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  • The Western tradition of ethics is sometimes called moral philosophy. The study of ethics was developed further by Epicurus and the epicurean movement, and by Zeno and the stoics. — “Ethics - Definition”,
  • The Complete Series of Supplemental Reports on Workplace Ethics Now Available: This year's survey gauges the effects of the recession, the financial crisis and Washington's response on ethics and compliance in the workplace. — “Ethics Resource Center”,
  • Definition of ethics from Webster's New World College Dictionary. 1. the branch of ethics or theology that studies the relation of general ethical principles to particular cases of conduct or conscience. — “ethics - Definition of ethics at ”,
  • Ethics (also known as moral philosophy) is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality—that is, concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice, etc. Major branches of ethics include: Normative ethics, about the practical means of determining a moral. — “Ethics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Aristotle's Ethics. First published Tue May 1, 2001; substantive revision Mon Mar 29, 2010 We study ethics in order to improve our lives, and therefore its principal concern is the nature of human well-being. — “Aristotle's Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”,
  • The field of ethics (or moral philosophy) involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. Normative ethics takes on a more practical task, which is to arrive at moral standards that regulate right and wrong conduct. — “Ethics [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]”,
  • Ethics (from the Ancient Greek ἠθικός ēthikos, the adjective of ἤθος ēthos "custom, habit"), a major branch of philosophy, is the study of values and customs of a person or group and covers the ***ysis and employment of concepts such as right and wrong, good and evil, and responsibility. — “Ethics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Many writers regard ethics as any scientific treatment of the moral order and divide it into theological, or Christian, ethics (moral theology) and philosophical ethics (moral philosophy). — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Ethics”,
  • Although the terms ethics and morality may sometimes be used interchangeably, philosophical ethicists often distinguish them, using ethics to refer to theories and conceptual studies relating to good and evil and right and wrong, and using morality. — “ethics - Wiktionary”,
  • Ethics: Scientific treatment of the moral order, article defines and discusses philosophical ethics and moral philosophy. Page scans include illustrations, maps, and images from the original Catholic Encyclopedia. — “Ethics - Original Catholic Encyclopedia”,
  • Quarterly international journal of moral, political, and legal philosophy. Edited by John Deigh, and published by the University of Chicago Press. Includes contents from current and past issues. — “Ethics”,
  • Ethics (from the Greek ethos – custom) in the sense of systems of value and codes of conduct have always been part of human societies. In the Western intellectual tradition, philosophical ethics begins with the Greek Sophists of the fifth century B.C.E., who started to reflect on. — “Ethics - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • A discussion of both what ethics is and what ethics is not. — “What is Ethics?”,
  • Ethics definition, a system of moral principles: See more. — “Ethics | Define Ethics at ”,
  • Learn about Ethics on . Find info and videos including: Engineering Ethics & Ethical Dilemma, Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making, Moral Ethics Vs. Business Ethics and much more. — “Ethics - ”,
  • To assist DOT employees in meeting their ethical obligations, DOT conducts an ethics program that provides ongoing ethics training, advice, and counseling. The Standards of Ethical Conduct provide an essential guide for employees to follow as they perform their duties and responsibilities. — “U.S. Department of Transportation / Ethics”,
  • Ethics Express Newsletter (NEW) Issue 1, December 8, 2009. Secretarial Order: Enhancing and Promoting an Ethical Culture within the Department of the Interior (NEW) The purpose of this order The Office of Government Ethics notice states that fair market value for attendance at an event in a skybox. — “DOI Ethics”,
  • Updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relate to ethics. — “Ethics Updates”,
  • is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. This site is a source for information about the President, White House news and policies, White House history, and. — “Ethics | The White House”,
