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  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective equipped has 5 meanings: Meaning #1 : provided or fitted. — “equipped: Information from ”,
  • Definition of equipped from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of equipped. Pronunciation of equipped. Definition of the word equipped. Origin of the word equipped. — “equipped - Definition of equipped at ”,
  • At their core, Americans all want the same basic things: a quality education for their children, a good job so they can provide for their families, healthcare and affordable prescription drugs, security during retirement, a strongly equipped military and national security. Ruben Hinojosa. — “Equipped Quotes”,
  • Well Equipped Kitchen Cookware, Perma Life Cookware , Plasma Cookware Find The Best Selection And Price For Well Equipped Kitchen Cookware. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. — “Well Equipped Kitchen Cookware - Home : Sell Online”, well-equipped-kitchen.cookwareshop.us
  • FM 3-05.70 SURVIVAL Manual U.S. Military - Equipped to Survive (tm) offers comprehensive information on survival equipment and skills. — “FM 3-05.70 Survival”,
  • Definition of equipped in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is equipped? Meaning of equipped as a legal term. What does equipped mean in law?. — “equipped legal definition of equipped. equipped synonyms by”, legal-
  • Offers independent reviews of outdoor gear and survival equipment. — “Equipped To Survive”,
  • Read this auto newswire article from : Toyota Announces Prices for 2009 Highlander Equipped With New Four-Cylinder Engine. — “Toyota Announces Prices for 2009 Highlander Equipped With New”,
  • Equipped 4 Service Connection believes that these four areas are always connected and Therefore we seek a holistic approach to "equipping you for your work of service", by. — “Equipped 4 Service”, equipped4
  • Equipped definition, to furnish or provide with whatever is needed for use or for any undertaking; fit out, as a ship or army: See more. — “Equipped | Define Equipped at ”,
  • Posted in Being Equipped, The Apostasy, The Church | Tagged Idolatry, Culture, Hosea, Separation from the World, American Christianity | 1 Comment Posted in Being Equipped, The Apostasy | Tagged Deception | 2 Comments. — “Being Equipped | Sola Dei Gloria”,
  • Eclipse GS-T: Hardtop FWD model equipped with a 210 hp (160 kW) turbocharged 2.0 L 16-valve DOHC Mitsubishi 4G63 engine Eclipse GT: Hardtop FWD model equipped with a 200 hp (205 hp federal. — “Mitsubishi Eclipse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • about 40,000 equipped for war, crossed for battle before the LORD to the desert plains of Jericho. Armed Battle Crossed Desert Equipped Fight Forty Host Jericho Lowlands Military Ones Passed Plains Prepared Presence Ready Service Thousand War. — “Joshua 4:13 About forty thousand armed for battle crossed”, bible.cc
  • Definition of equipped in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of equipped. Pronunciation of equipped. Translations of equipped. equipped synonyms, equipped antonyms. Information about equipped in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “equipped - definition of equipped by the Free Online”,
  • We are dedicated to offering cutting edge programs, seminars and educational workshops. We are great motivators to ensure quitting is not an option and you are always experiencing the results we set together. — “Equipped 4 Life - Home”, equipped4.au
  • Your KJ show can only be a good as the karaoke DJ equipment you own - free yourself from the limits with the latest gear!. — “Karaoke DJ Equipment”, well-equipped-
  • SYNC keeps you connected in your Ford car or truck. You talk, SYNC listens. Change songs, dial your bluetooth phone, get directions, and more! When properly equipped. 44. The Ford Focus, Ford Mustang and Ford Taurus each received the lowest number of problems per 100 vehicles among compact,. — “Life With SYNC - Change Songs, Make Phone Calls, Get”,
  • [ Log In] ETS Forums " Forums " The Survival Forum " The Survival Forum " Garmin Dakota 20 GPS Review heavy picture warning They make good equipment but they need to focus on what people want and not what ever it is they are doing. — “Garmin Dakota 20 GPS Review heavy picture warning - ETS Forums”,
