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  • Expensed investments are expenditures financed by the owners of capital that increase future profits We find that expensed plus sweat investment was large during this period and critical. — “Expensed and Sweat Equity”,
  • Expensed definition, cost or charge: See more. — “Expensed | Define Expensed at ”,
  • When a company incurs rent for its manufacturing operations, the rent is a product cost. It is common for the rent to be included in the manufacturing overhead When products are sold, the rent allocated to those products will be expensed as part of the cost of goods sold. If the rent is. — “Is rent expense a period cost or a product cost”,
  • While LGS expensed all non-purchased R&D costs incurred in the review period, as well as a deferred portion from prior years, the Department expensed only those non-purchased R&D costs that LGS expensed in its records and actually incurred that same year. — “99-12.HTM - FINAL RESULTS OF REDETERMINATION PURSUANT TO”, ia.ita.doc.gov
  • Definition of expensed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of expensed. Pronunciation of expensed. Translations of expensed. expensed synonyms, expensed antonyms. Information about expensed in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “expensed - definition of expensed by the Free Online”,
  • Any amounts expensed at grant that were greater than the intrinsic value upon exercise are to be lowered to the intrinsic value. already expensed, there would be an additional $80,000 expensed for. — “Expensing Employee Stock Options: Is There A Better Way?”,
  • Definition of Expensed in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Expensed? Meaning of Expensed as a finance term. What does Expensed mean in finance?. — “Expensed financial definition of Expensed. Expensed finance”, financial-
  • Execs revive expensed dining, relieving restaurants. Monday, June 21, 2010 12:00 AM. By João-Pierre Ruth. João-Pierre Ruth. João-Pierre arrived in 1997 at the door of NJBIZ, then known as Business News New Jersey, as an intern and was hired that same year as a staff writer. — “Execs revive expensed dining, relieving restaurants”,
  • First of all, it's important to note that not all business property can be written-off, ie, expensed, regardless of whether it meets the other qualifications for business usage. over time may be written-off, or expensed, in one shot, see IRS Publication 946 for. — “Depreciation and Write-offs - Filing Form 4562 with Section”,
  • Adam Giambrone is back in the news. Last year, he apparently expensed $3,000 in cab fares: that's one $11.50 cab ride (fare, plus tip) for. — “Giambrone spent city money on cab trip to meet Kristin Lucas”,
  • Definition of Expensed with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Expensed: Definition with Expensed Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • [edit] Verb. expensed. Simple past tense and past participle of expense. /wiki/expensed" Categories: English simple past forms. — “expensed - Wiktionary”,
  • We found 14 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word expensed: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "expensed" is defined. General (5 matching dictionaries) expensed: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of expensed - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of expensed from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of expensed. Pronunciation of expensed. Definition of the word expensed. Origin of the word expensed. — “expensed - Definition of expensed at ”,
  • When finished goods are sold, the cost of goods sold is transferred to the balance sheet (expensed) and matched with sales revenue. They are rather expensed in the period when finished goods are sold: that is the cost of goods sold expense is matched with the sales revenue. — “Manufacturing and Non-manufacturing Costs - Online Accounting”,
  • Site for Indiana's only statewide business television program containing streaming video segments, real time Indiana business news and links to Indiana's latest business content. cost of the options should be expensed against the income statement. — “Expensing of Stock Options Doesn't Reflect Economic Reality”,
  • If, soon after the "purchase", that which was expensed holds no value then it is usually identified as an expense. If it retains value soon and long after the purchase, it will be viewed as capital with life that should be amortized/depreciated and retained on the Balance Sheet. — “Expense - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Adam Giambrone expensed over $3,000 in cabs last year, including a trip after taping an episode of his Ride the Rocket TV show on a streetcar. — “TTC chair spent $3,000 on taxis last year - ”,
  • EXPENSED LUNCH: BENOIT: Alain Ducasse has opened is opening the first stateside outpost of his "downscale" French bistro concept, Benoit, and Eater has the first look at the menu and the interior (shot by our very own Downtown Lunch reporter, Daniel Krieger). — “Expensed Lunch | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food”,
