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  • The vinyldiazomethanes that have been commonly used in our studies contain an electron-withdrawing group adjacent to the diazo functionality. "Functionality" is often misused, particularly in a software context, to refer to a single function or functional attribute. It does not exist as a. — “functionality - Wiktionary”,
  • JavaScript is required to use this functionality. Calculate Time & Cost. Calculate Time & Cost. JavaScript is required to use this functionality. Schedule a Pickup. JavaScript is required to use this functionality. Find Locations. Find Locations. Country: Order Supplies. — “Delivery Service from UPS”,
  • What We Do Furniture Portfolio Home Terr St Turnaround. — “Functionality Contemporary Furniture in Tallahassee”,
  • In the war of design versus functionality, which side is best?. — “Design Vs. Functionality”,
  • Functionality. Siemens PLM Software works closely with the world's most demanding users to meet today's real-world 3D modeling requirements. Each of these methods provides powerful functionality, including automatic self-intersection removal and. — “Functionality: PLM−Product Lifecycle Management: Siemens PLM”,
  • Functionality. Understand the value of a website that is easy to use. Agent Image professional websites have intuitive designs and are easy to navigate. We know that each agent and broker has special needs, and we have special products to help you achieve your goals. — “Functionality | Best Real Estate Websites | Real Estate Web”,
  • to compare features and functionality between the HP StorageWorks P4500 SAS SAN Solutions and the Dell PS6000XV storage arrays. XenClient and Citrix Receiver for XenClient offers full functionality for unlimited use. — “Functionality - Related Computer Terminology Information”,
  • Functionality. What is SNMP Informant? SNMP Informant is a product line that lets you extend the capabilities of your management system by exposing valuable Windows information to SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Click here to open a 25 second flash demo of how SNMP Informant works!. — “SNMP Informant - Functionality”,
  • The Requirements usually specifies the most important attributes of the requested system, and "The Functional Specification defines what the functionality will be, but not yet how that functionality will be implemented. " ( Functional Specification. — “Function (engineering) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of functionality from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of functionality. Pronunciation of functionality. Definition of the word functionality. Origin of the word functionality. — “functionality - Definition of functionality at ”,
  • Definition of functionality in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is functionality? Meaning of functionality as a legal term. What does functionality mean in law?. — “functionality legal definition of functionality”, legal-
  • Definition of FUNCTIONALITY : the quality or state of being functional; especially : the set of functions or capabilities associated with computer software or hardware or an electronic device. Examples of FUNCTIONALITY. a design that is admired both for its beauty and for its functionality. — “Functionality - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Add a Web Part to any page, and a the new functionality will appear when the page is displayed. Create pages that combine the ease of wikis with the functionality of Web Parts. — “Features”,
  • functionality n. The quality of being functional. A useful function within a computer application or program. — “functionality: Definition from ”,
  • Functionality is a daily dose of cool new products sprinkled with online reviews, buying guides, and humor Be Part of the Club Weekly Updates. Unique Offers. Special Contests. — “Buying Guides – Online Reviews – Cool New Products”,
  • Having difficulties finding a flexible, web-based ERP with broad, standard functionalities? Openbravo's integrated, web-based functionality is based on a single, unified data model, and includes configurable functionality in the areas of Financial Management. — “Openbravo Professional Edition Overview”,
  • Appendix B: General Functionality. PeopleSoft COTS Evaluation Report. B - 4. Reference Appendix B: General Functionality. PeopleSoft COTS Evaluation Report. B. — “APPENDIX B: GENERAL FUNCTIONALITY”,
  • At Functionality Events it's all about YOU. We don't give you a package and tell you this is how we do it. We want to know what will work best for YOUR needs. We take care of the details so that you can enjoy yourself! Functionality .events that work!. — “Functionality - events that work in Margaret River”,
  • Functionality definition, of or pertaining to a function or functions: See more. — “Functionality | Define Functionality at ”,
  • We found 27 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word functionality: functionality: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] functionality: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of functionality - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of functionality in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of functionality. Pronunciation of functionality. Translations of functionality. functionality synonyms, functionality antonyms. Information about functionality in the free online. — “functionality - definition of functionality by the Free”,
  • Functionality testing is employed to verify whether your product meets the intended specifications and functional requirements laid out in your development documentation. Functionality testing helps your company provide products with a minimum amount of issues to an increasingly. — “Functionality Testing”,
  • Functionality (taken from the Latin 'functio' meaning 'to perform') is what something, such as a software application or computing device, can do for a user. — “What is functionality? - Definition from ”,

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  • Introduction to Wyse WSM Wyse WSM Delivers full PC functionality with all the benefits of centralized management and maintenance-free Zero Clients. Wyse WSM powers Zero Clients and legacy Desktops to become fully fledged PCs running Microsoft Windows. Time consuming PC management tasks such as OS upgrades, service packs or new application installations are carried out one-time only centrally on the server, avoiding the need to visit individual desktops. Dramatically speeding-up and simplifying deployment in one stroke. The power of a PC, without the complexity. Wyse Zero Clients and Wyse WSM provide compact, energy efficient and productive desktops with all the dynamic user experience of a PC - without the day-to-day complexities and risks associated with one. Plus, as Wyse Zero Clients have no moving parts, their service lives (typically 5-10 years) are extended beyond those of comparable PCs and the noise from fans and hard drives is eliminated. Better still, their low power consumption means low heat output enabling comfortable working environments with a reduced dependence on costly carbon-heavy air conditioning - often leaving workplace cooling achievable through natural ventilation. Go to to learn more about Wyse WSM.
