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  • Definition of falsification from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of falsification. Pronunciation of falsification. Definition of the word falsification. Origin of the word falsification. — “falsification - Definition of falsification at ”,
  • Definition of falsification in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is falsification? Meaning of falsification as a legal term. What does falsification mean in law?. — “falsification legal definition of falsification”, legal-
  • what are the consequences of falsification, on a police report with no prior criminal record? Under Ohio law, Falsification is normally a First Degree Misdemeanor, carrying a maximium penalty of 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine, although it can be a felony in rare instances. — “falsification - ”,
  • interviewers strictly adhere to protocols and avoid falsification in any form. conspicuous deterrents, proactively seeking to detect any instances of falsification, and. — “Interviewer Falsification in Survey Research:”,
  • Fal·si·fi·ca·tion n. [Cf. F. falsification .] 1. The act of falsifying, or making false; a counterfeiting; the giving to a. — “Falsification: Information from ”,
  • Given the common practice of using temporary staff as interviewers, this volume of activity inevitably produces a consistent flow of inquiries about possible interviewer falsification or fabrication. Alleged events of interviewer falsification or fabrication will be classified as falling. — “AAPOR | Policy Regarding Certification of Survey Research”,
  • Personal Conduct - Falsification. Note: Other aspects of the Personal (a) deliberate omission, concealment, or falsification of relevant facts from any. — “Personal Conduct - Falsification”, dhra.mil
  • ( 1) A person commits the offense of unsworn falsification to authorities if, with an intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of the public servant's duty, the person: (2) Unsworn falsification to authorities is a misdemeanor. — “HRS 710-1063 Unsworn Falsification to Authorities”, capitol.hawaii.gov
  • Falsification - Example Usage. TrafficDepot: Traffic Depot Update DUI suspect caught; man is nabbed for Falsification: Bay Village Police Blotter http://bit.ly/9eFIFQ #violation #cops blacflag: The Falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any single thing known to mankind. — “Falsification - Define Falsification at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Falsification is manipulating research materials, equipment, or. processes, or changing or omitting data or results such that the Interviewer Falsification (1) "Interviewer falsification" means the. — “Interviewer Falsification Preliminary Remarks”, indiana.edu
  • 2921.13 Falsification - in theft offense - to purchase firearm. (A) No person shall knowingly make a false statement, or knowingly swear or affirm the truth of a false statement previously made, when any of the following applies: (1) The statement is made in any official proceeding. — “Lawriter - ORC - 2921.13 Falsification - in theft offense”, codes.ohio.gov
  • Scientific falsification is loosely defined as publishing or reporting misleading facts associated with a study, research or experimentation. — “Scientific Falsification - Falsifying Evidence in Research”, experiment-
  • This page discusses how a theory or assertion is "falsifiable" ("disprovable" opp: "verifiable"), rather than the non-philosophical use of "falsification", meaning "counterfeiting." The idea comes from the work of the philosophers Sir Karl Popper and Ernest Gellner. — “Online Encyclopedia and Dictionary - Falsifiability”, fact-
  • falsification (plural falsifications) the act of falsifying, or making false; a counterfeiting; the giving to a thing an appearance of something which it is not. knowingly false statement or wilful misrepresentation. showing an item of charge in an account to be wrong [edit] Translations. — “falsification - Wiktionary”,
  • A compelling simple example of falsification. Question. Where do plants get their body mass from? Natural assumption: from the soil Holding on to hypotheses despite falsification. It is infrequent that a scientist will give up a hypothesis as. — “Confirmation, Falsification, Fallibility”, philosophyfaculty.ucsd.edu
