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  • Flamenco dance has its origins in Andalusian region of southern Spain. Flamenco is an extremely expressive dance form. Scroll down to know more about Flamenco dancing. Flamenco Dance: Facts about Flamenco Dancing in Spain. — “Flamenco Dance: Facts about Flamenco Dancing in Spain”,
  • The roots of flamenco are not precisely known, but it is generally acknowledged that flamenco grew out of the unique interplay of native Andalusian, Islamic, Sephardic, and Gypsy cultures that existed in Andalusia prior to and after the Reconquest. — “Flamenco - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Flamenco is the typical expression of the Spanish Gitanos, therefore, most of the personalities here were born in Spain, except those indicated otherwise. In addition, we also present artists and ensembles that have a Flamenco heritage and inspiration but perform New Genres that are not Flamenco. — “Flamenco”,
  • Solo Flamenco is Portland's only all-flamenco dance studio holding ongoing, gypsy-style classes for all ages and all skill levels. — “Welcome to Solo Flamenco Arts Academy!”,
  • Flamenco is a musical phenomenon that in spite of its popular roots, survived different periods and trends, and transcends borders and nationalities. It is a living art which has drawn on all kinds of different musical trends without losing its. — “Flamenco”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is Flamenco Dancing? The flamenco came from Andalusia in what is now Spain, influenced heavily by the local gypsy population, the Gitanos. — “What is Flamenco Dancing?”,
  • Flamenco music, Spain. Free pics, audio samples. Flamenco music store. Flamenco magazine. Interviews. — “Flamenco - / La web del flamenco”, flamenco-
  • Find out information about the Flamenco: flamenco guitar, flamenco dance & dancers, music and pictures of the spanish art. — “Flamenco Guitar, Dancers, Music & Pictures | ”,
  • Information on how to see flamenco in Madrid. List of places to see flamenco The best flamenco in Madrid can be seen at the Corral de la Moreria "tablao" flamenco restaurant. — “Madrid Flamenco & Flamenco Shows”,
  • DanceJam has Flamenco videos, lessons, learn the dance and watch video clips. The beginnings of Flamenco can be traced back to Spain in 1492. In t. — “Flamenco videos and lessons, learn at ”,
  • Flamenco dance history, Spanish gypsy, origins of flamenco dance. — “Flamenco Dance History”,
  • News and reports about flamenco, flamenco guitar and flamenco dancing. From Spain. — “Flamenco - All about flamenco”,
  • The Spanish Flamenco exists in three forms: Cante (the song), Baile (the dance), and Guitarra (guitar playing). The Malaguena (or Flamenco) shares with the Fandango the rank of the principal dance of Andalucia (Spain). — “Flamenco Dance - Streetswings Dance History archives - Main Page”,
  • Flamenco information for the Washington DC area including news, photos, show listings, teacher directory and blog about guitarist Miguelito's flamenco-filled life. Updated almost daily. — “DC ”,
  • Development of Flamenco from its origins to modernity, and links to specific web sites. — “FLAMENCO by All About Spain”, red2000.com
  • FlamencoTalk presents "Estaciones", an authentic flamenco production, at the Eifler Theater, Clifton Center, April 9,11, 2010, at 8pm and 2pm. — “Flamenco Production Estaciones”,
  • Flamenco is a song, music and dance style which is strongly influenced by the Gitanos, but which has its deeper roots in Moorish musical traditions. Later the songs were accompanied by flamenco guitar (toque), rhythmic hand clapping (palmas), rhythmic feet stamping and dance (baile). — “Flamenco - Definition”,
  • Flamenco is a style of music and dance which is native to several regions of southern Spain. Flamenco is popularly depicted as being the music of Andulusian gitanos (gypsies) but historically its roots are in mainstream Andalusian society,. — “Flamenco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of flamenco in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of flamenco. Pronunciation of flamenco. Translations of flamenco. flamenco synonyms, flamenco antonyms. Information about flamenco in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “flamenco - definition of flamenco by the Free Online”,
  • This site is designed for everyone interested in Flamenco. For the last several years it has been open for Flamenco related information. This is a non-profit site that takes no monetary contributions or donations. As such, please bear with me as I add information to this site. — “”,
