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  • Definition of epileptic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of epileptic. Pronunciation of epileptic. Translations of epileptic. epileptic synonyms, epileptic antonyms. Information about epileptic in the free online English dictionary and. — “epileptic - definition of epileptic by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of epileptic in the Medical Dictionary. epileptic explanation. Information about epileptic in Free online English dictionary. What is epileptic? Meaning of epileptic medical term. What does epileptic mean?. — “epileptic - definition of epileptic in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • epileptic adj. Affected with epilepsy. Of, relating to, or associated with epilepsy. n. One who has epilepsy As the epileptic brother loses control of his own life, the artist develops solitary obsessions with cartoons, mythology and war. — “epileptic: Definition from ”,
  • polygraphic recordings showed EEG epileptic spikes located to the vertex associated with epileptic negative myoclonus in one in the genesis of epileptic negative myoclonus have been provided. — “International League Against Epilepsy”, ilae-
  • We found 31 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word epileptic: epileptic: Cambridge Dictionary of American English [home, info] Epileptic (comics), Epileptic (graphic novel), Epileptic (novel), Epileptic: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia [home, info]. — “Definitions of epileptic - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • FDA-approval usually requires that 50% of the patient treatment group had at least a 50% improvement in the rate of epileptic seizures. to locate the "epileptic focus" (the location of the epileptic abnormality) and to. — “Epilepsy”, schools-
  • Epileptic. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Epileptic. Causes of an Epileptic Seizure, Types of Non-Epileptic Seizures, Drugs for Epileptic Seizures, What Are the Treatments for Epileptic. — “Epileptic | ”,
  • Here is a detailed guide on epileptic seizures, their types, causes, triggers, symptoms, as well as treatment options. Read on Epileptic Seizure. It is estimated that in the united states, one in every hundred people have experienced an epileptic attack or has been diagnosed with epilepsy. — “Epileptic Seizure”,
  • Overview: Epilepsy, one of the most common neurologic conditions, is defined as a chronic condition characterized by spontaneous, recurrent seizures. An epileptic seizure is defined as a clinical event associated with a transient,. — “Epileptic and Epileptiform Encephalopathies: eMedicine Neurology”,
  • Antiepileptic drugs are medicines that reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. This class of drugs includes some drugs that have other uses as well. — “Antiepileptics Information on Healthline”,
  • Epilepsy is a condition in which people have seizures or 'epileptic attacks'. — “Epileptic attacks”,
  • This section is written by UCSD Epilepsy doctors and may help you understand more about non-epileptic spells. — “Non-Epileptic Spells | Information from UC San Diego Medical”, health.ucsd.edu
  • 20 and 40, but non-epileptic seizures can occur in both. younger and Your neurologist may suspect non-epileptic seizures based. on your medical history and the results of a physical exami- nation, but additional tests will help to rule out. — “Epilepsy Center”,
  • Learn about Epileptic on . Find info and videos including: Diet for Epileptics, How to Prepare for an Epileptic Seizure, What Are the Causes of Epileptic Seizures? and much more. — “Epileptic - ”,
  • Epileptic vertigo is felt to be cause by abnormal stimulation of parts of the cortex that represent the vestibular system -- parietal, temporal and frontal cortex. These are epileptic seizures precpiated by general sensory stimuli - -such as light, thinking, decision making. The "focal". — “Epileptic Vertigo”, dizziness-and-
  • The proper initial response to a generalized tonic-clonic epileptic seizure is to prevent the person from self-injury by moving them away from FDA-approval usually requires that 50% of the patient treatment group had at least a 50% improvement in the rate of epileptic seizures. — “Epilepsy - Wikipedia”,
  • An epileptic seizure is caused by excessive and/or hypersynchronous electrical neuronal activity, and is usually self-limiting.[1] It can manifest as an alteration in mental state, tonic or clonic movements, convulsions, and various other psychic. — “Epileptic seizures - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Epilepsy causes recurring seizures that can cause mental and physical dysfunction. Learn about epilepsy, epileptic seizure and treatment. — “Discovery Health "Epilepsy In-Depth"”,
  • These physical consequences are called epileptic fits (aka seizures or convulsions) Because the brain is so complex, epileptic fits take many forms, although each sufferer. — “Epileptic fits”,
  • Epileptic. Learn about Epileptic on . Get information and videos on Epileptic including articles on atonic seizure, clarence, psychogenic non epileptic seizures and more!. — “Epileptic | Answerbag”,

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  • Flight of the Conchords- "Epileptic Dogs" Hollywood Bowl 5/30/10 Bret and Jemaine singing "Epileptic Dogs" from their show at the Hollywood Bowl on 5/30/10
  • Epileptic Gaming #120.2 - Interview with Raj Joshi Raj Joshi is the Exec. Producer of Command and Conquer 3 on the XBOX 360. Find out what he has to say about many topics including: patching on consoles, tweaking gameplay controls for the console, bridging the gap between PC and Console, and much more. This is the full interview that was aired on Episode #120.2.