  • Scientists will go to great length to defend their paradigm against falsification, by the addition of ad hoc hypotheses to existing theories. withstands an attempt at falsification, a scientist will, quite. — “Falsifiability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of falsification in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of falsification. Pronunciation of falsification. Translations of falsification. falsification synonyms, falsification antonyms. Information about falsification in the free online. — “falsification - definition of falsification by the Free”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Falsification - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • We were astonished at how frequently the issue of falsification of records was voluntarily brought up in the open-ended comments made by interns and practitioners. To provide an overview of the concern of interns and practitioners on falsification, we offer the following:. — “IS FALSIFICATION REALLY AN ISSUE?”, montana.edu
  • Popper's work has been criticised, but what we can say about Popper's idea of falsification, I believe, is that at the very least, for a hypothesis to be worth consideration it needs to be testable by some method. There needs to be some criteria,. — “The Skeptic's Field Guide: Falsification”,
  • We found 28 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word falsification: Falsification (Falsifiability), Falsification (disambiguation), Falsification: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia [home, info] Falsification: Online Plain Text English. — “Definitions of falsification - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • FALSIFICATION OF RECORDS. In southwest Florida, a supervisor of child-abuse investigators instructed several caseworkers to falsify reports to improve his unit's performance numbers, according to a 1991 Health and Rehabilitative Services Inspector General report. — “Lifting the Veil: Falsification of Records”,
  • FALSIFICATION (ME108) R.C. 2921.13 -- Falsification. In re Slusser (2000), 140 Ohio App. 3d 480 -- Juvenile told his probation officer that he drove straight to school and did not engage in intercourse with a girl who claimed to have been raped. — “FALSIFICATION”, opd.ohio.gov

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  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 2 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • Falsification Attack on WPA-TKIP ( Cracking WPA ) Effective Falsification Attack on WPA-TKIP by Modifying Any Packet to QoS Packet Yosuke Todo(Kobe Univ.), Toshihiro Ohigashi(Hiroshima Univ.), and Masakatu Morii(Kobe Univ.) In this paper, we propose two new attacks. The first is an improved, high-speed method for recovering a MIC key from an ARP packet. Our method can recover the MIC key with 7-9 min. The second is a falsification attack based on the vulnerability of QoS packet processing. In this attack, the condition that APs support IEEE 802.11e is negated. In addition, we discover that almost all clients support IEEE 802.11e with a chipset and cannot disable the IEEE 802.11e function. Therefore, almost all implementations of WPA-TKIP can be attacked in a realistic environment.
  • Communist China's Falsification of Maps regarding Senkaku Islands The UN Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECAFE) geophysical surveys discovered the prospect of huge oil reserves under the sea floor in the vicinity of the Senkaku Islands in 1968. Prior to 1968, China and Taiwan considered the Senkaku Islands part of Japan. Shortly after the discovery, China and Taiwan suddenly raised their claims to the Senkaku Islands. Their absurd false claims are entirely based on map alteration and falsification. Maps were altered with the intent of changing the past. Unwanted information is altered or removed from maps and is thus also removed from history. They believe that alteration of maps can change history. It is equivalent to lying to the world about sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands. If we did not have access to the original historical maps, we would naturally regard the falsifications as authentic. The maps published before 1968 in China have been steadily disappearing in the Tokyo's Kanda-Jimbocho district, which is nationally known as a town of used and antique books over the last 40 years. China allegedly undertook a book burning to buy up the copies of Chinese old maps spending a big amount of money. China and Taiwan have been trying to remove unwanted facts from history to change the past. Totally unacceptable. There is no territorial dispute between Japan and China,Taiwan. The Senkaku Islands are an inherent territory of Japan. ...................................................... UN ECAFE Report Geological Structure ...
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 11 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • Michael Behe on Falsifying Intelligent Design Dr. Behe shows how ID can be falsified but evolution cannot.
