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  • FBLA Dates. National FBLA. National Contacts. Corporate Sponsors. Executive Board Meetings Webmaster. FBLA-PBL: Breaking Barriers. SD State FBLA Officers 2010. — “FBLA”, fbla.dsu.edu
  • Here's another great opportunity to take on a leadership position: join an FBLA committee. Go Green: Our Go Green Committee last year made Lynbrook FBLA History for spearheading a Go Green Chapter Project that won first place in the. — “Home - Lynbrook FBLA - Brighten Your Future”,
  • The Louisiana FBLA District I and II Leadership Conference dates have been revised: The 2010-2011 LA FBLA Guidelines and other information for the. — “Louisiana FBLA”,
  • Georgia FBLA members and advisers, it is time to begin preparing for another amazing year filled with success. As this year begins, I have one question for you: How can FBLA assist you in transforming tomorrow?. — “Georgia FBLA > Home”,
  • Virginia FBLA-PBL Foundation, Inc. hits $100,000 milestone supporting FBLA-PBL members and programs. Virginia Business Education Association names scholarship after former State Chairman Anne Rowe. Anne Apigian from James W. Robinson, Jr. Secondary School recognized as Adviser of the Year. — “Virginia FBLA-PBL”, vafbla-
  • California Future Business Leaders of America : Website Each month, a chapter has the opportunity to recognize one of its outstanding members as a part of the California FBLA Member-of-the-Month recognition program. — “California Future Business Leaders of America - Index”,
  • I was truly honored when the students of Sutherlin High School's FBLA asked me to participate in this joint project," Marshall said. FBLA Advisor, Jacinda Sullivan, said the project not only honored past war veterans, but also men and women currently serving, many of whom were members of Sutherlin's. — “Oregon Future Business Leaders of America”,
  • Looking for a way to connect with your fellow FBLA members and officers in a more intimate setting? This RCE information is available to all FBLA active chapters and prospective chapters. — “New Jersey FBLA”,
  • Submit state project checks to: Mr. Sunny Saxena, PA FBLA Treasurer, Freedom High School, 3149 Chester Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18020. Click on this link for ideas from the national office to help you celebrate National FBLA-PBL Week. — “PA FBLA”,
  • FBLA-PBL is a non-profit organization of high school ("FBLA"), middle school ("Middle Level"), and college ("PBL") students, as well as professional members ("Professional Division") who primarily help students transition to the business world. — “FBLA-PBL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • November 30. FBLA Skill Event Registration Deadline. November. March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Join the SC FBLA Facebook Group. Download the September Issue: 2010-2011 SC FBLA Theme:. — “SC FBLA”,
  • Home page per the Wisconsin Future Business Leaders of America and FBLA State Office Now that the 2010-2011 school year is well under way, Wisconsin FBLA has hit the ground running!. — “Wisconsin FBLA Home Page”, dpi.wi.gov
  • Make sure that you're one of the nearly 600 FBLA members and advisers that will participate in this year's Pursue the Passion Conference! The latest winner of the FBLA Arizona - Building Better Members Award is Jessica Navarrete of Yuma High School!. — “”,
  • The purpose of FBLA: To encourage and promote local chapters in recognized schools teaching Business Education in the state of South Carolina. Mission: Bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. — “Airport High School - FBLA Overview”, fbla.ahs.lex2
  • If you are interested in developing leadership, communication, and team skills, or simply looking for an organization to meet and network with others at the local, state and national levels, then FBLA-PBL is the organization for you. 2010 FBLA Competitive Events Winners. — “National Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda”, fbla-
  • HV FBLA is the premiere student organization at Hidden Valley High. Our FBLA Chapter is a multiple time State Champion for Oregon FBLA. — “HV FBLA”,
  • The Texas FBLA Message Board is back! All members are encouraged to register and participate in the online discussions To get to the FBLA Message Board, click on Message Board link on the. — “Texas Future Business Leaders of America”,
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a national career student association for students in grades 7-12 who are interested in business or business education careers. Over 5,300 students in more than 130 high schools in Nebraska participate in the FBLA program. — “Nebraska FBLA”,
  • Florida FBLA-PBL is a state organization of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda. November 30, Receipt deadline for winter issue of Florida FBLA-PBL Communicator. — “Florida FBLA/PBL Home”, floridafbla-
  • FBLA is an organization dedicated to helping business education students prepare for their future careers. Nothing can pump you up like walking into a room of 6,000 high school students cheering at the top of their lungs for their state and FBLA!. — “Washington Future Business Leaders of America”,
  • The FBLA MarketPlace is the official branded merchandise and publications supplier for the FBLA, offering FBLA t-shirts, apparel, supplies, gifts and more. — “FBLA MarketPlace”,
  • Nevada FBLA is excited to announce $5,000 available in Chapter Grant Funding available. Grants are intended to assist with chapter sustainability and support local programs. [Read More] Reproducing this document or its contents without expressed written permission from Nevada FBLA-PBL is not permitted. — “Nevada FBLA-PBL”,
  • "FBLA-PBL is the premier student. business association. Our mission. is to bring business and education Visit the National FBLA website by going to. www.fbla-. Website. — “Wyoming FBLA”,

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  • NV FBLA Public Speaking II Champion 2009 2009 Nevada FBLA State Business Leadership Conference in Reno, Nevada.
