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  • Manufactures of custom printed folders, mailers, and diskettes holders. — “Gentile Brothers Folder Factory”, folder-
  • Order file folders online and save! Color file folders, top tab file folders, end tab folders, hanging file folders, classification and more. Folder orders over $99 ship Free. — “File Folders, Color File Folders - Free shipping on File”,
  • If you enable auto-save of drafts, it's less likely to interfere with your typing if you store them in Local Folders. If you configure a POP account to use a Global Inbox, the new messages are downloaded into a Inbox folder in Local Folders. — “Local Folders - MozillaZine Knowledge Base”,
  • Here at the Blank Folder Outlet Store our customers enjoy our large selection of blank folders, at a fair and reasonable price. — “Blank Folder Outlet Store”,
  • has the best selection of presentation folders and presentation products, custom made for your business. — “Presentation Folders Professionally Printed Worry Free”, folders-
  • Best prices on Pink office supplies in File Folders online. See which Office Supply stores have the File Folders that you want. Read reviews on Office Supplies merchants and buy with confidence. — “Pink office supplies File Folders at Bizrate - Shop online”,
  • Printing and promotional items for business. Dataguide specializes in branded document folders, desk pad calendars, presentation folders, appointment books, and more. — “Dataguide”,
  • Web-based File Sharing and Storage. Allow authorized guests to upload and manage files in your folders in accordance with your permissions. Files can be shared with anyone, including non-members, using a simple web-based link to shared files. — “4shared”, 4
  • Offers custom printed presentation and pocket folders, three-ring binders, CD and DVD holders, inserts, brochures, and photo holders. — “Company Folders, Inc”,
  • Memory Card data recovery; Folder Express; Data Recovery Doctor; Flash Memory Card data recovery; QSynchronization; Memory Card data retrieval software; Flash Memory Card data retrieval; Command Creator; Contact Manager; OsaSync Lite;. — “Folders”,
  • Folder, directory,[1] catalog, or drawer,[2] in computing, is a virtual container within a digital file system, in which groups of computer files and other folders can be kept and organized. A typical file system may contain thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of folders. — “Folder (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Save 25% on Presentation Folders from Vistaprint. Use for custom folders, press kits, and more. Choose from hundreds of designs or upload your own folder design. — “Presentation Folders, Custom Folder Printing | 25% Off Site-Wide”,
  • Presentation folder and file folder printing in full color from any digital file. Low prices, live expert help and award winning customer service. — “Presentation Folders Printing and Custom File Folder Printing”,
  • Hide Folders is free Windows application for hiding folders with private data. Hidden folders can not be accesed, viewed, searched for or deleted. — “Hide Folders - Free Windows software”,
  • presentation folders, pocket folders, custom folders, Single Pocket Folders, Two Pocket Folders, 4x9 Small Pocket Folders, Presentation Pocket Folders 6x9, 9x12 Blind Embossed Pocket Folders, Legal size Folder with Gold Foil Stamping, Special. — “Presentation Folders | Custom Folders | Wholesale Folders”,
  • Presentation Folders for Less, click or dial 1-800-480-1338 for Truly Great Pocket Folders. We've got the Best Prices on Custom Folders Guaranteed!. — “Presentation Folders - Pocket Folders - Online Custom Folder”,
  • Folders in iPhone 4 give you an easy way to keep all your apps organized and de-clutter your Home screens. — “Apple - iPhone 4 - Organize all your apps into folders”,
  • presentation folders, pocket folders, capacity box pocket folders, document wallet folders, 4 color process printing, packaging, vinyl and poly binders, foil, emboss, die cutting, gluing, uv coating, laminating. — “Folder Solutions - Presentation Pocket Folders and More”,
  • Folders at JAM Paper. Plastic, Heavy Weight, Corregated, Glossy, Duotang, Handmade, Linen, Frosted, Wave, Mini, Expandable, Pearl, & more! No min!. — “Folders at JAM Paper”,
  • Keep the office organized with a variety of folders. Find file folders, hanging folders, expansion folders and pocket folders. — “Folders”,
  • Learn about Folders on . Find info and videos including: How to View Folders as Windows Classic Folders, How to Notify When Adding a New Folder to a Shared Folder, How to Delete the Act! Program Folder From a Windows Program Folder and. — “Folders - ”,

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  • 02 - Deckadance 101 - Files and Folders Get started learning DeckaDance - In this beginner tutorial we will take a look at managing file and folders within DackaDance.
