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  • Environments, Inc. offers appropriate products and supplies for early childhood education facilities and provides classroom equipment and furniture, learning materials, educational toys, and caregiver resources. — “Environments Inc”,
  • "I'm very happy with your product and so is my Blue & Gold Macaw. Every bird owner should own an Animal Environments enclosure." M.M., FOSTER CITY, CA. — “Welcome to Animal Environments”,
  • Environments: Passionate experts in the field of workspace furnishing and design for office, education, healthcare and government work environments. We provide state-of-the-art furniture solutions including exclusive Oregon representation of. — “Environments | Creating Inspired Workspaces”,
  • Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web's most notable experts in jQuery for an all-new, two day online conference, the jQuery Summit (Add event) on Nov. 16th and 17th from 9am to 6pm (CT) © 2010 Environments for Humans | Send all inquiries to [email protected]“jQuery Summit on November 16 and 17th - Environments for Humans”,
  • ENVIRONMENTS. is a licensed Arizona contractor with over 30 years experience in both residential and commercial work. We use your plans or provide a design-build program for you. We work within your defined budgets to save you time and money. — “Welcome to Environments”,
  • Environments quotes and quotations from brainyquote It seems to me that many writers, by virtue of environments of culture, art and education, slip into writing because of their environments. — “Environments Quotes”,
  • Aquatic Environments designs, builds and maintains lakes, ponds, harbors, channels. — “Aquatic Environments”,
  • Independent engineering and test laboratory specializing in the simulation of climatic, electromagnetic, shock, vibration and mechanical environments. — “American Environments Company, Inc”,
  • A/V Environments is a custom electronics installation and integration company. Whether it's a simple surround sound system, or a complete house-wide audio and video distribution system, A/V Environments can deliver. — “Audio Visual Environments - Home Page”,
  • How to use TaskMatch Environments in UltraEdit and UEStudio Using environments, you could customize the System Administrator environment - which displays the telnet/ssh console, a list of common commands. — “How to use TaskMatch Environments in UltraEdit and UEStudio”,
  • The term ecosystem can also pertain to human-made environments, such as human ecosystems and human-influenced ecosystems, and can describe any Very large development projects - megaprojects - pose special instructions and risks to the natural environments. — “Natural environment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Environments in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Environments. Pronunciation of Environments. Translations of Environments. Environments synonyms, Environments antonyms. Information about Environments in the free online English. — “Environments - definition of Environments by the Free Online”,
  • Detractors of this embrace of the cultural dimensions of all environments may regret a loss of the "natural," turned into one of without impact upon European environments, although it is now clear. — “environment: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Earth's Many Environments. An environment is a collection of all the animals and plants in a specific area of land or water. Examples of environments are wetlands, deserts, grasslands, forests, and oceans. Scientists also refer to environments as ecosystems. — “Environments”,
  • ENVIRONMENTS. FOOD CHAINS AND WEBS. ENERGY LOSS IN FOOD CHAINS AND WEBS environments. environmental factors. Water flow rate :- this tells us the flow rate of. — “environments food living things energy”,
  • Habitat Animal Printouts. The Earth has many different environments, varying in temperature, moisture, light, and many other factors. Each of these habitats has distinct life forms living in it, forming complex communities of interdependent. — “Biome/Habitat Animal Printouts - ”,
  • Definition of Environments in the Medical Dictionary. Environments explanation. Information about Environments in Free online English dictionary. What is Environments? Meaning of Environments medical term. What does Environments mean?. — “Environments - definition of Environments in the Medical”, medical-
  • The illustration & design work of Portland, OR based Zach Johnsen. New & improved version! This site showcases Zach's print and commercial projects and the worlds that inhabit his work. — “Zenvironments: The Illustration & Design World of Zach Johnsen”,
  • The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute was founded to promote indoor air quality, sustainable building, and healthy indoor environments, and governs the GREENGUARD Certification Program and provides the world's only guide to third-party certified. — “GREENGUARD Environmental Institute - Healthy Indoor Environments”,
  • AC Environments offers Geothermal Heating and Cooling services for residential and commercial customers in the winnipeg manitoba area. Air conditioning and furnace installation for new and existing structures. Manitoba hydro rebate program, help. — “AC Environments - Geothermal Heating Manitoba”, acenvironments.ca
  • Environments For Living® Program Now Provides Homebuilders a Path to Earning a Green Built Texas Rating - 03/12/2010 (.pdf 21k) Announces DEMILEC (USA) as a Sponsor of the Environments For Living® Program - 01/13/2010 (.pdf 21k) Principles of Building Science Training Event Scheduled for November. — “Environments For Living - Press Room”,

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  • Guarding Against Tuberculosis in Healthcare Environments- MARCOM's "Tuberculosis in the Healthcare Environment" Safety Video Program includes the changes in respiratory protection requirements. The Program is designed to assist facilities and operations whose employees have a risk of exposure to tuberculosis. The safety video also helps employees understand the nature of the disease, as well as what they can do to protect themselves from infection. Early in 1996 OSHA issued Tuberculosis Directives that enforce the 1994 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Tuberculosis Prevention Guidelines, and allow for the wearing of new classes of NIOSH approved respirators/masks as well as HEPA masks. The safety video includes information on history of tuberculosis as a disease, epidemiology and symptoms of tuberculosis, modes by which tuberculosis is transmitted, the CDC guidelines, the exposure control plan, recognition of exposure situations, practices to prevent exposure, administrative and engineering controls, selection and use of personal protective equipment (including respirators), and more. The safety video program comes with a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate and training log. The object of MARCOM's "Tuberculosis in the Healthcare Environment" Video Program is to assist facilities and operations whose employees have a risk of exposure to Tuberculosis, and to help employees understand the nature of the disease, as well as what they can do to ...