  • Flamenco music is one of the most technically demanding, yet least understood musics in the world today, Part of the blame lies squarely on the Part of the reason for this is the fact that the true Flamenco artist generally finds himself uncomfortable in a recording situation and is not able,. — “Flamenco Music”,
  • Flamenco.ca is dedicated to providing informative news about Flamenco in Canada. — “Flamenco.ca - Home of Flamenco in Canada!”, flamenco.ca
  • Flamenco dance is an expressive dance form that mixes percussive footwork with intricate hand, arm and body movements. — “Flamenco Dancing - Flamenco Dance Style”,
  • flamenco n. , pl. , -cos . A dance style of the Andalusian Gypsies characterized by forceful, often improvised rhythms The roots of flamenco, though somewhat mysterious, seem to lie in the Roma migration from Rajasthan (in northwest India) to Spain between the 9th and. — “flamenco: Definition from ”,

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  • Flamenco - Rumba - guitar solo with tab Get the tab here
  • Flamenco Guitar Master Vicente Gomez This 1950s video features composer, guitarist Vicente Gomez performing some of his Alegrias composition. For those unfamiliar with Gomez, he was born in Madrid in 1911 and got an early start in music performing flamenco in his father's red light district tavern by the age of 8. Concert pianist Arthur Rubenstein eventually heard him play (presumably not while frequenting Madrid's red light district!) and encouraged him to pursue a professional career. He toured the world performing in the 1930s and became a US citizen in the 1940s. He was drafted into the Army in 1943 and discharged in 1946, after which he opened a nightclub in New York, performing classical and flamenco music on his guitar nightly. During this period he also served as President of the New York Classical Guitar Society. In the 1950s he moved to Los Angeles and opened "The Academy of Spanish Arts" to teach classical and flamenco guitar, flamenco dancing, Spanish language, etc. He was also a frequent contributor to film music. Vicente Gomez passed away in December 2001 at the age of 90, just two months after his wife passed away.
  • Tango - Flamenco© My favourit is Instrumental Music - This one of the Great Music- Great dance - my Favourit !
  • Chris Botti & David Sanborn - Flamenco Sketches Chris Botti and David Sanborn perform Miles Davis' "Flamenco Sketches" (Kind of Blue, 1959)
  • Romance Flamenco(Classical guitar) by Jesse L My Interpretation of Rumba Flamenca which was a song based around the original "Romance d'amour".It is mostly my arrangement, and the solo's are improvised.Yes, there are two of me. Just for a bit of fun.The backing bass track and the harmony were also recorded by me. PS Just started my blog on 'blogger'. If you got nothing to read, check it out :) jesseguitar07
  • Tempestad - Flamenco - Solea Tempestad performing Solea accompanied by Master Guitarist, Carlos Sanchez, & Del Espadin Baile Espanol - Gala 2005
  • Stephane Lambiel -LP Flamenco - 2007 Worlds The bronze performance of the 2 times world champion in the 2007 Worlds in Tokyo (Japan). 6th after the Short program, performing a flamenco awesome program. 3axel, 4toe-2toe-2toe, 3loop, 2axel, 4toe,3lutz-3toe, 3salchow and 2flip-3toe
  • Flamenco de Espana - GIC Latino Fabulous guitar and dance.
  • Miles Davis - Flamenco Sketches The 5th track of Miles Davis's 1959 album "Kind of Blue"
  • The Black Mages - Vamo' Alla Flamenco (Music) Someone requested this. Enjoy! If you want me to upload a game song, view the list from the URL below and send me a request for it. If you aren't 100% sure of the song name, feel free to describe what happens during the game when the song plays, I'm usually good at that too. Note: Do not ask for me to send you music, I will not. Do not request for music that is not listed, or from other music genres, such as rock.
  • Alexandre Therrien - Seville - Flamenco Fusion Guitar CD - DVD and FREE TABS FOR SEVILLE SONG FOLLOWING THIS LINK:
  • FLAMENCO DANCE On the Floor Jennifer Lopez Pitbull Get Right Jay Z Joaquin Cortes One U2 Al Andalus Flamenco Dance On The Floor Jennifer Lopez Pitbull Get Right Jay Z One U2 Joaquin Cortes Al Andalus Eminem Empire state of mind alicia keys Falling If ain't got you On the floor Pitbull Lambada California Gurls Lady Gaga Bad Romance Just Dance Pusicatdoll Jai ho Button Beep Keyne west 50...
