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  • entrepreneur ( ) n. A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. [French, from Old French, from entreprendre , to. — “entrepreneur: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • .ph is your partner in Business, Money Matters, Franchising, Sales and Marketing in the Philippines. — “.ph | Your partner in Business, Money Matters”, .ph
  • Listen to sessions with serial entrepreneurs who've done it all before The Entrepreneur Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs who epitomize the incredible entrepreneurial spirit in Waterloo Region. — “Entrepreneur Week | Entrepreneur Week”, entrepreneurweek.ca
  • Welcome to Social Entrepreneur Corps! Social Entrepreneur Corps is a social enterprise that leads innovative and dynamic international internship, volunteering, and insight programs in Guatemala, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and other select Latin American countries. — “Social Entrepreneur Corps: Homepage”,
  • Help and advice for going from the idea stage to business plan to the marketplace and beyond. That's why lots of entrepreneurs start their business ideas while still working at full-time jobs, which is a great way to have your entrepreneurial cake and eat it, too. — “Entrepreneurs - Starting and Running Your Own Business”,
  • The 27-year-old entrepreneur discusses trusting his instincts, scaling growth online and driving revenue with user feedback. — “Matt Mickiewicz: How I Started 99designs - Business - Small”,
  • The Entrepreneur Newspaper has as its mission to inform an educate Cameroonians with truthful, credible, inspiring and motivating non-partisan information that equips and empowers its readers and the public to a fulfilling destiny. — “The Entrepreneur - Cameroon's Premier Economic & Business Journal”,
  • Offers information, services, and advice for small business owners as well as in-depth information on thousands of franchises. — “”,
  • - A free, online international resource designed to help build entrepreneurial economies If you have an interest in energy as an entrepreneur, investor, buyer, agency or advocate, join the Energy Innovation Network of. — “ - A free, online international resource”,
  • A Belfast entrepreneur is opening a second cafe in the city following success with his first venture in the city centre. — “Entrepreneur defies downturn to open second eatery in the”,
  • Posted in: Entrepreneur, Lastest, Latest. 25th – 27th November 2010 – Asia's No.1 Business Coach went to the most populous city in Southeast Asia, Jakarta and others like Bandung, Medan, Bali, Batam and Surabaya to plan out ATCEN's business expansion to Indonesia. — “The Entrepreneur - The Ultimate Entrepreneur Search”, theentrepreneur.my
  • Resource center for starting a business. Learn about starting and mantaining a business, shop for the needed goods or services in operating a business, connect with like-minded individuals, and find assistance in securing venture capital. — “Young ”,
  • In this blessed country of ours, not many people set out to create something of their own, especially if they have had the advantage of going to school. Yet the average young entrepreneur has no machinery, no plants, no land and a lot of times, no car and yet the above is exactly what is needed. — “Daily Monitor: - Smart Money |Challenges of a young entrepreneur”, monitor.co.ug
  • A Costa Mesa man went on trial Tuesday for the March 2009 collision that claimed the life of mixed martial arts entrepreneur Charles Lewis Junior. — “Trial Begins in Crash That Killed UFC Entrepreneur | NBC Los”,
  • Find Meetup Groups in Vancouver, BC, ca about Entrepreneur. — “Entrepreneur Meetups near Vancouver, British Columbia”,
  • BLACK ENTERPRISE is your ultimate source for wealth creation and financial empowerment. BLACK ENTERPRISE is Wealth For Life The CEO of My Golf Concierge LLC shares how he went from job seeker to accidental entrepreneur. — “So You've Been Fired... Now What?: The Accidental”,
  • ST. CATHARINES — Nominees for the 17th annual Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards will be announced Tuesday morning at Club Roma. Paul House,. — “Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year nominees to be announced”, wellandtribune.ca
  • Business Name: Immersion Media, is a modern full service advertising agency. We define this by playing in three distinct fields - allowing us to provide experienced insight in all the mandatory mediums that make up the modern media landscape: 1). — “Young Entrepreneur spotlight: Immersion Media | Entrepreneur”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Wyoming Entrepreneur. Get exclusive content and interact with Wyoming Entrepreneur right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Wyoming Entrepreneur | Facebook”,
  • Entrepreneur in English is a term applied to the type of personality who is willing to take upon himself a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome. Jean-Baptiste Say, a French economist, is believed to have coined the word "entrepreneur" first in about 1800. — “Entrepreneur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Features daily news, chat rooms, message boards, interactive coursework, the SOHO Mall and more. — “Entrepreneur”,
  • TORONTO, Nov. 30 /CNW/ - Women of Influence is pleased to announce the 2010 recipients of the 18th annual RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards. The. — “WOMEN OF INFLUENCE ANNOUNCES 2010 RBC CANADIAN WOMAN”,

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  • Woman, Thy Name is Entrepreneur An inspirational video created to inspire female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs everywhere. Created by www.i4
  • Skills of Great Entrepreneurs Randy Komisar, Partner at Kleiner Perkins, points out that hard working, smart entrepreneurs can fail due to variables they don't have control over. Market forces and current opportunities play a big role in whether or not an entrepreneur succeeds.