  • Shimmer Mist and Partial Emboss Folders Join me for today's video and learn several cool techniques using Stampin' Up! Shimmer Paint, along with partial shapes from emboss folders. This is a perfect Christmas Holiday card, meets all of my criteria for "bulk stamping": quick, easy to duplicate and mass produce and is gorgeous!! The card's sparkle and shine, and coppery looks of the "Joy at Christmas" scallop circle image are even more stunning in person. Click here for more information:
  • Create your own Cuttlebug folders using recycled materials! How to create you own cuttlebug folders using recycled materials. It's easy and costs next to nothing. Design what you want and you can spend the money you save on other scrapbooking paper! LOL! Visit my blog at www.tatteredprimitives. co m.
  • Knives For Survival (Cheap Utility & Folders) I show different smaller budget knives you might find useful in a wilderness survival situation. Enjoy. Folding Knives Shown: 1. Ganyana Lite $22 2. Havalon Folding Scalpel $25-30 3. Gerber Metolius $30-35 4. Ontario RAT 1 $30 5. Ka-bar Dozier, Large $40 6. Opinel Knife $15 7. Cold Steel Pocket Bushman $25
  • FrostWire 5 - How To Send a File or Folder FrostWire 5 has a powerful new feature to let you send large files or entire folders to other people online. The process is very simple, drag and drop your file or folder to frostwire, and then share a link with the recipients. The more people you share the link, the faster they will be able to download the files since everything occurs using the BitTorrent protocol. The other parties must have FrostWire installed and you must be running FrostWire until at least one of them is also seeding the content. You can literally send files to millions of people straight from your computer, absolutely free, no need to sign up for a service, no need to deal with upload limits or annoying ads. Just send your files.
  • Wax Paper Resist Using Embossing Folders In this video I will shop you how I made this card. More details on my blog if interested. terrbear38 The finished card is also up for sale in my Etsy shop
  • Regina 3D Launcher, with Folders... A video demonstration of Regina 3D Launcher running on Samsung Galaxy S II This video demonstrates some new features such as Folders and ripple effect on workspaces. This version is now available. It is released in two versions(Free and Pro). What was available until now is all still free. However, the new folder feature is not free. You are able to have 5 folders in total in the free version. To create more folders, you must purchase the Pro version which will be a little less than $3 for a limited time. Please visit our Facebook Page.
  • XL Espada - 60NX : Folder from Cold Steel Knives 62NX - XL Espada from Cold Steel Knives. Featuring our Tri-Ad locking mechanism, our Espada folders are just absolutely insane. All the meats were cut in a controlled environment and were donated to the Ventura Rescue Mission.
  • Android: Hide Folders From Gallery App Got some naughty photos you don't want people to see in the Gallery app? You can hide the folder but keep the pictures on the device using this trick.