  • Backup and Recovery of Oracle Database Environments with Data Domain In this whiteboard demo, learn how Data Domain deduplication storage systems dramatically reduce the onsite footprint for redundant data and make it cost-effective to replicate data offsite for disaster recovery.
  • Andy Stanley How to monitor your kids hearts. Creating Irresistible Environments To Bring People Back To ChurchAndy Stanleys new Book It Came from Within Book How to monitor Your Heart as well as the Heart of your Children Ask Your children is everything OK in Your Heart before they God to bed at night. These things Help People Love Church Create irresistible environments To Help People Want to Go to Church The winning Combination Keeps People coming Back Appealing setting Engaging communication Information Needs to Helpful
  • Escape and Evasion (E&E) Bag for Firearm *UNfriendly Work Environments Head over to Survival Think Tank for the full article: New information on the RWI, DOW and BLS numbers dropped from the index!!!: Some of you out there have taken Survival Think Tank's advice and constructed your bug-out-bags and check the contents often or at least on an annual basis. Many of us that are preparing for a future economic storm likely still have jobs and more than likely must attend work at least five days per week. Chances are you may live or work in a very firearm UNfriendly environment. If this is the case, watch this video and get some ideas started on how you are going to build your E&E bag and what you are going to put inside to help you escape the area you are in and get to your full size bag or at least closer to home.
  • Precision Information Environments Envisioning the future of emergency management Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are developing future work environments for the emergency management community called Precision Information Environments (or PIEs). PIEs will provide tailored access to information and decision support capabilities in a system that supports the multiple user roles, contexts, and phases of emergency management, planning, and response. Take a look at one vision for the future, then visit us at to view an annotated version that describes each of the technology concepts youll see as well as the end user needs that motivated them and the research challenges that must be addressed to make them a reality.
  • PLAY | FUTURESTATES | ITVS futurestates.tv Play by David Kaplan and Eric Zimmerman Society's obsession with video and online gaming has advanced to the point that virtual environments are indistinguishable from physical ones. Go behind the scenes and read about the making: futurestates.tv Learn more about ITVS:
  • Trailer - TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 Environment Showcase for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 CGR Trailers presents a TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 environment trailer. Catch a glimpse at some of the environments and scenery that players will enjoy while playing Atari's Test Drive Unlimited 2. Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be released on February 8, 2011 for the PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360 gaming platforms.
  • Creating Environments -- Part 1 Level: Advanced Recorded in: 3ds Max 2011 -- CityScape 1.8 Files used: Description: PixelActive CityScape is an interactive tool for creating large 3D environments that you can export to 3ds Max via FBX. A free promotional version of CityScape ships with 3ds Max 2011 and is found in the /support/partners folder. CityScape creation elements include terrain, roads, water, props and other features for use in video games and other simulations. In this Part 1 movie, you learn basic manipulation in CityScape to create a simple environment that you later export to 3ds Max for rendering.
  • Top 10 Scariest Video Game Environments The moments in scary games are only half of the equation needed to put out a good scare. The other half are the environments these moments take place in.
  • Welcome to My PLE! A 7th grade student gives a tour of her personal learning environment. This project was conducted as part of dissertation research implementing the use of networked learning and construction of personal learning environments in a 7th grade life science class. The PLE in this video was built using .
  • Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote Using the infrared camera in the Wii remote and a head mounted sensor bar (two IR LEDs), you can accurately track the location of your head and render view dependent images on the screen. This effectively transforms your display into a portal to a virtual environment. The display properly reacts to head and body movement as if it were a real window creating a realistic illusion of depth and space. By Johnny Chung Lee, Carnegie Mellon University. For more information and software visit
  • Neil degrasse Tyson Ingredients for Life: Water Since the 1970s, a number of unusual organisms have been discovered in environments that are hostile to other living things. These organisms, called extremophiles because of their ability to survive at the extremes of typically hospitable conditions, thrive where other life would perish. For example, microbial life has been found deep underground in tiny spaces within rocks, in the frozen environment of Antarctica, in the searing hot waters of deep sea vents and hot springs, and in the harsh environments of dry deserts. Life has also been found in extreme conditions of high radiation, pressure, acidity, alkalinity, or salinity. With the discovery of such organisms, some scientists have broadened their definition of what a habitable environment might be to include a greater range of potential environments for extraterrestrial life.
  • Guarding Against Tuberculosis in Institutional Environments- MARCOM's "Tuberculosis in the Institutional Environment" Safety Video Program includes the changes in respiratory protection requirements. The Program is designed to assist facilities and operations whose employees have a risk of exposure to Tuberculosis. The safety video also helps employees understand the nature of the disease, as well as what they can do to protect themselves from infection. Early in 1996 OSHA issued Tuberculosis Directives that enforce the 1994 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Tuberculosis Prevention Guidelines, and allow for the wearing of new classes of NIOSH approved respirators/masks as well as HEPA masks. The safety video includes information on history of tuberculosis as a disease, epidemiology and symptoms of tuberculosis, modes by which tuberculosis is transmitted, the CDC guidelines, the exposure control plan, recognition of exposure situations, practices to prevent exposure, administrative and engineering controls, selection and use of personal protective equipment (including respirators), and more. The safety video program comes with a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate and training log. The objective of MARCOM's "Tuberculosis in the Institutional Environment" Video Program is to assist facilities and operations whose employees have a risk of exposure to Tuberculosis, and help employees understand the nature of the disease, as well as what they can do ...
  • Trucks & Trailers - examples of environments A few examples of the tasks from upcoming Trucks & Trailers game by SCS Software. The game is still very much in development, nothing is necessarily final, things may and will still be changed before release. Trucks & Trailers (C) SCS Software sro All featured marks, trademarks and vehicle designs are property of respective brand owners.
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Environments Trailer Exclusively via Gamespot Developer: Eden Games Publisher: Atari Release: 21/09/10 NA | 24/09/2010 Europe & PAL Test Drive Unlimited 2 Environments trailer.
  • Maniaplanet - Official teaser - TrackMania 2 Exclusive Content - HQ Extract from ManiaPlanet Forums: "Maniaplanet, a new adventure I would like to introduce our vision of maniaplanet. Even if we have specific development for TrackMania, ShootMania or QuestMania, our goal is to build maniaplanet as a whole. At Nadeo, we see it a little as a software console with a new dimension. The major evolution of video games came from new dimensions: 2D to 3D to the dimension of multiplayer and then to multiplayer 2.0 (user powered gaming) It was first in arcade with one machine per game for many people, then on console with one machine for multiple games and some people and then on personal computer with one machine for multiple usage but mainly for one person. This is the personal computer used to bring your personality, your style to the party. And we don't have only one style, we don't listen to one style of music, we don't like one type of food etc. This is why we have looked to integrate the most played multiplayer genres with ShootMania and QuestMania. In order to make this adventure, we want to start small and solid. This will surprise many of you, but it is a real choice we have made here. We want to have the smallest number of modes as possible and only one environment for one game at the beginning. Then, at a regular pace, we will make maniaplanet bigger and bigger. Our target is to release one environment every three months and maybe do updates in between. New people can come with every new release, some can stay in the previously released ...
  • Gene Organism and Environment The standard metaphors used to describe DNA and development are examined, including the claim that DNA "makes" protein, that DNA is "self-replicating" and the organisms "adapt" to their environments. In this lecture by distinguished evolutionary geneticist Richard Lewontin, he explains that DNA is manufactured by the cell machinery, that proteins are folded by rules that are not related to DNA sequence and that organisms, rather than adapting to their environment, are actively engaging in constructing their own environments, so that organisms and environments co-evolve. Series: "UC Berkeley Graduate Council Lectures" [2/2004] [Science] [Show ID: 8393]
  • ACME - Augmented Collaboration in Mixed Environments Augmented Collaboration in Mixed Environments (ACME) is a mixed reality teleconferencing application based on Second Life (SL) and the OpenSim virtual worlds. Augmented Reality techniques are used for displaying virtual avatars of remote meeting participants in real physical spaces, while Augmented Virtuality, in form of video based gesture detection, enables capturing of human expressions to control avatars and to manipulate virtual objects in virtual worlds.
