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  • friendlier - Bukisa - Share your friendlier Knowledge, Earn Money from publishing friendlier content - Invite your Friends to join. — “friendlier content - Share your Knowledge, Earn Money - Bukisa”,
  • We found 9 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word friendlier: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "friendlier" is defined. General (7 matching dictionaries) friendlier: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of friendlier - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Expelled To A Friendlier Place. Compare products, compare prices, read reviews and merchant ratings. — “Expelled To A Friendlier Place - Martin Gold - Paperback”,
  • A much user-friendlier and hardware supportive version of the Microsoft Windows NT family of Operating Systems. Fewer crimes,friendlier people,not heavily populated,lots of pretty. — “Urban Dictionary: friendlier”,
  • Wine Country Roasted Turkey. Weekly Recipes Home. My Account. Weekly Ad. Shopping List powered by: - Grocery Website Specialists. PWS 10. — “VG's Grocery - Closer. Faster. Friendlier”,
  • Definition of friendlier from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of friendlier. Pronunciation of friendlier. Definition of the word friendlier. Origin of the word friendlier. — “friendlier - Definition of friendlier at ”,
  • At work, you like the closeness that develops between you and your colleagues. When workmates become friendlier with each other, work becomes more comfortable and easier. But when the usual pat on the shoulder by a colleague starts feeling more. — “Workplace Watch: How to Deal with ***ual Harassment”,
  • Dingell promises climate bill friendlier to manufacturers 2 Yesterday he talked about his pending legislation to industry folks, promising it would be friendlier to their interests than the Senate bill that failed last week:. — “Dingell promises climate bill friendlier to manufacturers | Grist”,
  • Gov.-elect Tom Corbett, a Republican who is seen as friendlier toward the industry, says he will reverse the Democrat's order. Republican Gov.-elect Tom Corbett is seen as friendlier toward the industry than outgoing Democrat Ed Rendell, who has clashed with natural gas. — “GOP victory could boost drilling for natural gas | Tulsa World”,
  • The Digital Watermarking Alliance, a group that encourages content owners to embed unique identifiers into media as a way to combat piracy and promote new distribution models online, released a study this morning on the prevalence of illegal. — “Watermarks, a friendlier DRM? | Technology | Los Angeles Times”,
  • It's been almost two months since GoPro announced it'd be releasing a cheaper helmet cam, the HD GoPro releases its budget-friendlier $179 HD Hero 960, teases 3D case for moneybags. — “GoPro releases its budget-friendlier $179 HD Hero 960, teases”,
  • Friendlier definition, characteristic of or befitting a friend; showing friendship: See more. — “Friendlier | Define Friendlier at ”,
  • Shop on the Internet for friendlier with Shopzilla. Buy the best products from top-rated stores at the lowest prices every time. Compare prices on friendlier. — “Shopzilla - Gift shopping for Friendlier”,
  • The cloth nappy versus disposable nappy has been in full swing over the past few years, as parents increasingly opt for cloth nappies for financial and environmental reasons. Cloth Nappies – a Friendlier Choice for Your Wallet and for the Environment By:. — “Cloth Nappies – a Friendlier Choice for Your Wallet and for”,
  • Tampa Bay's news, shopping and information source brought to you by the St. Petersburg Times and tbt Turn voice-mail hell into a friendlier, more helpful place. — “Action: Turn voice-mail hell into a friendlier, more helpful”,
  • Congress is discussing ways to enforce passenger rights plans. Legislating Friendlier Skies. By Ted Reed 04/23/07 - 12:11 PM EDT. Add Comment. Tweet. If airlines don't shape up in terms of customer service, Congress will make them shape up, House members. — “Legislating Friendlier Skies - TheStreet”,
  • Definition of friendlier in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is friendlier? Meaning of friendlier as a legal term. What does friendlier mean in law?. — “friendlier legal definition of friendlier. friendlier”, legal-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Friendlier - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Could 'Bank of America' be Earth and Customer friendlier?. — “Could 'Bank of America' be Earth and Customer friendlier”,
  • Construction is underway to remove a traffic lane and widen the sidewalk on Larimer Street between 15th and 17th streets. Pedestrians to soon get friendlier Larimer, 14th. — “Pedestrians to soon get friendlier Larimer, 14th - Farmington”, daily-