  • Epileptic Gaming #141.3 - XBOX Live Racism/Immaturity WARNING: This episode contains language that is considered inappropriate. This is a special edition of Epileptic Gaming where we open up the phones and tackle the tough issue of XBOX/PSN Racism and Immaturity between gamers today. Is it getting worse? Check out this heated debate and leave your comments! Watch Epileptic Gaming LIVE every weekday at 7PM EST/4PM PST only on !
  • Epileptic Gaming #144.3 - Duke Nukem Forever and The Phantom We have a rap song from TeeWhy. The Duke Nukem Forever teaser is finally here! There will not be any exclusive content for GTA4 on the Xbox 360. The Phantom is finally here, only in Keyboard form! Forget the Dark Knight, we've got the Dwight Knight. The Warhawk Omega Dawn FAQ is out, we take a look into it. Nintendo Fanboys revolt, what is the world coming to! We give our Top 10 songs that we'd like to see in Rock Band.
  • Epileptic Gaming #154 - Air Guitar Will we ever see a Blu Ray drive on the Xbox 360? Bully had no QA. Ziff Davis has filed for Bankruptcy. Spore is coming to your iPhone! Will we see a Call of Duty MMO, and if so, can it beat WoW? We review God of War: Chains of Olympus. The guys at Bukaku are at it again, this time their paychecks are at stake! We take a look at th Guitar Hero Air Guitar, and give a little concert for you. Lastly, djWheat shows you how to use your Playstation 3 to download Japanese games.
  • Equal Opportunity Video Game Show - Epileptic Gaming Epileptic Gaming is a daily video game show that airs every weekday at 7PM ET/4PM PT on . On most days we allow callers to ring us up and give their opinions on the show topics. Considering that we NEVER screen calls, there's always a high potential for complete idiots and wackjobs... and this is one of those examples. The hosts were already feeling a bit feisty and this caller only made it worse. Find out why Epileptic Gaming is an "Equal Opportunity" Video Game Show!
  • Epileptic Niko *HD* Today, Niko Suffers From Extreme Epilepsy(Seizure's). DOWNLOAD HERE!(don't message me asking how to install them, because I won't reply.) Euphoria Mod: God Mode Mod: Played, Captured, And Edited By Elitechad255(me) Programs Used: Sony Vegas 8.0 GTA IV Video Editor Sounds Used: Thanks For Watching And Please Subscribe! PCSpecs: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @3.16Ghz EVGA Geforce 9800 GTX+ SSC Edition Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4P/DS4 Motherboard 8gb Of DDR2 G-Skill RAM Corsair 750w Power Supply MS Windows Vista x64 Tags: GTA Benchmark HD IV Bikers Grand Theft Auto IV PC Benchmark Test HD gta 720p Textures quality High Render Highest GTA IV: PC GAMEPLAY fraps EVGA 9800+ SSC edition gta4 gtaiv Grand Theft Auto grandtheftauto4 grandtheftautoiv PC Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @3.16Ghz EVGA Geforce 9800 GTX+ SSC Edition Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4P/DS4 Motherboard 4gb Of G-Skill RAM Corsair 750w Power Supply MS Windows Vista x64 Video of the new port GTA IV from rockstar. gta4 gta grand theft auto four gameplay 1680 1050 q6600 overclock 3.4ghz ati radeon 4850 hq
  • A Battle of Epileptic Proportions Possibly the worst danmaku gimmick ever. First song is Shrooms (Interlude) by The Lonely Island. Second song is Dropzone (Bonkers Mix) by Darren Styles. Script is here: Also this is resume worthy April 23 2010 #17 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada #5 - Top Favourited (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada #21 - Top Rated (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada #85 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada April 24 2010 #6 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada #83 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada #75 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Netherlands #88 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Czech Republic #71 - Top Favourited (Today)) - Canada #1 - Top Favourited (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada #54 - Top Favourited (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Global #5 - Top Rated (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada #28 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada Oh man it just gets better April 25, 2010 #7 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada #90 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Australia #51 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Canada #94 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Global #78 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - France #56 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Non-profits & Activism - Netherlands #89 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Non-profits ...
