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  • In the central nervous system, vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) is the only transporter that moves cytoplasmic dopamine (DA) into synaptic vesicles for storage and subsequent exocytotic release. Pharmacologically enhancing DA. — “Vesicular Monoamine Transporter 2: Role as a Novel Target for”,
  • We interpret these observations as an indication that inflated mast cells reversibly disassemble the structures that regulate exocytotic fusion. reassembles the fusion pore scaffolds and allows exocytosis to proceed, suggesting that exocytotic fusion does not require soluble proteins. — “Biophysical Journal - Regulation of Exocytotic Fusion by Cell”,
  • Here we present an overview of the methodology of amperometric signal processing, including (i) amperometric signal acquisition and filtering, (ii) detection of exocytotic events and determining spike shape characteristics, and (iii) data manipulation and statistical ***ysis. — “***ysis of exocytotic events recorded by amperometry”,
  • Definition of exocytotic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of exocytotic. Pronunciation of exocytotic. Definition of the word exocytotic. Origin of the word exocytotic. — “exocytotic - Definition of exocytotic at ”,
  • exocytosis n. , pl. , -ses ( ). A process of cellular secretion or excretion in which substances contained in vesicles are discharged from the cell exocytotic ex'o·cy·tot'ic (-tŏt'ĭk) adj. — “exocytosis: Definition from ”,
  • The release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells occurs by a regulated exocytotic process. — “Intracellular mechanisms regulating exocytotic secretion in”,
  • Characterization of single exocytotic events in cell: attached patches using capacitance measurements and amperometry The exocytotic event in chromaffin cells revealed by patch amperometry, Nature 389: 509-512. 40. S.Scepek and M.Lindau (1997). — “Lindau, Manfred”, vivo.cornell.edu
  • Confocal imaging showed that half of the spontaneous exocytotic events exhibited fusion pore openings associated with a change in Our objective is to determine the time course of exocytotic fusion pore opening (P) in mast cells of the. — “Release of secretory products during transient vesicle fusion”,
  • data from our laboratory and others now indicate that actin polymerization also plays a positive role in the exocytotic process. signals along the exocytotic pathway. The results cited in this review are derived primarily from investigations of the adrenal medullary chromaffin. — “Exocytosis in neuroendocrine cells: New tasks for actin”, ulb.ac.be
  • The Novel Insulinotropic Mechanism of Pimobendan: Direct Enhancement of the Exocytotic Process of Insulin Secretory Granules by Increased Ca2+ Sensitivity in ß-Cells 1 pimobendan on the Ca2+-sensitive exocytotic apparatus were examined using electrically. — “The Novel Insulinotropic Mechanism of Pimobendan: Direct”,
  • essential role in exocytotic release in both neuronal cells To investigate the role of complexin II in exocytotic release. in mast cells, we obtained RBL-2H3 cells that. — “Complexin II facilitates exocytotic release in mast cells by”,
  • A Common Exocytotic Mechanism Mediates Axonal and Dendritic Outgrowth It is not yet clear whether one or two exocytotic pathways are responsible for the respective outgrowth of axons and dendrites. — “A Common Exocytotic Mechanism Mediates Axonal and Dendritic”,
  • Braun, M., Ramracheya, R., Johnson, P. R. and Rorsman, P. (2009), Exocytotic Properties of Human Pancreatic β-cells. We have characterized the exocytotic properties of human β-cells by insulin release measurements, carbon fiber amperometry, and capacitance. — “Exocytotic Properties of Human Pancreatic β-cells - Braun”,
  • Definition of exocytotic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of exocytotic. Pronunciation of exocytotic. Translations of exocytotic. exocytotic synonyms, exocytotic antonyms. Information about exocytotic in the free online English dictionary and. — “exocytotic - definition of exocytotic by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of exocytotic in the Medical Dictionary. exocytotic explanation. Information about exocytotic in Free online English dictionary. What is exocytotic? Meaning of exocytotic medical term. What does exocytotic mean?. — “exocytotic - definition of exocytotic in the Medical”, medical-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Exocytotic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Estradiol differentially modulates the exocytotic proteins SNAP-25 and munc-18 in pituitary gonadotrophs Here, we examined whether two of these crucial exocytotic proteins, SNAP-25 and munc-18, are affected by estradiol in female gonadotrophs. — “Estradiol differentially modulates the exocytotic proteins”, jme.endocrinology-
  • Exocytotic dynamics and calcium cooperativity effects in the calyx of Held synapse: a modelling study. We focus on the study of the exocytotic dynamics for a pool of readily releasable vesicles using a Monte Carlo simulation scheme that includes models for the P-type. — “Exocytotic dynamics and calcium cooperativity effects in the”,
  • exocytotic mechanism in GK rat B-cells could be ac- counted for, in part, by glucotoxicity but also by a g protein) were used as positive controls for the exocytotic proteins and rat brain as a negative control for. — “Impaired Gene and Protein Expression of Exocytotic Soluble”,
  • In PC12 cells, a portion of SCAMP2 is concentrated in the plasma membrane at exocytotic sites that are marked by docked DCVs and by syntaxin 1, an exocytotic SNARE and complexin, a SNARE complex binding protein (Pabst et al., 2000 ; Liu et al., 2002 ). — “SCAMP2 Interacts with Arf6 and Phospholipase D1 and Links”, m.nih.gov

