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  • Evanescence music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Evanescence on Yahoo! Music. — “Evanescence on Yahoo! Music”,
  • 124 Evanescence Lyrics, and 55 Evanescence Pictures. — “EVANESCENCE Lyrics”, mp3
  • Website dedicated to Amy Lee and the band Evanescence. Amy Lee Discusses New Evanescence Album. In a recent interview with Blabbermouth, Amy Lee discussed new material she's writing and yes, it will be under the Evanescence name! According to Amy Lee, she is working on new songs "almost every day". — “Amy Lee ”,
  • Evanescence Music Videos , Pictures and Photos including Haunted, Good Enough, Sweet Sacrifice, Lithium Music Videos on Blastro. — “Evanescence Music Videos , Pictures and Photos including”,
  • Evanescence - @ we are all about Latest News & Information on Evanescence Music, Free Evanescence Music Videos, News, Interviews, Fee Music Downloads and More. — “Evanescence @ - Free Evanescence Music”,
  • Watch videos & listen free to Evanescence: Bring Me To Life, My Immortal & more, plus 238 pictures. Evanescence is a Grammy-winning band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben. — “Evanescence – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats”, last.fm
  • Watch Evanescence music videos on Yahoo! Music. View music videos and exclusive Evanescence performances on Yahoo! Music. — “Evanescence Videos - Yahoo! Music”,
  • Official site of the epic, dramatic, dark rock band, Evanescence. Includes videos, lyrics, merchandise, tour info, pics, and more. — “Evanescence”,
  • Listen and find out more about Evanescence at . Pandora is the Internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. — “Evanescence - Pandora Internet Radio”,
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  • For more official music videos from Evanescence, visit Vevo - http:///artist/evanescence/ebbdcfd6-f5f1-4c3c-a9ca-50c72290a1fa Following the multi-platinum, worldwide success of their major-label debut, Fallen, Evanescence is poised. — “YouTube - evanescencevideo's Channel”,
  • Find out more about Evanescence at , your source for music news, videos, photos, concert reviews and more. — “Evanescence - Search Results | ”,
  • Evanescence is a rock band from the United States. The band was formed in Little Rock, Arkansas by Amy Lee and Ben Moody in 1995. Evanescence also won two Grammy awards in 2004 for their work on Fallen. — “Evanescence - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Evanescence For The Record Members include Terry Balsamo , guitar; Will Boyd , bass; Rocky Gray , drums; David Hodges (group member, 1995-2003). — “Evanescence: Information from ”,
  • Evanescence My Space page with streaming music, downloads, lyrics, and blog. — “Evanescence - MySpace”,
  • Evanescence is an American rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.[1][2] After recording private albums, the band released their first full-length album, Fallen, on Wind-up Records in 2003. — “Evanescence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • Evanescence - Bring Me To Life This is a music video for Bring me to life by Evanescence useing footage from the motion picture, hope you enjoy. All copyrights are owned by their respective owners. I own none of the copyrights this is a video made for fun and to showcase my editing ability.
  • Evanescence - My Immortal (Video) Music video by Evanescence performing My Immortal. (C) 2004 Wind-Up Records, LLC
  • Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris Music video by Justin Bieber performing Baby.
  • Evanescence Eternal Alright the point of this is really just for the picture, but I added the song "Eternal" by Evanescence to it since it's such a good song.
  • Evanescence - Hello *Update* Thanks for the 4 million views!!! For all of you that like this video i've uploaded a new Evanescence mix vid to the song 'Like You', and i've done one for 'Breathe No More' too - It's the blue video response - Be sure to check it out! Anyway back to the description: This is an Evanescence mix vid made by me =D. Hope you like it! The song is 'Hello' by Evanescence off of the Fallen album. The vids I used were: Bring me to life, Going under, Everybody's fool, My Immortal, Call me when you're sober and Lithium. The program I used to edit is CyberLink PowerDirector. Took about 5 hrs to make, i'd appriciate any comments and rates left. Thankyou! Honours (it's in that category because originally I made it for a blog): #19 - Most Discussed (All Time) - People & Blogs #22 - Most Linked (All Time) - People & Blogs #11 - Most Viewed (All Time) - People & Blogs #90 - Top Favourites (All Time) #2 - Top Favourites (All Time) - People & Blogs #47 - Top Favourites (All Time) - People & Blogs - Global #17 - Top Rated (All Time) #1 - Top Rated (All Time) - People & Blogs #6 - Top Rated (All Time) - People & Blogs - Global #43 - Most Discussed (All Time) - Entertainment #28 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Entertainment #88 - Top Favorites (All Time) #11 - Top Favorites (All Time) - Entertainment #21 - Top Rated (All Time) #2 - Top Rated (All Time) - Entertainment #62 - Top Rated (All Time) - Entertainment - Global
  • Evanescence - missing Evanescence - Missing. Just a video i made with the words on it. Please comment and tell me what you think!
