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  • I see ads for the reverse of what you want (asian to european eyes) all the time in the Chinese newspapers, possibly one of those doctors can do the reverse of the usual procedure. The general name for operations to change the appearance of the. — “What plastic surgery can do an Epicanthic fold ( asian eyes)?”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. epicanthic fold. epi·can·thic fold. noun \ˌe-pə-ˈkan(t)-thik-\ Definition of EPICANTHIC FOLD : a prolongation of a fold of the skin of the upper eyelid over the inner. — “Epicanthic fold - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Asians don't actually have slanted eyes, —that's an optical illusion, as it were. Folks from Asia actually have an extra fold in their eyelids called the epicanthic fold. It's at the top of the eyelid and is elongated, sometimes extending beyond. — “Why are Asian eyes slanted? | Big Site of Amazing Facts ©”,
  • Epicanthic folds are most often found on individuals of Asian descent, Many medical conditions related to chromosome abnormalities, such as Down Syndrome and fetal alcohol syndrome, may result in the formation of an epicanthus on individuals who are not genetically predisposed to epicanthic folds. — “What Is the Canthus?”,
  • An infant with Down syndrome, illustrating typical features of this disorder: upslanting palpebral fissures, redundant skin of the inner eyelid (epicanthic fold), protruding tongue, and low nasal bridge. view 272 KB version. view 7 KB version. — “Down syndrome”, medgen.genetics.utah.edu
  • The stereotypical "Asian eye" is caused by an anatomical feature called the epicanthic (or epicanthal) fold, a fold of skin on the upper eyelid that partially covers the inner corner of the eye. When people with the epicanthic fold started migrating, they brought. — “Almond-shaped eyes | American cheese history | Short and long”,
  • epicanthic fold n. A fold of skin of the upper eyelid that partially covers the inner corner of the eye. — “epicanthic fold: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of epicanthic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of epicanthic. Pronunciation of epicanthic. Definition of the word epicanthic. Origin of the word epicanthic. — “epicanthic - Definition of epicanthic at ”,
  • The Epicanthic Fold. If a guy somewhere in Asia makes a blog and no one reads it, does it really exist? epicanthic fold. Email me. anti Bush. news. blogs & stuff. EPIK Blogs. — “The Epicanthic Fold: Anubis Spire”,
  • Definition of epicanthic fold in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of epicanthic fold. Pronunciation of epicanthic fold. Translations of epicanthic fold. epicanthic fold synonyms, epicanthic fold antonyms. Information about epicanthic fold in the. — “epicanthic fold - definition of epicanthic fold by the Free”,
  • Epicanthic definition, a fold of skin extending from the eyelid over the inner canthus of the eye, common among Mongoloid peoples. See more. — “Epicanthic | Define Epicanthic at ”,
  • Epicanthic eye folds are an extra layer of tissue to insulate the eyes and the brain. The epicanthic eye fold is more common among northern populations than in other populations. — “hveyefold”, xter.k12.mi.us
  • Jean Quan Oakland's first Asian American, female mayor. Judge dismisses some charges in alleged Laos plot In the bathroom one night, I used a toothpick to push up my epicanthic folds. — “Plastic Surgery As Racial Surgery”,
  • Definition of epicanthic fold in the Medical Dictionary. epicanthic fold explanation. Information about epicanthic fold in Free online English dictionary. What is epicanthic fold? Meaning of epicanthic fold medical term. What does epicanthic fold. — “epicanthic fold - definition of epicanthic fold in the”, medical-
  • Find your epicanthic pictures at ! We have over a billion indexed images in our directory, and it continually expands. — “epicanthic Pictures”,
  • An epicanthic fold by any other name. André Boisclair, who is the leader of the Parti Québécois, has been defending himself by claiming not to be a linguist. The defense is certainly true, but its effectiveness in mitigating his (alleged) offense is less clear. Here's the story. — “Language Log: An epicanthic fold by any other name”, itre.cis.upenn.edu
  • epicanthic fold. ep·i·can·thic fold [ èppi kanthik fṓld ] (plural ep·i·can·thic folds) or ep·i·can·thus [ èppi kánthəss ] (plural ep·i·can·thi [ èppi kán th ]) noun. Definition: fold of skin of an eyelid: a fold of skin from the eyelid that partially covers the part of the eye nearest the nose. — “epicanthic fold definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • In narrow, high nasal roots the skin is stretched tightly over the arched nasal bones and there is no slack available for the epicanthic fold. But with the growth of the facial skeleton and the eruption of the permanent teeth, the nasal bridge rises and the epicanthic fold ordinarily disappears. — “Eye Types by Earnest Hooton”, s1
  • Epicanthic fold information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Epicanthic fold - ”,
  • prominent epicanthic folds - also known as or related to epicanthic folds, epicanthal folds - medical resources available from Patient UK. — “prominent epicanthic folds - Patient UK resources”,
  • An epicanthic fold, epicanthal fold, or epicanthus is a skin fold of the upper eyelid, covering the inner corner (medial canthus) of the eye. The term epicanthic fold refers to a visually categorized feature of the eyelid; however, there are different underlying explanations of the causes. — “Epicanthic fold - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • HOW TO APPLY DOUBLE EYELID TAPE FOR MONOLID Subscribe to my channel, it's free and it's good :) And don't forget my blog! This video is about double eyelid tape for monolid, asian eyes. It explain how easy it is to apply it right on your eyes.