  • SASKATOON (CP) -- The company said about $20 million will be expensed and the remainder capitalized. Cameco expects total remediation costs to be $50 to $55 million of which approximately $20 million (including $17 million incurred in 2007) will be expensed and the remainder capitalized. — “Cameco's Port Hope Remediation To Cost $50-55 million - Rare”,
  • Under IRS Section 179, equipment purchases of up to $100,000* can be expensed (deducted from taxable income) in the first year eligible property is placed in service in a trade or business. The total cost of property that may be expensed for any tax year cannot exceed the total amount of taxable. — “Innovative Capital Corp. | Uncle Sam's Calling”,
  • Home > News > Local > Mac president George expensed $200,000 in 32 months Mac president George expensed $200,000 in 32 months. Peter George McMaster University president Peter George claimed more than $200,000 in expenses from January 2006 to. — “TheSpec - Mac president George expensed $200,000 in 32 months”,
  • Stock Options Should Not be Expensed. One proposal on Intel's 2003 Annual Stockholders' Meeting (held in May) was to request the company to begin expensing stock options. However, it does not follow merely from that fact that they ought to be expensed. — “arbyte.us: Stock Options Should Not be Expensed”, arbyte.us
  • News brief: The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.'s 10 highest-paid employees expensed at least $2,533 on alcohol between January, 2007, and December, 2008. — “10 OLG workers expensed at least $2,533 on alcohol over two”,
  • expensed - definition of expensed - Charged to an expense account. — “expensed Definition”,

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  • House Session 2010-04-15 (21:15:34-22:00:05) www.c-
  • Form 571L Training Video 00:02 Welcome 00:17 The 571-L Form 00:25 Why Did I Receive a 571-L 00:29 California's Lien Date 00:54 Check Your Name and Address/Corrections 01:14 How Do You Report a Home Office Equipment 01:20 Mobile Businesses 01:48 Part I - General Information 02:10 Part II - Declaration of Property Belonging To You 02:15 Supplies 02:53 Part II Line 2 - Declaration of Your Equipment 03:23 Application Software vs Operating Software 03:58 Leasehold Improvements 04:22 Reportable Soft Costs 05:01 Construction-In-Progress 05:15 Artwork 05:24 Expensed Equipment 05:39 Assets from Previous Owner 05:56 Part III - Reporting of Leased Equipment 06:03 Write "None" on Part III 06:11 Signature and Date 06:24 Ten Percent Late Penalty 06:53 Thank You 07:03 Contact Us
  • MindTree Wireless - Restructuring Costs The restructuring costs will be approximately USD 3.6 -- 3.9 million and will be expensed in the Profit and Loss account for the quarter ending December 31, 2010. No further costs are expected to be incurred in future on the restructuring efforts.
  • Yoda & the CYAN Pepper Cartridge caper da TomatoE goes to print out a document & makes a mess with an expensed CYAN Cartridge getting the little guys cloak pinked out, nothing like a Green Alien with Pink Eye to blow your budget before the force can fix the FEE-asKO ... Oh No, what's ya gonna do when the well runs dry U Kry baby vegetable, go ASCII, Bob & Larry and Quit yer belly aching ... Help is on the WAY padre - Work Less & Pray More & sleep on it as Lolo used 2 say. - Thank will B all, class dismissed. - 10/4 MD
  • Melly feat. Deddy Mizwar - Apa Kata Dunia (HQ Audio/Video) In the commemoration of 100 years of national awakening day, DEDDY MIZWAR expensed some money to retouch the the movie masterpiece NAGABONAR which were released back in 1987. THis movie even were awarded as THE BEST MOVIE in 1987' Indonesian FILM FESTIVAL. The result of retouching process is sooo good. I've watched the movie once. DEDDY MIZWAR actually arranged to re-dub all the voice. And even giving the new SCORE and MUSIC. :) ... My first impression watching this movie, was I EVEN CANT REALIZE THAT THIS MOVIE were actually filmed in 1980s. Because, the coloring is actually even better than even some of Indonesian Movie todays. The movie were filmed in NORTH SUMATRA PROVINCE. And this music video were shot in KOTA ARea (classic old part of Jakarta). Enough said ... MV Released : May 2008 MV director : Deddy Nur (I'm not sure ... anybody knows "??? ) Enjoy :)
  • **Linda McMahon Wins GOP Straw Poll** Middletown, CT July 23, 2010.wmv Linda McMahon, former WWE chairman, is facing a primary election on August 10, 2010. McMahon has been a spendthrift with her own money trying to win the US Senate seat currently held by out-going Democrat Chris Dodd. Breaking down the statistics based on what McMahon has expensed so far, her 106 vote tally represents $188000.00 per vote. Right up there with Barack Obama as a big spender. McMahon's entire campaign staff was on hand to help stuff the ballot box at the Elk's Lodge in Middletown.
