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  • The most comprehensive evolutionary science resource on the Internet. Evolution is a co-production of the WGBH/NOVA Science Unit and Clear Blue Sky Productions. — “Evolution”,
  • Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and ***ysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution. — “Evolution News & Views”,
  • Evolution - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Evolution”,
  • Offers detailed explanations of the mechanisms of evolution and the history of life on Earth, explains the relevance of evolutionary theory to our everyday lives, and outlines the multiple lines of scientific evidence relating to evolution. From. — “Understanding Evolution”, evolution.berkeley.edu
  • Tron: Evolution review - Enjoy entering the computer adventure Evolution is a solid, if unadventurous, action game. With platform sections cribbed. — “Tron: Evolution review - Enjoy entering the computer”,
  • evolution (scientific theory), theory in biology postulating that the various types of plants, animals, and other living things on Earth have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to. — “evolution (scientific theory) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Big News on Evolution. Includes blogs, news, and community conversations about Evolution Leading evolutionary biologists still believe that evolution is more than a theory and is, in fact, a very real thing. — “Evolution : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News”,
  • There are a number of competing theories regarding the origins of life. It's a subject of some very heated debate. Check out the theory of evolution and some of the arguments against it. — “HowStuffWorks "How Evolution Works"”,
  • explains evolution, human evolution, theory of evolution, evolution of man and creation vs evolution. — “Evolution, Human Evolution, Theory Of Evolution at”,
  • Skip to navigation Skip to content. Evolution. Innovation. Engage. Employees Area Visit TSA.gov | Checkpoint Evolution Blog | Jobs at TSA | Contact TSA | Privacy Policy. — “Checkpoint Evolution”, tsa.gov
  • Evolution is a light which illuminates all facts, a trajectory which all lines of thought must follow — this is what evolution is. Evolution refers to the change in a species' inherited traits from generation to generation. — “Evolution - RationalWiki”,
  • provides the latest news on evolution. — “Evolution News - Biology news”,
  • The Atomic Age: The Discovery and Evolution of Nuclear Science in Kansas City at Linda Hall Library. New exhibition, The Atomic Age: The Discovery and E. — “The Atomic Age: The Discovery and Evolution of Nuclear”,
  • evolution n. A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. — “evolution: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • The theory of evolution is a naturalistic theory of the history of life on earth (this refers to the theory of evolution which employs methodological Merriam-Webster's dictionary gives the following definition of evolution: "a theory that the various types of animals and plants have their. — “Evolution - Conservapedia”,
  • News about evolution. Commentary and archival information about evolution from The New York Times. — “Evolution - News - Science - The New York Times”,
  • Evolution Theory. Evolution news articles delving into and supporting the theory of evolution. Science articles, photos and more. — “ScienceDaily: Evolution News”,
  • Earlier this year, the very excellent Baba Brinkman was awarded a grant from the Wellcome Trust to make a series of music videos for the. — “Crowdfunding Evolution - Potter Gold - Macleans.ca”, www2.macleans.ca
  • Keep track of the latest developments at the Evolution project wiki, participate in the Evolution community with mailing lists, and chat with the developers and users of Evolution using an IRC client. Evolution's Project Wiki. What's currently happening with Evolution?. — “Evolution”,
  • Hyperlinked article about the theory of evolution by natural selection and genetics. — “Evolution - Wikipedia”,

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  • Evolution Addressing some misconceptions and explaining some of the basics.
  • How Evolution REALLY Works, Part I Link to interactive evolution simulator: How Evolution Works the GAME. A must see!!! KevinPluck has turned this simulation into an interactive game. You are the predator and the squares evolve to avoid you eating them. The world is full of misinformation. Interesting how most of the Young Earth Creationists and people pushing Intelligent Design, clearly don't have an education in the biological sciences. Evolution is the product of Natural Selection AND Mutation. Either alone does nothing. Evolution is the logical outcome of the world around us. Organisms that store their genetic information in DNA are guaranteed to have mutations. Mutations produce NEW variation. Reproducing organisms are guaranteed to compete for resources. Competition between variable organisms leads to natural selection, ie those organisms that possess variation that gives then an advantage will out compete those who don't. Organisms with deleterious variation will lose to all other organisms. In this way the ENVIRONMENT SELECTS the best organisms. This has the effect of passing beneficial mutations on to the next generation and removing deleterious ones. Over time natural selection will lead to a net shift in the genome of the population, ie evolution. Yes, this really is evolution. Changes in allele frequency, changes in gene expression, and changes in transcription factor binding efficiency, they are all evolution. Logic predicts evolution, and observation ...