  • Reason 5 & Record 1.5 - Blocks Many musicians tend to think of music in terms like intro, verse, chorus, breakdown, buildup and so on. With the new Blocks mode in Reason 5 and Record 1.5, your sequencer does too. Blocks lets you sequence your songs using a more pattern-based approach, with the segments of your song as individual building blocks to be laid out in your arrangement.
  • Retail Anywhere POS Suspend and Resume Functionality Easily suspend and resume point of sale transactions with Retail Anywhere's easy-to-use retail POS system. Using a mobile device, you can suspend a transaction and them resume at the POS register - POS line-busting.
  • Phone functionality of Nokia N900 The distinguishing feature of the Nokia N900 over previous Internet Tablet devices is the phone capability. As you can see, the phone is actually quite capable and supports several advanced functions.
  • Star Wars DROID Functionality The DROID R2-D2 is about experience. It's shaded in the same dark gray that has become a trademark of the Verizon Wireless DROID lineup. The difference here is a carbonite-esque DROID R2-D2 embossed on its front, while the back reading in raised letters "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" with a reminder that this is, indeed, a limited edition. Check out the review post here:
  • Mitsubishi iMiEV Electric Car Technical Functionality See the New Mitsubishi iMiEV Electric Car technical overview in this video. For more information on the Mitsubishi iMiEV visit:
  • Air Video one-off build demonstrating AirPlay Video functionality
  • Steamin Demon Carpet Extractor - Simplicity and Functionality Setup and demonstration of the Steamin Demon Carpet Extractor showing setup time, temperature, simplicity and functionality of the machine (Part 2)
  • X10 mini, mini pro - Bluetooth™ functionality with Android 2.1 Learn how to use Bluetooth™ in your Xperia™ X10 mini and X10 mini pro phone.
  • Massive Wobble Update (Synced LFO functionality) /computo /computo Buy the track, Ahoy! on Beatport Here's an update to the Massive Wobble Tutorial I did about a year and half ago. Recently, NI updated MASSIVE to include some really important functionality, most notably the ability to both MIDI assign/learn and host automate MASSIVE's awesome LFO's/Modulators. Check out the video, your wobbles will be much easier to achieve, and you'll be able to get a lot more experimental with your modulations. By the way, that is Ableton Live 8 acting as a host in the second half of the video. The background music is unreleased, unfinished edit of "Ahoy" by Computo. More videos and tutorials coming soon, sorry for the time between videos! Check out my websites, and add me on Twitter!
  • Eken M003 8- Android Tablet FUNCTIONALITY - Like Small Apple iPad Tablet PC Slate checkout to claim your free brand newipad!
  • Schlage Keypad Lock and Deadbolt Features and Functionality. The video gives an overview of Schlage Keypad Lock and Deadbolt operations along with features and functionality.
  • osu! awp video tutorial 2 - Editor basics and bookmarking First of all, sorry for uploading this. Turns out the camera's auto-focus blows goats when zoomed in that far, and the camera isn't even showing the entire screen. Digital zoom kinda buggered up. However, I'm going to let this go because A - I'm lazy, and B - this tutorial isn't even all that important. If you can read English, you can probably skip this tutorial anyhow. No actual beatmap composition was done.