  • Graphic Epileptic Seizure Footage If you wish to use this video for educational videos or teaching, we are already granting that permission here. THIS is the same video with no text: If you want to use it for mashups to make fun of her, well, you are sick and evil. Medical Marijuana License Holder, illustrator and co-author of Mommy's Funny Medicine has an epileptic seizure. Very graphic, very informative. This is not for fun, it is for education. Rude comments will be left on, to show people the kind of abuse we are often subjected to. another version of this footage, without text, can be found at Feel free to download, copy, or otherwise distribute this video - unchanged - for educational purposes. here are some tips on reducing seizures: here is what we tell everyone (but do your own research first, cross reference, ask around, talk to your doctor about this....) but this has been our experience..... Diet: no alcohol or sugar or white bread or gluten or salt NO EGGS!!!! for god's sake! lethicin and Choline can trigger seizures in people who are susceptible to them, and eggs have that or dairy of any kind or artificial sweeteners no carbonation no red meat (beef, venison, etc) NO bottled water no processed foods no energy drinks! no caffeine no tobacco when I mean no, i mean none at all. Not a little or cutting back - I mean none. at all. 40% of your diet should be fibre lots of: organic rice and legumes and fruits and veggies and filtered water and organic juices organic ...
  • Brain Animation of Epileptic Seizure What the brain experiences during an epileptic seizure.
  • Star Wars Celebration IV - Epileptic Gaming Coverage The hosts of Epileptic Gaming (your 1-hour daily video game internetTV show) went to the Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles to see what they could find. Although the show was a bit underwhelming, the people and the characters who attended were nothing short of spectacular. Although we do have fun with the people in this video, we appreciate the culture and "empire" that Star Wars has created. This is our way of saying thanks in a very fun way. BTW, the Gungan Star Wars TV Rumor was COMPLETELY FALSE. We were only asking it to get a rise out of people! Come watch our daily 1-hour video game internetTV show, Epileptic Gaming, LIVE every weekday at 7PM EST on
  • Manic Street Preachers - Virginia State Epileptic Colony Virginia State Epileptic Colony by the Manic Street Preachers from their new album "Journal For Plague Lovers" Here Are The Lyrics: They sit around tables rendered dumb Coloured sticks of chalk are passed around Today the doctors allow the illusion of choice Tomorrow the necks split, there is no voice Piggy VSEC Cleaning - cooking - flower-arranging Dissolves a kind of liberation Draw a perfect circle, sleep foetus-like Six chalk colours the very meaning of life They wake to strobes and half circled light confusion lifts with potassium percolate Piggy VSEC Cleaning - cooking - flower-arranging Dissolves a kind of liberation Piggy piggy piggy VSEC Cleaning - cooking - flower-arranging Dissolves a kind of liberation Piggy VSEC Cleaning - cooking - flower-arranging Dissolves a kind of liberation Piggy piggy piggy VSEC Cleaning - cooking - flower-arranging Dissolves a kind of liberation
  • "Song for Epileptic Dogs" - Flight of the Conchords From Episode 6, Season 2 Like this song? Download it! Want to buy FOTC stuff? Check out their Amazon store!
  • Atypical Epileptic Seizure This is a video of myself having an atypical seizure in June of 2007. I have had epilepsy since I was a pre-*** and have had these types of seizures despite being on medication. I had been told I jerked a bit and made weird noises. I was curious to see for myself exactly what I looked like having a seizure. I asked my boyfriend at the time to record a seizure if he had the opportunity to. This was the first one he caught. The beginning is not shown since the camera couldn't be retrieved in time. An epilepsy specialist recently described one of my seizure types to be an incomplete generalized clonic seizure and that they are very atypical for my type of epilepsy. He said that I could possibly have generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus.
  • Epileptic Gaming #153 GGL is hosting a Frontlines Tournament, if an Epileptic Gaming team wins djWheat will hook you up! djWheat thinks your an idiot for playing Tribes. How can chatting in Mario Kart get any worse? A World of Warcraft killer could cost billions, what makes World of Warcraft so great and every MMO so bad? The font, that's what. We take a look at a new Street Fighter IV video, straight from GDC. The crew reviews Patapon, Devil May Cry 4 and Fifa Street 3 live!
  • Pete Johansson - Epileptic Girlfriend toofar.tv presents comedian Pete Johansson as he delves into the memory bank to tell us of a past relationship.
  • Sasha's Tonic Clonic Epileptic Seizure Sasha is a 10/yo calico. First I need to say I am not holding her down but as gently as I can, keeping her on her side since she still has back claws and has flown into the walls before. The volume is very low as my mic was across the room. I believe she started having seizures as kitten and they are becoming more frequent. The source remains unknown. Also, I'm sorry for the bad grammar in the video. I was still upset somewhat when I put this together. Today Sasha is doing very well. As far as I know she hasn't had another seizure in over a year. Her Phenobarbital has been cut in half and she's only getting a quarter a pill now and regaining much of her spunk.