  • Unstoppable Entrepreneur Review: Can This Event Really Transform? - Unstoppable Entrepreneur Review Will this hot new Jonathan Budd launch really deliver or is it just a lame attempt at seminar greatness? I've been blessed enough to work with Jonathan closely long before the launch of Unstoppable Entrepreneur. Seeing him rise from $50000 a month to over $1000000 in his best months has left me speechless at times. This 27 year old has been at the cusp of every great movement in the past few years in the internet network marketing industry. So what does Unstoppable Entrepreneur hold for us? In talking with Jonathan, I think that Unstoppable Entrepreneur will be an immersion experience like no other. As opposed to just focusing on A) personal development or B) Business skills... Budd and his cohorts will help us define our passion and power to create unbeatable success. How would you like to take your business to six figures this year? Seven figures? Beyond? Knowing that Jonathan Budd wasn't always an 'Unstoppable Entrepreneur' gives me hope. He was a young punk kid trying to make a buck online ...clicking around websites aimlessly for months with no profit. We've all been there! Unstoppable Entrepreneur is launching in just a few short days (Feb 21st) so make sure that you have: STEP 1) Watched the Unstoppable Entrepreneur 3-Part Video Series absolutely free at: STEP 2) Opt'ed in to my blog to make sure you are notified of my Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonus platform ...
  • Google's Matt Cutts gives tips to small business owners Rodney Bartlett interviews Google's Matt Cutts at Pubcon 2007 in Las Vegas. Matt had some excellent tips for small business owners and answered a few great questions.
  • Sara Blakely, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Founder of SPANX Brooks International presents Sara Blakely. . Sara literally embodies the can-do spirit that lies within the heart of just about all of us. An entrepreneur and amazing business speaker, she is the founder of SPANX. Sarah single-handedly managed to revive the pantyhose industry which had been in a slump for over a decade. Sarah now divides her time between her business ventures, public speaking engagements and the Sara Blakely Foundation, supporting and empowering women around the globe.
  • The Entrepreneur's Push A video for entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs.
  • Young entrepreneur Young entrepreneur Ravi Gehlot gives us his top tips on setting up your own business. {{{ }}}
  • The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster Can you handle the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship? Join our very own entrepreneur as he rides out the highs and lows. See the video and information at Written and produced by Sonja Jacob (The Cultivated Word) for David Hauser (@dh)
  • The Call of the Entrepreneur The trailer for a new documentary being released by the Acton Institute that focuses on the stories of three entrepreneurs. A study of the call to create wealth and the benefit of business and free markets to society. Check out for information about premieres and related materials. http
  • John Doerr: Entrepreneurs Are Missionaries Venture capitalist John Doerr said 'missionary' entrepreneurs are passionate and strategic, as opposed to 'mercenaries' who are opportunistic. Recorded: April 4, 2007
  • Entrepreneurs can change the world - Grasshopper - See how Grasshopper can help your business grow. Original music by Carly Comando. Written & Produced by Sonja Jacob. Download "Chain Reaction" from iTunes http
  • Arizona State University: University as Entrepreneur ASU is transforming the role of the university through entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneur for Society Preview for Bill Drayton: Entrepreneur for Society -- one of 16 DVDs created by Ashoka's Global Academy for Social Entrepreneurship. Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka and a leader in the social entrepreneurship movement, shares his own story as a guide to creating widespread social change. To buy the films, visit .
  • Learn Business English Lesson 1 (Entrepreneur, venture capital, business funding, venture) Lesson 1 helps business English students learn about entrepreneur, venture capital, business funding and venture. You will be able to speak, read and write with my free Business English ESL lesson series.
  • Social Entrepreneurs: Pioneering Social Change The Skoll Foundation has recently completed a short film about the field of social entrepreneurship. Its a great overview of the progress made over the last three decades. It starts with Mohammad Yunus and includes interviews with a number of social entrepreneurs and others in the field, including Sally Osberg of the Skoll Foundation, Bill Drayton of Ashoka, Jacqueline Novogratz of the Acumen Fund, John Elkington of Volans, and author David Bornstein. For more information on these and other social entreprenuers, visit
  • *** Entrepreneurs: Part One Watch the first segment in this series about ***s who started their own businesses.