  • Michael Totten: "The Kurds are friendlier, and more pro-American, than Canadians. Michael Totten: "The Kurds are friendlier, and more pro-American, than Canadians. — “Terry Glavin: Michael Totten: "The Kurds are friendlier, and”, transmont***
  • Definition of friendlier in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of friendlier. Pronunciation of friendlier. Translations of friendlier. friendlier synonyms, friendlier antonyms. Information about friendlier in the free online English dictionary and. — “friendlier - definition of friendlier by the Free Online”,
  • Thursday, June 04, 2009. Friendlier. Posted by The Saipan Blogger. Oreo is getting a little Friendlier. Losing Our Edge. Woods Hole to visit MTMNM. We've Hit Rock Bottom. www. — “The Saipan Blog: Friendlier”,
  • friendlier. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 12 May 2009, at 20:47. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See Terms. — “friendlier - Wiktionary”,

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  • [MGO Commentary] Road to Level.15: North America friendlier than Europe? | Eps 7: Survival We only managed to scratch the surface on discussing some of the tactical and cultural differences between the North American and European servers. The more support you give in 'liking' and 'favouriting' videos, the more features (like posting +15min podcasts) I'll get from Youtube. Thank you. To play with me when I'm on NA Survival. Add me on my twitter. I often tweet when I need players to help me out. To know whether the video was recorded on NA or EU servers (for any video I upload) all you need do is scroll down to the bottom of the description to see if 'NA' is written. Otherwise, assume it is an EU recorded game. Theopportunity to provide co-commentary on un-seen exclusive gaming vids is open to anyone. Read this for more details: To hear more from our commentators, please check out: Post your comments and opinions. Mumra. Useful links: Add me on Facebook: You should follow me on Twitter here: (use Firefox browser) (fighting channel) (help report gaming cheats, easily) "HWD Handbook" - [MGO] NA Survival 08April2011_08 stripped of beginner leaf
  • Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib Mattress, Ecru EcoClassica III Crib Mattress The Colgate EcoClassica III mattress is one of the Colgate Cradletyme Naturals collection of eco-friendlier mattresses, pads, and accessories. The dual firmness Colgate EcoClassica III is an organic cotton covered ecologically friendlier version of the extremely popular Colgate Classica III dual firmness foam crib mattress. The Colgate EcoClassica III is a lightweight (9 lb. 6 oz. - for easy sheet changes), 6' thick dual firmness infant/toddler foam crib mattress and snugly fits into all standard size American cribs and toddler beds. This eco-friendlier version of the Colgate Classica III is made with ecologically friendlier foam substituting plant oils for petroleum based oils but, it is still high quality and very firm as recommended by most medical experts. Certified by CertiPUR-US to be better quality foam GREENGUARD certified to have no hazardous air emissions. Certified organic cotton cover closest to baby's skin and a waterproof backing that ensures nothing gets into the mattress Manufactured by Colgate, the crib mattress specialist,
  • Locals keen to make Moscow tourist friendlier In a bid to make the Russian capital more attractive to holidaymakers, Moscow has gone on a tourist-charm offensive. And with a major advertising campaign underway, Prime Time's Svetlana Kurakina takes a look at what else is being done to make the city more tourist friendly.
  • Daygame - The Biggest Secret Of Attracting Women Is That Beautiful Girls Are Friendlier To leave comments on this video, or to see more Daygame tutorial videos, articles and our weekly podcast, checkout ------ Yad explains a counter-intuitive concept that only the best seducers are aware of - that, often, the hotter a girl is the friendlier and more receptive she is.
  • Friendlier Hellsing Opening I made this opening / ending credits and although I couldn't really use it in an episode I thought it funny enough to tide people over until episode six comes out. so enjoy! MUSIC: The Rembrants-I'll be there for you (The theme song from FRIENDS)
  • Disney's Winnie the Pooh: Smackerels 'It's so much friendlier with two!' Realizing AA Milnes enduring vision of a little boys cuddly toys coming to life in an English wood, Smackerels are visual treats presenting Pooh and friends in a magical new way. In the first short, Pooh gets help from Piglet to overcome a 'hunny' conundrum.
