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  • Facadism - the preservation of historic facades, the creation of facsimiles in front of new buildings and the decorative exercises of postmodernism - is accused of destroying architectural innovation, of divorcing the interior and exterior of buildings and of reducing townscapes to theatre sets. — “Facadism - Jonathan Richards - Mobipocket eBook - Download Now!”,
  • ONE of the most intriguing voices in the ongoing debate in New York over ''facadism'' - the practice by which the facades of old and small buildings are preserved as false fronts for new and large skyscrapers that are squeezed behind them - was. — “CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK - CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK - TURNING A FACADE INTO”,
  • Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois (LPCI) is the only statewide not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the preservation of Illinois' architectural and historic resources. — “Landmarks Illinois”,
  • Façadism (or Façadomy[1]) is the practice of demolishing a building but leaving its facade intact for the purposes of building new structures in it or around it. There is sometimes a blurred line between renovation, adaptive reuse and facadism. — “Facadism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This is what passes for "historical preservation" these days in Toronto—one tiny wall from one side of a designated building. The rest of the cleared space will be filled with shiny new condo. — “Façadism | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Facadism. Richards, Jonathan. ISBN: 020303354X. Publisher: Routledge. Pub Date: Jan 1994. File Size: 3843K. From Publisher: Presents a critical ***ysis of a concept central to modern city development, examining the effects of architectural. — “Microsoft Reader : Facadism Book Details”,
  • Definition of facadism in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of facadism. Pronunciation of facadism. Translations of facadism. facadism synonyms, facadism antonyms. Information about facadism in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “facadism - definition of facadism by the Free Online”,
  • Preservationists call this type of renovation a facadectomy and the trend itself facadism or facadomy. Yet facadism is becoming more and more prevalent. It's no coincidence that the number of facadism projects grows in a strong. — “When History Is Only Skin Deep”,
  • Wikipedia explains: "Façadism (also façadism or façadomy) is the practice of renovating old buildings leaving the facade of a building intact while demolishing and rebuilding its innards." So a new one - and let's couple it with our trend for veg.itecture. — “Landscape+Urbanism: Inhabitat: Façadism”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for façadism in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “façadism - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • It is, he says, an example of facadism that hasn't been forced to compromise. But some architects and planners say there are less attractive examples of facadism. — “House & Home - Life & Style Home - .au”, .au
  • façadism also facadism n. The practice of preserving the fronts of notable old buildings while demolishing the backs, often constructing modern. — “façadism: Definition from ”,
  • He took us on a tour of some examples of façadism around the city. Instead of destroying heritage sites by a wrecking ball, façadism often just prolongs the destruction through a drawn-out and. — “Façadomy, Part Two - Torontoist”,
  • The Vancouver Review is a spicy, take-no-prisoners, Canadian, West Coast magazine for literature and the arts. Façadism is not in accord with the principles of the Burra Charter [national guidelines to assess heritage development applications], which focuses on maintaining the significance of a. — “Vancouver Review | Façadism”,
  • And unless the facadism is done well, the heritage portion often looks pasted onto the I'm not a fan of facadism, if only because it deprives us of examples of buildings as. — “The Royal Canadian Military Institute condo conversion runs”,
  • Definition of façadism from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of façadism. Pronunciation of façadism. Definition of the word façadism. Origin of the word façadism. — “façadism - Definition of façadism at ”,
  • Facadism definition, the principle or practice of preserving the fronts of buildings that have elegant architectural designs; the construction of a modern buildi See more. — “Facadism | Define Facadism at ”,
  • Facadism. Thursday, November 6, 2008 | posted by dan bertolet | 7 comments. There sure isn't a whole lot of the original Foley Sign building left on which to stack the three new floors of housing shown in the rendering above. A postive by-product of facadism is the sometimes very attractive. — “Facadism | hugeasscity”,
  • English: Façadism (or Façadomy) is the practice of demolishing a building but leaving its facade intact for the purposes of building new structures in it or around it. Subcategories. This category has only the following subcategory. [+] Facadism by country (11 C). — “Category:Facadism - Wikimedia Commons”,

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  • Design Workshop Q4 These are the recordings for the City Management Plan Workshop which took place on evenings in June, July and August 2009. Design Workshop Question 4. Facadism and, in particular, pastiche design are often heavily criticised but what role can they play in preserving the character of parts of the city? Please note these are recorded public workshops therefore the answers to the questions do not always follow the question. Some issues raised for discussion are dealt with in more than one workshop. Therefore to hear the full discussion you may wish to listen to the whole workshop recording and/or related topic areas.
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  • ArchiTel Archives - Harry Seidler @http://architel.tv Leading Australian and international architect Harry Seidler was known for his strong views on design and on practice. His courage, frequent outspoken sentiments and his reputation for dogma, together with his innovative small and large scale works, have ensured that his reputation will live long after him. He is sadly missed. Harry spoke at the RAIA Challenge of Excellence Conference in March 1992 in Melbourne on "A Design Philosophy...or Fashion", and we recorded the entire illustrated presentation at the time. Harry later lent us his full set of original slides, and we were able to put this presentation together recently from that archival material.

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  • “Used as a method for "saving" heritage buildings, façadism ignites a fervent debate among historical preservationists, many of down buildings in place for new contemporary ones, façadism has been used to mediate between Toronto's architectural past”
    — The charade of facadism - EYE WEEKLY,

  • “TorontoIAM Daily Blog Report: Poor Defense Kills Raptor Win, Rask's Revenge on the Leafs, Brick Works Redux Facadism was seen as "a profitable compromise between developers and conversationalists" which has "led to the destruction of some of Toronto's most distinctive historical and cultural”
    — TorontoIAM Daily Blog Report: Poor Defense Kills Raptor Win,

  • “Blog. About " Older. Home. Loading. Newer " Less. More. Trim. Untrim " Older White, John H. "Facadism: Is This Really Preservation?," Locomotive & Railway”
    — AirSpace, blog.nasm.si.edu

  • “features. photos. polls. reports. recent. For a free blog, image gallery, and to post your own event listings somewhat interesting piece in today's paper about gastown heritage facadism .it's not news for anyone in the neighbourhood but”
    — geeman's blog | Urban Vancouver,

  • “A/N Blog - Quicks hits and big thoughts from The Architect's Newspaper Not a bad piece of facadism. The old Provincetown Playhouse can be seen at lower left. ( Courtesy Archidose) The project is not yet complete, but it caused quite a stir when it was proposed”
    — Wilf Hall Not Bad By NYU Standards " A/N Blog,

  • “There should be more parks by the river I agree with the person that said that the current scheme should be rejected in its entirety ,I also like the idea of some sort of cultural attraction ,”
    — New flats proposed at Potters Fields [page 8], london-se1

  • “sustainable-cities.jpg20 Oct 2007Relation to Project: Sustainable Cities Index 2007 It has nice parks and a seashore, and much good facadism, but is the substance underneath that good? If yes; how come so many of its residents commute to London?”
    — The sustainable cities index | Forum For The Future,

  • “A blog for people with a critically rational individualist perspective. We are developing the social individualist meta-context for the future. From the very serious to the extremely frivolous”
    — Attention Singapore readers | ,

  • “RIBA Journal is the leading publication serving the architectural profession. Published monthly it is the only magazine to reach all 30,000 RIBA members across UK and International markets. No other publication comes close”
    — Cubed in Brum - RIBA Journal,

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