  • A2 RS: Verification and falsification A2 Religious Studies (OCR) Philosophy of Religion - Essential background and useful links
  • Marisa Matias - Press Conference : Falsified medicinal products Press conference: Today April 27th 14.00 PHS A050, European Parliament Press Room Following the vote on her report on Falsified Medicines in today's European Parliament Environment and Public Health Committee meeting, Portuguese GUE/NGL MEP Marisa Matias said "an important step has been taken by MEPs towards protecting patient safety and preventing potentially lethal falsified medicines being sold in Europe." "In today's vote we were able to propose the extension of the legal basis of a directive initially only focused on the internal market but now focused on public health. There has been a dangerous increase in falsified medicines on the market in recent years with some products infiltrating legal supply chains and posing a serious threat to patients. Falsification is a crime and must therefore carry serious penalties. On several counts, the original Commission proposal was simply not up to the mark" she said. The Matias report improves safety-features and requirements on products and introduces provisions to deal with the selling of falsified medicines through the internet, a key market not covered by the original Commission proposal. "Without our amendments, the internet would have operated as the 'Trojan horse' for fake medicines. We can not leave the largest gateway for counterfeit drugs in Europe out of this legislation. We must clearly distinguish between legal and illegal online pharmacies, guiding consumers to the former with a new EU logo for approved sites and ...
  • The Black Box of Empirical Falsification A nice metaphor for how empiricism and falsification work to build knowledge. It is also a nice explanation of the fundamental reasons why William Lane Craig is an idiot. I may not be a professional philosopher, but I am a professional scientist. I do not claim that this metaphor is perfect, but it does illustrate the problem of claiming certainty about things you cannot even subject to testing.
  • Chess presents: A major reason for Falsification - to avoid becoming complacent!
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 6 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • Nellie the Neutron and global falsification of the History, Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology .flv Falsification of the forgotten history mainly began long ago by first Egyptologists. Absolutely ignorance of the dating to the pre-flood and post-flood megalithic constructions produced deep crisis in the history. Restoration date by pharaoh does not mean that the pre-flood or post-flood megalithic complex had been built at the dynastic epoch. Falsifications of the Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology began by wrong Big Bang Theory. for decades it produced deep cresses and intellectual disorientation of the young generation. If Sun's visible surface is covered by hydrogen and helium it does not mean that the invisible interior has the same abundance. The true data about the solar nuclear wind of the planetary elements, produced by violent nucleosynthesis and nuclear reactions from the interior are absolutely ignored for decades. I'm sure soon modern geologists can overcome the crisis. Elite of the modern geology are much more attentive on problems. Rulers, top scientists of the modern Geology have high degrees on truth researches, while the rulers, many top scientists ("fathers") of the History, Astronomy, Physics and Cosmology have high degrees on false "researches" written only for the money, not for the truth. The false "fathers" of the sciences for decades have the ostrich position against discoveries by Professor Oliver and other intellectuals. The ostrich's "science" has no future. Many scientific fields need to recovery ASAP. If not so all they ...
  • Dante's Inferno - Canto XXIX The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) Translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) Illustrations by Gustave Doré(1832-1883). ------------------------ Dante's Inferno - Canto XXIX Read by: Aaron Decker ------------------------ Compiled from various public domain sources using Windows Movie Maker. Audacity was used for audio editing( ). ------------------------ http
  • From Greece To Columbus - The Falsification Of History - Dr. Jeffries, Dr. Scobie, Dr. Asante To purchase this DVD and many others please visit .
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 4 The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness
  • Chess presents: Do Chess Players falsify their ideas - akin to Research Scientists ?!
  • GMA Alerto 24 Falsification of NBI Clearance How to Fake NBI Clearance How to Fake Philippine NBI Clearance NBI Clearance
  • From Greece To Columbus - The Falsification Of History - Part 4: Dr. Jeffries, Dr. Scobe, Dr. Asante
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 8 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 7 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 9 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • From Greece To Columbus - The Falsification Of History - Part 2: Dr. Jeffries, Dr. Scobe, Dr. Asante
  • The Bulgarian falsification of Macedonian history/Bugarskata falsifikacija na Makedonskata istorija tips: press pause :))) if the text is blurry on full screen, watch it on regular screen :))) STOP CONVERTING Macedonia's history to Bulgarian and Athenian! The Bulgarian falsification of Macedonian history is still desperately attempting to present the Macedonians as Bulgarians. If the Bulgarians wish to believe that the Macedonians are "Bulgarians", they should also know that the Macedonians in Bulgaria have not subscribed to the 100 year old Bulgarian falsification.