  • THE AFTERMATH 'Like' us on Facebook - BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH METEOR FROM THE MORGAN HOTEL IN TEMPLE BAR PRESENTED BY TOM MILLETT The Aftermath are a band based around two brothers, Johnny and Michael Cronin who live in the Midlands of Ireland. They have been quite successful in Ireland with 3 top 20 singles and a top 20 album with debut Friendlier up Here. They have shared the stage with the likes of The Script, The Pigeon Detectives, Ian Brown, Keane, The Frames & Razorlight to name a few and have recently headlined Sweden's Peace & Love festival as well as sold out shows from Dublin to Leeds to Berlin. Their debut album, "Friendlier Up Here" was recorded in France with Karl and Dave Odlum who have produced The Swell Season, guiding them to Hollywood and Oscar glory with the music from the movie "Once". The album was mixed by Ger McDonald of U2 and Travis fame and with some tracks mastered by John Davis of Kaiser Chiefs, Ting Tings, Bloc Party and The Smiths fame. Musicians such as Steve Wickham from The Waterboys, keyboardist Helen Turner from The Style Council and the Paul Weller band, Vyvienne Long from the Damien Rice band and Tindersticks man Terry Edwards played with the band on the album, as did Anathema and Antimatter man Duncan Patterson. Tune in again tomorrow!!!
  • YULE Winter solstice Gwyl Canol Gaeaf /|\ Gwyl Canol Gaeaf (Winter Solstice) Yule Druid ar Môn 22nd DEC 2007 Holly King / Santa Claus: There are as many theories of a "historical" Santa Clause (or "Saint Nicholas") as there are ethnic cultures. As an Keltic folk archetype however, the old man wreathed in holly is the Holly King. He represents the "waning year", the "old year", or the "dark half" of the year. At winter solstice the Oak King (or the Sun, or the New Year) is born, and the Holly King's reign is over. Mistletoe: The mistletoe was sacred to the Druids. The custom of kissing under the mistletoe may derive from the custom of enemies refraining from killing each other if they should happen to meet under its sacred branches. Presumably the custom became friendlier and friendlier with time. Other scholars say that the lusty connotations of the plant derive from the belief that the clusters of white translucent berries were drops of the God's (or the Oak King's) semen. The Oak King takes the place of the Holly King, and rules the waxing year, or the "New Year Candles: The extinguishing of candles at winter solstice rituals (including Amaltheia's) represents the deep darkness of the longest night. Their relighting shows us that the light will return to us. In the moments of total darkness, we are "between the worlds": between the old year's death and the new year's conception. Yule Log: The word "yule" is from the Saxon word for "wheel". The Yule Log,OE geol, geola "Christmas Day, Christmastide," from ON jol ...
  • What to do when someone says you need to be friendlier and more outgoing Whether it's a friend, a parent or a boss who says you need to be friendlier and more outgoing, it's hard to hear, especially if you are shy. But what they really mean is to smile more, have better eye contact, and listen. You don't need to do any more talking! If you appear friendly, people think you are friendly, and if you are a good listener, they will think you are a great conversationalist. You get the idea! Just go out of your way to wave and smile at people when you see them. That one little gesture will make all the difference.
  • Web 2.0: easier, faster, friendlier. What's it all about? : Webcam Conversation Kate and Kathryn talk about what the programme involves, how to get the best out of it... and why it isn't really about the tools themselves. More details: Made for thelearning programme Web 2.0: easier, faster, friendlier , 23 June 2009 - 28 July 2009. It is run by a team from Murdoch University Library in Perth, Western Australia. It covers 14 free online tools that make it easier to teach, learn, research or be organised. Things covered are: Thing 1 Background Thing 2 Web based email Thing 3 Blogging Thing 4 RSS Thing 5 Firefox web browser Thing 6 LibX Thing 7 Google Scholar Thing 8 Open Access Thing 9 Productivity Tools Thing 10 Wikis Thing 11 Creative Commons Thing 12 YouTube, Slideshare, Flickr Thing 13 Zotero Thing 14 Social Bookmarking
  • Subway Restaurants Wrestles Diabetes With Native Americans Fred Deluca Founder of Subway Restaurants shows his dedication to Native Americans by wrestling a 9 ft Alligator at the "Native Village" in Hollywood FL.. If you are interested in a Diabetes Friendlier Subway opening on your Reservation Call James E. Billie. He wants to hear from you.
