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  • Definition of frisk from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of frisk. Pronunciation of frisk. Definition of the word frisk. Origin of the word frisk. — “frisk - Definition of frisk at ”,
  • Frisk. 64. 115. 65. 83. 63. 65 #574. Gothimu. Frisk. 45. 30. 50. 55. 65. 45 #575. Gochimiru. Frisk. 60 95. 110. 65. Pokémon that can have the Frisk ability through the Dream. — “ AbilityDex - Frisk”,
  • Frisk can refer to different things including: Frisking is where a police officer or other law enforcement agent runs his or her hands along the outer garments to detect any concealed weapons or other contraband; Frisk is a surname of Swed. — “Frisk”,
  • here for Pembroke Welsh Corgi Info. — “here for Pembroke Welsh Corgi Info”,
  • Emailable games and Frisk facts from the mint that sharpens you up. — “Frisk”,
  • Frisk is a surname of Swedish origin, one of many Swedish army names originally given to soldiers to make their names more distinctive; Frisking, where a police officer or other law enforcement agent runs his or her hands along the outer garments to detect any concealed weapons or. — “Frisk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Search engine that finds the best buys from among 150 million new, used, rare, and out-of-print books for sale, including books by Frisk. — “Frisk: books by Frisk @ ”,
  • frisk. buy frisk mugs, tshirts and magnets. When cops and security search you for drugs and guns by feeling you all over from behind. The big, tall, muscular security guard leaned right down behind me and felt me all over because his orders were to frisk me. — “Urban Dictionary: frisk”,
  • Shop frisk t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique frisk tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. Find quality frisk shirts in styles, colours and sizes for all people on your list. — “Frisk T-Shirts | Buy Frisk T Shirts & Clothing Online”, t-
  • Definition of frisk in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is frisk? Meaning of frisk as a legal term. What does frisk mean in law?. — “frisk legal definition of frisk. frisk synonyms by the Free”, legal-
  • frisk v. , frisked , frisking , frisks . v.intr. To move about briskly and playfully; frolic. — “frisk: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Definition of frisk in the Dictionary. Meaning of frisk. What does frisk mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word frisk. Information about frisk in the dictionary, synonyms and. — “What does frisk mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • Frisk allows the Pokémon to see the opponent's held item upon entering battle. If the foe is holding an item, a message telling which item the Pokémon is holding will be shown right after the Pokémon with Frisk ability enters the battle. If the foe isn't holding an item, no message will appear. — “Frisk (ability) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. verb \ˈfrisk\ Definition of FRISK. intransitive verb : to leap, skip, or dance in a lively or playful way : gambol. transitive verb : to search (a person) for something. — “Frisk - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • to frisk (third-person singular simple present frisks, present participle frisking, simple past and past participle frisked) The police frisked the suspiciously-acting individual and found a knife as well as a bag of marijuana. — “frisk - Wiktionary”,
  • EZ-FRISK - Software for Ground Motion Estimation - provides site-specific earthquake hazard ***ysis using seismic hazard ***ysis, accelerogram spectral matching, and seismic site response ***ysis. — “EZ-FRISK - Software for Earthquake Ground Motion Estimation”, ez-
  • Definition of frisk in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of frisk. Pronunciation of frisk. Translations of frisk. frisk synonyms, frisk antonyms. Information about frisk in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “frisk - definition of frisk by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Frisk definition, to dance, leap, skip, or gambol; frolic: See more. — “Frisk | Define Frisk at ”,
  • ShopWiki has 280 results for Frisk, including FRISK ME! Totebag (Cotton Tote / Bag), Womens Exchange By Charles David Frisk Suede Sz 8.5, Art Mask Frisk Film, and FLY London Women's Frisk Ankle Boot. — “Frisk”,
  • Definition of frisk from Webster's New World Law Dictionary. — “frisk - Legal Definition”,
  • An online gallery of original watercolor paintings and prints depicting landscapes, florals, cottage gardens with painting tips or techniques. — “Judy Bert Frisk”,
  • FRisk Consulting is a leading independent risk management consultancy firm offering a comprehensive set of financial risk management services. FRisk Consulting has entered into a strategic alliance with Riskflow. — “FRisk Consulting - Financial Risk Management”,

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  • When are police allowed to frisk me? Get the 45-minute DVD at And check out detailed answers to our most frequently asked questions at
  • stop and frisk chapter 7
  • FRISK commercial|"Idea Place" FRISK Mint TV commercial, 2009, Japan
  • The Frisk - Outside My final recording assignment at SAE Institute, Auckand. Recorded by Chris Hodgson and me, mixed by me. Thanks to The Frisk for letting us record them. Listen to their other songs here:
  • Frisk Tigers 09/10 Frisk Asker Tigers, the local pro hockeyteam located in Asker, Norway... 15 minutes south of Oslo.
  • Carvier's frisk OMG i have commited a horribly sin! I hope Kurtis forgives me!
