks o' the foes o' Prince Charlie!
  • gaberlunzie - 1320 (Declaration of Arbroath) great song with crackin inro about the declarationof arbroath written by gordon menzies of gaberlunzie...if you like the tune then buy the album!
  • Happy hooligans of Wembley A fun look back at the traditional bi-annual trip to Wembley. Song is by Gaberlunzie
  • Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie sung by Gaberlunzie A jaunty song about unrequited love causing heartbeak. My thanks to John Slezer for his help in providing the illustrations.
  • Hear Here - Troon Marina Hear Here performance by Gaberlunzie and Karen Hunter from Troon Marina. While due Gaberlunzie perform acoustically, solo violinist, Karen Hunter plays between songs.

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  • “They soon know that they will grow up, and the way Wendy knew was this. gaberlunzie (1) illtempered (1) insubordination (1) lender (1) monosyllable (1)”
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  • “The Reunion Forum " Calendar " January 2011 " Hello Guest [Login|Register] Calendar gaberlunzie (41) jedic (37) kenvelo1992 (21) McLane (45) mistressXena. oasisjoel (22)”
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  • “Has anyone got a copy of "Happy hooligans of Wembley" and "1320" on MP3 by any chance? (had thier CD years ago, but can not find it a”
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  • “Help forum > Google Chrome > gaberlunzie. gaberlunzie's discussions cookie exceptions when closing browser clears data in Suggestions. 6/4/10. gaberlunzie. 0”
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  • “Discussion: As part of the Scotlands Tartan day events, internationally acclaimed folk group Gaberlunzie are to take the stage in Arbroath. The concert is in the Cliffburn Hotel at 8pm on Saturday 2nd April. Tickets are £6 and are available”

  • “Debate current events in Scotland's tradtional celtic music scene. Gaberlunzie. £7/£5 (concession) For the final Star Club gig for 2006, the Gabs bring to the Star their outstanding talents as singers,”
    — The Star, Thursday 7th December 2006,

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