  • Epileptic Gaming #199 - Bayonetta & Darksiders Epileptic Gaming does their first show in 2010. A few things you need to know about this one! Yes we are trying some new recording processes, which DID NOT WORK this week. So we are very aware that the final 4 minutes of this clip are missing, but that's OK, you didn't miss much. You only missed djWHEAT swooning over Bayonetta with the occasional "I'd smack that ass" from NiceGuyEd. Then we said, "Don't forget that episode #200 is next week on Friday at the normal time!". In this episode we review Darksiders, Bayonetta, and The Saboteur. Next week we should be caught up again with games, reviews, and news! It's great to be back, we hope you enjoy the show!
  • Epileptic Gaming #139.5 - News & Phones with Summa djWHEAT is out of the office, so Summa takes spot in this Friday Free-For-All edition of Epileptic Gaming. Discussion about games... as well as how Joe Rogan responds to 2girls1cup. Watch Epileptic Gaming LIVE everyday at 7PM EST/4PM PST on !
  • Epileptic attack This is me having an epileptic attack. The worst part is already over (first I also kicked with my arms and legs). I never can't remember anything from it, that's why I asked my boyfriend to film it. If you see anyone having an epileptic attack make sure he doesn't hurt himself. After the attack don't ask difficult questions. My memory is always for a part reset so I can't remember much from before and after the attack. Even when people think I'm normal and talk to me I can't remember that. I post it here so people can recognise an epileptic attack.
  • Epileptic Gaming #201 - REVIEW: Mass Effect 2 Epileptic Gaming is back for week 201 and we tackle Mass Effect 2 with the three hosts, djWHEAT, Force, and Niceguyed, along with some callers. I think I finally got a higher quality recording, we'll see what you guys think! Check out other shows at djWHEAT.tv
  • Prince William and Catherine Middleton appear at a photocall His Royal Highness Prince William and Catherine Middleton appear at a photocall held at St. James's Palace on the day their engagement is announced. WARNING: FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. Visit to find out more or follow @ClarenceHouse on Twitter - http
  • Epileptic Gaming #139.1 - INTERVIEW: Cliffy B Cliffy B is one of the most well liked and well known personalities in the video game space. As a successful developer he's brought us the Unreal and Gears of War franchises... find out what Cliffy B has to say about the release of Gears on the PC as well as other topics like breaking into the industry. Watch Epileptic Gaming every weekday at 7PM EST/4PM PST only at
  • Epileptic Gaming - The Eye of Judgment Instructional Video Have you seen Eye of Judgment for the PS3 which utilizes the EyeToy to allow you to battle other card enthusiasts over PSN? Well if you've had questions about how it's played or how Sony keeps cheaters from getting the better of you, check out this clip from the hosts of Epileptic Gaming who do a quick tutorial on how to play the game, and show you in real-time with two different matches. Watch Epileptic Gaming everyday at 7PM EST/4PM PST only on !
  • Epileptic Gaming #138.5 - INTERVIEW: Mega64! In a special 90 minute Epileptic Gaming the crew from Mega64 (www.mega64.com) invade the EG studios to cause all sorts of hijinx! Find out what sort of games these guys play and what inspires them on a daily basis. Be sure to check out Epileptic Gaming everyday at 7PM EST/4PM PST only at
  • Epileptic Gaming #138.3 - INTERVIEW: OPTX Vanessa Vanessa of the SF OPTX comes on Epileptic Gaming to discuss what it's like to be a paid female in professional video games. We also discuss other topics about the Championship Gaming Series, the new Regions, and why everyone likes big ***s. Watch Epileptic Gaming everyday at 7PM EST only at !
  • Epileptic Gaming #157 EG returns after a week off, with the disembodied Robert Summa in the hot seat. Wheat and Force discuss news of the week and horror flicks Grave Dancers and Diary of the Dead. Also, is Tom Clancy a cashwhore? Why does April Fool's suck? We also review Dark Sector and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis core.
  • Flight of the Conchords Song - S02E06: 'The Girl with the Epileptic Dog' Perhaps their greatest song to date! Yes Jemaine and Bret!
  • Nightmare - Epileptic Crisis Artist - Nightmare Song - Epileptic Crisis Genre - ***, breakcore Awesome song. All credit goes to the artist. Enjoy!