  • Flamenco, por Bulerias - Sara Baras (Spain) First Lady of Flamenco, Sara Baras!!
  • Anissina Peizerat 2002 Olympics OD Marina Anissina & Gwendal Peizerat 2002 Olympics Original Dance Flamenco Tango
  • Taconeo Flamenco -1 London based Flamenco dance company, Taconeo Grupo Flamenco's opening number, Alegrias @Pena Flamenco de Londores (London, UK) on Sun, 8 October 06. /taconeoflamenco
  • Gringo Flamenco by Montana Skies Download this song Montana Skies playing their original tune "Gringo Flamenco". (Ramsey Hall -University of Georgia- Athens, GA 2007) About the tune Gringo Flamenco came from jamming and having fun playing with some flamenco/gypsy music ideas.We were traveling in the Southwest and some folks wanted to hear hear more of our "flamenco" music; We started exploring this style of music and discovered that even two gringos like us have a bit of flamenco in our souls. Since we wrote it, and it is isn't authentic flamenco we thought the best title was "Gringo Flamenco". :-) filmed by Barry Ritzel - Hydrasound Studios http
  • Flamenco Guitar by Jason McGuire "El Rubio" www.Flamenco- http Flamenco Guitar by Jason Mc Guire! Jason McGuire "El Rubio," virtuoso guitarist, composer and producer, inaugurates his new website, www.Flamenco- . The excitement and buzz has been building for some time with the news that the site was being professionally constructed and meticulously created with the intent to attract students of all levels from around the world to join its membership. www.Flamenco- is the brainchild of McGuire with the express purpose of breaking down the complicated elements of learning flamenco guitar, whereby the student learns at a faster pace, is able to absorb more information, and all at the convenience of the individual. Jason McGuire "El Rubio" is considered a world-class guitarist and has earned an international reputation as a master instructor. Utilizing his extensive musical knowledge, he has developed a solid methodology of guitar instruction during the 20 years he has been teaching. The online membership includes unlimited access to a constantly growing library of styles (palos), compositions and examples which build upon a student's technique and understanding of the forms. Classes are divided into sections, allowing the student to choose the perspective that works for them. The components of the lessons consist of: 1. a normal tempo view of the lesson 2. a slow tempo view of the lesson 3. a right hand view of the lesson 4. a left hand view of the lesson 5. a counted out version of the ...
  • José Greco - Flamenco Danse
  • Miles Davis / Bill Evans - Flamenco Sketches MILES DAVIS / KIND OF BLUE 1959 Miles Davis (tp) , Julian Cannonball Adderley (as) , John Coltrane (ts) , Bill Evans (p) , Paul Chambers (b) , Jimmy Cobb (ds) NYC, March 2, 1959
  • Stefan Flamenco Guitar: Persia Here's a video of Stefan from performing his composition Persia. LEARN EVERYTHING FOR FREE AT:
  • Cabo San Lucas Flamenco Dancing Experience the art and beauty of Flamenco dancing in beautiful Los Cabos
  • Flamenco Dancing in Barcelona Spain
  • Flamenco guitar and dance Tangos Rompeserones by Moraito played by Przemyslaw Haluszczak - we're looking for concert requests from all around Europe.. mail: mtluczek80 for more info.
  • Flamenco Diablo(by Yngwie Malms***) A great masterpiece of Yngwie Malms*** with some pics of spain
  • Armik Flamenco
  • Stéphane Lambiel - Flamenco Stéphane's HOT new Flamenco dance, performed at Art On Ice 2007. With Flamenco master Antonio Najarro, music from "Poeta" by Vicente Amigo.
  • Flamenco Guitar Barcelona Pair of flamenco guitarists outside Barcelona Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter, Friday, May 25, 2007
  • Sub Focus- Flamenco I have only added this because i have been trying to find the full song on youtube for some time, also its just a bit of practice in editing! and leave a comment please! doesn't matter what it says! hope you like this song as much as i do!