  • to make ready : prepare. — “Equipped - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • RPI Equipped! is the official North American distributor for Rieger Tuning, H&R, Bilstein, APR, Sparco, Neuspeed, Brembo and we carry large stocks in both of our warehouses. RPI Equipped! provides parts, accessories and service for Volkswagen,. — “RPI Equipped! | Events”,

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  • Demonstration of the New Blackstar HT-40 Club 1x12" combo from the Blackstar HT-Venue Series. Equipped with 2 channels and 4 modes the HT Club 40 is the ideal gigging valve amp for club sized venues. The 40W EL34 driven power amplifier has amazing punch and dynamics that will easily cut through in a full band situation. Switching to the amazing ISF equipped overdrive channel accesses a further two modes classic crunch and super saturated lead. • 40 Watt valve combo • 2xECC83, 2xEL34 • Two footswitchable channels • 12 Celestion speaker • Enhanced tone controls • Patent-Applied for Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) • Clean voice switch • Overdrive voice switch • Master volume • Digital reverb with dark/bright switch • Speaker emulated output • Effects loop • 2-way footswitch included • Cool vintage styling
  • 50' Gulfstar Sailboat for Sale This well maintained and equipped 50' Gulfstar sailing ketch is now for sale or possibly trade. For more info, call, email, or visit:
  • Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Bag Of Goo? Missed the "Laser Pointers" experiment because it was flagged? CLICK HERE to watch it -- bit.ly T-Shirts: bit.ly - Experiment #236: Bag Of Goo None of us have any idea what is inside this bag of mysterious goo... and being the curious, microwave-equipped people that we are, there was clearly only one way to find out what was in this bag of goo! So, you're probably wondering, Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? Tune in to find out. Twice a week, microwave specialist Jory Caron microwaves different objects... so you don't have to! The "Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory 2.8" is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with tinfoil shielding, a ventilation system, emergency surge protectors, safety masks, and many ***y microwaves. +++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks to Travis Spikes for donating this goo! +++++++++++++++++++++++ Related Videos: Microwave: Golf Ball - Riley: Microwaved Cake - Jon's World: Red Carpet - +++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ Support The Show +++++ FAQ Video - bit.ly T-Shirts ----- bit.ly ideo App ---- Live Show -- bit.ly Donate $$ -- bit.ly +++++ Connect With Us +++++ ::: Jonathan Paula ::: YouTube ---- bit.ly Twitter ------- bit.ly Facebook --- bit.ly ::: Jory Caron ::: YouTube ---- bit.ly Twitter ------- bit.ly Facebook --- bit.ly ::: Riley McIlwain ::: YouTube ---- bit.ly Twitter ------- bit.ly Facebook --- bit.ly ::: ideo Productions ::: YouTube ---- bit.ly Twitter ------- bit.ly ...
  • In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction From the album The Remote Part, 2001
  • Time Warp Table Saw called SawStop SawStop saws are equipped with a safety system to stop the blade within 5 milliseconds of detecting contact with skin. SawStop saws detect contact with skin. The blade carries a small electrical signal, which the safety system continually monitors. When skin contacts the blade, the signal changes because the human body is conductive. The change to the signal activates the safety system. A heavy-duty aluminum brake stops the blade. The blade stops within milliseconds of detecting contact, quicker than a car airbag deploys. During this time three things happen: 1.An aluminum brake springs into the spinning blade, to stop the blade. 2.The blades angular momentum drives the blade beneath the table, removing the risk of subsequent contact. 3.Power to the motor is shut off. Resetting the saw is easy. It takes about five minutes to replace the $69 single-use brake cartridge and blade. SawStop® table saws are the most advanced saws in the world, setting the standard for table saw safety. SawStop saws are equipped with a safety system that detects when someone accidentally contacts the spinning saw blade, and then stops the blade in milliseconds. In most cases, such an accident would result in just a nick on a SawStop saw, instead of the devastating injury which would likely occur on an ordinary table saw. The SawStop safety system includes an electronic detection system that detects when a person contacts the blade. The system induces an electrical signal onto the blade and then ...
