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  • Acronym Finder: The Acronym Finder is a searchable database of over 4 million acronyms, abbreviations and meanings. Covers: common acronyms, computers, science, technology, government, telecommunications, and military acronyms. — “Acronym Finder”,
  • Welcome to Car Finder Philippines! Buy or Sell your cars, parts, accessories and promote your automotive products and services in your local area (city or province). To post or check out ads in your local area, please click on a location (NCR City or Province) on the right. — “Philippines - Car Finder Philippines”,
  • finder n. One that finds: a finder of great hidden treasure. A viewfinder. A low-power, wide-angle telescope fixed to the body of a more powerful. — “finder: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Tattoos, Tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, tattoo designs, cross tattoos, flower tattoos, lower back tattoos, butterfly tattoos, sun tattoos, religious tattoos, fairy tattoos, dragon tattoo & more!. — “”,
  • Welcome to Finder Philippines Classifieds Local Area Classifieds! No Registration Required to Post or Reply at Finder Philippines Classifieds!. — “Philippines - Buy and Sell Philippines”,
  • The Dock in Mac OS X provides one-click access to frequently used applications and folders. The Finder makes working with your files easy. — “Apple - Mac OS X - What is Mac OS X - Dock + Finder”,
  • Source for homes for sale, financing resources, apartments and house rental listings, contractor information, and other real estate services. Previously known as . — “”,
  • Online bookstore comparison shopping agent that searches the inventory of individual new, used, and out-of-print vendors and reports on pricing and availability. — “”,
  • Definition of finder in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of finder. Pronunciation of finder. Translations of finder. finder synonyms, finder antonyms. Information about finder in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. word finder. — “finder - definition of finder by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The Web's Largest People Search. Search billions of hard-to-find public records using quick and easy People Finder search. — “People Finders”,
  • The Finder is the default file manager used on the Mac OS and Mac OS X operating systems As such the Finder acts like the shell on other operating systems,. — “Finder (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Relays and timers - Relè e temporizzatori - Relés y temporizadores - Relais et de relais temporisés - Schalt-, Zeit- und Überwachungsrelais - Relés e temporizadores ©Copyright 2001 - 2006 Finder® S.p.A. All rights reserved. — “Finder Home Page”,
  • Includes a breed selector, puppy advice and tips, breeder directory, and current news. — “Puppyfinder”,
  • GradFinder has over 3 million free members from over 200,000 high schools and colleges in the United States, GradFinder is the world's largest free place to reunite with old friends. Largest Free Grad Finder!. — “Gradfinder”,
  • If Finder can't find any results, it will look for other words in your content that sound Finder can search tens of thousands of content items and return accurate results in a. — “Advanced Search for Joomla! 1.5 - JXtended - Powerful Joomla”,
  • Definition of finder from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of finder. Pronunciation of finder. Definition of the word finder. Origin of the word finder. — “finder - Definition of finder at ”,
  • FREE Z-Finder Bag with any Z-Finder JR or Pro purchase! The Z-Finder Pro 3x is another one of Zacuto's Optical Viewfinders that allows DSLR cameras to have the correct form factor for video. It offers 3x focusable. — “Z-Finder Pro 3x”,
  • Have fun, meet people & find love. 1,422,341 Active Members!* Webcam Chat. Want to see who you're checking out? Jump on webcam chat and make a connection tonight! Members. Find members in. Quincy. Friendfinder websites in other languages: 繁體中文 简体中文 Italiano Español Português Deutsch Français Tagalog 한글. — “FriendFinder”,