  • Definition of ethics in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ethics. Pronunciation of ethics. Translations of ethics. ethics synonyms, ethics antonyms. Information about ethics in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. business ethics. — “ethics - definition of ethics by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about ethics at . Make research projects and school reports about ethics easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “ethics Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • See Ethic.] The science of human duty; the body of rules of duty drawn from this science; a particular system of principles and rules concerning duty, whether true or false; rules of practice in respect to a single class of human actions; as, political or social ethics; medical ethics. — “ethics: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Some philosophers call ethics the "science of morality" They think that ethics should use the scientific method to study things that people think are good or bad. — “Ethics - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In philosophy, ethics is one of the three major traditional areas of investigation, alongside metaphysics and logic. The goal of a theory of ethics is to determine what is good, both for the individual and for the society as a whole. — “Ethics - Wikinfo”,

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  • Undercover Ethics: An Atheist Infiltrates the Church Complete video at: Author Gina Welch reflects on the ethical dilemmas of lying to the members of Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church for her book In the Land of Believers. Welch describes struggling with what she came to view as "taking the private world of their church and turning it out to the public." ----- Gina Welch talks about In the Land of the Believers: A Journey to the Heart of Evangelical America. Welch, a young secular Jew from Berkeley, joined Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church. Over the course of nearly two years, Welch immersed herself in the life of the devout: she learned to interpret the world like an evangelical. - Book Passage Gina Welch, a 2001 graduate of Yale University, teaches creative writing at George Washington University. She has also taught writing at the University of Virginia, American University, UVA Young Writer Workshop, and WriterHouse in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her writing has previously appeared in Meridian, Time Out New York, and Playboy.
  • Disability Awareness Project: Professional Ethics in the Classroom St. Petersburg College recognizes the importance of equal access for all students. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the College and its Office of Services for Students with Disabilities seeks to ensure that admission, academic programs, support services, student activities, and campus facilities are accessible to and usable by students who document a qualifying disability with the College. Reasonable accommodations are available to students who: * are otherwise qualified for admission to the College * identify themselves to appropriate College personnel * provide acceptable and qualifying documentation to the College. It is the student's responsibility to provide notice of the nature of the disability to the College and to assist in identifying appropriate and effective accommodation. Students must personally identify the need, provide supporting diagnostic test results and professional evaluations, participate in planning services, and give adequate notice in requesting accommodation. A Counselor/Learning Specialist in the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) is assigned to oversee services on each SPC campus. Made possible through a grant from the Department of Education.
  • The Ethics - La Luna To the beat of the drum boy... enjoy this...
  • Business ethics case study output file, combined
  • Engineering Ethics 101: Professionalism Engineering is a profession, and one way that professions distinguish themselves is by having and enforcing a code of ethics.
  • Teaching Business Ethics R. Edward Freeman of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia gives insights into "Teaching Business Ethics". This video is part of the Masters Seminars in Business Ethics video series. The series features thought leaders in business ethics addressing topics in their particular fields of expertise, including their approach to teaching business ethics. The purpose of the series is to make the best thinking in business ethics globally available free-of-charge for educators, students, and managers interested in embedding ethics into business practice. This series is a partnership between the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics.
  • Professional Ethics in Engineering, Part 7: Codes of Ethics Michael C. Loui presents the 7th video in the series Professional Ethics in Engineering.
  • Business Ethics This is a business ethics video Elizabethtown College SIFE created to teach high schoolers about business ethics in the workplace. It is a great tool for educators helping them provoke discuss about business ethics. If you have any questions or comments at all, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or visit
  • Introduction to Meta-Ethics An extremely brief introduction to the different schools of thought in meta-ethics. This taxonomy was provided to me by Dr. Stephen Scales.
  • Lecture 42: Ethics - Richard Buckland UNSW What is important? What are "Ethics"? What does it mean to be a good person? Whistleblowing. The whistleblowers handbook. Law. Intellectual property. Copyright. Public Domain. FTA.
  • Ethics 5 Utilitarianism A discussion of the essential points of utilitarianism as well as its strengths and weaknesses
  • Philosophy in 2min (3) Kant's ideas about Ethics.
  • Blueprint for Change: Ethics Visit for the full plan.
