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  • Steffen Farms grows fresh, local produce and sells it through local farm markets and a CSA. — “Steffen Farms”, steffen-
  • farm n. A tract of land cultivated for the purpose of agricultural production. A tract of land devoted to the raising and breeding of domestic An area of land devoted to the storage of a commodity or the emplacement of a group of devices: a tank farm; an antenna farm. — “farm: Definition from ”,
  • Our off grid eco sustainable organic farm incorporates organic sustainable agroecology, permaculture, EcoReality is a cooperatively-owned 43 acre Permaculture farm on an island in the Salish Sea, between. — “”,
  • Subscribe to Hobby Farms | Hobby Farms Subscriber Services | Subscribe to Hobby Farm Home | Hobby Farm Home Subscriber Services. Shop Animal Network | | DogChannel | CatChannel | BirdChannel | HorseChannel | FishChannel | ReptileChannel | SmallAnimalChannel. — “Hobby Farms, Livestock & Pets, Crops & Gardening, Home & Barn”,
  • Online resource for NH's Farm and agricultural resources throughout the state. NH Farms. There are many places around the state to find local farms that sell produce, Apples, Berries, Maple. — “NH Farms”,
  • Woodstock Farms® is committed to bringing quality products your whole family can enjoy while preserving the land on which we live. — “Woodstock Farms® - Our Products”, woodstock-
  • Discover a variety of gourmet food gifts including Christmas food gift baskets and Summer Sausage gift baskets this holiday season. Choose Hickory Farms for a variety of Christmas food gifts and gourmet sausage and cheese baskets. — “Hickory Farms”,
  • Hydroponic Greenhouse grower, Village Farms, grows, markets and distributes quality vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers throughout North America. At Village Farms we know what is good for the earth is also good for business™. — “Hydroponic, Farms, Growers, Greenhouses, Hydroponics, Village”,
  • All. Crops. Economics. Farms. Livestock. Operators. — “Farms”,
  • Long Island Browser Long Island's premier Internet online business directory covering Nassau Suffolk Hamptons Long Island New York. Benner's Farm is a four*** acre family homestead first farmed in the 1700's. — “Long Island Farm Farming Farm Stands Fall Festivals Hay Rides”,
  • To Our Valued Customers: Es*** Cottage Farms DOES NOT use any foods or ingredients from Menu Foods or any other pet food company. determination to feed her champion show dogs the BEST real foods, her path led her to create the Es*** Cottage Farms line of all natural premixes. — “The perfect all natural dog food: the ultimate fresh food”,
  • Farms - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Farms”,
  • b. An area of water devoted to the raising, breeding, or production of a specific aquatic animal: a trout farm; an oyster farm. 3. An area of land devoted to the storage of a commodity or the emplacement of a group of devices: a tank farm; an antenna farm. — “farms - definition of farms by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • USDA classifies family farms as "any farm organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or family corporation. Many people are surprised that farms are classified as small, large, and very large based on their annual sales rather than on their physical size. — “Family Farms”,
  • About 80% of those are small farms, and a large percentage are family owned. By buying direct from a family farm you can help put a stop to this. — “Family Farms - LocalHarvest”,
  • Shelburne Farms is a 1,400-acre working farm, national historic Landmark and nonprofit environmental education center on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. Its mission is to cultivate a conservation ethic by teaching and demonstrating. — “Shelburne Farms - Cultivating a Conservation Ethic”,
  • A wind farm is a collection of wind turbines in the same location and used for the Windstalk concept is a wind farm without the turbines - An interesting Windstalk concept. — “Directory:Wind Farms - PESWiki”,
  • A typical North American grain farm with farmstead in Ontario, Canada It is the basic production facility in food production.[1] Farms may be owned and operated by a single individual, family,. — “Farm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Official Agritourism website of Vermont Farms! Association, an organization of farmers offering on-farm educational experiences. — “Vermont Farms Association - Agritourism, Agriculture, Farm”,
  • provides swine & hog farmers, agri-businesses, and other agriculture producers with the latest swine & hog news & information they need to be competitive in the swine & hog industry. — “ – swine & hog news, swine & hog information, swine”,
  • provides farmers, ranchers, agri-businesses and other agriculture producers, news and information on agriculture industry, live auctions of cattle, beef, dairy, swine, crops, poultry, cotton, soybean, farms equipment and many more. — “”,

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  • The End of Small Farms? HR 2749, HR 875, HR 759, NAIS & Monsanto - Shelly Roche UPDATE: America's small farmers are under attack through a series of bills presented under the guise of "food safety." I don't want to lose my freedom to grow, buy and eat real foods. Let's fight for our small farmers who not only need our protection and support, but actual freeing from government intrusion, control and harm. Sources of Information: Please help spread the word! THANK YOU! Shelly --- http -- -- --
  • A Farm for the Future 01 BBC documentary on the precient global farming and food crisis, filmed in the UK. Featuring Martin Crawford (Agroforestry Research Trust), Fordhall Farm, Richard Heinberg and others. Topics covered are the influence of oil on the food production, peak-oil, food security, carbon emissions, sustainability and permaculture.