  • RAGE PC Framerate and Texture Pop-In Fixes (Creating Cache Folders and Tweaking Settings) Bethesda and id software launched RAGE on Tuesday, Oct 4th, however many PC users are complaining about framerate stuttering, texture pop-in, and many other performance issues. Luckily, the gaming community is quickly discovering some work-arounds until id releases its first patch. Watch this video to learn how to: 1. Apply GPU Transcoding options for high-end graphics cards 2. Create a game cache folder that RAGE most likely forgot to create during installation 3. For nVidia GeForce users, tweak your GPU hardware settings (vertical sync) in the nVidia Control Panel UPDATED NEWS: ------------------------ October 6th: You can also add some launch options to the game if you have purchased the Steam version: 1. In your Steam library, right click RAGE, click Properties, and click the Set Launch Options button. 2. Paste in this launch options string: +cvaradd g_fov 12 +com_skipIntroVideo 1 +image_anisotropy 16 +image_usecompression 0 +g_showplayershadow 1 +m_smooth 1 3. Click OK. This string changes a number of things. Most importantly, it disables the compression of textures, which hogs more memory but allows the textures to load significantly faster and with less fps stuttering. If this is the only feature that interests you, then you can add just that particular option instead of the whole string. October 9th: id Software has released its first PC patch. Make sure that you download and patch your copy of RAGE. This patch enables many of the options that were manually being ...
  • How to Password Protect a Folder in Snow Leopard A friend of mine asked me how to make his files really, really secure. I wasn't sure so I scoured the internet to find an answer and it seemed that a bunch of people had the same question. Well I was able to figure it out and then decided that maybe other people could benefit from the knowledge, so I made a tutorial which explains how, so anyone with a Mac can password protect their files. Materials Required: An Apple computer, sensitive information Time Required: 2-5 minutes Level of Difficulty: 2 (easy)
  • How To Create/Make Folders iOS4 & iOS5 - iPhone & iPod Touch
  • 3 minute How to setup a shared folder on Windows 7 for WDTV Live media player This tutorial will show you how I've set up my windows 7 video folders to be accessed on the network by my WDTV Live Media player. I'd had quite a few problems getting this working it turned out that the password I was using had special characters in it which the WDTV Live did not work with. After creating a new user with an alphanumeric password and sharing with that user the problem was solved. I have to say I do love this gadget!
  • Windows Tip - Hide Files or Folders Quick with a Right Click Please RATE or Comment for more TIPS like these. Video NOTES: Navigate to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\ and create the info I mentioned in the video for the Hide File . Dont forget to enter things properly as I mentioned in the VIDEO. Once you have completed that navigate to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\ to create the rest for the Hide Folder
  • Sharing files and folder between an Ubuntu and Windows machine #3 This is a tutorial on how to share files between Ubuntu and Windows using Samba in your local network. Samba is available through your Synaptic package manager and it is very simple to use. ***As for any OS make sure your network is secure before you enable file sharing*** If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to do so by leaving a comment. Thank you!
  • Lightroom Folders & Collections Explained Do you really know the power of the Lightroom folders & collections? Here are a few tips (mainly collections) that will make your life in Lightroom a bit easier. Make sure you stick around for the bonus keyboard shortcut at the end! I use it all the time and its wonderful. I go over a few ways to sort your photos with manual or smart collections and point out some of the limitations of the folders in Lightroom. Hopefully this will clear everything up for you so you can be a Collections power user! Have a question about lightroom? Join us in the forum
  • 'Beautifolders' is like Lipstick for Your iPhone's Folders Retweet: Name: Beautifolders Description: Add themes to your folder icons Price: Free Repo: ModMyi Developer: michaelhaseth View More Videos: Follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter: Like iDownloadBlog on Facebook: About iDownloadBlog: iDownloadBlog is an iPhone Blog that covers the latest iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, mods, firmware, breaking news, apple hardware, and more.
  • Tutorial 46 - Special Folders (Visual Basic 2008/2010) This is a short tutorial explaining how to get the path of a special folder in Visual Basic 2008. Special Folders are folders such as My Documents and Desktop, they are a part of every windows machine and this is a very useful bit of code. For more information, check out the website:
  • Enhancer Folder On iOS 5 | FolderEnhancer - Cydia Review by iPhoneiPadReviews (Guest Review) iPhoneiPadReviews: FolderEnhancer improves the folder on iOS device. Making it a viable solution for organizing and accessing your apps. Features: Open folders faster, create multiple pages of icons inside of folders, and folders inside folders. Follow iPhoneiPadReviews: Website:
  • Knife Review : Ontario RAT Model 1 Folder (2 Versions) Here is a new knife review...