  • Falsification on Sergo Ordzhonikidze's Death Dear fellow listmembers: In 2008 my wonderful Russian colleague Vladimir Bobrov published an article proving that Sergo Ordzhonikidze, Commissar of Heavy Industry, did NOT commit suicide in February 1937. EVERY history says he did. But Vladimir scrutinized the evidence, and discovered that it is just not there. It's not only an important discovery in itself. "Sergo's" death is normally attributed to some kind of fight with Stalin and/or disillusionment with Stalin's political line. (A few historians, like Arch Getty, think he probably committed suicide because of ill health, but this position is marginalized). Vladimir has proven that there is no evidence to doubt the original conclusion: that he died of heart failure. Vladimir's article is yet another example of the dishonesty and incompetence of all but a few historians of the Stalin period. Never believe what they write! Check everything! I've finally put online an English translations of my colleague Vladimir L. Bobrov's article "The Secret of Ordzhonikidze's Death", published back in 2008 on a Russian History blog. - chss.montclair.edu I've also put online Vladimir's Russian article but with footnotes provided by myself. The Russian History blog Vladimir originally used does not accept footnotes and references (! sad but true). - chss.montclair.edu Vladimir's original article at the "Kara-Murza" site is here: - vif2 Sincerely, Grover Furr
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 3 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 10 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 12 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • Anthony Flew - Falsification - John Wisdom's Garden ***ogy Anthony Flew - Falsification - John Wisdom's Garden ***ogy OCR A2 Philosophy of Religion
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 5 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt as Renaissance falsification Has history been tampered with? The book History: Fiction or Science? is a premeditated crime against the community of historians committed by the prominent Russian mathematician Anatoly T. Fomenko. He shows no respect for the blood, sweat and tears of generations of learned scholars who toiled hard for the last three hundred years to erect a magnificent edifice of the Universal History of Humanity. This mathematician shamelessly pokes hard astronomical data into the reader's *** eye, raising the dust of valid statistics that distort the clear lines of history completely. Even the authority of school textbooks does not stop him from uttering blatant heresies: he infects millions of innocent souls with pain of doubt. Science can provide for a dangerous toy in irresponsible hands! This madness must be stopped! We implore historians to deploy all means of valid proof that they have at their disposal to destroy the absurd theory of AT Fomenko completely. Professional historians will easily surpass him both in method and logic. We are looking for a "Terminator 4" historian who will put an end to this fresh scientific heresy. No, Mr AT Fomenko, your theories are manifestly wrong; do not even try to convince us otherwise. The history never was, nor will it ever be a science - it is a proud profession. Our publishing house will gladly pay a premium of 10.000 dollars USA in cash to anyone who will prove with adequate methods and in sufficient detail that the theories of Anatoly ...