  • Evanescence - Thoughtless (KoRn Cover) Evanescence - Thoughtles live @ Rock am Ring 2004 (Germany) Comment Rules: 1. It's not about her hair, it's about the performance. Stop posting senseless comments like: "0mgZz her hair ***ing sux!111oneone". 2. Stop comparing her with Jonathan and Evanescence with Korn. It's just a COVER, get it? -_- 3. Only English comments, please! Use dictionary or whatever but do NOT write in other languages. 4. Stop telling people to watch your videos, to join your club etc. I will delete all of these comments and block the user. kthx bye!
  • Evanescence - Lithium (Acoustic live @ VH1) awesome live performance by amy lee
  • Evanescence - Going Under Music video of Evanescence - "Going Under"
  • Evanescence - Breathe No More This is a video I made to go with the song Breathe No More by Evanescence. I hope you enjoy it, rate and comment if you do. Check out my other vids I've made. LYRICS: I've been looking in the mirror for so long That I've come to believe my soul's on The other side All the little pieces falling, shatter Shards of me, Too sharp to put back together Too small to matter But big enough to cut me Into so many little pieces If I try to touch her, And I bleed, I bleed And I breathe, I breathe no more Take a breath and I try to draw from My spirit's well Yet again you refuse to drink like A stubborn child Lie to me, Convinces me that I've been sick Forever And all of this, Will make sense when I get better But I know the difference Between myself and my reflection I just can't help but wonder, Which of us do you love? So I bleed, I bleed And I breathe, I breathe, No; Bleed, I bleed And I breathe, I breathe I Breathe No More..
  • Evanescence - Anywhere another one for my gal...
  • Evanescence - Breathe No More *Update* New Evanescence - Like You video complete! Check it out (Its the blue video reponse) This is the second Evanescence mix vid made by me =D Thought I should really make another since so many people liked the first one. I tried to lip sinc most of it. Hope you like! The song is Breathe No More by Evanescence. The vids I used were: Going under, Everybody's fool, Call me when you're sober and Lithium. The programme I used to edit is Sony Vegas 7.0. Took about 5 hrs to make (same a the last one) i'd appriciate any comments and rates left. Thankyou! Ps Theres a link between this vid and my other one, first person to find it wins a cookie! (its really obvious but oh well) *update* Well done to Evanescing who won! Honours (I put it in the wrong category, woops..): #58 - Top Rated (Today) - Howto & DIY - Global #25 - Top Favorites (Today) - Howto & DIY - Global #25 - Top Favourites (This Week) - How to & DIY - Global
  • Evanescence - My Last Breath Evanescence - My Last Breath video's used: Call me when you're sober Lithium Going under Everybody's fool Bring me to life My immortal Lyrics: hold on to me love you know i can't stay long all i wanted to say was i love you and i'm not afraid can you hear me? can you feel me in your arms? holding my last breath safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you sweet raptured light it ends here tonight i'll miss the winter a world of fragile things look for me in the white forest hiding in a hollow tree (come find me) i know you hear me i can taste it in your tears holding my last breath safe inside myself are all my thoughts of you sweet raptured light it ends here tonight closing your eyes to disappear you pray your dreams will leave you here but still you wake and know the truth no one's there say goodnight don't be afraid calling me calling me as you fade to black
  • Evanescence - October Evanescence October lyrics
  • Evanescence - Wake me up Inside [Lyrics] Enjoy. Band: Evanescence Song: Wake me up Inside (AKA Bring me to Life) Album: Fallen Released: 2003 Video by: sNade9999 (Me) Video done by using: Sony Video Vegas, version 7.0 *** 10 000 views achieved December 21st 2008. *** *** 20 000 views achieved March 9th 2009. *** *** 30 000 views achieved April 20th 2009. *** *** 40 000 views achieved May 7th 2009. *** *** 50 000 views achieved May 18th 2009. *** *** 100 000 views achieved June 25th 2009. *** *** 200 000 views achieved August 19th 2009. *** *** 300 000 views achieved October 3rd 2009. *** *** 400 000 views achieved November 8th 2009. *** *** 500 000 views achieved December 3rd 2009. *** *** 1 000 000 views achieved March 18th 2010. *** *** 2 000 000 views achieved August 29th 2010. *** *** 3 000 000 views achieved December 27th 2010. *** Buy on iTunes: Lyrics for this song: How can you see into my eyes like open doors Leading you down into my core where i've become so numb without a soul my spirits sleeping somewhere cold until you find it there and lead it back home (Wake me up) Wake me up inside (I can't wake up) Wake me up inside (Save me) call my name and save me from the dark (Wake me up) bid my blood to run (I can't wake up) before I come undone (Save me) save me from the nothing I've become Now that I know what I'm without you can't just leave me breathe into me and make me real bring me to life (Wake me up) wake me up inside (I can't wake up) wake me up inside (Save me) call my name and save ...