  • Evolution vs. Creationism: Listen to the Scientists Links to the other 23 videos in this series: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23: 24:
  • 7 -- The Theory of Evolution Made Easy Explains the Theory of Evolution in simple terms. A must for anyone who is confused by what the Theory is, what it means, and why it's taught in classrooms. This video is part of the 'Made Easy' series that explains the history of our world, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa. (Music: Peter Tchaikovsky's Symphony # 6 'Pathetique')
  • Evolution Shmevolution! Ignorant Darwinists are still religiously devoted to a lame story from way back in the 1800s. It's SO out of date. Can we please just move forward?
  • WWE Evolution theme Evolution
  • Probing Platypus Evolution National Geographic researchers are trying to collect DNA samples from these odd duck-billed mammals to determine whether there are separate subspecies.
  • Ayumi Hamasaki - Evolution 2007 I do not own the movie or the song, this video is only made for fun, no copyright infringement intended.
  • Evolution of Video Games Epic Medley (Music from 22 video games) Made on Mario Paint Composer MP3 Now Available (enhanced with a little reverb effect), Click Here: Let me know if the link is broken ------------------------------------------------- It´s been a while since I uploaded my last MPC video and this video is the reason for that. This is my biggest MPC...
  • Evolution- Le parkour Dudes[3RUN] fiddling around with buildings More of these guys in www.3
  • Time-lapse beauty / Dove evolution commercial A 2006 Canada commercial for Dove. Beauty is just a click away. Thanks to technology. More commercials : .. All rights reserved. For all inquiries on commercial use of above video, please mail to [email protected]
  • Evolution IS a Blind Watchmaker READ THIS In this video I deconstruct the broken watch straw man argument used by creationist / ID supporters to attack evolution. I had to pack a ton of information into this video so you WILL need to pause it periodically. The basic premise of the argument is that a bunch of parts will never randomly assemble into the correct arrangement to form a properly functioning complex. Once again, creationists / ID supporters miss the basic concept of evolution entirely. No biologists believes, nor is there any evidence that complex systems form spontaneously in one fell swoop. That would be creation. Systems evolve through many intermediates, one step at a time, slowly building up the complexity. Here I deconstruct their straw man argument. Basically, I simulate clocks as living organisms. Selective pressure is focused on their ability to accurately tell time. NO goal is imposed on the design (you can tell this because every simulation ends with a differently constructed clock). And it works. Clocks evolve through a series of transitional forms: Pendulum, Proto-clock, 1-handed Clock, 2-handed Clock, 3-handed Clock, and 4-handed Clock. Gradually the complexity is built up. These labels I have assigned to the transitional forms have nothing to do with the simulation itself. They are names I assigned so that we could ***yze what the population was doing. The clocks are just clocks, living in their world, trying to tell time as accurately as possible. One thing I wanted to address ...
  • How Evolution Works- Introduction (Part I) -CROATIA ISNT AN ISLAND! It was off the Croatian coast- on the island of Pod Mrcaru. -The Croatian war of independence was from 1991-1995, not in the 70s as I mistakenly said (sorry). The first in my new series designed to teach people everything they need to know about evolution from a scientific perspective. Italian Wall lizards: Index of Creationist Claims /indexcc/list.html From line 1: "About two-thirds of scientists believe in God, according to a new survey that uncovered stark differences based on the type of research they do." -For clarification, the study does NOT say they believe in a Christian God, or what type of God for that matter. I referenced this close to Christianity, and want to make sure no one confuses what I meant, or said.
  • Whale evolution How do we know whales evolved from land mammals?
  • Evolution Trailer HD In Theaters: 22 June 2001 (UK) When a meteorite falls to Earth two college professors, Dr. Ira Kane and Prof. Harry Phineas Block, are assigned the job of checking the site out. At the site, they discover organisms not of this planet. Soon the site is taken over by the government, forcing Ira and Harry to the side. As the new life-forms begin to evolve and start to get more and more dangerous, it's up to the two professors to save the planet. Genre:Comedy/Action Director:Ivan Reitman Cast:David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones
  • Sarah Palin on Abortion and Evolution Sarah Palin and Katie Couric, Sept. 30, 2008.
