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  • [ FRISBEE COLLECTIVE ] home of the manic frisbee collector Philo Copenhagen. — “FRISBEE COLLECTIVE”,
  • Ultimate Frisbee Rules begins with a pull, an ultimate game staring throw of an ultimate Frisbee disc Ultimate Frisbee Gear, Ultimate Frisbee History, Ultimate Frisbee Terms. — “Ultimate Frisbee Rules | Ultimate Frisbee Gear| Ultimate”,
  • Frisbee Manufacturers & Frisbee Suppliers Directory - Find a Frisbee Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Frisbee Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Frisbee-Frisbee Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Frisbee A trademark used for a plastic disk-shaped toy that players throw and catch. This trademark sometimes occurs in print meaning 'a. — “Frisbee: Definition from ”,
  • Custom Imprinted Frisbee Items, Your Account Manager Will Help Make Your Promotions Easy at !. — “Custom Imprinted Frisbee Items - Quality”,
  • The United States National Governing Body for the Sport of Ultimate Ultimate Frisbee - Hucking Fantastic. New and Improved: College Restructure Finalized for 2011 Season. — “USA Ultimate | Home Page”,
  • wikiHow article about How to Throw a Frisbee. Choose a Frisbee you are comfortable with. Feel the weight, size and strength. Cheap Frisbees are exactly that - cheap. They will not last long after falling to the ground a few times and will crack easily. — “How to Throw a Frisbee: 8 steps (with video) - wikiHow”,
  • This page features tips on how to freestyle. Tournament schedule and results. Personality profiles. Skippy sez articles. And much more. — “Freestyle Frisbee (West Coast)”,
  • 1957, brand name Frisbee was trademarked in 1959 by Fred Morrison, later acquired by Wham-O. From an alteration of frisbie, applied to the disk game by U.S. college students who tossed pie plates from Mrs. Frisbie's Pies, Frisbie Bakery, Bridgeport Ct., since the 1930s. — “Frisbee - Wiktionary”,
  • The empty pie plates of the Frisbie Baking Company become the prototype for the Frisbee - inventor Walter Frederick Morrison sold his Pluto Platter to Wham-O for one million dollars. — “The History of the Frisbee”,
  • Frisbee and Frisbees Flying Discs. Welcome to the Frisbee Super Store. Frisbees, classic Frisbee. Want a quality flying disc? Get an original Wham-O Frisbee from the Frisbee Super Store for Frisbee Golf, Freestyle, Ultimate and more. — “Frisbee Flying Disc Super Store with All Kinds of Frisbees!”,
  • For the curious, this page will show you how to throw a frisbee in a step-by-step manner that is perfect for a beginner. Teach a child how to throw a frisbee or teach yourself. To go along with the written instructions, you'll also find a great. — “A Beginner's Guide to How To Throw A Frisbee”,
  • Frisbee definition, a brand of plastic concave disk, used for various catching games by sailing it between two or more players and thrown by making it spin as i See more. — “Frisbee | Define Frisbee at ”,
  • Now available for those interested in getting an Ultimate Frisbee® program within their School or Club is the UPA Ultimate outreach kit.more" Frisbee® is a Registered Trademark of © 2004 Wham-o Inc. All Rights Reserved. — “Original Frisbee® Disc :: Home”,
  • Definition of Frisbee in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Frisbee. Pronunciation of Frisbee. Translations of Frisbee. Frisbee synonyms, Frisbee antonyms. Information about Frisbee in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. ultimate. — “Frisbee - definition of Frisbee by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Buy frisbee, Sporting Goods items on eBay. Find great deals on Toys Hobbies, Pet Supplies items and get what you want now!. — “frisbee items - Get great deals on Sporting Goods, Toys”,
  • Often used as a generic term for recreational flying discs, "Frisbee" is actually the registered trademark of the toy company Wham-O. There are many variations of Frisbee play, including Frisbee golf and canine Frisbee where the master throws the. — “Frisbee”,