  • Greek-Bulgarian propaganda book falsifies Macedonian history 30.04.09 The Greek-Bulgarian book entitled Macedonian Issue and Bulgaria - Confidential Documents 1950-1967, is a severe falsification of Macedonian history, nationality and identity. The book, written by Spiridon Cvetac and published by the Greek Society for Macedonian Studies and the Bulgarian State Archive, is an expression of *** and racist politics of certain circles in Sofia and Athens against Macedonia and the Macedonians, which destabilizes the entire Southeast Europe. The Macedonian issue was not some idealogical construction of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. Neither was it an ideological construction of Communism or the communist party of Yugoslavia and Tito, but a consequence of the Balkan wars of 1912-1913, in which Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia divided and occupied the whole of Macedonia. tags: Bulgaria Bugarija Greece Ellada Hellas македонското прашање Дора Бакојани македонскиот идентитет Виножито България Грција Гърция Mакедония Μακεδονία Ελλάδα Ἑλλάς Ελληνική ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΚΗΣ ΜΕΙΟΝΟΤΗΤΑΣ μακεδονικά Makedonische Mazedonische Frage Sprache Kultur Identität Nationalität Ethnische Makedonier Mazedonier Makedonisches Mazedonisches Volk Griechischer Griechische Bulgarische Bulgarischer Nationalismus Rassismus Diskriminierung Hetze Minderheit minority EFA Rainbow Vinozito Vinozhito
  • Falsification of the referendum on the new Egyptian law for the benefit of the Islamists Falsification of the referendum on the new Egyptian Law for the benefit of the Islamists 19-3-2011 Big farce: See for yourself the employee to sign forms the referendum to amend the law instead of the new Egyptian people for the benefit of Islam, and then put it in the ballot box wholesale... Rigging elections in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Vote(yes)!! Burning of ballot papers voted on by Coptic Christians Vote (No)! Force Christians to place their papers in the referendum funds and other Muslims in crates for easy burning to get rid of their papers, thus becoming the result of the referendum in favor of the Islamists with the blessing of a fake Egyptian army !!! EGYPT WILL BE SAME AS IRAN & AFGHANISTAN SOON......
  • Evilutionist Double-speak! Creationism has not been falsified! Creationists lament: Either creationism is falsifiable and therefore is science, or it has not been falsified! However, they are confused. C0nc0rdance notes in the comments that creationists (incl. ID creationists) assert that materialism is a scientific dead-end. Their assertion is devoid of fact and logic, because methodological materialism is a sine qua non for science. Any other premise is equivalent to saying that physical evidence is irrelevant. "My practice as a scientist is atheistic. That is to say, when I set up an experiment I assume that no god, angel or devil is going to interfere with its course; and this assumption has been justified by such success as I have achieved in my professional career. I should therefore be intellectually dishonest if I were not also atheistic in the affairs of the world." -- JBS Haldane.
  • Խոջալուի կեղծիքը (Khojaly Falsification - تحریف واقعه خوجالی) Խոջալու (Աղդամի) կեղծարարութիւնը այսպէս կոչված Ադրբեջանի կողմից: تحریف واقعه خوجالی (آغدام) توسط رژیم کذب آذربایجان Khojaly incident happened in February of 1992 in Aghdam, an area about one kilometer away from Khojaly, during the time of conflict between Armenian people of Karabagh (Artsakh) with Azerbaijani government. In 1992, Armenia suffered an additional problem which was the economic hardship due to Turkish & Azerbaijani blockade from east & west; this blockade continues to this day (2011). However, Armenian fighters managed to secure and repel Azeri forces' attacks and made them withdraw from Armenian lands of Artsakh, in 1992. On the other hand & by being completely dissatisfied with the situation, Ayaz Mütallibov (the first president of independent Azerbaijan from October 1991) had to be toppled down by the new regime controlled by Heydar Aliyev (the 2nd president and father of the current president of Azerbaijan). Here is an abridged chronicle of what happened: In April 1992, Ayaz Mütallibov during an interview with a Czech journalist Dana Mazalova confessed that Azerbaijani opposition was guilty of the Khojaly tragedy, and that Armenians had left an open corridor for the citizens to pass through before attacking. This was the last "mistake" of Ayaz Mütallibov, which produced a fertile ground for Aliyev to accuse him in betrayal. Later, Ayaz Mütallibov had to resign and flee from the country. From the fear ...