  • Fundraising Made Easy! Blaze Driscoll has a time tested and proven method for raising money quickly and easily. Your club can raise thousands of dollars in one short night, with as little as two people, with no out of pocket expensed to you. No fuss, no mess, no hassles... just a fun way to put money back in your checkbook. Call Blaze Driscoll for your free information package outlining step by step exactly how to get this done!
  • The Food Stamp Industry is BIG Business in Guilford County... I received this note from my friend Bill Heasley after he viewed this video clip: "Jodi: Saw your video/speech at recent county commissioners meeting regarding statements by head of DSS that food stamps/medicaid is big stimulus to Guilford county. Of course the statements by DSS chief are economic fallacies. Below is a link to a column out of Vancouver regarding Nancy Pelosi's exact same statements as the Guilford county DSS chief. Their is also a link to her actual statement. The column below is generally the explanation you saw right after Pelosi made her remarks. The column is accurate but never really get down to exactly WHY Pelosi is wrong economically speaking. Nancy Pelosi says food stamps and unemployment insurance will grow US economy Here is the economics of why Pelosi and the DSS chief are wrong: (1) we tax Jodi $1, (2) upon collection of the $1 we process [administration of tax dollar] then the $1 becomes say $0.95. The $0.95 is then used to administer a food stamp program which then is another administration charge and now we have $0.90 for example, (3) we send the $0.90 to the recipient to buy food stamps. Food stamp recipient spends money on food (demands food stuffs) Have we increased anything? If we do not tax Jodi then Jodi still has $1. If we tax Jodi then Jodi doesn't have the $1. If Jodi has the $1 she might spend it, save it, or invest it. If we tax Jodi then the $1 went to government administration and the food stamp recipient. Have ...
  • Jobs Creation and Critical Thinking - Part III @EGOutreach Transcript below: I look around the Internet and I observe the consultant practice of "jobs-creation consulting" is almost nonexistent. I also observe that growth is mostly advising clients how to keep from "grounding their boats, as the water recedes out of the harbor." Use whatever metaphor you like. The truth is that jobs today comes mostly from debt (and who couldn't keep on going forever with untold credit-card debt available?), illusion (as industry experts use sleight-of-hand to show that X. jobs eliminated there have created Y new jobs here), and outright lies (this one needs very little explanation!). With respect to jobs creation, one needs to start thinking, before one begins to apply critical thinking. Thinking is a process, seemingly a large part of one's consciousness. In fact, thinking is a process of the mind, and the mind forms one's consciousness. Consciousness, now there is a hurdle. How do "non-creationists," those who believe they possess an advantage in thinking over the rest of us, handle such a concept as the human consciousness? From whence did consciousness evolved? What are its constituent parts? What are the hypothesis of the evolution to human that explains its appearance, since it would seem that no animal has ever had one before? If one is to think critically, then one must first learn how to think correctly. In thinking, when faced with a barrier, one cannot just ...