  • Meet Swingers for Threesomes, Online Singles for *** Dating & Adult Chat on AFF. — “Adult Friend Finder”,

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  • Power Probe Short Finder ECT2000 Part 1 of 2 Makes locating short & open circuits easier than ever before. Its advanced digital intelligence puts it far above all others. • It consists of 2 units, a "SMART" transmitter and a "SMART" receiver along with 4 of the most common adapters to get you connected to any electrical circuit on the vehicle. • Adjustable sensitivity with audible and visual indicators for easy monitoring • Move, pull or flex wires to observe intermittent circuit conditions. • Will quickly pin-point location of shorts and open circuits through solid materials • Will detects power through carpet, molding and plastic panels. • Simply connects to any electrical circuit on the vehicle. • Shows the direction of the short circuit to eliminate guess work. • Comes packaged in a durable fitted case
  • Zacuto Z-finder Pro Unboxing
  • 「Re:MIKUS」 Hatsune Miku -ファインダー(imoutoid's Finder Is Not Desktop Experience Remix) ♪♫STEREO♫♪ ► ► Track 6: ファインダー (Finder) (imoutoid's "Finder Is Not Desktop Experience Remix") ► Album: 「Re:MIKUS」 livetune feat.初音ミク•Illustration: てるみぃ (Terumii/Tell Me) With Romaji lyrics ↓↓「Re:MIKUS」 Website↓↓ ~~~ROMAJI LYRICS~~~ Kimi ga Fureteite Sekai ga Watashi ni Utsusareteku Ano Sora mo Kono Heya ni Sa***eiru Hikari mo Subete Hajimete Kizuita Shunkan o Kotoba to Oto ni Kaete Sotto Yubisaki de Nazoru yo Kowagaranai Kara Mada Tomadotteiruno Tsunagatta Tehohira Kara Nagare Konda Atatakana Saundo Kimi Dake no Finder ni Utsuru Keshiki ha Subete Watashi ga Uta ni Suruyo Ushinatta Jikan mo Mirai mo Kiritotchaeba Egao Dake Mitetaino I Think Beranda Kara Mioro***a Machi Fuwari to Kaze ga Hoo o Naderu Sonna Arifureta Hibi Sura Totemo Kokochiyokute Zutto Machinozondeta Yasashikute Madoronderu Owari Nante Kite Hoshikuhanai yo! Kimi Dake no Finder ni Utsuru Sekai ha Itsuka Watashi ga Uta de Irodoruyo Ureshisa mo Kanashisa mo Zembu Kiritotchae ba Donnatki mo Egao Dayo I Think of You! Konomama Futaride Waratte Kimi Dake no Finder ni Utsuru Sekai ha Subete Watashi ga Uta de Mitasuno Sugisatta Kinou mo Mirai mo Dakishimete Hitotsu Dake Kotoba Ai***eru Kimi ni Tsutaetai I Sing for You!
  • Humminbird 997c SI GPS/Fish Finder Overview Part I Jamestown Distributors TV: Humminbird 997c SI GPS/Fish Finder Overview Part I. This video gives a description of the Humminbird Side Imaging Unit. You can find the Humminbird 997c SI GPS/Fish Finder at Visit for all your project needs.
  • Finders Keepers - Ep 1 Part 1/2 - The Invitation VERY RARE Australian Television Show. Finders Keepers Episode 1 of 10, The Invitation. Part 1 of 2 This show was made by the ABC and as such believe this applies to the statement made here: Finders Keepers (AKA The Finder) first aired in Australia on the 29th of October 1991. It ran for 2 seasons, 5 episodes each. It has not been re-aired since, and is not available in stores on any format. This has been uploaded with average bitrate of around 850kb/s (video), 384kb/s AC3, at 480x360, filtered with Gunnar Thalin's Area Based Deinterlacer in interpolation mode, and resized using the Lanczos 3 algorithm for maximum quality. Add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL for maximum quality. VHS source.
  • How to use a Fish Finder! Finding Fish with Modern Technology - Learn to Properly Read & Tune Your Sonar, You Will Find and Catch More Fish! STOP WASTING TIME FISHING UNPRODUCTIVE WATERS! - Get your DVD on
  • iPhone Golf GPS Range Finder and Scorecard A walk through the Swing by Swing golf GPS range finder and digital scorecard. Also includes an overview of the extended statistics section. To get a FREE GPS rangefinder, just text "golf" to 82257.