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  • Chinatown / A Camp - feat.Niclas Frisk guitar [email protected]***pit, Leeds, 3 May 2009 From A Camp @ Leeds, UK tour. Wonderful guitar solo of Niclas Frisk, the introduction of "Chinatown". Taken by Mieko the webmaster of Atomic Swing fan site. Thanks for the great night to everyone!! Check out my Atomic Swing Fan Site: A Camp Fan Blog camp3
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  • Frisk Fail For more, visit
  • Frisk (An Adapted Scene) Adapted from Dennis Cooper's novel of the same name, a man named Dennis expounds upon his life and fantasy to a young hustler
  • frisk .
  • NY Region: Stop and Frisk in Brownsville, Brooklyn - /video Brownsville, Brooklyn, is ground zero in the New York Police Department's controversial crime fighting strategy known as stop, question and frisk. Related Link:
  • Hung Up (on you)/AJCroce [Frisk CM Song Hello Idea]
  • Katchafire - Frisk Me Down off the slow burn album
  • The Big Pink - Frisk Since nobody upped the glorious Big Pink debut in full (which is quite a shame if you ask me), I feel it is my duty to do it now. [sigh] I'm too good... Track 8. (C) 4AD 2009
  • THE FRISK 6 September, 2010 ‪PRESENTED BY SIR-VERE BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH & ‬ 5 piece indie rock act The Frisk got their start making robust tunes competing in the Smokefree Rockquest. Some seriously high calibre musical heroes lurk in the background of their tempting tunes, from the groundbreaking Radiohead, Incubus and Muse to the catchy wizardry of Kings of Leon, Bloc Party and The Strokes. Put all this together and you get melodic, punchy, toe-tapping, high energy songs -- which make their presence felt in a lively stage show. For 2009 The Frisk have a few simple things in mind -- write more tunes, play more gigs, have more fun. Tune in again tomorrow!!!
  • Jim Hoffer Investigates NYPD Stop and Frisk Policy Jim Hoffers interviews me (Nycresistance) on my work here on Youtube of video taping NYPD's constant stopping and searching of minorities. Jim Hoffer offered police commissioner Kelly an opportunity to discuss their stop and frisk policy but he was refused an interview. I have a whole new outlook on the mainstream media as there are good reporters that are interested in uncovering the truth regardless of where it leads and reporting the findings to the people. I personally would like to commend Jim Hoffer for reporting on what I believe to be a horrific case of police corruption, racial profiling and civil rights violation. Do your part in the spreading the truth by rating, commenting and sharing this videos with friends and family. We are breaking ground together and well on our way to a life free from prejudice and hate based on our racial and religious differences. Thank You all: Nycresistance
  • The Sopranos - The Frisk Paulie gets Christopher frisked.
  • FRISK commercial|"Idea Anthem" FRISK Mint TV commercial, 2009, Japan
  • The Frisk Live on Kiwi FM May 2010 The Frisk live in the Kiwi FM studio for Kiwi's 31 Bands in a Box during NZ Music Month 2010
  • Frisk - Marijuana - Jungle Ambassadors - Played by Terry T, Souljah and Peter Bouncer 24 06 10 Frisk - Marijuana (Jungle Ambassadors) Played by Terry T, Souljah and Peter Bouncer 24 06 10
  • Frisk Patrick Bovim Patrick " The Typhoon" Bovim
  • stopped & frisked Since 2003, the NYPD has stopped and interrogated New Yorkers 2950000 times. Of that number, 88% were found to be innocent. And all are in a massive NYPD electronic Database. And 83% were black or latino. Daryl and Clive are part of a class-action lawsuit challenging the NYPD's practice of keeping the personal information of innocent New Yorkers in a database used to conduct police investigations. For more information, or to take action, go to . Videographer: Alberto Morales.
  • DJ Frisk Finaz- Fighting The System
  • A TRIBUTE TO LARS-GÖRAN FRISK This Youtube video is a tribute to Lars-Göran Frisk (1943-99). Lars-Göran Frisk was probably the most famous 78 rpm collector in Sweden and also one of the most popular radio personalities. He had an enormous collection (around 70.000 78 rpms and all in all around 100.000 records) and he had a very popular radio show called Skivor från Vetlanda 1977-99, a show that from time to time had around half a million listeners, which is quite impressive since there are only around 9 million people in Sweden. Frisk had a dry and correct way of presenting records from his collection with accurate recording dates and facts about the artists and orchestras, and even the name of the record label a detail collectors like yours truly always have enjoyed. There were many requests from listeners in his radio show and I even remember that former gramophone singers who were still alive and maybe only recorded one or two sides got their records played in the show. All in all it was a very popular radio show, and when he died way too early many feared that it would be the end of old 78 rpm recordings in Swedish radio. That was not the case, since radio man and record collector Anders Eldeman took over Frisks collection and kept on playing old records on his radio show Da Capo. It is impossible to overstate the importance of Lars-Göran Frisk and the way he kept the interest for old recordings alive and I listened to his radio shows long before I started collecting 78 rpms. I found the shows ...
  • Are "Stop and Frisk" and Other Racial Profiling Policies Unfair? Bill O'Reilly and Marc Lamont Hill debate the fairness of New York's "Stop and Frisk" policy, as well as other "proactive policing" strategies. According to O'Reilly, racial profiling is necessary because, based on studies, the majority of crimes are committed by Black people. Hill argues that such policies are racist, unproductive, and in violation of American civil liberties.