  • Minecraft Dad - Ep. 08 - The Soares Bunch meets CHAOS (PvP Server) Follow me and my family on wild adventures, grand expeditions, and chaotic battles on our multiplayer survival server. Think "Swiss Family Robinson" in Minecraft! In this episode, the Soares bunch heads over to the CHAOS.Discovr.us server (full PvP outside the protection zone!) for a quick tour but soon get drawn into a battle over a small island with four hostile dudes in full Diamond armor and weapons. Jumbo recruits a poorly equipped ragtag gang to dislodge them but Dad is wise enough to get equipped first. Will they be victorious or be forced to retreat to fight another day? Watch to find out! My Channel: My blog: My Twitter
  • Mundobasket 2006-Semifinal-Greece vs USA - Highlights by NET Highlights of a great game for Greece vs USA for one place in the final of FIBA World Basketball Championship 2006
  • Cessna 210 Centurion Rolls Royce Turbine - In Flight Suscribe to enjoy more videos soon Overview: Beautifully Equipped Cessna 210N Silver Eagle Year: 2004 Registration: P210321 TTAF: 3428 SMOH: 545 Class: Turbo Prop Single Engine Engine Details: Rolls Royce Avionics: Garmin GNS-530, GA-56, Nav Garmin GNS 430, GA-56, Sandel HIS,S-Tech Century SA-832A Slaved Auto-Pilot, Garmin GTS-327 Trans, Bendix/King FD, Stormscope, Radar and many, many extras Equipment: Engine Fire detection and prevention system, Air conditioning, IFR Certified, Aircraft was converted in 2004 originally was a 1979 P210., Tinted Windows Interior: Beige Leather 10 Exterior: Beige and Blue Marine 10 Inspection Information: Damage History - Minor Damage with full repair data in logs. Repair done by certified repair O & N Aircraft, Inc. Remarks: Current active IFR Status: Active Dedicated to my friends from England: Simon Lowe (1970sPlaneSpotter) Jordi Blumberg (GatwickSpotting) Ben Kolbeck (blueb0g) Thanks for all their support.
  • AWZ - Episodes 822 - Deniz & Roman (English Subtitles) Episode 822: Today in the Igloo's well-equipped dungeon room, which is not for the faint of heart: AWZ, Mistress of Pain: You wanted more bed scenes? Oh, but certainly! Mind if I use them to slice open your hearts a bit? And sprinkle some salt into the open wounds? And what?! You were lamenting the absence of make-out sessions on the weight bench? HERE! Have some! But only if you open wide and swallow the bitter angst and wallow in the breaking of trust at the same time. No, seriously, open. NOW. And oooooooh, what have we here? I do believe some of you had the temerity, the sheer gall, to complain about the lack of steamy shower scenes lately? Oh, my pretties, my sweet plump innocent puddings, I'll make you wish you hadn't. HERE. HAVE A SHOWER SCENE. Don't say I never give you any treats. But lovelies, this is a big treat. For this, I'll have to hurt you. I'll have to hurt you a lot. And you're going to love it. And then, when you're all raw and open and bleeding, I'm going to make you beg me for more. How does that sound? EKP, eager masochists: *whimper* Sounds... awesome... bring it, Mistress, please... OMG... ow. ...If you've had to resort to your safe word with this last round of hurt, you're not alone. C'mon over here for some well-deserved comfort and roll around in the utter adorableness of AWZ's latest cast addition and EKP's newest favourite girltoy, Katja Bergmann (Annette and Lena's younger half-sister of whose existence they did not know - HELLO SOAP ...
  • Cataclysm 85 Survival Hunter DPS Spec and rotation HQ High quality version of the first video / Skip to 2:00 for the final DPS Subscribe if you want me to make more vids! armory - Poox from US Darkspear 354 is my item level EQUIPPED. Make sure you look at armory to see your item level for EQUIPPED gear, ingame it shows you your ilvl including stuff you aren't wearing but is in your bags(pvp gear, offspec gear, etc.)
  • Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix: Sora vs. Terra Meh.... I just never had time or interest of recording it..... Yes... I know I suck at this fight... Note: Donald and Goofy were equipped with every Megalixir I had, as well as Sora equipped the same way one very item slot. FAQ for this video: Why can't I get this fight in the US KH2? A: This is Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+, it is Japanese exclusive. If you import it from somewhere like Play-Asia, you WILL need to bypass the region lock via a modchip or Swap Magic. Don't ask me how, google is your friend. Can I get this game in English? A: Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Option A) Hack it yourself and translate it. Option B) Wait for the MENU only translation patch by Majik. Besides, the voices are in English already. If you have sufficient kana knowledge and/or have played KH2 before, you'll do fine ._. Why is your health so low? What level are you then? A: I'm at lvl 99. The health is so low because the difficulty is "Critical Mode". What was that second form you transformed to? Why does Sora look like his KH1 self? A: It's called "Limit Form" which is a Final Mix Exclusive drive form. You get it the same time you get Oathkeeper in Twilight Town. The form description is something around "A form that gives Sora access to familiar abilities." Why do you have Anti-form on the menu and two Kingdom Keys on Final Form? A: They were codebreaker hacked. The event (the scene before the fight), the keys, and the form menu were the only things hacked. If anything, keeping them to ...
