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  • Fluorescence induced by exposure to ultraviolet light in vials containing various sized cadmium selenide (CdSe) quantum dots. There are many natural and synthetic compounds that exhibit fluorescence, and they have a number of applications:. — “Fluorescence - Definition”,
  • Two excellent textbooks covering the details of fluorescence spectroscopy are: Principles of fluorescence normally observed in solution is known as Stokes fluorescence. — “Fluorescence Measurements”, comm-
  • Fluorescence is the most rapidly expanding microscopy technique in both the medical and biological sciences, a fact which has spurred the development of more sophisticated microscopes and fluorescence accessories. — “Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Specialized”, micro.magnet.fsu.edu
  • Encyclopedia article on fluorescence, spontaneous emission, photons, fluorescent lamps, solar concentrators. — “Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology - fluorescence”, rp-
  • Fluorescence is a luminescence that is mostly found as an optical phenomenon in cold bodies, in which the molecular absorption of a photon at a certain wavelength triggers the emission of another photon with a longer wavelength. Fluorescence is named after the mineral fluorite, composed of calcium. — “Fluorescence - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Diamond fluorescence is a form of illumination that is created when diamonds are exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) light. Fluorescence can impact the appearance and value of diamonds and diamond rings. Diamond Source of Virginia provides loose. — “Fluorescence: Diamond Source of Virginia Loose Diamonds Education”,
  • Also, kF = 1/ t, where kF is the rate constant for fluorescence. FF = number of fluorescence quanta emitted divided by number of quanta absorbed to a singlet excited state. — “Fluorescence”, tgers.edu
  • Fluorescence definition, the emission of radiation, esp. of visible light, by a substance during exposure to external radiation, as light or x-rays. See more. — “Fluorescence | Define Fluorescence at ”,
  • Fluorescence Fluorescent minerals Fluorescence is a luminescence that is mostly found as an optical phenomenon in cold bodies, in which the molecular absorption of a photon triggers the emission of another photon with a longer. — “Fluorescence, Learn about Fluorescence at free health dictionary”,
  • Definition:Fluorescence is the phenomenon where absorption of light of a given wavelength by a molecule is followed by the emission of light at longer (visible) wavelengths. TECHNOLOGY: Fluorescence imaging uses high intensity illumination to excite fluorescent molecules in the sample. — “Nikon Instruments Inc. | Information Center | Fluorescence”,
  • From best-in-class sensitivity and resolution to ingenious micro-volume capabilities, new solutions from the pioneer in research fluorescence. — “Fluorescence”,
  • fluorescence (floores'uns) [key], luminescence in which light of a visible color is emitted from a substance under stimulation or excitation by light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation or by certain other means. Fluorescence of certain rocks and other substances had been observed. — “fluorescence — ”,
  • Fluorescence microscopy has become an essential tool in biology as well as in materials science due to attributes that are not readily available in other optical microscopy techniques. — “Nikon MicroscopyU | Fluorescence Microscopy | Introduction”,
  • fluorescence n. The emission of electromagnetic radiation, especially of visible light, stimulated in a substance by the absorption of incident. — “fluorescence: Definition from ”,
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy. PerkinElmer offers a range of fluorescence spectrometers, software, sampling acessories and consumables to address a wide range of demanding life science, molecular biology, clinical research and industrial applications. — “Fluorescence Spectroscopy from PerkinElmer - USA”,
  • Manufacturer of research grade instruments for fluorescence applications in the biomedical sciences. — “C&L Instruments”,
  • Fluorescence is the emission of electromagnetic radiation light by a substance that has Fluorescence occurs when an orbital electron of a molecule, atom or nanostructure relaxes. — “Chemical Sciences: A Manual for CSIR-UGC National Eligibility”,
  • FLUORESCENCE. In a paper read before the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1833, Sir David Brewster described a remarkable phenomenon he had discovered to which he gave the name of "internal dispersion. Fluorescence is closely allied to phosphorescence, the difference consisting in the. — “Fluorescence - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • Fluorescent probes enable researchers to detect particular components of complex biomolecular assemblies, including live cells, with exquisite sensitivity and selectivity. The purpose of this introduction is to briefly outline fluorescence. — “Fluorescence Fundamentals”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Fluorescence. Information about Fluorescence in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Fluorescence definition of Fluorescence in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Definition of fluorescence in the Medical Dictionary. fluorescence explanation. Information about fluorescence in Free online English dictionary. What is fluorescence? Meaning of fluorescence medical term. What does fluorescence mean?. — “fluorescence - definition of fluorescence in the Medical”, medical-
  • Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation of a different wavelength. The most striking examples of fluorescence occur when the absorbed radiation is in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum, and thus invisible, and. — “Fluorescence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • FRET - Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer - Dr Othon Gervasio - 3D Scientific Animation This animation shows how FRET occurs, based on cells transfected with plasmids encoding fluorescent tagged proteins. CFP and YFP were used as donor and acceptor respectively.