  • Evanescence - Like You (The Open Door) Evanescence - Like You
  • Evanescence(So close) Evanescence (So close)
  • Hello - Evanescence I upload this video as an engagement gift of Amy Lee!!xoxo... is the song Hello... The first productive thing I ever made... Enjoy it!!
  • Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Video) Music video by Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (C) 2004 Wind-Up Records, LLC
  • Evanescence - Tourniquet fan video TRIGGER TRIGGER TRIGGER. Deals with abuse and suicide--don't watch if you don't like blood. I DID NOT make this. So no, I can't tell you what program I used, or where I got the tiger, or if she really cut herself (but I can guarantee you that's a no; how silly do you have to be?). Fan video for Tourniquet by Evanescence. Cast includes Ashley King, Jordan Reynolds, Sammi Stimpson, and Eric "Emo Boy" Espedia. Matt Harrington and Sammi Stimpson controlled the cameras, directing, and editing. FAN VIDEO, you guys. FAN VIDEO.
  • My Immortal-Evanescence(lyrics) My Immortal Sung by: Evanescence Lyrics! I'm so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish that you would just leave 'Cause your presence still lingers here And it won't leave me alone These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase [Chorus:] When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears And I held your hand through all of these years But you still have All of me You used to captivate me By your resonating light Now I'm bound by the life you left behind Your face it haunts My once pleasant dreams Your voice it chased away All the sanity in me These wounds won't seem to heal This pain is just too real There's just too much that time cannot erase [Chorus] I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone But though you're still with me I've been alone all along [Chorus]
  • AMY DA LAURA Evanescence Live at The David Letterman Show
  • Evanescence - Everybody´s Fool The music video of Evanescence, "Everybody´s Fool"
  • Evanescence - Lithium (Video) Music video by Evanescence performing Lithium. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 7324 (c) 2006 Wind-up Records, LLC
  • Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescence Evanescence "Call Me When You're Sober" music video from The Open Door(Track 2). Copyright © Wind Up Records.
  • Evanescence- Missing My videomix ^^
  • Lies - Evanescence another vid I felt like making. This song is "Lies" by evanescence and it's on the origin album. I hope you like it! And if any of these pictures are yours, just mail me and I'll credit you! Sorry that the timing was a little bit off. When I made it, the timing was perfect. Unfortunately, when I uploaded it, it got messed up. Sorry about this! EDIT: I dont know why this is so popular and everyone likes it lol I guess its OKAY but the timing got all off when I uploaded it! And it looks really weird lol
  • lacrymosa evanescence this is one of my favourite songs from the Open Door. Lacrymosa, Evanescence rocks!
  • Whisper- Evanescence i made this...here ya go CHECK OUT MY NEW EV VIDEO!! THE ONLY ONE!
  • haunted- Evanescence this video is my favory... the reason is for the music of evanescence the best... the amy lee voice is so nice and powerfull enjoy the video
  • Evanescence - imaginary I did this video for imaginary using clips of lithium and others, i like it alot. please watch and comment! :)
  • Evanescence Broken
  • Evanescence going under lyrics Lyrics going under
  • Evanescence - Tourniquet Mmmkay, so I took some pictures and put them in, Did the best I could^.^hope ya like it,
  • Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice (Video) Music video by Evanescence performing Sweet Sacrifice. (C) 2006 Wind-up Records, LLC
  • Evanescence -Taking Over Me Second video creating attempt, this time with possibly better results (quality-wise and creativity-wise!) I apologise for the poor quality of my first video - I had no idea.
  • Eternal - Evanescence - Origin Track 11 (the last track) of their great CD "Origin" It's limited and you hardly get it, so you can download it legal! (but I have it ^-^) NEW DOWNLOAD LINK!: * I play this song on the piano, wanna see it? If you play the end of Eternal the double speed, it's the beginning of "Field of Innocence" ;)
  • Lithium - Evanescence A song that I like much, extracted of the new album of Evanescence, The Open Door.
  • Evanescence - Missing [Thanks everyone thats watched and commented, YOU'RE AWESOME!] - This a music video i made for evanescence's missing. I used all of their videos except lithium and i tried to match her lips well. And i know how the whole flyleaf and apocalyptica clips dont really fit but I hope you like it! please comment! I do NOT own this song or any of the videos used!
  • Evanescence - You The words have been drained from this pencil Sweet words that I want to give you And I can't sleep I need to tell you Goodnight When we're together, I feel perfect When I'm pulled away from you, I fall apart All you say is sacred to me Your eyes are so blue I can't look away As we lay in the stillness You whisper to me Amy, marry me Promise you'll stay with me Oh you don't have to ask me You know you're all that I live for You know I'd die just to hold you Stay with you Somehow I'll show you That you are my night sky I've always been right behind you Now I'll always be right beside you So many nights I cried myself to sleep Now that you love me, I love myself I never thought I would say this I never thought there'd be You ...

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