  • Kingdom Hearts II - Sora & Leon Vs. Demyx & Axel I wanted to do this for fun. A water & fire element battle, how very exciting. I threw in Leon as an ally because I didn't want to waste a slot and he's awesome to watch fight. The beginning of the battle is hilarious how Leon instantly starts attacking Axel before the fight actually starts. It's by no means a hard fight though, and for some reason Axel didn't create his fire circle, even though you can tell it's there. The flames around it kept getting in the way, and I totally forgot about Demyx's 10 clone 10 second attack and almost lost there. It's kind of sad Demyx can't be used in other boss fights (His clone move freezes the fight before it starts), so I wanted to do one with him in it. Anyway, enjoy! And don't worry to those people who want to know the codes or how to use them, I'm going to make a tutorial on it soon. In the meantime you can go to kh- and read the KH2 Code thread, and I mean actually read it, not post questions before reading it. Game Mode: Proud Mode Keyblade: Hero's Crest Armor: Champion Belt, Gaia Belt Accessories: Ability Ring, Skill Ring Items: Hi-Potion x6 Action Abilities (Equipped): Guard, Horizontal Slash, Dodge Slash, Slide Dash, Explosion, Aerial Sweep, Aerial Spiral, Aerial Finish Growth Abilities (Equipped): High Jump LV2, Quick Run LV2 Support Abilities (Equipped): Scan, Aerial Recovery, Combo Plus, Combo Boost, Reaction Boost, Air Combo Boost, Reaction Boost, Damage Drive, Drive Boost, Leaf Bracer, MP Rage Weapons Abilities ...
  • Missile defense multiple kill vehicle hover test US Missile Defense Agency video of the 2 December 2008 free-flight hover test of Lockheed Martin's Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV-L). The MKV is designed to allow a single interceptor to destroy a ballistic missile equipped with multiple warheads or countermeasures. In Lockheed's design, a seeker-equipped carrier vehicle maneuvers into the path of the ballistic missile then dispenses and guides small kill vehicles to their targets. In its first test, the MKV-L hovered for 20 seconds in a special facility at Edwards AFB, California, while recognizing and tracking a simulated target.
  • Chris "Teach" Mcneil aboard the Twisted Throttle equipped BMW F800GS Chris "Teach" Mcneil thrashing on the Twisted Throttle equipped BMW F800GS. For more videos and information check out !
  • SHINee - Best of Taemin [HD] (SHINee Vid #5 of 11) SHINee comes equipped with members that have unique talents. The maknae, Taemin, specializes in dancing. And it's not just your standard "move your hips" dancing, his moves are some of the strongest in the industry. He can hold his own in dance battles. SHINee's youngest member has come a long way in two years. Not only has his dancing improved, but his vocal range has become much more controlled and polished. In the first of 5 live SHINee compilation videos, let's lead the pack with the lead dancer, Taemin. Please note that I will not be uploading all 5 SHINee videos back to back. They'll be spaced out, because I still have to stay loyal to all my other artists. Please, continue to subscribe, "like", and comment. Your positive feedback is always appreciated. And please, check out my other videos! Songs and Moments Include: 1. "Thriller" Dance (By: Michael Jackson) (With Kikwang (B2st), Minji / Minzy (2NE1), Chansung & Wooyoung (2PM)) 2. Solo Dance at Seoul Music Awards (0:45) 3. Long Long Ago (Piano Solo) (1:05) 4. Only One For Me (1:21) 5. A.Mi.Go (Amigo) (1:52) 6. Solo Dance on 100% Entertainment (2:37) 7. We Are the Future (By: HOT) (Dance Battle 2009) (3:15) 8. Juliette ("Genie" Remix) (3:38) 9. Dance History (4:05) 10. Lucifer (4:34) 11. Hello Baby - Yoogeun hitting, Airplane Fail (5:30) 12. Hello Baby - Korean Pokemon Theme song karaoke with Yoogeun (5:53) 13. Hello (6:26) 14. Love Like Oxygen (6:54) 15. Genie (SNSD Cover) (7:23) 16. Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay) (8 ...
  • Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes - Say Hi to Otacon Part 2 Second part. There's a bit missing in here where Otacon shows Snake the computers and cries some more and pounds his fist on the floor but for some reason it's not included here. Aww. 141.12!
  • Demon's Souls Soul Farming 100000+ souls/3min This is the best method of soul farming in the game. It takes less than 3 minutes (if you're fast) and gives 100000+ souls for each run through. You must be on NG+, as Soulsucker is required for this method and you must have Pure Black World Tendency for it to work. Remember to stay offline while doing this or your Black World Tendency will shift back to Neutral every time you return to the Nexus. I was on my 4th play-through when this was taken and I was earning 145000 souls every time. You must have either the Thief's Ring equipped or use a spell that hides you presence from enemies, or else they will notice you sneaking up behind them. Do not use the Graverobbers Ring for the Mantas will see you, than they will smite you with their barbs of fury. Kudos to Sephiroth0232 for pointing that out. To earn the most amount of souls you can, you must have The Ring of Avarice equipped, and if you have the spell availability, have Soul Thirst along with Soulsucker. This will take 6 spell memory slots. If you don't have 6 slots than just have Soulsucker memorized because you must use it to do this run through properly. I just used Soulsucker in this tutorial, but if you use Soulthirst, cast it right before you kill the first BP skeleton. This is also a good way to earn the elusive Pure Bladestone, which you can get from the first skeleton you run into (the one with dual katana's), though it might take awhile because the Pure Bladestone's drop rate is something like 0.5%. Good luck ...
  • Brian Schwab Equipped Bench, 1 Board, 4/16/11 Check out my products at Brian Schwab benching a 495 3 board warm up, then 585 and tying his PR with 635 off of a 1 board at a bodyweight of 175 at Orlando Barbell on 4/16/11 while training to compete at 165 at the APF Gulf Coast on 5/28/11.
  • How to remove a Shimano Nexus or Alfine hub equipped wheel from your bike Have a Shimano Alfine or Nexus 8 speed hub on your bike? Here's how to remove it for servicing.
  • JF-17 Thunder re-equipped in No. 26 Squadron 'Black Spiders' replaced A-5C - April 11, 2011 PAF s' Multimedia Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said on Monday that it is PAF's commitment to the nation that despite all odds, "our resolve shall remain unshakable and we shall defend the country against any aggression, be it internal or external." He was speaking at the re-equipment Ceremony of No 26 Squadron of Pakistan Air Force held at an operational PAF Base. The Squadron, one of the prime squadrons of the PAF, previously equipped with A-5 III aircraft has now been re-equipped with indigenously produced JF-17 Thunder aircraft. Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman was the Chief Guest on the occasion. A re-equipment ceremony parade was also held on the occasion, in which the squadron colour was presented to the squadron commander. Speaking at the occasion, the Air Chief said, "Today as we re-equip No 26 squadron, we have also raised No.16 Squadron with the JF-17 Thunder aircraft. I would like to specially mention and highly appreciate the contribution and support of our Chinese friends in helping us acquire a technological breakthrough in the shape of this aircraft." "Induction of JF-17 Thunders have revolutionized PAF's operational concepts, our focus has been a capability-based development rather than the traditional threat based growth. Our effort has been to enhance and sustain our capabilities to cover all spectrum of Air Warfare including Military Operations other than war. He said we have a mission to "Maintain Peace with ...
  • Sleepbox www.Arch- Imagine the situation that you are in the modern metropolis, where you are not a local resident, and you have not booked a hotel. It is not comfortable situation, because in the modern, aggressive cities there are no opportunity to rest and relax. If you want to sleep, while waiting your plane or train, it may cause many security and hygiene problems. We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable for people. For this purpose we have developed a device SLEEPBOX. It provides moments of quiet sleep and rest from the city without wasting time searching for a hotel. Here are the possible locations for SLEEPBOX: - Railroad stations - Airports - Expocentres - Public and shopping centers - Accommodation facilities In countries with warm climate SLEEPBOX can be used on the streets. Thanks to SLEEPBOX any person has an opportunity to spend the night safely and cheaply in case of emergency, or when you have to spend few hours with your baggage. SLEEPBOX is a small mobile space (box) 2mx1.4mx2.3m (h). The main functional element in it is a bed 2x0.6 m., which is equipped with automatic system of change of bed linen. Bed is soft, flexible strip of foamed polymer with the surface of the pulp tissue. Tape is rewound from one shaft to another, changing the bed. If a client wants to sleep in maximum comfort, he can take the normal set of bed linen for an extra fee. SLEEPBOX is equipped with a ventilation system, sound alerts, built-in LCD TV, WiFi ...