  • Window Farms Introduction Window Farms is a project that helps people grow food in urban windows through crowdsourced research and development of DIY hydroponic vertical gardening.
  • Farm to Fridge - The Truth Behind Meat Production (sub español/vietnamese/english) Subtítulos en español (click en CC) Vietnamese subtitles (click CC), thanks to SonyEricssonoperator for the subs :) Mercy For Animals presents Farm to Fridge. Narrated by Oscar-nominee James Cromwell with music by internationally acclaimed producer Ben Frost, this powerful film takes viewers on an eye-opening exploration behind the closed doors of the nation's largest industrial farms, hatcheries, and slaughter plants -- revealing the often-unseen journey that animals make from Farm to Fridge. Learn more at: http
  • Polyface farm Meet Joel and Daniel Salatin, the father-son team at Polyface farm. Known for their unconventional farming ways, the Salatins have become leaders in community-supported, local, environmentally friendly agriculture. See why. Video by Denny Gainer
  • Farm Workers Claim Slavery in Florida Sixty years after the historic documentary "Harvest of Shame," some claim the plight of migrant workers is still deplorable. Market to Market examines a contentious Senate hearing and the latest developments. For more from Market to Market follow the link to...
  • Craigsford Farms Harvest Video Harvesting wheat and swathing canola in the Swan Valley, Manitoba, Canada.
  • The Body Farm and Beyond Dr. Bill Bass, co-author of BEYOND THE BODY FARM, takes you on a tour of the Body Farm. He shows and discusses human remains, skin slippage and DNA ***ysis.
  • Farm Animal Sanctuary A little boy comes face-to-face with a group of wonderful animals when he explores a real-life farm animal sanctuary. With original theme music by singer/songwriter Adam Snyder.
  • FOOD CURATED: NYC's Cool New Backyard Farms: Growing More Than Just Produce Urban NYC farmers have set their eyes on a new prize: transforming privately owned backyards into lush, fruitful farmlands. By signing up to share your yard with a urban farmer, you can eat fresh from your own personal farm during the harvest months, and even sell produce to your neighbors - growing a community built around fresh local food. The best part is, you don't even have to lift a finger, BK Farmyards does all the farming for you... Find out more at Shot & Edited by storyteller: Liza de Guia More videos to come on Follow my food obsessions on Twitter SkeeterNYC
  • Worm Farm Fertilizer Come on down to Rabbit Hill Farms, where "The King of Poop" turns worm droppings into nutrient-rich garden soil.
  • Sakai koi farm Hiroshima Sakai koi farm Hiroshima, Japan.
  • Grocery Store Wars (2005) Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away. Help fight the dark side of the farm. Rate the film, favorite the film, comment the film and subscribe to our channel for the freshest Free Range films.