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  • Dendritic Exocytosis of TfR-pHluorin Following Glycine-Induc TfR-pHluorin fluorescence was imaged before and after glycine stimulation. Arrows and arrowheads indicate exocytotic events in growing and newly formed spines throughout the dendrites, respectively. The duration of glycine applied is indicated by the white circle. A pseudocolor intensity scale bar is shown. Time is indicated in min:sec. The images are 30 μm wide.
  • Presynaptic Nerve Terminal Simulation In this simulated presynaptic terminal of a nerve cell, synaptic vesicles (green) bind with synapsins (blue) to form clusters. Docking sites (red) fix vesicles to the active zone at the bottom of the membrane, eventually attracting a large cluster. Action potentials occur at 0:55, 1:15, and 1:35, causing vesicles to fuse with the membrane (shown as vesicles escaping the compartment). Many synapsins separate from the vesicles during the action potentials, but the cluster remains intact. More information on tethered particle system models like this one can be found at cell-devs.sce.carleton.ca and and cell-devs.sce.carleton.ca
  • Exocytotic Transport This video shows the path of proteins exiting the Golgi apparatus on the way to the cell surface. This video is from: Essential Cell Biology, 3rd Edition Alberts, Bray, Hopkin, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts, & Walter ISBN: 978-0-8153-4129-1

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  • “Dr. R. Pfleger Chemische Fabrik GmbH, Bamberg, Germany. e. Institute for Anatomy and Cell vesicular exocytotic machinery in various tissues [24,25] including strips of the human”
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  • “Biogenesis of the trypanosome endo-exocytotic organelle is cytoskeleton mediated. Biofilms Biology Biotechnology Bioterrorism blog cancer Careers climate dengue disease”
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  • “BioMarKs: BIOdiversity of MARine euKaryoteS Exocytotic and phagocytotic activities of Tetrahymena pyriformis are not influenced by Clostridium botulinum neurotoxins - 45-54”
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  • “The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is largely. autonomous (independent) in that its Fusion of the membranes results in exocytotic expulsion of.— in the case of somatic motor”
    — SECTION II - AUTONOMIC DRUGS, blog.lib.umn.edu

  • “Practice foreign languages with native speakers in our language exchange community using Skype, email message or audio/video chat BPM to complex with Links of London F Charm proteins on the granule to form the exocytotic SNARE complex that triggered basolateral exocytosis”
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  • “Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary http://www.merriam-/dictionary/exocytotic expression and conservation of a core exocytotic machinery, many variations occur in the”
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  • “ALS TDI forum is a free portal that is dedicated to exchange information about ALS, scientific advances in ALS, and treatments for ALS. Dvl regulates endo- and exocytotic processes through binding to synaptotagmin. Shosei Kishida1,, Kozue Hamao1,, Makoto Inoue2, Mamoru Hasegawa2, Yoshiharu Matsuura3,”
    — Synaptotagmin - ALS Research & Treatments - ALS Forum,

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