  • Carl Sagan - Evolution For more visit From 'A personal journey'.
  • LEVI'S "Evolution" TV COMMERCIAL 1970's What would happen if all of humanity found itself in a never-ending time loop of early 70's tripped-out animation? they would wear LEVI'S, of course! Like it? Pay original designer Chris Blum a visit at:
  • How Evolution Happens Actually I don't believe the evolution theory but this is a nice video about the evolution of animals.. This amazing video featuring fish, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, and primates..
  • EVOLUTION FROM NOTES: This was produced in January 2006 for game developer DAVID PERRY. It had to be two minutes and thirty seconds long, for an audience of non-gamers, and was to show what games might look like 5 years from now. Thus why some pre-rendered PS3 videos, and cut scenes were used. As for why there is no RPG collection, we thought about starting with Zork text and evolving but realized for a non gamer audience it wouldn't be easy to quickly explain role playing in a few clips. We will be doing a series of these in the future, check back. A short trip through the evolution of video games. From pixel to polygons, atari to HD, this is a visual ride through various video game genres as they evolved with new technology and talent from game developers. The clip was produced for a presentation made by game developer David Perry at the prestigious TED Conference in Marin County.
  • X-Men Evolution: Season 3, Episode 11 GET ALL FOUR SEASONS ON ITUNES! X-Men: Evolution Season 1 X-Men: Evolution Season 2 X-Men: Evolution Season 3 X-Men: Evolution Season 4 A mysterious assassin terrorizes the X-Mansion, knocking out the X-Men one by one. Wolverine finds out that it is his clone, raised without love by HYDRA, and she wants to kill him because she makes him responsible for her miserable life. Wolverine and X-23, as she is called, square off in a battle which Wolverine does not want to win.
  • Korn - Evolution Music video by Korn performing Evolution.
  • Evolution! A reaction to American anti-intellectualism. I've disabled comments because I'm not interested in the bickering it would most certainly generate. The whole point of the video is that I'm sick of people shoving their unfounded myths and ideologies in other people's faces. I'm not interested in being told how I should accept Jesus as my personal savior. I've had just about enough of that after almost thirty years living on this planet and growing up in what is arguably the most religious country in the free world, thank you very much. I'll believe the Christian god is real the same day I believe in Allah, Odin, Zeus, Shiva, leprechauns, fairies, dragons, Santa Claus, the Invisible Pink Unicorn and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Evolution is about scientific inquiry and evidence, not mythology or ideology. If you have questions or concerns about it, take a biology class. PS I uploaded a better quality version.
  • Tricky - Evolution Revolution Love Music video by the trip-hop star Tricky.
  • 8 -- Human Evolution Made Easy The evidence for human evolution. Part of the "Made Easy" series which traces our origins from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa. This video can be copied and distributed fro educational purposes, but not for commercial use. It may not be built upon or transformed. You must attribute this work to "YouTube's Potholer54". (Music: Astor Piazzolla's "Libertango" performed by Bond.)
  • X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 1 GET ALL FOUR SEASONS ON ITUNES! X-Men: Evolution Season 1 X-Men: Evolution Season 2 X-Men: Evolution Season 3 X-Men: Evolution Season 4 Strategy X - Season 1, Episode 1: Original Air Date: November 4, 2000. Synopsis: When high-schooler Todd Tolanski starts exhibiting toad-like mutant powers, Mystique sees a perfect opportunity to get a spy into Xavier's institute. Meanwhile the X-Men recruit a new member as Kurt Wagner joins Xavier's school to learn to harness his mutant powers.
  • Vodafone - The Evolution of Mobile goo.gl Vodafone - The Evolution of Mobile. Using cutting edge 3D Projection Vodafone bring you The Evolution of Mobile. This is the first small-scale projection mapping installation using a hand-held camera. From the Motorola brick through to the first text message and colour screen to GPS and Android. The question is, what's next?