  • Walk For Liberty Day 217 - Why Are People Friendlier In Places Where There's More Freedom? Click to purchase from Amazon and help out the Walk For Liberty! If you make a purchase, the Walk For Liberty will receive a percentage of the purchase price. http (click here to subscribe to the WalkForLiberty channel) *** Video notes December 22nd 2008, day 217 / Greenfield, NH / Working on downed utility lines / Journey's End? / Are people friendlier in places where there is more freedom? / Waving to people you pass / People in sparsely populated western states seeming more friendly and helpful / People offering me rides / Getting snitched on further east / People friendlier in New Hampshire / Newspaper and TV coverage / Why are people friendlier in places where they're freer? / In places where there is more govt, it breeds mistrust among people so it can control them / If people are afraid, they often look to the govt for protection / New York City campaign "If you see something, say something" / In places where there is less government, peoples' natural kinship comes out / 17.02 miles for liberty / "Save Our Island!" / Even dogs are friendlier in NH? *** About the Walk For Liberty What are you willing to do for freedom? Vote? Protest? Participate in a rally? Walk all the way across the country? We are. This summer, a group of activists will be walking across America to achieve more freedom and liberty. Our pioneer forefathers trekked across the continent from the east to the west to find a better life for themselves ...
  • Nexternal eCommerce Storefront Demo - B2C Shopping Cart Software This 3 Minute Demo showcases the consumer side of Nexternal's ecommerce software. See why Nexternal's shopping cart software converts more shoppers into buyers.
  • The case for fish-friendlier power: A Watershed Moment for the EPA Every year, the United States' aging fleet of coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants suck in nearly 100 trillion gallons of water from the nation's rivers, lakes and estuaries through their antiquated cooling systems. In the process, these plants needlessly kill fish and other aquatic life. ; Learn more about the damage caused by the nation's older power plants, and what the US Environmental Protection Agency has proposed to do about it, from Executive Director and Hudson Riverkeeper Paul Gallay and environmental attorney Reed Super.
  • [ENG SUB] Yonghwa (CN BLUE) - For First-Time Lovers (Banmal Song) MV Yonghwa composed this song with hyun in his mind so i thought it's a good idea to share this music video i made eng version: The day when I first saw you Your bright smile full of shyness we'll get closer after today every day, I have heart-fluttering expectations what to say to you how to get you to laugh I fear it'll get awkward when I try to hold your hand all I can do is smile shyly Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other even though it's still awkward and unfamiliar instead of saying 'thank you' talk to me in a friendlier way Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other you walk towards me slowly, step by step now look at my two eyes and tell me I love you The day when I held your hand I felt my heart stop beating I don't even remember what I said All I feel is a flutter in my stomach Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other even though it's still awkward and unfamiliar instead of saying 'thank you' talk to me in a friendlier way Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other you walk towards me slowly, step by step now look at my two eyes and tell me I love you Hopefully we can fall in love with each other I'll never let go of your two hands from my grasp the light of your eyes, gazing at me I hope there will only be joyful smiles Hopefully we can fall in love with each other We can lean on one another and take care of each other Looking into your eyes, my two eyes they're talking to you I love you
  • Mena Trott: How blogs are building a friendlier world The founding mother of the blog revolution, Movable Type's Mena Trott, talks about the early days of blogging, when she realized that giving regular people the power to share our lives online is the key to building a friendlier, more connected world.TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers are invited to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes -- including speakers such as Jill Bolte Taylor, Sir Ken Robinson, Hans Rosling, Al Gore and Arthur Benjamin. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, politics and the arts. Watch the Top 10 TEDTalks on , at http
  • Product Manager discusses what makes Paltalk friendlier you are watching one of 5000+ rooms set up on Paltalk. To see rooms or make one visit At Paltalk you can video chat, send IMs and join rooms to video engage with anyone or group in the world - for free. Paltalk works seamlessly with AIM, Yahoo, ICQ and MSN so you can chat with friends and colleagues. And with SuperIM from Paltalk, you can webcam chat with up to 10 people at once. As a member, we will give you a SuperIM URL so that anyone with internet access, for free, can join your video call from any web browser.
  • Guy gets knocked out, pick-pocketed Vintage Times Square at its best! (From the documentary Doin' Time in Times Square.)