  • Shop for frisbee at Target. Find products like ultimate frisbee, disc and more. Choose from The Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee Disc Kit (Mixed media product), Twilight Blast LED Frisbee Disc and other products. — “frisbee : Target Search Results”,
  • For the amusement ride, see Frisbee (ride). For the type of UFO, see Flying saucer. A Frisbee(R) made by Wham-O. Flying discs[1] are disc-shaped gliders which are generally plastic and roughly 20 to 25 centimeters (8–10 inches) in diameter, with a lip. — “Flying disc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Gary Auerbach is the Frisbee Guy. His school, camp, and party shows have been amazing kids for over a decade now. Gary will share his Frisbee collection, do incredible tricks, and get the kids up and moving with his wide arrary of games. — “Gary Auerbach\\Frisbee Guy// Toll Free 1-877-477-2555”,
  • Fascinating facts about the invention of the Frisbee by Walter Frederick Morrison in 1950. — “Frisbee History - Invention of the Frisbee”,

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  • Awesome Frisbee Throw From Mountain A frisbee was thrown from a mountain. 22 seconds of hangtime. :)
  • Joey Hudoklin : The God of Freestyle Frisbee Joey Hudoklin Video footage re-edited from "Zen and the Art of Freestyle Frisbee" Music: Vangelis ("Abrahams theme" & "Alpha")
  • Ultimate Frisbee Michigan Highlight Video - Nationals 2006 Ultimate Frisbee - Highlight video of Michigan magnUM at UPA College Nationals in Columbus, 2006
  • Frisbee Freestyle Frisbee Freestyle ; A creative mixture of complex indoor and inventive household tricks, performed by Frisbee Freeestylers John Coxhead & Joe McCrave.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Golazo WUCC Prague 2010 Mega atrapada de Andrew Fleming Sockeye vs Ironside en los cuartos de final WUCC Prague 2010.
  • KETC | Living St. Louis | Frisbee Golf From KETC, LIVING ST. LOUIS Producer Anne-Marie Berger learns the ins and the outs of Frisbee, or disc, golf.
  • Jeep: Frisbee Jeep lovers only play treacherous frisbee.
  • GIRLS FACE VS. FRISBEE! LOL! My day with Video Girl Barbie! ENTER CONTEST HERE: MATTEL TOUR: ** READ MY BLOG: iJUSTINE TSHIRTS! http LET'S BE FRIENDS: MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS: ** FTC DISCLAIMER: I received a video girl Barbie from Mattel and Mattel sponsored to create this video.
  • Frisbee Spin Action on a table Some guys play Frisbee another way on a table.
  • 2008 UPA Club Nationals and Worlds Ultimate Frisbee Highlights New footage from Ultivillage, featuring UPA Club Nationals and WUGC, or Worlds, tournaments. Check it out and enjoy.
  • Frisbee Dog - Jack Russell Terrier II Whiplash
  • ultimate frisbee Ultimate Frisbee. Much better than regular frisbee. Makes hacky sack look like a total joke.
  • Ultimate Frisbee MASTERS! Monty Are I, Just Surrender and Power Space throw down... frisbee style
  • Freestyle Frisbee World Championships Freestyle Frisbee World Championships 2007 Promoclip
  • "Frisbee Cheer" students (The Den) @ UCLA Bruins Basketball The Den does the traditional "Frisbee Cheer" just before tip off and player intoductions at Pauley Pavilion, home of the UCLA Bruins
  • Ultimate Frisbee Michigan Day 1 Highlight Video - Nats '06 Ultimate Frisbee - Highlights from pool play at UPA College Nationals 2006 in Columbus, OH
  • Frisbee Dog Champions Frisbee dog Nick (4) & his father, Luke (12), canine flying disk champions, perform a variety of amazing stunts for a 3rd grade class of boys and girls at Claybon Elementary school in Forney, Texas. At 70+ years young, Bob Evans is thier handler. Nick and Luke are members of Eukanuba Legends In Total Excellence (ELITE) - a team of the most amazing, best-of-the-best dogs. You can see Nick at various Iams and Eukanuba Dog events.