  • Cherrystone Aqua-Farms Located on Virginia's eastern shore, Cherrystone Aqua-Farms is one of the largest hard shell clam producers in the world. Cherrystone Aqua-Farms is a division of the Ballard Fish & Oyster Company which has been in the shellfish business since 1895. Cherrystone's clams and oysters are not only good to eat, but are actively filtering excess nutrients from the Chesapeake Bay improving water quality. In 1994, Cherrystone was named "Conservationist of the Year" by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, proving its commitment to the environment. If you would like to learn more about Cherrystone please contact Chad Ballard: [email protected]
  • Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal Music video by Alien Ant Farm performing Smooth Criminal. (C) 2001 Geffen Records
  • HOME TOWN FARMS.. Vertical Organic Urban Farming Home Town Farms combines proven vertical farming (growing) technologies in such a way that drastically reduces the amount of water, fuel, fertilizer, packaging and land that traditional farms use to grow the same amount of food. Home Town Farms will virtually eliminate the cost of transporting produce hundreds if not thousands of miles by setting up vertical farms in densely populated areas with direct to consumer sales, on location where the food is grown in addition to wholesale sales to local farmers markets, restaurants and grocery stores. Urban Farming that is economically viable today!
  • NTV Investigates; Marijuana farms
  • Dirty Jobs-Ostrich Farm Mike trys to round up some ostrichs for travel
  • Fair Oaks Farms Adventure Center - America's Heartland On our travels throughout the heartland we've visited small farms, big farms, and really big farms. But there are some that, in size anyway, simply defy classification. Visit for more. The Monsanto Company - and the American Farm Bureau Federation - http make presentation of America's Heartland possible.
  • AntWorks Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Buy here: Subscribe to our channel: AntWorks gives you a front-row seat to the fascinating world of ants. The AntWorks habitat consists of a nutrient and supplement-rich blue gel which provides everything ants need to survive. The AntWorks gel arrives as a solid. Once you add ants to the gel, then the true fun begins. Watch them dig an endless maze of tunnels. Using the included magnifying glass and extreme zoom lens, you can observe their behavior in uncanny detail. The AntWorks Illuminated Combo Box also features an LED light-up base which beautifully highlights the tunnels and also means AntWorks doubles as a fascinating night-light.
  • Organic Farms and Gardens Destroyed by HR 875: The Food Safety Modernization Act. Glenn Beck Are small farms and gardens going to be against the law? Well if the liberals in congress have their way it will be. This ridiculous law is just one of many that congress is going to push on us to protect us. Well I for one am getting damn tied of losing my freedoms to the government in the name of protecting me. I can protect myself. I dont need the help of the federal government. All that I need is that they stay out of my way. As is stated in this video, this law will only hurt small business. It will just create another layer of federal bureaucracy to further hinder small farms, and small organic farms. While, as is usual for most laws, it will not help us at all, or very little. If I have to die of salmonella to keep my freedoms, then I am willing to die, because like they say, freedom is not free. So if I understand this law correctly, the government will now monitor what you are growing in your own garden, what food you buy at your local grocery store, and even the fruits and vegetables that you buy at your local farmers market, what a joke. This is what is coming to America, total government control of your life, from what you eat, where you go, who you see, where your children go to school, what your children learn at school, etc. etc., I could go on and on. Just what part of total government control would someone not understand? Is this what Americans want? I dont think so, so we had better start acting up or this what we will get. jbranstetter04 ...
  • The Windowfarms Project visit for more information
  • Polyface Farm Pt.1 Join us for an adventure with Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm. Part 1 of 3.
  • Cherry Lane Farm Cherry Lane Farms grows vegetables in Cumberland County, NJ and sells to top NYC restaurants and at the Union Square Greenmarket. This video was produced for Blue Hill Restaurants by Savory Cities -
  • Local farms could be illegal RT America has been discussing obesity in America and the effects of the mass consumption of genetically altered food. What are the risks and what can be done about it? George Hemminger says that as many people are feeling the economic downturn hit them, they are growing their own food. However, the government might try to take that choice away from the people as well by passing a bill that would make it illegal to clean and store seeds.
  • KIDS MUSIC-Old MacDonald Had A Farm EE-I-EE-IO
  • Farm Vacations, Saskatchewan, Canada Memories of a Saskatchewan country vacation are fond and vivid. On farms you may help bring the cows home, feed the chickens, go hiking, berry-picking, wildlife viewing, or go for wagon or sleigh rides. Children especially love the farm with its pets and livestock, wide-open spaces and interesting chores. One of the fringe benefits is great home cooking. You're likely to find the table sporting homemade bread and buns, fresh fruit and house specialties, right from the farm.