  • Frisk commercial confectionary spot with a horse
  • Katchafire Frisk Me Down Music Video made by Paul Herschell for Katchafire in New Zealand.
  • Police Stop and Frisk Young Man Get the full-length DVD at 10 foronly $15.00. After watching 10 Rules for Dealing with Police, you'll be more confident and better prepared to handle every kind of police situation. Learn How To... * Deal with traffic stops, street stops & police at your door * Know your rights & maintain your cool * Avoid common police tricks * Prevent humiliating searches DVD Bonus Features * 10 Rules for Non-citizens (en Español) * Q&A with 10 Rules Creators * Spanish & Arabic Subtitles Run Time Approx 40 min. Get more info at 10
  • The Big Pink - Frisk From the album "A Brief History of Love"
  • FRISK commercial|"Tips" FRISK Mint TV commercial, 2010, Japan
  • I would love to frisk Angelina, Megan Fox: SRK Bollywood superstar Sharukh Khan briefs media over his detention at Newark airport in New Jersey, USA.
  • When are Police Allowed to Frisk Me? Get the full-length DVD at 10 foronly $15.00. After watching 10 Rules for Dealing with Police, you'll be more confident and better prepared to handle every kind of police situation. Learn How To... * Deal with traffic stops, street stops & police at your door * Know your rights & maintain your cool * Avoid common police tricks * Prevent humiliating searches DVD Bonus Features * 10 Rules for Non-citizens (en Español) * Q&A with 10 Rules Creators * Spanish & Arabic Subtitles Run Time Approx 40 min. Get more info at 10
  • Marianas Trench - Lover Dearest (Lyrics) Hope you enjoy! ^-^ Song - Lover Dearest Artist - Marianas Trench
  • The Frisk - Basket Of Snakes You open your heart Like pandora's locker Burnt books - and notes From this weeks stalker Sunday morning Dressed in camouflage Imperfect crime Exposing your flaws You stare at the sun In dark sunglasses The long haul pass Passes in between classes You aim for the stars Mouth loaded with gum But the shot that smarts Turned out to be dumb You get what you deserve In this can of worms But you never can escape From a basket of snakes I saw you at lunch Singing verses subversive You're less a threat Than curse words in cursive From basket to worse is A cold hearted task It's 9 o'clock And you have no class I'm on to your lying And cheating techniques You forged my name On an old pair of sneaks And when jack the terror Ripped your dress You hid it from me But did you hide it from them? Ring! goes the bell Skreeee! goes the chalk Snap! goes the ruler Click! goes the lock
  • A Northern Lass and A Northern Frisk - Two Concertinas Two tunes from the Northwest of England: "A Northern Lass" is a slow tune that once had the words of a song to it. "A Northern Frisk" is a 3/2 hornpipe. Played by Mary Humphreys on Wheatsone English concertina and Anahata on Jeffries Anglo concertina. Musical arrangement by Anahata. PDF of music available for download at /pdf/northernlass2.pdf and /pdf/northernfrisk.pdf We're running an Easter Weekend tunes workshop in Shropshire - see
  • Frisk Built QR Code QRchitecture from Tokyo creative agency SET showcasing mobile barcode built from Frisk mints and scanned with QR reader Optiscan.
  • FRISK commercial|"Anonymous/pencil" FRISK Mint TV commercial, 2010, Japan
  • Mr Frisk - 1990 Grand National Mr Frisk is one of my all time favourite horses, for the same reason as most in that he won the Grand National when I backed him! I'll always remember him as loving fast ground, and of jumping for fun out in front as he did here. The Whitbread win after this was just as memorable, if not more so, in that I was there to roar him on :)
  • FRISK commercial|"Idea Pain" FRISK Mint TV commercial, 2009, Japan

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  • “I do admit I need to have the grammar police visit as I am not a writer and this article is really my blog entry. Citizens Quitting Obama and AARP: Letter of the Year : EarthFrisk Blog on Mr. President: Please Stop Immediately If Not Sooner. Mr”
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  • “BLOG. Wednesday. Nov032010. Carvings in Progress. Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 10:18AM This blog is not a complaint, but more a statement and observation that we are not”
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  • “Blog. Search. New at FindLaw: Sharia Law and Stop and Frisk. November 12, FindLaw Blog. Recent Entries. New at FindLaw: Sharia Law and Stop and Frisk. FindLaw”
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  • “The Official Blog of When this file is dropped in the "tests" directory and the "frisk" executable is run, it'll execute these tests and check the results of those requests. The "ji-enygma.localhost" is a reference to my local instance”
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  • “For a while now, I've had a renewed interesting testing applications - unit, functional, performance, etc - and have been learning all I can about the software you can use to run these tests. Obviously, one of the mainstays of the PHP world is”
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  • “A FindLaw Blog post. Stop and frisk sounds more like a trendy dance move or a board game Attorneys | Legal Experts | Free Legal Forms | Legal Jobs | Legal Forum | Blog | Blog Feeds”
    — Is Philly's Stop and Frisk' Racial Profiling? | Lawinfo Weblog,

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