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  • This page describes the term function and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is function? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia”,
  • Learn about Find a Function on . Find info and videos including: How to Find the Inverse of a Function, How to Find the Function in Math, How to Use Excel's FIND Function and much more. — “Find a Function - ”,
  • The Documentation Center provides an extensive guide of every function in the program including syntax and sample code. A "First Five Minutes with Mathematica" tutorial is also present in the menu, which provides a quick guide to get started with Mathematica. — “Mathematica Function - ControlsWiki”,
  • Startup, Command Window, help, editing and debugging, tuning, other general functions Function/expression evaluation, program control, function handles, object oriented programming, error handling, operators, data. — “The MathWorks - MATLAB”,
  • In information technology, the term function (pronounced FUHNK-shun ) has a number of meanings. 1) In its most general use, a function is what a given entity does in being what it is. — “What is function? Definition from ”,
  • Spencer, the developer here at Function, has been working on putting together a simple ticket or bug tracking WordPress theme. The theme allows for easy creation of a ticket/support system right within WordPress, for free. Continue Reading " You may also like to post a Comment (116). — “Function Web Design & Development Blog | Web Design, Graphic”,
  • A function associates a single output to each input element drawn from a fixed set, such as the real numbers. There are many ways to give a function: by a formula, by a plot or graph, by an algorithm that computes it, by a description of its properties. — “Function (mathematics)”, schools-
  • function n. The action for which a person or thing is particularly fitted or employed. Assigned duty or activity. — “function: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • var fn = Function.from(42); alert(fn()); // alerts '42' var fn2 = Function.from(fn); alert(fn2()); // alerts '42' This function is equivalent to the following deprecated MooTools 1.2 methods:. — “MooTools Docs - Types/Function”,
  • function (plural functions) What something does or is used for. A professional or official position. An official or social (official or social occasion): affair, occasion, social occasion, social function. — “function - Wiktionary”,
  • Values (known as arguments) can be passed into a function so that they can be used in the function script, and functions can, in turn, return results to the location from which they were called. The first step in creating a PHP function is to provide a name by which you will reference the function. — “PHP Functions - Techotopia”,
  • Function objects created with the Function constructor are evaluated each time they are used. To return a value, the function must have a return statement that specifies the value to return. All parameters are passed to functions by value; the. — “Client-Side JavaScript Reference”,
  • Function definition, the kind of action or activity proper to a person, thing, or institution; the purpose for which something is designed or exists; role. See more. — “Function | Define Function at ”,
  • Function Enterprises has completed many notable projects in the Washington Metropolitan Area - including Union Station as pictured above. Function stands behind their work and offers a 5 Year comprehensive warranty and 20 year manufacturer guarantees. — “Function Enterprises Inc”,
  • Mechanical engineering services, specializing in mechanism development, product development, and engineering ***ysis. — “Function Engineering, Inc”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Function - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • And PHP interpreter correctly interprets the function. However some parsers (ex: PDT/Eclipse) does not see this as a valid function name, and only accept function names starting with a letter or an underscore. As the function b not return any value, the engine makes the function returns NULL. — “PHP: Functions - Manual”,
  • The mathematical concept of a function expresses the intuitive idea that one quantity (the argument of the function, also known as the input) completely determines another quantity (the value, or the output). A function assigns exactly one value to each input of a specified type. — “Function (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Function. Information about Function in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. exponential function, trigonometric function, inverse function, c function, mathematical function. — “Function definition of Function in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Function. Learn about Function on . Get information and videos on Function including articles on problem, equation, computer and more!. — “Function | Answerbag”,
  • Definition of function in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of function. Pronunciation of function. Translations of function. function synonyms, function antonyms. Information about function in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “function - definition of function by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of function from Webster's New World College Dictionary. a special duty or performance required in the course of work or activity: the function of an auditor, the function of the brakes. — “function - Definition of function at ”,

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  • Algebra Help: Function Notation1 Using function notation to find the value of a function for a given value of x. Also, the relationship between function notation and the points on the graph of the function.
