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  • Ferrets are the only domesticated member of the Mustelidae family of carnivores. Ferrets come in a variety of colors with Albinos (white with ruby eyes) being the original color of pet ferrets. — “About Ferrets”, hofa-
  • Variety of supplies for the domesticated ferret and other animals. Your information source for ferret care articles, FAQs, comparison charts, and more! Ferrets & Snow: Winter Weather FAQ. Cold Weather Comfort For Ferrets. Common Questions About Ferret Care. Ferret Safety: Heating Your Home. — “Ferret Store”,
  • All about ferrets - a fascinating grab bag of facts and fiction, theories and thoughts, folklore, fantasies and fripperies about the whole marvellous mustelid family. — “All about ferrets - absolutely everything!”, all-about-
  • Information about keeping ferrets as pets, including a care guide and some facts about ferrets. Ferrets sleep a large part of the day, commonly around 18 hours. — “Ferret Care Guide and Ferret Facts”,
  • Hundreds of in-depth articles on the anatomy, grooming, behavior, reproduction, feeding, vaccination, parasites, infections, and other diseases of ferrets. Excellent informational resource for students, teachers, and ferret owners. — “Anatomy, Behavior & Diseases of Ferrets”,
  • Definition of ferrets in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ferrets. Pronunciation of ferrets. Translations of ferrets. ferrets synonyms, ferrets antonyms. Information about ferrets in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “ferrets - definition of ferrets by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • is your source for articles and columns on ferret care, ferret stories, and everything ferret!. — “Ferrets Magazine Online - Ferret Care, Ferret Stories and”,
  • Ferrets come in several different color schemes: The Fitch ferret is the most popular. Some ferrets have a buff coat with light markings. The female ferret is called a jill, the male is a hob, and the infants are. — “Ferrets”,
  • Ferrets have specific needs that need to be met in order to maintain proper health. As low as $2.29. Bandits Ferret Treats. As low as $2.99. Drs. Foster & Smith Dig Box for Ferrets. As low as $8.79. — “Ferrets”,
  • Care of Ferrets. The author would like to thank Jeffrey L. Rhody, DVM for technical and editorial support for this revision. Ferrets are inquisitive, lively and charming little creatures that have captured the. — “Care of Ferrets - - a VIN company!”,
  • Welcome to Ferret's Net! A network of ferrets, for ferrets, run by a ferret! Some "family" pictures of Lucy and Damien (my ferrets), Evan (my nephew) and myself. — “Just an average index page, ya know?”,
  • Information about ferrets by the author of The Ferret: An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet, The Wit and Wisdom of the Modern Ferrets, and 500 Things My Ferret Told Me. — “Ferrets”,
  • Some of the facts, habits and concerns regarding pet ferrets. Includes behavior issues, litter training, nipping/biting, housing, food, health and hygiene issues. — “FIRST - Caring For Ferrets”,
  • Ferrets how to articles and videos including How to Make Edible Chew Toys for My Ferret, Signs of Pregnant Ferrets, Flu Symptoms in Ferrets and much more!. — “Ferrets - How To Information | ”,
  • "Ferrets are strict carnivores, meaning they are designed to eat whole prey items, which includes all parts of the killed animal. Because of the short GI tract and the poor absorption of nutrients, ferrets require a diet that is highly concentrated with FAT as the main source of. — “Ferret Natural Health Care and Optimum Diet”, shirleys-wellness-
  • Ferrets are ***ually dimorphic predators with males being substantially larger than females. Being so closely related to polecats, ferrets are quite easily able to hybridize with. — “Ferret - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Promotes, protects, and provides for the domestic ferret. Also includes links to ferret shelters and rescue organizations. — “American Ferret Association, Inc”,
  • A charitable organization dedicated to enriching the lives of ferrets in Alberta, Canada. Includes information on adopting ferrets, events, and links. — “FRES Home”,
  • Ferrets are 4-legged furry members of the Mustelidae family. They are decedents of the polecat in Europe. There are both wild and domesticated ferrets. Ferrets have been domesticated for over 1,500 years.http:///~rcmcr/info.html. — “Ferrets”,
  • Ferrets' ancestors were den animals, so the home you create should be like a den, too. Many ferrets prefer bi-level cages that feature stairs or ramps that ferrets can climb, and shelves or hammocks where ferrets can perch. — “Ferrets”,
  • Domestic ferrets vary in color from white to nearly black usually with a dark mask and Black-footed ferrets have dull yellow fur that is slightly darker on the back. — “Ferret Information, Ferrets”,
  • Le Furet dans L'Histoire de l'Art (Ferrets in Art History), from Olivier Cornu (in French Lists of books about ferrets and artwork containing ferrets, both from the World Ferret Union. — “Ferret Central”,

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  • Mgs Freets on fire Una cancion de Freets on fire dedicada a un amigo.

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  • “Given the wording of Georgia amendment one there was never any question in my mind that it would pass. But some of the statements made in the Jobs of Tomorrow funded robo-call sent me a little over the top and set VoteNoOn1 in motion. When I do”
    — Georgia Non-Compete Vote Impact | Force of Good: a blog by,

  • “This just in from The Freets: Idearc Media just dropped off boxes and boxes of unrequested yellow pages to EVERY FLOOR of a downtown Minneapolis office”
    — A Verizon Phone Book Spam Gold Mine,

  • “Brandon Freet's blog page on MyChurch”
    — Brandon Freet's Blog,

  • “When I went to the luthier he said that the freets were too low and recommended me to refreet. 2 registered and 3 anonymous users are browsing this forum”
    — Forum - SOUND ADVICE : Guitar Technology,

  • “I want to write a bit on this project on my blog (improvements, bugs, solutions and so on), but before I need to explain a bit moments, I visited other stands: I played (again) with FlightGears and, a bit, with Freets on Fire and TeeWars (amazing game!”
    — June " 2008 " ***ing the white bunny rabbit,

  • “NOTICE: The forum will be down for maintenance beginning at 7PM (NH time) this evening. and Singapore to a select group of nations that have freets stretching around the world”
    — Teamsters threaten politicians,

  • “The Indianapolis Blog is another way that makes sure you are well informed when you travel to places like Indianapolis. Our team of Indianapolis Bloggers makes daily posts about interesting travel and hotel”
    — Brugge Brasserie - Indianapolis Blog,

  • “Red Room is a social media site for the literary world. Red Room connects writers and best-selling authors with thousands of readers through blogs, events, podcasts and videos”
    — Tree House | Red Room,

  • “Interesting story about the people who fix and use old typewriters, at MAKE we have been seeing a lot of art projects with them lately - Paul Schweitzer is one of a dying breed. As owner of Gramercy Typewriter”
    — Make: Online : Typewriter, not dead yet,

  • “FREETS/FREETO. New Topic Reply to Topic. Printer Friendly. Author. Topic. Ms. Mary E. Fraser is indexed as FREETS. Mr. John E. Ledden. The surname has been corrected to Freeto for”
    — NEHGS - Topics,

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