  • Fluorescence Some substances exhibit fluorescence when illuminated with UV light.
  • Fluorescence - Science Theater 32 Fluorescence, it's almost as hard to explain as it is to spell. Dr. Carlson explains how his favorite color (neon) is such a shiny glowy thing and how detergents can get your clothes "whiter than white!"
  • Fluorescence Watch and listen as Christina Duke, a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional and INTA Gems' Diamond Consultant, explains diamond fluorescence. For more information on the inventory we carry, please visit
  • Fluorescent duck and longlife lamb on kitchen nightmares Gordon Ramsay visits the Dovecote restaurant for the first time to see why the business if failing and refuses to try the long life lamb. gordon ramsay ramsey kitchen nightmares uk ramsay's restaurant food and drink ramsey's chef chefs cook dovecote duck lamb
  • Prior Scientific's Lumen Fluorescence Illumination Systems - Live Cell Images The digital videos presented below of cells in culture, demonstrates the Prior Scientific's Lumen Fluorescence Illumination Systems superior brightness and unrivalled stability. The experiments used to obtain the videos utilized a Lumen Fluorescence Illumination System and an Olympus DSU (Disk Scanning Unit) confocal microscope. The digital videos include: Fox lung cells with EGFP fused to the microtubule-binding protein EB3, Opossum kidney cells with Katushka fluorescent protein mitochondrial expression, Pig kidney cells with EGFP-Tubulin and mCherry-H2B and in the final segment a translocation of annexin (A4) to the membrane in HeLa cells.
  • Fluorescent glow of carbon nanotubes in live fruit fly Rice University scientists have captured the first optical images of carbon nanotubes inside a living organism. The research appears in the September 2007 issue of Nano Letters. The researchers fed carbon nanotubes to newly hatched fruit flies. Using a laser, they excited a fluorescent glow from the nanotubes and took pictures of the near-infrared glow with a custom microscope. The researchers hope the technique will be useful in finding new ways to diagnose disease.
  • #7 - Fluorescence - Diamond Education Buying Guide Series Learn how fluorescence is a form of illumination created when a diamond is exposed to ultraviolet light and affects the beauty and value. This is #7 of a series of video tutorials on how to buy a diamond and engagement ring. View all of our videos tutorials in sequence...
  • Single Molecule Fluorescence Science talk on microscopy technique
  • Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent Official Video. New single from the new album: Favourite Worst Nightmare.