  • A Joint Friendlier Way to Work Out! A Joint Friendlier Way to Work Out! Until now you have always had to choose between High Intensity Cardio and Low Impact Exercise workouts, but now you can get the benefits of both in the same workouts with Cathe's revolutionary new Low Impact Series featuring Joint Friendly Premixes . No longer will joint pain stop you from enjoying the high intensity workouts you love. You can Pre - Order Cathe's new workouts starting May 1st as either a Limited Edition DVD set (one DVD case will hold all of the DVDs in the set) or as digital downloads. You can also order the standard Low Impact set which does not include Cycle Max or order the Deluxe set which does.
  • An earth-friendlier manufacturer of bags We're always on the lookout for new eco-friendly products to help our clients with their promotions. But an often overlooked aspect is the environmental practices of the manufacturing and printing facilities. Making a greener product is great, but the overall operations of the factories can have just as much of an impact as the products themselves. With that being said, we wanted to share a statement from one of our primary bag suppliers, who are (and have been) taking the necessary steps to become a more responsible manufacturer: "This year we have added environmentally-friendly paper bags that are made from 100% recycled material and plastic bags that are made from up to 40% recycled material and up to 20% of a non-petroleum calcium filler which reduces the use of petroleum based resins by as much as 60%. Our 100% recyclable and reusable non-woven bags are also made from recycled material that offers an excellent extended life comparable to similar woven bags like nylon or canvas. The non-woven material is non-allergenic, non-toxic and non-corrosive, making it safe for people and the environment. Yet it does not end there. We will continue to explore eco-friendly product options to help protect our environment. • All of the recyclable scrap bags generated at our facility from the printing process are recycled by our local recycling service and our plastic bag sources. • Our imprinting waste byproducts are recycled into alternative fuel energy sources, further ...
  • Wake Up to Your Make-Up: Tips for an Eco-Friendlier Face Today's video offers a wake-up call to all who paint and polish. Did you know the FDA doesn't require safety testing on cosmetics ingredients? Umbra reveals the ugly truths about conventional makeup, and shows you how to put on a happy face. Didn't catch the names of the sites Umbra mentioned? Here they are again: Check the safety of ingredients and products at the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database [ See if your product has been tested on animals at Caring Consumer [
  • Let's Play Skyrim - Meeting Locals Friendlier Than The Imperial Executioner - 3 Qwib Qwib is received with considerably more mirth and kindness by the locals. This doesn't come as much surprise, considering how the Imperials tend to treat those who don't politely acquiesce to their political rule. Freezing our fingers off with Qwib Qwib, a chaotic good warrior thief in the frigid and dangerous realm of Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, developed and published by Bethesda Softworks in 2011 ()
  • Friendlier moments in LOST Not a thing here belongs to me. It's all ABC, Lindelof, Cuse, Abrams, Clement and McKenzie. And presumably more people. I thank them for letting me use their stuff for my perfectly legal parody.
  • Autism and Aspergers ESA rules are friendlier Employment Autism now affecting 1 in 88 children 1 in 54 boys Autism is always surprising. Earlier today, the CDC released new numbers from their ongoing surveillance of autism prevalence, the Autism and Developmental Disability Monitoring (ADDM) Network.These new numbers, up 78 percent from 2002 and 23 percent from 2006, raise immediate questions. Are more children affected or more detected? Does the increase reflect a growing problem, or do these new numbers reflect an improvement in our ability to diagnose and serve those affected? If you talk about a disability most people would think Wheelchair etc. But a disability can also be mental. In my opinion just because someone is in a wheelchair does not mean they can't work if they can socialise and get help to get to the job. People with Aspergers and Autism may be able to walk about they find it hard to get out the place sometimes due to meltdowns and fatigue and basically social skills for some are virtually nil. In the work place you need to have so many social skills. From greeting people when you come in. To answering the telephone and taking messages and also when it comes to talking to people in your break. Social Skills are important as much in the work place as actually doing the work. Someone with poor social skills will find it difficult to fit in and will quickly become isolated from his or her peers. AS Sufferers can also come over as aloof and awkward and not approachable. webcam video Aspergianstar2009 Work autistic ...