  • Bob Metcalfe - Internet Pioneer / Entrepreneur [Recorded: March 10, 2009] Bob Metcalfe led invention, standardization, and commercialization of the Ethernet local-area networking system for personal computers (PCs). Metcalfe was born on April 7, 1946 in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1969 with bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering and industrial management. At Harvard University in 1970, he earned his master's degree in applied mathematics. His 1973 Harvard Ph.D. dissertation, Packet Communication, came out of research on Arpanet at MIT Project MAC and on Alohanet at the University of Hawaii. In 1972, Metcalfe joined the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). He worked in the Computer Science Laboratory led by Jerry Elkind, Bob Taylor, Butler Lampson, and Chuck Thacker, who were developing early PCs. Metcalfe, in collaboration with David Boggs, invented and developed the Ethernet local-area network (LAN) and its system of packet protocols, which have proliferated and evolved to become today's Internet plumbing. In 1979, Metcalfe founded 3Com Corporation to promote "computer communication compatibility." 3Com initially developed PC LAN products based on emerging UNIX, TCP/IP, and Ethernet standards, went public in 1984, and grew into a billion-dollar networking company. In addition, Metcalfe served as the "marriage broker" who convinced DEC, Intel, and Xerox (DIX) to work together to promote Ethernet as an open standard. In September 1980, DIX published its ...
  • How to be a successful entrepreneur Top tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur from BBC Dragons Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne, photographer Rankin, and some of the winners of the BT Essence of an Entrepreneur competition.
  • Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur - Small Business BizLaunch expert Andrew Patricio shares the secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • Key Traits of Social Entrepreneurs An interview with John Elkington, Founder and Chief Entrepreneur, SustainAbility. Social entrepreneurs are generating impressive results -- and capturing the imaginations of businesspeople and public policy makers.
  • THE NEW DORK - Entrepreneur State of Mind (Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys Spoof) | - This is a Pantless Knights tribute to our favorite entrepreneurs (who are all "new dorks"). It's a spoof of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind," from the guys behind (thank you!). We made it because there's a new type of dork that is cooler than ever. Look at tech entrepreneurs, hipsters, Computer Science Barbie - they're all super popular new dorks! Don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe! Get the FREE SONG in mp3 here or the Jerkin Remix in mp3 here: -beau, peter and david the pantless knights CREDITS: Created by Pantless Knights / Produced by Beau Lewis, Peter Furia & David Fine Directed by David Fine Camera by Peter Furia Line Produced by Kimi Milo Lyrics by Beau Lewis and Peter Furia Vocals by Paavo Steinkamp & Jacqueline Becker - Starring Paavo Steinkamp & Alison Mei Lan Instrumental and Song Mix by Jeff Kite Special guest - TGIF Crew - LYRICS: Now Im in the blogosphere, Now I'm in the twitterverse Fans get so immersed, But I'm a nerd forever I'm the new Zuckerberg, And since my website I been cookin dough like a chef servin killa-bytes Used to be the basement, Back at my mom's place Buildin web traffic so that we could sell an ad space Make way for the, One man businesses Bail outs finished with, White collar criminals New sega genesis, Entrepreneur time Makin big plans, To dominate the online Yeah, I'm on YouTube, this is one man Sharin' google revenue ...
  • What is an Entrepreneur? Panelists from New York Entrepreneur Week (NYEW) reflect on what it means to be an entrepreneur. [ABOUT] New York Entrepreneur Week (NYEW) is a semi-annual event built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, providing an exclusive educational experience for innovation-minded start-ups to multi-million dollar revenue generators. Join the community:
  • TiECon07 - The 13 year old Entrepreneur Interview with Anshul Samar, the 13 year old CEO of Elementeo at TiECon 2007. More videos here
  • Entrepreneur - Working in Canada Formore FREE and useful resources, visit WorkinginCanada.gc.ca or http -- The videos in this unique career series represent an innovative production process in two important ways: First, to ensure that the VECTOR videos represented reasonable employment possibilities, CFEE worked with the Industry Sector Councils to identify the most appropriate careers and occupations to profile via the videos. Second, in an exciting new approach to production, Canadian youth from colleges and universities across Canada were engaged to produce the videos. To learn more about occupations in Canada, visit Working in Canada (workingincanada.gc.ca), a source of free and useful information that can help you to decide where to live and work. Use the Working in Canada Tool to produce a report on job descriptions, wages, skill requirements, language training and job opportunities based on your occupation and a location. By researching different occupations and different locations, you can make settlement decisions that are right for you and your family.