  • Functions Part 2 More examples of solving function problems
  • Graphing trig functions ***yzing the amplitude and periods of the sine and cosine functions.
  • Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #4 - Functions Continuing the Microsoft Excel series of tutorials for beginners. In part 4 you will learn about creating basic functions in Excel and using the Paste Function feature. Hope you find this useful!
  • Graphs of trig functions Exploring the graphs of trig functions
  • Introduction to functions An introduction to functions.
  • Python Programming Tutorial - 4 - Modules and Functions Part 5 - The title says it all... Function and Modules!!!
  • DORA THE EXPLORE: AT THE FUNCTION (EP1) I WAS BORED AS HELL SO I WAS LIKE LET ME FHUCK WITH DORA RUFF ASS BANGS MESSD UP HAIRLINE HAVING ASS SO YEAH ENJOY DORA AT THE FUNCTION :) All rights of this audio track are hereby property of publishers, producers and other such management. We do not own the audio material
  • Domain of a function Figuring out the domain of a function
  • Wave Function And Wave-Particle Duality Science & Reason on Facebook: Quantum Mechanics (Chapter 3): Wave Function and Wave-Particle Duality. --- Subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • --- 1. A Brief History Of Quantum Mechanics 2. The Structure Of Atoms 3. Wave Function And Wave-Particle Duality 4. The Uncertainty Principle 5. The Spin Of Fundamental Particles 6. Quantum Entanglement --- WAVE FUNCTION A wave function or wavefunction is a mathematical tool used in quantum mechanics to describe any physical system. It is a function from a space that maps the possible states of the system into the complex numbers. The laws of quantum mechanics (ie the Schrödinger equation) describe how the wave function evolves over time. The values of the wave function are probability amplitudes — complex numbers — the squares of the absolute values of which give the probability distribution that the system will be in any of the possible states. It is commonly applied as a property of particles relating to their wave-particle duality, where it is denoted ψ(position,time) and where | ψ | 2 is equal to the chance of finding the subject at a certain time and position. For example, in an atom with a single electron, such as hydrogen or ionized helium, the wave function of the electron provides a complete description of how the electron behaves. It can be decomposed into a series of atomic ...
  • THOMAS FUNCTION Filthy Flowers (live in Huntsville)
  • Finding the Domain of a Function Finding the domain of a function, without graphing. For more free math videos, visit
  • Using Trig Functions Part II A couple of more examples of using Trig functions to solve the sides of a triangle.
  • Functions (part 4) An example of a functions problem submitted by a youtube viewer
  • Using Trig Functions Using Trigonometric functions to solve the sides of a right triangle
  • "The Function" June 27th COME SUPPORT. BUY A TICKET!!! come see us=] and every ranger is gonna be there and this is not a jerk video we wasnt trynna get off we jus put it in the videp for kicks so dont hate.
  • Math Functions - - Algebra Help For a complete lesson on math functions, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn that if the x-coordinate is different in each ordered pair in a given relation, then the relation is a function. Students also learn to use mapping diagrams and the vertical line test to determine if a relation is a function.
  • Piecewise Functions How to evaluate and graph piece-wise functions.