  • Myron Krueger - Videoplace, Responsive Environment, 1972-1990s ---------Category: Pioneers of MediaArt--------- Documentation produced 1988, Museum of Natural History, Vernon; The participant's image is digitized to create silhouettes which is ***yzed by specialized processors. The processors ***yze the image's posture, rate of movement, and its relationship to other graphic objects in the system. They then react to the movement of the participant and create a series of responses-be they visual or auditory reactions. Two or more environments could also be linked. A series of simulations is programmed based on any action and Videoplace offered over 50 compositions and interactions (including Critter, Individual Medley, Fractal, Finger Painting, Digital Drawing, Body Surfacing, Replay, among others). To illustrate, when the participant's silhouette pushed a graphic object-the computer choose to move the object or the silhouette. Or, as in Finger Painting where each finger created flowing paint without the distraction of the silhouette. Myron Krueger is one of the original pioneers of virtual reality and interactive art. Beginning in 1969, Krueger developed the prototypes for what would eventually be called Virtual Reality. More info:
  • UDK Project version 2 WIP. destructible environments, water, particles HD second version of my work in progress done using UDK. more work on the bsp geometry, as well as more static, and fractured meshes(destructible meshes) throughout the level... added some bug particles in the start of the map, more work on the water, new fire particles... and a lot of work on the lighting of course. more to come soon (new weapons, and new character model)
  • Unreal Engine 3 - Environments Features Overview | HD Gorgeous tech demo trailer showcasing the features of Unreal Engine 3 and its free counterpart, the Unreal Development Kit, that help make lush environments. PRE-ORDER on Amazon: N/A Unreal Engine 3 - Environments Features Overview | HD Developer: Epic Games Release: N/A Genre: Tech Platform: N/A Publisher: Epic Games Website: ESRB: N/A XboxViewTV on Twitter
  • Amazing California Meteorite Discovery () My Website: My Articles My Videos: [email protected]
  • Hazardous Environments (Valve theme full) The valve theme you hear when ever you play a game made by valve enjoy
  • Part 1: Digital Environment Painting with Noah Bradley This is the first part of four segments on digital environment painting. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: View the final painting here: View my complete portfolio here: I hope you enjoy watching this video, and if you've got any questions feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer them. Also, if you do any environment pieces after watching this I'd love to take a look at them. Thanks!
  • Drawing Environment Suggestions on how to set up a good drawing environment to maximize your skill. , Virtual Drawing Institute
  • Robust Aerial Navigation in GPS-Denied Enivronments This helicopter was developed at CSAIL at MIT, under Nick Roy. This vehicle has fully autonomous capabilities in GPS-denied environments. This video was submitted to the 2010 ICRA video contest.
  • Alan Hirsch: Apostolic Environments Alan Hirsch video intro at Verge Conference in Austin, Texas. In every transformative, missional movement there is a powerful form of influence that weaves its way through the chaotic network of churches and believers. There is no other substantial word for this catalytic influence other than to invoke the age-old biblical language of "apostolic". Wherever and whenever the church has significantly extended the mission of God or experienced rapid growth there has always been apostolic leadership present in some form or another. Contemporary apostolic ministry is a gifting that continues and enhances the original work of the New Testament apostles, particularly The Twelve. The apostolic leadership dynamic that needs to be emphasized is that of servant-inspirer, not one who "lords it over others". It is more about spiritual authority than it is about organizational governance. Genuine apostolic ministry is authenticated by suffering and empowerment rather than by positional authority. It draws its authority from service and calling, from moral and spiritual influence. While the apostolic role is essential and catalytic to movements, God has provided at-least fivefold ministry to produce healthy Jesus movements. It is critical for healthy church that all disciples discover their ministry spheres and that leadership is built squarely on fivefold ministry.
  • The Chasers - Crazy Warehouse Guy Compilation All of the Chasers War on Everything's Crazy Warehouse Guy scenes, excluding the surgery and biography one.
  • Game Setups and Gaming Environments - Getting Better Ep. 1 I walk you through my setup, give you some opinions about improving your setup, and touch on some things that you guys have been asking about. These are just my opinions. Hate comments get you blocked :DI always get some form of haters when I make IRL videos. -Muzza My KOTW Commentary: Next episode will be on either Reflexes or Awareness. Let me know what you guys want.