  • Helmet - FBLA II live 1995 This is Helmet performing the song FBLA II at Cafe Campus in Montreal, February 1995.
  • NLC 2012 San Antonio Promo Video Discover YOUR greatness this summer at the FBLA-PBL National Leadership Conference in San Antonio!
  • FBLA - Transform your Future logo animation FBLA Week (2008) - 3 minute promotional video talking about the activities during FBLA week. First Place in Digital Video Production 2008 National League Competition, Atlanta, Georgia 3D animation inspired by ILM kick-ass The Transformers movie. This one includes the making of at the end.
  • Carl Junction FBLA Week 2008--Digital Video Production FBLA Digital Video Prodution Alex Northup Courtney Caldwell Katie Bromley Carl Junction High School Carl Junction, MO 1st Place- District 17 in MO 2nd Place- State of MO Waiting for NLC Results (The other MO team got 6th..)
  • FBLA Public Speaking I 2009 First place- Sectionals, First place- State Competition, Competitor in National Competition. Hope you like it! Please comment! Subject: One or more FBLA goals (develop competent, aggressive business leadership)
  • What Is FBLA?
  • 2011 FBLA Computer Game and Simulation Programming 1st place winner at 2011 FBLA-PBL National Leadership Conference - Orlando, FL
  • FBLA NLC Trailer 2007 Trailer for the 2007 Future Business Leaders of America National Leadership Conference as FBLA celebrates 65 years of excellence.
  • FBLA Mockumentary - The Office without FBLA A documentary satirizing the lack of leadership and productivity, and the monotonous predictability of a business office with employees who never joined or who had never been a part of the Future Business Leaders of America organization. Join Mike Kruguur (the dull boss), CJ Rodriguez (the jokester), Otis (the social outcast), and Dylan Mikerson (the incessant gamer) for a chronicle of their "day at the office". This video is in accordance with United States Law Code, specifically 17 USC § 107, deemed for educational and satirical/parody purposes. No copyright infringement is intended whatsoever.
  • FBLA - Be the Best Dear Viewer: Welcome to FBLA! We are pleased to provide you with this exciting FBLA informational video to help you recruit new members. The video entices students to make connections to the business world and develop networks that will last a lifetime with their FBLA membership. This video offers students a glimpse of the competitive events, awards, conferences, and technology that FBLA provides; and it shows that they can have fun at the same time. For more than 65 years, FBLA has provided experiences that, when combined with career and technical education, create a positive impact on the families, the communities, and the businesses of today and tomorrow. On behalf of our quarter million members, thank you for continuing to support FBLA, and for helping to build future business leaders. Have a great membership year! Sincerely, FBLA-PBL National Officers
  • Connect with FBLA! Join Today Welcome to the largest and oldest business student organization in the world! A quarter of a million high school and middle school students, college and university students, faculty, educators, administrators, and business professionals have chosen to be members of the premier business education association preparing students for careers in business. Why is FBLA-PBL so popular? It's simple. We have developed a unique value program that excites students, faculty and administrators, and business professionals to join our organization. If you are interested in developing leadership, communication, and team skills, or simply looking for an organization to meet and network with others at the local, state and national levels, then FBLA-PBL is the organization for you. Explore more member benefits and join a local chapter today: bit.ly
  • FBLA Texting and Driving PSA Kingman Arizona This video took 1st place at the SLC for FBLA Arizona on 4-5-12 The accident was NOT real, it was all acting. But the message is the same.