  • Monkey Dust - *** Finder General A clip from series 3 of Monkey Dust
  • Fallout New Vegas - Euclid's C-Finder (AWESOME) Probably the sweetest thing in this game so far. Enjoy :) Quest guide for That Lucky Old Sun: ______________________________________ Download the Muzzafuzza toolbar, it's AWESOME. All my links to everything that I ever do, and more: Follow the tw33ts: 'Like' me on Facebook: Subscribe to my real-life channel(Vlogs, etc.) Subscribe to CoDventures (CoD Pranks, etc.): Buy a sweet-ass custom controller like mine: www.modz- Buy some FPS Freeks, they're worth it:
  • Deben Ferret Finder : 'In the Field' Demo An educational and informative guide to using the Deben Ferret Finder out in the field.
  • Flir Systems - "Path Finder" Automotive Infrared Camera The Path Finder Infrared camera system gives drivers the safety and security never before available. With the Path Finder, you can now see in the dark.
  • Plane Finder Moving Planes! The new moving planes feature in Plane Finder for iPhone and iPod Touch from pinkfroot
  • KopBusters Sting Kop--Triggers Raid On KopBuster HQ Support Barry by purchasing his videos at .
  • Hidden Sky: Augmented Reality Satellite Finder Hidden Sky is an augmented reality application for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 that allows you to find any of the more than one thousand satellites that orbit the Earth, the planets, and other objects in the sky. You can observe orbits, animate across the sky, find out when objects will rise and set, learn about the objects, and much more. You can even watch satellites dock, like we show in this video. Hidden Sky is available on the iPhone app store: You can find out more information at and follow us on twitter at http . Let us know if you have any questions or comments.
  • Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder Tiffany & Co. launches Engagement Ring Finder, an iphone app!
  • Mac OS X Leopard - Finder This is brand new footage of Mac OS X Leopard showing a brand new Finder featuring Cover Flow which debuted June 11, 2007 during the Apple WWDC.
  • Golf Spine Finder. Golf Spine Finder. Spinefinder. Align Your Golf Club Shafts.
  • Finder Customization Lots of Links! Finder Backgrounds M3HD1 bogo- Sidebar Icons bogo- Flurry Iconset Quicklook Plugins Zip: Folder (Leopard only): Terminal command: defaults write QLEnableXRayFolders 1 Twitter: Tumblr:
  • How to Buy a Telescope : Telescope Buying Guide: Finder Scopes When buying a telescope, select a finder scope that is comfortable to look through. Decide what type of finder scope to purchase for a telescope with the buying tips in this free video on home astronomy from a telescope salesperson. Expert: Jesse Sturgeon Bio: Jesse Sturgeon has served as a sales and customer service representative for Anacortes Telescope in Anacortes, Wash. for several years. He enjoys introducing people to the science & art of astronomy. Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow
  • 「Re:MIKUS」 Hatsune Miku - ファインダー (kz's DSLR remix) (HQ and Romaji Lyrics) ♪♫STEREO♫♪ ► ► Track 1: ファインダー (Finder) (kz's DSLR remix) ► Album: 「Re:MIKUS」 livetune feat.初音ミク•Illustration: Soukamaki With Romaji lyrics ↓↓「Re:MIKUS」 Website↓↓ ~~~ROMAJI LYRICS~~~ Kimi ga Fureteite Sekai ga Watashi ni Utsusareteku Ano Sora mo Kono Heya ni Sa***eiru Hikari mo Subete Hajimete Kizuita Shunkan o Kotoba to Oto ni Kaete Sotto Yubisaki de Nazoru yo Kowagaranai Kara Mada Tomadotteiruno Tsunagatta Tehohira Kara Nagare Konda Atatakana Saundo Kimi Dake no Finder ni Utsuru Keshiki ha Subete Watashi ga Uta ni Suruyo Ushinatta Jikan mo Mirai mo Kiritotchaeba Egao Dake Mitetaino I Think of You! Beranda Kara Mioro***a Machi Fuwari to Kaze ga Hoo o Naderu Sonna Arifureta Hibi Sura Totemo Kokochiyokute Zutto Machinozondeta Yasashikute Madoronderu Owari Nante Kite Hoshikuhanai yo! Kimi Dake no Finder ni Utsuru Sekai ha Itsuka Watashi ga Uta de Irodoruyo Ureshisa mo Kanashisa mo Zembu Kiritotchae ba Donnatki mo Egao Dayo I Think of You! Konomama Futaride Waratte Itaiyo Kimi Dake no Finder ni Utsuru Sekai ha Subete Watashi ga Uta de Mitasuno Sugisatta Kinou mo Mirai mo Dakishimete Hitotsu Dake Kotoba Ai***eru Kimi ni Tsutaetai I Sing for You!