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  • Jake and Amir Trailer - Inflamed Lumber My entry for the "Jake and Amir" trailer contest.
  • VIRGIN STATUS! Ryerson Portfolio UPDATE: accepted to york, ryerson, and sheridan (no clue how, LOL) recut (and with a tamer voiceover:) (cue 2nd hand embarrassment) 4ryhigh~*~ The goal of this film is to explore the theme of assimilation and how ***ism affects female adolesence. It features a Girl experimenting with what appears ot be her mother's makeup, and her attempt to assimilate herself via beauty products. Whether they are concious of it or not, asian females put on makeup to accentuate their caucasian features. In order to highlight the futility of such an attempt, emphasis is placed on how difficult it is for epicanthic folds to sustain false eyelashes. Furthermore, the Girl then tries to cover up her frustration and shame by the blonde wig and sunglasses. Additionally, I wanted to create a striking juxtaposition between the naivete of prepubescence with the corruption of adulthood. The voiceover is meant to illustrate the realization of the power that one's ***uality can hold. I want the audience to question the relationship between the Girl and the Woman, and who the Woman is addressing. Finally, I wanted to contextualize the events of the film through the eyes of the male Gaze. The different angles and viewfinder effects are meant to suggest voyeurism. The scene for The Morning After showcases the oblivious harmful effects of priviledge and entitlement. Hope ya'll enjoy!
  • QUICK TIP TO BIGGER EYES (circle lenses) these babies can instantly make you have bigger and less tired eyes! trust me on this one haha. look at my before and after and you will see the huge difference that it makes! lenses used : GEO hurricane brown.
  • My Monolid Makeup Looks Various looks I've done on myself. :) No eyelid tape, glue or any double eyelid "tricks" were used. Music: The Owl Named Orion by Dano
  • CNN: Asian plastic surgery (eyelid,nose,tongue) boom as Asians seek "Western" look. Article and video by: Kyung Lah, CNN "--Dr Kim says his clinic, one of the most successful in a city dubbed the "plastic surgery capital of Asia," performs 100 surgeries a day, ranging from eyelid surgery to nose reshaping to facial contouring "They always tell me they don't like their faces," says Dr Kim, explaining what his patients request prior to surgery. "They want to have some westernized, nice faces. They want to have big eyes like westernized people, high profile, nicer noses. "The Chinese and Korean patients tell me that they want to have faces like Americans. The idea of beauty is more westernized recently. That means the Asian people want to have a little less Asian, more westernized appearance. They don't like big cheekbones or small eyes. They want to have big, bright eyes with slender, nice facial bones." " "A global ideal doesn't stop at the face, says dental surgeon Jung Hak. Dr Jung says he's been fighting a trend. Korean mothers who have been bringing in their toddlers to have the muscle under the tongue that connects it to the bottom of the mouth surgically snipped. The belief, explains Dr Jung, is that it will help a Korean speak English more clearly. People from the Asia Pacific region have difficulty in pronouncing the "L" sound, says Dr Jung. But he calls the surgery, if it's only for pronunciation, misguided, and caused by the hyper-competitive drive in Korea. "For 10 years, there's been this crazy drive for early English education ...
  • Race and Reality 2 Science Breaks the Taboo The Clear and obvious evidence that human races do exist and that their biodiversity should be treasured rather than dismissed. How race has become a bad word in the globalist media but in reality race is simply a magnificent expression of Nature and Human Biodiversity. Human racial heritage and diversity should be preserved and treasured. And why each people should have the right to be preserved every people should have the freedom to live in a society of their own nature and values.
  • FERMENTIA - korean chic
  • Matt Willis's Up All Night
  • WIP 3 - Blend shapes on the GPU using CUDA More shapes Anger Look Up Smile Open Smile Closed Disgust Epicanthic Fold Phoneme F and V
  • HOW TO APPLY DOUBLE EYELID TAPE a requested video to show you guys how to apply double eyelid tape again. hope this one helps! if you have any questions please leave a comment or message me i'll be glad to help :)
  • double eyelid - permanent double eyelid without surgery different ways you can get double eyelid without surgery. eyelid tape, eyelid glue, and precut eyelid tape. TUTORIAL on how to use these products and my story on how my eyelids became semi permanently double.