  • CyberCom UI - MeeGo Parallex Media Desktop Demo with Phone Functionality This Demo is the MeeGo Parallex Media Desktop with Phone Functionality, recorded at MeeGo Summit Finland 2011.
  • Sprint Epic 4G questions and answers Submit more questions and I'll post a part 2.
  • Kj Sawka - Simple Functionality Buy KJ Sawka's music at or Video by Epiphanous
  • Pioneer CDJ-350 & DJM-350 Guide Following our first introduction to the CDJ-350 and DJM-350 by Avicii (which you can view at we now give you an in depth walk through of its exceptional set of features and incredible functionality. Building upon Avicii's original introduction, showing us the BPM lock, looping, rekordbox functionality, mixer FX and USB recording functionality, we show you how to rip your old viny, organise your playlists and show off the incredible BPM lock with a lightning fast mini mix.
  • HTC Incredible - Apps & Widgets - Advanced Explanation and demo of my favorite Home Replacement at the moment.
  • Retail Anywhere POS CRM Functionality Retail Anywhere's retail POS software has easy-to-use CRM functionality. Easily perform customer look ups and associate customers to specific transactions. Add new customers on the fly and view customer purchase history with with our retail pos system.
  • Civil 3D Survey Functionality Highlights of survey functionality in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
  • Compiz Fusion Tutorial - Howto Increase Desktop Functionality with Ubuntu Check out my new Linux channel: Last week I showed you how to turn on some neat desktop animations using Compiz Fusion (formally beryl) - you can watch last week's tutorial here: Today I will show you some of the useful productivity enhancements that Compiz has to offer, such as multiple desktops (workspaces), moving windows between desktops, expo (preview and choose from all your desktops), resizeable window previews, and scale (display and choose from all your open windows at once). I even throw in some wobbly windows for good measure!
  • Nintendo 3DS Hands On Highlights: Menus & Functionality IGN takes a look at the Nintendo 3DS, the new portable console. See the menu layouts and highlights of the 3D tech functionality in this video. IGN's YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this week's top videos? Sign up
  • Left 4 Dead - Super Mario Bros. (World 1-1) v0.2 This video shows the tunnel functionality and underground portions I've added to the "Super Mario Bros." NES map I'm currently creating for Left 4 Dead. At this time, as you can see in the video, I have not optimized the map, added enemies, or even thrown in an exit. This is still very much a work-in-progress!
  • BI Power Hour: Sneak Preview of Gemini - part 2 Get a sneak preview of the new functionality for BI within Excel with Project Gemini. This demo shows how you can quickly ***yze massive amounts of data, create connections to data, and share insights all within the familiar Excel environment. Learn more about Microsoft Business Intelligence at
  • BCS Overview Demo Part 1 of 3 In this three part video Brad Stevenson goes over a high level overview out of the box functionality provided by Business Connectivity Services. Youll be able to observe: •Full read/write functionality of BCS •Create an external content type which connects to a SQL backend •Bring external data into SharePoint through an external list •How the external list provides the same functionality of a normal SharePoint list •Taking the external data into Outlook and SharePoint Workspace •Auto generated forms and customized InfoPath forms for external lists •External Data Columns and using Word templates to fill in information using external data
  • Legends of WrestleMania Manager Functionality (High Quality) Add: &fmt=18 to this video URL for better Quality!
  • How to set up the autotext functionality on the BlackBerry mobile phone By Aaron Farrel How to set up & use the autotext functionality on the BlackBerry mobile phone so that you can quickly enter information when messaging.
  • Tutorial | Creating a First Web Site with Flash Professional CS5-Button functionality Watch the entire course at Creating a First Web Site with Flash Professional CS5 shows how to make a fully functional, dynamic web site in Flash Professional CS5. This course covers the fundamentals of creating and importing content, adding smooth 2D and 3D transitions, and adding button functionality that goes beyond links. This course will also show how to integrate and control video and audio as well as how to implement a gallery and a contact form.
  • Crew Review: DeLonghi Perfecta Superautomatic Gail introduces us to the features and functionality of the DeLonghi Perfecta superautomatic espresso machine, which has one-touch cappuccino and programming customization.