  • Frisbee Golf : How to Play Frisbee Golf In Frisbee golf, the first step is to find a course, after which equipment is needed, and finally, the object is to get the disc from the starting area to the basket in the fewest amount of throws possible. Learn about boundaries and penalty throws in Frisbee golf with help from an experienced disc golf player in this free video on Frisbee golf. Expert: Steve Carson Contact: Bio: Steve Carson has been active in disc golf for nearly 30 years, and is the president of and . Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson
  • Lonnie Frisbee and Chuck Smith Lonnie Frisbee meets Chuck Smith and together the two men shepherd Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa into a new spiritual revival.
  • Brodie Smith - Frisbee Trick Shots As seen on ESPN SportsNation!!!! Tired of watching the same trick shots over and over? 2-Time National Champion Brodie Smith makes some awesome frisbee trick shots around the university of florida campus. With some ridiculous shots in the Swamp. Get In The HUDDLE! #1 SUBSCRIBE to Bro Tips here on YouTube! #2 LIKE Bro Tips on Facebook! #3 Follow us on Twitter! Music: Cody Johns - "Trickshot" Thanks to Philthy, Thatch, The Dentist, Derulo, Freeze, Jim, Man tossing the trash can, piglet, and Snacks for helping make this video happen.
  • Gameplay - Wii Sports Resort (Frisbee Golf)
  • FRISBEE OF DOOM!! (1.30.10 - Day 275) Photos from today: Tweetalicious is better than bootylicious hot shirts: .
  • Frisbee Foundations with Ron Watson- Dogmantics Dog Training TV presents Ron Watson, an internationally renowned Frisbee master, was in San Diego doing a Frisbee seminar that I had the pleasure to attend. He generously accepted the offer to do a free youtube tutorial on some basic Frisbee foundations. These exercises can be done with a dog even before they have been introduced to a Frisbee, and can also be used for cool tricks, or flashy Canine Freestyle moves as well! I must say that my Frisbee throwing ability GREATLY improved with a little tutoring! And now Splash is not eating dirt every time that I throw! Thanks Ron! Are you interested in Frisbee? Check out these links- www.k9 Check out Ron Watsons youtube channel /k9disc for more free tips on playing Frisbee with your dog. --- Remember your dog should be over 18 months old to do these exercises, to ensure their growth plates are closed. Also keep in mind your dog should also not be overweight or old- stressing their joints too much.
  • Amazing Frisbee Dogs!!! Thank you to all of my old and new subscribers and thank you for supporting me here on youtube:) This is a test using youtube's new "audo swap" feature. While I believe that the few videos I do have are protected under the fair use doctrine for the use of copyrighted material, I want there to be no question. Zak George
  • How to Play Ultimate Frisbee : Advanced Ultimate Frisbee Throws Learn how to do advanced Frisbee throws for Ultimate Frisbee in this free video on Ultimate Frisbee tips and techniques. Expert: David Gelber Contact: Bio: David Gelber was introduced to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in 1979 at San Diego State University. Filmmaker: Linda Kane
  • How To Teach Your Dog To Play Frisbee (multiples) Mention this video to get a 10% discount on discs!: A lesson on teaching your dog to catch multiple discs.
  • freestyle frisbee - jamming on the beach in Capocotta A tutto gas! Freestyle frisbee jam near Rome, Italy. Tom Leitner, Lorenzo Apriani and Mauro Mercury. www.freestyle-
  • The Ultimate Highlights Best moments from the 2008 UPA College Ultimate Championship. For more log on to .
  • UGLY FRISBEE GOLF! Check me out in the web series Corey & Lucas FTW Episode 4 GET YOUR SHAYCARL SHIRTS, HATS, HOODIES & STICKERS HERE! (new shirt coming soon) Awesome Intro video done by: OUR WEBSITE Be my Book Facer friend! http Subscribe to my iPhone channel for quick live updates. OUR TWEETS Shay Katilette
  • How to Play Ultimate Frisbee : Ultimate Frisbee Flick Throw Learn how to do the Frisbee flick throw for Ultimate Frisbee in this free video on Ultimate Frisbee tips and techniques. Expert: David Gelber Contact: Bio: David Gelber was introduced to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in 1979 at San Diego State University. Filmmaker: Linda Kane
  • Frisbee throws lesson From "Zen and the Art of Frisbee Freestyle" directed by Pat Rabdau
  • Frisbee Toy Box Physics Alton Leibel and Chris Pugh explaining the physics behind a frisbee.