  • Bronco + Mattracks= Unstoppable! Here is our Mattracks equipped Bronco driving through 4 plus feet of snow. A $50 000 vehicle preforming like a $200 000 one. Hope you enjoy!
  • Kingdom Hearts II - Sephiroth (Optional Boss) This is me playing Kindgom Hearts II for Playstation 2. This is the hardest boss in Kingdom Hearts II (Not including Final Mix). It's optional, and the only optional boss fight in the game, unfortunately. Sephiroth is actually easy using cheap tactics or being level 99. However, I wanted to challenge myself, and that I did. During my low level Proud Mode game, I fought against him. The end of the video shows my stats. My biggest handicaps were not having good enough growth abilities, such as having NO Quick Run, only High Jump LV2, and having no Glide or Aerial Dodge. On top of that, no Second Chance or Once More abilities (I choose the sword at the beginning, so I don't get them at level 39). And to further handicap myself, I couldn't use Drives and didn't use a Trinity. AND, I was low on Elixers (3). High Jump LV2 seems to be the minimum ability to counter Sephiroth's Decend Heartless Angel move, but without Quick Run or Glide it's pretty hard to get to him before he does it. Unfortunately, I missed all the chances to counter it using up all 3 Elixers I had. One last note is that, yes, I realize you can spam Reflega like a douche to damage him, but that's really really cheap and shows no skill. So I only used it when the orbs showed up. And my AP is high because I used up all AP items on Sora. Game Mode: Proud Mode Keyblade: Decisive Pumpkin Armor: Gaia Belt, Champion Belt, Power Band Accessories: Mythril Ring, Skill Ring, Cosmic Arts Items: Hi-Potion, Mega-Potion ...
  • LG Optimus Pad / G-Slate (T-Mobile) - video first look - The LG Optimus Pad is an 8.9 inch display equipped Android Honeycomb equipped tablet computer. It features dual 5 megapixel cameras for 3D video and still photo recording and can output to a 3D television set using an HDMI cable. More info:
  • Iron Horse Introduction The Jonsered Iron Horse is an incredibly powerful and versatile log and materials transporter. It has a light footprint that will not damage lawns, landscape or marshlands, is easy to transport by truck or trailer, and will go virtually anywhere you can go in the great outdoors. The pro model can be equipped with a power winch and can be equipped with a variety of accessories.
  • Waffen-SS Counterattack to break Kovel encirclement (1944) Combat footage. German Wartime Newsreel. The 5th SS Panzergrenadier Division "Wiking" was sent to assist in the defence of Kovel, currently threatened by strong Soviet forces. Gille led his men towards the town and began setting up a defensive perimeter. However, soon the Soviets had completed the encirclement of the city. The II./5.SS-Panzer-Regiment Wiking, newly equipped with Panther tanks, along with the III./SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment Germania, newly equipped and up to strength arrived at the front from Germany and immediately began forming a relief unit. The unit was formed under the command of SS-Obersturmführer Karl Nicolussi-Leck, commander of 8.Kompanie/II.Abt./5.SS-Panzer-Regiment Wiking. Nicolussi-Leck immediately launched an attack with five Panthers. Soon after beginning the attack, he received a radio message from the besieged commander to halt his attack and withdraw. Nicolussi-Leck ordered his radio operator to ignore the call, and continued his attack. Risking court-martial, Nicolussi-Leck then proceeded to fight his way though the Soviet encirclement, destroying several Soviet tanks in the process. His Panther was the first vehicle to break the encirclement, and for his actions he received the Knight's Cross. After the relief force established a corridor to the encircled force, the withdrawal began. Unlike the previous encirclement at Korsun, the trapped force managed to escape with most of its equipment intact, and the division was ready for action ...