  • Metal Gear Solid with StreetPass, Harvest Moon "New and Exciting" Features and Ocarina of Time nintendo3 *** Kojima is "looking into using StreetPass functionality for exchanging data with other players" in Metal Gear Solid 3DS http In an interview with Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, he shared that the team who are working on Metal Gear Solid 3DS were "looking into [including] StreetPass functionality for exchanging data with other players even when you're not playing the game." We're not sure what the functionality could entail in the context of the MGS universe, but it's certainly being used to great effect by Super Street Fighter IV, so hopefully we'll be seeing a similar level of inventiveness. Kojima also shares that, because the story of the game can't change, they're thinking of adding "co-ops, 3D and portable-like elements," which would make this game more than just a standard port. Marvelous are "working on multiple projects" for the 3DS, adding "new game-changing features" to Harvest Moon nintendo3 Siliconera sat down to speak with Tomio Kanazawa of Marvelous Entertainment recently and, on the topic of the 3DS Kanawaza said that "the 3DS brings with it a new sense of joy, and because of this, we are extremely interested in the platform." He confirms that Marvelous are "working on multiple projects, each taking advantage of the new opportunities the 3DS will provide." We know Animal Resort has already been announced and a Harvest Moon title has been confirmed since E3, but the use of the word "multiple ...
  • The new BMW X3 (2011). Exterior. Significantly increased space, optimised functionality and enhanced driving comfort. Best in class efficiency and dynamics ratio. This is the new BMW X3 and the successor of a very popular car.
  • Using App Inventors Fusion Tables functionality. A Tutorial on using the Fusion Tables functionality in App Inventor. Check out the book here silly video wont let me link.
  • Dreamweaver Tutorial: Add Functionality to a Sliced PSD. -HD- In this tutorial, you will learn how to add functionality to the sliced PSD that we showed how to create in a previous tutorial using Dreamweaver CS3. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE because there will be a new tutorial every week. Follow me on Twitter @RiverCityGraphx Like us on on facebook: Suggest tutorials at For project files, help forums, and more check out the website at http For business related inquires contact us at [email protected]
  • LG Steam Dishwasher Educational video discussing features and functionality of the steam dishwasher.
  • Schumann PLL - Guitar Functionality Demo Exploring the knobs and functions of the Schumann PLL and doing a detailed run through of as much as I've been able to figure out so far.
  • Livestand from Yahoo!
  • LinkedIn Next Gen Search Demo Esteban Kozak, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn demos the advanced functionality of LinkedIn's Next Gen Search. Launched Nov 2008.
  • Awesome Minecraft Calculator - The Inside See how the calculator works: See an overview of the calculator: This calculator was made in Minecraft Alpha: We spent two weeks building the whole calculator - Dont try this at home... Download the map here:
  • F16 ***pit Functionality Video Brief intro and explanation of the F-16C
  • Rancilio Silvia 3 Steaming Functionality Gail talks about the new Silvia V3's steaming functionality and shows us how to make microfoam on it.
  • How to add Paypal functionality to your Joomla! forms using the RSForm!Pro Paypal Plugin How to create a small Joomla! shopping cart with RSForm!Pro and PayPal plugin: download, installation, configuration, how to add Paypal Multiple products fields, a Total field to automatically calculate the amount and how to test the plugin with Sandbox PayPal account. You can add PayPal functionality to your Joomla! forms created with RSForm!Pro using the PayPal Plugin. In this episode we will show you what are the required steps to set up a small shopping cart, using the PayPal Sandbox. The example uses the Multiple Products field and a Dropdown to list the products. Another example of using the Multiple Products field (screenshots included too) you'll find in the second part of the article 3 ways to create a small Joomla! shopping cart with RSForm!Pro and PayPal We recommend to test the shopping cart within a Sandbox Paypal account and then enable the "Live mode" from the "Plugin Configuration" tab.
  • How to use the iPhone 4 on StraightTalk with full 3G functionality!! This video explains how to use the iphone 4 3GS 3G on the StraightTalk Network with full data functionality, MMS, Text and Phone Coverage! Unlimited Talk, Text and Web!

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  • “VideoBloom Functionality Upgrade. Home / Blog / VideoBloom Functionality Upgrade. Mon, 07/21/2008 - 23:00. In a continuous effort to improve Along with improvements in functionality, the platform has also been given some general”
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  • “Professional Web Application developer from Malaysia and widely known as Joomla! Extensions Developer. Our famous extensions is JomSocial; social networking extension, JomComment; commenting system, MyBlog; blogging system and NiceTalk; simple”
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  • “Take a look around and comment on a blog or two. You never know who might join. RSS for apparent in order that the assessment of functionality is possible”
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