  • Shpongle - Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit Album: Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland (2009)
  • Gwen Stefani Fluorescent With Lyrics I DON'T OWN THIS I'm not sayin nothin you don't already know You know you're too delicious More than I can ever know Lyin around late at night So luscious that I ache Baby why'd you fall asleep I'm still awake [Chorus] I'm in love (uh, uh) In love with a dream My valentines gone and broke my wings I see in time, I seem to be weak You better be right, cause you promised me I must have lost my mind I can't believe you're still inside my bed I nearly walked away I didn't think we'd still be rollin Dressin up in your love is a dangerous thing My ***y, super lover has a real bad sting Baby I don't want no trouble This is more than I can afford I can't help myself keep coming back for more For more, can't help coming back for more [Chorus] I must have lost my mind I can't believe you're still inside my bed I nearly walked away I didn't think we'd still be rollin And as I watch you sleep in the dim light I close my eyes and pray Another flourescent night Yeah, you and I Late night lovers Kickin in the covers Don't need no one but you and I Cause every day's a weekend Forget what we were thinking Another sweet flourescent night. I must have lost my mind I can't believe you're still inside my bed I nearly walked away I didn't think we'd still be rollin And as I watch you sleep in the dim light I close my eyes and pray Another flourescent night Yeah, you and I.
  • EVOS fl Fluorescence Microscope AMG product demo at IBC Drug Discovery & Development Week. AMG (Advanced Microscopy Group), a division of Westover Scientific, Inc., focuses on designing, developing and offering innovative optical equipment for the life sciences market, including research and diagnostic laboratories. AMG's product line includes microscopes, digital imaging equipment, and software for a variety of routine and specialty applications. In this video, Product Manager Dr. Mark Rand demonstrates AMG's latest microscope, the EVOS fl for fluorescence imaging, at the IBC Drug Discovery and Development Week. The EVOS fl platform offers a fully integrated digital imaging system that includes an inverted microscope, high-resolution digital camera and an LCD display.
  • Biozero Fluorescence Microscope A promotional video for the Biozero Fluorescence Microscope. The microscope's unique design allows for fluorescence microscopy without the use of a darkroom and large amount of space. A small benchtop footprint is all you need to perform Brightfield, Phase-contrast and Fluorescence Microscopy.
  • Underwater fluorescence disco - Oceans - BBC Phillipe Coustaeau and the team dive in the Red Sea, one of the warmest seas in the world. Despite the warm temperatures, coral reefs flourish with their flourescent pigmentation putting on an amazing show of technicolour. Fantastic clip taken from the BBC Oceans series. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here
  • Rcsuperhero fluorescent trim (all white night glow version) This is the first 4 arm spar rcsuperhero with orange fluorescent muscle trim. The extra arm spars allow this Rcsuperhero to handle greater air speed and have a higher diving speed. Soon I will be adding blue LED lights to make the orange trim glow for night flight. If u want plans or a kit E-mail me at [email protected] for a paypal money request and or visit my website at for additional questions on the kit or plans information.
  • Nico Stuurman (UCSF): Fluorescence Microscopy Fluorescence is a physical phenomenon in which a compound absorbs light and re-emits this as light of a usually higher wavelength. Since the wavelengths of the excitation light source and the emitted fluorescence can be separated very well, we can detect fluorescence with very high sensitivity, making it possible to visualize even single molecules. Many different fluorescent probes for cellular components have been developed, including genetically encoded probes like the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). For these reasons, fluorescence microscopy is a very powerful tool in Cell Biology research. See more at
  • V 115 fluorescence of various materials 1 - Fluoreszenz More videos and detailed information on If you are interested in more science stuff take a look on http If you like to know more about my work on science and education contact or follow me on facebook or twitter. Sven Sommer
  • MTN Alien View Of Fluorescent Colors Heres a look at what 4 of the MTN Alien fluorescent colors look like.
  • Pearl Fluorescence A simple test to identify a true Sea of Cortez Pearl from all other varieties of pearls. It involves the use of a long-wave Ultraviolet (UV) lamp. The Cortez Pearl glows red under this light, truly a unique attribute of this special marine gem.