  • Ethics Reloaded! - Universally Preferable Behavior high def: An animated introduction to Universally Preferable Behavior: A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics, from Freedomain Radio - the entire book is free at
  • Peter Singer: On Ethics This was a lecture given during a 2007 CFI conference "Secular Society and its Enemies." Singer runs through various topics relating to Ethics and the talk wraps up with a few minutes of Q&A. For more information: /nyc
  • Ethics of Outsourcing Pregnancy to India - Michael Sandel Complete video at: Political philosopher Michael Sandel ***yzes the moral implications of using poor women in developing countries like India as commercial surrogate mothers. Sandel challenges the audience to debate the ethics of outsourcing surrogacy as a profitable business. ----- Harvard Professor Michael Sandel deliveres a speech titled "Markets and Morals" as part of the Chautauqua Institution 2009 Summer Lecture Series. He tackles some of economics' toughest ethical questions, such as the business of commercial surrogacy and the price of citizenship. - Chautauqua Institution Michael J. Sandel is the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government at Harvard University, where he has taught political philosophy since 1980. He is the author of Liberalism and the Limits of Justice (Cambridge University Press, 1982, 2nd edition, 1997; translated into eight foreign languages), Democracy's Discontent: America in Search of a Public Philosophy (Harvard University Press, 1996), Public Philosophy: Essays on Morality in Politics (Harvard University Press, 2005), and The Case against Perfection: Ethics in the Age of Genetic Engineering (Harvard University Press, 2007). His writings also appear in general publications such as The Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic, and The New York Times.
  • Vital Ethics ACLS ECG Recognition Sacramento - "acls sacramento ekg ecg test tutorials reading rhythms" "acls training video course" "acls mega code" "acls 2007 2008" "acls code blue" "vfib" "vtach" "paramedic" "paramedic training""paramedic megacode" "ventricular fibrillation" "tachycardia" "advanced cardiac life support" "first degree heart block" "second degree heart block" "third degree heart block" "svt" "supraventricular tachycardia" "bradycardia" "pea pulseless electrical activity" "weckenbach" "mobitz 1" "acls test"
  • On Virtue Ethics Nykytyne2 has made an excellent summary of virtue ethics, coupled with a few criticisms. I try to address the objections. Video I'm responding to: Nic's vid on metaethics: Professoranton's response to Nic on virtue ethics: I've been ridiculously busy of late, but I hope to have a smattering of new videos up in the (relatively) near future.
  • His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama: Ethics for Our Time In this talk His Holiness turns to one of his favorite themes: the importance of compassion. Far from being a uniquely Buddhist concern, the Dalai Lama explains why caring for others can be the basis for a rich and rewarding life for all people. Whether one is a Buddhist or not, whether one is religious or not, a concern for the welfare of others is just good common sense. Compassion changes egotism into empathy, and transforms fear into freedom. It is the basis for both personal and communal peace. Series: Voices [9/2009] [Humanities] [Show ID: 17091]
  • The Deadhead Code of Ethics - Peter Conners Complete video at: Peter Conners, author of Growing Up Dead: The Hallucinated Confessions of a ***age Deadhead describes his experience finding a ticket to a Grateful Dead concert just as the show was beginning. He explains the Deadhead custom of refusing to buy tickets from scalpers. ----- Deadheads, Jerry Garcia fans, and the curious join Peter Conners as he reads from his personal memoir, Growing Up Dead, a tribute to the truth behind Deadhead culture and history. Told against the backdrop of the American landscape of the late 80's to the mid-90's, Growing Up Dead is the story of Peter Conners's journey from straight-laced suburban kid to touring Deadhead. - Books Inc. Peter Conners was born September 11, 1970. His memoir, Growing Up Dead: The Hallucinated Confessions of a ***age Deadhead, was just published by Da Capo Press. His other books include the prose poetry collection Of Whiskey and Winter and the novella Emily Ate the Wind. His next poetry collection, The Crows Were Laughing in their Trees, will be published by White Pine Press in 2010. He is also editor of PP/FF: An Anthology, which was published by Starcherone Books in April 2006. His writing appears regularly in such journals as Poetry International, Mississippi Review, Brooklyn Rail, Fiction International, Salt Hill, Hotel Amerika, Mid-American Review, The Bitter Oleander, and Beloit Fiction Journal and will be included in the Forty Under Forty poetry anthology forthcoming from Yale University ...