  • 2011 FBLA Business Plan 1st place winner at 2011 FBLA-PBL National Leadership Conference - Orlando, FL
  • FBLA's Not Slowing Down Official Music Video FBLA's Not Slowing Down - Anthony Moceo Here is the new download link:
  • 2010 FBLA Parliamentary Procedure 1st Place Winner at 2010 FBLA National Leadership Conference - Nashville, TN
  • NYS FBLA Irene Recovery Video As the East Coast begins the recovery effort from Tropical Storm Irene, New York State FBLA is in the process of identifying those chapters who are in need of assistance. NYS FBLA has received reports of several schools throughout New York being effected, with one school reporting as many as 40% of their students losing their homes. New York State FBLA is sponsoring a state-wide effort to encourage chapters across NY to get involved by sponsoring school supplies drives, food drives, clothing drives, and volunteering with local organizations. Please visit or email [email protected] for more information or to find out how you can help!
  • FBLA-PBL Promotional Video 2010-2011 - Breaking Barriers This video is property of FBLA-PBL and should be used for promotional purposes only. Any information or questions regarding such content should be found at fbla- If any copyright issues are present, contact me and I will take it down ASAP
  • Helmet - FBLA II Band: Helmet Song: FBLA II Album: Meantime Enjoy! Disclaimer: This song is not my own creation and I do not own it or the album art in any way.
  • FBLA Farewell - Si Cave Si Cave 2012 Washington State President - Leaders: Today, Tomorrow, Always "Like" us on Facebook: Washington State FBLA Website:
  • Oregon FBLA - FBLA Interview Sample Silverton FBLA shares an example of the performance event, FBLA Interview.
  • FBLA Membership Recruitment Video (2010) The official FBLA Membership Recruitment video from the national office for 2010.
  • FBLA National Leadership Conference 2012 - Gateway to Greatness A video showing a little bit of footage I was able to capture of the beautiful town of San Antonio, Texas and the wonderful time I had at the FBLA 2012 NLC.
  • Revolution of Dance 2007 FBLA NLC Future Business leaders of America opening session with Eddie Slowikowski
  • 2010 FBLA Management Information Systems 1st Place Winner at 2010 FBLA National Leadership Conference - Nashville, TN
  • Helmet - "FBLA II" - Sound Control, Manchester, UK - 03-APR-2012 Awesome set of the whole Meantime album (tracks played in reverse order) plus other classics. This gig had the biggest mosh pit I've ever witnessed in proportion to the venue size: meaning the largest area, not people. I'm too old for that sort of thing now and just let the frightful (and, it has to be said, very smelly) hullaballoos get on with it !
  • Helmet - FBLA II 1994 Helmet play FBLA II at the Ogden Theater, Denver sometime in 1994.
  • Helmet - FBLA II 1992 This show was actually 7/24/92. I remember it was the night before Lollapalooza when Jane's Addiction played. That was Lolla 1992 (see 'Whores' by Janes Addiction on my channel). Anyone recognize Andy Falconetti or Tom Brown? Chaos.
  • FBLA Digital Video Production 2011 Digital Video project from Sutter High School
  • FBLA Benefit Concert in Arcadia, Jason Chen, Cathy Nguyen & JV Fan Girls! (VLOG #2) Chilled with Jason Chen ( Clement, and Cathy Nguyen ( at their FBLA Benefit Concert in Arcadia on thursday! Fun night, fun show, and got to meet so many new awesome people. Also thanks for all the lovin and pictures everybody, glad to meet all of you! and Joseph Vincent ( hope you didn't mind the call brotha, those girls were going crazy over you! (including cathy hahahahah =P) Background song: Tim Be Told - "Dirty Shoes"
  • FBLA Digital Video Production 2011 | 1st Place Nationals 1st Place @ FBLA Nationals State: Washington State Event: Digital Video Production School: Bainbridge High School Member: Tyler Blackwell Advisor: Kim Rose [email protected] Software Used: Adobe After Effects CS5 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro, Motion, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro) Source Information: DVP Guideline & FBLA National Site www.fbla- Copyright Notations: Some footage used w/ permission from Cybis Communications Corporation Contact: Jeff Douglass, Executive Producer 127 N Magnolia Ave Orlando, FL 32801 888.844.6529 Work Some footage used w/ permission from FBLA National Office Contact: Barbara Small, Education Director 1912 Association Drive Reston, VA 20191 703.860.3334 ext. 122 Work Some footage used w/ permission from San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau Contact: Eva Aivaliotis, Senior Communications Assistant 203 S St. Mary's Street Suite 200 San Antonio, TX 78205 210.207.6920 Work Voiceover Recording used w/ permission from Darmeny Jones Contact: Darmeny Jones, Voiceover Artist [email protected] 206.351.9220 Cell Actor releases on record for "Introduction Sequence": Josh Becker Bryce DeVos Location release on record for "Introduction Sequence". Contact: Tina Lemmon, Associate Principal Bainbridge High School 9330 NE High School Road Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 206.780.1270 Work Some motion graphic templates provided by **All granted footage was edited to create an original presentation ...