  • Ali G learns about Farms (Rubbish Zoos) Ali G talks with Dr. George Washington about all the hurt animals in Vietnam. Why do you think there were so many Vietnam Vets?
  • Farm murders in South Africa Part 2 of 2 A documentary on the farm murders taking place in South Africa. Why isn't anybody doing anything about it? Also see the bottom of this page meepo's website
  • The Body Farm - Study of Human Decomposition Video about the Body Farm where the study of human decomposition is carried out on real corpses. Goes well with the Caylee / Casey Anthony case videos as tests were conducted by Body Farm personal. Note that the researcher in the video mentions that you never forget the smell.
  • Self-sufficient Small Farms Peak Moment 6: Small acreages can produce a lot! Janet Brisson shows the home-canned and dried vegetables, fruit, and beans she cultivates along with chickens and bees. Renee Wade talks about practices that suit the land: her drier property is better suited to raising goats.
  • Dairy Farm Tour - Cow Barn See how we ensure the comfort of our cows
  • Designing the vertical farm - /video Four architects describe their designs for the vertical farms of the future
  • Polyface Farm Part 2 Join us on this epsode for Polyface Farm Part 2 with Joel Salatin.
  • POLYFACE FARM - Joel Salatin Check out FRESH, the documentary that stars Joel Salatin, at . Joel Salatin writes in his website that he is "in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy, and healing the culture." And if you visited his farm, you'd know he means it & lives it! He produces beef, chicken, eggs, turkey, rabbits, and forestry product. Yet, Joel calls himself a grass-farmer, for it is the grass that transform the sun into energy that his animals can then feed on. By closely observing nature, Joel created a rotational grazing system that not only allows the land to heal but also allows the animals to behave the way the were meant to -- as in expressing their "chicken-ness" or "pig-ness", as Joel would say.
  • Old Gabe Newell Had A Farm Money doesn't grow on trees, but Episode 3 does. 08/02/2011: Holy dooley! 100000 views? Thanks so much! C: ======================= By request, download an .mp3 here if you'd like: If you're looking to micspam this, here's a .wav file already configured with the right settings (hopefully): Background music link, also as requested: And I was asked for the image of Farmer Gaben: If it's downloading a redirected HTML file, download it straight from here:
  • NTV investigates in Malawi marijuana farms John Allan Namu crosses the Tanzanian border into the hilly Northern part of the lakeside nation of Malawi. The NTV investigates assignment team scaled the remote and forested karunga hills where it was established that marijuana farms are thriving almost with the same serenity as the tea plantations.
  • Time Lapsed Ant Farm - Tunnels in Antworks Space Gel Habitat Ant farms aren't just for kids anymore... I took these shots with a Nikon D300 every 60 sec for 4 days = 4500 photos. The ants are NOT harmed in this process - Beats by Dan'S - The Thing - "Got the Jazz"
  • Dotterer Farms Milk Machine The video also shows the basics of how your milk is produced, are harvested and stored and the scale of equipment in a Central Pennsylvania Dairy operation.
  • Final 3 Laps - 1989 Holly Farms 400 Here's another one of NASCAR's most famous moments as shown live and in full, the final 3 laps of the 1989 Holly Farms 400 at North Wilkesboro. A caution with less than 10 laps left set up a 3 lap dash to the finish between Ricky Rudd, Dale Earnhardt, and Geoff Bodine for the win. Clip includes the final restart through the finish live as well as replays, the confrontation between the two crews, interviews with Richard Childress and Ricky Rudd, and the unedited Dale Earnhardt interview. This tangle is one of the factors that cost Earnhardt the 1989 Winston Cup.

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  • “Siena Farms Blog. Wednesday May 26, 2010. Market season begins Max runs the transplanter Siena Farms' first blog. Welcome to our first blog entry! It has been one of our dreams to have a blog that will help us stay”
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