  • Epileptic Gaming: "LEAVE THE WII ALONE" Contest Epileptic Gaming often times gives Nintendo's little console a lot of grief. Here are the details for our latest contest in which we'll be giving away a Nintendo Wii Pack. Video includes ways to submit and how long you have until the contest is over. The winner will be announced LIVE at Digital Life in New York City on September 28th. Watch Epileptic Gaming every weekday at 7PM EST / 4 PM PST LIVE on
  • Epileptic Hillbillys- Wolfman.mp4 New video from Sheffield's Epileptic Hillbilly's. Wolfman is a fantastic slab of Psycobilly/Horrorbilly that will have you howling for more! filmed and edited within a week by Sheffield based renmakesfilms.
  • Epileptic Gaming #155 - 3D Browser Gaming Super Smash Brothers: Brawl Mania is here! Is it a real fighting game? Problems with the game make it unplayable. Microsoft says no way to Blu ray. After so many games, can you blame Infinity Ward for not wanting to do another World War 2 shooter? Pain is getting online support, and a new map! How does GTA4 stack up to the other Grand Theft Autos? We interview Josh Williams, CEO of GarageGames, and take a look at - gaming in your browser. http
  • Me having a seizure. Please visit my informational seizure website at where you'll find FAQs, information on how to donate to seizure relief, a place to ask questions, seizure stories and more. I'll continue to grow this site as I have time. Thanks for your interest. Please also visit pennies2 to learn more about the project I've started to help with seizure research/relief.
  • Epileptic Gaming #140.3 - Interview w/ Jason Rubin Jason Rubin sits down with Epileptic Gaming for an open and honest talk about the industry. Jason Rubin was a co-Founder of Naughty Dog and father to game characters like Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter. Find out what Jason Rubin thinks of Uncharted, what he's working on, and if he was used as the inspiration for the Nathan Drake model! Watch Epileptic Gaming LIVE every weekday at 7PM EST/4PM PST on !
  • Hank and the Epileptic Chicken Hank tries to have a conversation. Chicken makes it difficult. RETWEET: bit.ly ANIMATED BY: BOBJENZ as HANK: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Other Channels: 2ND CHANNEL: ANNOYING ORANGE: STORE: SEND STUFF: Daneboe 2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #803 Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • PNES's: Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (Health Guru) General overview of PNES, or Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures. See more Epilepsy videos at
  • Graphic Epileptic Seizure IF you want to use this footage for a school project, to teach, or any way re-use this footage, THIS is our permission slip to you with text - the same footage with NO text (this one)- spread it around. copy it. download it and burn it to disks and pass them out in the street. Disseminate!!! If you want to use the footage for an insulting mash-up - as some people already have - then you are a monster. Footage of a Graphic Epileptic Seizure, caught on tape, Jan, 2003. Author, illustrator, artist Christine Lowe introduces it.
  • Epileptic Gaming #139.4 - Ratchet and Clank & Call of Duty 4 Epileptic Gaming checks out two more games for review, first is the PS3 exclusive Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction. Second is the highly anticipated FPS Call of Duty 4. Could COD4 be one host's Game of the Year Pick? Find out during this review, and check out Epileptic Gaming LIVE every weekday at 7PM EST/4PM PST only at !
  • Epilep-ep-epileptic. (A video of sound!) Straight up, this probably makes no sense. It is a celebration of sound! And movement! And perving on boys under the guise of study! I know that 'stomp' videos are no longer an original concept. And that people have made much better ones than this. So hush. TITLE is totally a stolen line from Flight of the Conchords' "Song for the Epileptic Dogs". I am in no way poking fun at those with the disorder. Mmmkay, got that? Once upon a time I went to university. I just finished last week, by the by. One of my projects was to make a tv & current affairs news piece. I chose to do a story on parkour & public liability. ANYWAY, this video has nothing to do with uni. I thought to make something a little more creative & a little less... academic. So there. If you are offended by this video in anyway, don't take it out on Sydney parkour. They had nothing to do with it. They kindly devoted their time & welcomed my harassment. If you do, however, want to check out Sydney Parkour, I urge you to do so: Starring Shaun Wood Djordje the fine Djerk Ista Ho (of which Shaun can kindly enlighten me of any youtube address) & several other lovely folk. --- Read my freaking blog (please?): Twitter
  • Epileptic Gaming #181 REVIEWS: Call of Juarez 2 & Battlefield 1943

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  • “Midworld Forum. D0503 T0257 Y2007Epileptic Gaming. Hello everyone and welcome to another 22 Questions interview. know, Epileptic Gaming is a Global Gaming League show devoted all aspects of gaming. They have regular guests [some of which have been interviewed on this blog], game”
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  • “By Mark O'Neill In what is being described as the first attack over the internet to cause immediate direct physical harm, hackers have caused an unknown number”
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