  • Fish Finder transducer installation quick release I have a Jon boat and wanted to add a fish finder to it. My main obstacle for that was the transducer needed to be easily removable. As any wise son would do, I asked my dad to help me with the problem. He told me to use the quick release broom holders. As you can see by the video, I incorporated the idea and made a quick release system that can be used on most any boat. It is easy to use, economical and simple to make. You can of course make changes to fit your specific application.
  • THE MIRACLE WORKER--View Finder: The Photography of John Dugdale See how blind photographer John Dugdale shot the ad campaign for the Broadway revival of "The Miracle Worker." Performances begin February 12, 2010 at Circle in the Square Theatre on Broadway!
  • Eye of the Finder MUSIC VIDEO: SuperNews! The Mighty Finder channels his inner Rocky. VIEW more SuperNews! clips & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Show here...
  • Zero Edge Finder Small tool to find material edge.
  • Golf Club Spine Finder. Spine Align Your Golf Shafts. Golf club spine finder. Spine align your golf club shafts. Golf club spinefinder.
  • Adobe Illustrator: Path Finder Shape Modes This tutorial demonstrates the basic shape modes in path finder (add, subtract, intersect, and exclude), and shows how to use the direct selection tool and expand feature. Finally, a bubble box is created (for the Yahoo Map project) with the add shape mode and a drop shadow effect added. This tutorial was created by Mike Lively of Northern Kentucky University.
  • Using a fish finder (sonar) with Gary Senft How Gary uses fish finders to catch the big ones.
  • Awesome Depth Sounder / Fish finder footage!!! of Deep Reef and Wreck!! Depth Sounder footage to die for, this show's some great footage of a couple of our fishing spots, A new found wreck, and a tiny reef, with some quality results. We use a Furuno Depth Sounder, FCV 585 on all our charter boats, Mako, Raptor II and obsession, and highly recommend a quality sounder. You get what you pay for and also running a 1 KW through hull transducer. Look closely and you'll see the detail of the structure and all the fish schooling around it. This wreck was cover in fish as the Depth sounder shows, but we really did find the Nannygai nursery with this spot. It's usual to get into quality fish this far out, but as most fish were undersize, we eventually left them biting. We did get several nice smallmouth Nannygai off the spot. I even tried a big plastic, but no trevally, cod or other monster in residence on the day. That's fishing. Weather conditions deteriorated, and we tried another nearby spot. Absolutely tiny and not much structure, but enough to hold quality fish. On this day they were particularly spread out and some drifts managed to find the trophy Nannygai we were after. Look closely at the Depth sounder and you can hardly see any bottom at all, but some good fish were still showing. It really does pay to get out there and use your Depth sounder, feel free to play with the settings, Auto, is just that Auto, doesn't necessarily mean the best settings, and can be deleting the stuff you want to see. Manual Gain is the go, but don't ...