  • Kambakht Ishq || Om Mangalam || RDB || - FULL SONG Kambakht Ishq defines the relationship chalk-and-cheesely two individuals. Kambakht Ishq movie is all about an Indian stuntman Akshay kumar. He goes to Hollywood and takes it down by a great storm. After having done everything he is not able to find a true love for him. That is the time when Kareena kapoor enters at the scene. In the movie she is the big Hollywood heroine who despises people and a normal people. The two face up to each other and finally they realize that they are in love with each other. Kambakht Ishq is a big production movie where first time Hollywood superstars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have acted in Bollywood. Sylvester Stallone has acted in his signature role John Rombo He helps Akshay Kumar's character to rise up as Hollywood star. The producer has decided to release a promotional track of worth Rs 2 crore. Kambakht Ishq will be released in the United States under the name of Incredible Love. Kambakht Ishq has been directed by Sabir Khan. In the main role Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Aftab Shivdasani, Amrita Arora and Dara Singh have acted in the movie. Producers Sajid Nadiadwala and Prachi Thadani have expensed their money in the movie with Hollywood superstars - Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to make it incredible. Kambakht Ishq is an action, romance and comedy genre movie with action and comedy kings Akshay Kumar and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is the mix movie of Hollywood and Bollywood experience. Most of the ...
  • Lord ofTheRings Total War: RangerXIIIjustlikebrothers{danhowe} v TheHectorian. Gondor v Rohan no rules 80.000expensed installation instructions: 1- To have Rome Total War and Alexander add-on already installed 2- To have Lord of The Ring Total War Open Beta 2.0 already installed (or any other patched version) 3- To install LOTRTW_PATCH_v2.08_OB.exe 4- Optional: activate spa/ita traductions (instructions inside) 5- Use the shortcut created in the desktop to launch the game This installer is a compilation pack with: -LotR-TW MusicPack -New Sounds for Gondor -New Unique Cities -Patch v2.08 -Spanish and Italian Traductions
  • Where these invoices I'm paying expensed? In this video I show you 3 options for extracting Check Registers from Payables Management. 1 option even shows you all the GL account numbers that were used for the invoices being paid.
  • 177 HAMPTON GRN Triple Mint Home, NO Expensed Spared. Ultra Modern State of the Art Custom Eat in Kitchen.Granite counters Sub Zero Refrigerator,Commercial stove,Modern Cabinets.Custom painted Living Room with crown moldings with Marble Fireplace. Door to yard with view of 23 acre Park. Too much to list. View home you won't be disappointed
  • Should have got Nike Someone wishes they had got Nike trainers and expensed them
  • Budgeting for HIT The technical assistance teleconference "Budgeting for HIT" was presented on March 20, 2009. Embedded at: www.hrsa.gov The presenters for this teleconference were Matthew Grob, Joe M. Dawsey and Chuck Clark Feb 12, 2009.
  • Groucho Marx Sings Conservative Health Care Reform Position Senator Quincy Adams Wagstaff (Independent from Freedonia) in a nutshell sings the policies embraced by Conservatives while opposing health care reform in this G-Span coverage of Senate debates: WAGSTAFF: We don't care what you have to say We'll vote against it anyway Whatever your bill We're against it And even though we've mangled and condensed it We're against it Your plan would help the common man But you don't seem to understand Whatever you want We're against it And even if you've thoroughly expensed it We're against it We're opposed to it For partisan reasons we're opposed to it We'll filibuster then complain If you should try to do the same Whatever it takes We'll resist it While voting down support for the enlisted We'll resist it The vote we'll cast does not come free Just ask insurance companies They paid us to say We're against it Big pharma wants our vote and pays to rent it So we lent it We'll turn the good you try to do Into Obama's Waterloo And now you know why We're against it No matter what the pill or who dispensed it We're against it GENTLEMEN: Congratulations. Wonderful. Marvelous. WAGSTAFF: All right, scram boys. I'll meet you unda the rotunda. ******** We trust that Groucho would forgive us taking liberties for satirical purposes (Freedonia was in Duck Soup, not Horse Feathers; Wagstaff was a professor, not a senator, etc.).