  • 2010 FBLA Banking and Financial Systems 1st Place Winner at 2010 FBLA National Leadership Conference - Nashville, TN
  • Webinar: Welcome Back to FBLA-PBL Recorded on 9/21/11, this informative webinar offers tricks and tips that will help your chapter get started on the "Gateway to Greatness." Learn how to recruit and retain new members, run efficient chapter meetings, plan innovative projects, become involved in national programs, and much more. A Q&A session follows. Featured speakers: Lisa Smothers, FBLA-PBL Membership Director Taylor Sarman, FBLA National President (2011-12) Marisa Preuss, FBLA-PBL Communications Manager
  • 2010 FBLA Client Service 1st Place Winner at 2010 FBLA National Leadership Conference - Nashville, TN
  • "The Dangers of Texting and Driving" - FBLA Georgia Winner / 2nd National PSA submission on "The Dangers of Texting and Driving. Placed 1st in Georgia FBLA and placed 2nd at FBLA National Leadership Conference behind Alabama, July 2, 2012. Scripted, filmed, and edited by Conner Haler and Dustin Gentis from Eastside High School in Covington, Georgia. Thank you to all our financial supporters that helped us go to San Antonio to compete, and to our partners and friends who encouraged us the whole way through. Thank you City of Covington Police for your involvement. Let us shout out to our financial supporters: New London School of Driving, PureTalk, LaMalva Geoffroy & Oeland, Bella Marie, Current Events Productions, FBLA national award sponsor DPC Productions, Jones Ewing Dobbs & Tamplain Insurance, Irene Smith, Charlene Haler, David Haler, State of Georgia, Newton College and Career Academy, and Eastside HS FBLA.
  • FBLA State Leadership Conference in San Antonio TX (Vlog #1) Future Business Leaders of America, I participated at State in competing in Business Financial Plan. This is the Video Blog while I was there.
  • FBLA concert w/ Scott Yoshimoto, Casey, and JKFilms! good times!
  • FBLA Texting and Driving PSA - 2012 DVP National 1st Place Winners Written, Produced, Directed, and Edited By Sean Haskell, David Hughes, and John Wachs Thanks to Samantha Blair and Mr. John Wachs FBLA Digital Video Production 2012 1st Place State @ Alabama FBLA State Conference Huntsville High School Music - Shot in the Back of the Head by Moby Licensing from the MobyGratis Project Information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Bureau of Transportation Software Used - Adobe CS5 Suite Subscribe and Comment for any questions!!!!
  • Oregon FBLA 2007 Public Speaking II Winner Megan Tanaka, the 2007 Oregon FBLA Public Speaking II Winner, presents her winning speech on stage during the Awards of Excellence Session.
  • 2011 FBLA Business Presentation 1st place winner at 2011 FBLA-PBL National Leadership Conference - Orlando, FL

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  • “Forum. Forum Categories. Last Post. Threads. Posts. General. General Discussion About Any Topic © 2007 - 2010 Banks Stephens Middle School > FBLA. All Rights Reserved”
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  • “I begin my first of blog post of my term strongly encouraging all The NJ•FBLA fan page in addition to this blog will be the main medium that will allow the”
    — Blog | NJ•FBLA,

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  • “What is FBLA?, Sunny Shim Jobing blog from Sunny Shim at Arizona Future Business Leaders of America, posted on Monday, August 11, 2008 8:18 PM”
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  • “Mentoring Volunteers Needed - Arizona FBLA Conference Study Session, Jobing Team Jobing blog from Jobing Team at Community Relations - PHX, posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 10:01 AM”
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  • “Centennial High School FBLA in Oregon continues to grow in their fundraising efforts! What has your FBLA, school or team done that has been fun & creative to support March for”
    — March For Babies Blog - March of Dimes " FBLA,

  • “Home. Club Officers. Club Store. Club News. Forum. Contact Form. The Wheatley School. Friday, November 12th, 2010. Forum. Forum Categories. Last Post. Threads. Posts. General. General Discussion About Any Topic. None. 0. 0”
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  • “Texas Future Business Leaders of America Texas FBLA Message Board. To prevent spambots from accessing the message board, please enter the visual confirmation key below exactly as it is shown in the image”
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