  • Equipped Equipped - Robert Morris For more, visit the following sites: http
  • Laser Equipped "Sniper" Slingshot The Slingshot Channel presents Jörg Sprave's first laser equipped slingshot. In order to ensure that the laser is always perfectly aligned with the pouch (relative to the frame), the grip rotates and the fork tips are attached by ball joints. This means that it is NOT possible to draw out the slingshot the wrong way, it automatically corrects itself. The video includes slow motion material!
  • ERC-90 SAGAIE ARMORED PANHARD IN ACTION ! This light vehicle is in service in many armies in the world, with among them the French land forces operate 193 ERC 90. ARMAMENT The ERC is equipped in this version of the two crew TS-90 turret. Equipped with a 90 mm F4 canon, capable of firing APFSDS ammunitions and a coaxial machine gun, the ERC 90 is disposing of 20 ammunitions for its main artillery. This vehicle is equipped with on Diesel MTU engine of 170 Hp and equipped with an automatic Renk gearbox. The maximum power is of 125 Kw at 2300 Rpm. Réalisation reportage : Karl PROST Interview de Sigrid CONRAD
  • Tales of Symphonia 2 - Mystic Artes Exhibition *PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION* *USE THE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY LINK* *SPOILERS WARNING* *Note: if you have a question on how to do this attacks PLEASE click the view all comments cause your question was probably answered before and its not going to be answered again. How to perform a MA: - Unison bar full - hold B during an Arcane Arte/High Spell (read the artes you have to know which are Arcane) - Special Skill equipped (you get it at lv 30) - at least have 50 TP (150 TP for Emil's full MA) To do Emil's Ain Soph Aur: - Hold B when his anime picture (cut-in) appears while doing his MA - It can be done after the Temple of Darkness - It can't be done after the middle of Chapter 8 (you will know what I mean when you get there) To do Ars Nova (its a Unison attack, not MA): - have 1 light element and 1 dark element circle in the elemental grid. - Both Emil and Marta must have equipped the Special Skill (you learn it at lvl 30) - Press the C button BEFORE the Unison bar is full (red) NOW PLEASE STOP ASKING!! if you don't know what the elemental grid is then play the game again and PAY ATTENTION to the tutorial, geez. This exhibition has a twist to it, for me a Mystic Arte is not a Mystic Arte if it doesn't have a cut-in (anime picture), so I asked my sister Karin to color the original ToS cut-ins and there we go. I tried my best to include them like Namco would, of course its not perfect. Anyway, hope you enjoy it :) Thank you Karin! MUSIC USED (In order, don't ask where to ...
  • EqUiPpEd CLAN in action 2, edited by MiTcH THIS IS BETTER THEN THE LAST ONE
  • Whammy Bar War - Part 1 of 5 (Featuring the Epiphone Les Paul Plustop Pro FX) Whammy Bar War - Part 1 of 5, featuring the Epiphone Les Paul Plustop Pro FX)
  • Orlando Barbell Equipped Squats, 4/15/11 Check out my products at Greg Norris squatting 555 and 575 for doubles, Greg Godwin squatting 645 and 665 for doubles, Hector Rivera squatting 745 and 800, and Brian Schwab squatting a 685 warm up, and doubles with 745 and 765 at Orlando Barbell on 4/15/11 while training to compete at the APF Gulf Coast on 5/28/11.
  • Extreme Steam Volume 1 Steam still thunders down the tracks on railroads across North America. A new generation of railfan photographers, equipped with digital video cameras, is riding and chasing the trains, capturing them in all their splendor with fantastic images. Pentrex has edited the best of the best to bring you a very special video experience. Three hours of nonstop steam action delivers ten different steam engines, including the sought-after final run of Frisco 1522, side-by-side running of Ohio Central's 6325 and 1293, and SP&S 700 in Montana!
  • The battle of arcole Napoleons legend begins here. After the crush of the rebellion Napoleon became the deputys favorite general, he gained the command of the italian army, this army was malnourished badly equipped, "an army of beggars..." Napoleon arrived ,not something special 167cm height with dark unatained hair he didnt impressed his men at first, his mission was to defeat the Austrians ,the young general had alot to proove. After a series of unexpected victories and crossing the alps , the only general who did that after Hannibal barca he came infront of a bridge the normal thing was to whait for the enemy...