  • dove evolution Directed by Tim Piper and Yael Staav for Ogilvy. Tim Piper by Yael Staav is represented by Soft Citizen,
  • Guinness "Evolution" Cannes Grand Prix TVC winner
  • 'Why Evolution Is True' by Jerry Coyne, AAI 2009 Jerry Coyne explains 'Why Evolution is True' (also the title of his excellent new book) at the Atheist Alliance International 2009 conference, sponsored by The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. Buy Jerry Coyne's new book "Why Evolution Is True" at : Jerry Coyne's Blog: Download Quicktime version Small: c0116791 720p HD: c0116791 http Filmed by JOSH TIMONEN Edited by JOEL PASHBY
  • Evolution of Dance 2 Judson Laipply is back with the official sequel to "Evolution of Dance" - one of the most watched Internet videos of all time! Go to for the official list of songs featured in the video and for behind-the-scenes info about the video and Judson. Upload your photo and dance alongside Judson at ! Presented by .
  • Mike Huckabee responds to evolution question In the third debate hosted by CNN, Mike Huckabee responded with great eloquence about his stand on creation, evolution, and God's role in that process. Visit Mike Huckabee's web site at Mike Huckabee is someone who seems to respect people of all races, creeds, religions, etc. This answer shows HIS view on the origin of life - this is something completely irrelevant to the Presidency, so the question seems to be very disingenuous. Saying things like "It shows how rational he is" is unwise, because rationality is based on how one reacts and makes decision by the stimulus of REAL LIFE happening now, not on if one believes that God created everything.
  • Evolution of Dance - By Judson Laipply For more visit
  • The Simpsons - Homer Evolution Homer evolves from a single cell organism into a couch potato.
  • bill hicks - evolution bill hicks describes how certain drugs may have been left here by god to speed up and facilitate mankinds evolution.
  • The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair Montage of Nic's various hairstyles. For list of films: Music: "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg
  • X-Men Evolution: Season 3, Episode 2 GET ALL FOUR SEASONS ON ITUNES! X-Men: Evolution Season 1 X-Men: Evolution Season 2 X-Men: Evolution Season 3 X-Men: Evolution Season 4 With Professor Xavier and Wolverine missing in action, Cyclops leads the X-Men to go find them while Storm and Beast battle the unstoppable Juggernaut. Also, they confront the government concerning the public knowledge of mutants.
  • Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution Music video by Pearl Jam performing Do The Evolution. (C) 1998 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
  • X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 2 GET ALL FOUR SEASONS ON ITUNES! X-Men: Evolution Season 1 X-Men: Evolution Season 2 X-Men: Evolution Season 3 X-Men: Evolution Season 4 The X-Impulse - Season 1, Episode 2: The X-Impulse Original Air Date: 11 November 2000. Synopsis: When Kitty Pryde discovers her mutant ability to phase through objects, she's naturally frightened and confused. Life proves to be more difficult for Kitty when both Jean Grey and Lance Alvers, aka Avalanche, approach her. While Jean tries to recruit Kitty to Professor Xavier's Institute, Alvers has plans of his own. Meanwhile, Sabretooth, Wolverine's arch-nemesis, rolls into town and he's looking for a fight!
  • The Evolution of Mobile Phones
  • Special Investigation - Evolution One of the most fascinating things for me about the whole religion debate, is the quality of the arguments that come from the religious side in response to the atheist/anti-theist kickback of recent years. Quality? It's too positive a word. The quality of the arguments is dreadful. It truly fascinates me to see these desperately bad arguments, so easily debunked and deflected, coming back at us time and time again. I dealt with one of them in a recent video called "Atheists Secretly Believe in Yahweh", and this video is a similar thing, about creationism's terrible arguments (if you can call them that). I know next to nothing about science - really, only what I've learnt by being interested in this debate for the last few years. And what is fascinating for me, is that the anti-science (creationist) side have such amazingly bad arguments. Their arguments are rarely, if ever, any better than utterly wrong. They're either flat out wrong, or make things up, strawman style, and then when their errors are pointed out, - they NEVER admit their mistakes, and seem to go on arguing the same things. It is just too plain to see to be a mistake - it's clear that as long as theyve got a flock of believers to preach it to, they'll keep on going like this, even when they are knowingly lying. So this is based on a debate I recently heard between Kent Hovind and a christian who accepted evolution. Hovind just bulldozed his way through, spouting things that EVEN I know are wrong, and that ...
  • Tron: Evolution Trailer - E3 2010 Experience the evolution before the legacy begins.

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