  • Five Biggest Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make
  • The VC-Entrepreneur Lifecycle As part of the 2011 Entrepreneurship Conference. A seasoned operator turned VC leads an interactive session with one entrepreneur who "crushed the pitch" to investors and one entrepreneur who was nimble in the evolution of his business. Chapters: 1. Introduction: The VC-Entrepreneur Lifecycle 2. Matthew Monahan: CEO of Inflection 3. Terry Austin, CEO Guardian ***ytics 4. Searching for an Entrepreneurial Company 5. Evolving with the Times 6. Hiring Strategy 7. The Venture Process: Insight 8. Starting the Business 9. Three Years Without Raising Any Money 10. How Entrepreneurial Companies Succeed 11. Developing Relationships 12. Getting the Right Introductions 13. The Four Rules of Venture Capital 14. The Financial Model 15. Due Diligence 16. Transitioning the Business 17. "Launching a Product is Really Tough" 18. No Sleep Leads to a Successful Launch 19. The Number Two Family History Website 20. Starting a Security Company with a Twist 21. Fraud Prevention Changing with the Criminals Related Links: www.gsb.stanford.edu www.gsb.stanford.edu http http
  • The Entrepreneur's Source - Franchise Coaching in the Carolina's and beyond The Entrepreneur's Source, host of the annual Carolina Franchise Expo, has provided guidance and coaching to thousands of people in the exploration of business ownership options. Learn more through first person testimonials from prior clients, as well as commentary from executives representing some of the most successful franchise companies in the country. Visit for more information on upcoming events, or to schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session that can prepare you to explore YOUR options.
  • Top Ten Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Hear a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, board members and other professionals discuss the common pitfalls most new entrepreneurs encounter when building their business. Recorded: February 1, 2006
  • Donald Trump: Thought on Entrepreneurs Checkout for Donald's six rules for success. Like tweets of inspiration? Follow @ashtalks http is giving away 2 CARS for You AND a friend each just by taking this quiz. Worth a shot !
  • Brian Tracy - Persistence, Entrepreneurs, & Millionaires Brian Tracy talks about how failure is to be expected before you reach success.
  • From unemployed to entrepreneur Exasperation leads to inspiration for one man who was laid off twice before starting his own internet company.
  • Home School - How to Raise an Entrepreneur... Go to www.homeschooled- to get your free presentation on how 2 home schooled brothers who never went to college made it to the top income earners in the country. Home School your child and do the same by first watching this free presentation.
  • TEDxEdmonton - Cameron Herold - 3/13/10 "Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs" - Successful business leader passionate about raising kids to be entrepreneurs. For over 20 years, Cameron Herold has been coaching, speaking to, or helping entrepreneurs build companies on five continents. He launched BackPocket COO to coach & mentor young, fun, entrepreneurial, growth companies and help make their dreams happen. He is one of the countrys most innovative business leaders and was a leading force behind one of the most successful businesses of the decade, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. For more information about this TEDxTalk or TEDxEdmonton, visit . About TEDx, x=independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. (Subject to certain rules and regulations.)
  • The Most Important Lessons Learned as An Entrepreneur Response #2... Entrepreneur Ryan Allis answers questions sent in by aspiring entrepreneurs. This is the second response is a series. The question: What Are the Most Important Lessons You've Learned as An Entrepreneur?
  • Tenacity vs Intellect: What Makes an Entrepreneur? Complete video at: fora.tv When it comes to entrepreneurship, does tenacity trump intelligence? co-founder Leonard Brody thinks so. He says entrepreneurial success depends on a willingness to take "ten punches to the stomach and [get] up for the eleventh," citing Google and FedEx as ideas that overcame early challenges to become wild successes. ----- A discussion on Developing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: Innovating Primary and Secondary Education in America with Marc Ecko, Don Moody, John Petry, Leonard Brody. Moderated by Ira Sockowitz. World Entrepreneurship Day is the internationally-recognized day for the celebration of the world's entrepreneurial heroes. Leonard Brody is a highly respected entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and a 2 time Emmy nominated media visionary. He has helped in raising millions of dollars for startup companies, been through one of the largest Internet IPOs in history and has been involved in the building, financing and/or sale of five companies to date. Currently Leonard sits as the President of the Clarity Digital Group responsible for overseeing one of the largest online news conglomerates in the world including and Now Public, which between them, share over 20 million unique visitors a month and over 200000 contributors. Leonard also acts as an advisor to venture capital funds in the US, Europe and Asia. Throughout his career, has also advised several companies including, the ...