  • The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See (part 1 of 8) 2 million views for an old codger giving a lecture about arithmetic? What's going on? You'll just have to watch to see what's so damn amazing about what he (Albert Bartlett) has to say. I introduce this video to my students as "Perhaps the most boring video you'll ever see, and definitely the most important." But then again, after watching it most said that if you followed along with what the presenter (a professor emeritus of Physics at Univ of Colorado-Boulder) is saying, it's quite easy to pay attention, because it is so damn compelling. Entire playlist for the lecture:
  • Excel Magic Trick 167p1 IF function formula: 12 Examples! Part 1. See 12 different examples of how to use the IF function. This video starts with IF function basics and then shows 12 different examples of how the IF function can be used in formulas. Also see these functions: AND, OR, SUM, AVEARAGE, STDEVP, and VLOOKUP. See how to use the IF function to put: 1 of 2 numbers in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 words in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 text strings in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 formulas in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 functions in a cell or formula. 1 of 2 cell ranges in a cell or formula. How to have more than one IF (Nested IF Ifs). When to switch to the VLOOKUP function. How to build multiple criteria formulas with the IF function. How to use the AND function with the IF function. How to use the OR function with the IF function. Excel If statement Excel Magic Trick 165p2 MACRO Advanced Filter Extract B-days Other amazing videos at YouTube: Excel Trick, Making a Gantt Chart with Excel, Recording Macros - Excel 2003, VLOOKUP in Excel 2007.
  • Excel Basics #4: Formulas and Functions The Excel Basics Series shows a systematic description of what Excel can do from beginning to end. #4 Video topics: 1)Formulas with cell references 2)Formula efficiency rule: Numbers that can change go in cells and numbers that do not change can be typed into cells 3)Formulas with cell references operators and parenthesis 4)Formula for Effective Annual Interest Rate 5)How to find Excel functions to use in formulas 6)Search for Excel functions 7)EFFECT function 8)Formula for month interest rate 9)Formula for total number of periods 10)Formula for monthly payment on a loan using the PMT function 11)Formula for text string that use cell references, Text in quotes and the DOLLAR function
  • Composition of Functions Composition of Functions - Numerous examples are shown of how to compose functions! For more free math videos, check out
  • Calculus 1.1: Functions The first section in the Calculus I sequence. We cover the definition of a function, its domain and range, and how functions might be used in calculus.
  • Graphing the Trigonometric Functions Graphing the Trigonometric Functions - I do a quick sketch of the 6 trigonometric functions. For more free math videos, visit
  • Payment Function in Excel use the payment function (pmt) to calculate monthly car payments and mortgage payments
  • Function Notation Function Notation - A basic description of function notation and a few examples involving function notation. For more free math videos, visit
  • Functions (Part III) Even more examples of function exercises. Introduction of a graph as definition of a function.
  • Inverse Trig Functions: Arcsin Introduction to the inverse trig function arcsin
  • Graph of the sine function Using the unit circle definition of the sine function to make a graph of it.
  • PHP Tutorial - 21 - include function Subscribe to my Channel if you like my tutorials! Go to my website if you need any help or have any questions. I will answer them all there!
  • Graphing Piecewise Defined Functions Graphing Piecewise Defined Functions - 2 examples are shown. For more free math videos, visit Austin Math Tutor, Austin Math Tutoring, Austin Algebra Tutor, Austin Calculus Tutor
  • Unit Circle Definition of Trig Functions Using the unit circle to define the sine, cosine, and tangent functions
  • Galaxy S TV Out function Review Samsung Galaxy S TV OUT Review. Games, menu, multimedia, browser ... more info http
  • how the Eye Functions (1941) Part2 Beautifully animated explication of human eye and eyesight.
  • The Exponential Function Professor Strang explains how the "magic number e" connects to ordinary things like the interest on a bank account. The graph of y = e^x has the special property that its slope equals its height (it goes up "exponentially fast"!). This is the great function of calculus. View the complete course at: License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at
  • Graphing Linear Functions by Finding X,Y Intercept Graphing Linear Functions by Finding the X-Intercept and Y-Intercept of the Function. The basic idea and two full examples are shown! For more free math videos, visit
  • Graphing a Trig Function MORE AT Graphing Trig functions: Phase Shift
  • Brain Anatomy and Functions Brain Anatomy and Function. This 3D animation shows the anatomy and function of the brain using color coded areas.
  • Derivatives of Exponential Functions Derivatives of Exponential Functions - I give the basic formulas and do a few examples involving derivatives of exponential functions. For more free math videos, visit
  • Conjunction Junction Conjunction Junction School House Rock

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