  • double eyelid methods creating double eyelids yourself with glue, precut tape, and tape you can create yourself! hope this helps comment and subscribe plz!
  • The Smartest Iowan, #26 part 1 Phil and Bob compete for this week's title of the Smartest Iowan Directed by Emily Ashenfelter Graphics by Seth Camillo Judging by Josh Goding Round 1 1. How many wheels does a tricycle have? three 1. How many hours are in a day? 24 2. How many letters does the english language have? 26 2. The imaginary line that divides the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres is called what? Equator 3. Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, and Kung Fuare all forms of what? martial arts 3. Magnolia, Ash, and Sycamore are all types of what? trees 4. Who is the US Secretary of State? hilary clinton 4. President Obama gave a major speech last Wednesday. Who was the speech to? Congress 5. What element does ozone consist of? oxygen 5. More than 40 new species were discovered in a dormant volcano in what Oceania nation recently? Papa new guinea 6. Who directed the movies Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless, and Look Who's Talking? Amy Heckerling 6. What 1977 movie is about the character, Tony from Brooklyn who aspires to be the best dancer on the disco floor? saturday night fever 7. Domo Arigato is thank you in what language? Japanese your welcome is doheetah sheemoshtha 7. What civilization is believed to have built the Mexican pyramids of Chichen Itza? mayan 8. Epicanthic fold is associated with what region of the face? orbital, eye 8. The ulnar nerve isn't funny when you bump it. What bone does it run parallel to? ulna bone 9. Behind the nations of the US and the UK, this West African nation is ...
  • Epincathoplasty - Mongolian Fold Surgery For Asians Asian cosmetic surgery, surgical treatment of epicanthal fold in Asians. This is a new and effective treatment of epicanthal fold.
  • RACIST REALTOR & ASIAN-AMERICAN WOMAN The Racist Realtor goes against an Asian-American woman.
  • Dark visions chapter 6 Sirens were wailing closer. A crowd was gathering around the station wagon, blocking Kaitlyn's view of the child. Why hadn't her picture shown her? Why couldn't it have shown her cars crashing, with a date and a place, instead of that pathetic kid's face? How could it all be so useless, so completely freaking useless . .. ? "Do you need to sit down?" the person holding her asked, and it was Joyce Piper, and she was shivering. Kait was shivering, too. "Did you mean that, about me learning to control ... what I do?" Kait couldn't call it a talent. Joyce looked from her to the accident scene with something like dawning realization. "I think so. I hope so," "You have to promise." Joyce met her gaze full on, the way people in Thoroughfare never did. "I promise to try, Kait." "Then I'll go. My dad will understand." Joyce's aquamarine eyes were brilliant. "I'm so glad." She shivered violently. "Seventy degrees there, Kait," she added softly, almost absently. "Pack light." That night, Kaitlyn had a strangely realistic dream. She was on a rocky peninsula, a spit of land surrounded by cold gray ocean. The clouds overhead were almost black and the wind blew spray into her face. She could actually feel the wet of it, the chill. From just behind her, someone called her name. But when she turned, the dream ended. Kait got off the plane feeling giddy and triumphant. She'd never been on a plane before, but it had been easy as anything. She'd chewed gum on takeoff and landing, done twists ...

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  • “/images/blog. Previous. Next. epicanthic.jpg. Save. Copy url. Copy img tag epicanthic.jpg. 12kb. 2006-01-31. Copy url. evilstewie.jpg. 10kb. 2006-01-31. Copy url”
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  • “The epicanthic fold is a good screen against harsh sunlight, such as I had always heard that the epicanthic fold was a feature of Inuit Peoples”
    — Is there a scientific reason for Asian peoples eyes?, page 1,

  • “praline ® Author Profile. Edit. Alert Forum Admin. Post Reply. Moi aussi je suis enchantée de epicanthic " j'ai compris que les européens sont arrivés après les”
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  • “Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints”
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  • “My blog is just about my day to day life, as a park ranger. So please Click Here To Read My Blog. 12:29 PM Hi, The theme of your blog made me curious to stop by and check out your blog, its interesting”
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  • “ yet ALL asians have the epicanthic fold.some africans like the khoisan of southern africa yet ALL asians have the epicanthic fold.some africans like the khoisan of southern africa”
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  • “Canthus (pl. canthi, palpebral commissures) Either corner of the eye where the upper an, The term "epicanthic fold" refers to a visually categorized feature; however, there are different underlying causes”
    — 眼角 - 日志 - olive - 新科学,

  • “What is epic about an epicanthic fold? What does anthic mean? ( Related to anthropic/anthropology/etc.?) Also, is this really (if I may mix my forum idioms). What I mean is that someone hearing epicanthic for the first time assumes that”
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