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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Eohippus) of very small primitive horses from the Lower Eocene having 4-toed forefeet and 3-toed hind feet —called also dawn horse. — “Eohippus - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of eohippus from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of eohippus. Pronunciation of eohippus. Definition of the word eohippus. Origin of the word eohippus. — “eohippus - Definition of eohippus at ”,
  • Eohippus definition, the earliest known horse, a member of the extinct genus Hyracotherium (Eohippus), from the early Eocene Epoch of the Northern Hemisphere; a See more. — “Eohippus | Define Eohippus at ”,
  • eohippus (plural eohippi) Extinct early Eocene mammal, Hyracotherium leporinum [edit] [edit] External links. Eohippus on Wikipedia.Wikipedia. Retrieved. — “eohippus - Wiktionary”,
  • Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation Horses and Ponies for the serious Show Horse Buyer. Listings are screened, ads are professionally developed. All horses have quality photos and video and legitimate show records. Find or sell your quality Hunter All Content Copyright Eohippus, LLC. — “The Exchange: Quality Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation Horses and”,
  • Bonnie Urquhart Gruenberg is an artist, writer, photgrapher, web designer, and certified nurse midwife. — “The Galloping Artist - Bonnie Urquhart RN”,
  • Eohippus Marsh, 1876. Hyracotherium (pronounced /ˌhaɪrəkoʊˈθɪəriəm When it became apparent that the two genera were likely one and the same, Eohippus for a time became a synonym of Hyracotherium, the genus with the earlier date of. — “Hyracotherium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Home of eohippus labs, a short form literary project and press, co-edited and co-published by Amanda Ackerman and Harold Abramowitz. — “Eohippus Labs”,
  • Eohippus is what you call a real family business. We've got into the business because we One thing led to another and at the moment Eohippus can provide you with a full range of sound nutrition. — “eohippus-bio”, eohippus.be
  • Listen to and buy EOhippus music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD Get On by EOhippus on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. — “EOhippus | Get On | CD Baby”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Eohippus. Information about Eohippus in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Eohippus definition of Eohippus in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • the earliest known horse, a member of the extinct genus Hyracotherium (Eohippus), from the early Eocene Epoch of the Northern Hemisphere; a terrier-sized herbivore having four hoofed toes on each forefoot and three on each hind foot, and low-crowned teeth. — “eohippus: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • This article addresses claims that the remains of Hyracotherium, also known as Eohippus, have been found in geological layers along side two modern horses, Equus nevadensis and Equus occidentalis. — “Hyracotherium and Equus”,
  • Eohippus (Hyracotherium) are tiny extinct horses that lived in herds on grasslands. — “Eohippus (Hyracotherium) Printout- ”,
  • ==History==g Eohippus is the present horse's ancestor. This animal's immediate ancestor was the Condylarth group, from which all hoofed animals derived from. — “Eohippus - Wikihorses”,
  • Definition of eohippus in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of eohippus. Pronunciation of eohippus. Translations of eohippus. eohippus synonyms, eohippus antonyms. Information about eohippus in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “eohippus - definition of eohippus by the Free Online”,
  • Eohippus: Max Carmichael's Portal. — “eohippus”,
  • Eohippus Design of California presents Screen Printed and Embroidered. Sportswear with an Equestrian theme. All designs except Specialty Items are original. and are produced on a variety of clothing styles in a large selection of colors. All except Specialty Items are done to order. — “Eohippus Design of California”,
  • The size of a small dog, Eohippus was about 2 feet long, and 12-14 inches long. Eohippus lived during the early Eocene Epoch, up to about 50 million years ago. — “Eohippus (Hyracotherium spp.)”,
  • We are a start-up therapeutic equine facility. Our goal is to help persons with special needs through the unique movements and special personal bond with the horse. Hippotherapy is a proven therapeutic approach for CP, MS, Attention Disorders,. — “Eohippus Therapy & Sport”, eohippus.biz
  • Myspace Music profile for Eohippus. Download Eohippus music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Eohippus's blog. — “Eohippus on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • eohippus n. Hyracotherium. [New Latin : EO- + Greek hippos , horse. — “eohippus: Definition from ”,