  • Tip #3 - Environment 2 of 2 - Logic Studio Tips Making the MIDI flow in Logic Pro ...... Part 2.
  • The 4D Prophecy If you look at HIT Squad/MMA fighters you will see that they put themselves in a good training environment and train with the best in order to win. The same should apply to Olympic weightlifters, there are people training in environments that are stale were other people in the gym are not concerned with what others are lifting. At Lindenwood the training atmosphere is so electric that lifters have no choice but to push themselves to new heights. In 2010 Lindenwood University was the ONLY program to produce champions at the Sr. Nationals, American Open, Jr. Nationals, Collegiate Nationals, and the School Age Nationals. In this REVOLUTION we are partaking in the whole culture of lifting and training in the United States will never be the same, and when the dust settles we will be a force unlike no other.
  • MPb Podcast: Hexbug Nano and Environments We play with the Hexbug Nanos and their habitats. These are a blast! Check out for more. You can win one of 3 Nano's right now! Details bit.ly
  • Star Wars The Old Republic: Studio Insider: Environment Polish HD Introduction This week, we're going behind the scenes with Senior Environment Artist Robby Lamb to see how game environments evolve and transform into final fixtures. Also, be sure to check out the new Community Q&A where Senior Game Designer...
  • Metro 2033 - Environments and Gameplay (HD 720p)
  • H-Foundation - Environments
  • SMART Speaker Series - Unique Technology-Enabled Learning Environments Experts discuss four creative technology implementations designed to enable learning in any kind of space. Featuring Federico Carvahlo, Beedeenanun Conhye, Jim Gibbons, and Nancy Knowlton. Filmed at GETS Africa 2010.
  • Basics of Video Editing: Getting to Know Your Environment This video is the first in a Lifehacker Night School series on the basics of video editing. It introduces you to professional video editing environments, how they differ from simplified editing environments, and what everything is on your screen. This series will primarily deal with Final Cut Pro, but it will also point out how things work similarly in Adobe Premiere since we will be learning how video editing works with professional software more than we will be learning a specific software title. Future lessons will discuss setting up projects from scratch, importing footage from cameras, color correction and effects, and more. There will be a new lesson every day this week, so keep checking for updates.
  • US - New metrics in the built environment Adapting your office space used to be called alternative workplace strategies but David Roberts calls it "appropriate workplace strategies." He describes how entrepreneurial to traditional companies are employing progressive elements in their office environments in order to capture talent and reduce a company's overall real estate footprint. Building an office that fits a typical metric of 200 ft per cube is becoming obsolete as traditional project management and brokerage link closer together to design an integrated built environment. Learn more at
  • Chat between Personal Learning Environment ( PLE ) and Learning Management System ( LMS ) More info in : A chat about some ideas between Learning Management System and Personal Learning Environment. Una conversación sobre LMS y PLE
  • How to Use SAS - Lesson 1 - The SAS Interface Mike's SAS Tutorials Lesson 1 This video series is intended to help you learn how to program using SAS for your statistical needs. Lesson 1 introduces the SAS window, it's various environments and what each environment does. I also provide some basic code to create a data set, make a new variable & assign it a value, and then run the print procedure (PROC PRINT) to see what the values are of each variable in the specified data set. Helpful Notes: Here are the five primary "environments" that SAS uses: 1. RESULTS: where output is shown in tree structure 2. EXPLORER: the interfacing environment between SAS and your computer 3. OUTPUT: the output of your code 4. LOG: the "middle-man" between you and the SAS system 5. EDITOR: where you type your code Today's Code: data main; x = 1; y = 2; run; proc print data=main; run;
  • Mass Effect 2: Part 3 of 5: Art Producer Mass Effect 2: Part 3 of 5 with rest of episodes exclusively on Xbox Live and on Zune. Search for Art of The Game in the Gamer TV section on Xbox Live to download the full series! The third installment of Art of the Game transports you to the darkest and slimiest corridors of the Omega station. How does completed art make it into the final product? How do 3D modelers create environments? How does the art team work together to combine styles? These are some of the questions answered by Adrien Cho, art producer at BioWare, as he demonstrates step-by-step how concepts and objects are inserted into the game world to make it believable and visually compelling. ------------------------------------------ Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high "Mass Effect 2" UPC 882224355254 BioWare Corp Electronic Arts EA MPN M59-00033 014633159820 video games headshot All Your History xbox Shepard consequence Adrien Cho art producer metal illusive elusive man bartender villains helmets Subject Zero tattoo scar sequel of the game marvel ultimate alliance me mua space interview draw
  • Mastering Your Environments Dom McKenna & Dean Kosage talk about Mastering Your Environments

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