  • Brooks Ghost 4 Review "Now even friendlier with Brooks DNA, this shoe delivers bounce and balance. Learn more at ." "Now even friendlier with Brooks DNA, this shoe delivers bounce and balance. Learn more at ." "7 Aug 2011 -- A review of the Brooks Ghost 4 running shoe that takes a look at its DNA technology and features as well as comparing it to the ghost 3." "I bought a new pair of women's Brooks Ghost 4's at the LRS after getting fitted by the sales person. I wear custom orthotics and at the time they... brooks ghost 4 ???: Shoes: Runner's World Forums ‎ - 9 Sep 2011 Brooks Ghost 4 ? Or stability trainer?: Shoes: Runner's World Forums ‎ - 6 Sep 2011 Brooks Ghost 4 Glycerin 9: Shoes: Runner's World Forums ‎ - 16 Jul 2011 More results from » Get more discussion results Preview of the new Brooks Ghost 4 running shoe | THE RUNNER'S... /?p=1512 - Cached" "The big news about the updated Ghost 4 is the addition of Brooks DNA in the midsole to replace HydroFlow." "The Brooks Ghost 4 contains the makings of what a neutral daily trainer ought to be, fairly lightweight, flexible, and plenty of cushioning. The Ghost 4..." "2 min - 27 May 2011 - Uploaded by runningwarehouse Available July 2011: ttp:///catpage-MRSBROOKS. html." "53 sec - 11 Mar 2011 Join Shoe Talk for a preview of the latest from Brooks - the Brooks Ghost 4." "Free Shipping - Brooks Ghost 4 road-running shoes provide a ...
  • Chinese are friendlier than Japanese China is poorer and less "Western" infrastructurally, politically, culturally than Japan but Chinese society is more inclusive, easier to know people and participate than in Japanese society, which is modern and highly regulated but very difficult to enter.
  • Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue) -처음 사랑하는 연인들을 위해 (Banmal Song) Translation: The day when I first saw you Your bright smile full of shyness we'll get closer after today every day, I have heart-fluttering expectations what to say to you how to get you to laugh I fear it'll get awkward when I try to hold your hand all I can do is smile shyly Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other even though it's still awkward and unfamiliar instead of saying 'thank you' talk to me in a friendlier way Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other you walk towards me slowly, step by step now look at my two eyes and tell me I love you The day when I held your hand I felt my heart stop beating I don't even remember what I said All I feel is a flutter in my stomach Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other even though it's still awkward and unfamiliar instead of saying 'thank you' talk to me in a friendlier way Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other you walk towards me slowly, step by step now look at my two eyes and tell me I love you Hopefully we can fall in love with each other I'll never let go of your two hands from my grasp the light of your eyes, gazing at me I hope there will only be joyful smiles Hopefully we can fall in love with each other We can lean on one another and take care of each other Looking into your eyes, my two eyes they're talking to you I love you
  • Dayton tries "friendlier" towing policy
  • HootSuite Adds Advanced Facebook Management Tools Facebook just became friendlier in HootSuite with complete support for groups, events, photo uploading, geo-targeting for campaigns -- plus improvements to Pages and Profiles. Add streams for search and monitor, schedule posts, ***yze results for your campaigns. It's easy with a refreshed compose box and profile picker. Song is "Make a New Dance Up" by "Hey Ocean!" thanks to Nettwerk Records and our friends in the band.
  • Eco Friendlier - Homes that Protect and Preserve Our Environment At Shea Homes we consider it our responsibility to tool out for the environment while providing you with a home that is sensitive to our global economy. That's why we strive wherever possible to use certified wood products from sustainable forests, recycle construction materials and incorporate water-conserving appliances and fixtures into our homes. We are proud that our homes will not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but will also benefit generations to come by helping reduce America's carbon footprint.
  • Minecraft 1.6.4 MAPS, Fire is friendlier, Trap doors trap water, and getting seeds is hard... Me show casing Minecraft 1.6.4. I do not own Minecraft (meaning I DID NOT MAKE THE GAME SO FOR SURE i DON'T "OWN" IT)this is just showing the things you can do on it. Please comment and subscribe.
  • Are white women friendlier than black women? too many assumptions and over anylising are being made regarding the actions of others
  • Radiant Heat and Green Insulation - Eco-friendlier Options If you want energy efficiency, uniform warmth and freedom from respiratory ailments, hydronic or radiant floor heating is the green way to go. It gently warms a room or structure from the ground up through a series of hot water tubing in the subfloor. What better way to keep it warm and cozy than blue jean insulation? Easy to install, breathable, formaldehyde free and good for the environment. Find out all about these and other healthy choices for you and the planet on Building Green TV.