  • Nietzsche and Antichrist [3/5] "Falsified Christianity" Talks by Haku Zynkyoku #49 Christianity is a religion of the ignoble species of man!? Who is Nietzsche truly? What is the meaning of the phrase "God is dead" and the lies of "Neighborly love"?Who fabricated Christianity? Paul the Apostle was a Jewish secret agent? Who was behind the plot to assassinate Christ? Talk #49 is one of the most spirited talks of Haku Zynkyoku, in which he strikes and completely disintegrates the lies of Christianity which is one of the backbones of the West Culture. "Christianity is the most fatal and seductive lie that ever existed!" [Nietzsche] *This video is divided into 5 parts. Nietzsche and Antichrist [1/5] Nietzsche and Antichrist [2/5] Nietzsche and Antichrist [3/5] Nietzsche and Antichrist [4/5] Nietzsche and Antichrist [5/5] Presenting a New World Spirit: ZX Empire official site (Japanese only) dragon-cross.jp Supreme Commander Haku Zynkyoku blog: Apocalypse ZX (Japanese only) gunsuikanbo-8.jugem.jp Art of Swordsmanship established by Supreme Commander Haku Zynkyoku: Susashinryu Maken Dojo (Japanese and English)
  • fyromian Propaganda Falsification of Statement by Gojko Subotic - MAKEDONIA IS GREEK
  • The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness - pt. 1 Dr. Amos Wilson
  • The Amazing Quran Movie! (Part 02) - Falsification Test Short clip based upon one of the challenges of the Quran - find a contradiction in this book which claims to be from GOD himself. Tags: quran surah 04 verse 78 to 82 qur'an surah nisa ayat 78 to 82 koran surat an-nisa ayah 78 to 82 qoran chapter 04 contradiction in the quran islam miracle. quran miracle. film. scientific proof. scientific evidence.
  • From Greece To Columbus - The Falsification Of History - Part 5: Dr. Jeffries, Dr. Scobe, Dr. Asante
  • Nietzsche and Antichrist [1/5] "Falsified Christianity" Talks by Haku Zynkyoku #49 Christianity is a religion of the ignoble species of man!? Who is Nietzsche truly? What is the meaning of the phrase "God is dead" and the lies of "Neighborly love"?Who fabricated Christianity? Paul the Apostle was a Jewish secret agent? Who was behind the plot to assassinate Christ? Talk #49 is one of the most spirited talks of Haku Zynkyoku, in which he strikes and completely disintegrates the lies of Christianity which is one of the backbones of the West Culture. "Christianity is the most fatal and seductive lie that ever existed!" [Nietzsche] *This video is divided into 5 parts. Nietzsche and Antichrist [1/5] Nietzsche and Antichrist [2/5] Nietzsche and Antichrist [3/5] Nietzsche and Antichrist [4/5] Nietzsche and Antichrist [5/5] Presenting a New World Spirit: ZX Empire official site (Japanese only) dragon-cross.jp Supreme Commander Haku Zynkyoku blog: Apocalypse ZX (Japanese only) gunsuikanbo-8.jugem.jp Art of Swordsmanship established by Supreme Commander Haku Zynkyoku: Susashinryu Maken Dojo (Japanese and English)
  • Eliseo Eli - Ely Soriano charged with falsification of publi (Eliseo Eli) - Ely Soriano charged with falsification of public document By Allison Lopez Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 18:57:00 08/29/2008 MANILA, Philippines—The head of Ang Dating Daan evangelist group Eliseo "Ely" Soriano and two others were charged with falsification of public document at the Manila City Prosecutor's Office for allegedly faking the certificate of detention in order to post bail for his rape charges. The Church of God International supreme head, who was indicted for the rape of his male follower at the regional trial court of Macabebe, Pampanga, was sued for violation of Article 171 of the Revised Penal Code, along with a Pandacan police officer and a bondswoman. Investigation showed that Soriano never surrendered nor was he arrested or detained at the Pandacan station on June 21, but a certificate of detention was still issued on his behalf by Pandacan Police Officer 3 June Gumaru, said Criminal Investigation and Detection Group-Manila chief Superintendent Joaquin Alva. Alva said Gumaru and bondswoman Belen Talentado conspired to falsify the certificate of detention—a document required in Soriano's posting of P240,000 bail. Gumaru, who told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a previous interview that Soriano had "surrendered" to him to avoid being apprehended, later admitted in a sworn affidavit that he had never seen the church group leader. In the same statement, the policeman also confessed that he went to the sala of Judge Silvino Pampilo ...

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