  • Victor/STC Water Dispenser to started a small business by Khun Suthin and Khun Suree's his wife. They sold only electronic, also to expensed a faster. A few years they looked after the consumers and changed a point became to a big dealer in Asia. Unfortunately, In Thailand had a big problems of economy. They looked foward any supplier to support his business. 3 Years ago, The world bank allow to change some CFC chemecial to NON-CFC chemecial that became a Modern Tread Party. Until now a victor had got a Thailand's Brand to support as well.........Good Value, Good Quality, and Good Product.
  • Daniel Hurley Expenses Electoral Money To Federal Government This video is a clip of Conservative Peter Van Loan bringing to light the fact that Liberal Daniel Hurley, policy advisor and chief of staff to the last Liberal Minister of the Environment wrote off electoral expenses to the federal government when they should have been expensed to the (broke) Liberal party of Canada.
  • You can leave much of it behind. Our interest in taking part in a sport of any kind is not just the concept of a stick and ball, like baseball or cricket, it actually takes on a whole new meaning to those who take part. Sporting activities on a personal note is all about the camaraderie and the ability to get out and enjoy the environment. Sadly, sporting events have taken on a whole new turn, where they seem more interested in making money than taking part in an enjoyable sport. Team owners will stop at nothing to get their team to the top, regardless of who they have to climb on to get there. A day at the ballpark is supposed to be full of family fun, unfortunately if you plan on having a fun day, it will depend on your outlook and what you expected before you came to the game. A trip to the ballpark has gotten so costly that many families place themselves in dire straights when they actually get there, so much so that they either have to do without, or by the time the evening has concluded they would have expensed themselves much more than they had planned to. A trip to the ballpark used to be a fun experience for the whole family, now the experience, is only fun if you bring plenty of money and you can leave much of it behind. ITSOGS His Treasures and Presence Email [email protected] Twitter Phone (727) 565-2038
  • Forum on Modernizing Government: Streamlining Operations 1 Scott Gould, Deputy Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs, moderates a session on Streamlining Operations at the White House Forum on Modernizing Government. January 14, 2010.
  • J's Mega Mart Mayor Ragsdale expensed $19.65 on his "P" card here on gas, but J's Mega Mart DON'T SELL GAS. What, pray tell, did he buy.....
  • Sector Update: Energy - January 7, 2011 Energy shares are mixed in late trading as crude oil futures trade lower after moderate gains earlier in the session. Crude oil for February delivery is down $0.76, or 0.86%, to $87.68 a barrel. In sector news, Murphy Oil Corp. (MUR) is down more than 5% after saying two of its wells drilled off the Republic of Congo coast did not find commercial quantities of hydrocarbons. A third well found only deep reserviors with some accumulation of oil and all three have been plugged and abandoned. Cost to the company, which owns a 58.8% stake in the wells, was $36 million and will be expensed in the Q4 results.
  • My Friends These are my friends who I will miss this summer and while I'm over in High School. So I just wanted to say good bye to them, and give them an all expensed paid vacation to Memory lane.
  • The Few The Proud The Salesman Strippers can be expensed dammit!
  • Book It Like It's Hot- Accounting 221 When you get cash for revenue, book it like its hot When you increase your inventory, book it like its hot. When you issue notes payable, book it like its hot I got the aloe on my mind and im pourin out the rhymes trying to figure out the trivia so im outa class on time Im an owner, with some equity got some common stock, so they get at me eligible teacher, now with bueno man get us free burrittos, cause we know you can Perpetual uses inventory with periodic its a whole nother story purchases no inventory, this could be your method dont debit revenue, cause everythings expensed kid Killin off these owls, cause I know my dead debit expense assets dividends so dont try to cheat me cause I know my gaap all the lifo rules and the fifo rules Before you book that transaction, or they ask you this you should think about it take a second, matter fact, you should listen to me just make a video and hope for a B.
  • Speaker John Bercow wants "respect" for himself (02Feb10) New Labour sycophant Speaker of the HoC John Bercow shows he's all class to MP's, and HE should be shown something called respect. Strangely, his expensed clams as an MP never showed any respect to the law abiding taxpayers who fund his lavish lifestyle. Recorded from The Daily Politics, 02 February 2010.