  • Kate Nash-Fluorescence Adolescence Kate Nash-Fluorescence Adolescence Lyrics- You used to get it in your fishnets Now you only get it in your night dress Discarded all the naughty nights for niceness Landed in a very common crisis Everything's in order in a black hole Nothing seems as pretty as the past though That Bloody Mary's lacking her Tabasco Remember when he used to be a rascal? Oh that boy's a slag The best you ever had The best you ever had Is just a memory and those dreams Weren't as daft as they seemed Not as daft as they seemed My love when you dreamed them up... Flicking through a little book of *** tips Remember when the boys were all electric? Now when she tells she's gonna get it I'm guessing that she'd rather just forget it Clinging to not getting sentimental Said she wasn't going but she went still Likes a gentlemen to not be gentle Was it a mecca dobber or a betting pencil? Oh that boy's a slag The best you ever had The best you ever had Is just a memory and those dreams Weren't as daft as they seem Not as daft as they seem My love when you dream them up Flo, where did you go? Where did you go? Where did you go? Woah. Falling about You took a left off Last Laugh Lane You just sounded it out You're not coming back again. Falling about You took a left off Last Laugh Lane You just sounded it out You're not coming back again. You used to get it in your fishnets Now you only get it in your night dress Started all the naughty nights with niceness Landed in a very common crisis Everything's in ...
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy Of Quinine MeasureNet Technology, LTD.
  • Klima - 'Fluorescent Stars' Live at The Union Chapel, London, 5/12/08 (Arctic Circle Christmas event). My apologies for the picture quality. At least the audio is decent.
  • Fluorescent Coral Could Aid Cancer Research Australian researchers are hoping that a newly discovered community of highly fluorescent coral will help in the fight against cancer. (Oct. 11)
  • Absorption and Fluorescence A quick tutorial on absorption and fluorescence made to support the course "Engineering Optics" at Oklahoma State University
  • Toxic Acid Rain In Iowa part 2, Fluorescent Orange Slime In My Rain Gauge It has been almost a month since we had the rains from hurricane Alex. My plants and trees are showing more damage. Some of them are so far gone, I doubt they will ever recover. Local plant experts claim this could be mold or some other kind of fungus and/or bugs causing the widespread damage in this part of Iowa due to a very wet and cool spring. Last week we had a rain move in from the west. Just before it started raining, the wind smelled like rotting fish. Not the fresh smell of rain we are all used to. The next day I went out to check the rain gauge and found it had a funky orange slime at the 2 inch mark . there was almost 1 inch of water in there and it had the orange funk floating on it as well. I did not touch it or smell it, but I got enough of it bagged up for testing. It looks almost fluorescent and is very bright orange. Of course, by now the stuff that rained down may have already been tracked into my house, my dog may have it on her, it could be soaking into the water supply, everything that sits outside may have this stuff on it. Very scarry to say the least. How can we be sure.....? It may already be too late if we have been poisoned from the sky. This is so sad.....
  • Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Part 1: Intracellular Fluorescent Imaging: An Introduction Overview Recent breakthroughs in intracellular fluorescent imaging allow the visualization, tracking, and quantification of molecular interactions within living cells and whole organisms. In part 1 of this talk, Lippincott-Schwartz gives an overview of the development of fluorescent protein markers, explains how these proteins are used to label intracellular compartments, and how fluorescent microscopy is used to follow events within cells. In the second lecture, Lippincott-Schwartz describes how two imaging techniques, photoactivation and photobleaching (FRAP), can be used to switch on or off specific subsets of fluorescent molecules. She and others have used these techniques to ask questions about the kinetics of the movement of specific molecules through the secretory pathway. The third lecture focuses on super-resolution imaging, or Photo Activated Localization Microscopy (PALM), a process that allows the behavior of individual fluorescent molecules to be followed.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Fluorescent Night Light and Message Board SAFETY NOTE: The UV LEDs you can purchase actually give off near ultraviolet (400nm) light which is in the same range as a normal blacklight. This means they are safe and will NOT damage your eyes or give you cancer. This project is so simple that MAKERS of any age can build it. It gives off a soft blue/green glow at night that is perfect for use as a night light. It is also bright enough to use as a message board during the day so you don't forget that important appointment. This project was featured on