  • iOS 4 Features: App Folders (Review) iOS 4 offers over 100 new features. Here is a description and demo of one of major new features, the new app folder system. iOS Features Video Playlist iOS 4 is a free upgrade for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G, and iPod Touch 3G. An update for the iPad is expected this fall.
  • iOS4 Tip: Symbols in your Folder names! | Abcmsaj Edit your folders on iOS4 and you can type out custom names for them - What's recently been discovered is that you can actually input symbols into the folder names too! Even Emoji! So below is a selection of symbols for you to try after you've watched the video: ☺♥♦♣♠•♪♫☼√≈§
  • Create Folders and Organize Apps on the iPad From - Did you just upgrade your iPad to iOS4.2 and don't know how to create, delete, and organize folders on the iPad? You've come to the right place. In this guide I will show you how to create, delete, rename, and organize folders in iOS4.2 for the iPad.
  • How to set up Folders on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Demonstration on how to set up homebrew folders on Windows Phone Mango. More information, download, etc:
  • Invisible Folders! - Chris shows you have you can get invisible folders in Windows Vista ... and how to get rid of them. MAKE SURE you're using the numbers on the number keypad (typically, on the right side of your keyboard). This is a repost of am earlier video that did not convert properly.
  • Windows XP Trick - Create a Hidden Folder Visit - Tips and Tweaks This tutorial shows you how to create a hidden folder in Windows XP. Do you have have something to hide from view? Notes from Video Hold down the ALT key and using the Number Pad (not the numbers where the special characters are) press 0160 for a blank folder name. In order to delete the folder you'll need to rename it in a command prompt by typing: ren " " foldername That's not a space in between the quotes. You need to press ALT+0160. You'll then be able to delete the folder.
  • Hero Arts + Sizzix Stamps, Dies and Embossing Folders This video shows the new Hero Arts and Sizzix stamp + die and stamp + embossing folder combos. For more information, visit on August 1, 2011.
  • How to Hide Private Folders and Files Make sure if you like this tutorial to check out my website
  • Shortcuts, Widgets, Folders (2.0) Use shortcuts, widgets, and folders to customize your phone experience. Please note that this video is for devices running Android 2.0
  • Brayering with Embossing Folders Shows you how to use your brayer 2 different ways on embossing folders. Created this about a month ago for some swaps I did....don't know if it's ever been done but it's new to me =) Cheers and check me out here
  • Microsoft Windows : How to Create a Folder In Microsoft Windows, right click and scroll down to new folders to create a folder for the desktop. Create a folder on a PC withtips from a computer specialist in this free video on Microsoft Windows. Expert: Michael Burton Contact: www.reel- Bio: Michael Burton has over 12 years of experience with PC computers. Filmmaker: Michael Burton
  • Samba: share Linux Folders with your windows machines This is a video on how to share Linux Folders with your Windows machines. I use a program called Samba to share the folders so that they are surfable in a NetBios (network neighborhood) fashion. This is a command line video however if you have Webmin installed on your server you can also configure it in a similar fashion using a web interface. You can also try tweaking the config file for Samba to better suit your needs. This is a very simple setup. The commands are... sudo apt-get install samba cd / sudo mkdir realname sudo chown techno:techno realname ls -l sudo smbpasswd -a techno sudo vim /etc/samba/smb.conf [sharedname] path = /realname available = yes valid users = techno read only = no browsable = yes public = yes writable = yes sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart ifconfig cd sharename ls -l Providing training videos since last Tuesday. Thanks for watching.
  • Knife review: Friction folders: Viper Senese; Citadel Aizto; DeviantArt custom Friction folders were the original folding knives, used since the Roman times. You can still find a few of these highly characterful knife designs on the market. Here we look at the Viper Senese; Citadel Aizto and a Belgian custom friction folder by DeviantArt (Filip De Leeuw).