  • Business Ethics Let these short, canine animations make important business points at your next meeting! These humorous, animations make powerful meeting openers and will brighten up your next staff meeting, PowerPoint, business presentation or training session. Get all ten animated human resource meeting starters for only $495! Topics include: ethics at work, ***ual harassment, customer diversity, employee diversity, careless errors, safety in the workplace, email communication, cell phone use in the office, avoiding touchy topics, valuing learning opportunities & customer service.
  • Dilbert Cartoon 02X17 - Ethics - part 3/3 Try watching in High Quality ;) Subscribe to get new vid notifications ;) Thank you all for your good comments on all of my vids :) The credit is always for the creator of the great show, Scott Adams! Dilbert Cartoon. Season 2 Episode 17 title "Ethics". Part 3 Last episode of the series :( Subscribe (if you like) to get notifications every time a new Video is posted ;)
  • Ethics Vacation Ethics Vacation: A short film depicting one man's vacation from ethics.
  • Ethics Video This is a video I made for my ethics class.
  • Philosophy & Ethics Part 1 - Lecture By Professor Dr. Werner Krieglstein (College of DuPage) Professor Dr. Werner Krieglstein (College of DuPage) giving a lecture for his class Ethics 1110. This is Part 1 of 2. Part 2 can be found at: For more info on Dr. Werner Krieglstein and his philosophy, Transcendental Perspectivism please visit his official website at: . More links related to this field can be found at: . You can also read more about Werner on Wikipedia at: . To contact Dr. Krieglstein for more information or to invite him to speak at a specific conference or event please: .
  • Business Ethics - My Life in Headlines John finds that his ethical lapses at work have become public knowledge.
  • Fashion Blog Ethics What makes an ethical blogger? While we'd all like to think of ourselves as ethical bloggers, there are some issues that come up that seem innocuous or even a fashion industry standard, but that does it make it right? Does it put your credibility at risk? Just because fashion editors do it, does that mean that should be a standard for fashion bloggers? The ethics panel turned out to be a dark horse causing controversy at the the conference, discussing disclosure, gifting, and whether it presented a conflict of interest to accept gifts from fashion companies as bloggers, and why ethics help bloggers protect themselves. Wendy Brandes (moderator), Wendy Brandes Jewelry • Imran Amed, Business of Fashion • Jessica Schroeder, What I Wore • Mary Scherpe, Stil in Berlin • Clark Hoyt, Public Editor, New York Times
  • What is Ethics Short Intro to Ethics and Business Ethics
  • Tea Party Loves GOP Senate Candidate w/ Ethics Issues Special Promotion: TYT's New Movie Review Channel: TYT on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Check Out TYT Interviews Watch more at
  • Dilbert: Ethics Hotline Video by Scott Adams. RingTales presents an Animated Dilbert Cartoon. Carol messes with the Pointy Haired Boss' meds. Carol says, 'I have a question for the ethics hotline. Is it okay to retype the directions on my boss's prescription medication ?' The Boss says, 'I know I can't do this next thing because I've tried.'
  • The Ethics of Genetically Engineering Children - Arthur Caplan Complete video at: Arthur Caplan, Director of Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses ethical issues concerning genetic engineering and genetically handicapped children. ----- Arthur Caplan discusses Is it Immoral to Want to Live Longer, Be Smarter and Look Better? The Ethics of Using Biomedicine to Enhance Ourselves and Our Children as a part of The Ethical Frontiers of Science during the 2008 Chautauqua Institution morning lecture series. Arthur Caplan serves as the Emanuel and Robert Hart Professor of Bioethics, Chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and the Director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He is the author or editor of twenty-five books and over 500 papers in refereed journals of medicine, science, philosophy, bioethics and health policy. His most recent book is Smart Mice Not So Smart People (2006). He has served on a number of national and international committees, including as the chair of the National Cancer Institute Biobanking Ethics Working Group; the chair of the Advisory Committee to the United Nations on Human Cloning; the chair of the Advisory Committee to the Department of Health and Human Services on Blood Safety and Availability; the special advisory committee to the International Olympic Committee on genetics and gene therapy; the ethics committee of the American Society of Gene Therapy; and the special advisory panel to the National Institutes of Mental Health on human ...