  • Manitas de Plata - Sangre Flamenco
  • Qawwali flamenco
  • Flamenco Guitar - Bulerias intro, Sample Guitar Lesson in Solea A Bulerias intro and a sample flamenco guitar lesson in Solea by Adam del Monte at
  • Carlos Saura - Flamenco Beautiful scene from Saura's movie
  • Vengo flamenco gypsies dancing spain spanish music latin www.spanishmusic.biz - Vengo flamenco gypsies dancing spain spanish music latin salsa
  • Spanish Gypsy flamenco song Safe Journey (1993)(the vagabond journey of Gypsy)
  • Motion Capture Flamenco Flamenco Dance through motion capture from siggraph 06. Performed by Debbie Deas.
  • Flamenco Dance alegrias"Gades"performed by group "Andalucia" www.studioflamenco.it - Flamenco show in teatro Olimpico in Rome. The tipical alegrias here performend with traditional "mantones". Unfortunately, this video has technical problems, so the audio is not in sync with the movements. The music is "Gades" by Manolo Carrasco. Flamenco dance school "Andalucia" by Isabel and Raffaella Fernandez Carrillo give lessons in Rome, via Palombini 23. www.studioflamenco.it
  • Flamenco Vivo - Carlota Santana In 1983, with Roberto Lorca, Carlota Santana founded the Spanish Dance Arts Company now known as Flamenco Vivo/Carlota Santana. The Company was created with the vision of developing a format where new Spanish dance and music could be created and performed. Under Ms. Santana's direction, the company has expanded its repertoire by presenting new music, dramatic works, and a mixture of various dance vocabularies, as well as by integrating Hispanic-American influences. Recent creations include Burlador (The Trickster), an innovative dance drama based on tales of the legendary Don Juan; Bailes de Ida y Vuelta, a journey through Latin America showing how flamenco has been influenced by Caribbean, Latino and Afro-Latino sounds; Bailaor/Bailaora, a dazzling display of flamenco styles; the contemporary flamenco story-ballet, Mano a Mano - a tribute to the bullfighter Manolete; and Federico, a celebration of the life of Federico García Lorca. Carlota Santana was designated The Keeper of Flamenco by Dance Magazine recognizing her commitment to creating new works and developing young artists and choreographers. She has pledged the Company to the mission of building bridges between cultures using the universal spirit of Flamenco. Ms. Santana began her career with the María Alba Spanish Dance Company and continued performing in the US as a soloist with José Molina, Roberto Cartagena, and Rosario Galán. In Spain, she performed at the Tablao Arcos de Cuchilleros and worked with such ...
  • Flamenco Flamenco song, dance and guitar by Ramon Ruiz and Anita la Maltesa. London based artists and teachers.
  • Flamenco Dance The amazing grace and power of Flamenco, performed by Celina Zambon
  • eva la yerbabuena flamenco baile fevkaledenin fevkinin de fevkinde
  • Amazing flamenco Armik - Gypsy Flame Incredible song by Armik.
  • Flamenco 0 -Javier Conde He played Granainas. You can reserved his NEW CD in his web site. You can buy the Cd in

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  • “Flamenco Dancing in the UK - discussion and resources on the UK Flamenco scene Can I just give everybody a very warm welcome to my flamenco blog. This is an area for information, discussion and debate with respect to the art of flamenco in all its forms”
    Flamenco in the UK,

  • “Keep up with the Washington DC flamenco scene. Updated almost daily by guitarist Michael Perez. What happened to the blog??? The last time I made an entry here, I had left for a weekend trip to New York with my flamenco friend Jenifer to see concert by Eva la Yerbabuena”
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  • “Please join this forum to share information on past, present and future flamenco shows, concerts and events. A forum for information related to flamenco music such as recordings, purchasing, palos,”
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  • “Anda Flamenco Dance School Minneapolis, MN Flamenco Blog. Yet Another Bird Story. After four hours of teaching and three hours of "Zapping" on a hot July Saturday, the studio doorbell at our house began ringing incessantly but erraticall, at 8am on Sunday morning”
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  • “Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy provides the best flamenco dance training integrating dance, music, song and rhythm”
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  • “Online Flamenco community for flamenco dancers, musicians, and fans. Featuring Flamenco blog, news, forum, mercado, library of Flamenco songs, and much more!”
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  • “Flamenco got the nod as an intangible piece of cultural heritage at a UNESCO meeting Tuesday in Nairobi, Kenya. © 2010 Toronto Flamenco Festival Blog | Privacy Policy | Toronto Flamenco Festival”
    — Toronto Flamenco Festival Blog,

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