  • Bill's Fluorescent Rock and Mineral Collection An introduction to my hobby of collecting Rocks that contain minerals that glow with different colors in the dark when exposed to shortwave Ultraviolet light (Black light) Also known as fluorescent mineral rocks. This clip starts with me introducing my hobby then is followed by still photo shots of the mineral rocks glowing under a shortwave Ultraviolet black light. You can view photos of my fluorescent rock collections at Webshots at home-and- Please direct any questions to [email protected] My home web page is www.ki7 (Still under construction) and I have hundreds of photos posted at and my MySpace page is at
  • Fluorescent Heart Heart bypass graft surgery -- The Heart and Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic uses fluorescent dye injection as a way to detect an irregularity after heart bypass graft surgery and reduce complications
  • Custom Fluorescent Acrylic with Black Lights This kit features our ultra-low profile lighting system. The lights stick out less than 1/8" into the shell and are laminated to the inside, for an acoustically-transparent setup. This kit features Fluorescent Green and Pink shells, the Phattie HCL bass system, and UV lighting. From the front you can't even tell where the toms are glowing from, the whole profile of the lighting system is hidden by the collar of the heads. These ultra-low profile lights are also available in any color of the rainbow, with independent controllers, or wired with an adapter that can plug right into your light board, and can change color with your stage show. Visit or drop us a line today to learn more about our lighting options. We build the cleanest, lightest, best-looking lighting systems around!
  • Fluorescent budgie.wmv Watch a budgie transform as his feathers fluoresce.
  • Fluorescent C. elegans nervous system Time series of GFP stained nervous system from C.elegans worm. Watch more at: /axiocamhs-gallery
  • fluorescent marker board This illuminated marker board is a great way to advertise daily specials or promotions at a retail store. Our illuminated fluorescent marker board is a current bestselling item among many businesses such as restaurants, bars, cafes and stores. It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on a wall or a window.You can write your message on the illuminated marker board with our fluorescent markers. The marker board is easy to write on and easy to erase. We use LED lights which make the marker board long lasting (30000 hours), and energy efficient.
  • Bright fluorescent reagents using glass beads incorporating semiconductor nanocrystals : DigInfo DigInfo - www.diginfo.tv JST Bright fluorescent reagents using glass beads incorporating semiconductor nanocrystals Related Links - www.jst.go.jp - www.aist.go.jp - www.nanotechexpo.jp (nano tech 2010)
  • Ocean Productivity - Fluorescence Basics In this segment, we explore applications for fluorescence, the red emission of chlorophyll under natural or artificial stimulation. Chlorophyll fluorescence is widely used to estimate chlorophyll biomass and phytoplankton concentrations in the world ocean.
  • fluorescence upconversion Fluorescence lifetime measurement system. Consists of a femtosecond fluorescence upconversion spectrometer with a built-in Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting unit. laser spectroscopy ultrafast systems ultrafast spectroscopy time-resolved spectrometry solutions time resolved spectroscopy video spectrometer video halcyone video fluorescence decay instructional video laser spectroscopy video time-resolved video
  • R&D 100 Winner 2009: Hyperspectral Confocal Fluorescence Microscope System SAND2009-1939P Sandia's hyperspectral confocal fluorescence microscope system, which rapidly finds all emitting fluorescence species of an image.
  • Shpongle - Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit Artist: Shpongle Release: Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland Label: Twisted Records Year: 2009 Genre: Psybient
  • GloFish® Fluorescent Fish Video! (Blue/Actinic Light) A truly breathtaking video of GloFish® fluorescent fish swimming under a blue (actinic) light! As you can see, a blue light really shows off the "Glo" effect and is a fantastic way to display their bright colors! Unlike dyed fish, GloFish are born with their brilliant colors, which they inherit from their parents. They are hardy, energetic and fun to watch (you'll see!) Available now at a retailer near you - For more information, please visit the GloFish website:
  • Asobi Seksu - 'Trails' (from 'Fluorescence' out Feb 15th)

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