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  • Experimenter Publishing was an American media company founded by Hugo Gernsback in 1915.[1] The first magazine was The Electrical Experimenter (1913–1931) and the most notable magazines were Radio News (1919–1985) and Amazing Stories (1926–2005). — “Experimenter Publishing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • experimenter a person who enjoys testing innovative ideas; 'she was an experimenter in new forms of. — “experimenter: Information from ”,
  • The experimenter effect is a term used to describe any of a number of subtle cues or signals from an experimenter that affect the performance or response of subjects in the experiment. The cues may be unconscious nonverbal cues, such as muscular tension or gestures. — “experimenter effect - The Skeptic's Dictionary - ”,
  • The heart of the Experimenter's kit features the fascinating high voltage liquid filled Tesla Coil! pioneer, but will not be able to stop beaucoup home experimenters from developing this radical technology on a grass roots level!. — “Tesla Technology Experimenter's Kit (Build your own Multi”,
  • The Experimenter has six rubber feet, which mount in. the large holes along the long sides The Experimenter uses a 2.1 mm by 5.5 mm. coaxial power connector. — “EXPERIMENTER”,
  • Basic Experimenter is a standalone application to conduct an experiment. Basic Experimenter normally runs on an independent computer reserved to the experimenter. — “basicexperimenter - basiclabbook”,
  • Shop for Experimenter. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Experimenter - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Experimenter's bias is the phenomenon in experimental science by which the outcome of an experiment tends to be biased towards a result expected by the human experimenter. The inability of a human being to remain completely objective is the. — “Experimenter bias - Psychology Wiki”,
  • experimenter use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with experimenter. experimenter in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “experimenter - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Definition of experimenter in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of experimenter. Pronunciation of experimenter. Translations of experimenter. experimenter synonyms, experimenter antonyms. Information about experimenter in the free online English. — “experimenter - definition of experimenter by the Free Online”,
  • Easy Step'n is a book about understanding and controlling stepper motors. It is designed for the experimenter. The book, "Easy Step'n" provides the experimenter with the information needed to use stepper motors. — “Easy Step'n, An Introduction to Stepper Motors for the”,
  • Monthly magazines, television, youth programs, Air Adventure Museum, regional fly-ins and an annual fly-in in Oshkosh, WI. — “Experimental Aircraft Association”,
  • A cover gallery for Electrical Experimenter. — “Electrical Experimenter Covers”,
  • MySpace Music profile for Experimenter En Couleur. Download Experimenter En Couleur Experimental / Electronica / Other music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Experimenter En Couleur's blog. — “Experimenter En Couleur on MySpace Music - Free Streaming”,
  • Art from: Experimenter. THE EXPERIMENTER was the second name for the magazine originally begun in 1921 as PRACTICAL ELECTRICS. The first issue as THE EXPERIMENTER was published in 1924 and the last issue in 1926, at which point it was merged into. — “Experimenter”,
  • Experiments : Seven Experiments : Experimenter Expectations The treatments are coded by a third party, and the experimenter does not know the code until after the data have been collected. — “Another article by Rupert Sheldrake”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Experimenter - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Protective gear required. Geekdom in progress. — “- :: :: -”,
  • Learn more, read reviews, and download EXPERIMENTER by Cramzy on the iTunes App Store. — “EXPERIMENTER for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes”,
  • experimenter. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: experimenters) A person who experiments. [edit] Translations. person who experiments. Czech: experimentátor cs(cs) m. — “experimenter - Wiktionary”,

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  • Video Experimenter Shield
  • Introducing the FRAM Experimenter Board Basic Small As the world demands faster and higher performance in every application, new memory technology is needed to enable smarter solutions. FRAM from Texas Instruments provides unified memory with dynamic partitioning and memory access speeds 100 times faster than flash. FRAM is also capable of zero power state retention in all power modes, which means that writes are guaranteed, even in the event of a power loss. And with a write endurance of over 100 trillion cycles, EEPROM is no longer required. All of this is possible at less than 100μA active power consumption -- a first for the semiconductor industry.
  • Using a 128x64 Graphics Display with Your 16-Bit Micro Experimenter In the Dec '09 issue of Nuts & Volts Magazine, we introduced you to the new 16-bit Micro-Experimenter Module. This time, well show you how to add an LCD display that allows you to have graphics and text at the same time. Read all about it in the April 2010 issue.
  • Synth-DIY Experimenter Board Part 2 The second of a two part presentation of the MFOS Synth-DIY Experimenter PCB. You can find a link to the project here:
  • The Experimenter - Treasure Hunt Part 1 Types of materials - Programme 1 - Part 1 BBC SCHOOLS
  • Preview of Experimenter for iPhone This is the official preview of the Experimenter app from Cramzy, for the iPhone & iPod Touch.
  • MSP-EXP430FR5739 - Experimenter Board unboxing MSP-EXP430FR5739 - Experimenter Board unboxing and compairison to arduino and Launchpad.
