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  • Words that start with FL : Words starting in FL flatuous. flatuses. flatware. flatwash. flatways. flatwise. flatwork. flatworm. flaughts. flaunted. flaunter. flautist. flavanol. flavines. flavones. flavonol. flavored. flavorer. flavours. flavoury. flawiest. flawless. flaxiest. flaxseed. fleabags. — “Word fl meaning. Word fl definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • In this hypochondriacal or flatuous melancholy, the symptoms are so ambiguous, saith One commodity above the rest which are melancholy, these windy flatuous have, lucidia intervalla, their symptoms and pains are not usually so. — “The Anatomy of Melancholy - Partition 1 - Section III, Member II”,
  • Flatuous (definition) by Webster 1913. Tue Dec 21 1999 at 23:41:20 Y'know, if you log in, you can write something here, or contact authors directly on the site. Create a New User if you don't already have an account. Sign in. Login. — [email protected], everything2.com
  • Translation of fleecy on the Internet's leading Spanish English dictionary. flatuous. flatus. flatware. flatwise. flaunt. flautist. flavescent. flavid. flavor. flavor flavour. flavored. flavoring. flavorless. flavour. flavous. flaw. flawless. flawy. flax. flax-comb. flax-dresser. — “Fleecy Spanish English Translation | Traductor español ingles”,
  • Definition of Flatuous. Flatuous. Windy; generating wind. Related Copyright © 2001 - 2010 | Inquire | Submit | Privacy | Terms. — “Definition of Flatuous”,
  • Initializing @Flatuous. Jul 27th, 2008 20:29 by Yikes. Thank you for the link too! all [ see also 12 yrs of Discussion Archives] Centennial Precious Metals. — “USAGOLD News and Views " Blog Archive " @Flatuous”,
  • Books tagged with Graphic in the Blurb Book Store THE FANTASTIC FLATUOUS FANTABULOUS GOO. By Calliopestudios (boujnah) Drawings and Illustrations. By Vikki Chu (vikkichu) Ethiopia and chocolate. By Vadim Makoyed (vadimages). — “Books tagged with Graphic | Make a book with Blurb”,
  • The more reputable among us grin and lay the blame where it belongs: on the beans. Likewise, "flatuous" has been invoked to describe bubbly wines. — “Discovery Online, The Skinny On ... Why Beans Give You Gas”,
  • kamus online: terjemah dari bahasa indonesia ke bahasa inggris atau sebaliknya, dan juga dari bahasa inggris ke bahasa inggris on-line. piu anti spasmolitik nosiseptor sarip Bencher Cactus fraktur metatarsal Flatuous ratana BERASAL rl. — “Kamus Online /rl - 369,740 kata”,
  • Flat·u·ous a. [Cf. F. flatueux .] Windy; generating wind. [Obs.] Bacon. Related Videos: flatuous. Top. Post a question - any question - to the WikiAnswers community: Copyrights: Dictionary. Webster 1913 Dictionary edited by Patrick J. Cassidy Read more. Follow us. Facebook. Twitter. — “flatuous: Information from ”,
  • Robert Burton, in his delirious diagnostics manual The Anatomy of Melancholy , described 'hypochondriachal or flatuous' melancholy as occasioning 'fear and sorrow, sharp belchings, fulsome crudities, heat in the bowels,. — “Curious George - Page 1 - Books - New York - Village Voice”,
  • flatuous. Flatuous, it turns out, isn't in the free Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, where you just searched. However, it is available in our premium Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. To see that definition in the Unabridged Dictionary, start your FREE trial now. — “Flatuous - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Myspace profile for Frederico Frederico. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. CaptainKangarooRaymond Flatuous. That sounds great compared to life in Chesapeake, Ohio. There's no beach around here, the nearest one is in Virginia. — “Fred (Frederico Frederico) | MySpace”,
  • Beijing's burgeoning art district has a new symbol for its growing influence in the global art world -a giant farting bull. Created by sculptor Chen Wenling, Entitled What You See Might Not Be Real', Wenling's flatuous virtuosity has been creating lots of hot air in the Chinese. — “Big Farting Bull In Little China”,
  • Definition of Flatuous in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Flatuous. Pronunciation of Flatuous. Translations of Flatuous. Flatuous synonyms, Flatuous antonyms. Information about Flatuous in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Flatuous - definition of Flatuous by the Free Online”,
  • Character from our THE FANTASTIC FLATUOUS FANTABULOUS GOO book (view more pages) Character from our THE FANTASTIC FLATUOUS FANTABULOUS GOO book (view more pages). — “Calliope Studios”,
  • The online home of Ample and Trite, a team of female performers with experience in all phases of theater, particularly interactive and improvositional work. When "Flatuous" is a method actor, ain't nobody happy!. — “Ample and Trite - Method Actors!”,
  • Experience life in the 18th century at America's largest outdoor history museum and blustring, all the twelve dayes: or an airy meteor, composed of flatuous matter, that then appeares, and vanisheth, to the great peace of the. — “Tradition - Williamsburg's Long Christmas : The Colonial”,
  • Flatuous definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Flatuous | Define Flatuous at ”,

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  • “I was checking out someone's blog and noticed this interesting "chain letter" thingy. And that was the first peace of illiterative porthery in all the flamend floody flatuous world”
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  • “A rather flatuous, maudling one at that. This is the one time that "I" Great blog by the way. Tris. 2:23 PM. Glenn said I find your advice here to be very”
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