  • Peace of Ass (YouTube Friendlier Edit) http I am really starting to find this funny...that someone keeps flagging this video is a joke...I am standing my ground on this...and even though I took out the thongs entirely, I am going to continue to upload this instead of flagging this video, why not go do something productive and positive in the world? this is the neutered version of my controversial "peace of ass" video... we all know *** why not use it to sell something important? You can see the original version @ keep the peace, freesouljah
  • Google Apps: Changing the CNAME Records Instead of using you can change the CNAME records at the domain registrar so that you can use a friendlier URL such as . Here's how to set that up. While you're at it, you can also change the CNAME records for Docs and Calendar so that you'll have friendlier URLs for those services as well (eg and ).
  • Coke CEO: China Friendlier To Business Than Obama's America Coke CEO Muhtar Kent told the Financial Times that US states don't fight one another for investment opportunities, while Chinese provinces clamor to compete for foreign investments. "In the West, we're forgetting what really worked 20 years ago. In China and other markets around the world, you see the kind of attention to detail about how business works and how business creates employment,"
  • People were friendlier with me Berhanu from Ethiopia talks about his experiences with group practice of TM and the advanced TM-Sidhis Program
  • COMMUNITY NEWS - UN launches new scheme to make cities friendlier to elderly people In community news, Global Network of Age-friendly Cities is launched by the World Health Organization. The initiative will help to create urban environments that assist the elderly in becoming active participants in society. Member cities pledge to take actual steps to ensure a better living space for older residents. These include providing access to public transport, outdoor spaces and buildings, as well as appropriate housing, community support and health services. New York, USA has been the first city to join the Network. Kudos, World Health Organization, for your efforts to support all members of society. May our cherished elders flourish in health and happiness as they continue to share their wisdom, patience, and love.
  • BB - Warmer Friendlier Nudge Ok 3 friggin things: 1. it's impossible to build a concealable retracting piston trap 2. it's impossible to build a retracting piston trap above ground 3. the 1.7 update made dogs suicidal psychic teleporting mutants Seriously, I did not plan that whatsoever. Notch must have seen my earlier video and decided to dick around with me some more.
  • Introducing AppBeacon - a friendlier iTunes for iPhone/iPodTouch Apps AppBeacon needed a screencast to teach their first-time visitors what they offered and how it worked. This screencast was delivered by ProCasts in just 2 days by Christmas Eve, required for the iPhone-receiving masses on Christmas Day. The news-making iFart app (ugh!) gets shown (and heck, that wasn't scripted, but it fits the news of the season). This is a demo reel produced by ProCasts for . Write-up by Justin of AppBeacon: /blog/2009/01/04/appbeacon-screencast/ "Hundreds of people have watched the video. My bounce rate has decreased about 7 percent per day. Since having the screencast up, the sites sign up rate has doubled." "I would strongly suggest that anyone needing a screencast consider using Ian at ProCasts. He was very professional and provided great feedback and suggestions for making the screencast better. I really appreciate his dedication and effort in getting the AppBeacon screencast completed before Christmas."
  • Austin Unscripted: Austin Is Friendlier...And More Involved Austin Unscripted is a web documentary by the National Trust for Historic Preservation exploring what Austinites think about their growing city. Visit to learn more, and use #atxunscripted to join the conversation on Twitter.
  • MyFord Touch - Faster, Friendlier Voice Recognition Control •With the introduction of MyFord Touch™ driver connect technology, Ford makes it easier to control in-car systems with fewer steps and more natural language; customers can now speak more than 10000 first-level commands, up from only 100 in first-generation SYNC® • Working with voice control leader Nuance, SYNC will recognize more direct voice commands such as "Call John Smith," "Find ice cream" and "Add a phone," allowing users to do more with fewer steps • Innovative features boost recognition accuracy and provide "Samantha," the voice of SYNC, with smoother, more natural speech patterns • Consumer acceptance of voice control is increasing; the Harris Interactive® 2010 AutoTECHCAST survey found an 8 point year-over-year improvement, and industry ***ysts predict continued segment growth

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  • “Telus Makes the Future Friendlier (and Greener) Telus, which is one of Canada's largest communications companies, has taken an unusual--and correct--path at-home agents, contact centers, green marketing, green practices, telecommute, telework,”
    — Telus Makes the Future Friendlier (and Greener),

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    — Biofuels Industry: Friendlier Policies Needed to Displace Oil,

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