  • The Experimenter - Forces - Part 2 This is something that's a bit more modern than other things I've been uploading (in that it was on around the end of my primary school years - 1995 or so), but I can't find any mention of it anywhere. (Edit: Until I uploaded it here, when it turned out it had already been here for months!) It's a science series about an alien called The Experimenter (which it took me far too long to realize was a play on The Extra-Terrestrial) discovering things about Earth and generally being a bit of a wally.
  • Experimenter En Couleur - Knightroc One of four films made to early Experimenter En Couleur audio pieces. First presented at Enzimi Festival, Rome. Since at Din-Barcelona 2005 and Din-Berlin 2006. Edited by Alex Hatjoullis. Audio by Experimenter En Couleur. Source film - archive
  • Elfvis XMAS Production-Animatronic Experimenter Project Due to YouTube's inability to work out a deal with the recording industry, they have disabled the audio in this video. To see and hear it please go to: The kit is available at This amazing project was accomplished by Mark Dillon, who used the Gary Gargoyle talking head that comes with the Aaron Fechter's Animatronics Experimenters Kit as part of his XMAS light show this year. This is an amazing accomplishment and I am proudly displaying it for fans of the Rock-afire Explosion or animatronics to see. No longer is the production of quality animatronic shows something only companies can produce. It's now a hobby for the talented amateurs out there like so many of you are. To see more information about the kit, go to http
  • Raqs Media Collective at Experimenter
  • New MSP430F5438 Experimenters Kit New MSP430F5438 Experimenters Kit from TI at RS
  • New MSP430F5438 Experimenters Kit The MSP430F5438 MCU Experimenters Kit helps designers quickly learn and develop using the new F5xx MCUs, which provide the industrys lowest active power consumption, more memory and leading integration for applications such as energy harvesting, wireless sensing and automatic metering infrastructure (AMI).
  • Eugene Aarons-Cook Experimenter to Ghana Eugene Aarons-Cook describes his Experiment in International Living trip to Ghana. The group travelled to Accra, participated in a community service project in the central region of Ghana, and stayed with host families in Takoradi.
  • Italy Experimenters
  • Synth-DIY Experimenter Board Part 1 The first of a two part presentation of the MFOS Synth-DIY Experimenter PCB. You can find a link to the project here:
  • Writer, Astronomer, and High Voltage Experimenter A sort of reflection on a few of my interests, with pictures and videos I've taken. As you can tell, I'm especially interested in high voltage! But I take pride in being curious about the world around me and have a lot of interesting hobbies. Hopefully it shows in this video! Be sure your sound is turned up. Thanks for watching.
  • Abigail Blake, Experimenter to South Korea Abigail Blake was an Outbound Ambassador to South Korea in the summer of 2009. During her program, the group spent time at a Buddhist monastery, visited organic farms, and assisted at a refugee center for North Koreans.
  • Leshrac´s DIY MFOS modular experimenter board 1 left: rays ***og 16 step sequencer ... the thing with all the wires is his full experimenter board .. and iam experimenting with both ^^ the sounds just come from the ***og modular MFOS DIY experimenter board .. wow :D i used an external effect processor .. who does it not ;) i added a monojack to bananajack conversation section for more flexibility with other gear enjoy: for more infos
  • Experimenter Psi Effect, Final Data Here's the essay I quote from for this video: Here is John Belloff's Biography: Here is an essay debunking the most common skeptical arguments: and for further reading: and www.rpi.edu
  • 16 Bit Micro Experimenter Ready to move from 8-bit to 16-bit microcontrollers? The Micro Experimenter is a 16-bit solderless breadboard for the 16-bit PIC micro. Solderless breadboarding is a great way for hobbyists to prototype, experiment, and test new ideas. The Experimenter will get you up and running with some quick "right out of the box" experiments.
  • Lil B-"Basedworld 1989 BASED FREESTYLE" Video This Is Lil B, As he searches to find the meaning and himself, watch as he moves through the streets, this is not a song this is more like an emotion. Take what you feel you need to take from this and listen, also let Lil Bs Voice Become one with the beat for you.
  • Elfvis-Animatronics Experimenter Extraordinaire Here's another great production by Mark Dillon using his Anmatronics Experimenter's Kit combined with his own creativity and hard work. This song is really funny and a great choice. After Mark's work this year, XMAS light displays will never be the same! The kit is available at
  • Virtual Cartoon: Stardust vs the Mad Giant Experimenter This was my earlier Stardust video and first attempt at doing a "virtual cartoon." This video is a limited animation/animated comic book adaptation of a very weird public domain golden age comic. It's inspired by those cheesy Marvel Superheroes cartoons from 1966. I love those...
  • Joule Thief - enhanced The Joule thief. Simple enhancement, creates a huge energy gain. Just use the back EMF.
  • The Experimenter - Types of Material Programme 2 - Part 1 Types of materials - Progamme 2 - Part 1 BBC SCHOOLS
  • The Experimenter - Opening Scenes This show was about an alien known as XP (the Experimenter) and his wacky adventures involving prawn flavoured crisps.