  • Master Lock Combination Finder Find the combination to any master lock
  • Using an Edge Finder - Tormach CNC Tormach on the web @ Overview This video reviews how to use an edge finder and the difference between a mechanical edge finder and an electronic edge finder. Material: 2" Aluminum Cutters: Mechanical Edge Finder, Electronic Edge Finder Speed: variable Feed: n/a Machine: Tormach PCNC 1100 Background: Essentially an edge finder is a dynamic indicator of the location of a work-piece edge with reference to the center line of the spindle to which it is attached. Fixtures & Tooling: The mechanical edge finder in a simple device and can be purchased for as little as $10 USD. In order to operate this type of edge finder, you need to have a rotating spindle. An electronic edge finder is a bit more complicated and will cost a little more. Its main advantage over the mechanical edge finder is that it can work in a NON-rotating spindle. It is battery operated and works by lightening up its internal LED (usually red) when the electrical circuit formed by the instrument and the machine is closed. Motion Planning: The edge finder is put in the rotating chuck of the milling machine and the work-piece is moved towards the edge finder. When the work-piece and the edge finder come into contact, the rotating motion of the edge finder visibly changes. In use, the spinning edge finder is moved into contact with the edge that you wish to locate. As the lower cylinder of the edge finder touches the edge, that lower cylinder "kicks" to the left (assuming a clockwise rotation as ...
  • Furuno FCV 585 Unreel fish finder in action with excellant results!! Check out our Furuno FCV 585 Sounder, surely one of the best sounders going with a 1 KW through hull transducer. Check out the video with awesome detail in 50 Metres +, which enables us to find the ground and some truly amazing fishing. Look closely and you'll see the minute difference on the bottom, this is the difference and enable us to find the ground which holds the fish, later in the video you'll see the scattererd Nannygai, and even a fish being fought to the surface. This isn't a paid endorsement, but well worth spending the money on quality gear and Furuno is well worth it. Very happy indeed and swear by Furuno for an excellant fish finder. Subscribe for the latest fishing action and more great videos to come!! Cheers Greg http
  • Backyard observatory - telescope e-finder electronic or e-finder replaces the conventional optical finder on my 12" SCT telescope and doubles as a widefield deepsky astrograph. Re-edit of my first attempt of movie making posted on Youtube recently.
  • AWESOME STUD FINDER NO BATTERIES! Bob Schmidt shows you how to use a newer product that works easily for finding studs on drywall walls during your home renovation, repair, maintenance project. finding studs while anchoring shelfs cabinets wood trim is important to get a good job that lasts. DIY
  • Finder Tutorial: for new mac users A basic tutorial about the finder including what it's used for and several features. For random thoughts that are too long for twitter, check out my tumblog: Follow me on twitter
  • WTC Cross Finder Calls for 9/11 Truth 9/11/09 Ground Zero spoke to 1st Responder Frank Silecchia who discovered the famous steel cross recovered from Ground Zero. He supports the 9/11 truth movement.
  • Robitussin - Relief Finder Commercial This is the Robitussin Relief Finder commercial I am featured in as the sick guy. I am posting this for personal viewing along with the other actors in these 2 spots. Nice job to my Co-Stars Suryia, Joe, and Moksha. For the behind the scenes "Making of" video done by Suryia's Trainers and how this ad supports the Rare Species Fund. For more on Suryia the Orangutan please visit.... and
  • Install a fish finder on a Hobie Kayaks Outback Installing a Lowrance fish finder on the Hobie Outback
  • Governor Schwarzenegger Dumbbell Finder - Governor Schwarzenegger - Dumbbell Finder
  • Weekend Project: Lost Screw Finder Ever have a screw loose? If so, you might need this easy to build attachment to help you find that screw -- including plastic ones that a magnet would miss. Get the PDF for this project here: More great projects at

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