  • How to Create and Use the 43 Folders System Are you sick of forgetting to-do items and losing paperwork? Stop looking for some high-tech solution. Try the 43 folders system at home and at work. Chrissy Scivicque, the Managing Editor of , is going to show you how use the 43 Folders Tickler System and how you can create one for yourself.
  • Altered File Folder Tutorial This video gives step by step directions for making an Altered File Folder. While this tutorial uses an already decorated folder you can make these with plan manilla folders. It will just require a few more steps. This video tutorial was made for Splitcoaststampers.
  • How to Share Folders (and Files) on a Windows 2008 Server This video is part of LearnItFirst's Windows Server 2008 Administration course. More information on this video and course is available here: One of the most common uses of a Windows Server is as a file server. The premise behind file sharing hasn't changed much in Windows Server 2008, but a lot of the screens and default values have changed. In this video we will take a look at simple file sharing in Windows 2008 and also walk through the process of sharing folders and files on a Windows 2008 server. Highlights from this video: * Sharing among your network and permission levels * Advanced Sharing wizard * Permissions: Full Control, Change, Read * Offline Settings * Simultaneous users and much more
  • TACTICAL FOLDERS: My Top Five Choices... Tactical Folders...My top five choices. I own over 200 knives a daunting task picking a top five. but, I love Emerson and Strider Knives so I went from there. I know, I know...left out a lot of other worthy choices: Benchmade Skirmish, Spyderco Military, Al Mar Sere, etc... But, these were my choices and you know I really liked them because I have (2) of! 1- Emerson CQC-15 2- Strider SMF 3- Benchmade 710 McHenry & Williams design 4- Zero Tolerance 300 series 5- Cold Steel Rajah I & II If I had to continue to ten. These next five would probably round it out: 6- Spyderco Endura 7- Chris Reeve Umnumzaan 8- SOG Vulcan 9- Kershaw Skyline (maybe this should be: Spyderco Military) 10- Rekat Sifu (No longer in production) My choices could possibly change if asked this question next year but, Emerson and Strider will always be in the top five!
  • How to make an invisible folder this is a video tutorial from Hellzar2 that will teach you how to make invisible folders on your desktop or in any other folder.
  • Pioneer CDJ 400 Demo - Folders & the Cue button - Video #2 Bore da guys, Video #3 on the fx: so this is the second demo video on the CDJ 400 from Pioneer. In this video we take a look on playing music from an USB memory stick and on the Play/Pause and Cue button. For any questions, critics, tips etc. drop a comment or write me a message. Stay tuned for the further videos which will come soon ! Then we will look at the other buttons and effects etc.
  • Adding Glitter with an Embossing Folder This rubber stamping technique video will show you how to add glitter to a card using the Stampin' Up! embossing folders for the Big Shot. Visit my Dreaming About Rubber Stamps blog to see a photo of the finished project -
  • Folders on Windows Phone Mango demonstration Demonstration video of homebrew folders on Windows Phone 7.5/Mango. Visit for more info
  • MONSTER FOLDERS!! Rajah Espada Spartan Between the buried and me in background

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  • “I'm sure everyone of us have something in our computer we do not want others to see. Let's not discuss what they are but when situations like someone have to”
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  • “Presentation Folders and Small Business Marketing seamlessly blended together. More on Powerful Words and Marketing Folders. Using the right words when you write copy, blog posts, sales letters or any sort of marketing material for your small business is the most direct way to communicate”
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  • “The original 43 Folders series looking at the skills, tools, and 43 Folders® is a registered trademark of Merlin Mann. All posts and comments © their”
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  • “Once the iOS4 update was released by Apple, many iPhone and iPod Touch users upgraded their devices, its time they should start learning on how to use the new”
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  • “Money Folders 1.7 Released! Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 11:52PM. The big news this week was Watch this blog and the Money Folders site for future details on this”
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