  • Mega Man 3 OST, T16: Get a Weapon OST Name: Capcom Music Generation Family Computer Soundtracks Rockman 1~6: Disc 2: Rockman 3 Composed & Arranged by: Bunbun (Yasuaki Fujita) Published & Distributed by: Suleputer Weapons: Gemini Laser Top Spin Shadow Blade Needle Cannon Search Snake Spark Shock Magnet Missile Hard Knuckle All Mega Man / Rockman material including but not limited to game, characters, images, and music are © Capcom Co., Ltd. No copyright infringements are intended. The sharing of VGM does not destroy the video game industry, as it does indeed help it grow.
  • FPV ***appeal Flying onboard an R/C Airplane (FPV) equipped with a GoPro HD around St.Anton am Arlberg. Subscribe for more FPV ***appeal and other crazy high speed stunts. Soundtrack: Grossstadtgefluester - Rock 'n Roll ***appeal
  • Charles Bronson vs. Muggers Having equipped himself for self-defense and vigilante justice, Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) has a big surprise in store for a knife-wielding mugger on the New York subway, in DEATH WISH.
  • Zonin' - Dumbfoundead & DJ Zo Dumbfoundead is a walking bag of charisma. Equipped with a blunted grin, infectious attitude, and an arsenal of quick witted rhymes, the burgeoning new generation Project Blowedian with endless potential. Channel: Website: I did not write or record this song. I am merely trying to get these geniuses some much deserved coverage.
  • Full Metal Panic! TSR Final Scene The complete final battle on the last episode of full metal panic tsr.
  • Su-37 extreme manuevrability demo The Su-37 is a super-maneuverable thrust vectoring russian fighter derived from an Su-35 prototype. This demo shows the pilot literally throwing 20 tons of military metal in the sky. Two Lyulka AL-37FU vectored-thrust afterburning turbofans (30855 lb thrust each) give this aircraft it's extreme flight caracteristics that are above the flight envelope of almost any fighters curently in service in the world. The AL-37FU engines are configured for thrust vector control, with the axisymmetric steerable thrust vector control nozzle is fixed on a circular turning unit. The steel nozzle in the experimental engines is replaced in production engines by titanium units to reduce the weight of the nozzle. The nozzle only moves in the pitch axis, and the nozzles on the two engines can deflect together or differentially to achieve the desired thrust vector for a particular maneuver. The Su-37 has a variety of other innovative equipment such as a radar configured for simultaneous surveillance of airspace and the ground and a high-precision laser-inertial/satellite navigation system. The all-weather digital multi-mode phased array radar operates in either air and ground surveillance modes or in both modes simultaneously. Ground surveillance modes include mapping (with Doppler beam sharpening), search-and-track of moving targets, synthetic aperature radar and terrain avoidance. The Su-37 is also equipped with a rearward facing radar in the tail stinger area of the fuselage. The Su-37 ...
  • S&W 15-22: "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" by Nutnfancy The Smith and Wesson 15-22 is fun. Flat out good times can be had with this super light, well-designed .22 AR-15 clone. At just 5.5 lbs it has amazing portability and comfort in use. With it's adjustable stock and this lightness, it might just be a favorite of your kids and any female shooters in the clan as well. POUs for the 15-22 will of course include this very recreational use, that of an AR-15 trainer, an AR-15 accessory TEST BED, a survival rifle, and just a project gun to accessorize. its .22 LR chambering will afford high round counts without killing your budget. Several models are offered and shown, including "compliant" versions with plain muzzles, fixed stocks, and 10 rd mags. My favorite by far is the perfectly equipped #811034 (or #811035) M&P MOE 15-22. Equipped with Magpul MOE stock and grip (in black but easily DuraCoated if necessary), folding MBUS sights, and flush mounted single pt sling tie in, it wears many of my preferred accessories. Although it's more expensive, it's worth it. All 15-22s have polymer receivers and quad rails which account for the svelte weight. The quad rail follows 1913 Picatinny standards and it thankfully narrow in profile. It allows plenty of room for vertical grip, light, and bipod attachment. Be advised that "frame flexing" was noted in accuracy testing off bipod due to the polymer receivers/rail composition and resulted in wider shot variations. It should be a minor issue in most POUs. The stock trigger is marginal but can ...

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