  • The Experimenter - Types of Material Programme 2 - Part 2 Types of materials - Progamme 2 - Part 2 BBC SCHOOLS
  • The Experimenter - Treasure Hunt Part 3 Types of materials - Progamme 1 - Part 3 BBC SCHOOLS
  • The MFOS Synth-DIY Experimenter PC Board If you've been wanting to get started in synth-diy by building a cool sound effect box you can't do better than this project. You will have a veritable plethora of sound generating devices in the palm of your hand although I recommend some kind of case (last joke I promise). This board is packed with simple circuits that sound cool. You'll be surprised by the number of sound possibilities it supports. You don't have to build all of the modules either. You can just build what you want to make a specific sound. You want wind... just build the White Noise Generator and one VCF. You want better wind build the White Noise Generator both VCFs and the output mixer. How about birds or bell sounds... just build the Sound Effect Oscillators an AR Envelope Generator and an LFO. You can go as far as you like with this project. You can find a link to the project here:
  • Animatronics Experimenter's Kit Diagnostics One of the builders of the Animatronics Experimenter's Kit, Doug Hanna had a problem getting his to work. So we did some phone diagnostics and then, I asked him to send the unit back to me. I found he had assembled it almost perfectly with a couple of small issues that may have been why he had a problem. So, I made this video for all the experimenters out there to see in case it helps you all. The kit is available at Aaron
  • EG4 Seth Roberts, self-experimenter (10-72) Seth Roberts, a cognitive psychologist at Tsinghua University by way of UC Berkeley, draws insight from self-experimentation. It's the "freakonomics" of the self. Omphaloskepsis^10. At EG4 (2010), Monterey. the-
  • TI FRAM Experimenter's board review The new FRAM technology from TI marks a great leap forward in non-volatile storage for Electronic Devices.  Offering huge improvements in R/W speed, endurance and low power. The Experimenters board gives the user the opportunity to begin immediate evaluation and prototyping possibilities with the onboard peripheral and break out board support.   This short video serves to highlight the out-of -box experience and demonstration of the pre-programmed demo applications.
  • Kristian Bailey, Experimenter to Italy Kristian Bailey, and Experimenter to Italy, talks about what makes the Experiment unique, and how it changed his outlook on life. To learn more about the Experiment, visit
  • The Experimenter - Treasure Hunt Part 2 Types of materials - Progamme 1 - Part 2 BBC SCHOOLS
  • BBC Schools End Of The Experimenter.wmv
  • The Experimenter - Forces - Part 1 This is something that's a bit more modern than other things I've been uploading (in that it was on around the end of my primary school years - 1995 or so), but I can't find any mention of it anywhere. (Edit: Until I uploaded it here, when it turned out it had already been here for months!) It's a science series about an alien called The Experimenter (which it took me far too long to realize was a play on The Extra-Terrestrial) discovering things about Earth and generally being a bit of a wally.
  • HiTechnic Experimenter's Kit A Project 2 and 3 This is project 2 and 3 of my new Hitechnic Experimenter kit :) This kit has many parts and projects and once you finish them all you can invent stuff for yourself.
  • Decoding Closed Captioning Data with the Video Experimenter Using a Video Experimenter shield for Arduino, you can decode closed captioning data and write it to the serial port.
  • MSP-EXP430F5438 Experimenter Board Demonstration with FreeRTOS MSP430 MSP430X This is a very brief demonstration of the Texas Instruments MSP-EXP430F5438 Experimenter Board Rev-03 with FreeRTOS v.5.3.1. The board is running the UserExperience() function as a real-time task. All of the usual demo. functions that are in the FreeRTOS distribution are running with the exception of the serial port since the USB-UART demo. in the UserExperience() task covers that functionality. There are a total of 26 tasks running in the system. I will be posting the CCE and IAR workspaces next week. Please e-mail/msg me if you are interested in getting the demo. projects/workspaces. All trademarks and copyrights are those of their respective owners.
  • The Experimenter Psi Effect-Definition-Addendum Afterthought
  • Experimenter En Couleur at Shunt 2009 Presentation of See Sound Tests part 2 - ProjectC at Shunt, London Bridge. Multi touch Lissajous Test Interface, displays touch sensitive three dimensional waveforms, ready for real time manipulation and part generative audio output. This presents one of many audio visual tests involved in the See Sound project. Visit /eec.htm or other links in the end credits for more info.

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  • “It should not be. Selling strategy and strategic thinking to a trial-and-error management team can make perfect sense. In fact, it not only makes perfect Address: http:///2010/11/18/the-hard-sell-%e2%80%93-strategy-to-an-experimenter”
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  • “Users Browsing Forum. Yahoo! Bot and 0 Guests. Page: 1. Experimenter - New Magazine. This Off Topic " Experimenter - New Magazine. Powered by E-Blah Forum Software 10.1.5 © 2001”
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