  • Counting the cost - Ethics in business -23 Oct 09 - Pt1 A look at ethics in business, Iraqs economy for possible investments and Sri Lanka's textile industry.
  • Ethics -CEO's This video was selected as the winner of the World Economic Forum and YouTube's "Davos Debates" program, at /davos - see more videos and submit your own, and keep an eye this week as the leaders at Davos respond to your videos. Pablo Camacho 24 years old Student (and independent writer) Bogota, Colombia, South America This is my answer to the quetion "Should company executives have a code of ethics similar to doctors and lawyers?" (Excuse the sudden jumps on the video; I had to make some cuts which decreased the depth in content out of respect to the 3 minutes limitation) Thank you World Economic Forum for your attention; and for making us pay attention.
  • Illah Nourbakhsh Lecture: Ethics in Robotics Are there types of robots that shouldn't be created? Should we use robots in military combat? Or is there actually nothing to worry about? Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute professor Illah Nourbakhsh addresses issues raised by recent book Wired for War by PW Singer and gives his personal take on ethics and robotics.
  • Bush vs. McCain on Lobbyists and Ethics Bush vs. McCain on Lobbyist Double Talk CNN ANCHOR: "...President Bush's spokesman attacked 'The New York Times,' accusing the paper of intentionally trying to tor*** GOP presidential candidates. 'The New York Times' does try to drop a bombshell on the Republican nominee,' said White House spokesman Scott Stanzel. 'That is something that the Republican nominee has faced in the past and will probably face in this campaign.'" [CNN, 2/23/2008] [Inserted text: "But in McCain's 2000 campaign:"] CNN ANCHOR: "Bush was fueled on his Michigan trek by a 'Wall Street Journal' report that McCain receives more of his money from the Washington area and political action committees than any other candidate." BUSH: "It's important on campaign funding reform that we have campaign funding reform. But it's also important for people to know that my friend is raising money from people who have business in front of his committee. Nothing illegal about that, but I just want to make sure the facts are laid bare." [CNN "Inside Politics," 2/4/2000] CNN ANCHOR: "For several days, Bush and his supporters have claimed Senator McCain has a double standard, talking campaign finance reform, for instance, while accepting private jet transportation." [CNN "Inside Politics," 2/7/2000] MCCAIN: "We had almost no money when we were using the corporate jets. I could not get around from one place to another and meet my campaign schedule without it. Now we have a lot of money..." [CNN, 2/7/2000] BUSH: "The ...
  • ethics for dummies goofus and gallant: the novel
  • What is Ethics? Some students, visitors, and parents at La Sierra University try to answer a difficult question.
  • Ethics of Blame Harvard Professor Thomas Scanlon is best known for his explorations of rights, freedom of expression, and contractualist moral theory. His work has largely been motivated by two central topics: how we assess the moral rightness of an action, and why we give moral considerations priority in guiding our actions. He has published widely on freedom of expression, the nature of rights, conceptions of welfare, and theories of justice, as well as on foundational questions in moral theory. Series: UC Berkeley Graduate Council Lectures [9/2007] [Humanities] [Show ID: 12437]
  • Ali G - Medical Ethics 'I heard about this thing and it's probably rubbish, that some girls actually get their babbylongs reduced. Is that true? Ain't that selfish though? cause like is one woman getting back ache but you is taking away thousands of men getting plesure innit?
  • Warren Buffett and Bill Gates On The Economic Crisis and Ethics Warren Buffett and Bill Gates talk with Columbia Business School students about MBAs, the economic crisis and ethics.

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  • “Aim of BCS Ethics Forum. Recognising the central role of today's technologies in business and its impact on public and private input from members through our Ethics Blog, Ethics discussion area, and carbon footprint”
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  • “From the WSJ Blog Corruption Currents: "Whistle Blower Program: A Question of Legal Ethics" for encouraging me to be a guest blogger here--I've been a fan of The Legal Ethics Forum for quite awhile!”
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