  • Minimize Taxes by Maximizing Expenses- Business Tax Reduction Tips ca4 I would like to share some business tax reduction strategies to help increase your bottom line without changing your spending or your billing. As a chartered accountant, in almost every tax reduction review meeting I conduct I am able to find hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of unclaimed expenses. Before we, as accountants, even consider any tax planning strategies it is paramount that we maximize all eligible deductions. Every dollar that can be expensed is dollar that for the most part will not be taxed. Therefore any expense that can be converted from non deductable to deductible will reduce your taxes and increase your bottom line. There are three common reasons for under allocated expenses: 1. Lack of knowledge of what is deductible 2. Poor record keeping or 3. Fear of Revenue Canada. We provide what we refer to as "full option accounting". With full option accounting we layout all the options from conservative to aggressive, along with the risks and allow you the client to make the final decision. While some other accounting firms believe it is their responsibility to play the role of CRA and tell you what you can't deduct, we are the complete opposite. We encourage our clients to deduct every dollar they are entitled to deduct and to challenge their own notions of what a deductible expense is to reduce tax. Watch this tax tip video. You will be surprised what you can deduct legitimately. For more tax tips videos on how to reduce your personal ...
  • Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Quadrants Future Millionaire University is committed to grooming up a crop of young, successful, collegiate entrepreneurs. We train students on how to increase their income by 500 dollars guaranteed a month, reduce their debt and expensed by 500 dollars a month guaranteed, and live an exceedingly abundant lifestyle. We are based out of Tallahassee FL, but rapidly expanding throughout college campuses across the nation. Graduates of FMU enjoy a quality of life that not only generates personal wealth, but one that allows them to impact the lives of many others.
  • Episode #3 Low-Cost Tech Infrastructure, Part 1 A lot of small businesses go crazy when they start off. Things can be expensed, so it's easy to go out and by a sledgehammer when you actually need a screwdriver. Open source products give you both.
  • Diabetes Project - Accessing and Managing Funds Funding for applied research projects in a college setting is a precious resource. Projects need to be accountable for everything that is expensed to ensure project completion. For the diabetic-friendly recipes project, careful budgeting and accountability are also critical, given the range of projects, that college's applied research office funds through their NSERC-CCIP grant.

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  • “Politico: Guililani Expensed Trips to see his Mistress "The forum is f-ing useless and Supersoulty is a typical Pittsburgh phaggot " - Now the 8th overall result when you Google "Pittsburgh Election”
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  • “Re: Fully Expensed Car Pitfalls - Paul Robinson. Simon. This is a complex area and it is Many traditional fully expensed company car drivers are discovering”
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  • “Source link: http:///1802/should-stock-be-expensed to company executives and other employees depend in part on stock grants being expensed”
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  • “Forum index " Company Tax. Change font size. Print view. Car allowance + expensed fuel card Re: Car allowance + expensed fuel card. by fyrestar on Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:29 pm. thanks”
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  • “I live 20 miles from my work, and will not have receipts to cover the "expensed" amounts Forum Jump. You cannot post new topics in this forum. You cannot reply to topics in this”
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  • “If you need an excuse for a business-expensed trip to paradise, this migh just be it for triad BLOG i360 blog optimization Blog Traffic Blog world Blog World Expo blog-content”
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  • “The company or person earning and receiving commissions will have commissions revenue. The company or party You've already expensed it when you recorded it as a payable and expensed it. Leave a Reply. First Name or Nickname. Email Address (not shown) Free updates from our Q&A blog with your”
    — Are commissions considered to be revenues or expenses,

  • “An online message forum and community aimed at connecting the radio and television industry. OTTAWA – The former head of the CBC expensed more than $1,500 without providing receipts during a trip to the Turin winter Olympics in 2006”
    — Ex-CBC boss expensed over $1,500 with no receipts - Puget,

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