  • Ultimate Frisbee On Q WQED's On Q program aired this feature about ultimate frisbee on 9/25/06
  • PURE JOY German Championchips 2009 Freestyle Frisbee Cologne trailer zur DM 2009 musik: bassface sascha & JFC "laid back" NASA "gifted"
  • INSANE FRISBEE DOGS! /zakgeorge This is a reedit of a video I used to have up. Enjoy!
  • JULIAN SMITH - Louis Sebastian: Frisbee Pro Louis Sebastian, current world record holder for longest frisbee toss, attempts to throw a frisbee around the world. Add me on Facebook:
  • Dog Climbs Tree For Frisbee!! My Border Collie Nissa climbs the tree n tips her frisbee!!!! hahahha
  • You won't believe these Ultimate Frisbee plays! Men's Ultimate Frisbee highlights from the national championships in Florida
  • Disc Death This is what can happen in the deadly competitive world of Frisbee throwing, so be warned when a friendly face at the beach asks if you want to indulge in a little one on one, you may end up like this unfortunate dude, such a waste of life! LMAO!
  • Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann - 2009 New Classic Dance Routine Effective 2011, The Chicago Classic will be one of 13 events that are included in the NASDE circuit. NASDE is the National Association of Swing Dance Events, which awards points and prize money to the top place competitors in the Classic, Showcase and All Star Jack & Jill Divisions. Competitors accumulate points for placesments at NASDE events throughout the year and the competitors with the most points by the end of the year are awarded cash prizes at the US Open Swing Dance Championships.
  • Frisbee Dog Excellent video of a frisbee dog competition
  • Ultimate Frisbee Highlights Taken from . This is possibly one the best videos I've ever seen. Gotta crank the music up on this one!

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  • “Frisbee Store Goes Bankrupt in 2009 Seacoast History Blog #30. February 5, 2009. The potential demise of Frisbee's Market in Kittery Point is not just one more statistic in an avalanche of bad economic news. The "oldest continuously run family store in North America" has been on the skids for years”
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  • “Video Blog - Frisbee for Paul Video Blog - Frisbee. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are on the set of Paul and receive a frisbee toss from Edgar Wright who is in Toronto on the set of his film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”
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  • “A frisbee blog or a knitting blog? It is winter here in Australia, the alleged land of Actually, it has come to my attention that I have to go back to school frisbee next Monday”
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  • “News&Blog. 18/08/2010. RAID from SWEDEN TO NORDKAPP ON A FRISBEE PEDELEC. through SWEDEN, Cerca il Frisbee Point. Inserisci la tua mail. Le informazioni contenute in questo sito”
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  • “The ultimate one-stop solution for finding Frisbee. The Blog. New Frisbee tournament rating now available. Posted by christian on Monday, November 22, 2010. 1 comment. Every year there are hundreds of Frisbee tournaments that you eventually could play”
    — FFindr! The Blog. Find Frisbee anywhere,

  • “The Minnesota Frisbee Association: A Growing Disc Sports Community since 1975”
    — Discussion Forum - Minnesota Frisbee Association,

  • “Archive for the 'frisbee' Category. Guts Frisbee! The original extreme disc sport' Posted frisbee (1) fun (17) General News (132) golf (1) HangGliding (1) Humour (1) injuries (2)”
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  • “Visit Jordan White-Frisbee - College Football Nation Blog for information, in-depth ***ysis and discussion about Jordan White-Frisbee”
    — Jordan White-Frisbee - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN,

  • “It's a sign that the economy is slowly improving, but at least it's a start: Wham-O is bringing back half of its Frisbee manufacturing to the United States from China. Kids in China may someday turn over their Frisbee and find "Made in America" on it. What a twist that would be!”
    Frisbee -- WalletPop,

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