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  • Little Mouse exploring sculpture Quasimodo is a very curious little mouse, intensely interrested in anything new. He really enjoys exploring my sculpture work station and finds my prehistoric horse quite fascinating :)
  • eohippus - " sissy " This is part of the Eohippus album covers collection. We want to be as gay as Hunx and His Punx. As exciting as a Flaming Lips live show. As mysterious as NOBUNNY, As innocent as Magic Kids. As anticipating as a new Radiohead album. As dreamy as Neko Case. A new music video.
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  • Nogales / Eohippus live All original Denver based Jazz band "EOHIPPUS" performs their Funky Latin Jazz song " Nogales" at the 2008 Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, Colorado
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  • Eohippus.avi
  • Little Horse (and sheep) visits Studio Miniature horse Toseland loves to come inside my studio as does my pet sheep Tinkerbell. They both really like to explore, Tosi in particular is very interrested in my latest sculpture, a roughly life-size replica of a prehistoric horse (Hyracotherium, the first horse). He seems confused by my sculpture, almost expecting it to be real. Being allowed into the studio is all very exciting so at the end he has to let go of a lot of steam in the paddock :) This video is for my grandmother, who always loved to hear stories of my palomino pony so much.
  • Butter Up / Eohippus Live Denver based all original jazz band Eohippus performs their funky song "Butter Up" Live at the 2008 Cherry Creek Arts Festival
  • More Nature Songs - Eohippus More Nature Songs, sung by Marais & Miranda, ispart of the 6 LP set Singing Science. This set came out in the late 50s/early 60s and exposed kids to different science topics through fun and catchy little songs. Thanks to Jef Poskanzer for initially making the songs available.
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  • Evolution of the Horse The evolution of the horse starting from the Eohippus
  • Equus caballus A special tribute to our three amazing horses, Jazz, Mossy and Dulcie. Dulcie is owned by Bryony who shares the land with us. Jazz is my mums horse and Mossy is mine :) enjoy and rate, commet if you like :)
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  • Eohippus Directed by Chris Mansel, Music by Vanessa Rossetto, Rabid Bear Films, 2010
  • eohippus student video 8th grade science class project... music video on the eohippus...who knew?!
  • SubGenius Family Vacation Part 11 - Santa Cruz, Muir, Stinson Beach, Escape to LA This is by far the most peaceful of our vacation movies, so far. Leaving San Jose, we visit the Santa Cruz home and beaches of Dr. Gary G'broagfran and his spouse, Dr. Eohippus Lovechild. The paintings seen are all by Gary. (See for better looks at these and many more.) Gary and Puzzling Evidence take us on a tour of local beaches. Back at Philo's, his youngest daughter shows us an animated movie she has been creating with children's software. The next day, Philo, Kaosmic MamaKat and Doug Wellman (Puzzling Evidence) guide us through Muir Woods National Monument followed by a meal and Slacking at Stinson Beach, California. Wei and Lily make sand art and everyone enjoys the sunset. The next day, Stang and Doe drive through the garlic-choked smog of Gilmore, CA, Garlic Capital of the Universe. Music: "Choir of Eden" and "Now and Forever" by The Flyin' Ryan Brothers () from their CD, "TOTALITY."

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  • “Welcome to the Wikihorses help desk. This is the place to ask for help with anything related to the wikia. There are more help pages in Category:Help or you can also ask questions on the talk pages of any of the site admins”
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  • “It never fails. Whenever scientists announce the discovery of a hitherto unknown fossil species intermediate between two already known forms there is always one newspaper or magazine which calls it a "missing link". Score another point for evolu”
    — Guest Blog: Breaking our link to the "March of Progress",

  • “One of the first horses was called a Hyracotherium. It was also known as Eohippus - which means the Dawn Horse. The name also refers to the fact that it”
    — The Dawn Horse | Off You Trot Blog,

  • “Big City Forum invites you to a conversation with poets, writers, and Moonlit, aslongasittakes, eohippus labs, Area Sneaks, Artweek and The”
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  • “I hate talking on the phone. It makes me feel like I'm missing something more important like, for example, not talking on the phone. I can feel my blog. Can You Hear Me Now? Nick Brown [ Thu Apr 27 2006 8:23 AM ] I never get cool phone calls like "Hey, I think I caught a live eohippus." I hate”
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  • “Stay updated on yellon and other favorite blogs with Bloglovin'. Get notified whenever your favorites have published new stuff. blog hasn't written anything in the last month. It might take up to a day until new posts are retrieved. http: //eohippus.blogg”
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  • “The famous chart showing an unbroken line of descent from Eohippus of 50 million years ago to Mesohippus 30 million years ago to Join us October, in The Mysteries forum, for a month long discussion of Richard Milton's controversial”
    — The Official Graham Han*** Website: Forum, grahamhan***.com

  • “Count The Toes on Our Petrified Pony Folks stop and stare at our fossil horse._ It is cute in a coltish way, all gangly and long-legged. And it is dynamic than these, why not call them the Dawn Horse,' Eohippus." Marsh did dig even earlier horses, and he did christen them Eohippus”
    — Darwin's Pony...and the Bulldog Who Loved Horses | BEYONDbones,

  • “Eohippus. ToyVoyagers Fresher. Group: Members. Posts: 2. Joined: Nov 14, 2010. Last visit: Nov .com Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Forum based on MercuryBoard. 0.1965 seconds - 23”
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