  • An encounter with the Entrepreneur of Sensory Shapeshifting with Purpose of Infiltrationary Actions i say #68 - Most Discussed (This Week)) - Education #95 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Australia #130 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Canada #110 - Most Viewed (Today)) - United Kingdom #181 - Most Viewed (Today)) - New Zealand #120 - Most Viewed (Today)) #120 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Netherlands #47 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Russia #77 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Sweden #4 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Germany #1 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Australia #1 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Canada #1 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - United Kingdom #2 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Ireland #30 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - India #1 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - New Zealand #4 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Israel #1 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education #6 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - South Africa #14 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Argentina #6 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Spain #11 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Mexico #4 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - France #13 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Italy #60 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Japan #24 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - South Korea #2 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Netherlands #3 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Poland #13 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Brazil #1 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Russia #17 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Hong Kong #105 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Education - Taiwan #7 - Most Viewed ...
  • Michael Dell's Advice to Entrepreneurs
  • Prophetic - Entrepreneur Video for the single "Entrepreneur" from the album "Mo Profit, Mo Progress". Available now on iTunes: Produced by Dylan Thomas Directed/Edited by James Smalls
  • Arnold the Entrepreneur It's a story about greed, capitalism and the exploitation of red-headed step brothers. Poor Sam. He worked his butt off with Arnold in a door-to-door scheme, but Arnold won't share the profits. If you can't join 'em, you know what to do, Sam.Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on TWITTER TAGS: watch free streaming television tv video minisode Different diff'rent Strokes Arnold Willis Gary Coleman todd bridges Kimberly Sam bug business costume sitcom television classic free TV step brother funny video
  • Top 10 Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs Part of 2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship. What things typically trip up an entrepreneur in starting and running a company? Is it getting the right business partner? Is it having the killer technology? How does one recover from major setbacks? A panel of seasoned entrepreneurs, angels, venture capitalists, and board members discuss the common pitfalls most new entrepreneurs encounter when building their businesses.
  • How to be an Entrepreneur with Reichen: That's Gay Web Exclusive Winning "The Amazing Race" and dating former NSYNC member Lance Bass isn't the only reason Reichen Lehmkuhl made it onto Logo's "The A-List: New York." He's also a successful entrepreneur. infoMania's Bryan Safi has some business ideas he's been working on himself, including the tiny cell phone for people with tiny hands. Can his inventions propel him to A-List status? With Reichen's help, he may have now a 0.02% chance. Progress! infoMania is a half-hour satirical news show that airs Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV.
  • Reid Hoffman: Entrepreneurs Will Create the Future [Entire Talk] In this keynote address from the Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit, serial entrepreneur and LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman shares his views on the role of entrepreneurs in society and the impact they will play in the creating the future. Hoffman offers valuable rules of thumb for navigating the startup and entrepreneurial process, as well as answering questions on developing markets, customer experience and the reasons to take a company public. View more clips and share your comments at ecorner.stanford.edu

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  • “Young Entrepreneur Forums - your online discussion forum to share and talk about Entrepreneurship. A place to learn and to help others with starting, managing and growing successful business ventures”
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  • “SoloSavvy Blog for Solo Entrepreneurs: Solo Entrepreneur Blog -- learn from entrepreneur experts on how to work less, make more and build a successful business!”
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  • “Blogging is a great way to Make Money Online but according to Affiliate Blogger Zac Johnson, a Blog can do much more than Generate a Six-Figure Income By this he means that merely having a blog can open so many doorways to some great opportunities and life-changing business ventures!”
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  • “Business Blog For Entrepreneurs - this is a valuable blog resource from expert authors contributing key information on business strategy, how to buy and sell a business, start and run a business, write business plans, and much more. This is the”
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  • “Ask Evan is a segment on this blog where I answer reader questions. blog bloggers blogs business owners business report Canada Click Through Rate cpc Digg entrepreneur entrepreneur profile Facebook famous”
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  • “You Are Here: Home " Tag Archives: entrepreneur blog Karen Rands on her SPEC Talk Radio interviewed three exciting companies who presented at an NBAI Private Equity Forum on July 30th!”
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  • “How to earn money by being an entrepreneur, administration and management strategies for the company, and how to make money online”
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  • “Business & small business from . In April 2009, she wrote a blog about what she called the 3/50 Project and published a website”
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  • “Blog. Contact. Press. 6 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur. Wonderful and insightful look into the mind of an Entrepreneur by Shira However, for the new entrepreneur, deciding the best source for funding can be a confusing process”
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